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King of Shitposting

(54.82 KB 800x449 db320-15465703398053-800.jpg)

AEW THREAD Boliever 01/08/2019 (Tue) 22:57:56 Id: 8aae12 No. 133193
Fuck it let's see how this turns out. Press Conference Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HLm_yrHcPQ
>no audio NICE START
>now it's offline WHAT A FUCKING START LMAO
Okay I guess this the actual stream
>all this fucking pyro
>SCU is in AEW Wow what a shock
This feels weird like really not much hype
>guy constantly waving flag in front of the hardcam >dead as fuck crowd >all this shilling for the jaguars JUST FUCK MY COMPANY UP
>wins and losses matter If your entire brand is that you're not your competition your just gonna end up like sega
>"thank you young bucks" <they haven't even done anything yet
>BIG ANNOUNCEMENT >It's just some no name chinks
So double or nothing is in may in las vegas? That's pretty close, hope they can get enough talent in that time to run a decent show
When are they getting to all the good stuff
>>133207 No fucking clue Apparently that chink promotion is run by CIMA
This really is the new wcw 2000s wcw
So the feuds going in are PAC vs Hangman, And MJF vs Joey Janela
ROH 2.0
>Anti-gun rhetoric Jesus this shit is gonna be pozzed
Oh shit they got jericho
Make sure to buy our merch goys
(88.88 KB 463x702 1459907140558.jpg)

This isn't ROH 2.0…this is WCW 2.0
I'd again like to repeat my thanks to certain individuals who all managed to pin these guys on January 4th.
>>133220 Hey taguchifag fuck off loser, Sick of you sucking off that old washed up fuck tanahashi. He's sucked in every main event I've seen him in and him and jay white aren't gonna draw shit. AEW and NJPW are gonna eat each other alive and indie wrestling will die just as soon as it was getting good.
>>133222 k have fun with the virtue signaling elitefags
>>133222 also lol get some better fucking taste dude. You'd probably support bitchy Shawn Michaels over best canuck Bret Hart.
(37.31 KB 640x480 images.jpg)

Post yfw Jericho turns out to be an agent of Vince to sabotage the company like Hogan did for TNA.
>>133234 Wouldn't bet against that.
>>133216 Could you please elaborate, I don't know I could make it through a 1 hour Elite rally feat. American Football.
>>133236 They have show where the proceeds go to "victims of gun violence". You can draw your own conclusions there.
>>133237 You see, I was actually a little bit interested when I heard the "equal wrestle pay" thing, because I was wondering whether it meant that pay was by billing as opposed to contract, or whether it was true pay equality, not just the male and female talent, but the second match of the night paying equal to main event. I get the feeling it will turn into "hurr durr our main 3 female stars get paid the same as our main 3 male stars" and the card just ends up retarded "jobs for the boys" pay. At least billing pay makes sense from a consistency perspective, damnit.
>>133238 That equal pay shit reeks of WCW tactics if you can recall.
Equal pay sounds like a horrible idea for a promotion. People are gonna get around it with "producer" credits in the company but nobody wants to see the main guy (jericho/omega/ibushi) make as much as the opener chase owens
>>133240 Two things. 1) Chase seems to be staying with BC and NJPW 2) You are definitely correct that they are going to do the dodgy that way (just look at Brandi being the CFO), but this will still be interesting to see how it pans out. Will Ryback go there since he used to cry about muh equal pay?
>>133241 I don't want this to fail, it's just I keep getting war flashbacks to WCW with that equal pay shit. Like when Lanny Poffo basically got payed for doing nothing.
>>133241 It seems like it'd be a good choice for Ryback and the company to have him in to be a name but i get the feeling that would open the door for other WWE failures to come in and have the show become WWE MAIN EVENT 2™ I doubt Ryback would be anal about equal pay if he was on top though.
>>133247 Well it is Cody's ship, technically he counts as a WWE failure in his last couple of years with the company I do agree though, Ryback didn't complain about the pay until he started sliding down the card. >>133243 Same, to be honest I'm getting a lot of late WCW /Dixie Carter era TNA vibes from this, and that has me worried.
I'm a huge supporter of the Bucks and Omega, and have even grown to like Cody… But I feel skeptical about all this. I mean parts of it look great on paper, anons bitch about equal pay (I honestly wonder what that even means? They can't seriously be thinking of paying nobodies the same as Omega), but shit like healthcare for wrestlers is fucking amazing. Still without a working deal with NJPW (and in fact it looks like NJPW may be considering AEW a rival possibly), a tiny roster, and little information I'm just not sure how it's all going to turn out. Still, they've certainly got my attention and I'll hope for the best because good lord do I need a good alternative American wrestling show. This may also be the year I start watching MLW.
>>133250 It sounds like NJPW is reconsidering working with AEW now that omega AND jericho are going there. Especially with them running that G1 show in dallas this year losing their two guys they built this entire western expansion would kill it before it ever got really started.
>>133232 Tana underdelivers based on his hype. Him winning the g1 was stale, his matches with white last year were ass, and the only decent match he had in 2018 was with okada, who can drag a dead cat to a good match. He was alright in 2017 and before but he's gotten so much worse this past year I have literally 0 interest in seeing him wrestle in a main event. Fuck even nagata is better than him at this point but he isn't getting a title run anytime soon.
>>133263 His match with Ibushi was a banger, and him and White redeemed themselves with the best match of a show in King of Pro Wrestling. He's not highflying and he's more technical now. He's grown to do that.
>>133264 His match with white was nowhere near the best at kopw, it was legitimately awful, to be fair that was mostly due to white not having his wrestling match his character at all, and having the moveset and storytelling ability of a somehow blander cody. and him vs ibushi was alright but not great and significantly worse than their match last year, even if you put the match quality down to personal preference the overal night was completely ruined by the awful shibata spot at the end. considering they should be bitter rivals, having him come out and celebrate with tana felt forced, manipulative, and completely killed tana's push for me. It was a move made to get an emotional reaction from the crowd in that night, but in doing so completely killed years of storytelling and character building for shibata, just to help get tana that little bit more over. It sucked and it made his whole g1 win feel artificial. Even his guitar and flag waving at the end felt more like he was going through the motions rather than celebrating one of the biggest wins of his career. I like his slower grappling based offense more than his high flying really, he's lost his storytelling ability though, the only match that really felt interesting this year was him vs okada, everything else just felt off and lacked a lot of emotion from his earlier wrestling. I don't have any matchups I want to see from him with the current roster especially as a main event. besides shibata but they've clearly killed that storyline since shibata has no return timetable I bet
>>133269 idk I feel this entire year for him was pretty good. kopw was pretty trashy, the triple threat was a botch mess and I felt that White grew into his role. The Shibata shit can be shut down since they actually earned respect in a G1 match long ago and they're actually hanging out now. I felt the story in 13 was told really well. Guess you do prefer the faster paste shit maybe idk.
(24.73 KB 480x260 sadshii.jpg)

>>133269 reading any mention of shibata still makes me sad
(116.97 KB 1024x838 DwTtE1ZU0AARHvy.jpg)

