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(8.49 KB 640x386 thicc.jpg)

Timmy 07/24/2021 (Sat) 22:08:42 No. 3289
CSS GENERAL ITT dip your toes in cascading style sheets
(56.02 KB 400x134 lol rainbold.gif)

i got into custom css thanks to 8ch.net (((tbh))) there was a way to access the custom that was harder to remember over lynxchan. prolly just a vichan problem. example: https://8ch.net/stylesheets/board/cow.css over https://8chan.moe/404/custom.css here's the archived version of 8ch.net /cow/ css: https://web.archive.org/web/20180123153528/https://8ch.net/stylesheets/board/cow.css i always appreciated the innovators like /cow/. thats mainly why i, along with other IBs, to include mewch(RIP) adopted !cowtext aka Rainbold. its a fun text to look at. LOL!™
(90.69 KB 944x828 gon freecss.jpg)

most notable custom css: 8ch/fringe/ 8ch/doomer/ 8ch/mde/ 8ch/cow/ its all well and good to look at, but the family/classes dont translate 100% on lynxchan. so you have to do a little bit of homework and (Q inspect) elements depending on what engine you are on. me personally, im lazy. i look at things that i like and try to make them work in my custom. the only things i made on my "own" here: /*Alerto Text(removed)*/ .slopedText { color: #fce300; text-transform: uppercase; animation: alerto 0.5s linear infinite; } @keyframes alerto { 0%{ color: #c8102e; background: #fce300; } 50% { color: #fce300; background: #c8102e; } 100% { color: #c8102e; background: #fce300; } } /*Upside-down Text*/ s{    display: inline-block;    font-size: 100%;    text-decoration: none;      -webkit-transform: matrix(-1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0);    -moz-transform: matrix(-1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0);    -o-transform: matrix(-1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0);    transform: matrix(-1, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0); }
Edited last time by 404 on 07/25/2021 (Sun) 04:22:57.
(309.46 KB 997x1297 upsidedownface.jpg)

UPSIDEDOWN custom ///sloped\\\ ill prolly bring back as ///ALERTO\\\once i know my "fan" is gone.
(27.43 KB 456x810 iq_stump.jpg)

anyway, if anyone claims a board on 8chan.moe and needs CSS trouble shooting ​from a pleb, I'M AVAILABLE!!
>>3296 I'm always here, watching, waiting until you bring it back.
(56.80 KB 500x430 honey badger.jpg)

>>3300 hmmmph
DANCING RAINBOLD .redText { animation: rainbold .5s linear infinite; color: red; font-size: 2.5em; line-height: 1em; /*letter-spacing: 0.33em;*/ margin-left: 6px; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px orange, -3px 0px 2px yellow, -5px 0px 3px green, -7px 0px 4px blue, -9px 0px 5px indigo, -11px 0px 6px violet; display: inline-block; } @keyframes rainbold { 0% { transform: translate(-2px, -2px); color: red; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px orange, -3px 0px 2px yellow, -5px 0px 3px green, -7px 0px 4px blue, -9px 0px 5px indigo, -11px 0px 6px violet; } 14% { transform: translate(0, 0); color: orange; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px yellow, -3px 0px 2px green, -5px 0px 3px blue, -7px 0px 4px indigo, -9px 0px 5px violet, -11px 0px 6px red; } 28% { transform: translate(0, 2px); color: yellow; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px green, -3px 0px 2px blue, -5px 0px 3px indigo, -7px 0px 4px violet, -9px 0px 5px red, -11px 0px 6px orange; } 43% { transform: translate(0, -2px); color: green; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px blue, -3px 0px 2px indigo, -5px 0px 3px violet, -7px 0px 4px red, -9px 0px 5px orange, -11px 0px 6px yellow; } 57% { transform: translate(-2px, 2px); color: blue; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px indigo, -3px 0px 2px violet, -5px 0px 3px red, -7px 0px 4px orange, -9px 0px 5px yellow, -11px 0px 6px green; } 71% { transform: translate(4px, 0); color: indigo; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px violet, -3px 0px 2px red, -5px 0px 3px orange, -7px 0px 4px yellow, -9px 0px 5px green, -11px 0px 6px blue; } 85% { transform: translate(0px, 0); color: violet; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px red, -3px 0px 2px orange, -5px 0px 3px yellow, -7px 0px 4px green, -9px 0px 5px blue, -11px 0px 6px indigo; } 100% { transform: translate(-2px, -2px); color: red; text-shadow: -1px 0px 1px orange, -3px 0px 2px yellow, -5px 0px 3px green, -7px 0px 4px blue, -9px 0px 5px indigo, -11px 0px 6px violet; } }
(1.87 KB 30x30 vstfm0.png)

