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(13.81 KB 239x259 gore.jpg)

Consoomer 02/15/2022 (Tue) 23:23:13 No. 10281
GORE/REKT THREAD!™ Old Thread Autosäged >>>/404/908 >>>/404/908 >>>/404/908
(112.74 KB 362x540 Al Gore.jpg)

(84.10 KB 618x534 gore .jpg)

>>10284 you got it! <also gore/rekt:^)
(196.83 KB 960x720 sticking around.jpg)

dropped most of my folder in last thread. will drop posts when i collect new content.
(32.45 KB 300x295 Screenshot.png)

(313.13 KB 1200x1500 NOOOOO.jpg)

>>10281 Only click if you have a good stomach. You've been warned.
(1.27 MB 404x720 fag.webm)

(1.23 MB 255x255 barfblood.gif)

(46.30 KB 599x626 da_fuq.jpg)

>>10311 Fucking disgusting. The most vile I've ever seen.Fuck you anon.
(130.20 KB 864x576 thumb1.png.jpg)

(334.93 KB 798x2012 fDxojm9.jpg)

The 2010 World Sauna Championships  Heinola, Finland REKT, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
(2.69 MB 400x720 break free.mp4)

(3.74 MB 1280x720 judge dredd.webm)

Anyone got Baphometi videos?
>>10456 Yes.
(2.84 MB 464x848 cucking gone wrong.mp4)

(305.10 KB 1890x1258 dead russian soldier.jpg)

(52.39 KB 1190x689 Plöff.png)

(3.10 MB 384x848 IMG_2046.MP4)

(4.22 MB 848x624 IMG_5858.MP4)

ukraine carnage
(128.85 KB 379x214 imokaywiththis.png)

(175.61 KB 671x712 autism clueless.jpg)

>>10356 >his fucking skin peeled off Is it wrong that I kind of want to sit beside him, peeling it all off in long sheets?
>>10590 >2nd vid But... But Great Putin said only military were targeted... Anyway. Another shitty war to fill the gore thread.
(202.17 KB 1200x900 antifa-molotov-cocktail-fail.jpg)

(64.82 KB 552x700 molotov-cocktail-fail-8.jpg)

(171.23 KB 1200x900 molotov fail 2.jpg)

(1.88 MB 1280x720 Stinger.mp4)

(19.98 MB 1280x720 Journalista.mp4)

(198.73 KB 960x1280 HOMO 01 03 -4.jpg)

(221.83 KB 634x636 ClipboardImage-1646707105.png)

(79.76 KB 1200x627 yqxhbo6q4ik81.webp)

(1.46 MB 1474x723 ddd.png)

(955.49 KB 557x711 1646694967196.png)

being a dog person is for the birds
(9.08 KB 300x300 kot.jpg)

>>10828 fuck, dude :(
(161.03 KB 758x1024 proud dog mom.jpeg)

>>10828 Fucking sad, she was such a qt... I don't think it was her own dogs that attacked her. Looking at the thumbnails I thought first she was disguised with a poorly made dog fursuit, the joke being she was an otherkin or something like it. Very sad. Poor girl.
>>10828 "Attacked by dogs." HER dogs or some nog's loose pitbulls?
>>10873 nice this is exactly why I condition myself to hate dogs, I already do but its more against the fucktards that treat dogs better than their own fucking kids my first instinct when one of those fuckers starts barking at me is to kick the shit out it, yeah bite my fucking leg you piece of shit and Ill gouge your fucking eyes out god I fucking hate them
(444.49 KB 672x384 80503.png)