>>133269 I was in attendance for KOPW, Tanahashi vs Jay White was easily the best match of the night, the crowd got into it more than any other match and the pop when Tana won was incredible. bolieve it or not, Jay White plus Gedo is the best heel in NJPW in years, he can really get under the skin of the fans. For G1 climax, I thought the finals vs Ibushi was great, one of my favourites of the year, pretty much everyone thought Ibushi would win but Tana won it in what some might say was an upset. As far as the Shibata thing: >Kenny accused you of using Shibata as one of your ploys. >Tanahashi: To be honest, even I was surprised when Shibata asked if I wanted his support at the G1 final. <That wasn’t your intention all along? >Tanahashi: Of course I knew that when I went out there with Shibata, that we’d get a huge reaction. But I didn’t use him to my benefit. https://www.njpw1972.com/41579 They patched things up and even tagged together years ago, it's kinda well known that they are friends now. Also I won't say Tana underdelivers on his hype, heck last year you could say he was less hyped than ever till winning G1 climax. Even after that most must have thought that Kenny would beat him, but then AEW was annouced and everyone shifted to saying Tana would win. Anyway, feels like you have a rather negative image about Tanahashi and Jay White, doubt that will really change henceforth but I guess that's just how you feel. want to ask, are you an Omega fan? Don't really mean anything bad by that but I want to know
(714.89 KB 929x588 ClipboardImage.png)

What did he mean by this? Secret WWE Agent confirmed?
>>133274 >>133234 called it
>>133278 Unironically all me tbh
>>133270 I literally said I don't prefer faster paced wrestling. I prefer wrestling with high emotion and good storytelling that's all. >>133272 I mostly don't like Jay white I was just being negative on tana to get a rise out of taguchifag who I don't like seeing suck his dick off constantly. He's a good wrestler but not great anymore imo, and I wanted to see exciting main events from NJPW again, which we haven't gotten since okada dropped the belt. None of the potential main events tanahashi can have are fresh or exciting to me, I don't mind watching tana okada or tana naito again but I've seen them a ton before and I don't think they're gonna be better with this version of tanahashi. I legit think Jay is trash though all his heat comes from gedo and interference spots, which is a crutch not a skill of the wrestler. He doesn't come off as a smarmy heel in the ring facially or offensively, it reminds me of how ambrose is in WWE now where he gets this massive character shift and nothing about his actual wrestling changes at all. He might be good at getting heat but I have no interest in watching the shows now because of it, it's kinda why I stopped remembering to make NJPW OPs and is also why I skipped WTL entirelly. I think it's mostly his suplexes they look like fucking ass and his dead pan selling makes everything feel fucking fake I'm still gonna watch NJPW I guess I just don't know what for anymore, all the guys I like are either injured, leaving, or pushed down to the midcard. I think I just want okada as champ again at least he made title matches feel like special events.
>>133304 > all the guys I like are either injured, leaving, or pushed down to the midcard Kitamura, Hiromu, Shibata, Kushida, just to name a few The Junior division didn't take that big of a blow compared to the Heavyweights but still, NJPW will have to either A) "Upgrade" some of the juniors into heavyweights, B) Graduate some Young Lions or C) Sign some outside guys Here I'm hoping for Pentagon Dark and Fenix
>>133305 The Junior division is still really hurting for top talent though, the tag division is fine but unless shingo makes a run for the title, Taiji is kinda alone at the top right now. A kawato return would really help them right now actually
>>133304 I see. I'll still disagree with Jay White but I can see how Gedo might be overshadowing him a bit. But recently every big heel in NJPW pretty much have been doing the same thing Jay and Gedo have been doing: Bullet Club kinda started the trend, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega till G1 climax 26 and LIJ Naito till he lost the IWGP Heavyweight title. All of them got heat from outside interferences Naito probably the only one to do it better like his long entrances, taking time to remove his suit and spitting at everyone. Jericho is the only solo heel and he does it well but tends to to use weapons too much. I still think Tanahashi can do good but by your expectations of wanting Okada tier great matches, I guess Tana has past his prime for that unless he has someone like Okada/Naito to play him off well as you say. >potential main events for Tanahashi Other than the typical Okada/Naito, I actually can't think of many great ones for Tana. Been a while since Ishii fought Tana, that coulf be good but I dont think it might happen. Suzuki could be a choice but even that is kinda old. Maybe Sanada/EVIL but I wasn't a huge fan of their previous clashes with Tana to put them in a main event spot. Jericho is the only big main event for Tana I can see right now. NJPW sure lost quite a lot of guys recently, some fresh faces would help. Tanahashi is still super popular in Japan so they cam make it work but I wonder about the overseas expansion, probably might face more foreign guys if they have title matches there frequently. >>133306 Only been a year for Kawato's excursion so he might take a while. At earliest i think maybe KOPW/Power Struggle like how Hiromu and Jay White returned. Jrs. are really lacking. Shingo might be the only real competition for Taiji. They've been weak in recent years but with Hiromu injured, Kushida leaving and Ospreay in NEVER, they've been hurt even more. Wonder who would be in the BOSJ finals now, only shingo really I feel from the current crop. Hope they bring in one or two guys before that.
>>133304 >I prefer wrestling with high emotion and good storytelling that's all. I think Tanahashi can still accomplish that. I also don't know why you're getting so buttblasted by me, I was just amazed at his G1 Finals performance and the way he could go at his fucking age and being happy to see him at the top again. And to be fair, you have to admit we didn't see shit with main events when Omega was champ either.
>>133348 Yeah we didn’t and it sucked. I doubt facing Cody twice was omega’s idea but even still him getting the win off Okada was a huge deal and I wanted whoever beat omega to be someone he could at least transfer that onto. >>133346 The difference between white and those other guys is all in the selling and facial expressions. When white goes for his interference it just feels formulaic and tired, how he’s doing in the match doesn’t influence when and how he interferes. I have given a ton of chances and an open mind to jay and he has sucked every time in ring. Maybe he just isn’t clicking with me but I don’t know how you can look at his soft shitty offense and deadpan selling and think anything good is going on there
>>133349 I understand that a lot of Tanahashi main events seem old to you and that I was kinda annoying with me marking out for him, I'm just really happy my guy got one more reign even if he might not get 1 defense in. We're at least getting main events now instead of Cody filled trash or toned way down G1 matches.
I'm just really mad we didn't get Omega vs Yano where Yano actually tried his heart out just to win the title.
>>133350 Tana as champion for one last reign is honestly a good story, I just don't think right now is a good time for it with everyone leaving/injured. He'll wrestle good main events, they just aren't as exciting to me as the matchups for okada, omega, or naito.
>>133354 Naito seriously deserves another reign, it baffles me how he hasn't gotten it yet and always being thrown into the IC title scene worries me that he may not get one or have it be a decently long reign. He'll turn 37 this year, moves good but I don't know how long they'll keep delaying it before it may be too late. Hope next year is the year at the latest. On another note, apparently WWE offered Naito a contract but he immediately turned them down. WWE, or Triple H maybe really goes for anyone. Surprisingly, Tanahashi has said that WWE has never contacted him. If they went for Nakamura, Omega, Naito, figured they might've at least tried to contact Tana too, I just really want to see Tana vs Cena** http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/tetsuya-naito-wwe/
>>133354 To be fair, we've seen as much as we could with Okada as well, the next one to take the title off of Tana should be a Naito, he's the only main eventer besides maybe Suzuki that can be fresh for the main event scene, and I doubt either of them would drop the ball as hard as Omega did. >>133356 He should at least be the one to take it off of Tanahashi, so Okada wins the G1 and Naito can finally beat him. First things first though, is to fill the void Omega left, if he's leaving for good. As much as I feel White has evolved, I still feel is not quite there yet. Also, on the WWE stuff, I think they know full well that Tana and Okada are THE guys right now, and the fact that even though Tana has been killing it lately, he's still 42. We don't know how much longer he'd have.
>>133356 >>133358 Naito deserves the title more than anybody but hes gonna be forever in the IC title picture to try to bolster it as a co-main event title. He has more history with the IC at this point and i dont think chasing the HW belt would fit naito's character right now.
>>133193 I heard that Cody, the bucks and Billy Gunn have creative control, is that true? Wonder how that'll turn out and if/when the case arises that they're abusing booking or whatever. Also Double or Nothing seems to be their next show with nothing else in between as of now, wonder what's the plan henceforth and then after Double or Nothing. Also about championships. inb4 Cody becomes their main champion and the bucks become tag champions. Or maybe they'll put themselves in the inaugural title match and lose to appear gracious
(18.58 KB 400x400 IMG-20190121-WA0000.jpg)