(1.87 KB 30x30 npgbk7.png)

/* Post Decorations */   .innerPost:before {   content: url(https://files.catbox.moe/npgbk7.png);   float: right;   opacity: 1; }   .innerPost:hover:before {   content: url(https://files.catbox.moe/vstfm0.png);   float: right;   opacity: 1; }
>>3376 /* Post Decorations */   .innerPost:before {   content: url(/.media/8cf877cedee7aa0db94dcce0409ae11d23d092d532467b6eb749e4932af5e415.png);   float: right;   opacity: 1; }   .innerPost:hover:before {   content: url(/.media/8a5380b42ae535cc94011e14986e0a5f65bfba7c52db039a0f1f22cc0eae52ef.png);   float: right;   opacity: 1; }
(3.87 MB 640x360 fringe_ingredient.webm)

note to self. disect fringe elements for bort.
(29.96 KB 657x527 1476641327001.png)

nav buttons are back. note to self: fix custom.
(858.19 KB 960x960 1614313969835.jpg)

>>4006 >fringe element check! hover over buttons >>4018 >nav button adjustment CHECK!
(153.37 KB 608x455 dog.jpg)

this will be AUTOSAGE! until i can think of something better. span.bumpLockIndicator::before{ content: url(/.media/8cf877cedee7aa0db94dcce0409ae11d23d092d532467b6eb749e4932af5e415.png); } span.bumpLockIndicator::after{ content: " "; font-size: 0px; } span.bumpLockIndicator:hover:before{ content: url(/.media/8a5380b42ae535cc94011e14986e0a5f65bfba7c52db039a0f1f22cc0eae52ef.png); } REPLACES THE ANCHOR also an homage to /caos/ :^)
Edited last time by 404 on 08/21/2021 (Sat) 17:38:08.
(48.25 KB 631x493 1617947183644.jpg)

note to self, start transferring bort assets to >>>/res/ on new thread
(6.57 KB 22x27 doomguy 1.gif)

(69.72 KB 22x27 doomguy 2.gif)

(44.54 KB 651x318 binky doom .jpg)

span.bumpLockIndicator::before{ content: url(/.media/dabb4f21047f9c7f18b4b27dd46b6ad5d9070294cf1a594a59f7c1f2de95bfec.gif); } span.bumpLockIndicator::after{ content: " "; font-size: 0px; } span.bumpLockIndicator:hover:before{ content: url(/.media/5cc4cee20b6854ee56b39db55f47819f5aa0e2218d5e00dc7f5c7cb8c7335d9e.gif); }
Not CSS, but I'm quoting it here because I keep looking for it from computers that don't have it handy. So, imagine: you have a personal web server, like HFS from rejetto, and you have a webm you want to share. The way HFS works, their web browser won't know it can render it because the web server is just designed to give files to be saved to the browser's hard drive. Solution: write this as an HTML file, and "share" both the .html and the .webm. Rewrite as needed for the circumstances. || <html> <head> <title>This is a cute video.</title> </head><body> <video id="RandomCuteVid" width="1024" height="768" controls preload> <source src="videofile.webm" /> </video> </body></html>
(43.95 KB 719x544 ss5.png)

>>4184 seems like a lot of steps over just using an image board. who benefits?
>>4186 >who benefits? I do, because then I don't need the internet proper, just a regular, local network. Also, I can share the files directly without waiting for them to go up the network, and coming back down, both of which could be costly and/or failure prone. My cat-5 cable has none of these problems.
(6.55 KB 208x249 wojak ear.jpg)

>>4188 do you use ISP or have you abadoned that somehow? i think this is one of those niche linux things(where im an obvious retard) or you are ahead of your time. either way, if it works for you thats good. if you care to expand more on the subject, im all ears.
(14.71 KB 638x479 Network-Topology.jpg)

