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>>/v/116423 >>116421 Yeah sorry, I feel sleepy. I need to pause and go to sleep. > I was wondering if someone was attacking them by sendin
>>/v/116422 >>116416 >nigga stole my vote
>>/v/116421 >>116415 Read my post, anon. Anyway it finally went through. I was waiting on this archive for nearly 30 minutes. I was wonderin
>>/v/116420 >>116361 >watching an hour and a half long video to refute it when the premise is facially absurd nah
>>/v/116419 https://egg.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/streaming/1601257665 >the anti-chink pasta reached the nips
>>/v/116418 Just remembered: Virtually ''everything'' about Saga Frontier. A lot of it is because the game is super unfinished, but the rest
>>/v/116417 >>116410 Don't spread rumors. I'm not going to the mat for Florida, but mentioning a school shooting and voter fraud doesn't ha
>>/v/116416 >>116404 The words that I'm getting from the grapevine is the Democrats are trying to short circuit archive.is because of thi
>>/v/116415 >>116404 >CG RE series about Claire and Leon But will they fuck? >no archive You had one job anon.
>>/v/116414 >>110087 I thought that was still being worked on?
>>/v/116413 so its worth a pirate is what you nigs are saying?
>>/v/116412 >>116407 >skill orb I wonder if they decided to go this route so that people would have an actual collectable to find when sco
>>/v/116411 >>116385 >>116386 Just remember that the first debate is this Tuesday, at 9 Eastern time.
>>/v/116410 One of Trump's advisors (a fairly important one, Brad Parscale) just got arrested by the police for "threatening to self-harm"
>>/v/116409 We're getting a little distracted, anons. I know that Doom's engine has things like these, but they're mostly limitations of the
>>/fast/22972 >>22971 If that was the reason then I don't know why it had to happen in this particular issue instead of using a few more issu
>>/v/116408 >>116402 Personally, I'd rather just nuke China and be done with it, but an Op is fine in the meantime. Has this been posted on
>>/v/116407 Anyone figure out how to get up there, yet? I swear I've scoured the entire area and found nothing. Shooting the pillars spawns
>>/v/116406 >>116256 Pretty much. The majority of the laptop market values small form factor, light weight, and low power consumption. The
>>/v/116405 Sorry for the lack of updates. Besides working on the sprites, we came up with a new enemy called Carbuncle. Is an evil battleto
>>/v/116404 >https: //twitter .com/pcgamer/status/1310368785153560580 Was trying to archive but it seems to be infinitely queing right now.
>>/v/116403 >>116371 So their buggy and glitchy as fuck game engine is gonna get a shiny new coat of paint while still having the same fuck
>>/v/116402 If you fags who care about HoloLive or whatever want to make a difference there, email the company and voice your discontent rea
>>/v/116401 >>116389 gay >>116387 >naked woman AI 343 beat her with the ugly stick and slapped armor/clothing on her now, but yeah 343