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(2.09 MB 480x360 rebeachening.gif)

Beach Update ©anadAnon 05/19/2021 (Wed) 01:32:41 No. 23
B.U 2021 : The Shoreckoning This is the thread where (you) get up to date reports directly from a beach near (me)
(1.36 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-203301.png)

Wavy-place Observations Was surprisingly busy all morning, lots of prep, food storage/harvesting, baking, exercise and cleaning/laundry. I'm not sure if these were all to keep me distracted from the siren call of looking online or actual motivation. Either way got a lot done. Did not beach with neighbor-lady as she was busy cleaning for her first round of guests, instead went solo. Day was very hot and steamy, like walking around in a giant greenhouse. So humid out that everything had a hazy aura surrounding it. Consequently, the beach was packed with folks looking to cool off and enjoy the end of August reverie. Was able to find a small spot to plunk down and feed some gulls before wading out. Waters were pleasant in terms of temperature, but had an odd yellow-green hue to them once I was actually diving down into them. May have had to do with the cloudy skies, but it sort of gave the impression of swimming in pee. Still, a very high energy and enjoyable swim none the less. Lots of boats out and I narrowly missed a few on my way back to shore. Took some time drying out in the sun, tossing some more homemade bread out to a gull who was pecking away at a washed up dead fish so that it could have a more varied diet. Reminded me of the sort of meals Jesus used to have with his followers; lots of bread and fish. 7.5/10
(776.33 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-205143.png)

>>4170 >Do it help? In terms of managing existential angst, yes. I tend to look into the particularly paranoid and gloomy doomy parts of the news machine daily and it gets wearisome. My reality is much less threatening and confrontational than the rhetoric being tossed about right now and it's important to let IRL be the main focus from time to time. Another big part of it is showing myself I can do fine without if need be. I do this with all sorts of things I enjoy in life to make sure if my access to them were suddenly interrupted it wouldn't come as too much of a shock to my system nor could the threat of having them revoked sway me much. Current break has to do with being alerted there was going to be some high octane news-bait tossed out this coming week to get everyone particularly on edge. Decided to focus on getting to a bunch of book reading I'd been putting off instead. Been going well so far, though the stuff I like to read is heavy in its own right. Was just working my way through Elana Freeland's "Under an Ionized Sky" today which feels like an unending gut punch to any notions of a brighter future. Thanks for the luck, and even more thanks for the great borts for me to spew my nonsense rambles on. Glad to have this place exempted as a little nightly treat.
Blanched Upchuck Didn't get a whole lot done today other than some rudimentary things early on. Got called on chaperone neighbor-lass and her guests down to the nude beach fairly early on. Very odd meeting people for the first time, then about 30-40 minutes later being completely naked outdoors with them. Was a good day for that sort of thing though, nice and hot with a good cool breeze. They even brought their Australian sheepdog along for the trip. Doggo seemed nice enough, but due to a naming error they seem to have given him an ancient greek god of death name. Bit foreboding that. A call came through to neighbor-girl shortly after that seemed to mirror that; some life or death information about our mutual friend currently in the ICU. Hearing about it and knowing I had to deal with a bunch of related stuff as soon as I was back home put a damper on my social etiquette and usual wit. Since I'm spoiled with a beach in reach whenever I'm ready, I'm not used to the whole "making a day of it" thing which visitors like to do. Really felt like way too long to be hanging around there and having to be on their time table made me a bit antsy. Swimming helped somewhat, I ended up getting in four times throughout the many hours we lazed around burning our nethers. Waters were warm and welcoming, getting progressively wavier and wavier as the day went on and winds picked up. Neighbor-lass seemed to really enjoy herself just jumping and spinning around fully unclothed against the oncoming crash of the waves in a way that would have been whimsical and uplifting if my mind had not been elsewhere. I actually feel like my ass is slightly sunburnt now from the hours and hours of it baking out in the direct sun. Not felt that before so that's kinda neat. Too long/Clothes
(1.04 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213347.png)