>>4191 >or have you abandoned that There was a time when I considered looking into getting a T1, getting an account a layer above. I'd still have an ISP, but it would be as if I was a local ISP. That never happened and I actually didn't look too close into it because I expected it would be over a thousand a month even just for me. No, the reason HFS is useful because so often I want to share a file with friends, family, or coworkers -- who are in the same building as I am. Sending my files off to the internet doesn't make sense when I only want to send them down the hall, which is why I was so excited to encounter HFS -- no install, almost not configuration, will feed any file of any size you want. I've handed out 7GB .ISOs that way, and a folder with four hundred .mp3 files too.
>>4193 Newbie here but doesn't mesh networking a good solution in your case?
>>4196 Any arrangement that isn't star topology, needs every computer in the network to have multiple NICs, and must be configured to act as a switch, aware of all the other routes of nearby PCs. Switches, and even hubs, have lots of NICs, as it were, and are really good at acting as switches. The network stack of an office PC's OS might be less good, meaning yes you'd have less equipment invested but all the packets would probably take longer to get where they needed to be. Ring topology avoids the hardware requirements but every packet has to be examined by every PC, and for each packet the PC will either grab it, thanking the mailman as it were, or shakes it head "Nope, not for me -- try down the road I guess." The dilbert strip about making the PHB look through the carpet for the dropped token is of course silly -- except it works like that. If there's an open port, the packets can't traverse the network properly and everyone is now disconnected until either a terminator is attached to the "dead" spigot or the cable is firmly reattached to the NIC and the network has a chance to restart. Which NIC broke the network? Why, the one that's loose and wiggly of course! You! Check your cable! Do it right or we have two breaks in our pipe! This is why we all use ethernet going to a switch in the star topology. Everything works pretty well that way.
Requesting you display the handy [Last] link next to OPs again.
>a.linkLast{font-size: 0px;} BOOOOOO!
(105.65 KB 1080x1016 friday tbh.webp)

>>5289 is it ok if i leave it off mobile? ill put back in place for puter. brb
(713.94 KB 400x400 frawg.mp4)

Last is Back upside-down and backwards :^) having a lil fun with css. goodnight!
>>5290 No, I need it *especially* on mobile because loading long threads on phone takes ages.
(139.12 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-91.jpg)

Is there any way to change word-wrap on custom text (like Rainbow)? So that, for example, you can make a single word in a sentence rainbow without putting it on a new line? I'm starting to think it has to be done globally--
(7.59 MB 405x526 ЯƎЖER.gif)

>>5294 >rainbow showing up in same sentence its an [aa] problem and that is standard for the special characters markdown. <what i can do abandon [aa] and move rainbow text to a different markdown. Here are some 404s replacable customs: redText redText strong em redText boardText strong boardText em boardText everything is subject to removal due to abuse:)
(51.08 KB 500x375 it turned out okay.jpg)

>>5302 >steal captcha filter from vapor theme no, its a blend of filters to make black and white captcha image purple-ish. the animation is "throb" or glow animation. i got it from sportschan .redText a ways back. /*Captcha Image Glow*/ .captchaImage { filter: sepia() saturate(500%) hue-rotate(220deg) opacity(59%) ; animation: 1.5s linear 0s normal none infinite running glow; } @keyframes glow { 0% { box-shadow: 0 0 50px #452981; } 50% { box-shadow: 0 0 0 #452981; } 100% { box-shadow: 0 0 50px #452981; } } >links for mobile and desktop will today. afk
Thanks, nazi.
(201.79 KB 404x404 me the homies.jpg)

[Last] is [Back] [Jack]
(58.62 KB 399x200 felix.png)

/*Halloween Theme Ideas*/ textarea#fieldMessage { background: url(/.media/d605887d8c09579922cc372df385dd745f76fe3c2d6cd1e6c1bbaefdcd05a612.png); no-repeat: 100% 0%; z-index: 10; font-size: 30px; font-family: "Fancy"; font-weight: bold; text-align:left; color: #34345C; text-shadow: 1.5px 0px #FFF; height: 200px; width: 370px; } textarea#qrbody { background: url(/.media/d605887d8c09579922cc372df385dd745f76fe3c2d6cd1e6c1bbaefdcd05a612.png); no-repeat: 100% 0%; z-index: 10; font-size: 30px; font-family: "Fancy"; font-weight: bold; text-align:left; color: #34345C; text-shadow: 1.5px 0px #FFF; height: 200px; width: 300px; }
Edited last time by 404 on 10/02/2021 (Sat) 02:54:45.
(417.60 KB 720x1103 Screenshot_20211002-043847~2.png)

