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(698.30 KB 1200x1060 BU-'22.jpg)

Beach Update '22 ©anadAnon 05/12/2022 (Thu) 04:07:40 No. 12134
B.U.2022 : Soakpocalypse Wow! This is the thread where I* (*©anadAnon) keep (you) conscious of coastal comings and goings while musing about various musables. Join me, won't you? rhetorical question, please do not answer
(71.55 KB 768x753 share'd.png)

Beach Update : Spent an enjoyable evening reading aloud from that terrible book while being fed fine Swiss chocolates in bed which almost made up for how boring it is to slog through. Woke up for an intense round of lovemaking which brought a very big satisfied smile to the GF. Wanted to get in a good early start to work so that I could fit in a lot of exercise so I wasn't able to lounge around with her wrapped around me. The day looked very bright and sunny outside her window, but as soon as I got home a thunderstorm hit and the cloud cover was heavy for most the day. Made good on my botched plans from yesterday to deliver fresh oyster mushrooms to some old friends and unfortunately the GF was too busy to join me. The gift was happily recieved and more importantly their dog was excited and cheerful to have my company. Weather was very humid and overcast at that point so I figured swimming should happen sooner rather than later. Beach was vacant and had a very equinoxical feel to it, the dark clouds hanging in the sky as a orange-yellow strip of sunlight receded in the distance. Waters were pretty rough and wavy, temperatures weren't too bad though. Got swept around swimming for dear life as the currents threatened to crush me against the rocks and generally had a good time doing it. Spent a good amount of time in there and would have stayed longer if it weren't for my friends out for a stroll on the beach. Their dog spotted me from far off in the water and waited gleefully on the shore wagging its tail waiting for me to get out and play around. Ran out of the shallows and did just that since no other dogs were there to do that with. When the dog was all played out and they had left I took some time to take in the majestic view and break out the NT for some reading before prayer, feeling particularly thankful for all the good stuff going on in my life. Cleaned up a bunch of trash on the way back and was treated to one last happy visit with the dog, playing a version of "tag‚ÄĚ until I made the homeward bound. Waved "hi" to a single tree filled with a good 20 or so turkey buzzards and got home in time for fresh bread and cats needing attention. Formalized Framing : Frolicsome Foray
(63.46 KB 720x534 great post.jpg)

>>15529 Be careful, that energy (you) put in to hating some guy anime penguin talking about going to the beach only fuels my gay schizophrenic powers even more. In all seriousness this season of B.U will be done soon. Temperatures are set to drop tomorrow and I'm only interested in making it to Oct.11-12 when I can start my fall/winter calisthenics routine in peace. Thanks for dropping by and sorry this thread isn't your cup of tea. >>15530 >>15543 Cheers gents and apologies for any unsolicited conflict on your fine, upstanding bort. Will try to actually contribute something of substance once this third consecutive year of whatever this autistically repetitive thread is draws to a close.
shut up, nobody cares
(84.50 KB 768x751 brain'd.png)

Beach Update : As forecasted, there was a significant drop in temperatures overnight leaving everything feeling very fall like. The abrupt change in weather also had the effect leaving people feeling under the weather so to speak, myself and the GF being noticeable examples. Woke up with a headache and the feeling of some sort of impending cold but still did my best to remain high energy and fit in various exercises between tasks. There were several heavy but short downpours in the morning which left a damp chill in the air and seemed to keep most people indoors. I wasn't about to let things like brainpain or cold weather stop me this close to the end of the season, so I headed out for the beach once there was a break in the clouds. Did not feel too hot the whole way there, but the fresh air felt good to take in and the sun was shining making everything look very dramatic and grandiose against the huge clouds. Winds were quite stiff and chilly, but I had dressed for it, posed more of a problem as I was wading out though. Waters weren't really all that bad, once I was actually in them it was much more preferable being submerged than being exposed to the breeze. Swimming felt great and I got none of the deep, painful, chilled to the bone feeling I was expecting. Spent a good long while switching through strokes and by the time I was walking to shore I realized the headache and neck pains were completely gone. Set around for a bit drying off and feeling grateful for the day then cracked the Bible and did a bit of reading aloud to an audience of a single confused seagull. Returned home feeling refreshed and renewed for whatever the evening might bring. Cerebral Catastrophe : Casually Cured
(568.61 KB 220x251 tenor (5).gif)

