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King of Shitposting

JUST Boliever 04/10/2018 (Tue) 05:43:17 Id:57e333 No. 110887 [Reply] [Last]
>New contract for Brock that will allow him to fight in both UFC and WWE >Bork is staying >Universal title will be defended once in a blue moon again >Another fucking year of building up Poochie vs Bork >Another fucking year of talent being fed up to Ramen >Another fucking year of Brock doing fuck-all >Another fucking year of pretending [LOUD BOOING] is over with the crowd https://www.sbnation.com/2018/4/9/17217226/brock-lesnar-re-signs-wwe-ufc-wrestlemania FUCK THIS COMPANY
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>>114206 >t. iron shiek
(187.71 KB 1066x880 Screenshot_20180503-174109.jpg)
>>114660 >Iron Sheik post >No capitilization or swear words FACK YOU JABRONI
>>110922 >our negro Speak for yourself nigger lover

Wrestlers who deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame Boliever 07/07/2018 (Sat) 14:02:41 Id:132c5f No. 120938 [Reply]
Matt Osborne as Heel Doink the clown Doink the clown will always be my favorite childhood wrestler.
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>>122601 They're part of that concussion lawsuit against WWE so its highly unlikely but they surely deserve to go in.
>>120940 I'm still surprised that he is retired but his peers like Randy Orton, Cena, the Miz are still wrestling while Jimmy is younger than all of them. Hope he enters the royal rumble next year or some year.
(285.71 KB 800x500 ?.png)
Those large-than-life Superstars who transcend sports entertainment, like Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, and The Rock, will all have their day. Why do you ask? >>120940 D'oh, how could I have overlooked Funaki all this time? Maybe it's got something to do with his height? Ahahaha! Don't worry, I'll be sure he gets in one of these years. >>121052 I don't recognize that smallish man, but I must say that's a fine replica championship he has.

Wrestlers less hatred than Roman Reigns Boliever 07/15/2018 (Sun) 03:24:19 Id:279dc6 No. 121643 [Reply]
ECW zombie & shock Master
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>>122061 He was the weasley little extra who got where he was through sucking up to the clique as the baggage boy.
>>122440 Another exception: Jake Roberts' dad.
>>122469 >sucking up to the clique as the baggage boy. That's Triple H. To X-Pac's credit, he was the one who introduced the 2sweet sign to the kliq.

Gee, Boliever 07/18/2018 (Wed) 17:34:46 Id:4359e8 No. 122457 [Reply]
I wonder who could be behind this post? >>>/b/8165139
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>>122459 >>122463 No. You're a cancer on this board.

(173.44 KB 1600x900 Victory Road 2018.jpg)
(130.59 KB 1200x675 Extreme.jpg)
(115.43 KB 1200x675 bearded men.jpg)
(108.39 KB 1080x1080 Hat.jpg)
Smackdown Live - 7/17/18 Boliever 07/17/2018 (Tue) 21:36:11 Id:5ee14d No. 122353 [Reply] [Last]
WCW Edition Shinsuke Nakamura defends the U.S. Title against Jeff Hardy >The WWE Universe was stunned by Shinsuke Nakamura’s United States Championship victory at WWE Extreme Rules, which saw him hit Jeff Hardy with a low blow before the bell, then bulldoze him with a Kinshasa for the three-count and the title. >Though he also suffered a post-match low blow from a returning Randy Orton, Hardy demanded his contractually obligated rematch for tonight on SmackDown LIVE. Paige has granted The Charismatic Enigma’s wish, but will he be recovered enough to dethrone The King of Strong Style? What’s next for AJ Styles? >AJ Styles fended off the challenge of Rusev at WWE Extreme Rules, retaining his WWE Championship when Aiden English’s meddling backfired on The Bulgarian Brute. >With Rusev in his rearview mirror and SummerSlam rapidly approaching, will anyone step up to challenge The Phenomenal One? How will Asuka react to her loss to Carmella? >Asuka may have thought she had Carmella all to herself with James Ellsworth suspended above the ring in a shark cage. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Ellsworth from meddling in the bout, first by dropping foreign objects into the ring to the SmackDown Women’s Champion, then by escaping the cage and inadvertently distracting The Empress of Tomorrow, allowing Carmella to shove Asuka head-first into the cage and steal the victory. >Though Asuka got a measure of payback on Ellsworth by pummeling him as he dangled upside down from the cage, she did not leave Pittsburgh with the SmackDown Women’s Title. Will her hunt for the gold continue on SmackDown LIVE? Will Daniel Bryan bounce back from Team Hell No’s defeat? >After a vicious beating at the hands of The Bludgeon Brothers, Daniel Bryan had the unenviable task of facing Harper & Rowan by himself for most of their SmackDown Tag Team Title Match on Sunday. Though Kane came out to even the odds, he did so in a walking boot for a BROKEN ankle, leaving the door open for The Bludgeon Brothers to retain their titles. >With his tag team partner on the shelf, how will Bryan rebound? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(55.22 KB 501x253 us champs.jpg)
>American wrestling promotion WWE has a Japanese man as their US Champion >Japanese wrestling promotion NJPW has an American man as their US Champion
>>122453 Also, both guys used to be in the opposite company, basically traded places.
>s-smackdown is the A show now guys

