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King of Shitposting

(6.56 MB 352x360 new jack talks drugs.webm)
Webm Thread Boliever 04/13/2017 (Thu) 02:11:24 Id:05a05c No. 56842
Seems like the old one was DELETED
(10.40 MB 960x540 the gay community3.webm)
(1.35 MB 1024x576 1463283127323.webm)
(2.34 MB 480x320 1464531943022.webm)
(3.94 MB 400x300 wew.webm)
(2.12 MB 432x288 ace.webm)
(627.44 KB 1280x720 cena is a man of taste.webm)
(1.33 MB 640x360 deglare.webm)
(2.17 MB 576x432 real wrestling.webm)
mods should delete the duplicate thread
>>56848 Why couldn't Curtis Axel inherit even a little bit of his dad's charisma?
(10.22 MB 640x360 aj styles.mp4)
>>56865 To be fair Curt was one of a kind.
(2.88 MB 712x400 women's wrestling 2.webm)
(9.03 MB 960x540 jim ross.mp4)
>>56865 I'm sure Axel's moment will come
(22.09 KB 361x251 killmr.jpg)
>>56879 >Stephanie will never abuse you like that
(2.44 MB 700x400 1476154450522.webm)
>>56881 Why even live?
(1.11 MB 800x450 sasha banks.webm)
(5.39 MB 1280x720 Bo Wyatt.webm)
Say it with me BO WYATT
(7.80 KB 255x88 ClipboardImage.png)
>>56851 I think I get why pajeets and foreigners love Roman so much. They probably barely understand English, if at all, so they don't realize how retarded he sounds. If they do realize, they sympathize because their broken English sounds just as retarded as Roman. They probably even think he poos on their designated shitting streets. I'm probably giving them too much credit though.
>>56902 That's exactly it. Plus he's not the white devil.
>>56904 What did Amuro do to pajeets? But seriously, didn't they love white people like gods?
(2.13 MB 640x480 Matt Boot.webm)
>>56902 Nah it's simpler than that, they totally eat up WWE's crap when they keep pushing Roman as the top babyface. Same reason they like Cena as well, it's because they completely buy into WWE's product, the perfect audience for sports entertainment.
(3.89 MB 640x360 steen.webm)
(1.88 MB 350x252 canadian wrestling.webm)
(2.83 MB 720x480 asuka lewd.webm)
(4.38 MB 480x360 wwecw.webm)
(30.32 KB 640x370 CM-Pnk-UFC-203-Loss-640x370.jpg)
>>56999 Sucks that match never happened. Benoit would've been a real KILLER in the ring there that weekend.
>>57004 It's not your fault.
(7.91 MB 640x360 RollinsReport.webm)
>>57024 i cant tell if this is edited or not
>>57025 I remember it vividly, that's how it actually aired. After that segment everyone had a glimmer of hope that maybe vince finally regained his sanity and is going to back down on reigns. We all know how that ended though…
(3.21 MB 1280x720 ktfo.mp4)
(1.06 MB 854x480 benoit.webm)
I guess i'll dump what i have
(6.21 MB 704x400 bagel bites.webm)
(4.93 MB 1920x1080 elbow drop.mp4)
footage of new NXT signee
>>57088 did Chris Hero or ROH ever get sued for that theme? It's blatantly Requiem for a Dream
(1.68 MB 1280x720 world war 3.webm)
>>57344 It's something they do in rap music called "sampling", the artist who did it probably payed for the rights.
>>57340 jesus christ…
(1.68 MB 640x360 I LOVE YOU JEEZUS CHRIST.webm)
(8.84 MB 636x480 rko reversal.webm)
(3.10 MB 640x360 it's a strong style life.webm)
(1.64 MB 1120x632 PACKAGE.webm)
(2.84 MB 720x404 fuck off.webm)
>>57342 >continues to hit guy after he's KO'd I fucking hate niggers. And no, that isn't racist. Niggers aren't a race. In fact, they aren't even human.
(3.57 MB 880x506 katsu myu.webm)
(22.68 KB 329x319 average roman reigns hater.jpg)
(2.52 MB 250x250 roman hof.gif)
>>57429 >This is how an average Roman hater looks like >Gets worked so hard into a shoot that he repeatedly tells Roman to fuck off for over 30 seconds
>>57342 i think this is my new favorite real fight video!
(3.72 MB 480x360 Raw.webm)
(2.08 MB 640x360 nakamura.webm)
(6.59 MB 480x270 best entrance.webm)
(1.44 MB 800x600 vince.webm)
(8.58 MB 640x360 1473889784419.webm)
(4.38 MB 640x480 what did he mean by this.webm)
(2.20 MB 193x200 lol2.gif)
>>57477 Shit, this is gold.
>>56999 why didn't they kiss?
(2.92 MB 240x426 oppai.webm)
(590.71 KB 800x600 shibata's daughter.webm)
>Vince was molested as a kid, possibly by his mother This… explains quite a lot.
>>57514 The gay community? Oh you mean Nakamura fans? LOL
(2.27 MB 636x360 THIS IS AWESOME.webm)
>>57597 >chanting "this is awesome" for a headlock i really can't wait for this bullshit to die, the awesome chant should only be used like 2 or 3 times a year, not every other match
(2.89 MB 640x360 steiner's math.webm)
>>56977 >>56897 These are nice, I like seeing the actors out of character.
(10.38 MB 720x1280 matt deletes a kid.mp4)
(7.73 MB 640x360 idol wrestling.webm)
>>57531 AKB is running wild brother!
>>58306 I hope to see my girls sayanee and nagisa in this
>>57621 i put the interview vid in the back
(1.07 MB 966x896 austin.png)
>>58684 Wow, bretty good anon!
(2.16 MB 480x480 kek.webm)
>>58989 he probably took a nap and missed his cue to leave in the darkness
(196.60 KB 424x318 jim-cornette.png)
>>58989 >I've been trying to figure out how they do that for years >Now everyone knows These fucking new guys will never stop exposing the fucking business…
>>59223 >>58990 It's a house show those aren't canon in the first place and they sometimes just fuck around. >Jim "I wanted Kevin Owens to lose weight and hated Eugene, but booked Ball Mahony as a fat retard who was force fed dog food in Smokey Mountain" Cornette opinion meaning anything
>>59332 its a commercial break during RAW, live events dont have that sort of lighting and shit also you can tell because the long haired lanky kid and his grandmother are right there opposite of hardcam
(262.67 KB 1280x720 run.mp4)
Anyone have a better quality version?
>>59332 >booking boo Bradley and hating Nick as Eugene is hypocrisy Yeah how about no, first dinsmore was shown to be a very competent grappler. An actual decent technician ,balls Mahoney was not. It makes more sense making the less work rate based and corpulent boo Bradley the gimmicked either sympathetic or Insane character. Played to his strengths of looking better and playing to a gimmick rather then putting on straight laced wrestling match. Besides boo Bradley was over with the crowd and served his purpose, Eugene on the other hand ended up limiting a promising grappler with a gimmick, Eugene was actually okay in work rate at the beginning.
