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əˈnɒnɪməs 05/22/2021 (Sat) 11:32:40 No. 255
What brought you to chans Davey?
(92.62 KB 750x744 d1vbrhrhoop11.jpg)

This is Davey at work.
(38.57 KB 387x550 1554478289992-int.jpg)

LOL! thats me, headed in now. be back later!
(598.82 KB 640x360 SCREAMING_EXTERNALLY.mp4)

almost that time.
>>161 Best of luck out there
(22.86 KB 600x600 yamete-kermit.jpg)

times up! later!
(51.89 KB 540x540 mypain.jpg)

im back, and my back is killing me.
(3.74 MB 250x444 neck day.gif)

>>175 >Back with back ouch Hang yourself muh man from a bar. It helps your spine decompress
(10.20 KB 350x263 moerope.webp)

>>176 i was thinking about taking an aleve.
(18.47 KB 425x420 71GBPROZmXL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

>>178 I've never tried that, probably works a whole lot quicker.
(777.73 KB 360x360 1509644209001.webm)

(1.53 MB 360x360 airplane club.webm)

(3.53 MB 202x360 american-car.webm)

The Lulz
(6.56 MB 720x480 The Mother's Milk.webm)

(1.66 MB 648x576 btk all day.mp4)

(851.00 KB 640x360 woo.webm)

<the feels
(36.43 KB 857x701 brain melter.png)

(291.49 KB 650x1200 beautiful.jpg)

(422.41 KB 500x542 dudebro.png)

(141.02 KB 479x640 mayan system.jpg)

(36.83 KB 680x362 microlog implants.jpg)

a gift for (OP)
(10.13 MB 640x480 Jobs.mp4)

obligatory post i took the day off
(2.18 MB 990x720 Teen Girl Squad #1.mp4)

>>421 i caught a case of the feels watching this homestarrunner embed. the internet was still new and fun back then. its still great!
(5.83 MB 498x360 Parsnips A Plenty.mp4)

(4.66 MB 498x360 20X6 vs 1936.mp4)

>>440 >>442 >>443 sooo good. or im sooo nostalgic?
(1.77 MB 540x400 giphy (17).gif)

>>701 >nostalgia? Nah, they hold up pretty well still >t. (((impartial observer)))
Shut up, Davey.
(125.38 KB 1280x720 Say WHAAAT.mp4)

(((Davey))) died. This board is now without a captain.
(140.83 KB 955x1046 AAAAAAaaaaaa.jpg)

nah, im here. wagecuck, im a wagecuck:^) im going to eat something, shower then continue to post. ////aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\\\
(142.77 KB 600x508 jewcat.png)

i just had to "rescue" my cat from the backyard tonight(0030 hrs EST). he's 13, has renal failure, thats mitigated by meds, and doesnt have his front claws. i live in an rural area. when i came downstairs from showering, i saw two foxes running in my yard. i opened up the back door and told them to get the fuck out of here. >problem when i come home my cat greets me at the back door to come in for the night. he wasnt there. didnt think anything of it until i saw the foxes. got a my sweats on, slipped on my shit kickers and headed to the backyard with a high powered flashlight and an axe(i have guns but didnt want to make a fuss over foxes). walked around the darkass backyard with some moonlight, its cold as fuck out, grass is wet and all i hear is high-pitched screaming in the distance. the foxes had a kill, most likely a rabbit. i looked high and low for my fucking cat, calling his name. no answer. i was outside for a least 15 minutes combing the land with my flashlight, all the while still hearing this rabbit screaming. nerves were tense at the moment. just as i was about to give up, i spotted i white patch of fur illuminating under a bush. there he was, my dumbass cat, lying under the bush refusing to move, prolly hiding from the fox. i scruffed him, carried him across the yard and threw him in the house. he's on my lap as i type this. ALL IS GOOD when this cat dies, im fucked. he unofficially acts as a therapy cat. i would go on a nightime animal killing spree if he got chewed up in the wild. just saying. i looked up the chances of a fox actually killing a cat and the odds are low due to the fierce nature of cats. <i am at peace:)
Edited last time by Davey on 06/23/2021 (Wed) 04:53:40.
(10.23 KB 265x309 LivedTo18.jpg)

>>1797 Cats, man. I tell ya. Where I live now I don't let the self-assured hunter out when it's dark because he's come back scuffed. Once with one of those wounds that heal right away only they don't at all? I thought he was going to die but I went digging around his neck for the wound to try again to clean it -- and it OPENED UP and grey goo just poured out. Half a cup or more, I'd guess. Took him to the vet the next day, he came back with a drainage tube and a comment from the vet that opening it up like that probably saved his life. So, coyote bait or catfight, he can wait 'til the light of day when he seems to better judge his opponents.
(65.56 KB 540x805 lonesome cat.jpg)

>>1800 >beat up midnight pussy hear that. never came across grey ooze from fight wounds, but i did have to clean puncture marks on his nose area and ears. he's been skunked 2x a year since living in the country. 2019, he prolly got skunked 4-6x. i pull ticks off of his chin, nape and belly with tweezers every so often. bravecto isnt a cure all when it comes to ticks. i may have to try a no nightime policy. thanks for the post!
(137.93 KB 1032x1031 9xm7a.jpg)