(2.39 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(676.51 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
(902.46 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
(979.62 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
(835.16 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
RAM after Tame Rules 2018BORK IS A LAZY FAGGOT edition Boliever 07/16/2018 (Mon) 09:46:30 Id:70b986 No. 122062 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2018-07-16 >Will Brock Lesnar be stripped of the Universal Championship on Raw? >Is Braun Strowman finally finished with Kevin Owens? >What chaos will ensue when The B-Team return to the red brand as Raw Tag Team Champions? >Are the days numbered for The Goddess of WWE? >Does The Architect have plans for Dolph Ziggler? Early thread because I need to sleep but holy shit it's like the air is actually a pool of water right now.
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(21.64 KB 280x280 dont care2.jpg)
>>122314 >>122311 Too bad anything Lousy's done has been…lousy, sjw-feminist shit, and Lousy is still bad on the mic. She doesn't do anything other than throw her fists like a tard and one submission.
>>122345 She only has one expression and it's "tard rage" mode

(162.56 KB 1600x900 Why this again.jpg)
(98.67 KB 1200x675 MizTVTHN.jpg)
(106.97 KB 1200x675 SEXES.jpg)
(92.73 KB 1200x675 CMLL.jpg)
(115.54 KB 887x1049 champ.jpg)
Smackdown - 7/10/18 Boliever 07/10/2018 (Tue) 19:50:48 Id:58325e No. 121340 [Reply] [Last]
Go Home Edition Team Hell No kick off SmackDown LIVE on “Miz TV” >Just days before they challenge The Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at WWE Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan & Kane will be joining The Miz for what looks to be a must-see edition of “Miz TV” that will kick off SmackDown LIVE tonight at 8/7 C. >There’s no love lost between Bryan and The Awesome One, as the leader of The “Yes!” Movement looks to get his hands on The A-Lister, especially after Harper & Rowan’s attacks led to The Miz eliminating Bryan from the Gauntlet Match for a WWE Championship opportunity. Will Bryan be able to keep his hands off The Awesome One and focus on The Bludgeon Brothers, or will The Miz eat a punch to the face from his longtime rival? AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura to battle on SmackDown LIVE tonight >The legendary rivalry between WWE Champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura featured memorable battles taking place at WWE Money in the Bank, the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia, and The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. Now, Styles and Nakamura will collide once again on SmackDown LIVE tonight. >Both Superstars have huge matches scheduled for this Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules; Styles is defending his WWE Championship against Rusev, and Nakamura is challenging Jeff Hardy for the United States Title. Before they get to Pittsburgh this Sunday, however, they’ll have to write the latest chapter in their intense conflict. >Who will emerge victorious from this pay-per-view caliber showdown – The Phenomenal One or The King of Strong Style? Find out tomorrow night on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network! Asuka and James Ellsworth square off in a Lumberjack Match >Last Tuesday, Asuka and James Ellsworth competed in a battle of the sexes that ended in dubious fashion after Ellsworth led Asuka on a wild goose chase, culminating in a double count-out and The Empress of Tomorrow getting blindsided by Carmella. >SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige sought to give the WWE Universe a decisive end to the match, so she immediately scheduled a rematch for tonight. This time, there will be nowhere for Ellsworth to run, as the SmackDown Women’s division will be surrounding the ring for a Lumberjack Match. Ellsworth is oozing confidence ahead of this battle, looking past The Empress of Tomorrow and challenging other famous female sports icons, including tennis star Serena Williams, auto racing's Danica Patrick and the WNBA's Diana Taurasi: https://twitter.com/realellsworth/status/1016403678440325123 https://twitter.com/realellsworth/status/1016434553047699456 https://twitter.com/realellsworth/status/1016499841562791936

