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(203.54 KB 574x430 apu_comfy_with_fren.png)

Good Night 05/23/2021 (Sun) 03:27:41 No. 316
GOODNIGHT THREAD ITT check out and go to bed
(41.86 KB 768x522 apu awake.jpg)

goodnight going to watch some hulu on my phone then pass out.
Bedding off to head after a nite of fireworks. Hope the bort has a good rest
(65.90 KB 480x608 perish like a dog.jpg)

>>349 goodnight bruh Too bad our posting times are't synced up. I will review your beach report tonight:^)
goodnight world!
(21.89 KB 480x480 spiderus.jpg)

Goodnight, lads, sweet dreams.
(1.99 MB 568x320 caos johhny.webm)

>>365 (((based)))
(198.59 KB 1600x1200 reboot.jpg)

>spiderus frightening. i thought i was looking at a screencap of a bad guy from Reboot™ the 90s kid show that takes place in the matrix tbh
(47.07 KB 235x300 Tony_Jay.jpg)

(13.58 KB 300x200 facepalm megabyte.jpg)

>>368 > i thought i was looking at a screencap of a bad guy from Reboot™ Same voice actor as Megabyte, actually. <RIP in peace, sweet villain
(724.70 KB 4000x2510 1566331905303.jpg)

>>430 thats fucking crazy. what are the chances!? Totally thought you were pulling my leg. Just fact checked it now. wow!
>>365 >>368 >>430 >>438 Veddy interesting post chain there. When I was a youngster living out in Hongcouver I actually knew some of the guys from Mainframe Studios who made Reeeeeboot and (((Trans)))formers : Beast Wars. Here's one of the first things they made before they set up Mainframe : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO1Nae_EBvQ
(252.95 KB 670x424 21-05-25-23-51-57-716_deco.jpg)

>>352 im also jus not online as much. Need to up my game and actually check for replies Got muh guest all set up in the guesting spot. She seems to want to hit the nood beesh so that'll be interesting. Going to pass out and pray to a wrathfilled heavenly father for cessation of neck/brain pain. Arrivederci!
(1.18 MB 640x360 746529.mp4)

>>485 >that def leopard cgi awful, im sure it was cutting edge att:) >>486 you make the sex with house guest? here's hoping! later!
checking out!
(233.45 KB 740x555 robot_qaqs.jpg)

>>487 Awful song and awful cgi, a match made in the early 90's. >maek secksi After a trip to the (non nude) beach today I'm wondering if I should. She wasn't lookin' too bad.
(65.43 KB 720x707 keeping it 100.jpg)

>>501 >thoughts on it just do it
(9.96 KB 234x250 1444665436001.jpg)

calling it a night. my cat just sneezed blood boogers on my hand and now my hand stinks. gonna wash up and hit the hay. ~~ADIOS~~
(52.78 KB 388x500 cuddle.jpg)

>>520 <BloodMoon = Blood boogers He's just getting in the spirit of the evening. Sorry to hear that, hope you both have good sleeps
(1.36 MB 576x1024 disney frollo.mp4)

>>438 He was also Frollo.
>>485 >I actually knew some of the guys from Mainframe Studios who made Reeeeeboot and (((Trans)))formers : Beast Wars. Awesome! Hey, if you talk to them again, can you please tell them that anon said they should go hang themselves for letting Dan Didio ruin Beast Wars and Beast Machines? Thanks.
(2.51 MB 320x227 shame cube.gif)

>>522 >good sleeps ok sleep >>523 i was assuming this was a sound byte from family guy, i was mistaken. very funny!
(24.53 KB 300x223 300px-Starscream_ghost_BW.jpg)