>>10873 >dogsitting some asswipe's canine monster without being warned I love dogs. Dogs are good eggs. When dogs act out it's because their owners are complete crap-fucks. My black neighbors have a pitbull. Guess what kind of people they are? This hurts my heart. That poor girl will never be normal, no matter how many operations they throw on her, and that really makes me angry and sad. She didn't deserve it and she'll never get enough money to erase those memories or allow her to look in a mirror. I'm thinking that she might have loved dogs, but didn't really know how to deal with them. >But when she got to the home and opened the door, Jacqueline was "immediately was taken down," There it is. She opened the door and the pitbull went "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and went for her. She should have been properly introduced by the owners and then >Durand and her family are now filing a lawsuit against the owners of the dogs. The lawsuit seeks several things, including payment for medical expenses and loss of earnings in the past and future Not unreasonable. She'll never be able to hold a normal job.. >A judge ruled the animals should be euthanized, but the family's attorney, Chip Brooker, appealed to give them time to further investigate. No. They need to be put down. They've had a taste of human flesh and it's only going to get worse from here.
(83.81 KB 667x684 apu pupper.jpg)

>>10882 >Dogs are good eggs Si.
(3.96 MB 640x480 americus.webm)

(585.71 KB 1031x601 e9c.png)

(7.31 MB 640x352 bus.mp4)

(1.88 MB 352x640 bus 2.mp4)

>>10930 >riding a bike on crowded city roads >be close to a fucking 33 tons bus >be dumb (probably wearing muh AirPodsⓇ to) >be dead Good ol' atural selection at work here.
>>10930 The cyclists in our city have, through a cyclist in city council, been given the right to take up an entire lane of traffic and are absolute cunts about it. Even if the guy was wearing earpods (which would be stupid as fuck), he almost certainly knew the bus was there because buses make lots of hissing noises and displace the air in the way of all large objects in motion. My theory is this guy decided that he had right of way and didn't take into account that bus driver couldn't even see him until it was too late. I'd like to know the whole story, but I'm pretty sure his stupidity was to blame for the nightmares the bus driver and his passengers are going to have for the rest of their lives.
(17.24 MB 720x1280 9476936224026302947.mp4)

>>8201 >>8228 no matter the machinery, when you're dumb shits may happen.
>>11149 >China btw.
(542.23 KB 576x1030 when you see it.mp4)

(11.16 MB 568x320 beyond the sea.mp4)

(38.92 KB 600x910 7d8.jpg)

Cheers lads.
>>11164 >thing seen <bicks shatted
(542.79 KB 1101x918 the_ride.jpg)

>>11218 Damn his ride ended up the brutal way.
(23.73 KB 744x495 harvey-comp.webp)

(107.04 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

(5.97 MB 592x1280 ded negro.mp4)

(98.60 KB 409x293 man mentally exhausted.jpg)

>>11344 A nightclub shooting, you say? Seems kind of convenient given that people are finally noticing that Hunter and Joe have been dipping their wicks in Russia and Ukraine. Well, surely this won't take over the news networks and cause people to forget, again.
>>11218 So he was too fat, but rather than get off, he just assumed he'd be okay?
(220.43 KB 1200x929 EEV686iXUAAt_LQ.jpg)

>>11347 >assuming that a negro would be capable of considering consequences more than a few seconds distant
(24.47 KB 300x250 betah.png)

>>11347 BINGO
(1.71 MB 352x640 alive head cut off.mp4)

(1.85 MB 480x848 Helicopte rekt.webm)

(2.84 MB 600x338 that bridge when.webm)

(6.76 MB 1280x720 bridgenings.webm)

>>10601 Yeah being exposed to temperatures above 150 or so for long enough will cause your epidermis to start dying. Remember that if a asteroid impact occurs. You want to avoid direct line of sight with the sky during the "glowing sky phase" that happens within 5 to 24 hours after a major impact.
(676.85 KB 1280x718 1641297971505166553.webm)

(2.00 MB 1920x1080 1572674986573.webm)

(8.04 MB 426x240 oiosrh.webm)

>>12376 We got an oldie here.
(125.34 KB 550x550 has no idea.jpg)

>>12376 >? i dont understand what the hell just happened. anybody have source on this? >the black guy that killed the white guy was he not gay?
(2.60 MB 640x360 peace&love.mp4)

(5.58 MB 1280x720 Yep that's me.mp4)