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(25.34 KB 350x389 akko_idiot.jpg)
>>121431 >falls so far he's on the show for jobbers and people like booley
>>121460 Repeat it 1000 times, it's still not funny.
(200.46 KB 593x658 ClipboardImage.png)
>>121485 >being this anally devastated Sage negated.

RAW - 7/9/18 Boliever 07/09/2018 (Mon) 19:42:01 Id:a3545e No. 121248 [Reply] [Last]
Snooze Style Evoled Edition Potty crasher >Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman’s not finished with you. After becoming a target of The Monster Among Men, KO found himself in a foul predicament when Strowman trapped him inside a portable toilet and knocked the potty off the stage. It was gross, and judging by Owens’ expression afterward, the incident stung more than his nostrils. >Mr. Monster in the Bank tends to stick to his prey like a great white shark in a Steven Spielberg flick or, perhaps more appropriately in this case, like flies on you-know-what. Expect more of that signature Strowman destruction at KO’s expense this week. One versus all (but mainly Bobby Lashley) >Whether you consider him a proud, fighting Superstar or simply overconfident, you have to admit that Roman Reigns would have fared better against The Revival this past Monday night if he had tagged in his partner, Bobby Lashley. >Already battle-weary after teaming with Seth Rollins against Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, Reigns refused to tag in Lashley during their match against Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, “Top Guys” who sought to prove they earned that moniker in a rematch against the warring partners. >The merciless Revival ultimately got themselves disqualified, and when they continued the brutality after the bell, Lashley literally turned his back on The [LOUD BOOING]. >Reigns and Lashley are set to go one-on-one for the first time ever at WWE Extreme Rules, but based on their recent history, don’t be surprised if they get a little impatient Monday night. The doctor is in >Unknowingly, Sasha Banks and Bayley were forced to attend “friendship counseling” together this past Monday night with the returning Dr. Shelby, who invited the former besties into “The Friend Zone” for some “Honesty Theater.” To the doctor’s surprise, The Boss and The Huggаble One might be even more combustible than the duo he originally brought together several years ago, Team Hell No (the reunited Daniel Bryan & Kane are doing just fine right now over on SmackDown LIVE). >Will we see any progress from Bayley and Sasha this week, or are the one-time BFFs even worse off than before? No apologies

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>121414 And this one was supposed to hype a ppv too of all things.
tfw no dinner with alexa tfw its alexa talks to two grandmas