(173.57 KB 720x862 20190129_122836.jpg)

Drunk tweeting
>>134370 >Be Veence >Say, this Jericho kid's been working for you and only you for the longest time, almost 20 years? >Trust level reached by very few, aside from the likes of Austin, Rock, HHH, Undertaker etc. >Decide to let him go fight in that nip fed he was always talking about >He is still your guy >Makes one half-assed appearance at your sandnigger event >heh, still your guy right? >Goes to that nip fed again, starts playing with wrestlers contracted to your nearest rivals >Fall out >Months later >Now this He didn't just burn his bridges with Vince and the E, he straight up incinerated them.
>>134420 Remind me, what was the fall out with WWE? Kinda missed that saga, I have been trying to avoid out of ring drama the last year or so.
>>134482 No idea but him and that fag writer who they fired were pretty good friends he’s the guy who helped come up with the list and the JeriKO feud also he needed wrestlers for his cruis and wanted nxt guys but Vince said no to him so he went to ROH instead
Who’s coming next?
>>134504 I think goodish chance on kenta ( and probably the best pick out of the bunch). The ambrose thing is a work pretty sure.
>>134504 KENTA should replace KUSHIDA in NJPW
>>134524 Kenta's probably wants to be back to being a top dog so he's not going there if it's to do that.
>>134520 From the looks of it, it's not a work.
>>134525 Plus because of his 205 live demotion I totally forgot that he competed with heavyweights now in Japan.
>>134520 >The ambrose thing is a work pretty sure. I know it's wrestling but not everything is a work. That said I think it's too early to assume he's going All Elite, he very well may, but he may also just be taking some time off. Only time will tell.
(282.39 KB 900x480 AEW Logo.png)

>>133487 You forgot this… AEW >Will eventually be bought out by Vince. WCW >Was bought out by Vince
>>134653 t. vince
>>134654 t. Seething Matt or Nick Jackson
>>134655 t. Seething Karl "Jobber" Anderson
(576.76 KB 1296x1296 Just Cucks t-shirt.png)

>>134657 I'm not a fan of the bucks, just not gonna bow down to WWE either.
>>134658 I'm not bowing down to WWE either, millenials had ruined WWE for me.
>>134708 I can see that too.
>>134653 >being this much of an ass blasted WWE mark
Sure hope this doesn't end up like how Jarrett's GFW did….
(1.43 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)

>>134751 >Jarrett's GFW That was some terrible scam shit, at least AEW has someone to properly finance the thing
AEW pool party just started on Youtube on the Being the Elite channel. Anyone else watching? So far it's pretty gay.
Kenny Omega is officially All Elite.
So the signings were Some gay AAA Sammy Guevara Best friends (already knew lol) Lucha Bros (already knew) bunch of womyn Aja kong Kenny Omega Most of the show was setting up matches for double or nothing, looks like some kind of womyn's match maybe 2, SCU vs Cima and his students, Bucks vs BF vs lucha bros, Hangman vs pac, and Omega vs Jericho
(13.95 KB 277x298 1465516812322.jpg)

>AAA no wonder NJPW is sticking with ROH
>>134780 Good summary. Also of note was the unspoken, specifically nothing was said about a TV deal so that remains up in the air.
(30.10 KB 331x500 images.jpg)

>Cody, Young Bucks and Omega are all executive VPs Hmmm
Nyla Rose is a tranny faggot.
(346.21 KB 936x694 So this happened.png)

>>134780 One other thing that should be noted: One of the "woman" wrestlers is actually a straight up tranny.
(1.44 MB 387x218 really nigga.gif)

>>134787 >major wrestling league
>>134788 They couldn't even spell their twitter post properly.
(292.75 KB 392x366 aj are you kidding me.png)

>>134787 Can't wait until he injures a bunch of actual women
>>134787 >Trusting a mentally ill man with your body and health Their Divas division is fucked.
(984.46 KB 768x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>134787 I am not too interested in AEW since I'm not a fan of Cody and the Bucks but I could appreciate the effort they all were taking to make it happen; however, shit like this and other stuff sure makes me even less interested in it. Keep hearing about lame shit like this. I'm going to say it >All Reddit Wrestling
>>134792 Honestly the more I think about it, and I say this even as a fan of the Bucks and Omega, this really seems less like All Elite Wrestling and more like SoCal Wrestling, it seems to have a lot of the vibe and mindset of SoCal people in it which is a little progressive for most of the rest of the world. We'll have to see how it works out, I mean if their diversity hires can't wrestle then it's going to be a problem. By the way, there were people commenting on the twitter post like "I'm so glad this isn't a publicity stunt".
>>134793 This sucks, Omega was the one elite dude that I wanted to stay, and he joins this stuff? lol
>>134793 I think people didn't think it was a publicity stunt because they didn't bring up that he was a tranny. I didn't even realize it till someone posted it later he honestly just looks a shorter tamina so I didn't really think too much about it. This and that faggot at the beginning has me doubting this shit hardcore. At least lucha bros will be cool.
I wish AEW to succeed, because WWE really needs competition, a reason to move its lazy ass and get the product better. 2018 was a very boring prowrestling year to me, I mean as someone who only watched NXT/RAW/Smackdown.
>>134810 >NXT/RAW/Smackdown. You're doing it wrong then. NXT is the only real pro-wrestling show there to begin with. RAW/SD is just boring.
Really hope they don't mess up the NWA with their joke wrestling. Kind of wanted to see MJF in NWA already
>>134818 As far as I know, NWA is still it's own thing and isn't really partnered with AEW yet. Cody vs Aldis at All In was a proper NWA match so even if they do partner up, Billy Corgan probably would make sure they don't fag shit up too much.
(166.01 KB 1280x720 aki.jpeg)

Honestly, the one thing I hope comes out of this is a good wrestling game. Something like the old AKI games, or DoR even. Fuck the 2K Madden tier yearly shit that never fixes its bugs. Khan has a fuck ton of money, and Kenny is an ebin gamer, so I think it could be possible. I fear if they make a game it will just be pixelshit though.
This better not get in the way of Cody vs Aldis 3
>>134995 >AEW for everyone >Brandi is the Chief Brand Officer Probably will be seeing more of this. You know I can almost see a woman/tranny winning their main title belt like how Sexy Star did it in LU.
(546.92 KB 658x893 Vaughn get the gas.png)

>>134995 Christ. So much fucking virtue signalling. They act like other feds don't employ fags, niggers, mudslimes, etc. Fucking WWE does, and I'm pretty sure any other fed does. They just don't brag and push it down our throats because that would be annoying. Having people who aren't ebil straight white men in wrestling is nothing new, but they're just being pretentious about it and milking it for the SJW faggots in their fanbase.
(181.30 KB 872x909 ooof.png)

