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(116.54 KB 640x624 covid.jpg)

Wordsworth 09/23/2021 (Thu) 13:02:32 No. 5208
Covid Memory Hole
(42.54 KB 341x391 trudeau ray impression.jpg)

>>13613 Show really lost something piss jugs? once they had to write Ray out. >Santa/God I can admit to having similar feelings about both especially when I read the parts of the bible that talk about the "Free Gift".
>>13628 Don't feel sorry, you expressed your views and I shouldn't take them personnally even if I may understand some of your points (are they valid or not is another question I could not decide as I have the feeling we navigate in troubled waters regarding all this situation). Sorry for your loses, especially in this shitty context.
>>13631 >trying to out-sorry a Canuckistani This is the one thing for which I will not stand* *sorry about losing my temper right there, I'll sit down now
(104.26 KB 224x225 man blonde.png)

>>13626 I don't know why, but I get REALLY horny when I see a covid mask bikini.
(188.69 KB 700x788 0b1f0829b602e3b5.jpg)

(76.28 KB 640x616 leafy.webp)

(35.81 KB 500x599 gas_mask.jpg)

>>13648 I can't say I'm fond of the Bieb, but that's an awful thing to happen, as is his wife having a stroke at 25. I suspect, like most of you, that cure was worse than the disease. I stopped at two jabs (I have heavy asthma and I didn't dare call their bluff, but I've had Omicron and, while it wasn't fun, it was definitely survivable) and I hope that's enough, but my wife and daughter are still getting the "recommended" amount of doses.

(69.14 KB 690x942 PA5280201.jpg)

(145.84 KB 622x1023 36912070856_7119b14fc4_b.jpg)

(201.00 KB 850x1200 AtomAgeA5-26-F.jpg)

>>13672 fauci sucks bigtime
(171.41 KB 1229x1224 covid vaccine.jpg)

(77.74 KB 900x906 sfsdfsdf.jpg)

shopkeep dying from vaxx, gets robbed.
(66.40 KB 437x437 1538318760423.jpg)

i may have covid. took a china test today and it was positive. went to wellnow™ for a pcr test. if its positive, new york state forces my employer to pay me for 5 days. >symptoms >sore throat >runny nose havent had covid this entire time and looking to cash in on paid time off. if you live in a libtard state you have to play the libtard system at least once in your life. wish me luck! t.BO
>>14428 luck wished to you. Keep us updated. What will you do with your free time ? Are you authorized to leave home and go outside here ?
Best of luck Davey. Make sure you earn that free money properly.
i am negating one of those i do not wish you luck now you only have +1 luck
(157.04 KB 500x629 (((detected))).jpg)

me results
(48.94 KB 919x1191 Untitled.png)

it's over
(12.17 KB 250x228 wally world.jpg)

(353.88 KB 628x480 covid politics.webm)

COVID UPDATE: <i'm fine:) think im going back to work monday or tuesday. plan on hanging out in the backyard with the chickens, go for a hike, get a tan? maybe go for a carwash and pick up some fast food? sky is the limit. >symptoms hacking up mucus sometimes. no fever, chills, headaches, blindness or any other dumb thing people blame covid for.
Edited last time by 404 on 08/04/2022 (Thu) 01:52:04.
Here's a fun fact about the covid "vaccine" efficacy number: When they said it was 97% effective, that wasn't to mean it works 97% of the time, or that you'll be 97% protected from a virus. That percentage is what's called the Relative Risk Reduction, which the FDA in prior years had disavowed because it doesn't give a clear indication of how effective a product is going to be, and promoted the use of Absolute Risk Reduction instead. To get an idea of the absolute risk reduction, we must look at both the test group and placebo group of say Pfizer: |Test group|Placebo group| |~18000 | ~18000 | We'll use the same number even though there the placebo group had slightly more people, for the sake of simplicity. Out of the 18000 in the placebo group, 161 people tested positive for covid, which is about 0.84% Out of the test group that received the drug, 8 people tested positive, which is about 0.04% Both of these are so rare that it falls into the margin of error zone, but the absolute risk reduction is less than 1% based on these numbers. The relative risk reduction, is the relative difference between 0.84 and 0.04, if we forget the decimals and just say the difference between 84 and 4 we get about 97% decrease in cases.
>>14531 i thought relative risk meant relative to covid covid was already 97% asymptomatic so you could literally just claim drinking water was 97% effective against covid
(5.99 MB 360x636 mask woman.webm)

going back to work monday. was "sick" for approximately 2 days. monday being the worst of it(headaches, coughing, sneezing, fever). spent my downtime outside soaking up the sun in my backyard. i feel recharged. >5 paid gubment days off unlocked FUCK COVID AND FUCK PEOPLE THAT RUINED THE WORLD BELIEVING IN IT :^)
Edited last time by 404 on 08/07/2022 (Sun) 04:04:02.
(224.58 KB 860x1024 equality.jpeg)

>>14611 Nice to see you're going well sir. Unfortunately coovid™ has only been a catalyst. People have been ruining things for too long already.
>>15161 >(((Gelman)))
(60.52 KB 1024x673 1662535796596548.jpg)

(29.62 KB 696x538 southparkstannosebridge.jpg)

>>15161 >stalks woman to try to scare her into doing what he wants >she calls him an idiot >he immediately claims the high ground and calls her out for being insulting Fucking humans.
(79.56 KB 570x757 97 years too LATE .jpeg)

the dead queen is another epic covid moment everyone always told how much OTHER people care about the queen and how important she is to people and only the minority wish she were dead and your just a fringe everyone fucking loves her so much and would give their kids to rejuvenate her sphincter now that she died literally everyone is publicly yelling out in unison "i dont give a fuck, good riddance" lmaoooooooooooo everyones suddenly realizing literally no one EVER gave a rats ass about this fake ass piece of shit, all propaganda for a worthless traitorous family that should have been hunted down and executed after the second world war the kikes golem is failing, its only a matter of time now, realizing green paper is just green paper is probably the next illusion to wake the fuckers up god save the queef, rest in piss
(79.15 KB 762x767 prediction.png)

>>15262 maybe she died right on time
(3.18 MB 1280x720 dood.mp4)

(334.22 KB 1316x1316 eef.png)

>>15546 must of been climate change
(132.05 KB 500x486 2194833467cb5854.jpg)

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