The post menu gets cut off.
(160.35 KB 1017x882 top apu.jpg)

>>5519 >complaint not a problem, i placed some anti-trolling features into the custom. ill take out tomorrow-ish and put back in, when 404 is trolled.
(37.59 KB 400x225 barney comment.jpg)

/*Deep Web Barney Text Area*/ textarea#fieldMessage { background: url(/.media/d730fc9d5b383c6fd4eac92330d7d6cf8a80609a7163c9d2b47cd3039a8e0890.jpg); no-repeat: 100% 0%; z-index: 10; font-family: Fancy; font-size: 1.5rem; font-weight: bold; text-align:left; color: #000; text-shadow: #FFF 0px 0px 1px, #FFF 0px 0px 1px, #FFF 0px 0px 1px, #FFF 0px 0px 1px, #FFF 0px 0px 1px, #FFF 0px 0px 1px; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; height: 200px; caret-color: red; } textarea#qrbody { background: url(/.media/d730fc9d5b383c6fd4eac92330d7d6cf8a80609a7163c9d2b47cd3039a8e0890.jpg); no-repeat: 100% 0%; z-index: 10; font-family: Fancy; font-size: 1.5rem; font-weight: bold; text-align:left; color: #B39DDB; text-shadow: #000 0px 0px 1px, #000 0px 0px 1px, #000 0px 0px 1px, #000 0px 0px 1px, #000 0px 0px 1px, #000 0px 0px 1px; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; height: 200px; caret-color: red; }
(86.44 KB 637x469 1613135212776.jpg)

>>5519 fixed! what a brain-buster! after all the rocket science formulas, i simply raised the min-height of the innerPost container. Wow. .innerPost{ overflow: hidden; min-height: 99px; }
Edited last time by 404 on 10/02/2021 (Sat) 05:12:22.
(200.06 KB 983x1187 1593302213105.png)

>>5521 >deepweb barney decided to use this to kick off the halloween theme. not sure what other directions to go, but ill be adding stuff to 404's spooktacular theme periodically until the week of:)
(1.09 MB 640x360 pajama_party.webm)

>404 B A R N E Y theme >might turn popular flags into halloween stuff >pLabelDescription swtiched out with something >plabelName >favouriteButton <just ideas for now should be fun
(84.65 KB 750x600 reminder.jpg)

404 B A R N E Y CSS COMPLETE-ISH! decided to go with vidya/neuro-trip/anarchy to halloween norms. >still waiting on KING's angel mask for synthia:)
(27.28 KB 112x112 boo pet.gif)

Desktop Only Feature Boo Pet Pet mobile version was making me nauseous:^)
Holy Fukken saved, Batman!
(69.52 KB 500x446 1437622540_ghostpepe.gif)

>>5679 glad you like it:)
>>>/b/118551 that's the /b/ BO btw I think he's a bit shy of/intimidated to ask for help but he's a nice guy if you have some spare time sometime could you maybe help him out please?
(180.50 KB 512x512 piss bottle.png)

>>5721 i did, i think. i have issues with .aa also. it cant be unfuggled cause of the global properties. lead him towards .boardText markdown:)
>>5722 thank you <3
(159.91 KB 640x640 hrosss.jpg)

>>5723 np!
(86.68 KB 960x720 rigger in chief.jpg)

prevents anyone from copying text: html { user-select: none; } personally wouldnt use here, but its fun to know
>>5791 beautiful

(4.01 KB 311x162 images.png)

how to hide a thread? don't like see"[Show thread / 00000]" any ideas?
(36.58 KB 292x243 Screenshot Brave.jpg)

>>5807 if you want to hide the thread, hide the thread. not sure what is there is to do about your problem. wish i was more helpful!
>>5809 thank you anyway I found the css function "visibility: hidden" and "display: none", but I don't know how to use it. when you check "hide thread" you see [Unhide thread 404/00000], but in the catalog you don't see it. conclusion index " visibility: hidden ", catalog " display: none " is it possible to do it? hide the "[Unhide thread 404/00000]"
(48.32 KB 640x548 apu_notes.jpg)