>>15549 >3rd strike It's at this point I get to make the observation that (you) certainly do care otherwise (you) wouldn't be returning. I'm very sorry that my dumb thread causes (you) such frustration and hope things pick up in your personal life to where my single post a day beach blog doesn't upset (you). In fact of course I will even say a prayer to that effect since there's genuine sorrow in my heart that B.U '22 would bum anyone out.
(200.06 KB 983x1187 1593302213105.png)

>>15805 he doesnt get it. lifes a beach.
(90.76 KB 768x760 heart2heart'd.png)

Beach Update : Enjoyed a nice autumn night cozied up with the GF in bed and then had a great round of morning horizontal mambo come morning time. Had to get back home shortly after to plan out some construction and moving of structures along with work. Weather had heated up a few degrees without the wind and clouds, but still had a definite fall feel. Following some cardio and weight lifting I decided there was no time like the present to get in some swim while the sun was still strong. The GF was ready to join me for the fresh air, but was not up for an actual dip. Can't really blame her, it was pretty cool out there in the waters today but not intolerable by any measure. Did a normal swim routine and was glad to have her waiting for me with my towel . Sitting around in the sun I found out that she was feeling stressed concerning a property she's been looking into buying that just gave word they were ready to accept her bid. This required a lot of talking over with me acting as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of as we made our way back to her place. The convo took a turn into more personal heart2heart matters and suddenly I was getting grilled on my own future plans which was awkward and taxing in its own way. This turned into a bit of a time vortex and suddenly a good 3-4 hours had passed and I felt exhausted. Was good to talk things over, but not great for scheduling purposes. Evening plans were sort of shot, though I still made the most of it. Aquatic Anecdotes : Amicable Ardor
(28.85 KB 500x397 1442457370-1.jpg)

>>15806 It sure is. Gotta learn to ride the waves and keep your head above water among other aphorisms.
(106.48 KB 768x759 dedication'd.png)

Beach Update : Lots of yardwork, mainly trimming trees, around here today. Had a persistent heavy feeling floating over me and the weather sort of matched the mood. Very cloudy with threats of rain that only ever brought about little bits of drizzle. By afternoon I got the feeling it wasn't going to get any warmer out and it was time to get the swim out of the way. Definitely brought up the question of "Yeesh, can I even make it to October? Much less a good third of the way into it?" Yet at the same time I felt totally resigned to getting it done. Thankfully not much wind down on the beach and I had no second thoughts about disrobing and getting in there. Having no direct sunlight at all makes a big difference temperature-wise, but all things considered it wasn't so bad once I dove in. Not sure if it was my imagination, my body kicking my metabolism into high gear or what, but I would get to patches of water that felt noticeably warmer than others. Others still were icy cold but not to the point where I felt like my skin was getting freezer burn or my limbs were going numb. Put in a good amount of time in the slightly wavy depths then swam back to shore and dried off. Felt good not having my body go into shock or shivering even once. Sat around drying out for a little while with a big warm coat then got myself together and did a sprint up hill before getting home for a warm shower to rise off. Hot soup and fresh bread was ready by this time which capped off the welcoming sense memories of a return to fall and everything that comes with it. Floatational Factuals : Firm Frisson
(3.04 MB 352x624 its raining.mp4)

>>15839 buck up! nobody likes rainy days, except for your run-of-the-mill sociopath.
(132.15 KB 786x846 adamant'd.png)

Beach Update : Went over to give the GF a good rub down last night to help deal with some of the tension surrounding a big property acquisition. This worked out pretty well since she felt asleep part way through. In the morning we had a passionate roll in the hay while the rain spattered outside. Enjoyed some tea and a leisurely start to our day before I took off to sort out some works plans for tomorrow. The sun kept making brief appearances as the day progressed, but it was mostly rolling clouds throughout. In the late afternoon I had gotten all the calls I needed to attend to out of the way and invited the GF to join me for some fresh air. She's still not in the mood to test her cold tolerance threshold and instead did some stretching on the beach while I matched off into the waves. At this point, I know what to expect and my resolve has hardened enough that I don't think there'll be any trouble making it to mid October. The cold doesn't bother me and my core strength seems to be at a level where I can keep going for a long time without much discomfort. Did pretty much a normal swim I might have done weeks ago in summer and felt no rush to warm up or redress afterwards. Going to see if this stays true at some rougher stretches of beach later on the week. Returned home to some more of that delicious squash soup from yesterday and a fresh bit of fruitcake with butter. Drenched Declaration : Devotional Daring
(171.86 KB 880x1173 soak-survivor.jpg)

