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>>/v/308180 The storm is coming. Leave now.
>>/v/308179 >>307984 Thanks for fighting to keep these kind of people on the site, acid!
>>/hisrol/9800 >>9666 >Ambas niñas van encima de ti hacia el pueblo en el que habías estado entrando y saliendo en los días recientes, mientras
>>/v/308178 These are the people acid wants on the site now.
>>/hebe/1108 >>1104 Sounds good uwu I miss granny tbh
>>/v/308177 >>307886 >"A FUCKING SWORD" I remember that one, classic beast vid.
>>/v/308176 >>308170 >"Users" is just the unique IPs in the past 24 hour period, I think it updates once a day. That's even sadder. >>3
>>/hisrol/9799 >>9794 >La Calamidad se mostro un tanto sorprendida al ver como te ponías de pie y te acercabas hasta ellas tomando a Krista po
>>/v/308175 >>308174 What do you know, no bypass validation.
>>/hebe/1107 >>1102 >It's easy to see why no one takes niGGers seriously Besides the fact that they're desperately trying to pretend like the
>>/v/308174 >Dusk of the final day >/hebe/ still exists >Per post captcha is still on >Bypass validation is probably still on Flee the t
>>/v/308173 >>308171 Its really funny that a legit cuckold is letting his site die to a bunch of niggers.
>>/hebe/1106 >>1102 I sometimes can't tell if they're serious or just larping. No way they take themselves this seriously. Like as if the CI
>>/ss/202 Noticed some other boards linked to /ss/ in their 'board message', figured I should respond in kind & add links to those boards
>>/hebe/1105 >>1102 yeah but GG literally installed Donald Trump into office and also finally made everyone on the planet based and redpille
>>/v/308172 Kind of hoping Mario is actually in this one. Mario and DK the third have kinda wholesome interactions in the Mario vs Donkey Ko
>>/hebe/1104 >>1103 Granny died of old age. I'll take >her place as the new BO after I contact Acid's mom and convince her to let him use hi
>>/v/308171 >>307984 > If we start rejecting legal content purely on the basis of its unpopularity or the sociopolitical whims of the day,
>>/v/308170 >>308163 The board owner is being retarded and says he's waiting to see what the admins have to say about it, even though this
>>/interracial/1295 personally i want to be that woman in your picture
>>/hebe/1103 >>1101 Where is he tbh
>>/v/308169 >>308163 >i thought /b/ banned the pedos posting? Kazu banned it, but he resigned/was fired after deleting lots of posts talki
>>/test/998 < ==Does pink text override red text?==
>>/hebe/1102 It's easy to see why no one takes niGGers seriously. Some cat farted in Guatemala? It's all part of an evil master plan to take