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(2.09 MB 480x360 rebeachening.gif)

Beach Update ©anadAnon 05/19/2021 (Wed) 01:32:41 No. 23
B.U 2021 : The Shoreckoning This is the thread where (you) get up to date reports directly from a beach near (me)
(1.22 MB 3960x2640 dog signs 'send help'.jpg)

Breach Ungulate : Today was hot and pleasant. I had a roving posse of dogs circling me like a shield in a vertical shooter. I sorta feel bad when this happens because the dogs listen to an obey me more than they do their owners, I'm convinced this has to do with the fact most people talk to and attempt to reason with their dogs as though they're human while I treat them like dogs. Folks'll spend the entirety of their trip to the beach cursing and demanding increasingly complex behaviors of their dog which they've not trained the animal for. Even more vexing are the type who bring their dog to the dog beach and then keep it on a leash the whole time while sitting and scolding it and any dog that comes close. This strikes me as otherworldly torture for a creature that barely understands language and naturally introduces itself to others of its kind by shoving it's nose in their genitals. warning signs : >Giving people names to animals >Germphobic about a creature that licks its own ass >Clipped tails/ears >Overly groomed/styled >Dog clothing/life vests Swimming was great and went on for a long time. I had somehow forgotten my swimsuit so I just went in my underoos. Nobody said anything because they could sense I would probably fight them and win. Water was a bit too calm which made it scummy and filmy in the shallows but also quite clear to look through. Felt energized enough even after a good hour or so to go and pull a calisthenics routine not too long later. Good stuff.
(134.18 KB 589x760 niggy.png)

thanks for migrating! i plan on reading your excerpts this week (((tbh)))
Butch Updike : Went to the beach today and it was pretty peachy. Not a lot happened other than a nice long swim in some very calm waters. It's been so calm that I'm wondering when the kick ass waves will show up again. The water is so unmoving that it becomes a layercake of temperatures with the icey cold sticking to the bottom few inches while the top is warm and scuzzy. Allows one to stay nice and warm as long as they keep to the surface. As I was leaving, a whole herd of rotund tattooed mystery meat lassies showed up with their fatherless offspring in tow. Felt like a frightening glimpse of things to come as they hurled verbal abuse at their excited squirts and proceeded to ignore the weather, scenery and silence in favor of phone-gazing with accompanying autotuned puling negro "music" blaring from tinny speakers. Hope they sorted that out and had a good day.
(70.33 KB 728x530 goals.jpg)

>>90 sounds like a good time until "they" showed up. damn homey! KEEP AT IT!
(1.21 MB 1080x1836 fakenews,realfeels.png)

Birch Uptake : Following various tasks and duties, I hit the beach. Was in a bit of a somber mood as I had run into an old friend who seems to be on death's door thanks to his recent vaxxxin'. Did try to warn him a while back, but fear and dangled privileges he should have never forfeited won out and he may soon be immune to life itself. To run away and strip myself of weighty existential guilt, I went the extra miles and hit the nude beach. This was the wrong move as the previously stated calm waters have culminated in a thick surface scumminess akin to chocolate frappé. I still swam nude in it despite the feeling of floating filth brushing against my various orifices as it matched my mood. Looked a bit like my skin was camo colored what with the splotched greens and browns coating me when I got out. Sun bathing was more pleasant, but while I enjoyed giving the ol' sausage and eggs a good sear, I'm not sure I'll be back since spending the extra time and effort simply to expose my unmentionables to God's creation is the right move in light of the absolute state of current affairs. Dressed, packed up and trudged through burning sands until I had blisters on my feet to get to a much less scummy spot where I took my time having a longer swim. Water was very warm throughout and a pleasure to experience. Did laps until I felt like I was going to collapse, then stumbled home on ouchy feet. 5/10 initial swim, 8/10 follow up swim
(17.83 KB 432x450 thread pro.png)

>>174 it was 87°F in New York today. i would imagine the sand was hot. Lake Erie is hovering around 55°F. still a little chilly for me.
>>177 Blisteringly hot. Had to drain a few on muh feets when I got back.
Bench Upturn Gotta watch what I say and pay closer attention to my gut. Turns out my foreboding feeling about my vaxxxee friend was more on the money than I would have hoped : found out this morning he's in the hospital with a bout of pneumonia resulting in heart failure. Apparently stable as of writing this, but I still feel pretty down about the whole thing, especially me calling it. I tried to pass by to check up on my way back yesterday but there was no answer and the car wasn't there. Now I know why. Sure hope that wasn't my last time seeing the feller. Been in a bit of a wonky state of mind following that news. Also gotta job offer outta nowhere in town, but I'm not sure how it's going to go when I point out I'm not the type to wear a mask under any circumstances. Don't really want to make an issue out of it or get myself on any local shitlists, but still gotta stick to my guns. Pretty confident I can keep finding outdoor work all the same so it's no big loss if it doesn't work out. Swimming did little to clear my mind, but was extremely nice all the same. Water has hit that sweet spot and I was afloat for a good two hours I reckon. I din't want to be some roving beach prevert, but there was an extremely choice milf nearby to my spot that I had to force my eyes off of since I didn't want her two young lads to see their mum getting scoped out like a bag of prime meatstuffs. Felt bad/creepy tbh. This feeling compounded when two rather young lasses set up on the other side of me and kept looking over, clearly in awe of my aquatic artistry. Way too young for my tastes and I felt caught between forbidden worlds. Focussed my energies into swimming and am consequently tired as fuck as I'm writing this. My mind is still not at ease so I'm off to punish myself exercise some more. prime swimming/10
(251.38 KB 1192x1500 818qNsuGR5L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

>>222 Oh shnaps, trippps. Nu-Name : əˈnɒnɪməs or əˈnänəməs
(18.24 KB 307x410 kurapika think.jpg)

>>223 done! weird name! giving me an idea:)
Edited last time by Davey on 05/21/2021 (Fri) 23:08:00.
(69.90 KB 708x692 hotline.jpg)

>>224 Dictionary pronunciation key for "anonymous" tbh
(143.71 KB 1024x762 calc.jpg)

>>227 regardless, smarty pants, you gave me an idea! strikethrough is now upside down text strikethrough is now upside down text
(82.19 KB 499x345 dyspepe.png)

(39.84 KB 500x381 11.jpg)

(408.01 KB 1073x951 shrak.png)

(481.79 KB 500x648 Bog_Chef_05.png)

>>230 this is blowing my freakin' brains
(49.02 KB 700x700 look at upside down.jpg)

>>233 It just looks like strikethrough on the Overboard, but i dont really care:^) Thank i should have the thumbs be upside down too
(((Belated Uptate))) Yesterday I went to the beach and it was raining. Not a lot at first, but more as the day progressed. Water was fine, both from above and below, so I had a rigorous long swim. Practiced diving and found a few odd bits and bobs, including a jar with what turned out to be a bag of weed in it. Beach was still fairly busy even with the rain, lots of people passing through for the weekend here. Bunch of them pulled off an amateur fireworks displays later that night. Wet/10
(4.72 MB 320x320 gif-girl-beach-fail.gif)

Blanched Shiitake Went to a bigger beach today and it was packed despite being somewhat overcast and windy. Much more wavy than past days which was very pleasant and provided a very physically taxing swim routine. Diving and and swimming against stronger currents really takes it out of me. For a lark, I brought a gift from a few months back; a pair of slip on aquasocks. Felt pretty goofy wearing them but they did work fairly ok. Don't think ill be bringing them back any time soon, but thankfully they come in handy at home for other exercise stuff. Bit painful to see was all the couples onna beach jus basking in the beauty of the day and the loving company of each other. Makin out and peepin in each other's swimwear, them types of golden moments. Really drove home that pain of remembering everything going south in my last relationship but still I kept a smile on my face to keep with the general good vibes. Less good was finding out of dropped my keys while changing and having to turn back after I'd stopped at a more remote beach for another swim (water was absolutely freezing there and waveless) to go and find them. Pretty impressed with how quickly I dug em out even though they were covered in sand, one swipe and poof, there they were. Also turned out to be fortunate I had gone back as a friend there needed help getting their dogger back home since it didn't want to leave all the action. Was able to trick her into a race which got her on the right path and away from distractions. Earned me some sloppy kisses too, a good runner up prize but I would prefer some from my own species. Lonesome/Lucky/10
(350.22 KB 402x434 smonk.png)

>>347 did you smok the beach weed? >>348 i find the affection from an animal to be the most sincere and heart-warming. my cat finds ways to curl up on me when im on the couch. he's 13 and dying from renal failure, probably from eating catfood his whole life. i give him tuna treats nightly now, renal diet food daily. he's losing muscle mass and sleeps more than usual. i cherish the time that he's around. > same species stuff is good if you plan on going further than sloppy doggo kisses, lol! i wish you the best of luck in the waaamen department. i dont know what your standards are, but there is someone for everyone:^)
>>355 >advice 8/10 >did you smok? Nup. Not even smoking ciggies, so strange, possibly cursed, jars found far out underwater are off the table. >cat story Hits me in muh 'motions. There's some kots here an theyre pretty nice when they aren't walking on my drawings and deleting them or knocking over mugs of burning hot coffee all over muh table. Hope yer purr-pal enjoys a some peaceful twilight years with ya.
(165.38 KB 265x264 tuxedo sam.gif)

Beesh Uhbdayt Fit in some beach time after doing a bunch of prep work and clean up for a guest to chateau ©anadAnon tomorrow. Was surprised how packed it was but then remembered it's a long weekend here. Water was p-cold and wavy an I'm pretty tuckered out after it all. May also be low energy due to first day of cutting out coffee for a bit. Beach itself was sort of unpleasant with loads of folks drinking and playing annoying music so I didn't stick around for a double dip after my initial 40 minute swim routine. Still nice to see peeps enjoying themselves and getting in quality fambly time.
(329.19 KB 360x360 The Cat Error.mp4)

>>398 >kot about to hang out with him soon. been hanging out in the basement, being terrible at attempting html. another day, lost too many brain cells. >>399 quiet times on the beach? another day for that too.
(2.20 MB 312x320 b95.gif)

>>407 >Basedment hang That sounds fun. My basement is boring and for storage only. I've also been suffering in the brain dept. bcus I guess the caffeine withdrawal is giving me brain ouchies? Maybe it's just all the swimming making my neck tense.
(4.18 MB 320x320 dresirani-pas-i-frizbi.gif)

Quiche Cupcake Got sum shit done then hit the beach. Been tired all day because I woke up inna night to talk to long distance fren onna other side of the planet. Couldn't really fit an emergency nap in because of other shit, feels like it's compounding the soreness in muh neck and head which is unpleasant. Oh right, the beach. Really good beaching day. Nice and hot, but with an enjoyable breeze. Water was very wavy and fun to struggle and flail about in. Got in a good two hours worth of swimming all in all. My body feels all battered and carefree now. Talked to a friend about getting their sailboat operational, might have to lend a hand eventually. Surprised some dog friends who were very happy to see me. There was a dog that mightily impressed me with his frisbee tricks, knew how to flip it over off the ground and sort of toss it back to his master. Neat stuff. Still waiting for illustrious guest, she's taking her sweet ass time but I'm glad I don't have to be out picking her up. Also good to know I won't have to do all the entertaining while she's here. Contented yawn/10
(48.43 KB 581x680 chinese more tiresome.jpg)

Confucius says: Man who run behind car will get exhausted but man who runs in front of car will get tired. get some rest:^)
(950.03 KB 2116x1416 GettyImages-89444057.jpg)

(6.40 MB 312x256 vzgd8Jb.gif)

<belch, mandrake Had to play guide for the house guest most of the day. This meant a lot of chauffeuring her around and finding "interesting" things to talk about, luckily she is easily entertained and likes learning about plants and wildlife so we got along well. Sort of an odd situation tho since she broke up with her long term bf and I was used to dealing with them as a package deal. Managed to get another female friend to join in with the fun and accompany us to the beach. We had the whole place to ourselves thanks to misleading weather reports and all went for a nice long swim in the very wavy waters. Pretty choice beachenings as far as I'm concerned. Managed to do a bit of foraging too and track down a late season find for our impressed guest out of sheer luck. gud stuff/10
(8.78 KB 508x497 spurdo_boy.png)

>>502 very impress and most envy. good antidote! 4 out of 5 r7
(372.09 KB 2450x1633 sei_18703317-6076.jpg)

(459.26 KB 200x200 200w.gif)

>Peach Sorbate : Bit of a double dip as I hit the beach last night for BloodMoon viewing with la lady fren. She really enjoyed the nature show and even convinced me to wade into the calm nightime waters for better moon basking. This was very cold but also serene. Stuck around for a few hours just taking in the lunacy and chatting about whatnots. Proud of myself for not sperging about all my dumb doom and gloom beliefs in favor of letting this lassy have her moment of bliss unshackled from earthly cares. Moondip : 8/10 Ahead of what looks like cold weather, we made off for the nude beach today and enjoyed having the place mostly to ourselves and not being accosted by leathery boomers drooling over her superb yum yums. We had a nice long skinny dip in rather frosty waters for a good 30 mins until I felt the ol' testicle to torso retraction mechanism taking effect. Warming back up in the sun took a while, but eventually we were fine and not shivering. Things were pretty scenic and we contemplated making a bonfire and sticking around until sunset but decided against it. Had a very long walk back along the beach which was pleasant until the very end when through a series of unfortunate events we ran afoul of a park warden for the dumbest reason you could possibly imagine. Without going into any lengthy details, this put a big damper on the end of what was a great day up until then, mostly because beach dick was a robotic prick. Had I been alone, things would have probably escalated to unpleasant heights, but with girly in tow I simply didn't give him an inch while locking on to him with the death eye and escaped any and all consequences. Gal-fren made the mistake of trying to talk sense to the dull eyed automaton and prolonged the ordeal to personal expense. Ah well, live and learn. My guess is this will not be the last time I see my new beach nemesis and I'm going to dutifully pray to God that he doesn't try to pull some shit for the sake of his weak, fleshy life. (and I suppose mine too, since the trail of blood and eviscera would be easy to track down.) Pre-order rating : 9/10 bucknaked nature communion Post-ordeal rating : a salvageable 7.5/10 since we got back to fresh homemade burgers
>>576 ive never been to a nude beach before. i feel like 18 year old me and current me (18 x 2 +2) would have to at least where sunglasses for my face and sunglasses for my errant weiner.
>>582 Don't let (((the man))) stop you from getting the ballbag brazed at least once in your life. Vitamin D straight to the D.
>>576 >2nd image Who dat?
>>594 Jean Simmons in Spartacus
(7.37 KB 201x255 thumbsup rocket.jpg)

>>600 Damn. I ONLY like oysters, if you get my drift.
>>606 I'm sorry I do not.
(131.44 KB 672x877 (((oy)))ster.jpg)

>>669 >taking a guess clam = gentile poon (((oy)))sters
>>676 I sorta thought the same initially, but given the jewish dietary restrictions concerning shellfish it doesnt add up. Plus the fact that Jean Simmons is a Bong and not a j-word.
(190.07 KB 680x991 rubbing.png)

>>687 your logic is spot on. i dont think we'll ever know what an oyster is, if you know what i mean.
(483.54 KB 220x123 tenor (18).gif)

(239.14 KB 220x165 tenor (19).gif)

<Brunch Unregulate No beaching yesterday. Kinda sucks to break a streak but the weather has cooled the water considerably. Hit the beach today with lady-pal after a long walk in the woods which yielded some magical forage finds of the mushroom variety. Sand+surf zone was surprisingly empty when we got there and stayed mostly unoccupied for the duration. Due to subzero temperatures last night and the night before, taking a dip was a no go, but there was some foot in the shallows action. Breezy and sunny, nice lounging weather. I'm not the most perceptive, but I'm starting to get a flirty vibe from the gal-guest. Lots more getting closer and resting against me, impromptu hugs and penetrating questioning. Might have to slip her the ol' euphemism, if you know what I'm implying* (*sexy stuff is my guess). Idyllic day for the most part. Had a good visit with my friend who I'd previously mentioned was taken to the hospital days ago. He's thankfully back and looking somewhat better, though the docs there would not give him any clear answers and just threw meds at him. If he's not got long, I hope he at least gets to spend his time at his scenic home with his family and friends. I've capped the day off by eating way too much and now am having trouble moving/typing. Jolly good stuff. Disoriented food coma comfort /10
>>692 good luck giving her the weinie.sounds like a great day.
(1.86 MB 2000x1359 AWIJIAF22A5FTLLV5H2GYOOYLI.jpg)

Sandspot Status After making some fancy schmantzy bread puddin' this morning, I went and helped a friend clean out their house boat which they're getting ready to sell. After that it was off to the beaches with gynoid guest in tow. Waters were very calm but super cold. Still got an ok swim in until at about the 25-30 min mark I started getting this burning feeling in my legs from how cold it was. Gril-bud started to experience dizziness from the cold around that time too, so we spent the rest of the afternoon regaining motor function in the sun. This also entailed tanning with me serving as bikini untier/tier. Ooh la la. We wiled away the hours making mini bonfires and soaking in the rays. Onna way back we saw a bunch of Indian dudes in the water in their underoos trying to aggressively lunge at and pants each other while having a giggle-fest in pajeet-speek doing so. Weird stuff. Wet Sikh Butt/10
(266.29 KB 521x768 grill.png)

>>805 >cold out there is a huge cold front blanketing the east coast of north america. it should start getting warmer next week.
(109.17 KB 576x384 beach update enthusiast.jpg)

>>807 >next weak Beach update waits for no cold front
>brief bundtcake Did a bunch of seedling planting for a lady acquaintance with guest girl along for the ride, then hit the beach. Planting took longer than I would have hoped and our window of direct sunlight was passing as we got to the waterside. It was wavy, but not overly so. Still quite cold, yet a degree or two step up from yesterday. We got in a good long energetic swim, but eventually the freezing numbness won out and we tried to warm up sandside. This proved difficult too as there was a persistent breeze that kept both of us shivering. So shivery were we that at a certain point sharing body heat became the best available option and I wrapped my muscularity round about my dainty charge. There's been a lot of this "holding" and "resting against me" business going on and if I were somewhat less retarded I'd assume this is an increasingly wide open window for which to slide in my man-stuffs. I mean surely most g'nite hugs don't entail the huggee running her hand up and down your rigid spinal column in a suggestive manner, rite? Ah well, there's always tomorrow* *until there isn't Factoid : today was girly guest's bday which I correctly guessed she wanted nobody else knowing so I was careful to slip her a handdoodled card letting her know that her present was total secrecy on my end. Many long lingering hugs were recieved because of this. We also spent a bunch of time fooling around with my friend's dog onna way back from teh beech who considers me a top bloke and will only do certain tricks with me that her owners fail to replicate. When we got her back home, dogger promptly hassled the b'geezers out of a small field mouse so bad there was talk of crushing it underfoot to "put it out of it's misery". I opted for the non-deadly approach and the mouse proceeded to scurry up my boot and onto a pant fold for safety as though it understood what I had just said. So safe did it feel that it proceeded to have a quick snooze while I looked it over for canine puncture wounds and showed off my new ankle mouselet. Thing was just drenched in dog spit and frightened out of it's mind. After a tiny bit of shut eye, I woke it up with a single finger pet to which it squeaked loudly and took off for the woods seemingly no worse for wear. At home was various fresh foodstuffs (upon which I am still gorgeing) and a special lemon cake (upon which I will soon be gorging). Rating (mouseing?) : preddy gud/day
(78.61 KB 282x386 1374598033001.png)

