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>>/b/87997 masturbating loli/shota thread
>>/k/525 >>524 It's so awful, last week I was getting ammo and saw it again, I had to try it real quick. Clerk got it out of the glass ca
>>/b/87994 I think he might have killed that nigguh, bros.
>>/b/87993 >>87992 Red onion sticks with you. You'll be tasting it later
>>/sm/7435 The only thing about Blackwhiplash is that their stuff is extremely shitposty and a bit edgy and it feels like Shadman made it e
>>/b/87992 >>87987 What's the difference?
>>/b/87991 >>87984 Here Faggot, now shut up
>>/b/87990 I just spilled half a can of corn on the floor Anyway, isn't she looking lovely already? >>87985 I'll make sure to get some next
>>/b/87989 loli/shota thread
>>/v/418153 needing outside resources to actually play the game. two examples of this.: 1. most adventure games. mainly the ones with moon
>>/b/87987 >>87967 I like how you use red onion
>>/b/87986 >>87915 You're underestimating the stupidity of the average person. Not much surprises me anymore--
>>/b/87985 >>87979 I always keep one of these handy just for that reason
>>/b/87984 Where's the lolis?
>>/b/87982 >>87955 Oh yeah, definitely many such cases. Lots of impersonators--
>>/b/87980 >>87978 >h-haha look you agreed that im a retarded faggot
>>/b/87979 >>87976 I would if I had any, I usually just go shopping for what I need at the moment. I don't use garlic very much so I'd have
>>/b/87978 good that you agree, suffer for me
>>/v/418152 I think the thread was better when we were discussing breasts.
>>/b/87977 >>87975 yea retard ur not
>>/b/87976 >>87967 oh come on... add fresh garlic
>>/b/87975 im not being funny
>>/b/87974 >>87973 >it was really funny when i said that one thing im gonna post it again
>>/b/87973 for the last time, this isn't your thread, it is mine