Beak Caught Snake Day was sort of a blur of gettin' shit dun. The apple exhaustion is catching up to me, there always seems to be more and more. Have opted to break out the juicer and deal with a lot of them in quick order that way. Made a bunch of juice, some with mixed in veggies, and will start in on a larger batch of apple chutney to be preserved and doled out at a later date tomorrow. Heading down to the beach after hitting some weights to wash off the sweat, I ran into neighbor-chick coming out of the small local library. She had just retrieved... yet another copy of Le Petit Prince. Kinda feel she's overdoing it at this point, currently has three copies. Her excuse is wanting different English translations, but why this matters when she can't even read the original French to compare them is beyond me. We continued on together to the beach from there. Very hot and clear day, waters were a welcome respite from the feeling of baking or being sun-dried. Swam very far out as I was interested in what a government salvage ship (the kind with a large crane attached) was doing daudling around. Never really found out even though I kept checking them out with the binoculars. Seemed to just be sitting around doing fuck all. Much more interesting was watching various large hawks circling along the coast and pulling daring acrobatic dives to catch prey in the clear waters. Swim really wore me out and I flopped down next to neighbor-girl after carrying her to shore for some reading aloud to her. Picked up where I left off in the book and had a good time getting to through some of the more poignant chapters of the Little Prince's tale. She seemed to really enjoy it. little pleasures/little prince
(536.45 KB 1076x1415 235629_Translate.jpg)

>>4254 *"oh my"s in french*
(1.26 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-214854.png)

Bleeds Clot-Safe Another busy day as I attempt to escape crushing daily realities and cauterize myself against impending pains. My apple chutney has proven so popular that I made a much larger second batch today in between other prep and food storage. Turned out slightly different due to the fact I was working on memory of the original recipe which was already a synthesis of 4-5 other recipes I had read and probably not scaling up appropriately. Still turned out good as far as I and the other people who tasted it could tell and has now been preserved in jars for gifting and later use. Segued quickly into a lot of strenuous exercise following this and was feeling pretty beat by the time I got to the beach. Day was very humid and warm with a perpetual threat of storms on the horizon. Goggles broke on me way out in the water and I had to MacGiver them back together. While I was far out swimming, I spotted none other than neighborette setting up on the nearly empty strip of beach next to me. We passed a long blissful swim without interacting until the clouds started to grow darker and things cooled down. Swam in close to greet her and giver her my customary water to towel carry service. Got a whole flock of noisy seagulls to gather round for the remainder of old bread I had in my bag back on the sand. So many excited birbs so close that my beach-budess got a bit freaked out. They were generally well behaved other than getting squawky with each other. I was pretty tuckered out by the end of this and had to excuse myself to try to fit in a bit of rest before preparing for a guest at ©anadAnon Manor. Who was this guest you ask? Why none other than long time fambly fren, the esteemed ex of ms. neighbor-gal! Awkwardly I was tasked with not revealing what I've been up to with her so she can do the deed herself as they go over the dividing up of their mutually accrued and monetarily substantial estate this evening. He's a pretty great, successful guy and I'm reminded/baffled that she's downgraded her life a great deal slumming it in my company. Still have no idea how he's going to take it or if I have a knuckle-sandwich waiting for my breakfast tomorrow. tangled/webs we weave
(1.15 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-210651.png)

Beaut Montane Morning was interesting as I had to spend some time in conversation with a guy whose ex I'm currently involved with. While he tried to pull a "I'm the chillest motherfucka you'll ever know" routine I could tell the whole situation had hit him somewhat off guard. There were some overtures made trying to convince me that neighbor-lass was in fact trouble if I'm not careful, but he also had to admit that she seems to be a very different person than he remembers. I'm choosing interpret this as her effort towards a more spiritual and meditative life being the real deal, but of course there's no way to know for sure. All the talk was awkward, but somewhat constructive. I was not overly surprised to read from his responses that financial and material successes are starting to feel more like a burden than a reward. Being left to his toys and properties had an air of distraction rather than enjoyment. He took off rather quick after we had cleared things up and will hopefully be enjoying some time with his family. Beaching took place shortly after with me meeting up with neighbor-girl and bringing her out for an absolute scorcher of a day. She was still getting over a long heavy convo the night before with the ex and needed extra time burying her face in my pits. Oddly they had chosen to meet outside in the dark and I think not being able to read the face of someone she was so formerly close to had left her more uneasy than need be. Was able to cheer her up in quick order and we had a great, lengthy swim in the warm, inviting waters. Beach-side, it was like being at a tropical resort with the blazing heat of the sun. While we lounged and dried out in quick order, we found ourselves getting damp with sweat immediately after. Good day to catch a case of sun stroke if you're not careful. We took off for her place and cooled off in the AC while I finished off the final chapters of Le Petit Prince aloud to her in bed. Bit embarrassed to say I nearly choked up several times towards the end, especially reading the post-script. She curled up in my arms wordlessly after and we had some rest time. When she awoke, she ended up straddling me and getting into some very deep, deistic topics that bordered on the metaphysical. I was surprisingly cogent and well spoken on almost every question and topic without much deliberation or thought to what my reply would be. She seemed suitably impressed by all this and we must have gone back and forth for hours. A bit too long as she had missed some texts from her next set of visiting guests who had been left in the lurch waiting to meet up with her. Parted ways with her seeming much more upbeat and cheery than when I had met her. The big questions in life have a way of putting interpersonal drama into perspective I suppose. 8.5/10
(652.07 KB 1598x1080 'ouch' in repose.png)

