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>>/v/60978 >>60592 They eat out 6-7 days a week because cooking for yourself is a weakness. The processed food is all high in preservatives
>>/b/1300 This thread is for nigger meemees only
>>/v/60977 >>60968 I'd take that as a challenge, they should continue and see if he streams it.
>>/v/60976 >>58932 thanks for the news bird slut
>>/v/60975 >>60972 >Its just going to contain a download code. Wouldn't that be really easy to shoplift by simply taking a photo?
>>/v/60974 >>52532 I fucking love the covert art of Mamba Edition though. Almost like if Edvard Munch drawn it.
>>/int/41 >>37 Say, how're your pakis doing by the way? Still gang raping your schoolgirls?
>>/v/60973 >>60945 I take it you've never used /int/? There are tons of people who are completely serious about that shit. It's Afrocentra
>>/v/60972 >>60911 disks? Who said anything about disks? Its just going to contain a download code.
>>/v/60971 >>60967
>>/liberty/3338 **Assuming that the coronavirus is something real,** How would a libertarian society handle the coronavirus and the problems tha
>>/v/60970 >>60968
>>/v/60969 I haven't even noticed anything different so yeah, gg to whoever paid for the attack
>>/v/60967 Is it over? Zchan is still getting shat on.
>>/v/60966 >>60965 When the next CD shows up, I'll do that, and also re-do the rip of these into FLAC.
>>/v/60965 >>60963 Yeah people can always compress it themselves. But you could use a lossless codec like flac.
>>/v/60964 >>60956 >>60961 Addendum: I have recently (5 minutes ago, from a friend) learned that the group doing these songs were not rea
>>/v/60963 >>60961 When I ripped the files, all the songs were in .wav format. I figured you lot would rather the uncompressed files rathe
>>/v/60962 >>58687 It's not a question of "are there fights?" It's a question of "are there people with enough money to be profitable, who
>>/v/60961 >>60954 >a physical CD >400+ MB is this cd in fact the size of a laserdisc
>>/v/60960 >>60956 Actually, I have a bit more, but it is courtesy of the Broken Crescent mod for Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms. I do n
>>/abdl/541 Brothers, sisters ,parents anyone
>>/v/60959 >>60956 I'll have more whenever the other CD finally gets here. It's on a slow boat from Greece (free shipping).
>>/v/60958 >>60772 I am aware of that degenerate, and that Dank covered him, does it change anything about what I said? the answer to that
>>/v/60957 So, how are the new cancelled reacting to the monster they created? The last I've heard they are trying hard to throw eachother
>>/v/60956 >>60954 ==Were reaching peak Rhōmaîoi posting levels anons!==
>>/v/60955 I wish this board had country flags so I could tell if it's american reading comprehension or ESL responsible for 99% of these r
>>/pol/1087 Let's hope this is a good /his/ thread


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