>>15841 >I took this advice to heart even before I read it. t. Rainy Day Survivor That guy at the end looked like he was having a rough go of it
(43.21 KB 484x497 woj window rain.jpeg)

been raining on and off since last week and its still going until friday. the worst. lake effect rain, just in time for Hurricane Ian rain.
(79.68 KB 768x748 'brella'd.png)

Beach Update : Plans fell through for a job I was supposed to do today which was understandable due to the unpredictable weather. Would be bright and sunny, then five minutes later completely overcast and raining. Postponed till tomorrow. Instead I busied myself back at home and awaited the worst the skies could bring before challenging the waters. Started raining out quite hard with a strong wind, so I grabbed my umbrella and hit the road to see just how dedicated I really am to seeing this through. The beach was empty of people and the waters full of loud, daunting waves. Got undressed and right out there, each slap of the cold waters against my chest and face only making me more focused and motivated. The winds were really biting, especially with waves splashing over me as I walked out, so fully diving in actually came as a bit of a relief. The force of the tides was quite strong and could really wallop you if you poked up at the wrong moment. Still, the cold discomfort quickly gave way to actual fun just fighting against the currents and trying to time my strokes. I caught my breath not long after swimming out and looked around to realize that the sky was sunny again, albeit only over the beach. A bright warm circle that seemed centered over me despite the harsh winds and barrage of waves. Spent a good deal longer out there than I would have thought I was capable of, then got out and returned home for a nice bout of cardio to warm myself back up. Experienced Expressions : Enduring Ethic
>>15863 I don't mind the rain so much and actually waited until it was coming down hard to head out. All the wet mixed with cool temperatures makes me think I'll be able to find a lot of fresh mushrooms next time I go for a hike.
(82.81 KB 768x758 exit'd.png)

Beach Update : Another day of delays all about. The job I'm doing as a favor will take place tomorrow and hopefully go smoothly. Everyone seemed in a bit of malaise dealing with their own difficulties and I found myself nearly backsliding in bad habits. The weather was sort of oppressively cloudy all day but didn't break out into any storms. I did my best to amp myself up and get out for a swim in the afternoon. My only company out on the beach were some buzzards sitting on a picnic table watching in that quizzical way that makes you wonder if you'll be serving up a cold, bloated corpse for their dinner. Noticeably colder today, but again I felt undaunted and didn't hesitate even for a moment getting in as the winds buffeted me. Swimming was enjoyable even with that initial feeling of freezer burn all over my body. I don't get the same sort of deep, joint-freezing cold penetration I've experienced before that makes your movement feel sluggish. By the time I'd realized how far out I'd gotten, I also realized how euphoric I felt, my previous cares and worries she'd like a thin coating of ice. There was a deep sense that if I can get through this and even find a certain feeling of accomplishment in such an absurd pass time, then I could get through anything. I could feel the cold air rising off me as I got out* (*nowhere near as dramatic or rushed as the doodle tonight depicts) and experienced the bizarre feeling of my warm clothes filling with cold and feeling like a meat locker as I bundled up. Did a bit of barefoot sprinting before getting my pants and shoes on and made for home stifling the feeling of my body wanting to shiver or my teeth chatter. Good warm shower sorted everything out and I felt glad to have yet another day under my belt. Marine Memories : Melting Mettle
(3.53 MB 336x250 surprisingly long.gif)

(1.58 MB 460x252 stormy_out.webm)

>>15909 >no storms thats good. rained all day here. been raining since the weekend. been walking in the rain just to confirm its not worth going outside. could be worse; hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, wild fires, such cases. do you have sump pumps in canada or is it called something else? a loo flue, perhaps?
(78.25 KB 635x671 canada.jpeg)

would you slightly agree, mostly agree or only agree that poor people are oofing themselves in canada?
(113.09 KB 768x757 robe'd.png)