>>833 glad the mouse made it. their average lifespan is 12-18 months. you just made his summer:^)
(4.13 MB 600x338 perched.gif)

Botch Oopsdate Did a lot of beaching today. Was nice an toasty. Brought a relative since they were around along with fèmme-guést. Did a lot of swimming as the waters were somewhat warmer than past days, then did a lot of laying about in the sun which was beaming. Earlier in the day had gone to a small local spot to buy a bunch of just-off-the-boat perch so that another friend could do us up a big steaming pile of fish'n'chips. We came off the beach in time to have it all prepared fresh and stuffed ourselves with loads of it. P-nummy. Following this we stopped back on the beach for a very colorful sunset and impromptu photoshoot so lady-bud could have some timeless moments captured. All the pics turned out really great and we went back out in the warm evening waters to get some really scenic shots. Fish/chips
(2.16 MB 480x360 possessed fish.webm)

this is turning out to be a great start to your summer. unofficially of course. >fish and chips we eat battered haddock in my parts. we also call it a fish fry.
(3.09 MB 853x480 DANCE DANCE.webm)

bonch bump
(24.80 KB 379x379 open.jpg)

>>929 Notice moves
(952.41 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-220257.png)

Beach Update : Romance Edition Writing this as my lovely guest preps to head back home after her extended stay. Yesterday's beachening was gray and had bits of drizzle, but this made it so that the beach was mostly ours for several hours. My brain-dead robotic charms proved too much for the lassy and after a cool refreshing dip we spent a good 3-4 hours locked in embrace with her confessing that it took all her power not to jump me these last 7 days. Things got hot & heavy and beach bunnies came out close to watch like the voyeurs they are, some hopping up within feet of us as we held eachother tight. While this was initially a more than welcome distraction from my own messed up head, the lingering awareness that this was a thing that could never be and that soon she would be far from me weighed on both our minds and hearts. This makes you hold on all that much tighter in the moment because you know that the pain of separation and distance is soon to follow, tongues paralyzed not wanting to say anything to taint the memory. Much like her bday, this was another event sworn to secrecy. The evening was spent with company making as though nothing had happened or was between us. when we were left alone later, it was back to zealous holding on to those fleeting moments between us. Things once again got very intense and I was brought back to her guest house for more sweaty grasping of the naked variety. Every sweet kiss became more bitter on my lips as the time passed, a flood of unwanted thoughts reminding me of what was to come from this foolish endeavor. After we managed to untangle ourselves, the sense of loss was palpable. Though it had been a long, taxing day, I was unable to sleep even a wink as the circus of hurt started up in my brains and feel wholly grey and mechanical today. I'm disappointed in myself for being unable to fully connect and unsure of how to cope moving forward, pondering whether these past sweet moments will simply become another torture device for my soul as time progresses. Yet all that said : there can be no regrets. The beach is still there and still demands my reporting. Only now every spot will still be harboring whisps of a perfume you wish you could forget sometimes. I know the heaviness of heart will depart and I will eventually float up from the crushing depths as always. 8/10 tearful/cheerful
(7.71 MB 640x360 didn't read.webm)

>>934 ill get back to this, having an adhd moment atm:)
(1.03 MB 250x174 off to work.gif)

>>957 mreh, mite wanna skip it. Preddy gay/cringe. Happens when I don't get enough sleep.
(203.56 KB 400x386 didn't read.png)

>>966 well, that settles it!
(84.51 KB 1242x1101 bnpr9.jpg)

>>984 I would have preferred if I din't write it, but some feels need to be excised or they start to stink up the place.
(58.22 KB 500x473 wader malon kot.jpg)

>>985 LOL!™
Beeps Unsafe After a day of gettin' shit done so that I don't spend time self reflecting, I got to the beach. Fair amount of peeps there as the weather is p-nice, but I'm suspecting there will be loads more tomorrow as the forecast is calling for hot weather. Swimming was fine, bit tired after a lot of work/exercise so it wasn't the longest dip. Also cut it a bit short as I needed to go far down the beach to pick up a lot of rocks which will be used in the small pond I've been setting up in the back yard. Ran into doggo frens along the way and they seemed in a gud mood. Bit of a groan carrying a bunch of rocks back home for a long walk, but the price was right. Stopped along the way back to see how the progress is going on my friend's houseboat and to pick some of their wild strawberries on their property before they mow them down without realizing. Feeling pretty sore and tired now which beats the heck out of worrying about shit you can't control or agonizing over the dead and buried past. 6.5/10, too much walking, not enough beaching.
(34.63 KB 657x527 1545675957482.jpg)

>>989 >wild strawberries i have wild blackberries in my backwoods scene. strawberries is wild! i buy them everyone once on a while. they stink up my fridge if i dont consume right away.
(518.46 KB 800x600 mulberry-pakistan.jpg)

(96.36 KB 600x471 strawberry-size-contest.jpg)

>>1068 The wild strawberries are tiny compared to farm grown/store bought, but they tend to be way more flavorful. I'm looking forward to black raspberry time in a few weeks, hopefully get some mulberries in too.
(8.35 MB 640x479 IMG_5455.gif)

///Britch Undone\\\ Wavy day at the beaches, place was absolutely packed. Did lots of fighting against the neverending wave machine until I was cold and exhausted. Sadly happened to be going down there right as my buddy who just got out of the hospital a few days ago was leaving on his way back there. I believe he's worried about appendicitis, but I get the feeling things will only get worse at the doctor farm since they're very tight lipped and just toss out expensive medications while not diagnosing him. Will hope for the best though. Day was absolutely filled with midge flies, really thick vibrating clouds of them in a lot of places. Bit surreal to see and feel everything buzzing like that. Will probably make the fish happy. 6/10
(1.43 MB 260x195 BQYFhrD.gif)

(2.14 MB 450x322 tenor (17).gif)

(((Beace Jugshape))) Another packed day on the big beach. Very few people getting deep into the water because it's full of dead midge flies. Thick dark layers of them. I'm not afraid of no midge and have various devices that keep them out of my mentionables so I was able to have the waters largely to myself for two good long swims amongst the mass bug death. Somewhat wavy, very temperate waters and a good amount of sun. Pretty prime as far as early beach days go. Not that I was staring or ogling, but there was a very high amount of chunky lasses out on the beach today. Had a moment where it seemed any direction I turned my head towards there was a mass-lass pulling her too small swimsuit trunks out deep from between her ass cheeks. Sort of upsetting to lock eyes when they look back while pulling out ass floss, though I get for them those moments are currency. Kinda glad I've been avoiding the nude beach too as I can't imagine the scene is much better there. ///0)(0\\\/10
(242.66 KB 500x448 fat girl.png)

>>1092 big women need attention too. the scooter complex is real, but not if its a joy ride:^)
(1.29 MB 540x675 drunk-bed-beach.gif)

Broach Uptalk Only put in a brief beach appearance today. Went down the street to the one close by. Was pretty full, nice to see a lot of folks in the water. Had a refreshing long swim, one of the few times I've ever had to watch out for traffic in the waters as some peeps went paddling back and forth on deflating rafts. Temperature was tepid for the most part and a pleasure to take a dip in. Less bugs than yesterday in the water, but still loads in the air. Mosquitos are starting to join them too. Would have stayed longer if I didn't have pressing things to take care of. S'alrite/10
(68.19 KB 748x741 luigi beach.jpg)

>>1130 life's a beach
(2.00 MB 249x262 DgRGMdX.gif)

Beats & Drapes Sunny and humid today with extra insect. After wasting a bunch of time, I headed out to the beach today. The weather was really quite nice, spectacular clouds, but still things were completely empty on the beach. >Life is a beach Today it was death. The waters were coated as far as the eye could see with dead and dying flies. The air was absolutely thick with them, sort of like you had your own personalized swarm following you. It was deadly quiet too, made for an extra introspective swim, surrounded by silence and death. Would have been almost upsetting if the water wasn't so nice and warm. Like stepping into a fly covered bathtub it was. Had two lengthy, leisurely swims and sunbathed with bugs scuttering all over me like I was a fresh corpse. Cathartic/10
(5.26 MB 480x360 tailtaste.gif)

waterside witnessage Got over to the beach after a good talk with my friend back fresh from the doctor place. Hope he stays put locally for a while. Very steamy at the beach, so steamy that looking off in either direction there was thick white fog. Breddy empty, save the never ending entourage of midges, on land and in water. Water temperature was excellent so I spent a long time out despite feeling low energy. Practiced a lot of diving and said 'hi' to an English family paddling by on boards. A youngster had managed to catch a good size fish just leaving a hook out the back of his board. Very much a thumbs up from me. Standard picturesque golden moment stuff. 7.5/10
(991.22 KB 447x247 pouf.gif)

>>1152 >dead flies what a beach! >>1179 what body of water do you frequent?
(46.99 KB 295x323 on the rocks.jpg)

Wew, not been in a gud B.U state o' mind for several daze. Let's see if I can't get things back on track.
(95.96 KB 640x388 memories.jpg)

Beef Unsteaked Few dayz back I took a long trip to the beach with a close relative. Sun was very hot and we spent most of the time talking about life and where we see "things" going in the not too distant future. While everything weather and scenery-wise was idyllic in many ways, I felt terribly on edge and burdened the whole time. It was as though I was about to be arrested or beaten to death at any moment. Not pleasant. We both made time to enjoy the waters, which was as warm as an old bath, and attempt to appreciate the day rather than let the weight of knowing drag us both down. Even with the nice waters, I only managed a paltry 20 or so minutes swimming about and could not get myself to relax the whole time. This feeling persisted even as we stopped off to see some acquaintances and led to me being rather tongue tied and not my usual attentive self since my mind was occupied the whole time. Not fun. tense & foreboding/ten
(994.47 KB 450x221 Spinning_seal-7.gif)

Bees Can Skate The following day I once again hit the beaches. This was mostly so I'd have reason to pass by some friends and see if all was well. It was and this made me feel slightly more at ease. I also delivered some weird medicine I'd never seen before as though I was in a vidya gaem side quest. Hope it works. Day was very hot. So hot a dogger friend of mine wasn't even interested in walking down to the water. Pup missed out since it was a great day down there. Very full with families enjoying the day. Water has hit that sweet spot where one can be out for hours in it and stay relatively comfortable. I had two very lengthy swims where I practiced going from floating exercises to diving exercises over and over. Not as terrible as I used to be at diving and swimming along the floor, so that's nice. 8/10
(122.30 KB 766x446 auto-incorrect.jpeg)

>>1383 >Where go? Bout of gripping depress'ums I'm sorry to say. Nearly paralytic with apprehension and the knowledge of sin.
(1.20 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-220436.png)

Beets Cut, Grate Yisterdoo I got a bunch of stuff done then got myself down to the beach. Stopped on the way to exchange some plants and see what a friend was doing with her vegetable garden. Was still inna rough brainstate so I barely remember all the things she was reeling off. Beach was looking good from what I recall. Pleasant weather and lots of sun. Spent a fair amount of time lounging about just taking in the rays. Would have been serene, but some poor fella was having a terrible time just yelling and yelling after his doggo. Not 100% sure, but I think he named his German Shepherd after the doctor on "comedy" show "Archer", "Kreiger". Doggo was just trying to dog, but the yelling and tone felt ridiculously harsh. Hope the fella got over himself and had a good beach day. Waters were once again very enjoyable. Took a good long swim with more diving practice and found out some youngsters were following along and trying to duplicate. I didn't really engage with them, yet still got disapproving looks from their hapless dads. One thing that must be absolutely brutal for dads is just how revealing swimsuits have gotten for girls, even young ones. I can't imagine it's relaxing to hit the beach with your dainty lil' lassy sporting something barely above underwears while having to keep an eye on her and another eye on the eyes on her. Those fellers have my eternal sympathies and aid should they ever ask it. 7.5/10
(201.88 KB 400x322 on japanese tv.png)

Bunch Unsoak Today I did beach. Was a bit windy, but this was appreciated since it kept me from sweating. Heading out the door I was struck by an extremely unusual cloud. Clear in the middle of the sky was a small oblong trail that was vibrantly lit up with all the colors of the rainbow. This is apparently known as "fire rainbows" or simply (and more descriptively) "rainbow clouds". Very striking sight since it was the only one and all other clouds were far off. Talked to a friend on the way about what work he needs to do on his sailboat and when he thinks he can get it out. Marinas have been extra evasive and onerous to deal with since everyone realized they can do a "muh pandumbic" asspull whenever they feel like it. Beach was much less busy and the waters a fair bit cooler than yesterday after a long rain. Was feeling low energy so I just did some basic laps, diving exercises and whatnot until I was panting and wanted to flop down sandside. The wind helped drying, so I made my visit to the beach short and sweet. 7/10
Bilge Crepes Spent some time saying hi to a local bday boy then got myself down shoreside. Very windy today, more bothersome than yesterday. The temperature was fair. Waters were a lot colder than yesterday. Maybe it was getting a lot of sun of the past few days, but it almost felt like freezer burn on my body when I got in. Very brisk and energizing. Got better once my body warmed up, but that took a while. Spent a while getting covered by blowing sands laying on my towel, then got back home to check on some art projects in le studio. Sand/Crevices
(43.75 KB 660x495 Douglas Quaid.jpg)

>>1424 glad youre back in the saddle! life sucks sometimes, i get that. we all could use a vacation from ourselves every now and then.
(2.57 MB 400x400 giphy (17).gif)

Brunt Clubweight Went down to the dog beach today. Had a canine consigliere accompany me once I was down there. Nice to see that dog a little more full of life as she'd been avoiding the beach for a bit. Weather felt very moderate, cooler and still windy. Waters were about the same as yesterday, cold but bearable. Swam til I was exhausted and ended up slingshotting my goggles off my head like an idiot as I was taking off my swim cap. Felt that instant "well those are gone forever" pang as soon as I realized. If only I had something that would cover my eyes to let me see underwater so I could've searched for them... Dog fren was apparently not ready to leave the beach until I was in tow. Nice to know I'm part of the pack I guess. Found out on the way back that my lady guest from before is looking to buy something nearby, should be back around any day now. Could this be a concerted effort to capture ©anadAnon's corpulent cannoli? Could be. goggles/abyss
(25.34 KB 700x373 sayazamurai3.jpg)

>>1504 >Things said 'ppreciate it
>>1533 i hope you do 'ppreciate
(1.17 MB 400x400 beach-bod.webm)

(372.84 KB 450x249 jogged.gif)

Pleeb Plucked-Ape Busy day for me here, still managed to get down to the beach. Weather has reached a nice median between hot and breezy, makes spending most of the day outside pretty appealing. Waters were still quite chilly, but not terrible. Very clear today for whatever reason. Had a nice long swim which felt quite taxing, can really feel it in the upper body thanks to the added resistance of the ol' hand flippers. On the way back I came to find that lady guest of past romantic beach reports was in town looking for summer spots to buy/rent. Went with her to check one out and had it revealed to me that indeed I was one of the big reasons for her quick return. Am I really that much of a draw? Once we were away from prying eyes there was again much kissing and holding. Sweet stuff, but we both tried to talk more honestly about why pursuing a relationship was probably not a great idea. Back at home, I was treated to some unsettling news about lady-pal's past which sort of cements the whole "maybe don't do that" line of thinking I'd been pursuing, or possibly just makes it all that much more forbidden and enticing*. *It doesn't really On top of this I was given some bombshell news about a different female friend which puts her entire past and family in question. Quite frankly stunned she never told me herself. Will hit the beach tomorrow with my love interest along for the ride and attempt to set things straight before we get locked into the realm of regret. Or more probably will just fuck everything up like a retard. Wish me luck! drama/enjoyment
(3.39 MB 480x318 giphy.gif)

>>1567 Might appear that I don't due to how little I've been posting as of late, but I do generally consider this bort an oasis of comfort. Very thankful it exists even if I've just been using it to dump my cringe blog posts. >>1576 Sort of amazing she's even ambulatory.
(8.54 KB 250x250 cum sam.jpg)

>>1590 >oasis of comf >blog dump >appreciation! all good things! dont feel obligated to post quotas. im here daily, so at least the days you do stop by, you'll know this place has a pulse:^) do your thing my main vein! see you whenever
(87.99 KB 500x814 3mos1f.jpg)

polyptych plate Beach update felt more like a proper date today meeting up with guest lass. She was in a good mood after securing a place nearby to canadanon manor. We got there shortly after a rainstorm and were treated to very wavy waters under cloudy skies. Swimming was great since the force of the waves can make you feel like a better or faster swimmer than you actually are. Back on land things got steamy since I guess I'm hard to resist or something. This tends to make things take a lot more time than they should. We both eventually got back and were invited to a birthday dinner which proved to be very tasty. Also caught the sunset together while I tried to pick her mind about why in the world she'd want anything to do with me. This only seemed to make her want me more. Such is life, at least I'm doing my best to warn her. Took awhile getting home after since I watched hundreds of fireflies doing their morse codes in the forest. Makes the trees and bushes look like they're covered in a type of slow moving static. 7/10
(260.92 KB 750x639 1624079835958.png)

>>1626 nice update!
The Shoreline Situation Went over to the beach yesterday afternoon. Weather was very foggy for much of the morning and only started to clear when I got there. Along for the dip was muh guest-gal, fresh off a round of signing apartment leases. Going to be seeing a lot more of her I guess. Waters were cool, but energetic and wavy, somehow a lot more easy to handle than calm cold waters. We had a nice swim and short body heat sharing session afterwards. A whole mess of emergency vehicles met us on the way back from the beach, hopefully wasn't for anything too serious. hazey/wavy
Dockspot Talk Packed on the beaches today. Went for a solo swim as fem-fren is back in the city now until she can set up here. Very full beach with a lot of roving teens having a blast. Warmer weather than yesterday and much calmer waters. Waves yesterday must have stirred up a lot of crud since the surface was fairly scummy today and full of detritus. Seemingly loads of flecks of clay in the water too. Temperature was very enjoyable though so I had a long swim. Did a lot of good as I was feeling very anxious all day up until then. Not sure if I was putting on an impressive display, but exiting the water I got grilled on whether I was professionally training for something by some folks in the shallows. Din't stick around the beach long as I tend to get weird lingering looks from younger lasses and feel like I'm stirring conflict just making eye contact. Going to be plenty of time for that sort of thing guilt-free when guest lady becomes a neighbor. Busy/10
(33.06 KB 739x415 snot.jpg)

