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(16.25 KB 441x441 on top of the world.jpg)

Shit Poster 06/13/2021 (Sun) 16:36:48 No. 1381
TRAVEL THREAD ITT you travel to another site: >visit the natives >review their culture >collect souvenir >leave rating to help other travellers
(113.16 KB 640x480 tree640.jpg)

visited: https://anon.cafe/retro/ >natives are into events leading up to and post Y2K >inhabited by comfy nostagic posters >/retro/ css is fun >was able to find a Y2K site that was cool af https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php windows 95 out of ME r8 WILL REVISIT
(46.44 KB 733x340 1622622893639-2.jpg)

(43.60 KB 500x532 1622636675466-2.jpg)

(93.42 KB 740x494 1622592407492.jpg)

(2.95 MB 232x232 1623487231311.gif)

https://soyjak.party this place is still holding up nicely. populated with ironic and unironic soyboys. neverending supply of soyjaks tbh. i lurked there when sproke debuted, havent been back since. >went to /soy/ and /b/ >fun threads >fun posts PURE AUTISM 1 out of 2 and1/2 Men™ r8
(826.57 KB 581x625 lardass mask.png)

https://alogs.theguntretort.com aka julay.world aka 8ch.net/cow/ i will always have a special regard for these guys. 8ch/cow/ was a highly trafficked board with one goal in mind. put autistic attention whores on blast. they prolly have the same user base since 2015(my estimation). glad they survived the 8ch collapse. Rainbold (cowtext) that text started my journey into stealing css and adopting it into my custom. >the posters are ruthlessly witty >the threads are meticulous i do not have what it takes to post there. #LURKLIFE also try: https://kiwifarms.net/ https://lolcow.farm
(677.89 KB 515x763 shmorky.png)

(97.18 KB 1091x763 1573205208784.png)

http://onesixtwo.club/scv/ "starcraft" discussion i love lurking here. i never know what going to run into. heavy contributers that max out every thread, all quality. it was a fun 2 minutes before i found something interesting. >what i found Shmorky. no clue who this person is, but he has fans
(603.72 KB 750x737 1623552636191.png)

https://gnfos.com gay neets from outerspace still up and running. i put the same comf level with 162.club. half vidya, half animu, all autism. this is another site that i like to lurk on. lurking is the best, however, contributing keeps the site alive. still choose to lurk:^) >most visited bort /jp/, its a great time!
(121.84 KB 971x833 bpnt6.jpg)

(18.17 KB 300x428 bml3z.jpg)

(13.13 KB 249x251 bp2bc.jpg)

(63.73 KB 719x535 bpnl4.jpg)

https://ylilauta.org/international/ kc tireland for the northern folk. enage ad-block and have fun combing through pages of shart stained posts. this site has moments of greatness and mediocrity. all depends what time zone youre in i suppose. dont sleep on ylilauta:^) FUN SITE!!!
(3.41 KB 88x31 fa_logo.gif)

(5.17 KB 88x31 cyberrealmrefer.gif)

(3.09 KB 88x31 amatsuki.gif)

(31.85 KB 88x31 88-31-banner.gif)

https://cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/index.html Archive of old-ass 80x31 gif banners. No links sadly, just the images.
(165.67 KB 500x486 1579875481796.jpg)

>>1508 bruh, i love it! thanks for the link. question is, can i find a use for this? the answer may suprise you:^)
(221.09 KB 640x382 the monday feeling by bhideas.png)

(151.58 KB 1624x1124 1623778043893.jpeg)

(73.70 KB 494x629 women in video games.jpg)

(716.20 KB 480x360 Who is this.mp4)

https://mintboard.org/vichan/bone/index.html >part kc >part bronnen >part ylilauta ALL GORT this is a great site to visit. they are an anti-frog amalgam of previously stated greentext. its not good all the time, but when it is good, prepare your pooper. great memes, great discussion, great autism and has a bretty solid user base. >sidenote they have similar country balls as ylilauta, but better. they even have christmas and halloween version country balls. sooper jealous (((tbh))) 10 out of 10 r8 always
(1.79 MB 640x368 maniac.mp4)