>>134995 For people who can't into twitter. They're really trying to make this in to the wrestling company that Hillary Clinton would proudly watch. Will it draw though?
>>135001 >go on social media campaigns circlejerking about how inclusive and progressive they are >shove stereotypical hyper-sexual faggotry in our face >"there is no agenda" I don't even know where to start. It's cheap publicity, but I could see it working. In the short term, at least. The audience they're appealing to with this shit is the type to hop from trend to trend, so who knows how long they'll pay attention to it. I assume the hardcore followers are the type to accept it because they don't want to seem like a "bigot" or whatever. I'm curious if they'll get backlash if/when they take a faggoty storyline too far. nah they'll probably just be praised, fuck this gay world and its cucked masses
>>135004 >elitecucks like Omega and Cody will job to trannys and women in a serious 20min+ match Imagine the day that happens.
>>135001 >Will it draw though? Elite guys have their fanbase so it will draw, as far as how much agendas they will push and incorporate that into big storylines, that we will have to see
(1.14 MB 1024x715 ClipboardImage.png)

>>135009 Hopefully Meltz gives it like 2 stars and faggots seethe
>>135015 >Meltz giving 2 stars to his boi Kenny Omega Now THAT would sure be the day
>>135019 It's possible especially since he's surrounded by trash now.
>>135015 >(((Dave Meltzer))) rating Omegay matches low I was somewhat optimistic for AEW but after the virtue signalling and talking of donating to anti-gun organizations, I want them to crash and burn. Hopefully they last long enough to wake Vince up.
>Double or Nothing sells out 12,000 tickets in 4 mins Big, though All In sold out in half an hour so expected something like this.
>>135019 He's ripped into Kenny matches before when they get too stupid, retards had a shitfit.
>>135001 can someone fill me in on what brandi's latest shitfit on twitter is about?
>>135023 They probably should've done a bigger building. Third show is apparently planned to be at an even smaller arena than All In which is insane. People are gonna get pissed they can't get tickets, should go for the most seats possible while the events still feel special.
>>135303 That's weird, heck they have the hype to sell out a stadium like MSG twice over, if ROH/NJPW could do it then AEW at this point sure could.
>>135270 Virtue signalling and politicizing their promotion right away. They didn't even wait.
(75.58 KB 632x523 ClipboardImage.png)

>Earlier this month at NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka, Kota Ibushi announced he would be staying exclusively with the promotion until 2021. Although he appeared regularly for NJPW over the last couple years, Ibushi was still very much a freelance wrestler, until now. >In regards to his contract, AEW had obvious interest in the Japanese Superstar, but in an interview with ShuPro (translated by NJPW Announcer, Chris Charlton), Ibushi spoke about the factors that kept him out of AEW. >"The second I went, that would be the end of my wrestling career, I thought," Ibushi began. "What I realized [talking to AEW] was I really don't care about money. … AEW said they just want me in their ring in some form. The ideal for them was for me to move to America and be there full-time. I turned them down just after Wrestle Kingdom. … If I went it would be the end of my career. There wouldn't be anywhere else to go after that. No step up, nothing left to do. That would be the last step to make, and after that things would just go down. Great money, but I want to keep developing." >Getting back to NJPW, Ibushi noted he still feels the best place to change the world is in NJPW where his top three desired opponents, Jay White, Kazuchika Okada, and Shingo Takagi reside. Ibushi also said NJPW would be where he ends his wrestling career. >"Kenny [Omega] wants to change the world with wrestling. I think to change the world with wrestling, New Japan is the best place to do that," Ibushi said. "That's where he and I differ. I can do all that here. [Of] all the places I've been, NJPW is the highest level. I really wanted to lay my cards out and shut down the 'What about Ibushi?' talk. Osaka was that chance. The Ibushi institute is on hold, I'm exclusive [to NJPW]. … This is the last decision I will make in my career. I'll end my wrestling career in NJPW." Translated by NJPW announcer Chris Charlton. But one guy on twitter seemed upset with the translation, don't know how accurate it is but oh well. https://www .wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/02/kota-ibushi-reveals-why-he-chose-njpw-over-aew-651162/ Still tells us a lot. From this account basically AEW offered him a ton of money and he would have to remain in USA, none of which interests him. I guess they still are working things out and don't really have much of a long term plan for wrestlers now, or even a short term one and just want to sign guys up and think later I guess. Also I'd be amazed to see Ibushi end his career in NJPW. Can't wait to see Ibushi vs Shingo as well whenever that happens. Also has Ibushi ever faced Okada? Seems not Tiger Mask W doesn't count.
>>135339 Shingo vs Ibushi sounds great. I hate that hes still relegated to hr heaby. I think Ibushi has had a g1 match against Okada but i could be wrong.
>>135346 >Ibushi has had a g1 match against Okada Looks like he did, free match posted by NJPW
AEW just got more SJW. Hey, that rhymes! Link because imbed doesn't do time skips: https://youtu.be/yIKkAym4Wh0?t=136
>>135685 they know autists are willing to spend more money than any other demographic. Expect Jericho mpreg stuff on deviantart soon.
>>135685 >Providing noise cancelling headphones for those that get triggered over them I mean, if you go to any largely attended event like this, let alone wrestling where shit is supposed to get loud and boisterous, it's all part of the show, why attend it to begin with. Also I thought tickets sold out rapidly, do they have extra and are they throwing in some more seats just for these special ed guys?
(276.00 KB 1066x600 brainlets.png)

>>135685 >catering to literal retards Fucking kek. Don't forget the safety helmets, goggles, and padded onesies. How long until they sign a wrestler with downs or something? On the other hand, it's kind of funny seeing Steph get outdone in terms of virtue signalling marketing.
This is just a more well connected, more well funded GFW attempt
(2.19 MB 1920x844 ClipboardImage.png)

>>137590 At least it doesn't seem like some financial scam I guess
>>137671 god am i glad the elite arent in new japan anymore
>>137671 >aew marking using the word faggot, hating autists, and implying there aren't a fuck ton of other aew marks It's a good drawing but the text needs work
>WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, appeared on WFAN Radio in New York City earlier today and said AEW will have a weekly two-hour live TV show that premieres in October. >JR did not reveal the timeslot or the name for the AEW TV show, and he refused to elaborate on what network will carry the program, but we will keep you updated. Ross did say the AEW TV show will air on a major network that we all have access to. >Ross also said AEW is going for a more athletic presentation compared to what we see on TV from other promotions these days. >"I think what they're shooting for is a more athletic presentation," JR revealed. "It will hopefully be less eye rolling than the sophomore drama class trying to convince you in a 10 minute promo of anything they're saying. It's too long. Our audience can't handle that." https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/04/jim-ross-reveals-big-news-on-the-first-aew-tv-show-652774/ 2 hour long TV show huh and in October, quite a while to go there.
(108.35 KB 1440x810 mpv-shot0217.jpg)

>Omega burned his bridges via Undertale for this shit Fuck the Young Bucks.
>>138626 Well I mean I want them to talk but at least have something to say about the human spirit instead of the weird shit they pump out of wwe just let people shoot.
(24.68 KB 401x349 321a.jpg)

>>140021 Same dude
So I heard PAC vs Page is out of DoN because of creative differences or something. And is PAC out of AEW for good? They still had the match in some English bingo hall and posted it on youtube, the next best thing I suppose.
(366.51 KB 640x360 Sufferin succotash uce.mp4)

