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==Funny(/)Gore Thread== Steve Jobs 06/02/2021 (Wed) 20:17:23 No. 908
Since it's gone again, I'll start. Old letter colors things are better be working
>>8243 The virgin dying person >just live then die >oh my god I have an infarctoos >boring >just another statistic >nobody cares, just put him in the box >will not be remembered VS The Chad barrel roll meat explosion >don't use kill swith because YOLO >just don't care >explodes in a cloud, so romantic >guts and blood everywhere >provides good lulz >coworker fainting when see the result >OMG I'm gonna explooding >real meatspin.mp4
(176.93 KB 555x512 invaders 28 days later.png)

>>5996 Toll paid.
(1.96 MB 615x413 my sides s4s.gif)

>>8288 >>8292 My Sides!™
(4.50 MB 640x360 cover orange isis.webm)

(4.69 MB 600x360 cover orange.mp4)

(511.65 KB 352x624 778238.mp4)

(1.95 MB 852x480 144d9078ddbf90f0.mp4)

>>8781 do you think he went to urgent care or just rubbed some papaya on his ouchie and kept slaving?
>>8788 Impressive. I'm pretty sure Buster Keaton himself would have had a hard time pulling that off.
(3.98 MB 340x279 steamboat bill.gif)

>>8790 >Impressive >Buster Keaton >Difficult Yes.
(292.98 KB 360x360 groan zone.mp4)

(2.73 MB 362x240 1603858455734.webm)

(2.04 MB 800x432 1474719182031.webm)

>>8815 The worst part is these guys always somehow manage to trick a woman into receiving their seed and shitting out junior morons.
(4.02 MB 1280x720 16208297062860.webm)

(37.90 KB 447x472 sad-sonic.jpg)

(1.23 MB 352x640 brazil car crash.mp4)

(8.72 MB 640x352 brazil car crash .mp4)

(137.86 KB 900x900 hue hue hue.jpg)

Brazil happenings
(3.48 MB 320x240 blk nigga moment.mp4)

>>6383 Man, why the hell do they act like this? Don't any of the hoodrats ever wake up one day and think "Maybe I shouldn't beg someone to kill me, today?"
(273.83 KB 369x347 we're the millers kenny.png)

>>8834 >leaf >temps have been unholy cold, even for us for last few weeks >hanging around -35°C to -40°C, depending on wind >today the temp rose from -20°C to around -5°C >loving the sunshine and relatively great weather >snow in certain areas starts to melt a little >take elderly father to dentist appointment >nearly get killed/brain-damaged when a chunk of ice the size of a baseball falls off the three story building's roof and misses me by a few inches >mfw
(32.30 KB 468x286 wileecoyote.jpg)

>>8915 >vid 3 That's some Wile E. Coyote shit right there.
(2.57 MB 720x404 nigga moment.webm)

>>8924 >nigga moment irl
>>8933 They seem to have a toddler's concept of repercussions for their actions. If they could actually make the connection between cause and effect, there would be a lot less murder, theft, rape, abandoning unwanted kids, etc.
(1.97 MB 1280x720 1641597042570.webm)

(2.99 MB 600x480 hotline_brazil.webm)

(3.37 MB 640x408 IMG_20220108_001331_299.m4v)

(13.78 MB 360x640 machete.mp4)

>>8940 Me Laugh
(158.29 KB 605x1564 me car.jpg)

>>8927 >Wile E. Coyote shit especially in the manner that they got launched <looney tunes style
>>8950 >someone literally IRL toonposted >mfw
(68.50 KB 700x700 cat hee-hee.jpg)

>>8956 part of me was expecting an irl cut-away of a dog destroying a cat. glad you kept it wholesome (=^-ω-^=)
>>8969 No worries. I don't even really like cats, but I'd still curbstomp any motherfucker I caught torturing one.
(10.14 MB 1920x1080 be girl, get hit by train.mp4)

(31.32 MB 1280x720 crazy train.mp4)

>>8973 I almost died once, when I was young and stupid I used to run under the garage door before it closed because my didn't like me leaving the garage door open all day long. It ended so close to my feet but I had no injures not even a scratch, the garage door broke because I heard a very loud thump and the police told me that was dangerous an or two hour later ( I don't why they were called, guess one of the neighbors saw or something)
(10.71 MB 406x720 drowning.webm)

(11.07 MB 568x320 beyond the sea.mp4)

>>8974 >garage door an hero im guessing you were a child before garage door sensors were mandated? lots of child injuries and lives lost to the garage door tbh. glad you made it:) <me almost drowned in a pool and a lake. saved both times by people who werent my parents. learned how to swim and now have a deep respect and love for the water. WORST WAY TO DIE
>>8974 >be me, stupid kid >try to do the Indiana Jones roll under the garage door >no sensors >made it >dad catches me >spend the next three hours being lectured, spanked, and hugged, in varying orders of magnitude and frequency, for scaring the hell out of him I'm a dad, now. I got off easy.
(468.12 KB 350x263 trainforcedintotunnel.gif)

>>8973 I'd mock all the pajeets for being that stupid, but we're not immune here in the countries with toilets. For awhile, in a town I lived in while going to school, there were a rash of dipsticks trying to rush the local railed transit because they didn't want to wait the thirty seconds it took for one to go by. Half fatalities, half serious injuries, and 100% train driver PTSD
(1.03 MB 640x512 dumbass.webm)

>>8979 most kids are reckless. the ones that dont die are lucky. t. didnt eat lead paint chips or drown in a teaspoon of water >>8980 no, go ahead and mock them. they need it.
(5.96 MB 1920x1080 china-excavator.mp4)

(1.80 MB 270x480 29432_480p.mp4)

(27.18 MB 1920x1080 china death compilation.mp4)

(354.10 KB 640x362 muh leg7.webm)

(1.14 MB 480x480 twat loses his dick.mp4)

(19.64 MB 1280x720 train_vs_car.webm)

(7.77 MB 480x360 train_vs_0_perception.webm)

(1.84 MB 400x210 im out.webm)

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