>>1683 are you seeing this gal pal in ways that will pull you out of your deep depression? getting a little sniz on the reg lightens the mood from time to time:)
(3.26 MB 720x405 65e.gif)

Beach Update : bandit Edition Had a very intense thunderstorm last night, most lightning I've seen in a while. Forecast was calling for rain all day that never came. After getting the usual shit done I made some time for the beach. Big crashing waves today, very lively and fun to be out in the waters. The element of danger with riptides and knock you over waves adds a lot to the experience. I was enjoying myself a great deal for the time I was in the water... Unfortunately when I got out I found out that my bag and clothing had been stolen. This could have been a lot worse if I was the type to bring money or a phone or ID with me, but it still sucked pretty bad. Whoever did it at least left me my towel and shoes. Nobody around had seen anyone walk up and grab anything, but why would they have been looking anyhow? In that situation I found myself wanting to rove about the long beach just hoping against hope that I would find muh shit after whoever took it realized there was nothing of worth. What a waste of time that would have been. Walked back home in a wet swimsuit with a towel and my swimming gear, no worse for wear. acceptance/loss
(1.02 MB 852x918 kappa (2).png)

>>1702 Yeh I dunno, will see how it goes once she's around. I'm certainly not able to think the same depressing thoughts when she's telling me things or in my arms, so that's something at least.
(23.82 KB 412x232 snot and jenny.jpg)

>>1733 getting sniz on the reg is the only way to go these days.
(713.61 KB 480x270 giphy (18).gif)

Porch Pancake Got a pinch in the neck an shoulder from what I assume was too much reading in bed mixed with weight lifting. Still managed to drag myself down to the beach for some swim. Weather was a lot cooler, thick clouds and a stiff breeze kept cancelling out the warmth of the sun. This meant I was the only person in the waters today. Wasn't too cold all things considered, didn't even get that freezer burn sensation, but getting out was rough. Whenever the breeze picked up I was in shake city, real bad shivering that tenses your whole body. Feels like your muscles want to curl up onto themselves to preserve heat. This stuttery vibration continued for most of the walk back. It's interesting how things can change. While I wasn't too down about the theft yesterday, today I felt like around every corner or beach shrub I might just find my beat up old bag waiting. This sort of mindless hope kinda wore me down and made the beach a less fun place, my perception of things had shifted and there was a real sense of loss for my worthless old shit that the thief/ves probably tossed once they realized there wasn't any quick money to be had. Surely these memories won't haunt the beach and I will move past my paltry material losses like a big boy. cold/water
(9.38 MB 1920x1080 underwater.webm)

>>1789 cold water is cold
(1.91 MB 372x279 hadookum.gif)

Preach Clambake Had a relative in town so we went to the beach together. Much more enjoyable than yesterday, lots more sun for starters. Waters were still cold but didn't cause the same sort of embarrassing shivering once I was out of them. Spent a load of time just drying off and chatting in the sun afterwards. Quality stuff. brief/update
(59.29 KB 1080x1051 captain vapor.jpg)

>>1835 that scuba steve gif reminds me of the neckbeards that enter vap smoke competitions.
(741.24 KB 220x220 tenor (17).gif)

Bark Woofed, Eh? Got called upon to take care of a dog while some friends went to appointments out of town. We got along p-gud but it still got anxious about staying back without em since they baby the heck out of it. Was able to calm it with a few walks and whatnot so it was distracted from the missing owners, but there was a point of having to chase the dog down which was pretty funny. Made me realize I need to run more. Got to beach later on, turned a bit overcast on me but the waters were still blue and inviting. Swimming was great though I do miss the waves when they're not around to up the danger factor. Would have stuck around to dry out in the sun, but it was largely covered. Beyond that the bitey flies were out in force and having a feast on me and the poor beach doggers. Saw some of them freak out from getting swarmed. I laid around to dry off then cut the blood donation short to get out home. Unfortunately the cloudiness has persisted and is currently blocking the big ol' Strawberry Moon out tonight. Keep checking to see if they've cleared a bit but I think I might miss it before I pass out. dog/tired
(1.94 MB 260x260 fancy-smoking.gif)

(632.21 KB 170x300 somehow gayer than kissing.gif)

>>1866 >Neckbeards Whoa there. We give CloudChads respect around these parts what an amazingly ridiculous little subculture
(1.11 MB 288x360 dog pillow.mp4)

>>1961 i grew up with dogs. loved them, but very fucking in your face with the neediness. >need food ALL day >need attention ALL day >need to go outside ALL the time >need to bark ALL day its heartbreaking when they die. even though you tried to fulfill all those greentexts as best you could, you are left feeling like you didnt do enough. its a real mindfuck. the guilt is unreal. i had 3 family dogs, felt the same way each time.
beseech raw steak Very wet update today. Was pouring rain for most of it. Still got down to the beach near my house after taking care of various tasks. Wasn't much of the beach there when I arrived, quite high tides. Had to set up an umbrella to keep muh shit dry, but once I figured it out I was off inna waters. The heavy rain gave everything a misty grey quality which felt dreamlike, completely immersed in waters above and below in an endless grayscape. Had a staying afloat in purgatory feel to it. Waters were temperate and relaxing to swim in, was also pleasant to be surrounded by nothing but nature sounds as I had the beach fully to myself. Had a great swim and thanked my lucky ducks that I could be back home for hot Raman noodles, tea and dryness within 4 mins. 7.5/10
(1.71 MB 270x480 erect weiner.gif)

>>1972 Like dogs a lot too, but I've always said when someone is getting a new pup >congratulations on your new time delayed heartache That said, they're great for giving some people more of a routine and a good responsibility test for youngsters. I've personally never asked for, nor tried to acquire a dog, but I've still ended up looking after a few. They tend to like me a lot, but this is because I read a lot of dog psychology when I was young and treat them like the lovely animals they are. Any guilt you feel should be mitigated by how they live in other countries; as long as you're not treating them like food then they had a pretty good life. Part of the reason I don't have my own is mostly increasingly bizarre social pressures and mandates around these animals often turn them into money pits for veterinarians. Not to mention low key behaviour modifiers on behalf of the state with the increasingly enforced microchipping of the poor things. Also have the odd view that old, on their last legs dogs are just as cute as new puppers. Something about the helplessness I spose.
(161.57 KB 715x500 1613535772590.jpg)

>>2010 >7.5/10 thats a win in anyone's book:)
(4.33 MB 600x600 woman-bitten-pig-beach.gif)

Dip Disclosure Fairly overcast day, spent some of it meeting some new neighbors. They seem fine, had a little daughter who was very happy to meet the cats here and excited to take some early fallen apples from our tree for their pet miniature pig. Oddly enough I'd met that pig a year or so ago doing a job before I ever met any of them. It had followed us and was trying to make friends with a small dog we had in tow, made me do a bit of a double take when I first saw it. Things were still fairly soggy thanks to the downpour yesterday and this morning, so beachgoers were sparse. I scouted out some good berry bushes and trees along the way for future foraging reference. All the water has made a lot of them heavy with fruit. Found a place to hang up my gear and went for a swim. Waters were a lot cloudier than I've seen in a while. So much so that diving down and swimming along the floor was pitch black, bit claustrophobic. Water temp was fine, just cold enough to be refreshing, but comfortable if you're generating enough heat. Got my laps in and didn't stick around long since the sun was still mostly obscured. 6.5/10
>>2018 Not sure what it is, but swimmin' in the rain always gets extra points from me. Thunderstorms can be fun too.
pigs doth spake The sound of the nu-neighbors pet porker loudly squealing bloody murder was the clarion call of me heading out to the beach today. Not sure what got it so riled up. Perhaps just excitement at moving to a nu-home. Weather was hot, muggy and somewhat clear when I left, but by the time I made it to the beach things were getting cloudy. Since yesterday was a no-go for most folks, the place was particularly packed today. Waves were pretty strong and at times felt downright dangerous. Spent a lot of time getting pulverized by them while trying to stay afloat. Left me feeling a bit punch drunk by the time I got out. Enjoyable stuff, just left me blank minded with exhaustion. Hauled myself back home while checking various berry spots to guage how far away I am from pickin' time. Not sure if I'm just worn out or what, but a deep seething undercurrent of apprehension has been wracking my heart and mind ever since I got in. Still hasn't taken away much from the day, but would be nice to feel upbeat and optimistic for a change. beatdown/waves
(67.62 KB 197x196 miss piggy.png)

(22.64 KB 191x255 miss piggy.jpg)

>>2089 what kind of porker? potbelly? miniature? anyone member miss piggy from 8ch?
(4.06 MB 391x219 haski-i-svinja.gif)

>>2102 >'member? If only I could forget! Oddly that whole drama is sort of how Gayhoole came to be /tv/ B.O. >whut kinda piggo? Miniature as far as I know. Dudn't sound too miniature when I was getting home today, but I haven't gone and shaken it's trotter formally yet.
(31.75 KB 625x292 comb the desert.jpg)

>>2132 im not sure why i saved the thumb, but an HQ version is not wanted tbh >other rememberings but no save that vid of miss piggy blowing his boyfirend. that was spammed on every board for a month. LOL!
(495.05 KB 296x160 xWt0l4T.gif)

Docking Point Documentation Hot and humid today. Really felt it while I had to do some tree trimming outside before I could get myself beachside. Did lots of berry checking on the way so I can get a guage on when to have a prime pick. Hopefully I don't get beat to the pluck. Waters were calm and felt like warm bathwater. Swimming was a breeze and very enjoyable, had a gud time diving down further out since the calm waters made there be an icey cool layer close to the bottom. Took two long dips but didn't want to spend too much time there even though the hot sun felt great. Seems like the right move in retrospect as I've got a bit of brain ouch currently which I'm choosing to chaulk up to a minor case of sunstroke. 7/10
(28.50 KB 774x439 nintchdbpict000374782828.jpg)

>>2133 >bf Worse I'm afraid. That was 8/tv/'s former b.o behind the camera. The tranny janny menace is real. Spammin' had to do with it being some sort of epin btfo of /leftypol/ who always maintained that snort'n'suck wasn't their b.o. The embarrassment was too much for /tv/'s b.o to handle (why film and publish it in the first place?) and he just stopped interacting until Gayhoole and his dickscord pals could convince him to hand over the keys to the kingdom.
(77.93 KB 587x475 kNTeRSY.jpg)

>>2138 lol, i miss /tv/. i could never contribute mainly due to the fact that i barely watched enough television shows as is. the banter was strong, the posters were loyal, the bo was gay evidentally? i believe when we interacted on 8ch, you showed me the 2 [AA] tricks by combining it with (((bluetext))) and spoiler. maybe it was basedbannergod, but im certain it was you? anyway, goodtimes!
(208.32 KB 489x640 18-05-25-09-51-18-238_deco.jpg)

>>2141 >gay b.o? Dunno. My guess would be lonely and desperate. Probably some weird irc hook up gone horribly hog. >tips an tricks very possible, I can half remember that being that way to get blue text or whatever. Always had to save those little things inna notepad since my memory for that stuff is terrible. >8/tv/ was gud Matter of opinion. My fond memories are mostly the pre-gahoole era. After he took over it became the main spot for South Americans and dickscorders to hone their thread derailing and shit-flinging skills before they'd go out and fuck over other borts. In theory it should be a great spot to deconstruct modern propaganda but I think most people who would use /tv/ can barely stomach nu-programming anymore so it turned into metadrama like much of late-stage 8ch.
(469.34 KB 500x375 mulberries.gif)

Berry Pluckdate Very toasty out today, almost unpleasantly hot if it weren't for the slight breeze. Got a bunch of shit done then hit the road to the beach. Getting down there took longer than I thought since I noticed that loads of mulberries were so ripe they were just falling off the trees. Spent a bunch of time gathering them off the branches and the ground. Beach was scenic as all get out. With the picturesque clouds in the distance and the bright blue skies it looked like something out of a postcard. Waters felt like walking into a heated pool, real primetime swim material. Spent a long while practicing various strokes while washing off all the berry picking sweat. Looking out at the horizon and drying off in the hot sun really drove home my multitudinous god given blessings at being able to experience any of this. Took another long dip after and then started packing up as the winds came in and started whipping up the sand. Gathered even more mulberries on the way back and ended up with a nice sack of them. Had to stop myself hitting some other spots I know will be full of them on the way back since I was p-exhausted. Going to try for more tomorrow. 8.5/10
(70.64 KB 600x493 king arthur.jpg)

>>2173 did you pee in the water? been meaning to ask. 9 out of 10x, i do. its just so convenient! >mulberries im guessing they are RED? Where it's been found in Ontario. Red mulberry occurs in eastern North American forests. In Canada, it is only found in the Carolinian Zone (the small area of Ontario southwest of Toronto to Sarnia down to the shores of Lake Erie) near rivers, the shores of Lake Erie, and the slopes of the Niagara Escarpment. Mmmmmm, berries
(136.79 KB 1440x1280 king arthur.jpg)

better version the resolution was not favorable, so i tineyed it
(430.60 KB 220x229 tenor (17).gif)

bleats dupdate Fell behind on a lot of things today so my timing of all out of whack. Still got things done and managed to get down to the beach later in the day. Did a lot more berry collecting along the way which further made me late and out of synch. Good thing those fresh mulberries are worth it. Weather has been on and off summer showers throughout the day. Temp was warm and humid, but not oppressively so. Beach was largely vacant when I finally got my swim in. Felt very nice, but I must confess all the swimming mixed with upper body exercises like liftan and doing pull ups is starting to get to me, feel more fatigued than I should. Waters were cooler than yesterday which made for a refreshing dip overall. sleepy/still got shit to do before bed
(280.06 KB 1080x1080 IMG_1978.jpg)

>>2183 They're red in name only as far as I'm concerned. Very dark purple irl comparable to blackberries or black raspberries. Much sweeter taste than either of them though and no hard, easily-caught-in-your-teeth seeds. They're bright red for a short period before turning dark and falling off the tree. Even the "white mulberry" variety is usually a dark purple like pic related.
Shmeach Shmupdate Today was Canada Day, which is usually a holiday for most here but I spent it running around and working myself stupid. The most strenuous of which was at a BnB where I had to do some very heavy lifting and fixing. Was glad to do it since the old bloke running the place woulda hurt himself bad had I not been there. Very narrowly avoided several mishaps and got stuff done preddy gud. Had to do some favors looking after a friend's garden and cuttings while she's away, but thankfully those things were on the way to berry pickan spots and the beaches. Weather was very nice and not overly hot and humid thanks to cloud cover and a good breeze. Beach itself was quite full with people scrambling to enjoy their day off. Waters were calm and cool after sweating up a storm finding berries and tending to stuff. Had a good swim, excellent refreshing exercise after all the heavy stuff early on, but didn't stick around long. Got back to find out girl-guest is in town and prepping her new pad not far from where I live. Helped her move in a bunch of stuff while silently cursing all the stairs. Finished things off going down to another beach to watch the sunset and some amateur fireworks displays. Not a bad day by any measure, but I'm feeling very fatigued and somewhat stiff in the ol' neck. can/nada
(18.17 KB 824x928 groyper leaf.png)

>>2232 >>2233 >>2269 tanks for the updates. havent read yet. passing out!
(22.34 KB 640x382 beachtrip.jpg)

(1.55 MB 239x339 sharky-chan.gif)

durch pubsnake No beaching yesterday. Felt bad to break a streak but also had a good time taking care of things I'd been putting off with the spare time. Did more moving stuff to help out for a while today but then took off to get more berries. It's nice to be able to work getting them into the trip to the beach. Weather was sunny with indigo waters and a slight breeze . Beach was very full and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Swimmun felt more vigorous after a day off and the waters were clear enough to make diving and checking along the bottom fun. Didn't stay very longpost dip, but that had to do with not wanting to leave the berry bags cooking in the sun. berry/gud
beal's namesake Things were busy beach-side on indypender's day (salute to all Americanons far and wide), way busier than on Canada Day. Huge amount of people out on boats and seadoos having a blast. Was so jam packed I could barely get a towel down. Weather was pretty ideal and the waters matched. While the beach was elbow to elbow it was easy to carve out a swimman lane in the waters. Enjoyed my dip so much I lost track of time, was probably out for an hour and a half. Lots of boats were pulling up and tying lines right next to my towel so space was at such a premium that I dried off then vamoosed so other folks could have a shot at appreciating the day in style. bustling/grustling
Sleeve Foldate Gotta watch my information intake during the morning, very easy to get stuck in an angry or apathetic mindstate that sticks around all day. Glad I kept it under control enough to get the usual business done so I could fuck off into nature. Skies had this filmy greyishness to them from what I would assume was heavy spraying, the trails only seemed to be visible with dark sunglasses as they'd spread out a fair bit. Gross. Berry season is heating up and I made sure to hit up a bunch of spots. P-gud haul of black raspberries and mulberries. So much so that I've started freezing the leftovers. Also did some stop offs to check on the health and good spirits of friends as well as some garden upkeep/watering for a friend away on vacation. Beach was full of folks and very wavy. While it was clammy on the way down, there was a pleasant breeze on the actual beach. The aforementioned apathy and anger are not great beach buddies, nor are they good motivators for a healthy swim. Still managed to power through that and have a fairly good time as fighting against the waves eventually sapped the grump from me. Had two good dips and a nice time between em laying in the sun readan the bible. 7/10
(1.78 MB 2160x1080 harmonica aesthetic.png)

>>2279 plz do not feel as though you gotta read and/or reply to my boring thread. It's sort of meant to be mindnumbing and bland, the thread equivalent of waves slowly eroding away the past edifice of self until there's nothing but wet sand remaining.
(112.13 KB 354x273 GOceg0U.gif)

>>2549 Oh don't worry, I haven't read a single post ITT so far.
(500.35 KB 640x480 1418964439133.webm)

>>2549 ill still read, but yeah, you do your thing!
(1.07 MB 210x237 lazy-beach-kitty-12315.gif)