Beach Update : Had a night of rather fitful rest over at the GF's where she greeted me in the luxurious silk robe I guess I've given to her. While it was very comforting to have her close and feel her drift off to sleep over and over in my arms, my mind never really took the hint and shut off fully. I also had the added inconvenience of needing to set an alarm for a hard out in the morning to get a Landry list of things done. Even with that I managed to time things so that a good long lovemaking session took place before the bell went off. This was highly enjoyable even on a sleep deficit and I felt off to a great day as I strolled home. The twice delayed job finally took place and went smoothly. I also got filled in on some harrowing details concerning a scam the old couple I'd been doing the job for had been shnookered by. Real greaseball stuff, especially considering what a pleasant and lovely old English pair these two are. Without going into the finer details I'll just say it involved lies about the construction of a new house and soaking them to the tune of 65k. Turns out the contractor they'd gotten involved with had a history of this and defrauded a convent of all things to the tune of 700k for houses for some of "society's neediest" which they never delivered on. Going to make sure I do my best to help them in the future since they at least were able to find another, already built house not far from me, and will need a lot of heavy lifting done to get it shipshape. That settled, I went back home and got a very nutritious and filling lunch together for me and the GF before we took off for a distant beach. The sun came out just in time for us and we both felt that special sort of optimism only good weather can bring. Had some very nice chats with friends along the way and made a certain dog overjoyed to have our company and my expertise in particular at tag and scratchies. We were also treated to some up close and majestic encounters with the local bald eagle and many dozens of migrating turkey buzzards. The beach was completely void of company and I was left to a solo swim with the GF watching from the shoreline. Absolutely, brutally bone-chilling waters greeted me and I could feel my my toes turning to painful slabs of inarticulate frozen meat as I got out into the water. The welcome warm sun was completely shadowed by the time I'd gotten far out, but I was already committed enough that nothing would bother or stop me. The swim was enjoyable despite being physically repugnant to any sane warm blooded creature and even with the GF trying her best to warm me up I was pretty much a popsicle for a good 40-50 minutes afterwards. The walk back was sort of painful since the joints in my toes felt like brittle icicles. This was augmented by the fact we kept making stops so that she could pick various wild flowers and get a big ol' bouquet together. Got back home, fixed myself some hot cocoa and let the fatigue wash over me. Aquifer Appraisal : Amative Appentency
(18.47 KB 425x420 71GBPROZmXL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

>>15916 >Sump pumps Aye. this one is a biggy around where I live. A "must have" for a lotta basements here. In the bottom of ¬©anadAnon Manor we have two, one being a backup should the first give out. Thankfully not had much of an issue with that in years and part of the work being done presently on the house is to mitigate those problems from ever occurring. >>15917 >Youth in Asia I perhaps don't say often enough that things are big time fuggy in Soviet Canuckistan. Let me reiterate : Canuckistan is big time fuggy and run by various out and out criminal cartels currently (from my vantage point the worst being the Bar which are upholding a disgusting amount of child abductions). It goes beyond "the poors" as there was a scandal recently where army vets were counseled to medically an hero as a cure for depression and ptsd. This type of wholesale suicide promotion (for organ/soul harvesting purposes) is about to be mainlined to the populace and most likely even lionized as the Death Cult makes their powerplay to have "hope‚ĄĘ" officially outlawed due to climate crimes. If even a word of this seems absurd : (you) ain't seen nothin' yet. >Is it financial? There's quite a lot of money to be made in death and pretty much all of >us have had various leans and insurance policies taken out on their persons which are fabricated at the issuance of your ALL CAPITALS "name" on your birth certificate without their knowledge or conscious consent. This ALLCAPS "person" (strawman) is traded and valued at various levels on various markets and measured against something called your "evoked potential" which is carefully monitored, datamined and undermined. Certain outside bodies have decided you're worth more to them dead (for testing and monitoring how well certain clandestine technologies have altered your genetic structure) and to make sure whatever constitutes your "soul" and "spirit" are permanently legally estranged from creation/God by expressed consent to exit life based on fear.
(95.08 KB 744x769 warm'd.png)

