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(41.68 KB 313x310 Final_Fantasy_VII_Box_Art.jpg)

Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 20:14:52 No. 3
this is my favorite retro game it came out two years before i was born
I'm personally not a big fan of Final Fantasy but I definitely enjoyed FFVII more than I did VIII, which I couldn't even bother to finish due to the annoying gimmicky card game. The cutscenes definitely haven't aged that well but I still find there's some odd charm to them.
Fucking zigger.
>>7 You don't NEED to do triple triad in order to get through FF8, it's just that most people find it more fun than playing the actual game, IE drawing forever or maybe grinding drops for magic conversion. Hell, i'm confident that unless someone points out the option to play chinese poker, most people would just suck magic for a full stockpile or maybe try to bumble through the game with as little effort as possible. I usually don't even mess with the card game until i have like three or four GF cards so i don't have to bother with playing fair.
(13.13 KB 640x480 captain.png)

>>3 It's not even the best FF game.
>>11 I played all the way to Disc 2 without ever even understanding much of it. Might give it another go on my modded psp.
>>14 Neither is VI.
(77.59 KB 768x768 Final-Fantasy-IX.jpg)

>>14 >>37 yeah really
>>13 You know what you doing.
>>45 FFIX is fucking dogshit, this franchise died after VI.
(45.41 KB 316x316 Fftbox.jpg)

>>51 Nigger that's not even an actual Final Fantasy game.
FF7 still does not feel as old to me as it actually is.
5, 6, and 7 were the peak of the series. 5 had the best gameplay and the most stupedly awsome stuff like number of worlds and best airship. 7 had the best story and atmosphere. The cancer that came out later doesn't matter, the original was fine. 6 did a good job at all those things. 7 did a great job with its minigames. Most rpgs do well to make their one minigame be tolerable.
Final fantasy nine is better people that like 7 are just closeted about wanting to fuck their male friends.
>>115 By that logic, all FF9 fans are just closeted furries.

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