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(31.37 MB 856x480 doom level 4.mp4)

əˈnɒnɪməs 05/22/2021 (Sat) 01:32:03 No. 235
Video Thread
>>4427 eh; I told ffmpeg to normalize the color. That broke its ability to be played in-browser as well as not quite do what I was thinking it would with the overall coloration.
(25.00 MB 930x523 too-many-cooks.webm)

>>4432 >>4427 A'ight, den. Less try 'is again.
(3.74 MB 704x396 Enough_Pussy_to_Eat.webm)

>>4435 watched the entire thing! youre right, it is wholesome:)
(2.37 MB 576x1024 turkey.mp4)

(1.16 MB 1280x720 i sharted.mp4)

(278.95 KB 1280x720 fart-sniff.webm)

(6.96 MB 510x382 DO NOT CLICK.webm)

(96.17 KB 714x574 apu vomit.png)

>>4464 why cant i take file names seriously!?
(1.52 MB 984x554 nigger cat.mp4)

>>4465 I don't know, talk to your supervisor or something.
(802.05 KB 112x112 cat jam.gif)

>>4471 maybe i will!
(554.32 KB 442x854 chien-vs-dispute.mp4)

(9.94 MB 720x1280 dancing brazilian dog.webm)

>>4634 poor traumatized pupper
(13.36 MB 854x470 Placebo_Meds.mp4)

suddenly remembered that I'd forgotten about this gem.
(84.65 KB 750x600 reminder.jpg)

>>4656 good song is good:)
(722.42 KB 360x360 MordeTwi-TikTok.mp4)

If I timed this right, I declare >>4664 we are now the unmaker
(2.38 MB 500x370 1231231.gif)

>>4666 >unmaker check!
(30.20 KB 474x640 scarebleu.jpeg)

>>4882 >R.Mutt he was ahead of his time. a true shitposter:)
(1.49 MB 285x242 HeltaSkelta.gif)

>>4915 Shitpost is not the problem. People taking shitpost seriously is.
(7.11 MB 1280x720 aldioder kids.mp4)

>>4926 agreed
(2.45 MB 368x640 xewipv.webm)

(2.17 MB 460x582 15944858231080.mp4)

(2.16 MB 480x360 1601037707575.mp4)

>>4995 Source of the /-\vr@| |-|@11u©iN@ti0n ?
(5.43 MB 640x360 animelikebutmaybenot.mp4)

Have you heard of the fediverse, accessed via mastodon servers that talk to each other? Here's an example of what you might find there.
>>5012 >the fediverse I'm sure no glowniggers operate this with a name like that.
(250.86 KB 1025x1214 glue.jpg)

>>5013 What have you been huffing?
(10.21 MB 1080x1920 fe8seo.mp4)

(3.99 MB 640x360 1426835885031.webm)

>>5005 ill find out tomorrow. phoning it atm

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