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>>/h/2421 >>2420 It's not that rare but more often than not most people that happen to be into Traps are in fact just happen to be males.
>>/v/339646 >>339638
>>/hisrol/14739 >>14732 Si que sorpresa, como cuando me hiciste borrar un hilo porque la imagen estaba fea supuestamente, mamón de mierda. Y si,
>>/v/339645 >Gothic devs opts in for a metal muzyka instead of rehashed nigger music wew
>>/v/339644 >>339548 >worships capitalism >doesn't understand that things worth as much as people are willing to pay for Dumb backwater
>>/404/1515 Finished the lineart for the Sailor Moon request.
>>/t/4487 >>4476 https://ipleak.net/
>>/v/339643 >>339062 >>339309 Where the fuck are you fags even at? If you're on the U.S then count me out of that.
>>/v/339642 >>338702 It's in the unfortunate position of looking kinda sick but not nearly enough to definitely buy it, to me. Same problem
>>/t/4486 The suit tag has a 'meta:junk tag' next to it... what should I be using instead of 'suit'?
>>/ai/264 I had a bit of fun the other day going around in VR Chat with a Milky Rose avatar I found, looking like an unimpressed haughty b
>>/v/339641 >>339634 There are some posters on the ZZZ/v/ thread but there's not much from the regular yes-devs. **/agdg/ since the exodus a
>>/v/339640 >>339014 >What's shit about the ending? Just as the game's plot is starting to get interesting it then ends abruptly with an uns
>>/v/339639 >>338704
>>/v/339638 >>339591 Did you think Netflix bought themselves into Japanese anime companies to make more japanese anime?
>>/v/339637 >>338897 >Honestly I think Metroid Prime is one of the best translations of a 2D game to 3D ever. It does a very good job captur
>>/pol/9555 Sad to hear anon, at least she won't have to witness the shadow to come
>>/v/339636 Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water is coming to PC.
>>/v/339635 >>339626
>>/v/339634 >>339629 Unfortunately agdg is very niche and every split or exodus halves the users as they bugger off elsewhere. The last popu
>>/t/4485 hydrus absolutely dies when trying to load many files, in the hundred thousand range. As expected. It's even worse when you try
>>/v/339633 >>338589 Tested and it works wired. Now I just have to get a cable I can actually used while playing the game.
>>/v/339632 >>339607 >Captain, we lost sight of the Millenium Falcon... >IMPOSSIBURU! Where it could be?