>eats bundtcake Not a whole lot to this one. Had a pretty quiet day other than a lot of exercise. Weather was hot and sunny again by the time I'd finished work and gotten down to the beach. Waters were warm and choppy, but not quite properly wavy. Even with all the exercise beforehand, I put in a very energetic swim and found myself way far out in the depths. Really tried to haul ass back to shore and was sore and tired by the time I made it back. Feels great having that deep body ache, especially in the shoulders. Makes laying down feel like bliss. 7.5/10
(1.37 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213445.png)

<Scuzz Magnate Been getting a lot of compliments on the dehydrated apple slices I "made" yesterday. I guess they make a nice snack and taste good in hot cereals. Used up the last of the first chutney batch making a grilled cheese+chutney to bring along to the beach for neighbor-lass and myself. Today was very hot, almost unpleasantly so when the winds were stagnant. Beach was packed with folks looking for respite from the heat and loads of boaters out in the warm waters. Had a long, intense swim having to avoid boats and seadoos. Got more open and less perilous the further I went out. Took a long time swimming back and neighbor-gal was pooped from her lengthy freestyle swim too. Carried her back and made her day with the sun-warmed cheese-n-chutney. She was liking it so much she started daydreaming about setting up a grilled cheese shack. Sounded like a lot of work and I had trouble with the idea of not consuming all the grilled cheesers myself. Hung around long enough after to catch an odd sight : two gals had brought their black cat down to the beach. I correctly predicted as soon as I saw it that their main purpose was wetting the poor puss and filming the debacle. I sent off neighbor-femme to investigate and indeed the girls insisted that the leashed cat "identified as a dog" and "loved swimming". Wlovever I saw the cat doing did not resemble "loving" any moment of what was being done to it, at most I would say it tolerated water and knew how to quickly scramble onto any nearby person. Along these same lines : an older couple continually forcing their basset hound into the waters on a leash. Poor thing was so heavy and low to the ground it looked like it would sink like a brick. Barely managed to keep its snout above the water. Back at the la neighborette's pad, I read to her some more. This time from the poetry of Dennis Lee. Reminded us both of better times in a Toronto of the past but didn't really compare to the Saint-Exupéry fare from before. Following the reading there were sexy times and then following those there was decidedly unsexy flattery and ego stroking directed at me by her. Never sure how to take that stuff, especially when it comes to complimenting my looks and smarts. Feels very foreign and like I'm about to be hit by a pie in the face if I ever start believing it. unwilling animals/waters
(1.40 MB 1690x1080 shit girls say.png)

Bay Bulletin Day started off brutally humid, there had been a thunderstorm last night and all the rain had found its way into the air. Got together the last pieces of apple crisp and took off to the beach with neighbor-lady as soon as I had everything taken care of at home. Swim was |ovely, waters felt room temperature had a nice slow rolling wave pattern to them. Practiced all types of different strokes until I was throughout tired then brought it in with neighbor-gal for a beach-side snack. As intense as the heat was her line of questioning today. I'm sure other days I would not have felt so on edge and withholding, but I'd had an unfortunate start to my day. Got frustrated trying to put words to ephemeral topics and acted somewhat cold and aloof. Things got tense, then meditative, then tired. Going to rectify any weird energy between us by spending the night and hopefully lulling her into blissful sleep with some prime reading material. 6/10
(1.21 MB 1690x1080 bhb - birbs helping birbs.png)