>>524 First on my to do list once I get the ol' timemachine finished >ruined Not disputing what you said, but was there a golden era of either of those? Beast Wars was beholden to retarded nu-toyline gimmicks and had to write around shit like "transmetal" upgrades while Beast Machines was a grimdark shitshow with absolutely horrific character redesigns and earth worship hooey shoehorned in. The only fond memory of either I had was that in an episode of Beast Wars the wasp one got possessed by the roaming disembodied gohst for Starscream which reminded me of much better times and characters.
(4.36 MB 574x480 masterchan raids.webm)

today was a good day. going to leave on a high note. GOODNIGHT
I'm still powerful angryed up from my lawman confrontation and will hopefully rise above my violent urges and revenge plots through prolonged slumber. I bid the bort adieu
>>547 >Beast Wars was beholden to retarded nu-toyline gimmicks and had to write around shit like "transmetal" upgrades True, but they did a better job on those than a lot of people would have. Transmetal 2's were a step too far, but I don't blame them for that. However, the designs, writing, animation, etc. on Beast Machines was pure dripping-down-the-pantlegs shit. >Optimus goes insane >Rhinox, having been reformatted by Megatron into an evil bot, tells them he wants to stay that way... AND THEY LET HIM >Rattrap looks like a five-year-old. WITH WHEELS. >Black Arachnia goes from a black widow into some fucked up version of a daddy longlegs >Nightscream >Noble >Megatron's giant floating head >etc. I loved Beast Wars. Beast Machines made me want to drive to Vancouver and push my shit through their mailbox.
Night, everyone.
(60.54 KB 600x352 BMtoy-MegatronMcD.jpg)

>>621 It's tough putting myself back in my youthful mindset, but I mostly agree. In retrospect, I can remember enjoying Beast Wars somewhat, but I think that was mostly due to tiny bits and pieces of greater Transformer lore they'd drip out. Trying to work in what was happening and how it fit in to the larger and more interesting framework of the older stuff stopped me from being too critical. Rattrap(e) was one of the most glaring examples of redesign failure I've ever seen. Just horrific. Sort of wanted to be on the baddie's side simply because they looked sort of like traditional transformers. Hongcouver has a terrible track record for things made there. I'll go out on a limb and blame the copious high grade pot and overuse of patchouli to cover their stink. Beautiful scenery and nature tho, just for whatever reason turns a lot of creative-types brains to mush.
(113.72 KB 1280x600 wtf.jpg)

>>542 Hey I was planning to make the same gif with this video. Someone had the same idea. Magic of the internets or someone spying in my head? I'll be up all the night for work so no checkout for me. Goddnight if you go to bed.
checking out, goodnight!
muh, muh bedtime in shit.
(80.54 KB 720x693 15710528673242.jpg)

(60.43 KB 1280x720 Ara~Ara~.webp)

Anons are welcome to visit >>>/voxxe/ if they behave nya~
(39.54 KB 250x221 chummery_1679.gif)

(79.91 KB 1080x633 kid coloring book.jpg)

Goodnight, my children.
(62.69 KB 720x700 suffer.jpg)

>>903 goodnight yo!
(402.24 KB 802x450 bad dream.png)

ok, im out! GOODNIGHT!
(851.62 KB 656x526 apu spacker torch.webm)

peace out
(70.93 KB 640x640 image(215).jpeg)

Gohsting for nite. Haff gud sleeps
(837.04 KB 280x210 heavens gate.gif)

>>1006 ///GOODNIGHT!\\\
(77.10 KB 261x261 lionwherever.jpg)

*Kissing the homies goodnight intensifies*
(58.12 KB 720x643 lmaobo.jpg)

>>1143 >dat send off
(325.30 KB 576x320 euaghu.mp4)

G O O D N I G H T !
goodnight board
(10.77 MB 540x276 Xavier.webm)

passing out
fucking off, its late in the EST zone. GOODNIGHT!
(639.14 KB 550x415 ClipboardImage.png)

going to finish watching Aliens. not my favourite one. also i dont know which one is. they all have good and bad going for them. why do people hate Promethius, that was epic imo GOODNIGHT!
(749.84 KB 1000x1019 Snek.jpg)

(140.84 KB 900x900 necro.jpg)

>>1668 >not my favorite SayWhutt? "Have you ever been mistaken for a man?" >No. Have you? What's not to believe about their unbelievability? Alien was good, but Aliencs was good &' meme-worthy //game over, man. ///game over.
(8.47 MB 1920x1036 15747940496650.mp4)

(35.19 KB 500x396 51uZ-Cdt45L.jpg)

(229.93 KB 1080x1440 images.jpeg-1.jpg)