We're gonna find out whos a real wrestling fan soon!
>>142563 Calling it right now. This is not going to end well for those involved. I say that as someone who fucking hates the current WWE product and would like nothing more than to see an actual competitor to Vince's garbage emerge. I hope I am completely wrong about this, but I see AEW crashing and burning in a spectacular and incredibly embarrassing manner. The precedents they are setting for themselves do not bode well.
>>142764 I think DoN will be decent, after that I dont know, they will truly be tested once their weekly show begins. They have all the tools to succeed but their SJW/reddit attitude is the probably the greatest thing against them for me amd could be their downfall. Sounds weird but while there's always a lot of postive news about AEW, always have an uneasy feel looming about.
>>142764 >>142766 It doesn't help that it seems that they're spending money like it's candy, along with the reddit tier attitude and woke shit you guys mentioned.
>>134790 Question: Why would that make them prone to injuring them? Intergender wrestling has been around since forever, and that's not really got a higher rate of injury. If anything, the men make for a more sturdy base for the women. Nyla Rose isn't fucking Nia Jax potatoing people, Nyla is a far better worker.
>>142772 Answer: He's a mentally ill tranny
Is this going to be the live shitposting thread or is someone going to make another one?
>>142778 idk, debating wheter to watch this or just play No More Heroes.
(98.94 KB 1199x929 marks.jpg)

(1.36 MB 320x180 1467150622706.gif)

(1.07 MB 750x752 ClipboardImage.png)

>MOX hmm
So you guys watching?
We're watching based Stardom instead of AEW
>>142785 Utami is great
(132.47 KB 901x1200 MomoQT.jpg)

>>142786 >Not big match Momo
(135.66 KB 768x1024 tarps.jpg)

(27.99 KB 303x346 1469951843804.jpg)

>>142788 Don't get my hopes up
(205.87 KB 900x1200 mike tyson.jpg)

>Cody vs the Bjork Stalker
>All Embarrassing Wrestling
dude this entire preshow is fucked
>this twink
>the "comedy" Already horrible.
Pretty sure I've seen these guys do gay porn
literal nobodies, what a trash preshow
(35.34 KB 388x365 ajs.jpg)

How long will this promotion even last?
>this show
>Camera cuts Already Dunn tier.
>>142803 maybe those AEW being a WWE front like ECW rumors are true…
>Literal circlejerk
anybody got an acestream or all you guys using taima?
>THIS IS A REVOLUTION >camera fades to black dunn is better than this
(321.04 KB 1024x1024 1455919029003.png)

>JR being motivated
Money's on Cima
>>142811 Awesome taste!
haven't been paying attention, are the shitty western fans not reacting to our boy Cima?
>inb4 SCU goes over because BTE meme
(653.01 KB 445x680 heem.png)

I wanna impregnate Kylie.
(252.00 KB 298x641 ClipboardImage.png)

based Allie
tranny is gonna win
(72.00 KB 800x600 monitor.jpg)

So far this is like 3 steps above ROH, but way below to really call this the dawn of a new rasslin' era
They removed the joshi match. Fuck this.
>>142821 >AWESOME KONG
(86.14 KB 1280x720 aj hears gay shit.jpg)

>>142820 >remove joshi match >keep tranny match
What's with all these fat trannies? If I wanted to see something (((progressive))) I'd stick with WWE.
(59.94 KB 349x320 [purges_internally].jpg)

>>142820 >Joshi tag-match removed in favour of Trannies and niggers Also >pspwooo Filters Tranny to cutie mfw
someone gimme a stream'!
>>142825 >filter use the good old alt code trick brother
This goddamn camera work is aggrivating my autism. >>142820 >>142823 >>142825 Fuck AEW
Nyla dick gonna slip out
(14.82 KB 499x260 ClipboardImage.png)

>>142825 the tranny hopefully stays btfo http://loangovernment.com/report/result.php?file6= seems to be working, use at own risk
>>142831 looks clean to me, just lagging.
(398.88 KB 936x936 Dad.png)

We're back in the psp backup
it's shit And the new stream keeps dying.
(1.09 MB 799x606 ClipboardImage (8).png)

>>142830 So far I'm having really mixed feelings about this show, and by mixed I mean this is like 3 steps above the shit I witnessed with ROH and 1 step below your average modern day show of Smackdown, presentation overall still reeks of ROH and WWE with the ring set-up and camera-work
>>142835 pretty sure all western wrestling is shit now unless it's impact or AEW
>>142837 shit meant MLW not AEW
>>142838 GCW is usually based
>JR BREAKing kayfabe Cornette seething now
>>142835 You wanna go thru match by match between this and mitb? >Didn't think so
stream dead again
is taima kill?
>>142843 watching on the psp backup http://psp-tv.com/r/wooobackup
(44.81 KB 854x849 sef_face.jpg)

>The Joshi match wasn't DELETED Oh thank god >These stereotypical jap fonts For fuck's sake
>>142845 >still using stereotypes for Asians Welcome to liberal "inclusion" and "diversity"
the "easyeducationloan" stream 5 still works btw
>>142847 nvm fuck u cody
>>142847 Link pls
>HBOshit, WWE PPVs, and entire movies can be streamed online no problem >this shitty two-bit indie wrestling gig is somehow taking down every single stream in existence
(1.37 MB 1456x959 ClipboardImage.png)

find a stream nerds
>>142846 How libs are actually racist to the Japanese but not some other actually shit races.
>>142851 >tubeofcozy <on sightube
>>142850 >Being this much of a newfag
looks like psp is back up
>>142852 Japanese and other Asian cultures are hard working and tend to be successful when they work hard. Also, they are still considered "too white", so the libs fucking shit on them all the time.
(241.17 KB 374x604 When_your_theme_is_shit.png)

>Botching that kickout >>142852 Libs only care about races that are brown, any other race that looks even remotely white is evil to them
(337.47 KB 550x652 ClipboardImage.png)

We're back up >cody's wrestling so he cant kill feeds
(412.59 KB 488x750 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.47 MB 1334x750 okada_face.png)

>Haitch's throne Jesus fuck, how petty can Cody be ?
>>142862 If there's one thing Gedo did right it's not wanting to work with a lot of these guys.
>Still hating on Haitch >In current year Why?
lmao Dustin has CAW music
(327.55 KB 577x532 ClipboardImage.png)

not the best booking you say
(6.51 MB 640x360 The Man of Three H's.webm)

>>142862 I would have done worse.
(1.16 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Stop hitting yourself
>>142868 I found some links to streams on a popular site we all hate and never go to.
>>142870 Only fags look a gift horse in the mouth, post it
That's some crazy color Dustin has. Holy Shit.
(497.23 KB 746x455 ClipboardImage.png)

(547.91 KB 737x442 ClipboardImage.png)

And another
>>142874 I haven't seen a ring this bloody in a long time. His blood is all over the place.
(638.19 KB 911x560 ClipboardImage.png)

(289.34 KB 415x480 ClipboardImage.png)

>>142876 Goldy is giving his little brother a 5 star match
(545.14 KB 791x613 ClipboardImage.png)

(453.01 KB 583x489 ClipboardImage.png)

damn 2
lolelitewins good match though
Hell of a match. Shame about that wet fart of an ending.
>>142881 Shit, I was hoping Dustin would go over. He is the better brother.
Dustin carrying Cody to a 5 star
(302.20 KB 401x549 ClipboardImage.png)

and cody wins >Well maybe only 4 stars for this match
(72.35 KB 334x294 pussy_control.png)

>It took a bleeding Goldust to have a Cody match that wasn't a bore Tbh, both should have bladed to make it look like a more even situation, but it was a good match regardless
>>142886 yeah Dustin should've won and gotten his well deserved 8 stars
(516.35 KB 658x545 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm gonna mark for this again dammit
>Goldust and Cody vs Young Cucks
(1.63 MB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>142888 >yeah Dustin should've won and gotten his well deserved 8 stars That's a whole lot of 8's
(1.56 MB 320x241 1455439303472.gif)

>>142887 >both should have bladed to make it look like a more even situation
(68.69 KB 255x255 1452663269191-2.jpg)

