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>>/v/605223 >>605220 >You could say the same about Killing Floor Bullshit, Killing Floor had industrial gringy as fuck aesthetics before D
>>/site/5575 Is it possible to program these kind of polls? they are really useful to in several situation, for instance when deciding what m
>>/v/605222 >>605219
>>/v/605221 >>605188 I'd like that but it's kind of difficult because of the way her story (potentially) ends. A lot of players would have
>>/fur/5462 >>5461 It basically ended up being: [code]ffmpeg -y -i "%%a" -c:v libaom-av1 -b:v 31k -passlogfile "%%~na" -pass 1 -deadline be
>>/v/605220 >>605217 You could say the same about Killing Floor, but it still enjoys a decent fanbase and was successful enough for a sequel
>>/v/605219 >>605214 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgYZmIdaVz8&ab_channel=Froge
>>/v/605218 >>605217 Like you want to learn the maps and do a bit better each time in Zombies. It helps in Zombies's regard since each map
>>/v/605217 >>605215 What fucking hook? It's just silly shit strewn together, might as well be some Korean FPS garbagefire.
>>/v/605216 >>605215 Funny thing, that's what I bought MW3 for, not single player or multiplayer. I do agree tho, zombies is something else,
>>/v/605215 >>605209 Yeah I kinda like it in MW3, but it doesn't feel like it has that "hook" that BO3 Zombies has.
>>/b/414337 Horrifying.
>>/v/605214 >>605213 >There's no reason not to post a link to the most popular video sharing site in the world. <I'm going to '''CONTINUE'
>>/interracial/5563 >Are you white Yes >Age 18 >How old were you 16 >Orientation straight/bi-curious >Do you prefer IR yes >Adjacent fetis
>>/tkr/21789 >>21787 in fairness, if you didn't like it maybe someone shouldn't have spent the past week and a half demanding everyone discu
>>/interracial/5562 >>3586 >>4984 >>5552
>>/v/605213 >>605212 >a webm is an "archive" **Protip: it isn't** I remember this lie. There's no reason not to post a link to the most
>>/v/605212 >>605207 >spoon feed me Is this going to become the new "Archive it yourself"? > Nazi Germany would STILL would have collapse
>>/v/605210 >>605187 Not as beautiful as the original live-action WW but she's still cute.
>>/v/605209 >>605208 I never bothered to try it out because they kept it exclusive to PS4 users for an entire year. Thanks for reminding me
>>/404/12476 me sprite
>>/v/605208 >>605196 >Is anyone here actually excited in any way over MW2, 2022 II TWO or whatever the fuck they will call it? A little