Bluff Slumped 8 Lots of weather alerts all day for some big thunderstorms that never materialized. Things just stayed hot and very humid the whole time. After getting everything done I was off to try various alternate berry spots en route to a different beach. Found a lot to pick on the way, but it was in a fairly thick forest area and that meant loads of 'squiters making a meal out of me. Not sure if there's anything to this, but I'm of the opinion that there's wayyy less itchiness involved if you just let them feed uninterrupted. Had loads absolutely gorge themselves on my arms and back yet I'm not an itchy scratchy lumpy mess for whatever reason. Alternate beach was nice, lots of folks there having a good time. Area I picked was more remote and offered an escape from tinny beach speakers pumping whatever audio horrors pass for modern aural hallucination. Waters were mostly calm and quite high. Swimming felt great as all the pickan had left me coated in sweat. Did a bunch of rigorous aquatercise then dried out in the sun and read a bit before hitting the road. blood/body
fleece ornate Low rumblings of a storm all day, yet not much could be seen of it in any direction. Temperature was steamy, visibly so everywhere I went. Off the water and along the shoreline in particular. Gave everything a dreamy feel with impending rolling booms of impending nightmare. With all that the sun was still largely unimpeded above me the whole time. Waters were comfortable and low energy. Took two long swims and really tried to wear myself down. Towel-side as I was packing up after drying off, I was amused to see a young lad, maybe 2-3, running around having a heck of a time completely in the nip. He was very into laying down face first in the warm sand grinning from ear to ear, even tried to stay behind and keep basking. Saw him as I was leaving, squealing like mad as his mother tried to wash all the sand off him under a public faucet. More mulberrying on way home as the storm finally started to roll in. day/gud
fleece ornate Low rumblings of a storm all day, yet not much could be seen of it in any direction. Temperature was steamy, visibly so everywhere I went. Off the water and along the shoreline in particular. Gave everything a dreamy feel with impending rolling booms of impending nightmare. With all that the sun was still largely unimpeded above me the whole time. Waters were comfortable and low energy. Took two long swims and really tried to wear myself down. Towel-side as I was packing up after drying off, I was amused to see a young lad, maybe 2-3, running around having a heck of a time completely in the nip. He was very into laying down face first in the warm sand grinning from ear to ear, even tried to stay behind and keep basking. Saw him as I was leaving, squealing like mad as his mother tried to wash all the sand off him under a public faucet. More mulberrying on way home as the storm finally started to roll in. day/gud
(1.34 MB 480x270 Ool.gif)

>>2550 Just making sure! >>2551 Read... if you dare. I'm loving that even limiting myself to one post a day I still manage to fugg dat up in classic style.
(1.94 MB 437x177 1gpi.gif)

Wetspot Shoptalk On and off downpours most of the day. Real heavy stuff, glad there wasn't any flooding. Heading out, there was a whole bunch of shouting at me that I might be a "person of interest" and that I was "trying not to be conspicuous" by some folks I had never met. They looked sort of drunk/drugged so I didn't engage, but now I sort of wish I had just to find out what the narrative running through their heads was. Waters were still pleasant even with the sun out. Beach was vacant other than a whole mess of mosquitos that swarmed me as soon as I started undressing. Got coated in them. Especially on the back. Felt a bit bad walking out into the waters and diving in since my blood is delectable enough to warrant going down with the ship even though I tried to give them some time to piss off. Long laid back swim until I ran out of steam and it started to rain again. Felt very relaxed strolling through the summer shower on the way home. 7/10
>>2662 >tfw haven't seen rain in months Lucky.
bereft motivate Very busy day here from the get go. Had to prep and freeze all sorts of produce, go pickan, help neighbor-girl move her masses of stuff in, unpack and set all her shit up, all on top of normal exercise routines. Still fit in a quick bit of beaching. Day was cloudy and grey, but not unpleasant temperature-wise. 'Squiters are out in force and it was annoying cashing in on prime berry time. My face and neck are a bumpy mess, but thankfully not itchy so far. Berries were bountiful and juicy, so I'm peace with paying that price in blood tbh. Beach itself was low traffic with periodic drizzle. Waters were fine though the temperature has been down. Swim was enjoyable after the bitey storm, but I kept it short and energetic. Not sure if I was putting on an impressive display, but as I was leaving I had beachside fans complimenting me loudly, a veritable bro and his dame. Was sort of puzzled at first until they explained they were watching the whole thing and dug my style. Weird but not unappreciated, perhaps I'm more graceful out there than I realize. Post-move-in I'm feeling like never moving again but have been getting together a good dinner for all involved including fire-pit roasted sausages. Very jarring talking to folks from the city and getting their perspective on the current absolute state of things. Two of them are actually seriously considering moving to NYC. What in the world is going on in the minds of normalgroids? exhausted/not done yet
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bump and tear, bump and tear, bump and tear your thread up!
(171.00 KB 1280x720 r.i.p tearing.jpg)

>>2663 There's been loads of it hereabouts, thankfully hasn't impacted crops too much. >>2687 Gud evening to (you) too
(1.98 MB 300x376 unnamed (7).gif)

blunt skunkape Beach was very full when I went, seemed like a lot of boats out on the water too. Prime day, not too hot but still sunny. Waters were calm and very clear even far out so I had a good time diving along the bottom scoping things out. Had two good swims, but I was feeling a bit out of sorts all day. Did good to take my mind off things watching folks play various odd games on the beach. One was seeing two couple toss ropes with weighted ends at opposing targets like they were training to be ninjas. Upsettingly one gal kept grabbing her BF's rear and getting real fingery about his fudge furnisher in a very proprietary manner between rounds. Weird stuff. 'Fingers’/anus
(5.79 MB 480x360 jenesaisquoi.gif)

Belize Foray Another gray and rainy day here. It really wasn't too heavy, but it still kept people away. This was a bonus as I had neighbor-gal along with, had the place mostly to ourselves. We got in a good long swim under the cool drizzle followed by setting up shop under a driftwood covering for some warming up times which went on quite a while. Fairly spicy stuff, though I'm consistently oblivious to what she sees in me. Maybe its just pheromones, she does end up huffing my chest and pits a fair bit. Will see where this goes while hopefully avoiding much heartache on anyone's end through my ever impending stupidity. romance/boring to readers
(116.34 KB 500x522 Very_Nice.png)

>>2751 give her the weenie, get married, have kids, keep me posted:^)
(7.41 MB 450x450 zoom in on nude beach.gif)

Sleeve Pomade More stormy forecasts today that never happened. Sure looked like it was about to pour down rain though, so most folks stayed away. Temperature was steamy even under the clouds, but I went in fairly heavy clothes to keep off the bugs while I got more berries. Worked well, but it still feels unnerving to be surrounded by them dive bombing you from every angle. Berries were very worth it. Set up shop on the beach after and what do you know, sun pops right out almost on cue as I'm getting in the water. Was dark and dreary looking on either side, but somehow for my narrow bit of beach it was sunny with blue skies. Made swimming in the calm clear waters all that much better since I could scan the bottom. Swam for a long while until I spotted neighbor-lass on the beach from far out. She set up shop next to my towel and joined me out in the water. She was a bit upset her goggles weren't working so I hooked her up with a nice set of fancy namebrand ones I'd found on the way to the beach. Those did the trick and she got in a nice swim too. Sand-side we watched some beach bugs and ate berries before my magnetism (the natural kind) overpowered her and she got stuck to me. Laid back and enjoyed the sun, so much so that we didn't realize we'd most likely been spotted by a mutual friend. Is this the start of the beach romance scandal arc? Will word get leaked around town driving the rumor mills mad? Could (you) care less? find/next time
(914.65 KB 400x225 infinite omar.gif)

>>2815 >dat gif
(2.45 MB 720x480 txabe4l.gif)

Cleave Cheesecake Not much to this one. Went down to a nearby beach after some work, pleasantly hot and humid weather, had a long relaxing swim. Id been bitten up p-gud earlier doing work outside, but somehow the swim makes the itchiness abate quickly. Waters were quite high, so there's noticably less beach to even set up on which keeps some people away from that end of the beach. Lounging in the sun post swim was nice too. postive rating/numeric values
(122.70 KB 750x626 US canadian relations.jpg)

when is the border opening? we've talked about the "goal posts" being move back every month, but when is enough, enough? i've always viewed ontario as an extension of new york. i would make 2 sometimes 3 trips a year to toronto. is your prime minister up for re-election anytime soon? i pray to canadian jesus that they oust this man and return relations back to normal. POUTINE WHEN ! ?
(83.79 KB 220x180 no-u.gif)

(1.27 MB 352x311 nu-sex.gif)

(1.77 MB 422x238 babushka'd.gif)

(5.87 MB 399x300 lCorcDA.gif)

>>2829 Dats a gud 1 >>2878 It's tough 2 say. Gov here has been pulling shenanigans up the wazoo. For a while they were going to postpone any elections until muh pantshittingdemic was called off... by themselves at their own discretion. Quite the tool for any politickian to abuse, especially when it might impact how much blood they can allow themselves to suck. On the legal end of things, it's murky as fuck : supposedly last month on the 9th the "emergency" was ended in Ontario as far as the courts were concerned, meaning no more masks, business restrictions or travel insanity, but zero announcement in the media or through government mouthpieces. Sort of seems to be operating under a color of law, zombiesque enforcement out of ignorance until they can get the deltaception™ in full swing. Sum sources are saying the provincial gov got an extension, others say that's bs unless they reinstate the actual emergency act. I say "shits bigtime fucky and almost everyone is so entrenched in a layercake of lies that nothing is going to be made clear unless they want to end up in prison". I'm not sure there's any "voting" out of this, only political party leader (Maxime Bernier) here who spoke out about any of this endless hypochondriac shrieking insanity has been arrested and threatened against saying obvious things in public. Feels bad since I miss Ameribros. Can still remember a time when we had scenic ferry trips across the great lakes to hang out with our neighbors. How did we ever survive the potential sniffles?
(1.99 MB 400x300 infinite-loop.gif)

>>2881 fug that was rambly >tl,dr I dunno and don't think we're dealing with "functional" governments anymo'.
batch riptape Been a bit tired and out of it today after not enough sleeps last night. After a blur of daily works and whatnot, I made my way down to the beach to spend more time with neighbor-femme. Beautiful clear day with a prime mix of heat and breeze on the beach. We spend a long while swimming in warm, wavy waters then ended up towel-side where I proceeded to self-sabotage over silly things. My fair beach companion was having none of it and still can't get enough of me so we ended up sunbathing in each other's arms. Sort of forgot how persistent some women can be then they're into you enough. On the way back, we stopped over at a mutual friend's place to be treated to the latest drama and anxiety of her now remote governmental job. I'm not sure having to navigate the world of oversensitive bureaucrats constantly undercutting eachother while virtue signalling would be worth any amount of munnee or "job security". Poor thing was in tears about the whole situation of magnified slights. Was tough to see her so down about it, though I'm sure the sympathetic ears helped. Got her doing some other things to get her mind off it then made my way home. women/troubles
Maurice Handshake 'nother idyllic dip at the beach. Brought along neighbor-lass since we've both agreed that having it so close by means we should try to appreciate the surf every day. Weather was clear when we got in the warm waters and for the duration of our swim along the rocky shoreline. Back on land we dried out and I was used as a beach pillow. Narrowly avoided just falling asleep on the spot it was so peaceful, lifted my dozy head up to be treated to some utterly rubenesque clouds on display. Gud stuff. boring/calming
(28.39 KB 404x375 winning.webp)

uh, duh bumping!
(56.52 KB 965x1200 51XzxiRMmqL._AC_UL1200_.jpg)

Pinch Garlicase Long day of light summer showers. Took a bunch of time to peel and preserve a bag of wild garlic I'd picked the other day. Surprised at how much work a quick pickings worth of them turned into. Was worth it, has a very nice spicy undertone to it that goes well in a lot of things. Went out in the rain after for a long swim in the light rain. Glad to see I wasn't the only one and some other folks were out enjoying the waters. Temperature was moderate, the rain and clouds emboldened the mosquitors to be out in force so I was in and out pretty fast after the half hour or so of swimming in still drizzly waters. Seemed to wash off that deep permeating garlic scent from my feelers/peelers preddy gud. 7/10
(167.06 KB 1200x1381 creeper-douglas.jpg)

Creased Terephthalate Woke up to an upsetting text from neighbor-girl, she'd been woken up by a sound she swore was someone noisily trying to get in her door. Got over quick and she was quite upset about the whole thing, her worries also extended to an odd window coming loose and some sort of creepy interaction with an elderly (70 y/o) local who apparently grabbed her keister the day before. Oooh boy, I had a lot of consoling and calming to do. Set her up with an additional lock on the door and helped her get some rest by volunteering myself as a body pillow. Worked to calm her down but took a fug of a long time. Didn't get a bite of food till close to 4. We went down for a cleansing swim a short while later and the cloudy, humid day managed to clear up a bit while when we went to dry off. Spent a while having more heart to heart talk and then escorted her back home. Hope she stays safe but I let her know my door is always open if she's feeling spooped. white knight cringe/genuine concern
croc soufflé Lots of folks out enjoying the waters today. Seemed an especially big day for boating, docks were packed as I passed by to get more wild garlic and spread some of it's garlic seed around. Found some recipes for a garlic pesto using the greens from the plant itself. On the way back a procession of like 30 brand new hyundais (hyundae?) drove by. Sort of made me laugh wondering how long it would go on for. Hit the beach later to de-stank my hands and it was indeed full up for the beautiful day. Barely had enough space to throw my stuff down and get in the water. It was calm and pool-like, reminded me how much easier it is to swim without a current so you can focus on maintaining good form. get/water
Brisk Salicylate Moar garlic stuff early in the day. Pesto turned out good, had some on a burger later for dinner. Picked some spots out in the garden too for testing how well it grows from leftover root parts and seeds. Coast-companionne was along for the beaching once that was all done. Brought her her own set of hand flippies and she mentioned how much more of a workout the added resistance gives to a swim. I barely notice since I use them all the time. Things were clear and sunny on the beach, which was busy, and a very welcoming kind of warm in the water. Had a long, rigorous swim before letting gal-pal grab on to me like a koala, the waves periodically shoving her face into mine for extra kissing purposes. Carried her around like this for a while until it was time to get laid on in the sun. cushion/my person
(4.39 MB 280x280 gbye.gif)

Pitch Modulate Had an odd mix of feeling low energy and wanting to get things done. This was good in that I accomplished a bunch of stuff, but bad in that it was slow going. I'd chalk this disparity up to cutting out caffeine, I'll also blame that for my current headache while I'm at it. Sky was sort of hazy mush most of the day, temperature was fine though. Intended only to take a short trip to a nearby beach, but neighbor-consort just happened to be there too. Had an energetic swim then rounded things out carrying her around the waters with her legs locked around my waist. Not a bad work out if my lingering fatigue is any indication. This lead to more makin' out on the beach and lounging upon my person. Turned out to be good I was there as she had forgotten her keys and needed me to fetch my spares. Felt very calming and decluttering for the ol' brainbox to be with her, but back home I had more to do and all the feelings of angst ridden impending doom came back pretty quick. P'haps it's time for a lil' break from the daily digital fear factory. self/control
(822.43 KB 300x196 beach bungle.gif)

sleep delay Passed out before getting out the B.U yesterday. Possibly also because it was a boring one : Made it down to the beach in the late afternoon. Took a different route down and was somewhat upset by all the retarded fear based signs up all over. You'd think you were walking into a bioweapons lab. Even a beachside food truck demands a face-shamer to walk up to the window to place an order. Was glad to see people not following that when getting their stuff, but wowwee I can't imagine what it's like to be in a tiny metal box rushing out orders on blisteringly hot days while having to wear that travesty for hours on end. Beach had a bit of a trashy vibe that day, think it was mostly the clouds of pot smoke being puffed about. Big ol' stinky roaches were littering the beach where I was too. Still, the sun was hot and welcoming and the waters felt great to get into after a lot of work. Got in an energetic 30 mins of swimming in the warm waters, enough that I felt pretty wiped by the end, and then fugged off to take care of other shiz. tardy/nobody cares, not should they
(93.61 KB 474x625 attention guy.jpg)

is this fiction? half real life, half anthropomorphic penguin fantasy? don't tell me, ill figure it out.
Cleese's Hourly Rate Been inna bad way most of the day. I try to get my mind off this sinking feeling with work, exercise and then eventually going over to spend time with neighbor-lass, but it was mostly to no avail. Being with her is an especially strong distraction, but that only goes so far. Did my best to be present and comforting for her, even providing myself for her to nap on. From her reaction she seems to love it, yet for me the sense of impending dread beyond our calm romantic vignettes is almost overwhelming. I'm glad it wasn't so overwhelming that we couldn't make time for the beach though. Temperature has cooled somewhat and provided a relaxing atmosphere for us to lounge in. I'd already worn myself pretty thin with exercise prior, so my swim wasn't the longest, though it was still very rigorous. Back on the towel, my spritely companion saw fit to really grill me on some deep, touchy and downright spiritual topics. This was painful as it got me very close to broaching subjects that would break my oath and gave me some unpleasant insights into the workings of her inner narrative. Even with all that she seemed genuinely thankful for my candid responses, continued company and care. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I'll try to accept my blessings on a daily basis. Praying this feeling abates and I'm able to find some meaning and joy in the coming days. We've agreed to make time for moon-viewing together tomorrow and Saturday to catch the fullness of Night-Orb. creeping deathly apprehension/beautiful calm beach day with a cute girl who might be falling in love with me
>>3210 It's all one hundo % real, though I can admit to a dream-like quality to it all and a sense undeservedness for my lofty lot in life. >Don't tell me Too late Thanks for passing by.
(22.90 KB 336x375 absolutey big if true.jpg)

>>3239 >It's all one hundo % real
moon watchdate Sort of what you might call a dead heat today. No breeze to speak of and it made things feel somewhat stagnant when I made my way down to the beach. Had gone out of my way today to a bit of beach that requires traversing a bit of swampland to get at it. The waters were great. Warm, calm and a deep aquamarine hue where I was, felt great on my back and shoulders after doing a lot of heavy lifting prior. Didn't spend too long doing laps though, I had come to that specific beach to fulfill an order : fresh life tadpoles from the marsh for our newly installed pond at ©anadAnonManor. While I hadn't caught a tadpole in decades, it was a fairly easy task to get a bunch of them. They seemed pretty lazy and zonked out by the hot day too. Got them back and in the pond, seem to be doing well, or at least not floating belly-up which seems a good sign. In the evening it was back to the beach for watching moon-rise with neighbor-lass. She really packed and prepared for this, bringing a whole mess of stuff which seemed sort of silly to me. The moon looked great and went from purple to pink to orange as it slowly raised itself up in the increasingly dark sky. The scene was rendered even more cliché by a coterie of fireflies all around us and a flock of herons flying overhead at a key moment. This often makes me feel like I'm in a hacky romantic movie, but it was still a pleasant diversion from worldly troubles. Near perfect stuff other than the army of mosquitoes scrambling to stab into any exposed flesh. Not sure if she was expecting to stay down there all night or for things to go inna diff direction (nood swim? Sexy times?), but I could tell she was a bit let down when I wanted to cut things short after about an hour and a half of moonlight make out. I'd feel worse if I wasn't so dang tired and didn't have stuff to get to still before bed, including typing out this mess. Perhaps I'll try for a longer haul tomorrow with her if I didn't ruin things tonight. moon/night sky
(351.19 KB 200x200 200w.gif)