(37.53 KB 392x495 sadnessverybig.jpg)

>The absolute state of Bret's health He looks like if he's gonna fall apart anytime soon, that BREAKs my heart
(318.17 KB 720x404 Aged11thDoctor.png)

>>142893 First thing that came to my mind.
>>142894 Isn't he pretty much the last of the Harts other than Natalia?
(695.40 KB 945x983 ClipboardImage.png)

>>142897 Davey Jr. and Teddy Hart are on MLW
(5.67 MB 400x226 Dream.mp4)

Good Looking belt, glad to see bret (because one day we wont).
>>142901 >because one day we won't DON'T FUCKING REMIND ME
>>142902 Just dont put up the pic where everyone who is dead is b+w. Don't worry We'll be b+w one day too
(136.74 KB 399x385 #dead.png)

>>134755 Holy shit, please tell me this isn't real. Jericho gives zero fucks.
>>142904 Shit, Jarrett I mean.
Pretty boring match thus far. Almost all the spots so far are sloppy, mistimed or contrived too. Not great.
>>142906 I feel the luchas are doing fine
>>142906 that's the gimmick, maybe its not a great idea but they are playing up the bucks ringrust
(472.50 KB 809x463 ClipboardImage.png)

This was okay
>>142907 Neither team has looked super great. I do appreciate the luchas shit talking midmatch though. >>142908 That sounds like an excuse, but if it's not that's a horrible gimmick.
(14.12 KB 139x170 yaranaika.jpg)

>Young Cucks went over
>elite win again Wew, fun match though. Surely Kenny is losing, they can't be that non self-aware
>>142910 Maybe, I thought the match built up to a good exciting point and then … it just continued on 10 more mins. Not sure if they were playign for time or not . not a terrible match but not 4 stars.
>>142914 Well if Kenny loses, Hangman is still getting the strap, so Elite win in the end
>>142912 >Surely Kenny is losing, they can't be that non self-aware
>>142913 Matter of taste I suppose. It did get better, but ya, they went way too far with the false finishes.
(1.76 MB 1440x810 1465934591377.png)

>Jericho >Greatest of all Time >NOT FUCKING KOBASHI I'm mad now
>fedora fat Jericho Now that's what I call a gimmick
What the fuck is a barrel doing in the ring?
>>142920 cracker barrel
(287.00 KB 540x718 [HEAVY_METAL_STOPS].png)

>Sword Art Online gear Kenny has shit taste confirmed
(1.35 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Based jericho tying his shoe
lol Omega was in SAO cosplay TWO YEARS WORTH
(281.97 KB 248x200 nope.gif)

>>142923 >Bret is an honorary black man.
(73.68 KB 300x240 67e.png)

>>142924 So that means Ibushi is Asuna ? Is Ibushi also gonna get raped by tentacles ?
>>142926 Oh god now, pretty sure the golden lovers was for nip grills to dream of being spitroasted by to buff bishounens.
Can't wait for Jericho to win with a spinning back elbow
fat fedora wins
Based legend Jericho destroying Plebby Obeta
(1.95 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

will someone interfere
oh hey. It's fake Brian Pillman.
>>142933 Moxley will
>we aren't attitude era >literally copies attitude era debuts
(98.49 KB 1280x720 mox don.jpg)

DoN started out pretty cringeworthy but holy fuck did it pick up. Good shit overall IMO. Also I hope they never do backstage librarian tier comedy shit ever again. Also based ripple stream never gave out once.
>Moxley actually signed with them Eh, well hope he gets what he wants with the creative aspect, probably will.
If you missed it
>>142937 it's called bait. they want the attitude era audience.
(78.66 KB 1520x1080 god_damn.jpg)

>>142945 I gotta admit I think they are working with vince closer then they will ever admit >this might be the only thing to pick up vince's ratings slump as well as be a low key test to see how 'attitude-era lite' sells. Overall great show, Don't think it had a badmatch (less then 3 stars) on it and I'll even say that for the preshow. Dustin carried cody to a 4 star badass match at 50 (only to have to do it again).
>>142980 Still on that shitty Dean leaving was a work shit?
>>142983 >Still on that shitty Dean leaving was a work shit?Still on that shitty Dean leaving was a shoot shit?
(137.18 KB 756x768 nwo001.jpg)

(1.31 MB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>142984 >Dean and Jericho are secret agents sent by Vince to sabotage the competition
>>142984 Did the shit site fuck out on me and make me post that twice?
>>142992 Are you me?
So after watching I made some comparison to WWEs current year +4 product: The virtue signaling is bullshit but any company that wants to do business in this environment has to have that shit. Fuck this country. Justin Roberts is a good announcer, they never should have let him go. Production feels different than WWE, doesn't have the autism feel that Kevin Dunn and Vince use. The crowd and chants are legitimate, no piped in chants or crowd muting. Fucking love Awesome Kong nogging out and destroying bitches. But the women's wrestling isn't any better than WWE except not as many botches. The commentary isn't quite as annoying as WWE but when they put that woman on commentary it was fucking cringe as shit. And this isn't to shit on WWE because I still watch it, but if AEW can be consistent with these good aspects and improve others then they could be some serious competition possibly leading to a better product on both sides.
Hangman Page has won me over. I never saw anything in him when he was in new japan but on an American stage I can see him getting a lot of fans behind him and having some banger matches with the top of AEW. His theme is pretty great too. Who's your favorite undercarder so far? Can we get an AEW board flag just to even things out?
(152.94 KB 500x333 tyshrug.jpg)

Someone tell me what I'm missing. I'm just not sold. Can they figure it out? Sure. But not sure why the fuck everyone is so positive about it. Matches were overall good, but most were spotfests that were littered with refs not caring about the rules and the wrestlers not caring about winning. And the best match of the night was ruined a minute later by Cody picking up a mic and throwing away the entire build up and story they told in the ring. Am I supposed to be just giving them credit for doing the show? >>143002 What did Hangman do to win you over? The thing that stood out the most was how doing a kip up healed his injured knee.
>>142935 hes not some wanna be, thats pillman's kid. i wish they had the entire new heart foundation there.
>>143007 Didn't realize Mox was Pillman's kid
>>143006 He fits the presentation much more than he did in any other promotion. Hes not so much a great wrestler as much as I see the potential for him being great getting better. >>143006 >Someone tell me what I'm missing. People are just happy to see storylines outside of wwe work. They havent done anything amazing but as far as being a watchable product or "alternative" they did well.
>>143009 Just don't see it yet for Hangman, but willing to bolieve that could change. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and especially Orange Cassidy were all way more interesting and felt like they are waiting to BREAK out. And my first time seeing any of them was last night. Hangman feels like a friend along for the ride, and he's got way more experience and exposure. >storylines outside of wwe Not sure what you mean. All other promotions have storylines, too. >as far as being a watchable product or "alternative" they did well. Is it the ambition they have, then? An alternative putting on a solid show, which this still was, is not anything we haven't seen before.
I liked the show, but Cody and his sjw shit just might destroy wrestling. https://twitter.com/AndreasHale/status/1132644624030240769
>>143010 Youre right about this not being groundBREAKing at all. TNA has been putting out consistently better storylines and ppvs than wwe but people dont care because its too late and they dont have the star power. RoH had a bit of star power when they had Cody and the Bucks and Omega coming over occasionally but the 3 star machine cody never managed to do anything of note over there and RoH tv is dogshit so they couldnt have satisfying storytelling. AEW atleast so far has all the pieces it needs to be good. its just shiny and new, but everyone puts their hopes into because they WANT it to be great even if it isnt yet
>>143006 >Matches were overall good, but most were spotfests that were littered with refs not caring about the rules and the wrestlers not caring about winning That's pretty much how a lot of these indyshits play out which is why I'm not a huge fan
(118.50 KB 1284x722 aew title.jpg)