>>5824 ill inspect what you are talking about. it may be my mistake tbh. afk, will look and maybe fix tonight t. BO
(115.27 KB 1000x432 smart.png)

>>5824 Try: span.unhideButton{ display:none; }
(352.58 KB 575x314 your target.png)

Add'd: /* Styling the footer */ footer:after{ font-size: 0px; content: " "; } footer{ content: url(/randomBanner.js?boardUri=404); border-radius: 8px; border-style: double; width: 300px; height: 100px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } it shows the banner on the top and bottom of page. will keep after halloween theme (((tbh)))
Edited last time by 404 on 10/10/2021 (Sun) 00:32:11.
(197.43 KB 608x541 that sucks.png)

>>5834 as neat as i thought this was, it fucked with the [bottom] nav feature. SHITCAN'd!
(164.57 KB 600x604 ScumbagSteveCSS.jpg)

Hey BO I'm looking to tweak my borad CSS and I've always found yours inspiring. But I'm a newbie regarding this kind of work. I may be interested to put a mascot as Synthia (it's here name right?) may you point me which part of the code shoul I to look at? Where can I found the actual CSS of your board to take some ideas and learn how the shits werks? If I achieve something relatively nice, minds if I credit you? If so how would you want to be credited?
(237.22 KB 718x667 404_CSS.png)

>>6090 >Where can I found the actual CSS of your board to take some ideas and learn how the shits werks? Found it !
(91.07 KB 348x414 HomerLookalike.jpg)

>>6095 you found it! https://8chan.moe/404/custom.css works too.
(20.72 KB 755x139 boardtan.png)

>>6097 Found the board tan part ! Will try to do something with this. >background-image:url(/.media/a971503684ed4b3d2972cfea6c6f3520275fed505a175249d185facb2a374560.png) ; Where is it? May I have to host it somewhere else than on 8chan? If so i can host them on my personal server but for the moment it's not working as expected due to bad ISP. Also what line should I modify to tweak the [aa] ? Can I do these tweaks directly on a copy of the global.css or should I have to build entirely a custom.css from scratch?
(198.41 KB 500x500 sneed.png)

>>6101 >Where is it? i post my board assets on /res/. SEE >>>/res/189 8chan does not allow 3rd party applications to custom.css(eg. catbox /imgur) >[aa] .aa , i wouldnt use unless to you want that text to be on its own line. try span.boardText instead. i use [aa] because boardText wasnt made yet. they just made it available last month. >my advice dont start from scratch. choose whatever themes are already out there and build off of that. unless you have a grand colour scheme in mind.
Edited last time by 404 on 10/19/2021 (Tue) 20:07:08.
(475.46 KB 2038x1080 Archive org.jpg)

>>6101 i can make a "death to the Green/Acrimonie" theme for you. most likely we be warosu with certain #hex tweaks. give the word and ill get started this week.
(7.12 KB acrimonie.txt)

(334.00 B 17x19 unkown flag.png)

(158.78 KB 934x288 acrimone int.png)

>acrimonie css its from the site that does not use lynxchan. so the elements will not transfer well, but the #hex colours are relevant. >files related acrimonie.css , unkown flag from /int/ , screen cap of color scheme.
(43.20 KB 424x524 Photo0024.jpg)

>>6107 Thanks frendo, not sure if I will use this entierly because I don't want to look like le cheap acrimonie rip-off but it may help me to start something. Saved, will look at it tomorrow cause for now I will go to bed. I'll surely have another questions to ask regarding CSS or bort management in general later. Also I keep an eye on >>>/site/.
(1.21 MB 865x606 sacrebleu.png)

>>6108 well, acrimonie, just like 404, is a "rip-off" of something, if you want to look at it that way. i like to say "homage" instead of "rip-off" tbh. most stuff i use if from long dead sites. >other considerations if you want traditional country balls, over what i have, here's the link to Kohlnumbra/KC flag tree: https://gitgud.io/Tjark/KohlNumbra/-/tree/master/static/flags its chocked full of other stuff and freezes my screen, but its useful:) i would slowly peck away at customizing flags as you see said flags actually posting on your board. otherwise its a lot of work to make your own tree. either way, take your time and have fun with the board. it took me a couple of months to tweak things that i wanted. >txt file related base64 worked into flags. its one way to do things, nice framework. if you want to customize/experiment use https://www.base64-image.de/ Later!
(223.72 KB 1200x644 demotivational unicorn.gif)