Bleached Purée Rainy day here so beach time was relatively short. Decided to go towards the tail end of a big downpour. Seems to have been so heavy that some people just up and left when it hit, beach had discarded towels, chairs and other whatnots sitting around unattended with no one in sight. Was still pleasantly warm even with the rain and the waters were wavy, felt full of energy as I paddled my person against them. Swimming is a lot more taxing fighting the motions of the water and helped clear my mind by wearing down my body. Rain had mostly stopped by the time I got out and made my way home making me think I probably should have waited to head down there in the first place. Still stayed overcast with on and off rain throughout the day so I haven't been moon-lookin' with lady-pal yet, but I'll probably go meet up with her shortly following posting this. rating/scale
(85.08 KB 960x640 naked.jpg)

>>582 >>588 I love to go all naked outside, especially to the beach or the river. But I don't like to do it in front of strangers. Good memories of doing it under a harsh summer rain on French south Atlantic coast, feeling the huge waves on my body (especially my weewee) was very nice. I did it sometimes with my shy gf in summer night in our local river. Smoking weed, bathing all naked and sharing good vibes...
(1.06 MB 540x392 original.gif)

brunch umbrage Bit of a mind haze for most of the day due to dreams waking me up through the night then cats waking me up in the morning. Sadly this sort of spilled over into not treating neighbor-gal all that great and generally being a sadsack. Day was beautiful and humid with the beach bursting with activity. After a good long swim in the warm wavy waves, my swim-companion pried into me enough to get me to spill a lot of angsty nonsense. I can't say she did much to convince me otherwise, but still having her laying on top of me and insisting my concerns are illusionary did manage to get me mostly out of my funk. We went for a second shorter swim and she jumped me towards the end, wouldn't let go until I carried her to land which was good exercise and made me feel like I was in a cheesy romantic anime. Did more laying about in each other's arms while the sun beat down baking away our cares and leaving us both red. 7/10
(348.27 KB 1440x1180 ot-btz-1440x1180.jpg)

>>3304 Aye, it is a nice feeling bathing in the ol' birthday suit. Very freeing having the sausage and eggs flapping about in the waters. Only done it once so far this year with my lady-friend, but I'm sure I can convince her to join me at the private nude beach again or for a late night skinny dip. Don't have any problem being around other folks nude personally, tho I will admit it's nice feeling like you have that moment all to yourself when you're with the right person. (((ngl))) J'peux pas imaginer à quel point cela serait pittoresque et merveilleux dans le contexte de la côte française ou d'une rivière à la campagne quand-même.
>>3310 It's not because I'm ashamed of being in the nude but as you say because it's better to feel these moments alone or with some good friend. All places are beautiful to being naked mais j'avoue mon ami, il y a de beaux petits coins de France qui s'y prêtent à merveille!
(1.56 MB 498x354 tenor (17).gif)

Berg Upswell Very hot day here, kinda sapped my energy when I was out in it early on. I felt like staying indoors, but managed to muster up my wherewithal to get down to the beach. Neighbor-gal had beat me down to that particular beach and already been for a swim when I arrived but wanted to hang out. I took a nice energetic dip while she relaxed and then joined her on the shore. She had a bit of a knot in her neck, possibly from extended periods of gazing into the eyes of yours truly, and I put my neglected massaging skills to use on it. This worked well enough that she got very sleepy so we cuddled up with my large hat blocking the intense sun from our faces. I offered a more intense and deep massage using oil back at her place and she accepted. This went well for her sore neck, but also turned into more achey-breaky heart to heart talking which has left me feeling pretty raw and heavy. Time really does seem to accelerate with her and turn my schedule to shit. Also not used to how painfully disarming it is having this lass thrust her heart into my hands so earnestly and make me realize I need to be careful not to hurt it. Sort of thought I was beyond that stuff, but what do I know? enjoyable/emotional
>>3311 I'm with you on the exposed privates when you have relative privacy being superior. The nude beach experience is just fun and freeing in its own way. Very unique shooting the shit with strangers literally stripped of all societal conventions.
(2.08 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-214704.png)

Clique Keepsake Weather was humid and overcast all morning and most of the afternoon. Ended up bringing the neighbor-lady along with. She was sleepy after waking up with the sunrise and didn't tax herself too hard swimming. I, on the other hand, went very hard in the waters and felt pretty drained by the end of it. Ended up carrying my lovely beach bunny back to land with her giggling and kissing me, legs firmly locked around me for quite a ways. This is great exercise in its own way and it's also nice to have a wet, warm woman wrapped up tight against your body. Since the sun was largely obscured, we decided we probably weren't going to dry out on the beach too quick so we packed up and vamoosed to her place. There I helped set up her barbecue before we took a relaxing summer snooze together in her bed. She really loves curling up in my arms, passed out right away and I struggled not to drool on her head as the comfort and calm washed over me. This was all a welcome change from overly intense gut spilling and washed away whatever residual misgivings I had from the day before. We both roused ourselves sometime later to clear blue skies and sense of renewed gusto for the rest of our respective days. salad days/Shakespear reference
Sleek Uppercased Warm and sunny out at the beach today. Lots of folks down enjoying the waters too. Picked out a small spot on a narrow bit of beach and got in the rolling waters for a long, intense swim. Flopped down on my towel all exhausted and watched some small ants attacking a much larger ant, didn't even notice that neighbor-gal was looming over me. Had nearly forgotten I'd invited her down after her laundry was done. We went for a second swim together and I got to practice my new exercise routine of carrying her to shore along shifting sands with waves beating down on me. As we dried/made out she had a bit of a change in tone, asking me to "stay safe" with a good deal of concern in her eyes. I made sure to lighten her mood as I had a feeling as to what she was getting at and offered to escort her back home. There things got spicy and I ended up giving her two rather intense orgasms, nice to know I haven't lost my touch in that particular respect. As we relaxed in the buff, she let me know that she had in fact had an intense vision of my death that morning (about time imo) and got rather spirituphilosophical with me. I was in a sense waiting for this type of thing and told her what she needed to hear as well as a few things that might only make sense to her later. This was pleasant and drove home the serendipitous nature of how things had been between us so far. Will try to give her what she needs as things progress and to leave behind any blockages between us. petit mort/mort mondiale
>>3387 La petite mort. I like a lot this expression. Reminds me of my ex-gf whom I loved very deeply. She is the one who made me discover this expression.
(1.16 MB 220x220 fished.gif)

swimspot summation Had to drop off some foodstuffs for an old friend on the way to the beach today. Neighbor-girl was along for the trip and we had a good time shooting the shit with the old feller. Very humid day after a big thunderstorm in the morning, luckily a nice breeze greeted us as we got close to the beach. Lot of big waves and clear skies today. Really enjoyed swimming with all the waves, great stuff for clearing your mind. Only downside came in the form of bitey flies being out. I wasn't too bothered by them, but my swim partner was not dealing well with them today so we didn't hang around too long. Had some interesting lines of questioning on the way back from the beach, it's funny to an idea of what girls find important sometimes. Did more fooling around back at her place despite some misgivings and then called it a night. affirmative score/arbitrary measurement
(109.84 KB 750x643 SEXO01.jpg)

>>3388 >like And I like your double dubs here and here >>3311 It has the hint of truth to it with all those little seeds of life meeting an inglorious end beyond just the euphoric feeling.
(48.44 KB 640x640 Escape.jpg)

>>3427 Thank you for your beach journal. I like to read it when I'm bored at work in the evening. It makes me want to be at the beach and have a girlfriend.
(1022.45 KB 500x281 only memories.gif)

Brice Colgate Cooler day with calm waters down at the ol' beach. Had a good long swim out in the pool-like conditions before bringing it in and relaxing on the shore. Brought my binoculars with me and spotting some herons flying around to different spots along the coast. Neighbor-girl showed up after a while, she'd been tending to a mutual friend's place while they were away. We exchanged pleasantries and she took off for a swim as a growing cloud of bitey flies formed around me. Had loads of them making lunch out of me by the time she was back. It was then I decided to break things off with her. We'd been keeping things semi-secret and it was still weighing on her that our beach romance would get back to certain parties, so much that we couldn't be caught holding hands or other things. Yet the way we've been going at it, only way we weren't going to get caught was stopping that all together before things got too serious. Nobody shed tears or got in a angry, accusatory way, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a tense, longing wistfulness over it all. Is this the end of the romance arc? Will one of us come crawling back to the other? Can we progress past fleshy lusts? Will we learn we might not even survive without each other? dramatic change/events
(797.39 KB 250x250 beach whutdate.gif)

>>3451 Oh wow, you're not going to enjoy the new twist in tonight's installment. Or perhaps you'll find it compelling to think of me as the man/idiot who had it all and threw it away. Thanks for reading regardless.
(36.86 KB 720x710 thinker.jpg)

>>3465 at least you tried
(2.03 MB 480x270 nonono but also yes.gif)

Bloat Retake Break off didn't take, neighbor-chick was back in my arms before even 24hrs had passed. Not complaining, as much as I try to face the impending absolute world state detached and dead to cares I have to admit having someone close like that does make things a whole lot easier to drift through the day to. I'll also put this unexpected about-face down to me being a lot more attractive than I've ever been before, meaning I get away with shit behavior that I probably shouldn't. ?????ed things up very quick (I even worked in a penguin metaphor that both made her laugh and hug me very tight) and we were back making out in no time. Will this last and do I deserve to have some real painful knife twisting down the line? May-bee. My luck has been bananas and I get the feeling a real horrific peel-slip must be right around the corner for me. Busy day around town as there's a beach-fest occurring. Several live bands and numerous backyard parties were going all over, felt very much like ol' pre-cororo times. I dropped off some homemade quebec-style baked beans for an old friend and was treated to numerous baffling anecdotes from the Oylympics which he's been keeping up on. Dija know nationless "refugees" now get a competition slot and bizarre psyopped sob stories? Well they do. Weather was cooler today with no swarms of biting flies. Set up on the beach and had random doggo (big german shepherd) come and immediately lick and lay down next to me. Dunno what it is, but it took a while for him to go back to his owner. Waters were sort of roiling, not exactly big waves, but a lot of movement and sort of churning. roiling. Had standard good swim, though all the pull/chin ups I'd done prior made it feel more taxing against the unsettled waters. Gud essercise. Left me p-hungry afterwards so I booked it back home to Garfield some lahsagknee. undramatic resumption/prior events
>>3477 (nise dorbs) I haven't even begun to sort of try >>3500 lel wurdfilter. >*Mended things up Let's say.
leased moonscape Beach festabule is in full swing here. Had a tough start of it today though since everything was (relatively) cold and overcast. Some forecasts were even calling for hail, but it never came about. Did a lot of very strenuous digging and transplanting in the garden and was sweating an almost comical amount. Sun came back later and I went to go meet neighborette down on the beach. She had found a very prime spot, someone had built up a small fence out of driftwood which gave her beachstuffs an air of exclusivity. Swam out to meet her in the placid waters while some young chads goofed off on their paddle boards. She took a needed swim-break using me as a lifebuoy before I got in my routine. The flat waters were cool and washed away the gardening groadiness. Back on dry towel, we watched clouds drift by in each other's arms while talking about favorite snack foods and generally building up an appetite. The skies cleared up and yet seemingly from small white smatterings of cloudmatter we started getting rained on. Later on, we went to a friend's place to watch the yearly fireworks display, my companioness collecting a rather large wildflower bouquet along the way for someone who had just returned from a long trip. She had never seen the fireworks here and ended up quite impressed by the gala spectacle put on by the locals. Followed up the lightshow with a trip down to another beach in pitch black darkness. The skies were exceptionally clear and we picked out various constellations and shooting stars until she needed to hold on to me for extra warmth. Escorted her home and kissed her into a sleepy bliss-coma. fireworks/tiredworks
>>3561 Heh. Been having weirdness trying to post tonight. Seems I can't poast boring gif that was 'sposed to go with above beach updoot.
(159.61 KB 350x266 cover-photo.png)

>>3562 there was a site update. im able to request custom.js now!
(27.04 KB 500x500 humungus ice cream.jpg)

clear your data/cache. things are back to normal:)
(211.86 KB 220x140 trippy.gif)

<Broke Turnpike I stayed up 2 late reading cy+6 fearnography and was subsequently pooped today. Still got shizz dun early on and did some planning for putting in a concrete walkway for the garden so that I finally put the mixer to use. Wanted to nap, but the call of the waters and neighbor-lass ran contrary. Ended up taking her down to a remote stretch of beach for the daily dip. Not a long swim today, was pretty low on energy. Tried to get a little rest on the sand, but my high-quality control group blood drew in the bitey flies. While I wasn't overly concerned, the mix of tiredness and swirling bloodsuckers brought out the worry for me in my coastline companion. She wanted me to clear my mind (sort of made me chuckle because there's not a lot going on there) and relax, handing me her spiffy copy of the Tao Te Ching to peruse. There's something very ironic about reading how you must accept the world and lose all sense of self as a mess of hungry flies painfully carve into you. Really puts things in perspective. Ended up taking her home and having a nap there followed by sexy times and some mutual meditation. Bit of a contradic(k)tion, but she seemed happy enough with the day's events. 6.5/higher number
(1.47 MB 240x240 giphy-downsized.gif)

>>3564 Aw neat, thanks for the heads up. Things are lookin' great!
(285.41 KB 220x163 boarded.gif)

Sneezed Onplate Had a relative on vacation along for the beaching with me and neighbor-gal. Took our sweet time getting down there as I was being grilled on all sorts of local plants, the one I couldn't remember was pokeweed (which turns out to be semi-edible if you boil the leaves and stems). Thought it might be a bit breezy, but everything cleared up and got super sunny once we got close. On the way to picking a spot, I also managed to find a large, kiwi-print beach umbrella for neighbor-lass who seemed very happy about it. Waters were minorly wavy and pleasantly warm. I tried to practice my butterfly stroke but found it difficult, maybe my range of motion isn't as good as I thought or maybe that's more something for calm waters/pools. Ah well, something to work on. Lounged around for a fair bit scoping out various beach sights and seagull hijinks with my binocs while the girls soaked up the sun and did zen sandsculpting stuff. Was glad the flies were not out in force. yes/gud
(169.66 KB 457x772 vintage beach updatist.jpg)

Cheese Omlate Been working away at prepping apples from the backyard for various purposes. It's still sort of early for them, so I've just been collecting the fallen few each morning. This will probably ramp up soon. Following peeling, coring and slicing them, I did some long overdue clean up in the garage. This involved knocking down a bunch of old mudwasp nests and removing a bunch of old asbestos-y insulation. After that I was called on to help neighbor-lady with a bunch of plants she had just bought. We took off for the beach shortly after. Day was much hotter than forecasted very clear. Beach was busy, but we still found a spot to set down at. Waters were warm, flat and blue. Offered me more of a chance to make a fool of myself trying to practice the ol' butterfly stroke, neighbor-lass didn't have much luck locking it down either, but it still felt good trying. While I was far out in the deep waters practicing diving I got questioned about muh handflippers by some folks on a boat, felt weird having to do an impromptu advertisement for them but the guy seemed overly interested. Got in a good swim and finished it off lugging around neighborette out of the waters. Felt much easier today without any waves beating down on me or making me sink down in the shifting sands. Felt like I could have carried her all day. Spent a while drying out and scanning along the beach with muh binocs. Sun felt hot and great to me, but it might have been cumulatively too much for her after spending a lot of time out buying plants earlier. Possibly gave her a bit of sunstroke so I escorted her back home to make sure she got some rest and cooled off. Made sure to take care of her plants and tend to various tendables so that she could relax before bidding adieu. While it feels pretty good to look out for her like that, when I was back home and seeking guidance from muh bible about how to proceed it seemed like I was getting nothing but dire warnings from no less than king Solomon (supposedly a mythically wise figure, but also a guy who had like 700 wives so I'm not sure I would trust him too much on lady-advice). Like real specific stuff too, right down to the kind of house she lives in, how she has it set up, and what kinds of things she says to me. What a wacky way to lead muh "life". Will move forward with caution and hopefully enough discernment to not permanently fugg over my dumb ass. 7/more than 7
(1.99 MB 400x226 effortless.gif)

Meat's Chuckdate 'Nother hot day. Neighboress was feeling better after resting up when I passed by with some freshly baked goodies and had me bring a gift plant along for someone on the way as we went beaching. Seemed to be a lot of gift swapping going on alhater the place and I somehow came out of the mix with a nu-pair of sandals. Usually not into sandals, but these are fairly high-end leather ones so I didn't say no. Swimming was fun, waters were slightly wavy and very blue. Did more carrying around of neighbor-lass towards the end of splashtimes and have found it easier and easier to do so. After a short bit of sunbathing we launched into some metaphysical topics and even found ourselves doing some mutual meditation. While I put it down to flattery, she keeps telling me that I have some amazing, guru-like quality to me that gives her a sort of deep calm and clarity she's never experienced before. Never sure what to make of talk like that, but I have indeed put a fair amount of time in to cutting material attachments so maybe she's picking up on that. thoughts/thots
(130.71 KB 600x816 dont_doop_it.jpg)

Don't let me speculate, but the reason that she's purportedly off-limits might have to do with a number.
(481.09 KB 781x1203 panique.jpg)