>>1671 it was the james cameron version of Alien, so its not my favourite. i dont like his leftist vision of the space marines. he does the same shit with space marines in Avatar. just dumb and war hungry animals. very one dimensional view from a pinko faggot director. i like his movies(sorta) but i do not like his autistic virtue signaling being injected in all of his films. Avatar, has blue jamaican native american aliens that are protecting their sacred tree that happpens to be sitting on a precious mineral deposit of Unobtanium(really!?) and the superior white man needs those mineral rights to build shit. the core of that movie was ripped right out of the script Ernest Goes to Camp. unbelievable! >"Have you ever been mistaken for a man?" >No. Have you? barely recognize her in James Cameron's Terminator 2. was she superior white this entire time and put on brown face for Aliens. nvrmind just googled it (((Jenette Elise Goldstein))) played pvt vasquez
(55.21 KB 736x951 engineer.jpg)

goidnight, going to watch prometheus on my phone then pass out
(470.44 KB 400x400 158303770355.mp4)

>>316 Good night
(185.60 KB 1024x768 VeryOldKoboldMatron.jpg)

ponyguy pursues perfect pr0n-dream. Or will try to take notes on whatever may come, whether it's wheelbarrow cars or circular elevators
(14.45 MB 720x1280 avacado.webm)

(17.34 KB 373x493 yaranaika.jpg)

goodnight buttholes
>>1815 What the fuck is even happening?
(68.83 KB 640x853 hitler i see you.jpg)

>>1708 >Unobtanium(really!?) You too, huh?
(710.16 KB 400x349 prometheus touchie-touchie.gif)

>>1668 >why do people hate Promethius, that was epic imo
>>1878 yeah, David was very handsy now that you mention it. "cyborg's learn and dont forget anything" was what they tried to build up subtlety. >dat gif its awfully autistic looking. FUCK!
(96.85 KB 1280x720 9zu0vx6zoi961.jpg)

goodnight saturday night. gonna watch a movie. on my phone. all alone:)
>>2061 nigger it's 9 o'clock, are you fucking 6 years old? get a life.
(19.48 KB 512x475 1550341075028-2.jpg)

>>2063 i didnt say i was going to sleep. just finished watching reservoir dogs on my phone. and i came back to check in i gotta shower, brush my teeth, and take some melatonin sleepytown soon
(27.30 KB 476x347 went to bread.jpg)

going to bread goodnight
(144.89 KB 600x560 stolen oc.jpg)

passing out
>>316 going to bed soon, good night anons
(7.72 MB 320x240 demerol.webm)

im done for
(2.77 MB 202x360 America.webm)

happy belated 4th and goodnight
>>2535 >posts in this thread are so infrequent practically every single one has a different name.
(79.53 KB 640x360 yes.webm)

(1.06 MB 540x360 boilin' point.mp4)

man, time flies when you have no time to yourself. goodnight and god bless
(20.32 KB 551x432 monster humpty.jpg)

>>2535 >literally touches his face with her nose while screaming >runs over his unnecessary Rascal™ Where the fuck do these psychopaths learn to act like this towards people? And don't say college because that was some post-graduate levels of cuntery. I fucking HATE humans and I'd never do this.
(1.43 MB 340x236 hulkhogan lust.gif)

>>2571 RIP in peace, Macho Man.
(498.77 KB 350x198 doctorwhocrying.gif)

>>2288 >demerol Never took illegal drugs in all my life, not even pot, but I got Demerol in the arm one time during a visit to the emergency room for severe intestinal pain >Injection into my IV >Fire spreads quickly up arm >As soon as it hit my shoulder, I suddenly realized why junkies keep using their arms as pin-cushions >fire disappears and is replaced with an intense feeling of floating bliss that I haven't felt since being forcibly evicted from the womb >eventually come down >mfw I'll most likely never experience that feeling again until after I die
calling it quits. goodnight dead board:^)
>>2644 Night bro.
>>2644 >Spoofing Ralph Phillips Those cold-hearted bastards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb23Lbe3F5U
>>2665 New name: BUTT-JOCKEY
(32.28 KB 450x559 gay.jpg)

>>2666 >Butt-Jockey ok
(2.97 MB 502x467 WW_tits_dont_help.gif)

So, who is the first Butt-Jockey? Also, good night, you silly niggers!
(931.00 KB 742x527 barack osama.png)

>>2669 goodnight bruh. bedding down too bruh
(7.83 MB 640x360 dj rashad x goldie.mp4)