Sleeps Not-Enoughdate Spending the night with neighbor-girl was pleasant enough, read her a great deal of Wilde's short stories and had a good dinner, but actual restful sleep was hard to come by. Bit difficult to climatise to a different bed and big weird pillows while trying to keep someone else comfy. Left me a bit out of it today when I trudged off to get things done. Coffee filled in the gaps well enough though. Beaching took place later than usual and things were fairly quiet when me & neighborette made our way there. Nice hot day with a good stiff breeze that picked up over the course of our swim. I really enjoyed the waters as there was far fewer people and boats out, felt like I could just keep swimming farther and farther out for hours on end in the warm soft waves. My swimmate was far lower energy and needed respite from the waters far earlier than usual. I met her on the sands and we talked about animal pals & pets. My heartwarming tales clued her in as to why I seem to have such a report with the beasts of the field and seemed to amuse her greatly. Spent some time before we left just cleaning up along the beach using a large garbage bag we'd found down there. Feels gud to leave things looking better than you'd found them. 7.5/thing
(2.09 MB 2048x1356 time.png)

Reach Upcape As August draws to a close I can already feel things cooling down. Took things slow and easy today, my coast-companionne was off dealing with yet another guest so I made my way down to a more obscure and slightly illegal beach alone (getting to it is the only legally dubious part tbh). Great big rolling clouds the whole time kept things temporate and made the breaks where the sun got through feel special. Did a fair bit of cleaning up to and from the beach, never quite sure what causes people to just toss garbage into pristine natural surroundings, but wlovever. Dead animals along the way also got moved, among them: a mole and a large snake. On the shore things were scenic and quiet. Very few people around, possible because the cooler, cloudier weather has a tendency to draw out bitey flies. Waters were flat and still quite warm, I spent a good deal of time lazily paddling around and a long while just floating on my back watching the sun peeked in and out of the clouds. My time in the water was leisurely and not overly taxing. Wanted to lay around on the sand after reading a bit, but when I got to my bag and towel I saw that they were coated in dozens of bitey flies looking for the owner. Dried off quickly and got dressed instead of hanging around and being a blood buffet while the only other nearby beachgoer, a girl in cutoff shorts, paced about seeming extremely troubled on and off her phone the whole time. Took an illegal shortcut and found an old abandoned bench to sit an read on. Flies followed me the whole way but seemed to back off as soon as I cracked the book. 7/10
(55.06 KB 260x262 pen.png)

Autumn Is Coming
(704.02 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-221431.png)

Grief Vacate Chutney'd the fugg out of a lot of apples today. Got into a real joyful flow state of getting it all whipped up and made two great big heaping batches which will be jarred and passed out to select frens+fambly. Took off to a beach shortly after. Lots of rolling clouds under a bright sun and breezes made the weather alternate between a summer and autumn feel. One moment it was sunny and hot, the next nice and cool. Waters were pleasant and a soft rolling quality that reminded me of a thin drape being blown in a light wind. Swimming was enjoyable and laid back. Took my time and did a bunch of diving into deep murky waters. Back on the beach I kept finding discarded goggles which I left in prime spots for people who might need them. One pair was however too nice not to swipe as back ups. On the way back, I stopped by some friends to be treated to a plethora of depressing topics and an overstated death drive which they had given themselves over to in light of some hard times. Interesting seeing how some folks deal with stress and the things it draws out of them. Did my best to assure them I was on call for anything that might be needed, but I get the feeling they won't reach out until they're at the brink of collapse. More heavy shiz is apparently getting hashed out tonight in the ©anadAnon Art Atelier without my knowing. I suspect neighbor-dame will fill me in tomorrow as to the gritty details and fall out as it pertains to her. oblivious/blissious
(24.05 KB 288x224 unnamed (2).png)

>>4470 Aye. Could really feel it today. Makes me wonder if I'll be able to swim well into October as I did last year. Had a good run this year and I'm actually sort of looking forward to resuming my calisthenics regiment once it cools enough to be aquatically prohibitive.
(1.66 MB 2480x1753 16421832_p0.png)