>>3611 >Speculatums please by my guest. I'm nothing without wild speculations. >a numbra of the beast?! Yes I'm verry concern for that.
Cleats OnFace Appleing continues at full force. Have already got some batches of Apple Cider Vinegar going which will be handy for a wide variety of things. With that and various other pressing work out of the way, it was time for a return to nudebeach. Was a prime day for naked exploits and neighbor-girl was overjoyed to join in. Onna way we sorta got into it about variety of muh cororo and lockdong related topics which was an unpleasant diversion from the otherwise hately day. Sorta just reinforced my feeling that once you buy into one part of the lie parade the bamboozlement gets easier and easier to force on you. Weird to see her get all passionate about conflicting fear based narratives when she puts such a premium on spiritual stuff. Beach was extra toasty and we were both sweaty by the time we got there. Loads of nudeys about and gal-pal was quite a popular sight, before we even set up we were getting sleazy offers and requests. Thankfully nothing I had to take umbrage at. We kept our distance by sticking to swimsuitless swimming, something she really hated. Waters were great for it and we got various compliments for out ass-out aquabatics. Felt great to carry her around, huge grin on her face, with my tackle flapping about in the waves and up against her. Got in a good amount of tanning with periodic flips and dips to ease the heat, but she ended up so taken with the nudebeach experience that we stayed a bit too long and she was feeling dizzy, fatigued and possibly sunstroked by the time we started to head back. I managed to keep a cool head and came up with various things along the way that helped immensely until I could get her safely home. All in all the point of why I'd been avoiding that beach was driven home by the couples wanting to swap off or engage in sexual twister matches with me and my cute charge : separating sex from nudity is difficult for a lot of people and for me it sours the simple innocence of enjoying full-bodied beaching with someone you like when folks are eyeing you up like a piece of meat. Will probably be back there with her, but during a less busy time. body/clothes
(385.85 KB 400x400 hove-late selationrhip.mp4)

>>3640 heh, wordfiltered.moe
(37.59 KB 657x527 honhon.png)

>>3641 Hon hon hon. My bad.
Grief Vulgate Round-the-corner-chick was feeling recovered from her clothes-less solaroverload and joined me for a trip to a much closer beach. Weather was very humid and stuffy but a nice breeze greeted us on the actual shoreline. Waters were calm and inviting. Nice and warm with a colder layer along the floor further out, made diving feel very refreshing. Pretty peachy in terms of beach days other than a fat feller had parked his boat close to shore and was bumping Ja-Rule and Mariah Carey too loud* (*aka played at any volume). Hurts my soul to realize that sort of stuff is verified classic oldies for some at this point. Neighbor-girl and I did the usual carry/make-out of the water to towel routine and it made me feel like I should just carry her around all day for the added workout. Sadly I also got the impression it made some of the more rotund beach beefettes around us self-conscious about being uncarryable either in or out of water. My bad. Got a reasonable amount of sun then went to have a brief snooze at her place. Following the nap, things got mildly spicy. Still feels odd to have her drooling over and complimenting my looks all the time, but I don't spend a lot of time mirror-gazing so maybe she's seeing something I don't. Things went from spicy to spiritual and got kind of heavy with each of us trying to one-up the other's metaphysical jargon, even had us reading quotes from heady, ancient books to each other. The more that sort of stuff gets spoken, the less ends up said tbh. It feels very dreamlike to have her float into my life and be ready and willing to meet me on those kinds of terms. I still feel somewhat undeserving and baffled by her enthusiasm for me. Also helped her set up some complicated security stuff and felt nearly competent and confident doing so. Day finished off with some nearer-by neighbors putting on an absolute fireworks clinic. They were setting those things off for a good 40-50 minutes and must have dropped a few thousand funbuxxx onnit or thereabouts. Quite the show. summer/times
(88.03 KB 220x170 smooch update.gif)

"Seeps Teacake* Got wrapped up in some mess early on that derailed most of my day. Made me late getting to the beach, yet not so late that I missed neighborella in one of our usual spots. Things were humid and overcast, she'd already been there a bit but stuck it out while I had a swim and even waded out to let me get in the carrying routine. Gud stuff. She was in a bit of a mood due to lingering concerns about yours truly and did a poor job of hiding it until I pried it out of her. Words can only go so far in those situations, so while I had other stuff on the docket, I made up my mind to brush them off in favor of consoling her with my person. We took a bit of a snooze at her place as being held makes her feel safe, then I slipped her the D* *i.c.k. Put in the extra effort and really gave her the ol' eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head orgasm treatment which left her giddy and carefree. Whoopdidoo. Felt that sense of accomplishment and control (cuntrol?), but in the face of the absolute state of affairs, almost everything feels a bit hollow and bittersweet (especially when I'm bragging about it here like a cad). Not that I would ever say I'm ungrateful for my myriad of blessings and unimaginable luck mind you. The D/detached
(939.62 KB 1934x1012 Skinny dippan.png)

Clutch Pantsnake Did quite a lot of appling early on. Trying to recoup the several pounds of slices that I've put into a test batch of apple-butter. Smells good so far and should be mostly ready at this point, but I haven't tried it yet. Gonna let it sit overnight. Neighbor was in the nude-mood so once I got that and other stuff done we took off on the long trip to get there. Really hot and humid along the way. Had been feeling uncomfortable and sweaty all day soi felt myself in somewhat of a sour mood. Glad I didn't act out about it or be a jerk. I lightened up considerably once we had made it to the beach and forgotten all about my woes once I was having a nude swim. Feels like a real weight off my shoulders to get to do that sort of thing and a lucky chance that my plunge-pal enjoys it just as much. Waters were very warm and blue, took three lengthy dips to deal with the scorching heat of the sands, each one ending with carrying her back to shore and I can really feel it today. Things were slightly calmer on the nude beach being that it was a non-friday weekday, but still busy. Thankfully there were no untoward offers or weird hoverers, though I must admit my companioness does get a lot of lingering stares from guys and gals alike. Some clouds rolled in following the third swim, cooling things to a much more tolerable point for the walk back, we had some fresh mango then took off. 7.5/10
(65.09 KB 220x123 comfort-hair.gif)

Putsch Bunkmate Very humid and overcast day here. Started off with a bit of a thundershowers, but that didn't last long. Saw that a bunch of the previously mentioned tadpoles I got for the backyard pond are nearly full fledged frogs at this point. All they've gotta do is lose their tails. Apple butter turned out good, packaged a bunch up to give to some folks around town. Later on I invited the neighbor-lass for a swim nearby. She was in a bit of a rough mood due to a relative of hers getting all jehovah's witnessy on her with Godly wrath stuff. Took it as a cue to be more felt than heard which saved me the awkwardness of thinking up comforting nonsense to spew. Waters were extra wavy and the beach was less busy than usual. The tides were really strong and we both spent a long time struggling to not get swept down the coast. I quite enjoy this sort of swim and it seemed like she had a good time too, wavy beatdowns tend to wash away a lot of stress. Carried her to shore without getting a grain of sand on her dainty feet and let her silently nuzzle into my arms for some quiet time. Did some wordless eye-talk and watched some kites. For added consolation purposes, I brought her back home after a leisurely beach lay and took the time to read to her from a recently ordered book while she rested her head on my chest. This was very pleasant and sort of drove home how good I am at softly reading people to sleep. Haven't had a chance to do that since my half-siblings were youngsters or my babysitting days. She dozed off a few times and I spent a while just holding her. Seemed to do the trick for lightening her emotional load. pillow/person
(626.29 KB 220x220 fish-kiss.gif)

Enrich Milkshake Lots of rain and lightning overnight, knocked down a whole load of apples that I had to tend to early on. Neighbor-lass passed by with some fresh scones to use the apple-butter on which was a pleasant treat. We made plans to beach later on and got back to our respective tasks. Things were overcast and humid when we met up, tide was very high and wavy, but not nearly as energetic as yesterday. Managed to find a spot where our stuff wouldn't get swept away and got to swimmin'. Early on, I took a misjudged dive and ended up smashing my face into the sands, made me lose my nose clamp and janked up my neck somewhat, still feeling it tbh but it's not too bad. Continued the swim until we were both tired and made for the towel. The sun peeked out just long enough to help dry us off then we sat back and watched one storm roll by in the distance, then another roll in and hit us. Got soaked again on the short walk back to her place which led to some very moist sexy times. These were nice, but I was still sort of distant/detached throughout even with the overtures about muh size and whatnot. Following the deep-cock, we had a long period of deep-talk and I said several incredibly poetic things that gave her the ol' heart-flutters. Things are getting pretty sentimental and downright romantic despite that general internal deadzone and I'm curious to see how I ruin everything in the days to come. not wanting me to pull/her
(1.14 MB 498x277 ocean-waves.gif)

Hutch Adequate Woke up in the middle of the night to moar lightnin' storms. Gave me a bit of an eerie feeling that kept me from getting back to sleep for a while. Later when I was properly up, I was told that I was the main focus of a recurring nightmare by a relative with me being repeatedly befallen by misfortune and possible void-entites. Well that's just great. After getting the usual business done, I went off to meet up with neighbor-femme and recounted muh ill omens. She took this as a sign that we gotta stop with the secrecy and I tended to agree. Will see how that goes tomorrow when I can do the proper reveal. On the way to the beach she picked up a copy of "Le Petit Prince”. Always found that book quite sad when I read it as a youngster, the old animated version is well done too. Day was very bright and humid after a cloudy start. We took a nice long swim to cool off, but I think we were both a little ill at ease. After carrying her back to the towel a long talk diffused most of the tension and gave us some perspective on things. Interesting how intense and heavy things can get and I've had to point out multiple times that whatever we've been up to has only been going on a little more than 2 months since our first kiss. Feels like ages ago since meeting up is a near every day thing and our talks broach many deep and touchy topics we're not used to sharing. Will be off to watch a documentary with her following poastan this. Tomorrow feels years away. anticipation/emancipation
(473.37 KB 1080x1490 breaking news.png)

bespeak croquet Did a quick bit o' beaching with neighbor-gal before she heads off on a trip back to her old place. Weather got real clear and hot as soon as we got down to the shore. Surprisingly few people out given how nice the day was. Swimming was relaxing and enjoyable, didn't overdo it as I was feeling a bit tired and achey. After some more carrying to the beach, I had a bit of fun by feeding a lone seagull some old bread scraps I'd brought along. Neighbor-girl had a good time too seeing just how close she could entice it. 7/10
Flench Allocate Weather was a bit cooler today with a noticeable lack of humidity. This seemed to really draw folks out and the beach was packed by the time I made it down there. Not even a spot of sand to lay down a towel. Had to settle for some far out rocks to hang up my stuff on so I could get in a swim. Water was warm and fairly calm. Been practicing the ol' butterfly stroke, but I'm not sure I'm getting much better at it. Had an enjoyable swim then sat out on the rocks for a bit having a read. Nice time other than the few flies getting full and fat on my blood. They honestly look clumsy and drunk on it by the time theyre done and fly off. Sorted out the neighbor-lass situation this morning to little drama, hopefully it will stay that way once she's back. rating/whatever
Does anyone ever actually read this schizo shit?
(133.06 KB 800x639 Putin Riding a Dolphin.jpg)

>>3864 i do, i have no real words to sum up for responses. the stories speak for themsleves! >some of the pics classic! SEE>>3825 the dolphin research made me smile tbh
(5.81 MB 640x636 american-speedo.gif)

Kercheef Appropriate More cool weather and clear skies. The break from the humidity has all sorts of people out in force enjoying the water, spotted a couple American licence plates too which was noice. It also seems to have triggered a lot more apples to drop, looking into various recipes so that I can hold off on freezing so much of them. Waters were very blue and calm, made swimming a breeze. Sort of like being in a giant pool that goes on as far as you could want. I was never a huge fan of pools when I lived in cities, I think I find the chlorine gross, but I can see why some folks make getting their swimming laps in a routine part of life. Exercise where you have to concentrate on breathing first and foremost works great for clearing my head. Makes it more of a series of fluid and necessary movements instead of a strict numbered series of sets that so much exercise can become, almost just a kind of frustrating, intense counting. Dried out in the sun with people all about and tooled around with my binoculars. Quite a lot of boats were out and it was fun to see what some were up to. 7/more than 7
(342.86 KB 1237x1333 Screenshot_20200925-222417_1.png)

>>3864 This is an interesting question that only the /404/ public at large can answer. In all honesty, I'm not exactly writing these with anyone in mind. It's about respecting my relationship with the beach and the recording thereof. I hope I can do it every year since the first beach updoot thread started late season last year. https://web.archive.org/web/20200927070420/https://endchan.net/404/res/15.html I feel like I've done a much better job recording the full experience this year. >>3866 Yeh, it's sorta just a daily column, innit? It's not like you have to reply to your local paper every day about them covering minutiae, right?
I prefer your doodles. At least those are useful and/or funny.
(48.42 KB 924x560 apu katana.png)

>>3915 i miss the doodles too. maybe its harder than blogging? although, i cant see how thats possible. canadanon is a mysterious penguin.
(151.77 KB 529x599 go_girl.png)

>>3914 you do what brings you happiness. <you go girl!
(14.14 KB 260x156 018239_01_32_0.jpg)

besmirch nametape Day was breezy and overcast for my jaunt to the beach. Neighbor-girl was back around so I helped her with some large packages in the afternoon before we got in the water. Things started out calm but gradually got choppier and cooler as the weather turned while we were out. Didn't stick around long and managed to time our leave just before some showers. Back at her place we did some nap then some meditation. It's almost embarrassing the kind of praise she gives me after meditating with her, that sort of ego inflation almost negates the whole exercise. At the same time it does seem to make her smile and hug me a lot afterwards so maybe I am doing something right. caring/blank staring
(382.64 KB 1024x1021 1584998586333m.jpg)

>>3915 >>3916 Yeh doodle-era was pretty fun. Will try to keep the tablet around so that I remember to do that. >>3917 Just don't do a whole lot online anymore, find it a bit of a bummer. The BU* (*beach update) is about reminding myself how bland and leisurely life can be outside the grips of the Psyoptipus™.
>>3941 >Psyoptipus™ a trademarked word i know nothing about.fun! well, whatever the case, what brings me true happiness is that you are still around. the world, as we know it, is flipped upside-down and burning. its nice to read some fluff every once in a while. so, thank you!
(75.95 KB 640x640 image (6).jpeg)

blots upwardly Did a good apple crisp early on with all fresh apples. An old feller came by in his horse and buggy to sell blue berries that he'd freshly picked, so a few handfuls of those made their way into the crisp too. Everyone seemed to like it so far so that's nice. Still looking at other recipes though. Things were cloudy and slightly humid on the way out to the beach. Went along with some friends and their dog. Everyone had a good swim other than the dog, waters were cool and refreshing. Lots of impromptu picture taking on the way there and back, mostly for the various bugs we found. My favorite being a very large assassin fly that seemed really out of it. beach/update
(257.66 KB 598x453 Mongolian_octopus.png)

>>3944 >psyoptipus™? It's like an optipus but with dark psy-powers.
(3.92 MB 1620x1080 parakeet.webm)

>>3985 thanks for that!
I finished >>4016 today and immediately thought of you. I've been quietly reading this thread since you started it here (sadly I didn't follow it back on ghostchan). Your life sounds extremely comfy with a light touch of daytime drama. Keep doing what brings peace to your life. Bring happiness to those you care about. Stay disciplined and never falter. I'm starting to believe you are in fact older than me. I will be returning to my confinement thread now.
(2.57 MB 500x377 KpznTQQ.gif)

Waterpoint Status Report' Did up a test batch of apple chutney which turned out pretty alright. Never made one before but it seems to have gone over well. Took some over in the pouring rain to neighbor-girl and then escorted her to the beach under my umbrella to show her the ins and outs of swimming in a rain storm. Weather was humid and full of rolling gray clouds bringing various intensities of rain. We set up by some rocks and stashed all the dry things under the open umbrella. Water was warm and calm even with the heavy rains. Swim was energetic and enjoyable, butterfly stroke is improving somewhat though I'm probably keeping terrible form. Co-dip dame was really having a good time and felt so emboldened by the feeling of nobody else being around that she decided to turn the rain dip to a skinny dip. Took off her outfit in the middle of the water with me and enjoyed the end portion of the dip in the nip grinning a whole loy. Didn't stick around long after getting out, bit of a race to redress and leave really. The damp weather seems to draw out the hungry bugs. Did some sexy bidness then spent more time doing meditation stuff with her once we were somewhere dry. At times this feels awkward and goofy, other times actually helpful and meaningful, things can vary wildly moment to moment. I still have a difficult time accepting her compliments for doing quite literally nothing though. rain/sky
(883.58 KB 500x281 i cryd.gif)

>>4017 Great timeless advice as always. I dunno if I'm older than (you) but I do live around loads of oldies so it rubs off on me Lot of admiration for your nose to the grindstone work ethic with the art and delivering people's requests. Humbled to have such a quality readership here. Nice beach rodent-lady btw tbh!
(43.06 KB 640x480 image (8).jpeg)