>tfw friday night good night!
(252.07 KB 340x450 DC shep cayce coming blood.png)

>>2669 Man, if Lynda Carter circa 1980 would only give me the chance, I'd give her enough orgasms for it to be legally defined as "drug abuse"
Good morning. Time to check out and go to bed for me ! See ya all.
(7.21 KB 225x225 cowboyman.jpg)

(929.52 KB 640x360 pooh wsg.mp4)

let's keep doing the same thing everyday! G O O D N I G H T :^)
(18.48 MB 854x480 15533769796740.mp4)

>>2773 ok, got trips. made new name. off the bed!
(44.37 KB 750x638 sleep.jpg)

checking and passing out.
(35.54 KB 353x396 1.jpg)

peace out
(316.06 KB 407x370 michael kaine.png)

>kisses all the homies goodnight on the forehead while tucking them in Good night, you princes of shitpost, you kings of new 8chan.
(122.58 KB 400x534 friday night tbh.png)

still friday night here for 11 more minutes and i choose to be comfy. goodnight:)
(145.32 KB 480x366 2JZ.mp4)

(141.45 KB 800x800 summer fag.jpg)

checking in, also saying goodnight! busy week off of work!
End of my nightshift soon. So goodnight / goodmorning /404. See ya later this day.
(89.83 KB 550x309 angels egg.jpg)

have a gooden
(41.88 KB 768x522 bedtime.jpg)

Goodnight / goodmorning /404/ Checking out.
(57.19 KB 605x377 kot beer.jpg)

>>3425 have a good one
(419.01 KB 1920x1080 space Lain.jpg)

Goodnight or goodmorning /404/. For me it's the same. >driving in the country as the sun rises. >open windows, smells_good-man.png >take a shower. >eat my cereals. >then a a well-deserved sleep. Tonight if I'm not too tired I would go cycling. See ya later.
(4.00 MB 640x360 out of touch.webm)

fucking exhausted. out of time. GOODNIGHT!
(137.06 KB 700x933 1470900534241.jpg)

good nizzle my shizzles
(42.83 KB 400x400 YFhua1pM_400x400.jpg)

i did too much internet!!! さようなら!!!
(2.94 MB 640x480 1579697877346.webm)

(1.50 MB 476x268 butthole.webm)

bedding down
(200.11 KB 361x363 1556857493765.png)

checking out:)
(4.10 MB 640x480 coporate thunder.mp4)

goodnight tuesday morning:)
(41.69 KB 828x930 62b9353b.jpg)

so sleepy
(329.80 KB 1200x1200 agreements.jpg)

fuck it, bedding down.
(398.54 KB 906x740 experts.png)

checking in and out. long day ahead of me. wont be able to post today:) Stay Classy, World.
(296.46 KB 820x820 Cancer Boy.jpg)

(2.28 MB 1280x720 Life in america.webm)

(3.59 MB 1280x720 future of america.webm)

(145.99 KB 1194x966 hide american threads.jpg)

Happy Labor Day Weekend to my fellow Ameritards! GOODNIGHT!
(296.52 KB 500x333 fish mouth.png)

i fucked up, stayed up waaaaay tooo late. GOODNIGHT!
(6.96 MB 480x240 birthday party.webm)

long day
(35.16 KB 420x420 outta_here.jpg)

I'm Out! goodnight:)
(35.97 KB 320x480 nEWZb.jpg)

Sleep is for the weak. I love my new job, I reclaimed my morning postings, work less hours and make more money Sleep definitely took a hit, but that's another story.
End of the night. See ya later /404/.
(929.27 KB 1280x718 doctor baby.mp4)

>>4739 same, good night friday night! Local Time 23:48
(2.06 MB 640x360 draconian hustle.webm)

fuck it, im out
(16.57 KB 640x480 gizmo furby.jpg)

goodnight, bright lights.
(4.48 KB 400x400 fc1d7137.png)

im pooped
Hey nite all
(2.42 MB 360x360 gator wednesday.mp4)

busy week, falling apart Goodnight.
(152.53 KB 365x950 323.jpg)

Is it still gator wednesday? I really hope it's still gator wednesday.
Night fellas.
i didnt even have a chance to be good. betrayed by my brain. that is telling me to go to sleep. whispering sweet nothings in fact. ill try again tomorrow. g o o d n i g h t

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