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>>/nido/17 apoyo este board con la fuerza de mil soles
>>/nido/16 >>10 >El porno y las maracas siempre ha sido parte de la cultura chanística, tratar de separar ambas cosas es inútil De acue
>>/nido/15 Aquí pueden dejar sus sugerencias, reclamos, crítica, cualquier tipo de aporte al board. Normas básicas: No postear cp Evitar d
>>/nido/14 >>13 Que rico.
>>/v/131933 >>131929 I have this.
>>/abdl/1619 >>1615 It was a game on the Julay /meta/ where different boards could enter into a contest and one board would emerge victoriou
>>/v/131932 >>131926 Dogs are not for eating. You stop that right now.
>>/v/131931 >>131846 I wasnt good at rpg mechanics because I was like 8, so melee never worked for me. Instead I dimped all my stats into in
>>/abdl/1618 >>1617 Who knows, but I think I might have to make some of my own
>>/v/131930 I've found that hangover can be great on VERY SPECIFIC weapons, like Zeus's Shield that leaves that spinning thing as the specia
>>/v/131929 >>131905 Does anyone still have the edits?
>>/v/131928 >>131923 It could be good, if you had a way to make use of it.
>>/v/131927 >>131923 You're right friendo, China is the greatest threat to civilization. In fact, we should all do the responsible thing a
>>/v/131924 >>131692 ==The Virgin Macro Fetishist VS The Chad Flammenwerfer==
>>/v/131923 >>131917 >Asshole makes other assholes angry so they must be OK. That is not how reality works Anon.
>>/v/131922 >>131920 >voters Given the reports of voter fraud all over the place I wouldn't put much faith in voting at this point. You m
>>/v/131921 >>131919 >tfw you repeatedly bring up tiananmen square as an example of government oppression while wishing the same thing woul
>>/v/131920 >>131918 >The left will openly support a family of pedophiles as long as their last name isn't Trump. But swing voters won't.
>>/v/131919 >>131917 >seethe
>>/v/131918 >>131912 The left will openly support a family of pedophiles as long as their last name isn't Trump. You can show them evid
>>/v/131917 >>131422 China makes both redditors and neckbeards seethe, so they must be doing something right.
>>/v/131916 >>131857 >Russia is based for jailing people for having lolicon. In Russia, the law states storing lolicon or real CP is not a
>>/v/131915 >>131871 lmao I live in Russia and there are some niggers here although they're rare And we have plenty of jews and muslims...