Beach Update : Good solidly sunny day here, didn't take the fall feeling out of the air, but it was nice having sustained sunshine throughout the day. Some construction plans at home fell through so I just relaxed until I got a message from the GF about hitting up the beach. The bright sunshine had bolstered her gumption to swim again and she was raring by the time I passed by. She had opted to wear a sort of half wetsuit (full arm coverage but exposed legs) which I doubt was particularly helpful. Down at the beach, we actually weren't the first ones to take the plunge; an older lass had dived in, fully dressed, while her mister waited on the shore. Was nice having that sort of endorsement before you get in. Temperatures were a good deal warmer than yesterday, but still very chilly when nighttemps‚ĄĘ are dipping down to 3¬įC (38¬įF). The warm sun sort of filled in the gaps, but cold was enough to make the GF shriek and whinge as she got in. I had a rigorous long swim, but tried to speed back once I caught sight of the GF waiting for me in the shallows. Very much in the verge of spazzing out with her teeth chattering and full body shaking by the time I got to her. To her credit though; she did wait in the water the whole time for me. Carried her shaking frame back to dry land where we warmed up a bit and she was able to bundle up in thick clothes. Brought her back home where she promptly nuded herself and jumped into a warm bed where we curled up together and had a nap until she was reheated and feeling frisky. Sexy things happened until we realized the time and rushed off our separate ways for dinner. Official Opining : Oscular Obcordation
(151.26 KB 800x525 sieg heil n sheeit.jpg)

>>15947 ikr? >>15950 >tfw none of these fancy compu-programs seem to make Popeye's show up
(73.00 KB 692x751 undaunt'd.png)

Beach Update : More work on the house today which is coming along a bit slower than I was hoping. Was an agreeable clear day outside for that sort of thing until mid-afternoon when trails of expanding muck were laid down in front of the sun. Wasn't about to let that stop me from getting another day's swim under my belt, so I left a message with the GF and made for the beach. The grids of hazy chemtrail really do take a lot of warmth out of the sun and the breeze dow there wasn't helping matters. Still dutifully waded out without looking back and found the waters relatively the same as I'd left them yesterday. Got that freezer-burn sensation on my chest and arms as I launched into my routine, but it quickly gave way to the resolute focus of seeing how far I could push myself. Sort of lost track of time as I got further and further from shore until I finally looked back and spotted a blurry miniscule form I took to be the GF setting up where I'd left my stuff. Proceeded to see how fast I could get back and realized I was further out than I thought since the trip back must have been around 15 minutes at top speed. I was greeted on the shore by my bemused GF baring my pre-warmed towel and wooly hat. She spent a bunch of time fretting over warming me up and I felt thankful despite not needing the additional body heat. We went over daily events then made for the hills and got sidelined by the Russian Borzoi friends who talked our ears off in an affable manner. Returned home for mulligatawny soup and salad. Viewed Veracities : Verlig Vivace
(113.48 KB 360x270 1590584857056.png)

>>15999 Oh shnops, whusn't expecting trips. ///Nu-name : –Ī–Ķ–∑—č–ľ—Ź–Ĺ–Ĺ—č–Ļ\\\
(22.06 KB 501x531 Kiev.jpg)

>>16001 you know better, comrade:^) Spoopy
(61.77 KB 540x565 999aidsnvu.jpg)

>>15999 >>16003 lel, now that I think about it naming rights have to go to >>16000 rite? One of the technicalities of trips following trips. Good on whoever got it
(91.00 KB 768x572 dry'd.png)

(38.29 KB 700x414 4oooOOooOooo4.png)

Beach Update : Wewww, made it to Spooptober! In keeping with the spooped theme, I was gifted a jumpscare dream last night sleeping over with muh GF; was hanging out with an old friend from years past and suddenly that feller was trying to eat me! Was vivid and upsetting enough that it gave me quite the start, jolting me out of sleep. Left me a bit uneasy and distracted which killed an initial morning attempt at sexy times when we awoke proper several hours later. Somehow powered through this and put in a mediocre penile-performance shortly afterwards. Nothing like gettin' eaten by zombi-frens to mess with your libido. Back home there was a whole mess of heavy lifting and dismantling to deal with in a way that both helped out neighbor and cleared out a lot of space on our property. Did an impressive job of it and collected the accolades of our contractor neighbor before fuggin' off for swims. Weather wasn't too cold, but the sky was sprayed to absolute oblivion. A spidery grid of ever expanding mush, plane after plane tracing after each other and doubling then tripling up on different color and consistency aerosolized sprays. Not fun to see, sort of upped the nihilism ante as I joined up with the GF for some beach time. The sun thoroughly fogged, things felt just as cold as one could imagine when I was walking out into the calm waters. The feeling deep down of not really givin' a fugg is in its own way a very powerful warming fuel, the burning contempt for schizophrenic shadow entities and phantom agencies driving my body with reckless abandon. The cold lost its bite and I kept at the swim for a good long time before making my way back to shore where my lovely GF was waiting with warm towels, clothing and hot tea to get me back to a healthy temperature range. Suddenly I felt much more thankful for the day and patted myself on the back for being one step closer to the fall/winter calisthenics campaign which cannot come soon enough. Canal Captions : Chemical Creeps ///unimportant note :\\\ I feel the urge to poast goasts as a throwback to pre-/404/ era spooptobers of years past and will be accepting ghosty requests
(70.80 KB 768x752 gut-check'd.png)