(917.15 KB 360x628 motor.webm)

I wish we could recover some vids from the old thread, the two Chinese Worker videos were cool. If you still have that, I'd be happy if you could post it again
>>10901 real?
(781.64 KB 640x360 china coal.webm)

(27.18 MB 1920x1080 china death compilation.mp4)

(4.05 MB 480x480 china forklift.mp4)

>>12412 yes. >>12410 >chinas which one?
>>12413 The second one, there were two videos, the one was about practical working and the other one was the second vid you posted. The "wow" part makes the vids very funny I'd say entertaining but that would be a bit psycho
(209.91 KB 600x338 stevenautisticbleating.jpg)

>>12376 I could have lived my entire life without seeing this.
♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡
(57.27 KB 923x615 luka.jpeg)

>>12387 >was he not gay? Did you know Luka Rocco Magnotta ? Concerning the vid I'm sure I have seen it by the past but cannot find more info. >>12791 >suicidekino.webm Heartbreaking.
(3.51 MB 848x446 mOt-13rsEJXLCORM.mp4)

(21.14 KB 932x524 Michael-Cook.jpg)

The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Michael Cook, was booked into Maricopa County Jail on June 8. He faces multiple charges, including robbery, kidnapping, assault and criminal trespassing. Cook's mother reportedly told police he was not taking his schizophrenia medication. According to police paperwork, Cook heard voices in his head telling him to kill himself, so he took his anger out on Coronado. Paperwork shows Cook admitted to stealing three phones and selling two of them for fentanyl and meth.
(123.81 KB 530x171 you're doing it wrong.png)

>>13050 >Cook heard voices in his head telling him to kill himself, so he took his anger out on Coronado. Typical. Can't follow simple instructions.
(680.84 KB 320x710 murder suicide.mp4)

>>13050 what a NIGGER
(2.80 MB 1280x720 1625547699154.webm)

(2.93 MB 854x480 skydiving plane collision.webm)

(3.93 MB 1280x720 Texan BBQ.webm)

(685.15 KB 272x480 lightning strike.mp4)

(11.78 MB 352x640 Axe attack in Brazil.mp4)

(5.05 MB 320x422 GhostRider.mp4)

(80.79 KB 1000x636 572.jpg)

(392.48 KB 920x518 before.png)

(1.55 MB 960x1280 after.png)

(1.24 MB 640x352 brazil.mp4)

(3.88 MB 640x368 chinese tire adventure.webm)

(1.30 MB 624x480 1654840552083.webm)

(824.64 KB 276x480 1657231360510.webm)

(513.35 KB 1000x520 1657228269749.webm)

(1.25 MB 720x1280 faceoff.webm)

(1.08 MB 1000x640 machete.webm)

(7.88 MB 1280x720 cop shots.webm)

(1.08 MB 400x400 fire and gas.mp4)

(23.95 MB 1920x1080 kaboom.webm)

(1.36 MB 626x360 Fireworks.mp4)

(1.91 MB 852x480 The Adjustment Bureau.webm)

weird video once it sinks in. >gore/rekt couldve been?
(3.92 MB 368x624 valley stabbing.webm)

stabbing videos cut to the core of my psyche
(1.83 MB 438x290 1623364159837.webm)

>>13977 >>14023 stabbies!
(8.29 MB 352x640 1657507276197.mp4)

(6.25 MB 576x720 firecracker bet.mp4)

(31.20 KB 479x434 fgfbfbfv c ggbh.jpg)

>>14096 Mumah didn't raise no pussy
(12.73 MB 270x480 motorbike.mp4)

(7.06 MB 608x1080 dont bite our boat.mp4)

>>14203 love the last one, his finger lands here, you can see the entire tendon from his hand
>>14203 >>14211 I'm amused by the fact that literally not one nigger tries to help a fellow nigger. I wonder if this behaviour is somehow typical.
(55.98 KB 398x409 shark.png)

