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(319.14 KB 498x471 roastie.png)

Big Nuts 12/04/2021 (Sat) 04:57:22 No. 7583
(2.77 MB 640x720 15857738415490.webm)

(75.52 KB 700x987 9RmCwcI.jpg)

(96.20 KB 750x592 simps.jpg)

(3.22 MB 300x300 me on the right.gif)

(6.26 KB 273x228 patton just.jpg)

>>8569 >Patton Oswalt >"Believe Women" Except when they say they need to go to the hospital, right, you fat jew puke?
(89.11 KB 1200x966 hunt.jpg)

(112.08 KB 500x463 orc suit.png)

>>8568 >"mom's friend who buys me chips" >black kid Big surprise.
>>8578 What an amazing shock THAT is.
(34.58 KB 1024x1024 blk sheeeeiiiit.png)

>>8567 >black people rioting with zero consequences over a criminal's cop-assisted suicide >millions of cucks fall for the girlfriend's boyfriend (((meme))) What in the hell are the nogs complaining about? There's never been a better time to be a lower primate than now!
(4.79 MB 480x848 suzón-costal.mp4)

>>8714 1. Can anyone make out what she's saying 2. Is she a thot cosplaying as a stewardess or is she an actual stew who was stupid enough to film her (admittedly awesome) pussy and her ex leaked it?
(3.14 MB 426x320 women love nice guys.webm)

>>8724 she's asking around for nice guys and she hasnt found one yet.
(40.55 KB 720x714 vag_eye.jpg)

(309.47 KB 500x459 B E G O N E.png)

>>8728 >she's asking around for nice guys and she hasnt found one yet. As a gentleman, I will never found a girl thoting on internet attractive. Period. That's a shame, she's pretty cute tbh
(20.32 KB 474x355 OIP.jpg)

>>8728 >Women. Love. Nice guys. I used to unironically believe this. It's almost universally untrue. They want to leech off of nice guys, but they want their pudenda destroyed by the kind of guy who deserves to be buried under the prison.
(918.61 KB 500x281 6AB1V1P.gif)

>>8728 >she's asking around for nice guys and she hasnt found one yet. That's hilarious. I'd spend two days exploring her cavities, but I'd never waifu her. Who the hell wants a girlfriend/wife who's that stupid/slutty?
(127.82 KB 460x319 simpsons completely calm.jpg)

>>8728 >"Once we've gotten that phase out of our system, we're ready to settle down with a simp and have missionary sex once a year." The funny thing is she probably thought this would be heart-warming instead of rage-inducing.
>>8714 So where did you come by this? I did a search on "suzón costal" and nothing came up.
>>8749 you can tell she knows she's full of shit as soon as she starts talking.
(56.96 KB 526x594 758435.jpg)

(1.68 MB 1280x720 741051.mp4)

(1.87 MB 200x150 man andre realization.gif)

>>8765 >>8767 Dude, WTF?! WE're starting to hivemind. I was looking for women pics and came across this one from my phone backup. I thought I'd double posted for a second.
(323.41 KB 1066x1600 blog189_cave_inside.jpg)

(267.65 KB 768x1024 flk4798963121.jpg)

(211.20 KB 480x640 Womb_Cave.jpg)

>>8765 >>8767 >>8769 CAVE PUSSY IS BEST PUSSY
(1.15 MB 406x360 bee_careful.webm)

>>8767 i know that mushroom:) >>8769 beat you to it hive fren
(369.75 KB 460x531 man son i am proud.png)

>>8774 >beat you to it hive fren Absolutely
(13.68 KB 822x784 apu-self-defence.png)

>>8777 check! gotta pick a New Name fren
(136.90 KB 282x220 japanese joy.png)

>>8780 I actually got the "My Social Name Is Willow" one last time. You pick one, fren.
(50.16 KB 450x639 do you think im sexy.jpg)

>>8782 ok! Me Sexy
(154.57 KB 336x672 6uygutvv62s71.mp4)

(6.03 MB 406x720 bo85a.mp4)

(5.45 MB 854x480 vaxxed karen.mp4)

(461.24 KB 682x1024 5C32951.jpg)

(366.57 KB 1085x1600 1438542414968.jpg)

(321.23 KB 1066x1600 1403581565774.jpg)

(3.87 MB 400x217 1395275222764.gif)

(564.11 KB 1108x1600 1404870609819.jpg)

(138.29 KB 649x900 ClipboardImage-1641425991.png.jpg)

(470.43 KB 1576x2321 1378627523410.jpg)

(65.33 KB 640x480 1402261875951.jpg)

>>8798 >vid 2 >non-sentient biological life-support for two amazing breasts >vid 3 I am so bloody sick of the extremists on both sides of the covid debate. Be they pro or anti, they're all starting to get on my last nerve.
(4.31 MB 576x1024 thot 100 tips.mp4)

(4.37 MB 1280x720 thot loses her shit.mp4)

(151.24 KB 750x938 thot buzz lightyear.jpg)

(47.51 KB 640x844 karen heirachy.jpg)

(5.59 MB 720x408 Womenfucksausfailian.webm)

>>9048 >vaxxers vs antis no, stop ALL karens >>9069 pfft women. they are good for suckin and fuckin. dont trust
(478.94 KB 555x421 annabelle.png)

>>9078 >they are good for suckin and fuckin. dont trust Honestly, they're not even good for that after you give them babies.
(112.26 KB 609x571 baby wife.jpg)

>>9086 skip the middleman
>>9088 Out of curiosity, is there any board where you don't post that?

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