(148.29 KB 561x886 black.jpg)
>>56977 >fatty owens manages to not autistically REEEEEEEEEEEE over everything >is still autistic enough to throw shit at walls while playing with dolls wew >>57344 >>57351 >"sampling" a.k.a. steal music other people actually put blood, sweat, and tears into making, slapping a shitty 5 second midi drum track over it, and speaking nigger rhymes over it. >>57458 >>>/killyourself/
(1.55 MB 640x360 rhaka khan.webm)
>>60151 >steal music not sure if troll or just very stupid
(1.86 MB 640x360 ric flair.mp4)
(6.66 MB 700x400 ryo-kun.webm)
(4.43 MB 640x480 armbar kushida.webm)
(6.99 MB 960x540 fixed.webm)
>>60200 >english commentary heres the superior nip commentary, also higher quality
>>60219 T-thanks, anon
(1.17 MB 854x480 appologies.webm)
(1.40 MB 480x360 the gay community.mp4)
(1.61 MB 640x360 Double moonsault.mp4)
(3.04 MB 640x360 CM Punk BTFO.webm)
(2.93 MB 1280x720 Best in the World.webm)
>>60273 >That walk
(75.14 KB 1225x550 Punk.jpg)
>>60287 These american kids should go out and play, this boy is fucking obese.
(89.90 KB 600x900 bray wyatt.jpg)
>>60287 >Buried >Kids are already smarks that take wrestling too seriously I grew up in the RA era so smarks and internet was already a big thing but I just watched the show and maybe read about some of the history so I never was a smark back then, only learnt about it all last year when I returned to watching WWE after a 4 year break. In that regard, I bolieve kids of all people should just watch it as regular fans, especially not knowing all these terms too. Can't completely blame them too, you'd want to discuss about wrestling but the IWC is totally different from regular fans so, especially impressionable kids will just follow their ideals rather than just being simple fans. >>60288 He's a Bray Wyatt fan possibly a Kevin Owens fan too, just following his idol. This is what happens when you keep fat people as your big stars, John Cena or Roman Reigns don't have fat kid fans. Hulk Hogan inspired a generation of children to take their vitamins and say their prayers and they never went wrong.
>>60287 >>60300 what a mark, atleast hes into the product though even if its in the shittiest way possible
(218.04 KB 640x384 1.png)
(136.52 KB 640x384 2.png)
(270.05 KB 640x384 3.png)
(863.04 KB 1280x736 4.png)
>>60288 I'm honestly most fascinated by how devoid of possessions his home is. Couple seats and cheap table around a TV (with requisite video game console), no shelves, desk, etc. Nothing on the walls, some empty food containers and a couple pieces of WWE trademarked junk. I assume there's a second TV in another room with a fatass mother (Odds there's 2 parents? I say low.) equally glued to it.
>>60302 maybe he's a practitioner of KonMari
(924.45 KB 480x480 My Pai Massacre.mp4)
>>60303 More like AmerikwanMari.
>>60302 Maybe the parent(s) took out all the wall decorations and other furniture because the kid is a retard and might break it. That's in kayfabe of course, I'm quite sure his videos are a work
(3.77 MB 264x180 1483630252785.webm)
>>60165 >everything that doesn't agree with my personal views is a TROLL >>>/v/ >>>/reddit/
(3.62 MB 640x480 mark.webm)
Can someone post the ric flair jay lethal woo off I seem to have deleted it by accident
(1.12 MB 640x361 1462991919352.webm)
>>60705 Thanks dude
(468.20 KB 202x360 Scott Steiner addresses wooo.webm)
(1.59 MB 512x640 wooo tries to get a gf.webm)
(52.52 KB 900x900 stroke.jpg)
>>60729 >Implying /wooo/tists can get that close to girls
>>60800 /wooo/ is the lucha guy at the very end
(5.67 MB 1278x720 Kalisto - 2016 Draft Botch.mp4)
>>60802 >lucha guy A good uh a good uh uh lucha thing……GODDAMMIT /WOOO/
(443.95 KB 586x625 tattoo.png)
>>60833 Her real fans are way cringier than Mojo
(1.44 MB 200x199 alexamad.gif)
>>60926 >that face Did the retard draw it himself or something? That's a fucking abomination.
(139.93 KB 1001x1001 W12757.jpg)
>>60944 Based off her shirt
(10.45 MB 1920x1080 Murphy gets Kayfabezoned.mp4)
>>61477 terrible design, and this is coming form a blissfag. she needs an updated logo
(9.33 MB 360x420 cena's porn audition.webm)
>>61481 OVW had some strange vignettes
>>61477 Wow, she's been wearing this shirt inring for a while now and I never noticed how retarded the face looks probably because I've been staring at her ass. The eye placement looks fucked, the side bang looks way too short, and the mouth is just a line with a red dot. They should have just used that cupcake image on the back of the shirt.
(29.85 KB 319x266 bliss cupcake.jpg)
>>61507 I've never noticed the cupcake before probably because I've been staring at her ass
(8.31 MB 720x400 now paiging mae young.webm)
Bringing this back in honor of the upcoming Mae Young Classic (only on the award winning WWE Network!)
(3.91 MB 640x360 (; - ;).webm)
>>61507 >The eye placement looks fucked This is Alexa "Hammerhead Shark" Bliss we are talking about here. I know her ass is like 1/2 of her body but have a look at her eyes for once and you can see that they are almost falling off the side of her face.
(882.99 KB 900x506 ClipboardImage.png)
>>61535 could be worse
>>61536 is this alexa without makeup/wig?
>Ywn literally rape alexa with your words
(131.12 KB 623x367 Untitled-1.jpg)
>>61567 >Preferring Mae Young over Stephanie McMahon is like preferring rotten expired milk over fresh milk.
>>61537 i remember when i got wedgied at school skidmarks everywhere, no word of a lie
(3.10 MB 640x360 it's a strong style life.webm)
(3.42 MB 902x1080 Alexa Bella.webm)
>>61643 uh… thanks for sharing…
(2.32 MB 1280x720 Alexa ass.webm)
>>61696 Alexa has a wonderful ass.
(9.41 MB 600x336 vince mcmahon booking.webm)
(11.66 MB 640x360 MAHARAJA THEME.webm)
(5.15 MB 640x360 The Straightu Communityu.mp4)
>>61775 "back to the match guys" nice selling
>>61778 Bennett & Maria > Ospreay
(8.17 MB 1280x720 Meltzer Driver to Maria.mp4)
>>61781 What the fuck is this move even supposed to be? It's beyond stupid, holy shit. I think I understand now why a lot of people don't like young cucks very much.
>>61783 Assisted Tombstone w/ Springboard i guess
>>61783 A tombstone assisted by a flip
(620.32 KB 560x414 triploos.png)
(3.98 MB 400x224 Bullet Clubbed.mp4)
>>61785 exactly
>>61783 >>61784 >>61785 It's basically the tombstone variant of a spike piledriver but they do a springboard sommersault to make it look flashier. Doing the flip though, they lose a lot of height and look like they just hold on to the opponent as they deliver the tombstone. Honestly, the flip takes away more than it adds, a simple jump to get more height would make it look deadlier.
>>61775 >>61776 Is this shit staged? >bum rushing the camera at the end
(16.14 KB 300x225 dave.jpg)
>>61783 The greatest wrestling move of this generation.
>>61784 That one actually looked okay, but with the flip it's just fucking dumb.
>>61807 >the flip it's just fucking dumb i guess you aren't a fan of flippyshit/dives, huh?
(1.63 MB 200x196 madman ibushi.gif)
>>61808 GOAT match
(1.60 MB 200x150 kota naito.gif)
>>61810 Kota is too good for this world.
>>61808 I've always found that missed kick + standing moonsault combo of his rather dumb. His opponent has enough presence of mind to dodge a fast kick coming straight for them but they'll sleep for 2 seconds on the ground and wait for him to deliver a moonsault? I like Kota but things like that are too far for me.