(80.38 KB 600x400 DfYn_nYUcAAYwZK.jpg)
(343.92 KB 797x449 613.jpg)
(375.44 KB 797x449 617.jpg)
(378.15 KB 797x449 618.jpg)
(252.75 KB 797x449 June Schedule.jpg)
NJPW KIZUNA ROAD THREAD Boliever 06/13/2018 (Wed) 07:29:22 Id:ffcf5a No. 119195 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to cooldown untill g1 special mode brothers. DOMINION FALLOUT: Every non junior champ is a gaijin. Okadawinslol is over, Chris Jericho is IC champ and gonna hold that belt more hostage then lesnar does. The push to sell out the cow palace has begun, the time of selling out on name alone is over, they need a good card to sell out a place that size which they absolutely can, expect 10k seater NJPW US shows at least annualy going forward BUT WHAT'S COMING UP NEXT? Well we got 4 live shows this month then the g1 special on july 7th. But what are on these live shows??? Well two title matches, and a big retirement ceremony on the last one featuring the craziest main event all year that looks straight out of fire pro. The only other notable things on this tour are that every single opening match is tsuji vs uemura which WAY overdeliverd for a young lion matchup the last few times they did it, and the inclusion of jeff cobb into the undercard tags which seems to solidify his inclusion in the G1 now let's all hope matt riddle makes it in too. But enough chatter here's the info you need to know. SCHEDULE: LIONS GATE PROJECT 13 Jun 13th tonight @ 19:00 (JST)/ 3:00 (PDT) / 6: 00 (EDT) / 11: 00 (BST) Main event is Shota Umino vs Ayato Yoshida KIZUNA ROAD @ KOURAKEN NIGHT 1 June 17th @ 18:30 (JST)/ 2:30 (PDT) / 5: 30 (EDT) / 10: 30 (BST) Main event: Elgin vs Goto for the Never openweight title KIZUNA ROAD @ KOURAKEN NIGHT 2

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>121439 Glad Tama is finally getting noticed, the BC BREAKup has been executed so well over time and never seemed like a random turn, it was all a slow build to a boiling point where frustration set and nobody could take it anymore. kenny v tama is gonna be a good main event at maybe King of pro wrestling or destruction later in the year
>>121452 Bullet Club drama has been rather disjointed I feel, they were only focused on the elite and their gay mandrama while the tongans were basically put on the side for the whole year up until Dontaku and mainly the G1 special. Right now it seems more focused so it should get good now.
>>121446 >Feel like they need one more gaijin, else its just the tongan club plus Taiji. I've been saying it for weeks now: Kota cucks Kenny with Chase Owens.

(432.44 KB 797x449 ovc.jpg)
(472.92 KB 797x449 jvj.jpg)
(428.45 KB 797x449 hvb.jpg)
(247.73 KB 797x449 0.jpg)
NJPW G1 USA SPECIAL 2018 Boliever 07/07/2018 (Sat) 11:15:03 Id:bb055e No. 120927 [Reply] [Last]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>121245 That's one thing that helped made Bullet Club so good. It was a group of bad ass gaijins wanting to dominate wrestling and looking out for each other until they wanted to kick someone out. Now it's just a comedy group with Kenny as a "leader" and the Young Bucks shilling out fucking merchandise to sell to nickle and dime the popularity of Bullet Club, which was built by other members. I hope Tama points that out. MAKE BULLET CLUB GREAT AGAIN
>>121246 Is Fale /ourguy/?
Josh Barnetty on the Joe Hogan Podcast talks a little bit about wrasslin. https://youtu.be/tk1cQEBEWLg

