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(302.57 KB 1400x2000 6hd9e77jmkt51.jpg)
Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 04:10:50 No. 29
Reminder that Japanese Idol companies used to force failed Idols to act in porn. Reminder that most Idol production companies in japan are owned by Jewish international media giants, Reminder that Idolshit is degenerate, and VTubers are Idol wannabees that couldn't make it in the actual IRL market.
>bitch about vtubers on /v/ >vtuber board is made >people who want to discuss vtubers move here >still so assblasted that people like something he doesn't that he follows them to the vtuber board And absolutists wonder why most people look at them and see just another flavor of SJW. Oh, well, in the spirit of the OP, anyone who wants to see three hours of drunk Miko getting bullied should check out the latest Hololive Among Us stream.
>>32 I've come from /v/ and also /pol/ I want the great Imperial Japan back! Like Germany it became fucked into faggotry by the kikes after the war.
>>33 >I want the great Imperial Japan back! >a country shit navy and military that will never happen under nato/zog control, face it militarily speaking is US bitch boy.

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