(2.99 MB 1280x720 so long gay bowser.webm)
>>61813 >rather dumb can't please them all, i guess But it would make more sense if Ibushi actually kicked them onto their back, then did the moonsault. >>61835 that bollywood bump was the best thing that happened at backlash that needs to be in randy's next titantron or HoF memorial
>>61537 Bayley is trying to get "extreme," emulating Charlotte's wedgie skills.
(2.84 MB 838x470 technical wrestling.webm)
(2.80 MB 640x486 1467587417861-0.mp4)
(89.31 KB 750x713 Bayley To Wedgie.jpg)
>>61839 Oh yeah, good callback. >>61840 JAPANESE STRONG STYLE
>>61702 a phenomenal tushy.
(6.09 MB 960x720 Carmella_Bliss_SassyMirror.mp4)
(3.79 MB 640x360 Wait!.webm)
>>61873 >nu-male flippy shit wrestlers being so salty over based snek lol stay mad, cucks
(5.22 MB 640x360 Orton vs Flippyshit Dive.mp4)
>>61844 that bitch is the type of girl who doesn't wipe her poopy asshole before sitting/queening a diva's face
(169.60 KB 256x325 nick2.png)
>>61874 You seem frustrated, Randy.
(4.37 MB 960x1080 Bliss Me Off.webm)
>>61876 no one in the women division deserves a phenomenal alexa stinkface
>>61875 >edited in footage of orton calling kofi stupid lol
Annual memorial of the Shield disbanding ;_;
if only jericho was in this to tell drunk drivers that they make the list rip jeriko ;_;
>>63617 by drunk drivers i mean people who dont wear seatbelts
(1.22 MB 854x480 Kevin Owens Autograph.webm)
>>63617 >the (((Face))) of America cares about lives way to ruin his nofucksgiven attitude, drunk drivers…
>>63617 >implying there's anything wrong with drunk driving unless you hurt someone it's like banning drunk hanging out at home because there's a chance you might beat up your homies
(304.79 KB 486x492 taelor.webm)
(2.40 MB 854x480 Kevin Owens Sh-AAAH.webm)
>>63661 >>63618 oh shit now you got me confused… i also meant seatbelt-less passengers >>63663 now thats what a diva should do
>>63664 damn straight! just imagine Ruby Riot doing it
(1.52 MB 200x198 1479605274912.gif)
(89.18 KB 426x238 WONDERFUL.mp4)
>>63663 MUH DIK
>>63665 Ruby Rito would never do that because it's degrading to wymyn and wymyn wrestling. Or would she do it because it's empowering? I have no idea. Feminist/SJW double standards confuse me.
>>63665 Yes please
>>63688 >Goblinfag is also a footfag Figures.
(6.72 MB 1280x720 Seriously.webm)
(3.45 MB 1280x720 Daniel Bryan No! No! No!.mp4)
>>63665 >Ruby Riot
(11.21 MB 854x480 The Billion Dollar Strut.mp4)
>>63688 Goblinfags are almost autistic as alexafags.
(359.93 KB 536x460 Rude.webm)
(1.11 MB 500x333 Alexa RUDE.gif)
>>63714 Hey c'mon now, that was a low blow…
(409.75 KB 577x613 bray mark 2.png)
(500.01 KB 602x465 bray mark.png)
(246.42 KB 578x462 braymark2.png)
>>63714 >people who think a woman who looks like a bird is attractive are less autistic than people who think a model tier woman is attractive Nigger what? >inb4 the one dude who got a cringeworthy tattoo There are marks like that for all superstars, even Bray.
(9.04 MB 640x360 Barr Daddy Cool.mp4)
Diesel's titantron with Roseanne's theme
(6.85 MB 1280x720 Scissors Deathmatch.webm)
>>63783 This is actually from a bretty good match.
(8.19 MB 1280x720 King of shit style.webm)
>>63782 That works too fucking well. Bravo.
>>63738 >le bird meme I know it's a hard concept but people have different tastes
>>63821 you're right she doesn't look like a bird at all. more like a fucking goblin or a bridge troll
(1.51 MB 200x200 1427596545683.gif)
>>63821 >I know it's a hard concept but people have different tastes And yours is objectively shit.
>>63821 There's taste and then there's wanting to fuck a witch.
>>63826 Terrible example, I want to fuck the wicked with of the WWE.
>>63784 I agree, that finish was amazing. I miss nipp deathmatches >>63805 SHITSUKE NAKAMURA >>63833 >I want to fuck the wicked with of the WWE Gimmick Infringement
(1.96 MB 640x480 choppychoppy.webm)
>>63821 >wanting to fuck that hook nosed monstrosity You deserve the Val Venis treatment.
>>63848 >webm >skip to 12 seconds literally the face of someone dead inside
>>63893 That's because she's everyones cumslut backstage
(1.96 MB 500x239 how dare you.gif)
>>63897 >That smirk on goats face
(108.75 KB 768x432 Big Hog.jpg)
>>63899 >That low res on the faces 4/10
(9.28 MB 1920x934 Alexa vs Hugger.webm)
>>63893 She does that every entrance. She looks at the fans on the ramp with their hands out and then snides them. Alexa is a perfect femheel.
>>63906 >beastiality dude wtf
(170.21 KB 800x1200 goblin-slayer-7763293.jpg)
>>63920 thenk you middle aged asian lady
(16.77 KB 311x330 ask her.jpg)
>>63920 based asska
>>63920 Humanity always wins, you're next elves.
(37.67 KB 500x333 1360461148623.jpg)
(42.10 KB 940x545 Neville.jpg)
>>63934 You wish, weak human…
>>63929 >>63932 >>63934 >>63935 Can't calm the Riot
>>63937 Nigger what the fuck is wrong with you. >She literally looks like a dead baby bird. There was a character on the xmen, whose power is he's a gigantic mutant chicken and he's more of a looker then riot. >Lastly, you have a chance to make a rhyme that makes sense, is classically a rhyme and is also simple and straight forward. Can't Quiet the Riot Honest to god, what the fuck with you.
(992.59 KB 230x232 smh2.gif)
>>63947 >this post Alexiafags are pure autism.
>>63947 >Can't Quiet the Riot That doesn't make sense though Also get some new pictures
>>63949 >>63952 >All these asspain I bet you fags are still salty about Bayley getting BURIED
>>63953 Cringe isn't asspain, lad.
>>63947 Kek, Ritofag BTFO. >>63949 Not an argument. >>63952 >That doesn't make sense though Yes it does. It means you can't quiet her by kicking her face in. As you can see in the pic with the stitches, she's screaming. >>63955 You're right, "cringe" is a gay youtube tier term.
>>63956 >As you can see in the pic with the stitches, she's screaming. Except she's not
>>57476 Type of dude that would be able to smother his own small son to death after strangling his wife in a roid rage.
>>60729 Bliss is so adorable. I love the wide-eyed smirk when the guys speedo bulge comes into view.
(2.81 MB 1280x720 Poosault.webm)
>>63805 From the same video. They're completely untrained and do it out in the open with little protection but still are entertaining. Big moves like this one are done well. Don't think I've seen someone do a moonsault off a ladder in the WWE.
(2.13 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(13.46 KB 260x232 dummy.jpg)
>>63959 >Except she's not scroll up, dummy
>>64125 Hi, Eli.
(8.60 MB 1280x720 Sassy Lexi.webm)
>>63920 oldlady Arseka should have busted ruby's nose open would have been an improvement
(33.61 KB 320x311 chitose.jpg)
>>64130 >That webbum
>>63937 She's so fucking disgusting.
>Faggots choosing the Jew Nose over Alexa You faggots have shit taste.
>>64205 Alexa is a literal jew tho.