>>6110 >well, acrimonie, just like 404, is a "rip-off" of something, if you want to look at it that way. i like to say "homage" instead of "rip-off" tbh. most stuff i use if from long dead sites. Valid argument. But I don't really feel legitimate to pay homage to acrimonie because I was quite a newfag there. Plus there was a very special atmosphere here and some people could be discouraged to use my board if they think it's the "new acrimonie". I want to keep it relatively friendly and welcoming at first. And again, thanks for the kind help. G'night!
(30.20 KB 474x640 scarebleu.jpeg)

>>6111 i gotcha. welp, brainstorm and get back to me whenever! >trips name pick for you when you return. other sheesh stays!
(144.01 KB 1200x1200 scélérats.jpeg)

>>6113 Hey, was so tired I don't even noticed the trips. >>6111 new name Scélérat
(66.15 KB 500x500 sagreblöö.jpg)

>>6122 >Scélérat >Scoundrel Oh (You)!
(180.13 KB 800x500 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>6123 Gives me an idea for a banner. Doing banners is fun.
(80.80 KB 900x900 niga.jpg)

>>6103 >i post my board assets on /res/. SEE >>>/res/189 Is it ok to store my assets directly on my board (in a specific thread) or is it better create a dedicated board? >>>/res/ is one you created for this purpose? Or is it provided by 8chan for all BO?
(90.83 KB 1920x1080 1472842307141.png)

>>6129 you can post assets on your board too. however, /res/ is a guarantee the asset will remain intact i.e no delet >lose your thread/post with asset lose your shit
>>>/b/142364 is this a css
>>6132 OK will look what solution fits better for my needs. Still don't really had the time to tweak the shit.
(536.67 KB 1024x1024 apu cool.png)

>>6399 dont rush css. style comes with a vision. if you have no vision, you have no style.
figure out a way to do something with this: /* Styling the footer */ footer:after{ font-size: 0px; content: " "; } footer{ content: url(/randomBanner.js?boardUri=404); border-radius: 8px; border-style: double; width: 300px; height: 100px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }
Hey BO! Not sur if it's related to CSS but I'm looking to add an onion flag on Le Planche, how to?
>>7044 Just seen the answer on >>>/site/ nevermind. Will look at it tomorrow.
(75.24 KB 599x419 wojak dr manhattan.jpg)

>>7044 >>7046 you're impatient, 5 minutes passed between posts! <glad you found the answer:) i dropped some meta stuff on your bort
(2.54 MB 241x246 nervous_kot.gif)

>>7047 >impatient. No, just I looked on /site/ just between and rectified accordingly. >i dropped some meta stuff on your bort Will look at it, thanks.
the christmas theme in css please, please
(54.33 KB 399x400 kotfrogs.png)

>>8339 >the christmas theme in css yes.
(50.60 KB 850x478 nigga maths.jpg)

note to self: fine tune or scrub radius border for img
FYI CSS < CSGO #facts
>>9917 Counter Strike Global Offensive is not a programming language.
>>9921 css is not a programing language idiot
(1.93 MB 320x180 anime face erosion.gif)

>>9935 Is it not? It's programming that tells webpages how to display. What do you call it? >idiot mfw
>>9938 are you fucking retarded, its a markup language theres no fucking programing involved, its interpreted psuedo code read by a browser ( an actual program ) programing languages are by definition compiled languages, no binary means not a fucking program, css isnt even considered a scripting language like js because its not even executable, its literally just an elaborate configuration file like html
>>9942 >its a markup language theres no fucking programing involved, its interpreted psuedo code read by a browser ( an actual program ) That just sounds like programming with extra steps.
>>9943 what steps, there are no steps even comparable to programming or scripting programing: code -> compiler -> binary file(aka executable aka program) -> cpu scripting: code -> interpreter -> binary execution -> cpu markup: code -> program specific settings -> program specific runtime
>>9951 How is that not programming? You enter data in a specific language? What makes it NOT programming. Pretend I'm as stupid as you think I am and explain it.
>>9952 how much simpler can I make it you idiot, youre configuring a program not creating a program a program executes on the cpu ie. its a binary file read directly by the machine ieie. direct execution a script gets read by an interpreter that executes on the cpu, ie. its a text file read by a program that translates it into binary read by the cpu, ieie. indirect execution markup/config files never execute, its just program specific data, setting the background of a program green is called just using a fucking program, youre not memory mapping the fucking framebuffer of the videocard and setting the relevant offsets in the array to 111, thats the fucking program doing it which was ALREADY programed to do it, youre just using that fucking program
Programming makes no sense, how can you literally just type English words at a machine and have it somehow understand them with no effort, and then do things with physical hardware wholly unconnected to the text being inputted. There's no reason it should even work.
(71.10 KB 640x336 Wizard.jpg)