>>4470 >Autumn Is Coming Kinda hot tbh
(12.61 KB 197x220 war is hell.jpg)

frieze uplake Things were heavy and tense all morning as folks were dealing with mortality and personal space issues. Did my best to provide wlovever insights and consolations I could but I mostly dealt with it by deconstructing apples. Got loads of things preserved and more on the way so I feel fairly accomplished. Beyond the preseved goods we should have plenty of apples for pies and whatnot all winter. Weather has already cooled down significantly, but the skies were clear and sunny for what feels like some last gasps of summer fun. Met up with neighbor-lass who had a rather rough time last night getting chewed out and interrogated. She put a brave face on it all but still needed a good amount of hugging. We got down to the sunny beach for some cool, calm waters. The drop in temperature is noticable but doesn't feel too bad when you're moving around enough. We both had a nice swim then brought it in with the usual carry to the finish line. The hot weather really does seem to be the deciding factor in bitey fly forwardness. They really swarmed down on me and neighbor-girl had to make the executive decision to abort beach-side relaxation. Was quite unpleasant for me too moving to get a shirt on and seeing the veritable swarm of flies, a good 30 or so, take off from my back. Dragonflies were out in great numbers on the way back and are hopefully chowing down on the offending blood suckers. Spent some time back at her place fulfilling a request to read her some "Mary Oliver" (if memory serves). This was all poetry and tended to deal with : nature & reading books. Seemed to mirror reality fairly well. First time I've ever read to someone where I actually found myself nodding off midsentence. Hope that doesn't come off as a knock on Ms. Oliver. Some all too brief shut eye followed this, then more heavy talk that lead nowhere. Would have been much more productive to just hug and lay in comfort, but wlovever. blood/small holes dotting my back
(27.60 KB 450x396 bi-polar bear.jpg)

>>4489 love to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming shortly after. Get those swims in:)
(1.25 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-204247.png)

Which Um Day? Had to spend an inordinate amount of time and elbow grease cleaning out the crocpot as some the the apple butter had overflowed and cemented in the cracks overnight. Batch still turned out good and got many jars of it jarred up. Had to do a bunch of work on a bday card for a fem-fren who is going through a rough time. Took extra care to hand-doodle the fugg out of it and work in very soft but hopefully on target humor into the insides. She'll be getting some preserves and a homegrown loose tea out of dried apples, camomile and mint along with the card at an exclusive dinner tonight should there be no change of plans. Needed a swim after that so I strolled down to the beach and jumped in. Weather was much the same as yesterday only with a blanket of very thin clouds drifting past. Felt as though it was going to be cooler than before but the waters were still quite pleasant. Had a long, aggressive swim which left me panting and drained. Ot back to the towel right as the sun was coming out in force. Neighbor-girl showed up shortly after and had her own swim while I scoped the shoreline with binoculars. Her gift for the lucky fren is going to be a hand picked and arranged bouquet of bday flowers. I must have been wrong about the cooler weather being the bitey fly release valve since the whole time I was there not one showed up even with the weather being a rerun of the day before. Maybe those dragonflies really did chow down on them. 7.5/10
(68.82 KB 437x510 penguin-land.jpg)

>>4506 >Wintra Not sure how that qualifies as bad news. Been preparing all summer for it. I'm glad to get back to cold weather training and hopefully more home-based activities like drawing and actually contributing to the /404/um.
(245.80 KB 600x228 guess who.png)

>>4557 i guess it would make sense for you to like colder weather, being a penguin persona and all. >contributions i will relish the day:)
(160.65 KB 800x580 KP4.jpg)

Broth test-taste Yesterday in the evening I took a swim down at the beach. Weather was about room temperature with heavy clouds crowding out most of the sky. Timing was all out of sorts because I had stayed up too late the night before to deal with some bad news and talk it over. Waters were still, cool and relaxing to swim out in. Though I was still low energy and tired, swimming felt very easy and natural even if it was at a slower pace. Felt like I could be out doing it for hours and barely notice. 7.5/10
(4.05 MB 640x640 dog-in-shock-ice-cream.gif)

Keats' Dutch Cape Neighbor-lass managed to convince me into getting an end of the season trip back to the nudie beach. Weather was warm and windy, felt very refreshing on the long walk down there. Lots of sandcastle makers today, a few turned out pretty impressive with the size and complexity of their moats. One even had a good likeness of an octopus reaching and crawling back out into the waters. The wind picked up and it got very wavy by the time me and her got there and stripped down. Had to warn her to be careful in this sort of water weather and wasn't too surprised to see her getting washed far down shore a few times, trying to swim against those kinds of waves and tides can be tough. She still had a great time jumping around in the waves and riding their currents once she got more used to it. Stopped by our friend's house to have the belated birthday dinner. Mood proved to be much lighter than the last few times I'd seen them and was happy to find out my card and accompanying gifts were well received. The card in particular got a lot of lofty praise, glad I put in the extra effort even if I was just winging it the whole time. Steak dinner was great and we found out at dessert that the dog had a taste for raspberry sorbet. As did a monarch butterfly that launched itself into my brownie and sorbet out of nowhere. Animals/bowls
(745.44 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200903-175602.png)