>>64308 Got any proof of that other than her last name being Kaufmann?
(1.43 MB 768x793 killitwithnuclearfire.png)
>>63937 >being a fan of someone this fucking repulsive You have some serious issues to work on nigger.
(1.94 MB 966x634 Real Cute.webm)
Geez, this turned from a Webm Thread into a Waifu Thread…
>>64205 Pretty sure it's only one fag who marks for Rito. I also remember seeing him admit to also being Charlottefag.
(2.13 MB 640x480 Matt Boot.webm)
(195.09 KB 854x480 paul heyman oy vey.webm)
>>64334 Waifufags are the fucking worst, always turns things into shitty flamewars. Waifushit has even ruined some boards I used to use like /tv/. Reposting some old webms of mine.
(4.28 MB 1280x720 BO WINS MAIN EVENT.webm)
BO DALLAS WON THE MAIN EVENT OF MAIN EVENT TOP GUY CONFIRMED also check the one handed wyatt glove and beard
>>64341 AGAINST CURT HAWKINS NO LESS. Holy shit what a win.
>>64341 Bo dallas is my waifu.
(7.81 MB 1280x720 BOLIEVE.webm)
(2.83 MB 1280x720 nikki cross.webm)
>>64344 Nikki is mine
(1.26 MB 960x540 bo.webm)
>>64341 >>64365 bo seems to be more aggressive and less "aw shucks" then i remember him bowyatt when??
>>64341 >that little girl in front who's a boliever >a BLACK girl no less GODDAMN IT HAITCH THINK OF MONEY YOU COULD MAKE OUT OF BO IF YOU JUST PUSHED HIM REEEEEEEEEEEEE LITTLE NIGGER GIRLS DON'T WANT SASHA THEY WANT BO >>64365 he looks in great shape actually
(124.62 KB 1281x718 boliever.jpg)
>>64378 Gotta be in shape to form the Wyatt Brothers
>>64382 Wyatts vs Hardys when?
>>64382 I think she's just doing the "not sure if thumbs up or thumbs down" thing
(6.41 MB 1920x1080 reverse cowgirl hold.webm)
>>64386 Wait this isn't wrestling this is sex.
>>64385 No she's doing the BOLIEVE hand symbol, see the vid >>64341
(1.03 MB 286x258 1448468312473.gif)
(5.86 MB 1280x720 SUPERKICK PARTY.webm)
>>64386 get this nippshit porn off my good christian board
(7.76 MB 500x280 buhtistuh.webm)
>>64402 fuck off namefag
(7.84 MB 854x480 Young Bucks Suck It.webm)
>>64420 I love these goofy bastards
(1.42 MB 720x540 puro.webm)
>>64402 >stop triggering me with pussies!
(702.65 KB 854x480 YEEEEAAHHHHHH.webm)
(6.20 MB 1280x720 Bullet Club vs Smark.webm)
>>64421 YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!! >>64422 absolutelu disgustinu you soil this good christian thread
>>64422 >20 japanese men claim to have caught AIDS from a wrestling show
(333.41 KB 349x594 1464377008484.png)
(266.28 KB 353x594 horsefacedabomination.png)
(3.29 MB 1280x720 1D.mp4)
(3.73 MB 1920x1080 balor fucking dies.mp4)
>>64433 The best decision ol'Finny Devitt ever did for the BC. The Daemone Kang is still in the club in my eyes, takin over the DUBYA DUBYA EEE ; -;
(5.27 MB 704x400 ROH War of the Worlds.webm)
(8.93 KB 155x185 jacknick.jpg)
>>64421 >>64423 >>64433 >>64434 >>64435 >Being this much of a Young cucks mark >>>/reddit/
>>64436 >not Being this much of a Young cucks mark >>>/suckit/
>>64434 Do you have the original of that last one without the One Punch man cut in? that'd be cool to have.
>>64455 here it is
>>64341 >>64365 He got FAT
>>56857 John Laurenitis did nothing wrong.
>>64585 >Laurenitis Apologist
(11.47 MB 480x360 Booker T Table.webm)
Table lookin real jacked baby
(2.56 MB 854x480 TUSHY.webm)
(3.12 MB 854x480 Tangaroa Swear Jar.webm)
(11.63 MB 640x360 WWE 2K18.mp4)
>>64750 >listening to eceleb marks
(3.77 MB 640x480 Steen VS Dragon 1.webm)
(1.36 MB 640x480 Steen VS Dragon 2.webm)
Wrestling Super Dragon must have been quite the experience
>>67066 that other guy looks like a non-fat Kevin Owens
(489.34 KB 512x400 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.gif)
>>67068 It's him you dingus.
>>67069 >go to wwe >get fat
(213.61 KB 1536x2048 nia ass.jpg)
>>67086 >make more money >buy more food
(7.91 MB 3187x4708 Kevin_Steen_in_2011.jpg)
>>67086 That was him in his early day. Years before joining the WWE, he was even fatter than he is now. He actually reduced a bit once he got in the WWE.
(5.51 MB 1280x720 ishiibumperhd.webm)
i made this for my shitty website but i figured i might as well post it here
(4.99 MB 720x404 the autism community.webm)
Your honor, how big is Batista's dick?
>>67087 reminds me of what Mick Foley said about wrestling in the 80s: "Guys who made a little money snorted a little coke. Guys who made more, snorted more."
Bo Dallas getting the only pop during BEEG's "Move new stars over the top rope" battle royal before Mania. BOLIEVE
(2.54 MB 1280x720 a fucking leaf.webm)
>>68976 B-but anon, some pooinloo site said Bo never found his place and never got a pop after leaving NXT.
(1.01 MB 854x480 xavier heemd.webm)
(3.11 MB 640x360 pizza.webm)
>>70474 FOR ONLY $9.99
(3.10 MB 640x360 my black son kurt.mp4)
(11.26 MB 1280x720 cody.webm)
(2.73 MB 640x480 WCW Nitrojuice 2000.09.25.webm)
(3.47 MB 1280x720 FTR.webm)
(6.29 MB 426x240 Lexi Debut Aug 9 2016.mp4)
Happy Birthday Blissy
(6.56 MB 400x411 IlliterateAdoredCopperhead.gif)
(142.81 KB 1080x1243 Natalie-Evamarie-Feet-2607674.jpg)
(110.09 KB 1080x1080 Natalie-Evamarie-Feet-2425874.jpg)
>>72987 >tfw no more based Eva She was much better than the 5 foot goblin
>>72987 hb bliss 5 feet of cummies
>>72989 >Liking a tall plastic bag over the qt3:14 womanlet
(145.57 KB 679x920 bliss smug.jpg)
>>72998 >plastic bag
>hate company and the gimmick you're stuck with >go to another company and get a gimmick that's almost as bad >go back to the first company with the same gimmick you hate Being a Rhodes is suffering.
>>73975 Oddly enough, this is the best promo of Dustin's career. Seven was way cooler looking than Black Reign at least
>>73992 well, second best. this one has it beat.
>>73992 The "kidnaps children" angle is too fucked up to use, though. What were they thinking? Why did they think pedo-tier shit was ever a good idea?
(4.25 MB 240x193 alexa slap.gif)
>>74023 Hot but this belongs in the fap thread not the webm thread
(2.44 MB 1280x720 POUND YOUR ASS.webm)
>>74023 respect to that niglet for going for it would've done the same if in his position would have been a pinch
(3.13 MB 1080x1080 verzerk singing.webm)
>>74039 S-sorry, here's a webm.