>>14186 >>14203 fingy food
(2.40 MB 848x480 16584994257860.mp4)

(3.90 MB 800x600 policewomen.mp4)

(19.43 MB 1562x888 we're back.mp4)

(11.27 MB 1280x720 cop shot.mp4)

(13.28 MB 480x848 ukraine balls cut off.mp4)

putin boys cutting off ball of zelensky bros. why?
(1.03 MB 720x1280 piss ruski.mp4)

>>14330 muh war crimes!!
>>14338 Imagine being that poor guy's little sister. You're already worried sick about him and then you check tiktok to find out (before even his commanding officer knows) he's dead and defiled.
>>14343 That sucks man. War sucks.
(3.79 MB 500x668 gun niggaz.webm)

(1.34 MB 640x480 1655843481281.webm)

(3.34 MB 352x640 Niggers.mp4)

>>14426 Haïti. More vibrant than ever. Can't wait to have such vibrancy in Europe.
>>14468 After the shot fired, the old man looks completely lost like man, the fuck going on ? Where the fuck I am ?. >Biden moments
(2.95 MB 300x300 WW_damit_roy.gif)

>>14469 He had a heart attack from all the excitement. But he's okay. The VIBRANT YOUTHS will hopefully not fare so well next time.
(2.97 MB 480x720 1659899219743801.webm)

Facetiming in Mexico
(178.55 KB 865x650 mexico.jpg)

>>14617 savages
(3.91 MB 272x480 carmagedon.mp4)

>>14395 Why are they all so fucking aggressive? I swear, every time I see a vid like this, I think "This could have been easily solved with words," and then I remember that thinking is apparently "white privilege."
(2.57 MB 720x404 nigga moment.webm)

>>14656 >not posting irl moment
>>14738 How the fuck could that possibly be justified?
>>14766 would you be saying that if he wasnt in a wheelchair you able-ist bigot, huh you want to fucking discriminate against disabled people huh you want to treat them differently huh >armed >refused to stop >heading towards potential victim >ignoring officer warnings *bang *bang, double tap a job well done, *bang, and one for good measure
>>14767 if i was cop id carry the stick that cops would carry in the old tv shows and id rodney king him but that would probably look worse and no one would believe me if i told them that if i wasnt a cop the other cop would have shot mr wheelchair perp
>>14766 he had a weapon and was putting people's lives at risk. the cop was justified imo
(3.10 MB 1280x720 1660133928781.webm)

>>14738 >>14766 Yeah, got to agree with the Canadian friend, that was overkill
(146.88 KB 500x619 5e0474.png)

>>15037 Crips arent so innocent, fren.
>>14432 did you even fucking think before posting that? a great example of 4chan /pol/ brain rot. fucking idiot. they only have power in small clans in small towns with even fewer people sometimes. fucking dumb nazi cunt. fuck you. fuck off. do you think they could even get out of their own country?
>>15075 Ouch, found the butthurt Haitian. Jokes asides, I must admit this post is /pol/tard tier yes. But what if I made it as a But what if I made it as a joke caricaturing typical /pol/ behavior ? UuUUUUHhh really makes you think >quantum chess >brainfuck master >u mad bro lol!!11!1!!.
(19.54 MB 1280x720 wypwt1vb.mp4)

(9.24 MB 406x720 wigger gets stabbed.mp4)

(5.75 MB 600x338 lifestyle.webm)

>>15544 wiggers should get stabbed
(1.77 MB 460x262 dangerous tunnel exit.mp4)

>>15803 What is wrong with these people? Whats unique about this tunnel?
>>15803 >>15809 Could it be cursed?
(35.24 KB 640x360 le genius.jpg)

>>15810 idk how you found the location, but its preety sweet that you did:) Le Genius!
(1.51 MB 480x852 indiryo_wholelottadrilz.mp4)

(3.73 MB 352x640 1664244049333489.webm)

(3.84 MB 396x720 1664243994078085.webm)

(8.86 MB 426x792 hanging.mp4)

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