teeth hole-shape Slow, laid back day here. Weather has been very pleasant. Good time for working outside, warm and bright but with a nice soft breeze and none of the former humidity. Being out there reminded me to get some more of those elderberries before they fell off the branches. Got to the beach later than usual and still ran into neighbor-gal. Sun was out in force so she stuck around to watch me swim and joined me for a second dip. Waters were cool and calm, made for good slow, methodical swimming so I could focus on form a little more. Felt very peaceful and tired afterward escorting get back home. Been fighting nodding off ever since. (and even now!) sleep/now
(572.17 KB 2160x1080 migration.png)

Tease Front-Braid More prime weather today. The sun and heat without the humidity is a nice combination. Beach was very quiet by the time me and neighbor-girl arrived and stayed calm for the duration. Waters had a nice wave to them, not too strong but made for good resistance swimming out. Pretty much had the beach to ourselves once I carried her out and we spent a good amount of time enjoying the silence and watching birbs fly by with the binocs. As is usual with the time of year, a lot of turkey buzzards are passing through and they're very relaxing to watch since they'll just glide for ages on wind currents without giving a single flap. Also caught some bald eagle sightings since they enjoy stopping by the coast on their migrations. As we were getting ready to leave, had an interesting convo with a former cop turned dog trainer and his bullmastiff rehabbed dog. Among other things he mentioned seeing a lot of dead, washed up fish the day before. While this isn't unusual for the time of year, he made the scale of it sound ominous, even adding in the bullmastiff had a bout of bad shits. I've not had any ill effects and I'm in the water all the time, so I'll keep an eye on it.
(23.79 KB 492x339 caught with a donkey.jpg)

>>4645 8/forgot review
(64.75 KB 624x624 6b4ec10fdbe5b93fb3b8.jpeg)

please, cup-plate Bit of a rough day round here. Got into a shitty situation trying to protect a near and dear relative from getting le ooze infusion. Lost out as they were literally bullied through shouting and name calling into it and were made to leave their phone behind so that I'd have no recourse. I feel terrible that I've not been pumping them full of the kind of paranoid parables and anxious anecdotes I look into, but also glad I kept calm and said my peace if only for conscience calming purposes down the road. Extremely fugged what sort of brainwarp has been layered in and how quick they're ready to snap on anyone that they can intimidate. Day was windy and warm, but getting down to the beach did little to take my mind off things. Waters were cool and wavy, swimming was a breeze and very energetic, but the whole time my mind was troubled by the feeling of failure to convey the risks, experimental nature and proposed unending intrusive updates that go along with submission to this. Didn't stick around long once I had finished a long, taxing routine, wind had picked up and was blowing sand allover. Difficult not to feel angry and cold with these people now. While I try to see the best in them, it's clear that there's an increasing element of liability to placing too much trust in them. Not pleasant. Rounded out the night trying to take my mind elsewhere by reading dear neighbor-lass to sleep. Very relaxing and sweet, but it's hard not to let those spectres of future woes sneak in. In light of impending doomy thoughts, I went ahead and gave neighborette a very special keepsake, feeling as though I did not want to miss my chance not knowing what tomorrow might bring. It was a very raer (probably the only one in ©anada), and needlessly expensive to smuggle out of Japan, ring baring the early insignia of Wednesday Campanella. (Amusingly, she had her hair up in in an extremely similar style to pic related of Kom_i when I presented it to her) She enjoyed this a great deal and I reflected on the absolute blessing it is to have someone in my life to give these silly sentimental things to like I might die or be taken away tomorrow. Discern/Concern
(2.04 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-214647.png)

