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(91.01 KB 809x1080 1562251320859.jpg)

(313.17 KB 709x443 1386886833946.gif)

Jew General 404 09/01/2022 (Thu) 09:08:55 No. 15145
Post anything related to the (((Chosen People))).
(8.94 MB 202x360 an angry little jew.mp4)

(37.29 KB 525x340 (Jew)_Mad.jpg)

(128.07 KB 515x722 a_racket_of_jews.jpg)

(1005.04 KB 928x8800 359_JEWISH_EXPULSIONS_(RESIZED).png)

(2.55 MB 512x288 black jews.webm)

(29.69 KB 712x649 anime jew.png)

(136.43 KB 500x522 black-ginger-asian-jew.png)

(287.00 KB 1100x1100 biceps jew.png)

(77.58 KB 914x1024 LOL.jpg)

>>15147 >"Your remarks are racist" Criticism of the jews and their anti-societal behavior is not racism, no matter how many faggots want it to be.

(1.15 MB 1080x1080 mark.png)

(40.74 KB 600x737 1583860258254.jpg)

Bump. Don't let the evil kikes bury this one!
(3.88 MB 360x640 jew ASMR.webm)

(67.01 KB 1024x640 1662851290923983m.jpg)

(16.78 KB 300x375 manbaffled.jpg)

Hooookay, so some dude in the German government just said something to the effect of "September 24, 2022 will be a day long remembered. Everyone will remember where they were on that day." Now, I don't speak German, so I have no idea if the translation is correct, but everyone on jewtube from survivalists to nutjobs to new-agers are watching this with very careful interest, yet no one seems to know what the hell he's referring to. Here are a couple of samples of what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHcVKsclX_Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isCK_W2s3YE Now I'm inclined to think that it's going to be something retarded and social justice-y, because that's all Germany seems to be good for, anymore, but I was wondering if anyone knows what the fuck the guy is actually referring to for the 24th? Has anyone heard ANYTHING that's probably harmless yet historical, if only to the lefties?
(269.80 KB 1349x762 1663140503093154.png)

(24.09 KB 747x773 be9.png)

(33.95 KB 654x526 8b4.png)

(336.71 KB 877x798 kikeklown.png)

(5.95 MB 320x180 Fellow white people.mp4)

(1.39 MB 480x480 White negro.mp4)

(3.20 MB 480x270 jews aren't white!.webm)

>>15439 better version?
(80.68 KB 362x383 im jew.jpg)

(1.41 MB 358x360 asian michael jackson.webm)

>>15440 And on top of all that, thanks to (((their))) known fuckery, we'll never know for sure if Mikey was a pedo or just set up to take the fall for fighting back.
(2.17 MB 640x360 jew montel slaves.mp4)

>>15441 >jew AND a homo Man, one or the other would be bad enough. Add to that his "activism" and his talking shit about "white privilege" until the native tells him to shut up and then, all of a sudden, he finds his jew privilege to try to shut him up.
(241.24 KB 495x347 1661802926178279.png)

(100.80 KB 1000x1000 stonetoss leader.png)

(121.16 KB 1304x745 834116.jpg)

(3.17 MB 1080x720 Ace_attorney_ww2.mp4)

(322.70 KB 588x790 cookie cost denier.png)

>>15879 objection!
>>15898 >1 hour to cook batch of cookies
>>15879 >It takes 1 hour to cremate a body Are you factoring in that the jew ovens ran 24/7, and were therefore always preheated? Also, why are we assuming only one body was loaded per oven? I would stack those fuckers.
(356.61 KB 1000x965 cookie copy.png)

>>15954 are you a time bigot or a cookie snob?

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