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Kiryu Coco Graduation Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 03:44:32 No. 100
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6Q-fX1E6B_s Sad that it happened on her birthday.
(1.54 MB 1920x1080 coco graduation stream.png)
Why is her voice so disgusting?
Well, this pretty much just threw the doors open to the zerg rush. They've been targeting girls other than Coco for months, and Hololive just told them in no uncertain terms that if they keep it up long enough, terrorism wins. I expect to see more graduations from all the girls who collabed with Coco in the coming weeks and months.
It's at times like these that I pray for war with China.
>>102 Her voice used to be pretty good when she started, then she got a new mic and got "comfortable" and her voice never recovered.
>>100 My hatred for the chinks grows exponentially.
>>103 Yep, this, huge fuck up. Yagoo is a fucking idiot. I've been making remarks on youtube that these agencies need to step the fuck up and protect their girls and all the weeb retards get all defensive and talk about how there is nothing that can be done and how fans need to show solidarity as if that does fucking anything. It's annoying how heavily they bought into the idea that cover is based because 'yagoo memes are funny'. The reality is that now a trickle has become a trend, a lot of them are leaving now. This is cover's biggest star walking away, clearly out of a sense of obligation to not cause trouble for the business given she's fucking on the verge of tears in her announcement video. I am counting the fucking days until one of these girls commits suicide. Bad shit, man.
>>111 Aqua already says she has nightmares and took a 2 week leave, on top of saying she had trouble doing normal jobs due to anti-socialism; I wouldn't doubt she'd retire next.
>>111 I doubt Coco gives two shits about Cover considering the things they've been actively doing to make her leave on her own to save face (anyone who honestly believes it was just a mistake that gave a bunch of bugmen moderator positions in Coco's chat is a fucking idiot). Coco's concern is probably for the other girls. As for committing suicide, I find that unlikely, but I do foresee Cover fucking up again with the other JP girls and pissing off enough of them that they start bleeding talent until they're left with just Azki and maybe one or two others. Coco leaving is probably the beginning of the decline of Hololive. >>112 I'm not so sure about that. What's Aqua going to do for a living if she leaves Hololive? Her social anxiety is bad enough that she'll never be able to hold down a normal job. Unless some other vtuber group picks her up or her mom hooks her up with a job thanks to friends or family, Aqua's pretty fucked if she leaves Hololive, and she probably knows that better than anyone.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGsmcgWw7Z8 Called it. I said I expected this in the coming weeks and months. It came just three days later. Haato is going on "indefinite hiatus." She says she can't say why, but with Coco leaving and Haato being the other main bugman target, it's pretty easy to put two and two together and assume Cover wants her gone to appease the hive, never realizing that the hive is insatiable. Enjoy what little time Hololive has left, and pay attention to how fucked Nijisanji is as they still have an active Chinese branch.

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