Gulch Approximate Had to bring neighbor-gal some supplies before we took off to the beach. Got a whole mess of fancy mushrooms she had ordered in return. Not sure how I want to do the lion's mane yet, but it should be interesting trying. Day was warm with sporadic clouds rolling through. Waters were calm and a deep clear blue. Popped up from a dive to see some two-seat, inflatable dealie floating by in the distance with nobody on it. A short while after a guy swam up and flat out challenged me to swim after it and return it to him by telling me that it had gotten away and I didn't have to swim after it. I snapped into action, boldly trying for a few minutes to swim after it then getting tired and giving up he was so impressed by this that he went back an got a little boat, paddled along the coast and brought it back himself. Neighbor-girl and I celebrated back on the beach by feeding a gull some old bread I had in my bag. Sort of fun to see just how close you can entice it or if you can get them to catch it. She even thinks she'll be able to get it eating from her hand though the full seemed to feel differently. Brought her home not too long later and read to her from the english translation of Le Petit Prince while she rested herself on me. Feels oddly relaxing to read aloud while having someone nod off on you. Could have gotten through the whole book, but I had to get back to the apple disassembly line. Got another batch of apple butter going now and worked hard to try to replace all the fruit I put in. apples/apples
Eldrich Abrogate Yet more exchanging of baked goods and cooked dainties today. Shelves here are overflowing with various types of mushrooms. I got more apple prep done (our tree's output this year is very impressive) and set about preserving yesterday's batch of apple butter in jars, which also had to be delivered and exchanged. While this was all surely positive stuff, I'd been feeling headachey and tired all day. Sort of like there was some impending bad news. This actually did occur in the form of two close relations being taken to the ER, both having rather negative prognoses. Neighbor-lass was likewise in a dour mood, though hers had to do with an impending full week of guests at her place. Both of us got somewhat out of our respective funks by getting out to the beach. Day was clear and hot with almost no moving air. We passed through a forest to a certain beach and helped proliferate some mushrooms along the way using some leftover cuttings placed in key spots. Beach was full but surprisingly quiet. The swim was nice and cleansing for both of us, but I was not my most energetic. Got back on land after a long swim and spend some time laying back and drying out with our heads resting together under the covering of my big broad-brimmed hat. Walked back to get more unhappy details along the way and spent a good deal of time going over them with concerned folks once I was home. All of this has done nothing to aid my achey-head but I'm sure a good long sleep tonight with have me right as rain. large portion/full amount
(1.72 MB 480x255 3YrJ.gif)

blotch uncloak Bit of a sinking feeling all morning, especially discussing the friend in the ER. Makes folks mighty sad to think of being shut up in the hospital and any hated ones being verboten. This sinking feeling increased once neighbor-girl got in touch with me in a state of near panic; she'd gotten a message that our mutual ER bound friend had tested pozzed for cororo (I'm almost certain his rapidly declining health is in fact due to getting double-stuck with the ooze, but w/e). She wanted us and everyone close to rush off for wildly inaccurate "tests" to determine if we were guilty of symptom-less coof-crimes. I gave a flat and calm "no." to nostril dp after hearing her out and this just ratcheted up the panic. Stakes were raised, I was a bioweapon suddenly on the verge of killing all those near and dear to me, I was like a loaded machine gun (literally her words) in the middle of a packed store, I was a selfish monster. On the other end of the phone, I was as calm as could be with all of this being hurled at me for a near half-hour until she got exasperated and ended the call. About 5 minutes later she called back to tell me that the pozzed diagnosis was not at all accurate, our friend was out of it and had not passed along proper info. She also wanted a swim and to talk to me before hand. At her place she once again resumed attempting to turn the screws on me to little effect, then she took the tact that I had hurt her feels by insinuating that she was "living in fear" (which I believe is actually provable by her actions). This lead to the waterworks being turned on, real horrible feeling having her sobbing against my chest but at least that seemed to calm her down. Did my best to restate that complying to the mas(k)querade and all subsidiaries there of was very much a line in the sand for me that I would have no problem dying for. Very abruptly she wanted to make up, so I took her to bed to read to her a bit more from Le Petit Prince, amusingly many lines of the chapter I picked up from immediately mirrored things she had said to me. Synchronicities out le wazoo. Tearing up had left her tuckered out, so I left her to a nap. Weather was hot and clear. Beach was very full, with loads of boats and seadoos cruising about. Could barely find a spot to drop off muh stuff, but once I did I got into some very hot, clear and waveless waters. Swimming felt great and was a welcome distraction from the series of emotional extortions I had just undergone. Spent a good thirty minutes in then went to dry off only to see neighbor-lass had just arrived and was getting in for her dip. Waited around a bit and she came over once she was done looking to make up even more for what had happened earlier. I tried to take this at face value, but sitting and talking had something of a sour undertone to it as at certain points she was simply pumping me for drama-laden intell. Did my best to be calm and generous with my time and hate, but this is deffo an ill omen. feels/reals
(932.14 KB 1396x1080 window think.png)

///Unimportant notice you can safely ignore\\\ Going for a 14 day nooz/internuts blackout startan last nite. I have written in an exemption for /404/, so you can still look forward/not look at all to your Daily Dose of Beach Update. Since I will not be using any other sites during this time, you may notice that I won't always be posting pics along with the Update Please Do Not Be Alarmed I'm hoping the lack of access to easily obtained loosely water-related images will cause me to draw more with my free time, but I'm not making any promises
(52.28 KB 652x449 off to rehab.jpg)

>>4167 do these detox therapies work? we've had this conversation a few times before you take the leap, but never when you return. im always glad when youre back, that wind up failing to bother you for a detox recap. im not really all ōver the place with the interweb so i dont feel the need to deprive myself of one of the few things that brings me any kind of remote happiness. im stoked you take it upon yourself to clean up, very inspiring. with all the beach activity youve had this summer, wouldnt have even guess you overdosed on computer. oh well, fuck it! GOOD LUCK!
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Wavy-place Observations Was surprisingly busy all morning, lots of prep, food storage/harvesting, baking, exercise and cleaning/laundry. I'm not sure if these were all to keep me distracted from the siren call of looking online or actual motivation. Either way got a lot done. Did not beach with neighbor-lady as she was busy cleaning for her first round of guests, instead went solo. Day was very hot and steamy, like walking around in a giant greenhouse. So humid out that everything had a hazy aura surrounding it. Consequently, the beach was packed with folks looking to cool off and enjoy the end of August reverie. Was able to find a small spot to plunk down and feed some gulls before wading out. Waters were pleasant in terms of temperature, but had an odd yellow-green hue to them once I was actually diving down into them. May have had to do with the cloudy skies, but it sort of gave the impression of swimming in pee. Still, a very high energy and enjoyable swim none the less. Lots of boats out and I narrowly missed a few on my way back to shore. Took some time drying out in the sun, tossing some more homemade bread out to a gull who was pecking away at a washed up dead fish so that it could have a more varied diet. Reminded me of the sort of meals Jesus used to have with his followers; lots of bread and fish. 7.5/10
(776.33 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-205143.png)

>>4170 >Do it help? In terms of managing existential angst, yes. I tend to look into the particularly paranoid and gloomy doomy parts of the news machine daily and it gets wearisome. My reality is much less threatening and confrontational than the rhetoric being tossed about right now and it's important to let IRL be the main focus from time to time. Another big part of it is showing myself I can do fine without if need be. I do this with all sorts of things I enjoy in life to make sure if my access to them were suddenly interrupted it wouldn't come as too much of a shock to my system nor could the threat of having them revoked sway me much. Current break has to do with being alerted there was going to be some high octane news-bait tossed out this coming week to get everyone particularly on edge. Decided to focus on getting to a bunch of book reading I'd been putting off instead. Been going well so far, though the stuff I like to read is heavy in its own right. Was just working my way through Elana Freeland's "Under an Ionized Sky" today which feels like an unending gut punch to any notions of a brighter future. Thanks for the luck, and even more thanks for the great borts for me to spew my nonsense rambles on. Glad to have this place exempted as a little nightly treat.
Blanched Upchuck Didn't get a whole lot done today other than some rudimentary things early on. Got called on chaperone neighbor-lass and her guests down to the nude beach fairly early on. Very odd meeting people for the first time, then about 30-40 minutes later being completely naked outdoors with them. Was a good day for that sort of thing though, nice and hot with a good cool breeze. They even brought their Australian sheepdog along for the trip. Doggo seemed nice enough, but due to a naming error they seem to have given him an ancient greek god of death name. Bit foreboding that. A call came through to neighbor-girl shortly after that seemed to mirror that; some life or death information about our mutual friend currently in the ICU. Hearing about it and knowing I had to deal with a bunch of related stuff as soon as I was back home put a damper on my social etiquette and usual wit. Since I'm spoiled with a beach in reach whenever I'm ready, I'm not used to the whole "making a day of it" thing which visitors like to do. Really felt like way too long to be hanging around there and having to be on their time table made me a bit antsy. Swimming helped somewhat, I ended up getting in four times throughout the many hours we lazed around burning our nethers. Waters were warm and welcoming, getting progressively wavier and wavier as the day went on and winds picked up. Neighbor-lass seemed to really enjoy herself just jumping and spinning around fully unclothed against the oncoming crash of the waves in a way that would have been whimsical and uplifting if my mind had not been elsewhere. I actually feel like my ass is slightly sunburnt now from the hours and hours of it baking out in the direct sun. Not felt that before so that's kinda neat. Too long/Clothes
(1.04 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213347.png)

Beak Caught Snake Day was sort of a blur of gettin' shit dun. The apple exhaustion is catching up to me, there always seems to be more and more. Have opted to break out the juicer and deal with a lot of them in quick order that way. Made a bunch of juice, some with mixed in veggies, and will start in on a larger batch of apple chutney to be preserved and doled out at a later date tomorrow. Heading down to the beach after hitting some weights to wash off the sweat, I ran into neighbor-chick coming out of the small local library. She had just retrieved... yet another copy of Le Petit Prince. Kinda feel she's overdoing it at this point, currently has three copies. Her excuse is wanting different English translations, but why this matters when she can't even read the original French to compare them is beyond me. We continued on together to the beach from there. Very hot and clear day, waters were a welcome respite from the feeling of baking or being sun-dried. Swam very far out as I was interested in what a government salvage ship (the kind with a large crane attached) was doing daudling around. Never really found out even though I kept checking them out with the binoculars. Seemed to just be sitting around doing fuck all. Much more interesting was watching various large hawks circling along the coast and pulling daring acrobatic dives to catch prey in the clear waters. Swim really wore me out and I flopped down next to neighbor-girl after carrying her to shore for some reading aloud to her. Picked up where I left off in the book and had a good time getting to through some of the more poignant chapters of the Little Prince's tale. She seemed to really enjoy it. little pleasures/little prince
(536.45 KB 1076x1415 235629_Translate.jpg)

>>4254 *"oh my"s in french*
(1.26 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-214854.png)

Bleeds Clot-Safe Another busy day as I attempt to escape crushing daily realities and cauterize myself against impending pains. My apple chutney has proven so popular that I made a much larger second batch today in between other prep and food storage. Turned out slightly different due to the fact I was working on memory of the original recipe which was already a synthesis of 4-5 other recipes I had read and probably not scaling up appropriately. Still turned out good as far as I and the other people who tasted it could tell and has now been preserved in jars for gifting and later use. Segued quickly into a lot of strenuous exercise following this and was feeling pretty beat by the time I got to the beach. Day was very humid and warm with a perpetual threat of storms on the horizon. Goggles broke on me way out in the water and I had to MacGiver them back together. While I was far out swimming, I spotted none other than neighborette setting up on the nearly empty strip of beach next to me. We passed a long blissful swim without interacting until the clouds started to grow darker and things cooled down. Swam in close to greet her and giver her my customary water to towel carry service. Got a whole flock of noisy seagulls to gather round for the remainder of old bread I had in my bag back on the sand. So many excited birbs so close that my beach-budess got a bit freaked out. They were generally well behaved other than getting squawky with each other. I was pretty tuckered out by the end of this and had to excuse myself to try to fit in a bit of rest before preparing for a guest at ©anadAnon Manor. Who was this guest you ask? Why none other than long time fambly fren, the esteemed ex of ms. neighbor-gal! Awkwardly I was tasked with not revealing what I've been up to with her so she can do the deed herself as they go over the dividing up of their mutually accrued and monetarily substantial estate this evening. He's a pretty great, successful guy and I'm reminded/baffled that she's downgraded her life a great deal slumming it in my company. Still have no idea how he's going to take it or if I have a knuckle-sandwich waiting for my breakfast tomorrow. tangled/webs we weave
(1.15 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-210651.png)

Beaut Montane Morning was interesting as I had to spend some time in conversation with a guy whose ex I'm currently involved with. While he tried to pull a "I'm the chillest motherfucka you'll ever know" routine I could tell the whole situation had hit him somewhat off guard. There were some overtures made trying to convince me that neighbor-lass was in fact trouble if I'm not careful, but he also had to admit that she seems to be a very different person than he remembers. I'm choosing interpret this as her effort towards a more spiritual and meditative life being the real deal, but of course there's no way to know for sure. All the talk was awkward, but somewhat constructive. I was not overly surprised to read from his responses that financial and material successes are starting to feel more like a burden than a reward. Being left to his toys and properties had an air of distraction rather than enjoyment. He took off rather quick after we had cleared things up and will hopefully be enjoying some time with his family. Beaching took place shortly after with me meeting up with neighbor-girl and bringing her out for an absolute scorcher of a day. She was still getting over a long heavy convo the night before with the ex and needed extra time burying her face in my pits. Oddly they had chosen to meet outside in the dark and I think not being able to read the face of someone she was so formerly close to had left her more uneasy than need be. Was able to cheer her up in quick order and we had a great, lengthy swim in the warm, inviting waters. Beach-side, it was like being at a tropical resort with the blazing heat of the sun. While we lounged and dried out in quick order, we found ourselves getting damp with sweat immediately after. Good day to catch a case of sun stroke if you're not careful. We took off for her place and cooled off in the AC while I finished off the final chapters of Le Petit Prince aloud to her in bed. Bit embarrassed to say I nearly choked up several times towards the end, especially reading the post-script. She curled up in my arms wordlessly after and we had some rest time. When she awoke, she ended up straddling me and getting into some very deep, deistic topics that bordered on the metaphysical. I was surprisingly cogent and well spoken on almost every question and topic without much deliberation or thought to what my reply would be. She seemed suitably impressed by all this and we must have gone back and forth for hours. A bit too long as she had missed some texts from her next set of visiting guests who had been left in the lurch waiting to meet up with her. Parted ways with her seeming much more upbeat and cheery than when I had met her. The big questions in life have a way of putting interpersonal drama into perspective I suppose. 8.5/10
(652.07 KB 1598x1080 'ouch' in repose.png)

>eats bundtcake Not a whole lot to this one. Had a pretty quiet day other than a lot of exercise. Weather was hot and sunny again by the time I'd finished work and gotten down to the beach. Waters were warm and choppy, but not quite properly wavy. Even with all the exercise beforehand, I put in a very energetic swim and found myself way far out in the depths. Really tried to haul ass back to shore and was sore and tired by the time I made it back. Feels great having that deep body ache, especially in the shoulders. Makes laying down feel like bliss. 7.5/10
(1.37 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213445.png)

<Scuzz Magnate Been getting a lot of compliments on the dehydrated apple slices I "made" yesterday. I guess they make a nice snack and taste good in hot cereals. Used up the last of the first chutney batch making a grilled cheese+chutney to bring along to the beach for neighbor-lass and myself. Today was very hot, almost unpleasantly so when the winds were stagnant. Beach was packed with folks looking for respite from the heat and loads of boaters out in the warm waters. Had a long, intense swim having to avoid boats and seadoos. Got more open and less perilous the further I went out. Took a long time swimming back and neighbor-gal was pooped from her lengthy freestyle swim too. Carried her back and made her day with the sun-warmed cheese-n-chutney. She was liking it so much she started daydreaming about setting up a grilled cheese shack. Sounded like a lot of work and I had trouble with the idea of not consuming all the grilled cheesers myself. Hung around long enough after to catch an odd sight : two gals had brought their black cat down to the beach. I correctly predicted as soon as I saw it that their main purpose was wetting the poor puss and filming the debacle. I sent off neighbor-femme to investigate and indeed the girls insisted that the leashed cat "identified as a dog" and "loved swimming". Wlovever I saw the cat doing did not resemble "loving" any moment of what was being done to it, at most I would say it tolerated water and knew how to quickly scramble onto any nearby person. Along these same lines : an older couple continually forcing their basset hound into the waters on a leash. Poor thing was so heavy and low to the ground it looked like it would sink like a brick. Barely managed to keep its snout above the water. Back at the la neighborette's pad, I read to her some more. This time from the poetry of Dennis Lee. Reminded us both of better times in a Toronto of the past but didn't really compare to the Saint-Exupéry fare from before. Following the reading there were sexy times and then following those there was decidedly unsexy flattery and ego stroking directed at me by her. Never sure how to take that stuff, especially when it comes to complimenting my looks and smarts. Feels very foreign and like I'm about to be hit by a pie in the face if I ever start believing it. unwilling animals/waters
(1.40 MB 1690x1080 shit girls say.png)

Bay Bulletin Day started off brutally humid, there had been a thunderstorm last night and all the rain had found its way into the air. Got together the last pieces of apple crisp and took off to the beach with neighbor-lady as soon as I had everything taken care of at home. Swim was |ovely, waters felt room temperature had a nice slow rolling wave pattern to them. Practiced all types of different strokes until I was throughout tired then brought it in with neighbor-gal for a beach-side snack. As intense as the heat was her line of questioning today. I'm sure other days I would not have felt so on edge and withholding, but I'd had an unfortunate start to my day. Got frustrated trying to put words to ephemeral topics and acted somewhat cold and aloof. Things got tense, then meditative, then tired. Going to rectify any weird energy between us by spending the night and hopefully lulling her into blissful sleep with some prime reading material. 6/10
(1.21 MB 1690x1080 bhb - birbs helping birbs.png)

Sleeps Not-Enoughdate Spending the night with neighbor-girl was pleasant enough, read her a great deal of Wilde's short stories and had a good dinner, but actual restful sleep was hard to come by. Bit difficult to climatise to a different bed and big weird pillows while trying to keep someone else comfy. Left me a bit out of it today when I trudged off to get things done. Coffee filled in the gaps well enough though. Beaching took place later than usual and things were fairly quiet when me & neighborette made our way there. Nice hot day with a good stiff breeze that picked up over the course of our swim. I really enjoyed the waters as there was far fewer people and boats out, felt like I could just keep swimming farther and farther out for hours on end in the warm soft waves. My swimmate was far lower energy and needed respite from the waters far earlier than usual. I met her on the sands and we talked about animal pals & pets. My heartwarming tales clued her in as to why I seem to have such a report with the beasts of the field and seemed to amuse her greatly. Spent some time before we left just cleaning up along the beach using a large garbage bag we'd found down there. Feels gud to leave things looking better than you'd found them. 7.5/thing
(2.09 MB 2048x1356 time.png)

Reach Upcape As August draws to a close I can already feel things cooling down. Took things slow and easy today, my coast-companionne was off dealing with yet another guest so I made my way down to a more obscure and slightly illegal beach alone (getting to it is the only legally dubious part tbh). Great big rolling clouds the whole time kept things temporate and made the breaks where the sun got through feel special. Did a fair bit of cleaning up to and from the beach, never quite sure what causes people to just toss garbage into pristine natural surroundings, but wlovever. Dead animals along the way also got moved, among them: a mole and a large snake. On the shore things were scenic and quiet. Very few people around, possible because the cooler, cloudier weather has a tendency to draw out bitey flies. Waters were flat and still quite warm, I spent a good deal of time lazily paddling around and a long while just floating on my back watching the sun peeked in and out of the clouds. My time in the water was leisurely and not overly taxing. Wanted to lay around on the sand after reading a bit, but when I got to my bag and towel I saw that they were coated in dozens of bitey flies looking for the owner. Dried off quickly and got dressed instead of hanging around and being a blood buffet while the only other nearby beachgoer, a girl in cutoff shorts, paced about seeming extremely troubled on and off her phone the whole time. Took an illegal shortcut and found an old abandoned bench to sit an read on. Flies followed me the whole way but seemed to back off as soon as I cracked the book. 7/10
(55.06 KB 260x262 pen.png)

Autumn Is Coming
(704.02 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-221431.png)