Boat Upkeep Spent a bunch of time stacking firewood and helping to clean up a houseboat that some friends have up for sale. This was nice because neighbor-chick was along with me and we work surprisingly well together. Getting kissed at the end is a good motivator I guess. As soon as we were done, a big bright rainbow came into being off in the distance and felt like a visual reward for a job well done. Hit the beach following this and were some of the only people there. Day was sunny and warm enough, but there was a pretty stiff wind that kept most people away from the waters. We both still got in a good long swim, the cool waters being preferable to being wet and in the wind. Nice waviness to them, but not too intense. Even with the soreness of stacking loads and loads of wood I still had a fairly high energy swim. Later on we had dinner under the stars and I read to her while she prepared it. Following dinner, she asked for an improvised story in bed and I obliged. Some parts got a lot of laughs, other parts gasps, still other parts she fell asleep at because my voice is soothing* (*boring). simple/pleasures
(481.20 KB 1280x720 mawaru-penguindrum-0201.png)

Scrote Puffdate Had a bit of a rotten morning due to annoying cats being extra loud and annoying in the night. One will sort of loudly barge in and demand the use of my hands. I don't go along with it because it sends the wrong message but he'll still stick around and yaowlover and over. Left me feeling stiff and sore in the neck. Still got various things done and set off for the beach in the afternoon. Neighbor-girl was along for the trip and we had nearly empty beach to enjoy. Weather has cooled a bit, but there was enough sunlight today to make for enjoyable times on the sand. The waters were still pretty inviting, better than yesterday thanks to less wind, the cooler temperatures tend to make the swimming more rigorous. A long freestyle swim sorted out the pain in my neck rather quickly and neighbor-lass reported a similar effect on her aches. Carried her to shore in time to catch the direct sun rays, spent some time feeding a gull and eating dehydrated snacks I had brought along. Both of us hadn't had the best of sleeps, so we went back to her place for a short nap. While I got her to sleep quickly with an improvised tale, she woke up fairly quick after and things got very sexy. She certainly seemed to really enjoy this extended pounding and really could not let go of me afterwards until a second session occurred. Spent the rest of the time resting in my arms going over various ethereal topics and generally being thankful for each other's continued company while acknowledging that wlovever we have is vastly different from what we were used to before. Penis/Vagina
(21.23 KB 360x360 138809.jpg)