(55.52 KB 768x748 ponderghost-w-smok.png)

Beach Update : Had a pretty laid back day here. Skies had cleared and the sun was out, but the temperature hovered in the mid-teens. Once I'd posted off some inquiries about legal matters, I dressed up warm and went for a long walk to a remote beach. There was an airshow on display of what must have been something nearing 200 turkey buzzards all lazily gliding about over a creek. Was impressive to see to say the least, a good sign that they're not in decline and looking healthy. Stopped along the way to cheer up a dog and we ran around and played together which helped sure up some heat against the cool fall day. Once I got down to the beach, some other dogs must have smelled the previous dog on me and proceeded to jump all over me and have a good time. They were pretty wet but I didn't really care as I was about to go swim anyways. Very daunting feeling cold winds picking up just as you're getting ready to undress and wander out into what will assuredly be bone-chilling waters, but somehow none of that stopped me. Soon found myself up to my navel in brisk but calm water and launching myself in, what remained of my body heat turning to burningly cold sensation. Nothing quite invigorates like feeling your body panic then switch gears into survival mode, could literally feel something shift inside me after a few swim strokes like my mind was trying bluff my nervous system into believing it was warmer that what it was actually feeling. Made for a good long swim and a type of resilience against the cold wind as I got out even though it felt like sheets of ice were going to form on me. Redressed and got a steady jog going to regain some of the circulation in my limbs and build up heat for the trek home. Placid Percievings : Pukka Pzazz
(490.32 KB 1079x1079 doodle ghost.jpg)

>>16035 >ghosty requests will do. lemme think and get back.
(145.78 KB 710x733 cinnaroll'd.png)

(62.67 KB 768x747 hat-misplacing-ghost.png)

Beach Update : More strange dreams last night (this time in the form of a 80's-style horror flic with a title somewhere along the likes of Soul Crusher and featuring a climactic scene where some sort of demon was chowing down on freshly plucked eyeballs w/ surrounding flesh served by a witch-like woman with a triceratops-styled headdress. All very striking yet cheesey.) made for a bit of a tough time getting into the swing of morning love making, yet somehow I pulled through and we had a good go of it. The other plus being that the storytime book is finished and we both agreed it was pretty lousy. Was gifted before heading off for work with some local baked goods (crullers and a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing). These were tasty when I had them in the afternoon, but wayyy too greasy and left me in some sort of diabetic time warp. Realized how late it was getting and how the bright, beautiful day was slipping through my oily fingers, so I guzzled hot tea and lifted weights in an attempt to warm up before getting out in the water. Very pleasant and scenic fall day, other than the mushy trails in the sky, and I felt glad there was not a hint of wind to be found. Waters were quite calm, but the sun had done little to warm up the temperatures. Still got right out there without a pause or the slightest hesitation and amusingly heard some young lads on the beach balking in disbelief that anyone would get out in there. The swim went smoothly and seemed to even out the deep-fried lethargy I'd been wallowing in. My body seems resigned the cold at this point and stops protesting a lot quicker than before. Enjoyed a long swim then got out and sprinted about to get some of the cold out of my joints before heading home. Undulating Utterances : Unstintingly Upskilled
(85.92 KB 768x750 dash'd.png)

(67.21 KB 768x746 glue-sniffing-ghost.png)

Beach Update : I think the weather actually cracked 20¬įC today. Made for a nice time doing stuff outdoors until it was time to get the swim sorted out. The GF joined me to keep watch from a warm, dry vantage point on the beach while I persist in my bizarre routine of subjecting myself to cold water exercise. If it was any warmer today, I couldn't feel it. Could feel much of anything other than cold, much like a weighty block of ice on my chest as I tried to breathe in. The unpleasantness of the temperature aside, it was a lengthy and enjoyable swim which gave me the full body workout I was hoping for. Was very nice having a warm, affectionate GF waiting for me to dissipate the lingering cold with her body once I got out. Drifting Data : Duteous Doting
(118.27 KB 404x500 pepenguin.png)

make a penguin ghost

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