Grief Vacate Chutney'd the fugg out of a lot of apples today. Got into a real joyful flow state of getting it all whipped up and made two great big heaping batches which will be jarred and passed out to select frens+fambly. Took off to a beach shortly after. Lots of rolling clouds under a bright sun and breezes made the weather alternate between a summer and autumn feel. One moment it was sunny and hot, the next nice and cool. Waters were pleasant and a soft rolling quality that reminded me of a thin drape being blown in a light wind. Swimming was enjoyable and laid back. Took my time and did a bunch of diving into deep murky waters. Back on the beach I kept finding discarded goggles which I left in prime spots for people who might need them. One pair was however too nice not to swipe as back ups. On the way back, I stopped by some friends to be treated to a plethora of depressing topics and an overstated death drive which they had given themselves over to in light of some hard times. Interesting seeing how some folks deal with stress and the things it draws out of them. Did my best to assure them I was on call for anything that might be needed, but I get the feeling they won't reach out until they're at the brink of collapse. More heavy shiz is apparently getting hashed out tonight in the ©anadAnon Art Atelier without my knowing. I suspect neighbor-dame will fill me in tomorrow as to the gritty details and fall out as it pertains to her. oblivious/blissious
(24.05 KB 288x224 unnamed (2).png)

>>4470 Aye. Could really feel it today. Makes me wonder if I'll be able to swim well into October as I did last year. Had a good run this year and I'm actually sort of looking forward to resuming my calisthenics regiment once it cools enough to be aquatically prohibitive.
(1.66 MB 2480x1753 16421832_p0.png)

>>4470 >Autumn Is Coming Kinda hot tbh
(12.61 KB 197x220 war is hell.jpg)

frieze uplake Things were heavy and tense all morning as folks were dealing with mortality and personal space issues. Did my best to provide wlovever insights and consolations I could but I mostly dealt with it by deconstructing apples. Got loads of things preserved and more on the way so I feel fairly accomplished. Beyond the preseved goods we should have plenty of apples for pies and whatnot all winter. Weather has already cooled down significantly, but the skies were clear and sunny for what feels like some last gasps of summer fun. Met up with neighbor-lass who had a rather rough time last night getting chewed out and interrogated. She put a brave face on it all but still needed a good amount of hugging. We got down to the sunny beach for some cool, calm waters. The drop in temperature is noticable but doesn't feel too bad when you're moving around enough. We both had a nice swim then brought it in with the usual carry to the finish line. The hot weather really does seem to be the deciding factor in bitey fly forwardness. They really swarmed down on me and neighbor-girl had to make the executive decision to abort beach-side relaxation. Was quite unpleasant for me too moving to get a shirt on and seeing the veritable swarm of flies, a good 30 or so, take off from my back. Dragonflies were out in great numbers on the way back and are hopefully chowing down on the offending blood suckers. Spent some time back at her place fulfilling a request to read her some "Mary Oliver" (if memory serves). This was all poetry and tended to deal with : nature & reading books. Seemed to mirror reality fairly well. First time I've ever read to someone where I actually found myself nodding off midsentence. Hope that doesn't come off as a knock on Ms. Oliver. Some all too brief shut eye followed this, then more heavy talk that lead nowhere. Would have been much more productive to just hug and lay in comfort, but wlovever. blood/small holes dotting my back
(27.60 KB 450x396 bi-polar bear.jpg)

>>4489 love to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming shortly after. Get those swims in:)
(1.25 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-204247.png)

Which Um Day? Had to spend an inordinate amount of time and elbow grease cleaning out the crocpot as some the the apple butter had overflowed and cemented in the cracks overnight. Batch still turned out good and got many jars of it jarred up. Had to do a bunch of work on a bday card for a fem-fren who is going through a rough time. Took extra care to hand-doodle the fugg out of it and work in very soft but hopefully on target humor into the insides. She'll be getting some preserves and a homegrown loose tea out of dried apples, camomile and mint along with the card at an exclusive dinner tonight should there be no change of plans. Needed a swim after that so I strolled down to the beach and jumped in. Weather was much the same as yesterday only with a blanket of very thin clouds drifting past. Felt as though it was going to be cooler than before but the waters were still quite pleasant. Had a long, aggressive swim which left me panting and drained. Ot back to the towel right as the sun was coming out in force. Neighbor-girl showed up shortly after and had her own swim while I scoped the shoreline with binoculars. Her gift for the lucky fren is going to be a hand picked and arranged bouquet of bday flowers. I must have been wrong about the cooler weather being the bitey fly release valve since the whole time I was there not one showed up even with the weather being a rerun of the day before. Maybe those dragonflies really did chow down on them. 7.5/10
(68.82 KB 437x510 penguin-land.jpg)

>>4506 >Wintra Not sure how that qualifies as bad news. Been preparing all summer for it. I'm glad to get back to cold weather training and hopefully more home-based activities like drawing and actually contributing to the /404/um.
(245.80 KB 600x228 guess who.png)

>>4557 i guess it would make sense for you to like colder weather, being a penguin persona and all. >contributions i will relish the day:)
(160.65 KB 800x580 KP4.jpg)

Broth test-taste Yesterday in the evening I took a swim down at the beach. Weather was about room temperature with heavy clouds crowding out most of the sky. Timing was all out of sorts because I had stayed up too late the night before to deal with some bad news and talk it over. Waters were still, cool and relaxing to swim out in. Though I was still low energy and tired, swimming felt very easy and natural even if it was at a slower pace. Felt like I could be out doing it for hours and barely notice. 7.5/10
(4.05 MB 640x640 dog-in-shock-ice-cream.gif)

Keats' Dutch Cape Neighbor-lass managed to convince me into getting an end of the season trip back to the nudie beach. Weather was warm and windy, felt very refreshing on the long walk down there. Lots of sandcastle makers today, a few turned out pretty impressive with the size and complexity of their moats. One even had a good likeness of an octopus reaching and crawling back out into the waters. The wind picked up and it got very wavy by the time me and her got there and stripped down. Had to warn her to be careful in this sort of water weather and wasn't too surprised to see her getting washed far down shore a few times, trying to swim against those kinds of waves and tides can be tough. She still had a great time jumping around in the waves and riding their currents once she got more used to it. Stopped by our friend's house to have the belated birthday dinner. Mood proved to be much lighter than the last few times I'd seen them and was happy to find out my card and accompanying gifts were well received. The card in particular got a lot of lofty praise, glad I put in the extra effort even if I was just winging it the whole time. Steak dinner was great and we found out at dessert that the dog had a taste for raspberry sorbet. As did a monarch butterfly that launched itself into my brownie and sorbet out of nowhere. Animals/bowls
(745.44 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200903-175602.png)

teeth hole-shape Slow, laid back day here. Weather has been very pleasant. Good time for working outside, warm and bright but with a nice soft breeze and none of the former humidity. Being out there reminded me to get some more of those elderberries before they fell off the branches. Got to the beach later than usual and still ran into neighbor-gal. Sun was out in force so she stuck around to watch me swim and joined me for a second dip. Waters were cool and calm, made for good slow, methodical swimming so I could focus on form a little more. Felt very peaceful and tired afterward escorting get back home. Been fighting nodding off ever since. (and even now!) sleep/now
(572.17 KB 2160x1080 migration.png)

Tease Front-Braid More prime weather today. The sun and heat without the humidity is a nice combination. Beach was very quiet by the time me and neighbor-girl arrived and stayed calm for the duration. Waters had a nice wave to them, not too strong but made for good resistance swimming out. Pretty much had the beach to ourselves once I carried her out and we spent a good amount of time enjoying the silence and watching birbs fly by with the binocs. As is usual with the time of year, a lot of turkey buzzards are passing through and they're very relaxing to watch since they'll just glide for ages on wind currents without giving a single flap. Also caught some bald eagle sightings since they enjoy stopping by the coast on their migrations. As we were getting ready to leave, had an interesting convo with a former cop turned dog trainer and his bullmastiff rehabbed dog. Among other things he mentioned seeing a lot of dead, washed up fish the day before. While this isn't unusual for the time of year, he made the scale of it sound ominous, even adding in the bullmastiff had a bout of bad shits. I've not had any ill effects and I'm in the water all the time, so I'll keep an eye on it.
(23.79 KB 492x339 caught with a donkey.jpg)

>>4645 8/forgot review
(64.75 KB 624x624 6b4ec10fdbe5b93fb3b8.jpeg)

please, cup-plate Bit of a rough day round here. Got into a shitty situation trying to protect a near and dear relative from getting le ooze infusion. Lost out as they were literally bullied through shouting and name calling into it and were made to leave their phone behind so that I'd have no recourse. I feel terrible that I've not been pumping them full of the kind of paranoid parables and anxious anecdotes I look into, but also glad I kept calm and said my peace if only for conscience calming purposes down the road. Extremely fugged what sort of brainwarp has been layered in and how quick they're ready to snap on anyone that they can intimidate. Day was windy and warm, but getting down to the beach did little to take my mind off things. Waters were cool and wavy, swimming was a breeze and very energetic, but the whole time my mind was troubled by the feeling of failure to convey the risks, experimental nature and proposed unending intrusive updates that go along with submission to this. Didn't stick around long once I had finished a long, taxing routine, wind had picked up and was blowing sand allover. Difficult not to feel angry and cold with these people now. While I try to see the best in them, it's clear that there's an increasing element of liability to placing too much trust in them. Not pleasant. Rounded out the night trying to take my mind elsewhere by reading dear neighbor-lass to sleep. Very relaxing and sweet, but it's hard not to let those spectres of future woes sneak in. In light of impending doomy thoughts, I went ahead and gave neighborette a very special keepsake, feeling as though I did not want to miss my chance not knowing what tomorrow might bring. It was a very raer (probably the only one in ©anada), and needlessly expensive to smuggle out of Japan, ring baring the early insignia of Wednesday Campanella. (Amusingly, she had her hair up in in an extremely similar style to pic related of Kom_i when I presented it to her) She enjoyed this a great deal and I reflected on the absolute blessing it is to have someone in my life to give these silly sentimental things to like I might die or be taken away tomorrow. Discern/Concern
(2.04 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-214647.png)

Boat Upkeep Spent a bunch of time stacking firewood and helping to clean up a houseboat that some friends have up for sale. This was nice because neighbor-chick was along with me and we work surprisingly well together. Getting kissed at the end is a good motivator I guess. As soon as we were done, a big bright rainbow came into being off in the distance and felt like a visual reward for a job well done. Hit the beach following this and were some of the only people there. Day was sunny and warm enough, but there was a pretty stiff wind that kept most people away from the waters. We both still got in a good long swim, the cool waters being preferable to being wet and in the wind. Nice waviness to them, but not too intense. Even with the soreness of stacking loads and loads of wood I still had a fairly high energy swim. Later on we had dinner under the stars and I read to her while she prepared it. Following dinner, she asked for an improvised story in bed and I obliged. Some parts got a lot of laughs, other parts gasps, still other parts she fell asleep at because my voice is soothing* (*boring). simple/pleasures
(481.20 KB 1280x720 mawaru-penguindrum-0201.png)

Scrote Puffdate Had a bit of a rotten morning due to annoying cats being extra loud and annoying in the night. One will sort of loudly barge in and demand the use of my hands. I don't go along with it because it sends the wrong message but he'll still stick around and yaowlover and over. Left me feeling stiff and sore in the neck. Still got various things done and set off for the beach in the afternoon. Neighbor-girl was along for the trip and we had nearly empty beach to enjoy. Weather has cooled a bit, but there was enough sunlight today to make for enjoyable times on the sand. The waters were still pretty inviting, better than yesterday thanks to less wind, the cooler temperatures tend to make the swimming more rigorous. A long freestyle swim sorted out the pain in my neck rather quickly and neighbor-lass reported a similar effect on her aches. Carried her to shore in time to catch the direct sun rays, spent some time feeding a gull and eating dehydrated snacks I had brought along. Both of us hadn't had the best of sleeps, so we went back to her place for a short nap. While I got her to sleep quickly with an improvised tale, she woke up fairly quick after and things got very sexy. She certainly seemed to really enjoy this extended pounding and really could not let go of me afterwards until a second session occurred. Spent the rest of the time resting in my arms going over various ethereal topics and generally being thankful for each other's continued company while acknowledging that wlovever we have is vastly different from what we were used to before. Penis/Vagina
(21.23 KB 360x360 138809.jpg)

Coastline Chronical Was dealing with a weird upper ribcage/shoulder pain all morning as I got various jobs done, very noticable on deep inhales and bending down. Oddly dehydrated apple chips have become a popular snack for frens and fambly recently so I try to get at least a batch going each day. Very tasty, but can take a long time to get nice and crisp/crunchy. Neighboress eventually wrangled me into a swim later on. Surprisingly warm and pleasant despite a fair bit of wind. Waters were cool and very wavy, actually quite a struggle to fight against once I had gone far enough out. Neighbor-gal had a very tough go of them, getting swept down the coast and having to fight her way back to the shallows. She started to get worried about not being able to spot me amidst the endless rolling walls of water and scrambled back to shore to use my binocs to search me out. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to die at this point so I was fine other than being drained from a very intense swim back. The rolling waves and extra effort not to drown seemed to sort out the pain in my ribs and side rather quick. Beach was coated with invasive ladybug lookalikes, the kind that bite, while we dried off and watched the horizon in each other's arms. Things only seemed to get more and more overcast, so we booked it for her place. I think she was hoping for a repeat of yesterday and I tried to give worthy performance. Turned out good enough and despite being wave-weary I gave her some intense moments complete of loss of control. She was pretty blissed out afterwards and we shared some meditation time out on her balcony. 7.5/10
(887.28 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-220136.png)

<coastal region current events' Yesterday there was beaching. Turns out that the danger from the wavy day mentioned before was very real : somebody got swept out and drowned, nearly ended up taking three other people who tried to rescue down with them. The search is still on for the body, but nothing has surfaced yet. In keeping with the death aura, there was a notable amount of large rotting dead carp along the beach when me and neighborette arrived. Weather was warm and sunny, even had a burst of humidity reminding us both of summer-er times. Waters were cool and had a slow rolling motion to them, made for good swimming. As great as the swimming is for exercise, I really felt like the actual workout was attempting to run as fast as I could while carrying neighbor-gal through the currents. Very good leg exercise. Things got overcast by the time we were set up on the beach so we fugged off to her place. Just as well really, the wafts of putrified carp take away from laying on the beach. Back at her place I did a bunch of reading aloud of various stories while she prepared tea and ginger cookies. Did a good job reading too as several times she was brought to tears from the immersion. reading/loud
(1001.42 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213922.png)

Broad Upswing Extremely large and intense lightning storm last night knocked out the power hence the blated update posted above for the majority of the day. Had never seen anything like it, lightning was flashing non-stop for a good 40 minutes. From what I could gather nobody else here, even old-timers, had never witnessed quite such a display. Lucky for me, © anadAnon estate is equipped with gas powered utilities so I spent my morning doing old fashioned baking. Whipped up some peanut butter apple breakfast muffins which seem to be going over well. Followed it up with a lot of exercising, had been slacking somewhat on the cardio, but when I do it I'm reminded how well it gets my energy up for the rest of the day. Made my way down to the beach solo for some swimming and only realized once I was in the waters how big and dark the clouds on the horizon were. Waters themselves were cool and marl, still full of debris from the storm the night before. As a rigorous swim far out then really pushed myself to get back as quickly as possible before the rain hit. Just beat it and was able to gather up my things as the first drops started falling. As if on cue, neighborette met me on the path out and we had a mad dash through the pouring rain back to her place for fresh muffins and a damp and relaxed rest with her in my arms. Following a brief catnap, she insisted on getting spicy with me culminating in some very wet oral pleasuring of my peenor. ran/clever ratings
(923.49 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-220452.png)

Please Angulate Had very nice hot and humid weather here during the day. Got out to a very popular and big beach today with neighbor-lass to really soak it in. Was surprised to see the place virtually empty when we got there. Made for a great day though, lots of big strong waves out there but not so bad that I was overly worried for my swimming companion. Felt like a bit of a ///safety\\\ day as we found out that the fellow who drown the other day was found. There's some talk of him drowning because he set out to save someone and got overwhelmed in the process. Even with the mental caution tape up it was hard not to have a great time in the sweep and power of all the neverending waves and the subsequent riptide to fight against. Spend a very long time out there having a blast in it until the sun started to get covered over by slow moving clouds. Felt quite the treat having the place to ourselves as we enjoyed the uninterrupted crashing surf and massive cloud formations off in the distance. Birds were out in force on the way back, turkey buzzers are starting to show their numbers and we spotted the reclusive bald eagle again among the crowded skies. 9.5/10
(1.17 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-205716.png)

Sneaks Marmalade Stayed up too late and have felt very out of it all day. The continuing drama with my friend in the hospital doesn't help either. While I should be turning my apprehension into some sort of dynamic energy to power me to new heights, I mostly just tapped out and have been stuffing my face with junk food all day. Still got things done early on, but after a flurry of constructive stuff I lost direction. Didn't even make time to coordinate with neighbor-lass for swim times, just stumbled down there in the warm, cloudy weather and numbly got in the cooling, still waters. Would not be overly surprised if she's a little peeved with me. Took a long meandering solo swim out into the cold depths and tried to really tire myself out getting back as fast as I could. Beach was really deserted by the time I got back and I would have enjoyed simply zoning out and meditating in the sun, but being that I was the only target there the bitey flies were gunning hard for my back. Didn't stick around long, instead got back and resumed shoving food into myself until my belly hurt more than the sore thoughts in my brain. Feel pretty rotten standing up my swim pal, will have to make it up to her and try not to let myself get too bogged down with daily life. Can be a tall order some days. motivation/speculation
(644.02 KB 1378x1080 photo album.png)

Best Before-Date Woke up to news of my friend passing away last night. Everyone here has been pretty down about the whole thing, myself included. In a lot of ways I want to get and lash out at, well, whoever is nearby. Fortunately I still have self control and calm introspection keeping me from that sort of stuff. Mostly I feel sad that he didn't listen to me and had to pass away surrounded by strangers in an antiseptic death factory instead of in a position where his friends and family could see him. I can at least say I've been in prepatory prayer for weeks over this so I have some absolution on tlovend. Neighbor-lass wants to help out and be present for me, but even with that I felt tense and upset. I tried to set that aside for a |ovely hot day on the beach with her and it worked well enough. Things were breezy, but clear skied and beautiful with the sun out. Waters were cool but very inviting, the winds whipped up an unending stream of small waves to swim against. Went at it until I was tired and then brought my swimmate to the beach for some downtime. Did not enjoy the looming feeling that I had to say something or talk at length so we just lounged in the sun, beach completely to ourselves. Our time was very relaxing and scenic, but getting her back to her place I decided to just fugg off and be by myself instead of spending time with her to take my mind off things. Thankfully she's being understanding of this, but I still feel pretty rough and out of sorts. Tried to make it up to her with some fresh vegetable/fruit juice I'd made in the morning. Mostly just want to go off and meditate, the tension and updating of folks about the passing has given me a headache. Taste/things to come

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