Coastline Chronical Was dealing with a weird upper ribcage/shoulder pain all morning as I got various jobs done, very noticable on deep inhales and bending down. Oddly dehydrated apple chips have become a popular snack for frens and fambly recently so I try to get at least a batch going each day. Very tasty, but can take a long time to get nice and crisp/crunchy. Neighboress eventually wrangled me into a swim later on. Surprisingly warm and pleasant despite a fair bit of wind. Waters were cool and very wavy, actually quite a struggle to fight against once I had gone far enough out. Neighbor-gal had a very tough go of them, getting swept down the coast and having to fight her way back to the shallows. She started to get worried about not being able to spot me amidst the endless rolling walls of water and scrambled back to shore to use my binocs to search me out. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to die at this point so I was fine other than being drained from a very intense swim back. The rolling waves and extra effort not to drown seemed to sort out the pain in my ribs and side rather quick. Beach was coated with invasive ladybug lookalikes, the kind that bite, while we dried off and watched the horizon in each other's arms. Things only seemed to get more and more overcast, so we booked it for her place. I think she was hoping for a repeat of yesterday and I tried to give worthy performance. Turned out good enough and despite being wave-weary I gave her some intense moments complete of loss of control. She was pretty blissed out afterwards and we shared some meditation time out on her balcony. 7.5/10
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<coastal region current events' Yesterday there was beaching. Turns out that the danger from the wavy day mentioned before was very real : somebody got swept out and drowned, nearly ended up taking three other people who tried to rescue down with them. The search is still on for the body, but nothing has surfaced yet. In keeping with the death aura, there was a notable amount of large rotting dead carp along the beach when me and neighborette arrived. Weather was warm and sunny, even had a burst of humidity reminding us both of summer-er times. Waters were cool and had a slow rolling motion to them, made for good swimming. As great as the swimming is for exercise, I really felt like the actual workout was attempting to run as fast as I could while carrying neighbor-gal through the currents. Very good leg exercise. Things got overcast by the time we were set up on the beach so we fugged off to her place. Just as well really, the wafts of putrified carp take away from laying on the beach. Back at her place I did a bunch of reading aloud of various stories while she prepared tea and ginger cookies. Did a good job reading too as several times she was brought to tears from the immersion. reading/loud
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Broad Upswing Extremely large and intense lightning storm last night knocked out the power hence the blated update posted above for the majority of the day. Had never seen anything like it, lightning was flashing non-stop for a good 40 minutes. From what I could gather nobody else here, even old-timers, had never witnessed quite such a display. Lucky for me, © anadAnon estate is equipped with gas powered utilities so I spent my morning doing old fashioned baking. Whipped up some peanut butter apple breakfast muffins which seem to be going over well. Followed it up with a lot of exercising, had been slacking somewhat on the cardio, but when I do it I'm reminded how well it gets my energy up for the rest of the day. Made my way down to the beach solo for some swimming and only realized once I was in the waters how big and dark the clouds on the horizon were. Waters themselves were cool and marl, still full of debris from the storm the night before. As a rigorous swim far out then really pushed myself to get back as quickly as possible before the rain hit. Just beat it and was able to gather up my things as the first drops started falling. As if on cue, neighborette met me on the path out and we had a mad dash through the pouring rain back to her place for fresh muffins and a damp and relaxed rest with her in my arms. Following a brief catnap, she insisted on getting spicy with me culminating in some very wet oral pleasuring of my peenor. ran/clever ratings
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Please Angulate Had very nice hot and humid weather here during the day. Got out to a very popular and big beach today with neighbor-lass to really soak it in. Was surprised to see the place virtually empty when we got there. Made for a great day though, lots of big strong waves out there but not so bad that I was overly worried for my swimming companion. Felt like a bit of a ///safety\\\ day as we found out that the fellow who drown the other day was found. There's some talk of him drowning because he set out to save someone and got overwhelmed in the process. Even with the mental caution tape up it was hard not to have a great time in the sweep and power of all the neverending waves and the subsequent riptide to fight against. Spend a very long time out there having a blast in it until the sun started to get covered over by slow moving clouds. Felt quite the treat having the place to ourselves as we enjoyed the uninterrupted crashing surf and massive cloud formations off in the distance. Birds were out in force on the way back, turkey buzzers are starting to show their numbers and we spotted the reclusive bald eagle again among the crowded skies. 9.5/10
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Sneaks Marmalade Stayed up too late and have felt very out of it all day. The continuing drama with my friend in the hospital doesn't help either. While I should be turning my apprehension into some sort of dynamic energy to power me to new heights, I mostly just tapped out and have been stuffing my face with junk food all day. Still got things done early on, but after a flurry of constructive stuff I lost direction. Didn't even make time to coordinate with neighbor-lass for swim times, just stumbled down there in the warm, cloudy weather and numbly got in the cooling, still waters. Would not be overly surprised if she's a little peeved with me. Took a long meandering solo swim out into the cold depths and tried to really tire myself out getting back as fast as I could. Beach was really deserted by the time I got back and I would have enjoyed simply zoning out and meditating in the sun, but being that I was the only target there the bitey flies were gunning hard for my back. Didn't stick around long, instead got back and resumed shoving food into myself until my belly hurt more than the sore thoughts in my brain. Feel pretty rotten standing up my swim pal, will have to make it up to her and try not to let myself get too bogged down with daily life. Can be a tall order some days. motivation/speculation
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Best Before-Date Woke up to news of my friend passing away last night. Everyone here has been pretty down about the whole thing, myself included. In a lot of ways I want to get and lash out at, well, whoever is nearby. Fortunately I still have self control and calm introspection keeping me from that sort of stuff. Mostly I feel sad that he didn't listen to me and had to pass away surrounded by strangers in an antiseptic death factory instead of in a position where his friends and family could see him. I can at least say I've been in prepatory prayer for weeks over this so I have some absolution on tlovend. Neighbor-lass wants to help out and be present for me, but even with that I felt tense and upset. I tried to set that aside for a |ovely hot day on the beach with her and it worked well enough. Things were breezy, but clear skied and beautiful with the sun out. Waters were cool but very inviting, the winds whipped up an unending stream of small waves to swim against. Went at it until I was tired and then brought my swimmate to the beach for some downtime. Did not enjoy the looming feeling that I had to say something or talk at length so we just lounged in the sun, beach completely to ourselves. Our time was very relaxing and scenic, but getting her back to her place I decided to just fugg off and be by myself instead of spending time with her to take my mind off things. Thankfully she's being understanding of this, but I still feel pretty rough and out of sorts. Tried to make it up to her with some fresh vegetable/fruit juice I'd made in the morning. Mostly just want to go off and meditate, the tension and updating of folks about the passing has given me a headache. Taste/things to come

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