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>>/v/79274 >>79240 >dude just lawyer up and btfo them epic style Jesus would you guys ever shut the fuck up with this shit? You're so an
>>/v/79273 >>79259 Alex Jones is their prophet, he speaks the truth of fluoride and they hear it. Really, the more I think about it, the
>>/v/79271 >>79224 And right on the heels of prominent scandals involving Ubisoft and Activision. You'd think they would've cleaned house
>>/v/79270 >>79219 >>79224 This sounds like it was the head of the dev though, not the publisher.
>>/v/79269 >>79265 >>79267 I find it interesting that they feel the need to outright explain to the viewer how they're supposed to interp
>>/v/79268 >>79260 >its not censorship, its updating it for modern sensibilities! :) Well if i wasnt interested in buying Lupin stuff befor
>>/v/79267 >>79264 <Oh I'm sorry dear but there's no room for debate here. It's the current year and in our mullticultural society there i
>>/v/79266 >>79221 The original series order is Evangelion then End of Eva. I think the first movie is a recap movie. Rebuild movies are
>>/v/79265 >>79264 all lives matter thats why faggot lives matter too
>>/v/79264 >>79260 >These depictions were wrong Why?
>>/v/79263 >>79248 meh, too much of a pain to setup. im not about to buy a new CPU for this one game. besides if a really wanted, couldn't
>>/v/79262 >>79239 Too few people and too much angst about losing it all because nobody knows which site will be shut down next. Hopefully
>>/v/79261 The stealth is subpar compared to BM, they baby you a ton by default and focus a bit too much on environmental kills. They're
>>/v/79260 '''Content Warning on the Blu-Ray of Lupin the 3rd: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure''' http://archive.is/WZWLL http://archive.
>>/v/79259 >>79257 I get not wanting chemicals in water but toothpaste? There's not that much in it, soy and HFCS do worse shit to you.
>>/v/79258 >>79245 Apparently letting one prisoner die of heatstroke (even though she was a dick receptacle) pissed a few people off. Appar
>>/v/79257 >>79255 They are afraid that the fluoride in their toothpaste and water will lower their IQ and turn them gay/effeminate like i
>>/t/887 >>884 We're gonna get 100 new impossible to patch vulnerabilities within the week aren't we?
>>/v/79256 >>79255 >>79253 >>79250 This, just use fluoridated toothpaste like everyone else
>>/v/79255 >>79250 >iodine toothpaste For what purpose?
>>/t/886 >>884 Intel's really been fucking up huh?
>>/v/79254 >>79238 China already suffered a leak **of one of their bio-weapons**
>>/v/79253 >>79214 >>79220 Waiting on that Alex Jones farming sim with non-GMO foods and animals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rojTeUeeu