(5.54 MB 1280x720 Fallon Tonight.mp4)
(818.39 KB 160x160 aj laugh.gif)
>>74023 >mfw cucks on dudeweedchan were saying this kid should be arrested
>>74088 Niglets should be arrested at birth and then educated properly, away from a nigger household to prevent them becoming full fledged niggers and criminals.
(22.42 KB 600x400 hhh shovel.jpg)
>>74074 First everyone in wrestling, now Fallon and soon the world.
(7.33 MB 640x360 Sonic Joe Hendry.webm)
>>74074 >badly encoded mp4 that stutters and rubber-bands backwards >>74088 >caring about what faggotchan thinks >>75519 >the absolute state of irrelevant indieshit promos >all those lights and fancy shit and the mics are all worse than $5 desktop mics
(7.77 MB 1280x720 cross asuka can.webm)
(1.79 MB 320x193 cmonnow.gif)
>>75864 >no sound of the thud
>>75864 >darwin awards wrestling
>>75570 >greatest use of a weapon in wwe since before the pg era happens on nxt women match >it's some autistic jap doing the Daniel Bryan kicks
>>76297 >survives death >cuts a promo and starts selling a shirt about it A carny to the fucking bone, what a man.
>>76297 >no blading Conspiracy theory: Ric Flair actually died and has been replaced by a body double
>>76301 >>76297 Absolute mad man. Also does very near future mean tonight or tomorrow?
(10.41 MB 1280x720 FEED ME YOUR ENERGY!.webm)
>>76984 inb4 Ryback sues
At first I thought this was Angle's career killing secret.
>>77727 >waaahhh it's Vince™'s fault I shoot heroin into my nipples!!! fucking drug addicts i swear to christ
What did THQ and Yukes mean by this when they decided to include this scene in the game?
Lucha Things
(11.58 MB 640x360 Jinder works the marks.webm)
>>77786 they could have at least gotten someone that sounds a bit like Undertaker
(7.62 MB 1280x720 GLORIOUSBOMBS.webm)
>>77822 Reminds me of when AJ saved Ellsworth from this
>>78182 that promo is absolute cringe.
>>78183 >they could have at least gotten someone that sounds a bit like Undertaker That's it tho. It totally is Taker doing the voice over.
(26.42 KB 338x380 jinder.jpg)
>>78310 Chink detected. Learn English, chink. "Cringe" is not an adjective, it is a verb. Use an actual adjective like "cringeworthy" next time, chink.
>>78505 you win this time pooman.
>>78505 >t. reddit
(268.80 KB 2048x1536 The modern jobberajah.jpg)
>>78505 Ain't you got empty arena matches to participate in?
(31.08 KB 456x367 1373385864756.jpg)
>>78895 >implying "cringe" isn't a reddit tier term
>>78932 >t. reddit
(6.40 MB 1000x600 breeze_and_a_fan.mp4)
(132.35 KB 252x225 ClipboardImage.png)
>>79712 >breeze's pose Push this man to the moon
>>79724 I'd rather push him onto my bed no homo
>>79726 He'd make a very convincing girl if he put the effort into it. And we all know that traps aren't gay.
>>79805 If it has XY chromosomes and you're attracted to it, that's 100% gay. Breeze only ever cross dressed to go undercover for his job. He does what he has to do to crack the case. He is also 100% straight and married.
(50.49 KB 788x510 dolph aj.jpg)
>>79880 T-traps aren't gay I swear guys.
(1.22 MB 658x364 bucky_beaver_camera_work.mp4)
Vintage Steen before he was afraid of the word faggot
(2.06 MB 680x381 EVIL.webm)
>>80579 >Kevin becomes more of a cuck the fatter he gets
(24.29 KB 400x400 GaSOGeE3.jpg)
(15.55 MB 1280x720 Bo Rida MURKS Flo Rida.webm)
(1.82 MB 360x640 Billie.mp4)
She's so cute
(13.63 MB 1280x720 Ruru is Bix Nood.mp4)
>>81235 Fucking slavs.
>>81235 >Rusev is allowed to be goofy and shitpost at house shows
(7.73 MB 896x504 smack dat biscuit butt.mp4)
>>81815 Is the wwe going to fire harvey james for this blatant sexual harassment?
>>81819 She's a woman so it's ok. Wonder if in 10 years time when people like Bayley and Sasha Banks are old and useless, they'll come out and accuse Haitch of sexual harassment or so.
(1.10 MB 1280x720 Alexa TRIGGERED.webm)
>>81815 My fav part of tlc right there. Flashbacks of Mickie's lesbian gimmick for blonds.
>>81819 I need context for that picture.
(213.12 KB 1200x1200 DGvrXY2UQAEhDph.jpg)
>>81848 >When will they learn.jpg
(13.46 MB 852x480 smark btfo.webm)
>>82328 better than anything the irl Baron Corbin has done
>>82328 Man… i wish this could happen in real life. That anoying fat fuck had it coming too long!
>>82329 FUCK YOU
>>82332 >Bookering out over a videogame
>>82328 He's unironically less annoying than most wwe fans.
(1.28 MB 1058x595 I Am Now Finished With You.png)
>>83157 Strowman is the best thing to happen to WWE in years.
>>83158 And they tried to bury him with the trash compactor.
>>83158 >muh mastodons
>>83162 Please, name one other thing in recent years which has been as good as Braun has been this entire year.
>>83168 That time I found 10€ on the ground when I was coming home from the superBookeret.
(28.06 KB 501x504 who is behind this.png)
>>83169 bitch please, I wouldn't bend over to pick up 10€ even if I could bend over
(85.83 KB 417x556 1442604710270.jpg)
>>83169 >>superBookeret
>>56906 >Yeah the we left and all that was left were the lower casts.
(2.87 MB 768x428 fight.webm)
What's this move called again?
>>83290 No Holds Barred
(1.25 MB 1280x720 go hug yourself.mp4)
(5.77 MB 1280x720 Hardy Duet.webm)
>>83870 you can into Shotcut, at least
(795.32 KB 480x360 yfw.webm)
>>83870 Are you using Windows Movie Maker or some shit? Either way there are programs to convert webms to mp4s. Use a search engine before you spazz out.
(3.86 MB 608x336 shitposting_irl.webm)
>>83877 Try "$600+ professional grade NLE". >convert THAT'S NOT DIRECTLY IMPORTING FOR EDITING
coupla good brothers
>>84105 The Ballad Club
(1.26 MB 240x360 NJPW.webm)
(3.19 MB 1000x1000 Average NJPW Bump.webm)
(2.88 MB 854x480 PM of Japan Takes Bump.webm)
(14.71 MB 854x480 Kawato Saves The Day.webm)
Now for some real puro uwu
(11.56 MB 1280x720 Kiryu eliminates a gay.webm)
>>83843 >Book of Enoch >The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work Bo is more #WOKE than Matt hardy
>>84262 >Matt hardy oh yeah, he's still a thing
(2.47 MB 848x480 RF Shoot Curt Hawkins.webm)
(2.09 MB 430x240 CMPUNK.webm)
(7.31 MB 1280x720 Naito Yakuza 6.webm)
>>84679 AJ has hijacked the word 'community' for me irl. Whenever I hear it I think of tna gaybasher aj saying THE GAY COMMUNITY?!?!? Not complainin, just sayin. webm unrelated
(4.40 MB 320x240 Jim Cornette Dairy Queen.mp4)
(14.12 KB 139x170 yaranaika.jpg)
>>84679 >The gay men community
>>84679 >>84967 >some /v/edditor got Mark of /v/ to make a banner of this
(1.23 MB 640x480 BROTHER.webm)
It's comfy, brother hh
(5.34 MB 640x360 WWE NXT Season 1 Opening.webm)
>>85015 Gosh always hated that terrible song
>>85015 >shit gay song >only 8 wrestlers >only three of them are even in the company anymore >the only one that gets any TV time or meaningful existence is the guy that got hurt once and turned into a GM >he looks jewish as fuck in that opening
>>85017 three? David Otunga, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan and Darren Young
>>85320 Darren Young got released last month.