(474.53 KB 660x371 ClipboardImage.png)

>>143011 >Cody and his sjw shit just might destroy wrestling. Honestly it's already so prevalent, it almost seems inevitable anyways. Just hope that other promotions don't follow them because they set some stupid standard or whatever. >>143010 >Hangman feels like a friend along for the ride That perfectly describes how I see him. He seems like he has potential to BREAK out but he's always in the Elite's shadow as their bitch. Maybe if he can build himself up, he could have an inevitable crowing moment of winning the AEW title and could establish himself as a top guy by then. Speaking of which, thoughts on the title? It looks ok I guess, not too spectacular but not terrible. I'd say Omega would be good to be the inaugural champion. There's hype around Moxley and he'd be a decent choice too but I would rather him be the 2nd champion. Heck Jericho kinda deserves a reign too. It would be one of those three guys I'd say.
>>143013 >its just shiny and new, but everyone puts their hopes into because they WANT it to be great even if it isnt yet Think it's actually desperation/dissatisfaction with WWE or more just bandwagon shit? And hopefully they're actually something good and a decent alternative by the time that sheen wears off. Unless we just end up with blind AEW fanboys. But hey, that'd be nothing new. Already started seeing it before the show. >>143014 Awesome Kong rolling Baker to the outside after the tower of doom spot where everyone but her was dead made me lose my fucking mind.
(101.94 KB 800x379 knockoutsbelt.jpg)

(65.36 KB 639x242 iwgptitle.jpg)

>>143017 >thoughts on the title A bit derivative, but not the worst. It's just okay. >inaugural champion The title match is already set between Adam Page and Jericho, pretty sure. So, Jericho, since Page currently means shitall.
>>143020 Page vs Jericho Meh, Page still has a way to go, doesn't even seem like a real contender. I don't like Cody in the ring but he still has that stature of a top guy to compete for the top prize. Heck they should've just made the main event the bout for the title. The next two PPVs seem to smaller ones so the next big one is All Out at the Sears Centre, basically All In 2, so I guess that is where the title match will happen. Still can't really picture Page in the main event of a big show like that but he might do well enough.
>>143017 its a bigger iwgp heabyq belt
How do you have SJWs wrassling in Japan? Wouldn't the two clash pretty hard?
>>143039 If you really look at it wrestling isn't about politics aside from those that go on in the locker room. I most wrestlers respect the line they draw between their fiction and reality and that's why they play characters and don't bring their own personal bullshit in to it. This is why so many female wrestlers are shit, they don't get that divide between the person in the ring and the person at home. This is why I still love Benoit, he'll always be a great wrestler even if he was a terrible person.
(10.67 MB 1280x720 moxley after aew.mp4)

(1.33 MB 1360x822 ClipboardImage.png)

>>143040 >This is why so many female wrestlers are shit, they don't get that divide between the person in the ring and the person at home.
>>143044 Are you the booley fag?
>>143040 Joshis are fine.
>>143046 Nips have it in their culture not to start shit with each other.
>>143046 >>143044 >the only two replies to my comment about politics are triggered female wrestling fags Oh this board.
(1.77 MB 1280x792 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.20 MB 2120x950 ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know why you guys really excepted tbh. Those who are complaining that the presentation, aesthetic, and overall feel of this PPV seems to be like ROH (and even WWE-tier in some instances), need to remember that this is their very first show. I'm 100% sure they'll find their voice overtime and the production quality will improve. Unless all of this bitching was just shitposting (you know, just pretending to be retarded lmao). They're successful with this first show in terms of ticket sales and PPV buys, and that's what matters. It's just going to get bigger. And honestly, Vince needs a good kick in the balls after pretty much destroying and then monopolizing the industry itself just to put on 2 weekly shows in the current year that have only 25-30 minutes of wrestling on them. Speaking of which, I seriously hope (and willing to bet) some of the unpushed, mishandled, and/or disillusioned talent joins this company in the future. >El Generico >Gallows and Anderson >Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder >Tenille Dashwood >Claudio Castagnoli >Shinsuke Nakamura >Samoa Joe >Kana And that's not even mentioning the non-WWE talent >Eli Drake >Marty Scurll >Matt Cross >Neville >Kota Ibushi >Zack Sabre Jr. >Shawn Spears All those would be fine additions (oh yeah, and CM Punk would 100% take a huge bite out of WWE's audience if he were to join).
>>143069 >Ibushi They asked him to come along but he refused because they didn't really have a plan for him and worst of all he would have to shift to America, which he didn't want to. He said that he's with NJPW basically for life.
(30.83 KB 960x620 bo.jpg)

>>143069 I usually expect to be let down when shit like this is hyped to the extent it was. Seeing the librarian shit and the BTE intro didn't help either, and just felt like it should've been kept on youtube. Then the actual show started and completely exceeded my expectations. The matches were really good, especially the last three. I'm curious how their TV show will turn out. I feel like the Good Brothers are almost guaranteed, and it would be great to finally see them be booked well again. Eli Drake would be a great get for them since he is a lock on the mic, and improved a good bit inring before Impact released him. Tenille would be great too, she's can be a stellar aussie shitposter whether face or heel. I guess nearly anyone from that list could show up at some point (Shawn Spears already did), although I don't want to get my hopes up for who they might sign but they are going to get Bo Rotunda and rocketstrap him brother Bolieve that
(29.42 KB 600x400 images.jpeg)

You guys think Ziggles will ever jump ship? He'll turn 40 next year, so maybe he might choose to remain in WWE heck i think he could do well in NJPW too. Either way I still don't think he has the guts to do it.
>>143006 >not sure why the fuck everyone is so positive about it People are fucking desperate for something other than WWE. That said, I'm not convinced either. As I've stated previously I want to be wrong, but nothing about AEW stands out to me yet as capable of longevity (Jericho aside) and their doubling down on kike SJW bullshit is not going to do them any favors with anyone outside of blue haired bull dykes and vaguely effeminate niggers. We'll see if I'm BTFO in the coming year or so tho. >>143017 >>143020 Evil Pudgy Jericho should get the strap first to give it legitimacy and build heat and then drop it to one of the two others you mentioned after a lengthy feud. That would be smart business. If they give it to Page they are shooting their promotion's main title in the head before it's even out of diapers.
>>143064 I'm not a female wrestling fag. I just know Joshis are the best of female wrestlers. Anyone with an eye can see that.
>>143070 Kenny actually didn't ask him so they he could stay in Japan and chase his dream.
>>143041 Reminds me of this Austin ECW promo.
>>143087 >Joshis are the best of female wrestlers The best turd in the world is still a piece of shit. Women still can't really wrestle. Which is why historically they have been mostly involved in the wrestling business as a sideshow and/or sex appeal. The business was better off then and it would be better off now if those running it would just admit that women will never be as capable and entertaining in the ring as the men are. Same with almost every other athletic activity. Men are more physically equipped and therefore produce more results. It's just biological. Furthermore, have you seen how much more often even the "best" women wrestlers botch shit up and injure themselves and other female wrestlers? It's stupid and unsafe.
>>143092 Have sex, FUCK MY ASSHOLE PLEASE.
(177.08 KB 317x300 1511446642846.png)

(26.77 KB 316x333 aj disgust.jpg)

who let /asp/ in here
(136.13 KB 403x247 ClipboardImage.png)