(154.78 KB 1600x900 Team Heaven Yes.jpg)
(100.91 KB 1200x675 LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD.jpg)
(107.86 KB 1200x675 Meth hardy.jpg)
(107.99 KB 1200x675 Jobber vs Peyton.jpg)
Smacked up and down - 7/3/18 Boliever 07/03/2018 (Tue) 19:39:12 Id:173eea No. 120859 [Reply] [Last]
Independence Day Edition Team Hell No to kick off SmackDown LIVE >Last Tuesday, the WWE Universe was stunned by the surprise reunion of Team Hell No, as Kane returned to help Daniel Bryan fend off The Bludgeon Brothers, earning the two a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match against Harper & Rowan at Extreme Rules in the process. >WWE.com has confirmed that Team Hell No will kick off tonight's edition of SmackDown LIVE. What will Bryan and Kane have to say as their showdown with the mallet-wielding titans approaches? AJ Styles takes on Aiden English >Two weeks ago, WWE Champion AJ Styles found out he’d be defending his title against Rusev at WWE Extreme Rules after The Bulgarian Brute won a grueling Gauntlet Match. The Phenomenal One sent a message to his challenger by decking Aiden English when The Maestro of Mayhem went for a handshake before pulling his hand back. >Tonight on SmackDown LIVE, English will be out to soften up the WWE Champion for The Lion of Bulgaria at WWE Extreme Rules. Will he succeed, or will Styles show Rusev what lies ahead for him? Jeff Hardy issues an Independence Day United States Open Challenge >After Shinsuke Nakamura was not cleared to compete last week, United States Champion Jeff Hardy decided to issue an open challenge for his star-spangled title. SAnitY’s Eric Young answered the challenge, but a brawl BROKE out between his cohorts and The Usos, which turned the battle into a Six-Man Tag Team showdown. >On the eve of America’s birthday, The Charismatic Enigma is issuing an Independence Day United States Open Challenge. Who will step up to answer the call? Becky Lynch battles Peyton Royce >Becky Lynch will be looking to go 2-for-2 against The IIconics tonight when she faces Peyton Royce. Though she came up just short in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, The Irish Lass Kicker bounced back with a win over Billie Kay two weeks ago, forcing her to tap out to the excruciating Dis-arm-her.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>120914 Better than a bulbous skull Also I'm a sucker for well defined noses
(128.52 KB 1001x1001 team hell no shirt.jpg)
>>120925 >the thing I like is shit, but it's better than this other shit thing that lives in my head rent free And? You still like ugly bitches at the end of the autismfag.

(114.16 KB 1600x900 BAYREY.jpg)
(71.38 KB 451x602 Slave mask.jpg)
UNCOOKED - 7/2/2018 KILL BAYLEY KILL 07/02/2018 (Mon) 19:11:18 Id:41ae2f No. 120745 [Reply] [Last]
Bailey goes nuclear Edition With friends like these … >Bayley finally snapped on Sasha Banks last week, but Raw General Manager Kurt Angle isn’t about to let the fracturing friendship between the two former champions explode into outright hostility just yet. Following The Huggаble One’s assault, Angle informed each woman individually that they would have to undergo counseling in order to keep their jobs as Raw Superstars. What those sessions will entail, of course, remains to be seen. But either way, it seems this road has reached a fork as pivotal as it is unusual. Fight forever >Seth Rollins might be Intercontinental Champion again if it wasn’t for Drew McIntyre, who provided a pivotal interference that saved Dolph Ziggler’s title reign in the main event of Raw last week. He might also be a smear on the mat at this point if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns, who came to his brother’s aid to drive away Ziggler and McIntyre as they prepared to administer a post-match beating to Rollins. Now, two teams who had thus far managed to avoid each other are sizing each other up in the first salvo of what could be an epic conflict. Rollins might not be a champion, but there could be a fight on the horizon all the same. Bliss interrupted >The looming threat of Ronda Rousey’s return from suspension hasn’t done anything to dampen Alexa Bliss’ fun as Raw Women’s Champion, though a combination of Natalya and a returning Nia Jax certainly reminded Little Miss Bliss that she has no shortage of enemies in Rowdy Ronda’s absence. Jax might be the most ominous threat, as she’s already slated to challenge for the Raw Women’s Title at Extreme Rules, but Bliss has thus far focused more on running down the absent Rousey than closing ranks. Can Alexa set her mind to protecting her title? Or is she being pulled in too many directions at once to mount a strong defense? B-Team blues >The B-Team’s remarkable Cinderella run continues, as Curtis Axel scored a victory over “Woken” Matt Hardy in advance of Axel & Bo Dallas’ Raw Tag Team Title Match at Extreme Rules. The DELETErs of Worlds gave due props for The Axe Man’s “fluke” win with their signature Woken O and have already gone on the record as being fans of The B-Team’s cosplay. But the fun and games will likely end when the titles are on the line; the only question is whether The B-Team can come to the realization in time to save themselves from deletion. … Who needs enemies? >Kevin Owens getting onstage with Shania Twain was about the only bright spot of his week, as Braun Strowman made his Monday a pretty rough affair. Despite winning a tag team match as KO’s unlikely partner, Mr. Monster in the Bank opted not to reciprocate Owens’ offer of friendship, instead chasing him throughout the arena and flipping his car over in the parking lot. Clearly, Owens’ attempts to get on Strowman’s good side have done more harm than good. Can KO evade The Monster Among Men’s gleeful wrath, or is he in for more of the same? Raw airs live Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network.
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>>120902 No, it's basic English you shitskin retard.
(2.83 MB 348x261 elbowe.gif)
>>120909 Literally no one says "mad angry" like that you oven dodger

