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>>/v/256022 >>256007 You know what? No, I actually thing big band is fine as he is. Street fighter doesn't always take place on the street.
>>/v/256021 >>256017 Ban them from operating within EU borders.
>>/v/256020 >>255718 It's not exactly every monster you currently have, it's more like every monster you have ever caught. Spending them doe
>>/v/256019 RS2 Vietnam is an unfinished piece of shit, that will never actually get finished, because Tripjew got rid of the original devs
>>/v/256018 >>246754 What the fuck are you babbling about you retard? Do you have a brain condition? If you play Smash, you're a cucked ch
>>/v/256017 >>255866 (checked) What the fuck? Why the hell should Microsoft give a stinking shit if Jewrop Union approves this acquisition
>>/v/256016 >35$ >for four characters >in a game from 2013
>>/v/256015 I'm honored that the autistic screeching banner is still being used, however I found a cleaner rip of the SEGA Channel and remad
>>/v/256014 >>255550 Better resolution since it can be spared.
>>/v/256013 >>255772 my CPU is 12 years old if its any consolidation for you.
>>/v/256012 >>255994 I can see this. When normalfags enter a hobby, it's either gatekeep or die. We're already seeing this with anime, an
>>/abdl/2879 >>>2871 Might be willing to host something like that, assuming it is only information distribution.
>>/v/256011 >>255925 >ass rock
>>/v/256010 >>255691 Could definitely be added to the list but if we're gonna continue with the games it'd make sense to play SMT: Imagine a
>>/v/256009 >>256003 some of them don't believe it and are simply fetishists and/or rapists.
>>/v/256007 >>255679 When I buy this IP that's the first thing I'm doing with it I'm making Big Band and Beowulf into girls. No takebacks.
>>/v/256005 >>256003 People who either don't know or can't accept themselves and so have to be delusional. Also maybe people who want easy
>>/v/256004 >>255948 >You definitely didn't play Xenoblade Chronicles. You say that like it's a bad thing
>>/v/256003 <All of my life's problems will magically go away if I wear ill-fitting blue, pink, and white socks and put tumblr pronouns in m
>>/delicious/11891 >>11839 I don't know who she is or what she's from.
>>/v/256002 >>255213 Really my only preference is the western assault rifles since I have superior accuracy with them. Right now I got a ex
>>/v/256001 >>255652 >iron bruden is it supposed to be written as iron burden? I've tried entering on a search engine and I just destiny 2
>>/v/256000 >>255998 >Who's the worse larp Trannies