Real question is ROH finished?
>>143143 >inb4 Impact and ROH merge together ti save their asses
>>143163 Impact is a cockroach that continuously survives when you think it will close. It will be fine. ROH probably would need something like that if it really ends up in a dire shape, also since they've been so shit of late especially with their terrible showing at G1 Supercard, lost the faith of many guys. Who do they still have now? Jay Lethal and Marty Scurll? Even Marty will leave for AEW once his contract is up.
>>143101 >people who don't like female wrestling haven't had sex >but losers who lust after female wrestlers and spend all day fantasizing about them are actually Chads Nice fantasy you have there. Honestly putting having sex with a women on some pedestal like some unachievable goal says more about you buddy, most people just fuck sluts and get it over with.
>>143167 Sluts are the best
>>143092 Nigger, joshis actually have good matches. Not saying they're the best I saw but absolutely shit on any other western women wrestling with them having a shit ton of botches.
>>143170 Where do they even wrassle? I want to watch cute girls powerbombing each other in idol outfits. Is it just NJPW or is it some other company without free streams?
(81.42 KB 602x568 1.png)

lol you fuckers seen this? https://twitter.com/AndreasHale/status/1132644624030240769 >“I told Brandi one time that I don’t see color and she said ‘well, then you don’t see my experience,’” - @CodyRhodes on how being in an interracial marriage has helped with diversity in @AEWrestling and why diversity will be a way of life and not a publicity stunt. Between that, banning edgy fans from attending and having ugly trannies in their show I'm glad this trash's gonna bomb harder than Lucha Underground by the end of the year.
(685.62 KB 150x111 shoko ears.gif)

>>143179 NJPW doesn't, but TJPW does (Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling). They're mostly pretty green though. There's also Stardom which might be more what you're looking for. I'm not all that familiar with nip female wrestling, but I'm pretty sure there's some other feds as well. There's free matches on youtube/dailymotion you can check out, and Taima has Joshi tube every now and then. Also, XWT.
>>143190 have sex E drone FUCK MY ASSHOLE PLEASE freak
>>143242 Wew, what filters to that
>>143244 in cel
>>143190 Honestly, they can put up good shows like DoN but internal pozzed shit like this will eat them out eventually. I know they'll give more creative freedom to wrestlers than WWE but I wonder how soon it will be before some wrestler gets fired for making "problematic" comments in a promo or so.
(76.16 KB 602x568 gahoole banned aew.jpg)

>>143190 >well, then you don’t see my experience Brandi is gonna be the one who drives the company into the ground, isn't it ?
>>143248 She's their Stephanie, probably even be worse than Steph. Plus Brandi competes too, only saw her in Impact when she debuted but she was so green and bad, even worse than Eva Marie back then. Hope she improved since then, doubt too much though. WWE did one good thing in that they recognized she has no talent and made her an interviewer instead.
>>143241 Thanks. >Taima has Joshi tube every now and then Isn't Taima pretty gay on top of English commentary?
>>143257 Taima can be pretty gay but there's a ton of stuff to watch in /joshi/, be it live or a link in the playlist which you can open in a new window. Pretty sure all commentary is in Japanese, but I usually just tune in for TJPW if it's live (which usually doesn't even have commentary)
(180.12 KB 962x1483 D7gfaCdU8AAWE2A.jpg)

>>143244 I N C E L
>All In-cel
>>143296 It looks pretty good despite the community, thanks. Btw, is there any all in one place to see future joshi matches or only in each fed's site? Live shitposting is always fun.
>>143253 Further evidence that women don't belong anywhere near wrestling outside of being eye candy. Steph is pure cancer for the WWE and so shall Brandi be for AEW.
>>143246 i thought the same thing, when they have really good talent, it will do well for their parts, but slowly and surely the pozz will drag everyone down
Listening to Dean's Moxley's interviews has me thinking AEW could be great, but Brandi's nigger faggotry is definitely worrying. At least neither the tranny or flaming faggot went over at DoN, but who knows how pozzed they'll get once they start TV.
>>143398 Brandi, but Cody and the bucks are virtue signaling faggots too.
pretty decent match that new japan gave away here
hey bro fyter fest is on
Yeah, You can catch Fyter Fest anywhere on twitch right now.
(589.30 KB 774x720 1402422708078.png)

AEW is pretty ok so far. This is pozzed as fuck sadly, but by now, i hadn't had much choice but get used to it. The lows are painfully low but give it time and it'll be pretty good. I'm fairly optimistic…just, someone get Kenny some good taste, inbetween undertale and SAO, he, at the very least, needs better things to cosplay.
>>144716 Dammit, my computer has to be a cunt now.
>>144716 Reported it, sorry for my autism.
>>144716 Reported it, sorry for my autis
>>144719 …fml
(48.49 KB 256x256 aewcucks.jpg)

(229.71 KB 1200x675 lolaew.jpg)

So, from what I've seen of it so far AEW seems to be a wrestling promotion for homosexuals.
>Fight for the fallen >AEW has stated that all of the event's proceeds will be donated to victims of gun violence. This event is sponsored by Farah & Farah and the proceeds from the gate will go to Jacksonville's Victim Assistance Advisory Council to help victims of violent crimes Their October PPV will probably have all their earnings donated to Susan G Konman Breast cancer.
(909.74 KB 200x113 me in this thread.gif)

>>143092 >women still can't really wrestle >not knowing how good Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Meiko Satomura, Jaguar Yokota, Manami Toyota, etc are/were. You are willfully fucking stupid. Good god.
>>144909 Every time they do something good like brining the joshi wrestlers from TJPW or Cody vs Dusty, I remember they hired the uber-faggot Sonny Kiss and thay tranny abomination Nyla Rose and my hopes for AEW drastically go down My opinion of this frankenstein of a promotion is very 50/50, on one hand I think they have a good chance of doing great and they have some legit good wrestlers that could draw (namely Lucha Bros, Luchasaurus & Jungle boy, Elf king and Jericho), on the other, they have done a lot of really questionable shit in their shows so far, like letting Omega do his shit taste-tier cosplays, the Librarian skits, that not-royal rumble, etc., shit like that on regular TV will cost them hard >>144924 I'm honestly convinced that the only women who can wrestle are jap girls, and mexican lucha girls to some extent,
>>144925 Even Madusa who's said to be the best American women's wrestler, only got good by wrestling in Japan at AJPW.
>>144924 Not everyone gives a shit about what goes on in Japan.
(3.85 MB 669x641 katgatf.webm)

>>144911 >So, from what I've seen of it so far AEW seems to be a wrestling promotion for homosexuals. True, worse than that they seems to be a very cultural marxist company. The sad thing is, I have enjoyed their shows quite a bit more than WWE.
>>144911 yes and trannies
(3.62 MB 540x300 shoko northern lights.gif)

Get ready for Big Match Shoko to steal the show tonight brother
>>144936 Trannies are literally the exact same thing as homosexuals idiot.
>>145062 Nah, they're even worse.
hey bro fite for the fallen is on
>>145062 what >>145064 they're way worse
Shit company
(1.12 MB 919x616 ClipboardImage.png)

Say goodbye Matt. Also AEW just put on their best show ever with no audience.
(8.85 MB 960x540 matt_teleports.webm)

I wish webm related didn't get such a huge backlash. I love ridiculous shit like this, it reminds me of good old Lucha Underground (RIP). BROKEN Matt absolutely should be able to teleport, but faggots screeched about it, and then AEW ran damage control saying it was just holograms. Fucks sakes.
>>147135 It's true. That said I think part of this is also matt getting his faggotry out a little. he's been cooped up so his first stuff won't be his best. I'm really looking forward to this feud.

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