(2.83 MB 1280x720 janela addresses 420wooo.webm)
(7.12 MB 1280x720 im_so_sorry_to_apologize.mp4)
(1.39 MB 480x360 Triple H is Bi-something.webm)
>let's ruin a cool video idea with really shitty editing and random freeze frames out of nowhere to try to trick the contentID system and get ad shekels
Fucking child ref
(353.71 KB 480x360 fat people spotted.png)
>>87710 What is this shit?
>>87720 Eli Drake's Gravy Train Turkey Trot
(517.06 KB 854x480 paige.webm)
(1.56 MB 640x360 us_tongans.mp4)
(2.56 MB 424x320 the_gay_community.webm)
(801.99 KB 480x480 Shake it up.mp4)
>>87744 >Walk into a room >Your friend is jerking off under the covers >Pull the covers
(551.69 KB 960x540 BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD.webm)
(1.57 MB 480x480 Ruby being cute.webm)
She makes my heart melt
>>87835 So goddamn cringeworthy. Ugly or not, people who make these kinds of videos are fucking faggots.
>>81235 Ruru looking real JACKED baby. Still waiting for Rusev to join the Usos and face the New Day. >wit a uts and anadda uts
(7.82 MB 850x480 four_dudes_sharing_a_room.mp4)
(6.18 MB 640x360 Botch Off.webm)
>>87913 >fatcara Was that the first sincara or the second one that only just now got a tiny push against BARON CORBIN?
(635.02 KB 640x640 alexa_poked.mp4)
(12.64 MB 800x600 zayn.mp4)
(3.61 MB 960x544 Gay Meat.mp4)
(3.73 MB 1280x720 The Tenzan Community.mp4)
(15.40 MB 1280x720 sami akbar.webm)
>>88505 wait for it
>>88514 /wooo/by looks a lot beter with long hair. Oh no, I'm actually a >Rito fag now. All hope is lost.
(174.49 KB 500x500 me gusta.png)
>>88543 I told you shes cute, geeks here would rather see Paige because >muh jew nose meme By that fucking logic, HHH is a jew. They conveniently ignore this though :^) https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=kaufman
>>88547 Honestly, I do like riottt's in ring work. Her body is okay too. It would just be cool if she wore a mask or something.
Since when were there two ts in (((Tranny Jew)))?
>>88552 Oh for fuck's sake. Tranny Rito spelled correctly now seems to have two ts at the end, and that actually kills the Rito joke.
>>88552 Mandela effect maggle, oh ah love it
(1.44 KB 125x51 Ritto..png)
>>88554 It's a stupid and pointless change. Her Twitter handle still has the original and correct spelling.
(93.97 KB 1200x675 you don't fuck with asska.jpg)
Well shit, it's too bad WWE doesn't allow blood anymore. It looks like Rito bleeds well.
>>88555 riotting isn't PG maggle. >>88558 >the jew bleeds Good.
>>88560 >this fucking meme again Her name isn't Merchant so find something else to push. She's more talented than most of these 'pretty' bitches in the locker room
>>88561 >talent >women's """"wrestling"""" lol who gives a shit about that, only sjws and cucks do that's who
>>88561 >talent women in wrestling have no talent besides using their bodies to get a cheap pop, there is no feat of strength the world's strongest diva can do that can't be outdone by a generic cruiserweight, the most athletic thing a wymin's wrestler can do is a freaking moonsault/springboard dive which is so common nowadays that you'll see the guys on RAM/Smarkdown do it every week. Seriously, you don't watch Rito because she's got talent, do you? You watch her because her jew-nose gets your cock hard, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that besides the fact that she's a goblin, of course, that's what the girls in the business are there for.
I think we need a riotttttt general, this is the WEBM thread.
>>88590 post webms
(881.13 KB 536x300 naito.mp4)
(1.71 MB 640x360 Swann new entrance.mp4)
>>88899 LOL. Well done. He should face Big Boss Man in HiaC
>>88990 Only this time he hangs, not the Boss Man.
(1.20 MB 640x360 santa.mp4)
(593.97 KB 640x360 Your sisters hot.mp4)
(9.34 MB 640x480 kino.mp4)
(8.19 MB 640x480 besties.mp4)
>>90284 >audio is way out of sync wew >>90282 Holy shit, this is so fucking low budget trash it makes the AVGN intentionally cheap/fast effects look fancy. This makes "red koolaid for blood" look high budget. >Booley's is the cheapest of all >fatty powerbombs santa
(3.62 MB 704x400 WWE 2017.12.25 Raw.webm)
(12.23 KB 480x360 reviewbrah check em.jpg)
>>90288 >she intended to mock Punk's UFC botch >she accidentally instead mentioned how long he lasted in bed with her
( . )( . )
(113.92 KB 750x934 StephDissesCMPunk.jpg)
>>90815 >being this delusional There's no point in defending Cuck Man Phil.
(2.91 MB 1280x720 dat would be.webm)
>>92855 she probably wants to save dogs to eat them at a later date
>millenials are the reason modern wrestling sucks
>Sep 5, 2016 That can't be right, this happened in 2017!
(3.67 MB 852x480 THE_GAY_COMMUNITY.webm)
>>90256 What the fuck is this? Tommy Wiseau starts a wrestling promotion?
(97.25 KB 299x422 1455226971759.jpg)
(391.84 KB 960x720 wiseau.mp4)
>>93529 I can picture him booking himself to be the all-American babyface World Heavyweight Champion of his own promotion.
>>94416 >someone reported this >but didn't read the >greentext
(15.64 MB 1280x720 Sharia Zayn.webm)
(5.44 MB 480x360 HAAAAH.mp4)
>>94594 Inappropriate Tozawa
(4.67 MB 960x540 God's greatest creation.webm)
(2.64 MB 640x360 The wait is over.webm)
(15.37 MB 1280x720 August1Warning is Revealed!.webm)
(4.64 MB 640x480 kairi.mp4)
(480.94 KB 553x827 1459542494420.png)
>>96920 >worst possible theme >he just stands there >everyone has to autism in the ring as if they're actually scared
>>97538 Still more understandable english than Nakamura
>>88899 Someone can make the Goldberg entrance but whit the Enzo skin?
(9.41 MB 600x336 vince mcmahon booking.webm)
>>97538 Kairi is cute! CUTE!
(15.53 MB 640x360 matt and good brothers.webm)
(15.53 MB 960x540 Emma Shitposting.webm)
(12.38 MB 960x540 Emma Shitposts Some More.webm)
(2.93 MB 1280x720 CM Taken Down.webm)
>>100457 c r i n g e
>>100462 >the cuck shuffle OH NO NO NO
>>100463 vs the chad takedown still dont understand why punk didnt try a guillotine here, maybe he wasnt trained but he could have had a chance of winning here.
