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(135.04 KB 792x792 1566704547287.jpg)

#/DAVEY 05/18/2021 (Tue) 16:59:16 No. 1
welcome aboard! >progress here will be steady i will transfer all of /404/'s assets over here. ill most likely have to resize all banners to 300x100px for file size limitations. <custom.css and js will be coming soon :^)
(4.67 MB 412x279 WW_angry_drunk.gif)

Hope it's okay to drunkpost. Spoiler: I don't give a flippin heck.
(22.63 KB 394x396 1621263187408.jpg)

>>2 pfftt ok! glad you made it! feel free to try out the site markdowns redtext doomtext moetext [code]code{ great-code: box; }[/code] and others but im outta time! later!
(111.86 KB 828x835 FTDLMkbeAZw.png)

ready for a new adventure
(815.40 KB 480x360 ©anadAnon wwe promo.mp4)

BookMarkManned tbhestly
(901.63 KB 763x918 14632636355196.png)

Hi new bort
(17.85 KB 381x386 apuk.jpeg)

sage test
i have all the assets i need from endchan/404/. i hate seeing the old bort suffer in silence. feel free to shop around and scoop up last minute files you may want. come this sunday it will get DESTROYED feel free to archive it :^)
(1.59 MB 736x640 404 google bumper.mp4)

Oh? You're from endchan? Why the migration?
(14.73 MB 640x360 Jinjing The Penguin.mp4)

>>238 Can't speak for B.O. but I see "us" a bit of a roving gang which had it's first incarnation on the original 8ch years back. We've been adrift passing from board to board ever since.
(153.96 KB 704x480 cant say.mp4)

>>238 waited too long for a frontend upgrade,backend too. THE FUTURE IS NOW anyway, welcome to the bort!
(3.99 MB 480x360 Evangelion.webm)

>>241 yeah, that sums it up nicely. the kiwi boom-boom was funny. the walmart boom-boom destroyed comfy posting forever. R.I.P. 8ch Hello 8chan!
>>1 I don't know who you are, but welcome to this humble site. >i will transfer all of /404/'s assets over here The admins have an importer tool that allow them to rip the entirely of a board and inject it on this site. I don't know if it works with Endchan boards, but you can ask about it on >>>/site/, >>>/t/1257 (the official thread about the importer tool) or email the admins at 8moeadmin@protonmail.com and with enough luck get a complete migration of your old board. >ill most likely have to resize all banners to 300x100px for file size limitations You don't need to do it. 300x100px is the banner size in the default themes, but you can disable it on your custom theme by adding #bannerImage {height: unset !important} to your custom CSS in order to display your banners at their original resolution.
(1.95 MB 960x720 Me The Retard.mp4)

>>249 >the more i know! thanks, i knew about the site migration tool, Stephen Lynx had lynxhub.com then migrated to various lynxchan sites. a handful of the files wouldnt translate here, including all the broken files LOL! besides we only have 4 pages worth of stuff(due to spam) that i would gladly repost and make it new here. >the banner resizer good to know, butmost of our banners were over 1mb (((tbh))), so scaling it down was a blessing:^) THANKS FOR THE WELCOME FREN!
(253.11 KB 2048x1364 Asuka shiro reicos.jpeg)

>>250 Welcome aboard. I hope your community finds itself a nice home here! If you'd like help migrating or importing your assets, you can contact our software admin at "codexx AT cock.li". And if you have any feature requests or suggestions for the site please feel free to let us know over on the main meta board >>>/site/ We hope you enjoy your stay.
(9.11 KB 312x97 defaultBanner.png)

>>251 >wants just javascript (((tbh))) SEE >>>/site/2873
(111.36 KB 1000x1000 Griselda On Steroids Begrenzt.jpg)

just checking in before i wage cage. endchan/404/ is dead RIP this board will have my undivided attention. ALL ARE WELCOME!
(664.91 KB 994x875 baner.jpg.png)

>>339 Hey ! The banner is not showed on catalog view.
(304.91 KB 580x580 Fragezeichenrobbe.png)

>>341 im not sure if a banner should be there? its not there on other boards, i just checked /v/ cause im pressed for time. >what you see a collapsed double border style >what that means idk, ill inspect it tonight in the global style editor. <you may have found an easter egg?!?
(37.02 KB 500x550 Paul Bearer.jpg)

>easter egg in catalog hate to be the Bearer of bad news, but its a big fat nothing burger. place this in your settings for css, then save: img#bannerImage { min-width: 300px; } the best i could do to relieve the eye sore is take out the border-style. <once upon a time the root had a banner there not no more now!
(681.32 KB 745x607 StephenLynx Pornhub avatar.png)

>>360 LynxChan doesn't have banners on the catalog page for some strange reason. Feature request it on the tranny's board I guess.
[spoiler] spoiler test [spoiler/]
(56.85 KB 818x600 thumb.jpg)

>>341 >>403 Yeah just realized it works now. Nice job!

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