(297.71 KB 677x337 ClipboardImage.png)
Ring of Honor: CM CUCKED edition Boliever 06/29/2017 (Thu) 07:32:16 Id:0319f4 No. 65981 [Reply] [Last]
>WWE threads >TNA thread >NJPW thread Any ROH fans on /wooo/?
224 posts and 128 images omitted.
(25.86 KB 322x314 Dave-Meltzer.jpg)
>>111709 >>111717 >There was a locker room fight before the 4/14 show in Pittsburgh. We didn’t get much in the way of details but a lot of wrestlers tweeted about it and didn’t like the idea of it. Basically there was somebody who was an extra and he was apparently sitting in Christopher Daniels chair. He was asked to move, and evidently got mouthy about it and ended up in an argument with Flip Gordon that turned into a fight, which Gordon, who has an MMA background, won quickly. Nobody got hurt, past some food being stepped on. That’s why Cody joked about now putting Gordon in the All In show after.
Does roh have as many false finishes as wwe now or less cause nothing ruins a match for me more than a suplex into a moonsault and than the 5’6 black guy gets powerbombed off a ladder through a table and no sells it

(940.91 KB 350x200 F.gif)
RIP Leon White Boliever 06/20/2018 (Wed) 17:58:58 Id:f967ce No. 120358 [Reply]
Heaven prepare… IT'S VADER TIME!
23 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>120593 He was a legend in in Japan, far more relevant in NJPW than he ever was in his poor WWE run sabotaged by Michaels. Too bad WCW was bought by WWE.
(34.57 KB 378x252 AJ Dubs community.jpg)
>>120358 I am genuinely sorry for his death, apart from being a legenday wrestler, he seemed to be a cool down to earth guy RIP >>120366 >Vader is in a better place now… dubs confirm

(1.11 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
UK Championship 2018 DO YE 'AVE A LOICENSE FOR THAT BELT MATE edition Boliever 06/23/2018 (Sat) 19:06:08 Id:71a672 No. 120417 [Reply]
https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwe-united-kingdom-championship-tournament/2018 Bongistani division suddenly exists again. First day is going to be the tournament, second is going to be the tournament winner vs Pete Dunne. 3PM EST on June 25 and 26.
(17.93 KB 350x295 Manlet Mountain.jpg)
>2 day NXT tag title reign

(1.49 MB 1267x710 negro pancake jesters.png)
The absolute state of Nigger Day Boliever 06/17/2018 (Sun) 14:49:53 Id:8dfc6a No. 119472 [Reply]
New Day are the modern equivalent of shuck n jive house niggers Basically they are there to entertain their massas with whatever stupid bullshit can be thought up by the highly qualified FIVE YEARS MINIMUM team of soy boys and kikes. Prove me wrong faggots Also waffles are infinitely superior to pancakes. Pancakes are quite obviously for niggers.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
(878.45 KB 1554x874 krillinbeingkrillin.jpg)
>>119472 Lemme get this straight. Kikes… are making prolefeed… using niggers? This is just too confusing, can't wrap my head around it.
(29.63 KB 640x639 npKG1dK_d.jpg)
I still don't know what the pancake thing is about
(112.60 KB 1024x776 zoo nigger.png)
To think WWE let these dumb niggers BREAK DEMOLITION's record… sad


no cookies?