(390.93 KB 634x360 nia jax.webm)
(175.18 KB 1200x1500 DWGQDTsVMAA2BKE.jpg orig.jpg)
>>99149 >>98725 Should've released Dana brooke
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 Tenille-Dashwood-Feet-2888940.jpg)
>>100623 >t. Titus O'neil Tenille is far more attractive than used up pornstar looking Dana
(3.81 MB 640x360 bravo_dunn.mp4)
>>100641 >>100623 Dana and Emma are both hot in their own ways. Feet aren't though, so fuck off with that shit. I know I'm pretty much just baiting more footfaggotry but still
(5.45 MB 960x540 Cesaro BTFO by Bo.webm)
(560.03 KB 1280x720 CUCKED.webm)
(486.62 KB 400x390 naomi-jiggle physics.webm)
begging for big asian cock
>>100706 t. Coach Pervert
(4.81 MB 640x360 Voice of an Angel.webm)
>>97777 I'd be a colossal faggot if I didn't check these pleasing digits.
(12.08 MB 640x640 Dookie1.mp4)
Dookie at it again
(13.19 MB 640x640 Dookie2.mp4)
>>101355 Absolute madman
(13.55 MB 640x640 Cover ya ears.mp4)
(458.87 KB 542x300 makabe fuckign dies.mp4)
>>101356 >the current state of togi makabe after taking the suzuki dropkick
(15.36 MB 1280x720 imogen death.webm)
(115.86 KB 559x286 DRUNK.png)
(2.67 MB 1280x720 Jim Uso.webm)
(3.67 MB 1920x1080 NIA_JAX_FAT.webm)
(410.38 KB 322x208 Has wrestling gone too far.mp4)
(6.66 MB 640x360 Warm Beer.webm)
(3.42 MB 1280x720 What the hell is this.webm)
(3.49 MB 636x360 Okada has made the jump.webm)
(1.26 MB 640x360 Time Travel.mp4)
The Orange Man has Returned and he is doing well and the orange man have never seen for a long time now and the Orange Man is Back.
>>103856 >This is the same company that brought us AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, EC3, BROKEN Hardyz, Kurt Angle's late-00s run and Bobby Roode It's times like this that make me really glad they got off the sinking ship while they still could.
(8.71 MB 640x360 Shibata, The Musician.webm)
(10.86 MB 640x360 Shibata, The Musician [2].webm)
(3.44 MB 640x360 Okada in Singapore.webm)
>>103856 Did it better this week
(5.77 MB 1280x720 The_Bucket_Man_has_Returned.mp4)
(793.65 KB 620x348 6 foot tall.webm)
>>105233 If THE wwe says someone is 6'0 you can always assume they're significantly shorter.
(11.60 MB 640x360 Gedovision.webm)
(6.49 MB 640x360 videoplayback.webm)
(2.81 MB 720x1280 Chickpeas.mp4)
>>105824 >is that God? CORNETTE SEETHING
(1.55 MB 852x480 jj dancing.mp4)
le dancing niglet
(4.03 MB 1280x720 YOU. IDIOTT..webm)
(14.52 MB 640x360 Roman chosen 1.mp4)
(7.25 MB 638x360 Dunntism through the ages.webm)
You can pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.
(3.52 MB 640x360 Alexa Bliss not jewish.webm)
Bliss is a jew meme BTFO. >oy vey your not one of us, so sad, maybe you can marry a jew! Rosenberg is such a fucking kike. Based Buddy Murphy keeping Bliss white and right.
>>56842 Uhm…, someone could this make a webm? Jewtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F77Hp0f_nME#_=_
>>112227 /tv/ BTFO'DDDD
>>111739 i lost my shit with the match graphic
>>112227 Booleyfag on suicide watch yet again.
(6.29 MB 640x360 Booley_Fuckign_Dies_Dood.webm)
>>112227 >>112296 lmao booleyfag absolutely btfo
(3.69 MB 640x640 hit some dingers.webm)
(5.93 MB 1280x720 Smiles for Dreams.mp4)
(10.35 MB 1280x720 Tama - Big Surprise.webm)
>>112589 nujapanetty looks like that?
>>60302 perhaps it's a work
>>97769 omg this is the best. I squeeled at that ending, worth the whole build.
>>100462 >>100463 I was worked more about the fact that the UFC dude pinned him for > 3 seconds.
(14.17 MB 640x360 Dancing.mp4)
>>112613 Unironically better than nujapan
(10.79 MB 634x360 ibushis_daily_life.mp4)
(12.51 MB 1280x720 Titus Fuckign Dies.webm)
(782.40 KB 640x360 Absolute Madwoman.mp4)
(5.38 MB 1280x720 Stars Dance.mp4)
(5.23 MB 1280x720 QQ Dance.mp4)
(1.53 MB 1280x720 The Gay Community.mp4)
(272.69 KB 720x720 Bobby Loves You.mp4)
(1.23 MB 1280x720 Becky gets ready to job.mp4)
(1.45 MB 320x240 bunchafags.webm)
(1.41 MB 480x480 Fale Dojo.mp4)
(4.18 MB 1280x720 Jimmy Drops His Midcard.webm)
wow this thread is getting real bloated
(1.97 MB 360x640 Enzo a big draw.mp4)
(2.66 MB 640x360 Jay White in the 90s.webm)
(1.60 MB 854x480 Three Sweet.webm)
>>117854 still waitin for myboi chadblade to save the teriyaki boys from Gayos and start a new stable or The Elite 2.0
(11.36 MB 1280x720 punish booley.webm)
(5.35 MB 1280x720 Kung Fu.mp4)
>>119138 cringe
(220.76 KB 1024x768 Hana.jpg)
>>119139 I think you mean: CUTE
Speaking of cute
>ruby >cute
(5.34 MB 1280x720 miz btfo by bo.webm)
B-Team new champs tonight boys
(7.19 MB 1280x720 IWGP Jr Montage.mp4)
(6.08 MB 320x240 Hulk Grill.webm)
(2.83 MB 640x360 WWE Hulu Commercial.webm)
(3.79 MB 720x1280 Nig Suplex.webm)
(6.37 KB 162x255 ohbaby.jpg)
(7.56 KB 222x255 expandsion.jpg)
>>114657 >that girl with the fishnets and thick thighs
(4.58 MB 640x360 Yoshiko the face crusher.webm)
(7.69 MB 480x360 Bryan Sucks.webm)
(2.16 MB 640x360 Chringe Jericho.webm)
(13.09 MB 640x360 Yoshi Hashi Mad World.webm)
(7.72 MB 640x360 avg wwe champ.webm)
(75.45 KB 842x467 avg.jpg)
You must be this tall to be WWE Champion
(2.86 MB 640x360 Across the Nation.webm)
(5.92 MB 1280x720 might wanna edit that out.webm)
>>125993 kek where was that from.
>>125997 youtube channel called gorilla position
(5.06 MB 640x360 RVD lazy eye.webm)
>>123640 How tall was Benoit again ?
(182.31 KB 445x357 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126018 Billed at 5ft 11inches, so minus a couple of inches from that he was likely around 5ft 9inches or so. About Jericho's height.
>>126019 Jesus, Jericho looks like a full-on woman in that pic.
(959.92 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(60.32 KB 614x447 y2j.jpg)
snek confirmed for coolest dad
>>126032 >dad That's a weird way to say "babysitter of another man's kids"
(366.75 KB 1200x1200 snek father.jpg)
>>126034 Step-dad, dad, whatever. Snek is number 1 top cooldad
(14.69 MB 1280x720 Punish Sasha.webm)
(42.76 KB 621x465 AJ balances son Ajay.jpg)
(3.11 MB 1280x720 CUM.webm)
>>126046 P u N i S h YEUS! YEEEEUS!