>>1818 yeah, its good now. my senses get heightened at night when all the woodland critters come out making death noises. i love all the animals out there, but im protective of my cat since he's become frail. 2 years ago i wouldnt be worried if he was out , thats when he weighed 11 pounds and fought all the time. now he's lost muscle mass and only weighs 7. you could say im his bodygaurd:)
(1.37 MB 1184x666 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1821 how it started vs how it's going
(142.77 KB 600x508 jewcat.png)

(114.30 KB 640x480 jew_cat.jpg)

>>1827 bretty much
(((check)))ing in
(66.62 KB 600x800 c92.png)

>User Davey banned the posters of the following threads: 1928 from board /404/ permanently with reason "Ban Evasion".
I misread this as Davey was banned, I was about to come replace him
(352.39 KB 1050x544 typical janitor.jpg)

>>1932 lol, not something i wanna do, however, this isnt my site. i just stay here RENT FREE <a lil janny work is okay now and then
(8.28 KB 224x225 he does it for free.jpg)

(44.64 KB 695x594 spurdo hotpocket.png)

this is the most i worked for free in some time:DDD
(355.85 KB 591x398 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1946 Good, keeps you sharp and on your toes.
(772.38 KB 936x861 pepe long midface.png)

>>1952 nobody said it was easy.
(172.00 KB 696x608 apu heart.jpg)

the learning curve today was not too bad. as long as custom.css is on i have some control. and if its set to whatever theme, thats fine too because i wont see it:^) >katex huge <smol was able to change the unknown flag to something more accurate. sooper jealous about the unknown flag ip
>>1965 and now to remove all the bans
(40.91 KB 628x628 V8xzosErV7o.png)

>>1977 yeah, when i get home. want to be around for the regret:^)
I've proved Davey turns into an unreasonable rulecuck if you post the right triggering things (that technically aren't even against any rules).
(12.80 MB 452x480 rotating cake.gif)

>>1989 i agree with that and ill own it. i was told by someone, whom i respect, not too long ago that tough decisions need to be made and that has helped. generally resulting in BO getting castigated by posters and peers regardless of what is done or not done. "You can't have your cake and eat it too." -wise frog
(37.29 KB 525x340 (Jew)_Mad.jpg)

(((still alive!)))
Was just going to drunkenly post my useless opinion, but: >>1990 The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
(77.39 KB 1260x1428 take it easy dawg.jpg)

>>2042 >The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. i looked into very old adage and i believe you understand the score. thanks fren:)
(464.64 KB 536x536 hotpocket2.jpg)

>>1990 >i agree with that and ill own it Based and daveypilled.
(6.03 KB 208x208 smug hotpocket.jpg)

(3.48 MB 1280x720 hotpocket.webm)

>>2075 thank you fren:)
(18.24 KB 307x410 kurapika think.jpg)

welp, im changing my tripcode to solve to great debate. ARE TRIPFAGS AND IDENTITYFAGS THE SAME? the answer might surprise you. #/DAVEY #6ziBrsIJXe #/404/+ #ipiCcEZ1LZ call me whatever you like:^) New Tripcode #/404/+ compromised
Edited last time by 404 on 06/30/2021 (Wed) 14:27:32.
(23.13 KB 480x480 error 404.jpg)

RIP old !tRiPc0dE
(302.17 KB 460x535 404-+.png)

RIP user ID. >still the same BO:^) just looking for some peace RIP DAVEY RIP /404/+
Edited last time by 404 on 06/30/2021 (Wed) 14:29:57.
(39.58 KB 685x304 404 hours.jpg)

404 Hours
(2.79 MB 377x240 tripfags.gif)

>>2240 bretty funny:) >it the back to where you came from guy Penn?
>>2252 >Penn? Newfag.
He's gone again, bros. Get ready for a huge power struggle.
(359.40 KB 720x1080 first-the-pose.png)

(6.56 MB 4500x3500 second-we-struggle.png)

(88.67 KB 850x690 finally-we-snuggle.jpg)

(72.33 KB 850x494 possibly-repeat-later.jpg)

>>2294 >a huge power struggle. So long as we can snuggle afterwords.
(387.83 KB 640x480 mfw trolled.webm)

>>2294 nah, im around. its not a power struggle fren. its me dealing with one particular poster's bullshit. this isnt a comfy board, but it also isnt a toilet. >>2295 i would not rule out snuggles (((tbh)))
This boards gore and racist posts cured my depression. Please keep posting . I feel lucky to be a white non jew man again .
(128.07 KB 515x722 a_racket_of_jews.jpg)

>>2304 same
>>2318 Feels like "A Conspiracy of Jews" would be more accurate.
>>2323 your dub twenty threes are a conspiracy, goyim!

(393.76 KB 947x1197 jewfu.jpg)

(175.28 KB 480x386 jewish powers in anime man.png)

(409.71 KB 852x934 jew-ballot-stuffer.jpg)

(8.94 MB 202x360 an angry little jew.mp4)

(1005.04 KB 928x8800 359_JEWISH_EXPULSIONS_(RESIZED).png)

(29.69 KB 712x649 anime jew.png)

(136.43 KB 500x522 black-ginger-asian-jew.png)

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