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>>/v/218579 >>218513 >Is there anything commies didn't ruin yet? No. Honestly there's not much of a reason for us to fight on anymore, our e
>>/h/1025 Slow internet back then so it was just images for me at first, I think. It probably had something to do with the girls from Blea
>>/pol/7377 >>7370 >literally Can't quite get that one out of your vocabulary even while 'infiltrating' pro-Aryan spaces, can you? It's ac
>>/v/218578 >>218569 Go fuck yourself if you think there is any hope for us.
>>/v/218577 >>218539 >the greater powers know when conservatism gets popular and so they manage to set up the stage for another Bush Jr. Con
>>/v/218576 >>216486 "Willing" is not a binary on or off switch, it's a seesaw of personal and environmental motivators. You're basically i
>>/v/218575 >>218543 Soon there will be no more opposition or dissidents anywhere in the world. >>218537 >What can we humble anons do to co
>>/b/6138 >>6094 >How does your country/city/town deal with the fact that modern girls can be fully developed by age 14 nowadays, even 12
>>/v/218574 >>218572 I don't think any of us will even be alive by 2030. We made a huge fucking mistake siding against the powers that be.
>>/v/218573 >>218569
>>/v/218572 >>218569 Everyone's starting to agree with him more and more though, there is no way we can win this war anymore. Commies and SJ
>>/v/218571 >>218563 There´s always the risk of being crushed under a landwhale like this one>>218521
>>/v/218570 >>218543 >Yuri did his best to warn us and people chose to ignore him. This, and sadly it's too late to do anything about it. >
>>/v/218569 I hope niggerpill is shot by his glownigger handlers.
>>/v/218568 >>218558 >Even in my backward country we are switching to cashless society, everything moving to cards with coroshit. fuck Every
>>/v/218567 >>218493 I can't claim to be a part of either industry but I'm guessing Burger comics deliberately sabotaged themselves. The wa
>>/pol/7376 Black on white crime thread. https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/GQC5gNiAdOQn/ If infographic anon is here, g
>>/v/218566 >>218563 only if you get deployed, one example was the national guard being called to ukraine in 2015 or so
>>/v/218565 >>218563 No Welcome to the "real" world
>>/v/218564 I need a "works on my machine" check to see if a problem's just me or not: I followed the pic related instructions to sidestep F
>>/v/218563 >>218561 So playing soldiers for 8 years you get same benefits as veterans who went to conflicts? WTF! Do they come into conta
>>/v/218562 >>218558 >What benefits you get? Better gibs than Army without any of the actual work. >Even in my backward country we are sw
>>/v/218561 >>218558 you only train 2 days of the month and get about $350, after 8 years you're a veteran. you do get standard army pay if
>>/pol/7375 >>7371 I don't doubt you're that kind of doormat faggot cuck simp, but I'm not. I'd kill that cunt dead before I did that.