(2.69 MB 640x360 Vampiro passes gas.mp4)
(6.43 MB 640x360 A true professional.mp4)
Triplemania was pure kino
(2.80 MB 640x360 MAYU IS COMING.webm)
(11.72 MB 636x360 Developmental.mp4)
>>126838 >Who wears THE BIG WATCH wew
(3.12 MB 1280x720 pk lewd.webm)
(2.22 MB 1280x720 those cost a lot of money.webm)
Priscilla Kelly is one lewd ho
(1.99 MB 1280x720 Pro wrestling is fake.webm)
>>127378 Whats discount paige doing in the webm thread zone?
>>127826 >1. Why the fuck is the WWE logo that far across the screen >2. Even without sound I know what these two soyboy manchildren said was unequivocally cringeworthy
(2.47 MB 854x480 pk.webm)
>>127378 What did she mean by this?
(15.12 MB 426x240 teddy hart promo.webm)
Teddy Hart is a fucking legend
>>127965 Anyone get a count on how many times he said fuck or fucking?
(3.64 MB 640x360 Last BROKEN Hardys promo.webm)
Witness the last #BROKEN Hardys promo before our WONDERFUL WWE return at Wrestlemania 33. This video broadcast popped up after an IWC contest that featured The Fraternity & Justin Labar, the villains that myself and Brother Nero confronted at IWC's April 8th event. We were the current ROH World Tag Team Champions at this time, and were the WWE Tag Team Champions when we showed up at this IWC event.
(14.94 MB 1280x720 welcome to the wasteland.webm)
(453.39 KB 720x1280 dabbing on the haters.mp4)
(1.34 MB 960x540 BFG Botch.webm)
(11.67 MB 1280x720 manlet rage.webm)
>>58259 This got me back into pro wrestling.
>>129100 For once the Boomer meme fits since jerry is one
(2.68 MB 634x360 CM Phil btfo by Shane.webm)
>>83888 Kdenlive. Download it. Install it. USE IT!
(2.84 MB 640x360 real american.webm)
(2.02 MB 640x360 I forgot who was fighting.webm)
(702.45 KB 640x360 tranquilo.webm)
Have some webms I just encoded. How do I even into /wooo/? I've been meaning to start watching actual matches but I'm not sure if I should watch older ones first or just start watching it now midway.
(2.91 MB 512x640 Toni nervous cute.mp4)
>>130441 Watch womens wrestlekino
>>130441 >How do I even into /wooo/? Depends on what you're looking for, are you trying to start with a certain promotion or a specific wrestler ? Don't listen to booleyfag, ever
>>130442 The cute girls fighting is pretty nice, but is there even any banter in female wrestling? >>130443 I guess I like Naito, Suzuki and Omega, but that's just because they're the few I've seen. I'm mostly just looking for nice banter and fuck arounds like the second webm in >>130441 . Also, is there any good place to torrent this stuff? I was hoping my weeb sites would at least have the japanese fights, but there's only a single torrent and it's for a PSP WWE game.
(7.46 MB 636x360 kaze ni nare.webm)
>>130444 Forgot webum.
>>130444 Peak banter
>>130442 >booley/tonifag uses "kino" Faggotry just off the charts with this soyboy.
>>130450 He posts on /tv/ too and keeps himself in company with the other cancerous gayniggers. All are worthless trash that add nothing to the board and sinply use it as a means of socializing with their own filth like a bunch of autistic normalfags.
(3.52 MB 640x360 ryback removes fatty.webm)
>>130441 >>130444 Are you new to wrestling in general or just new to keeping up with modern shit? If you're brand new and looking for old shit to watch mania x7 is the go to reccomended show, I'd also go back and watch wk 11 and maybe dominion 2018 from njpw. For torrents use xwtorrents or pwtorrents, pretty sure both are open but I can get you a pwtorrents invite if you need one. If you want to watch live use taima or watchwrestling for free shit or just pay up like I do for the network and njpwworld. For upcoming live shows you should definitely watch takeover next saturday with us and probably survivor series next sunday. Njpw has world tag league this month which is a bad time to come in on so maybe wait till wk13 on january 4th of next year For me the best part of wrestling is watching it live, it loses a lot of its impact on tape delay, plus shitposting here is half the fun sometimes. Don't listen to the guy posting toni storm, he's boeyfag and was obsessed with this butt ugly wwe chick for ages, trying to rehab his image with a new gay. I'd avoid women's wrestling altogether if you can, but that's kind of hard with nuwwe at this point. tl;dr watch live on taima next saturday for takeover or wait till january for WK 13. for older shit us pwtorrents or xwtorrents
(8.42 MB 320x180 bm_ending_wrestleball_z.webm)
Here was something I made earlier this year. I submitted it to Botchamania, but I have no idea if it made it in or not.
(7.71 MB 640x360 Bricked.mp4)
(11.80 MB 640x360 matt hardy indian idol.mp4)
Matt Hardy went to India last week to promote about the WWE India Tryouts in March 2019. He made an appearance on Indian Idol.
>>131512 >no sells two chair shots to the head >throws a brick at the back of a guy's head with his back turned Fucking subhumans.
(13.24 KB 259x194 download.jpeg)
>>56878 Holy fuck, my sides.
(1.43 MB 360x360 FACEBOOK L I V E.mp4)
(1.51 MB 640x360 The Pressure's On.mp4)
>>132544 lmao, you forgot the other 2.
>>126017 Perfect impression. My fucking sides.
(1.16 MB 640x360 okada trunks.mp4)
(2.46 MB 1280x1280 Rossall.13of81.mp4)
(4.12 MB 1280x720 ur kidz.webm)
(5.77 MB 1280x720 kana headlock.webm)
(1.56 MB 320x236 make-her-hamble.webm)
Happy Iron Sheik Day, everyone!
(9.15 MB 640x360 #WOKEN WORD 3 3 19.webm)
(4.87 MB 640x360 joe hendry btfo.webm)
>>136419 za roruku hiro, JOE HENUDRYYYY
[insert uso penitentiary joke]
(15.41 MB 960x540 Big E Gets Serious.webm)
(2.22 MB 1280x720 let nikkeh play.webm)
let nikkeh play
(15.41 MB 960x540 Love Tap.webm)
(501.30 KB 960x540 love you kairi.webm)
>love you kairi >LOVE YOU
(505.39 KB 727x461 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137675 >RAVU U
>>137677 Kek, is there any footage of this? All I could find on jewtube was faggots getting upset over it.
(196.09 KB 557x655 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137678 No, it was in a house show in St. Petersburg. Fuckin Russkies wew.
(15.33 MB 1052x540 hhh fuckign buries booker t.webm)
(6.45 MB 1280x720 Big O.webm)
>>141285 >ref bump >ref actually gets injured but in the complete opposite point of his point from where he gets kicked >second ref comes in, throws the X and then gets bumped himself >injured ref makes the final count wew
>>137679 >>137678 Couldn't find shit in Russian language either, not mention of this bullshit at all. But this shouldn't surprise you because only Americans are hyper sensitive over pointless shit. It's not a land of freedom, it's a land of oversensitive faggots or a land of feelings.
(646.40 KB 960x540 bo dallas getting hyped.webm)
Lou Gene BTFO
(14.62 MB 1280x720 mauro boxing.webm)
>>141523 this guy has a better product line then 9/10ths of indie wrestlers
>>142779 He also cuts a better promo
>>142779 Frankie's got action figures, bobble heads, shirts/sweaters, maybe even more. His weather reports are legendary, as well as his dancing, acting, and powerful laughing at booley botching. Also shoutout to the board owner for putting up a banner of him.
(606.37 KB 360x360 faggot faggot faggot.webm)
>>143302 what a fag