(12.80 MB 452x480 rotating food.gif)

https://voxpopuli.to/ just hit the scene today. im guessing the shill thread on /404/ is one of a gorillion. no matter, i went, mingled with some familiar shit posters and came back with this: higher quality version of maniac! rotating food gif! worth it, will return:^)
(17.85 KB 381x386 apuk.jpeg)

>>1616 and its dead. that was brief. i enjoyed it while it lasted!
(133.76 KB 200x182 1622029637517.gif)

https://yakui.moe fun site. induces seizures:)
(404.35 KB 499x605 kot rainbold.gif)

>>3390 bumping cuz i cant help but marvel over /e/
(105.81 KB 371x535 logo.png)

https://64ch.me glad its back, hope it stays. did visit, its hot off the presses!
https://9chan.tw/ meh! they're doing okay. i do like josh's infinity next stuff. some things i like, some things not so much. >like the 2ch style image hover >like the mp3 player >like large selection of text formats and file types for uploads <the stuff im not a fan of its trivial and not worth mentioning. user's prefernce tbh it comparable to most engines. overall pleasant experience. >vid related funny from yesteryear 9 out of 10chan would visit again for ideas
wandered on to kc and walked the streets of philadelphia. https://youtu.be/Bi1Kf-1qd6Y
(1.99 MB 960x720 Alex Jones Cereal.webm)

>>4595 i play the mp3 and watch the youtube vid. Amazing.
https://neckbeard.xyz/ It's a pleroma instance and part of the fediverse. Now yes, as it is on the fediverse, it doesn't really matter which instance you join as you can see posts from other instances, but neckbeard is a pretty based instance with a based owner. A lot of instances on the fediverse blacklist known "far right" instances or some cringe shit like that, but neckbeard allows full free speech. The owner, as I said, is pretty cool, and he also operates some other based services, like an email provider that doesn't sell your data. I'd shill my account here but I don't want to know what would happen if I did that. 9/10 at least it's not (((twitter))).
>>4612 Social media are normalfag cancer. Kill yourself.
(218.03 KB 1200x850 kot digust.jpg)

>>4612 >at least it's not (((twitter))) im confused. you have to log in to post? thats like twitter. im going to have to side with >>4613 . its not an image board. i did some looking around on the main page and /b/. >main page the front and back end are "sjw"/ plemora? never heard of it. seems cringe tbh >b i just guessed that there was a /b/ and had to bypass logging in to get to it. couldnt reply to anything, prolly cuz not logged in. 0/10 r8 its not an IB i
>>4613 The OP said "travel to another site", he didn't specify it had to be image boards. >>4617 >im confused. you have to log in to post? thats like twitter It's not like twitter in that it's free speech and decentralized. >the front and back end are "sjw"/ plemora? sjw is the owner of neckbeard, pleroma is the front end. Pleroma is an open source and federated social media software.
(37.24 KB 429x482 merchant-squared.jpg)

>>4621 (OP) here. youre absolutley right, its an internet travel site. i checked out neckbeard. pretty cool layout imo. i think what is drawing criticism is that the site espouses free speech, but you have to log in, in order to give free speech. neckbeard has the spirit of an imageboard laid over a "twitter" format. idk, seems different! everyone gets shit for trying something new. this might be pioneering, innovative, ahead of its time or a complete disaster. not my call to make, i enjoyed the visit. either way, thank you for bringing it to our attention! 8 out 10 rate >better than twitter? <as good as traditional image boards? who (((nose)))? Thank!
>>4623 No, it's still attention whoring social media normalfag cancer.
(85.77 KB 1074x920 1529232302887.png)

(146.94 KB 465x508 ungoogle man.jpg)

>>4626 >your points good points! i will not log in to most sites (((tbh))) particularly social media
Recently I found an IB with the following concept: you can access it only if you sahre an image. Then there are no text, only images to browse. I liked the concept but I cannot find it anymore (I was not on my computer that night and don't saved bookmark, I thought I can find it again easilly but nope). If you know what I am talking about please share the link here anon.
(21.94 KB 400x321 cookie.jpg)

>>4961 >imageboard just images >no text >no bookmark idk? ill look around. sounds kooky
>>4964 If I remember I have found the link on a little board, maybe mewh or baka but I'm not even sure.

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