>>9956 Where do you think the term computer wizard came from? There's higher and lower level languages. The higher they are the more like english they are. At the lowest level you just have machine language- just 1s and 0s, which is how you use to have to program once upon a time.
>>9956 code doesnt run on machines idiot only binary does, thats what Ive been saying its why programing languages are by definition compiled languages, you have to compile code into binary for it to run on a machine, no binary = no program = not programming a compiler replaces every bit of code with the binary instructions to perform that code, if it reads printf("a") it will get replaced with [ 0001 00000100 0010 00000001 0011 01100001 0100 00000001 0000 10000000 ] which translates to ; set register 1 to 4(syscode for write) set register 2 to 1(file descriptor of stdout) set register 3 to 97(integer value of the letter 'a' ) set register 4 to 1(length of write to make) call interrupt at 128(kernel vector)
>>9959 >>9960 Why would a series of 0s and 1s actually mean anything to an inanimate piece of metal?
>>9961 thats how electronics works idiot, -/+, on/off, 1/0, learn how a transistor and logic gates work
>>9963 >Magically communicating with inanimate objects is how it works How and why?
>>9964 (1)->electricity->transistors->registers->boolean algebra->logic gates->binary i/o->(1) learn to read
>>9965 >electricity therefore pieces of metal speak english k schizo
>>9966 ><60iq still cant figure out basic information that even streetshitters in india know ask me how I know youre a subsaharan african, I'd honestly kill myself if I was this fucking retarded
>>9967 >youre
>>9968 >implying its wrong forget <60iq clearly <40iq
>>9969 >its
>>9970 freud described the childlike behavior of repetition compulsion as a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety of being confronted with an uncomfortable and inescapable truth “the desire to return to an earlier state of things”, commonly found in children, low iq people and underdeveloped or retarded people cope harder
>>9971 Learn to spell, ESL.
>>9972 >doesnt know the difference between spelling and grammar >grammar on the internet lmfao, forget <40iq, youre fucking <20iq
>>9973 >grammar *grammer retard
>>9974 holy shit forget <20iq your fucking <2iq
>>9975 >this crippled by his blinding programming autism
(128.38 KB 304x327 batman horror.png)

>mfw this >>9952 was the last message I posted and I come back to someone else triggering CSSanon into a frothing rage >>9955 >how much simpler can I make it you idiot You know, I probably wouldn't have fucked with you if you'd just been polite when I asked my question. You bring this sort of thing on yourself.
>>9981 are you the 2iq or the 60iq anon or the retard that thinks css is a programing language
(56.67 KB 646x157 css.png)

>>9986 (OP) here, you are right. pluto is not a planet.
>>9988 >pluto is not a planet Don't start on that bullshit. If it's round and not made out of fire then it's a planet.
>>10086 >the moon is a planet euthanize yourself imbecile
>>10087 >the moon is a planet Yes. I agree. I consider the Earth and the Moon a double planet system. The Moon is almost as big as Mercury and Ganymede is larger than Mercury. If Ganymede and The Moon can't be considered planets then I don't see how Mercury can be. And while we're on that line of thinking Mars is rather smallish itself.
Also why is everything purple now?
(110.78 KB 1600x851 IavIQ.jpg)

>>10088 the moon is a moon idiot, its a satellite of a planet it doesnt orbit around the sun, a planet has to have its orbit around the sun, be in equilibrium and have nothing else in its orbit, pluto got demoted because its clearly a giant asteroid that hasnt even stabilized yet and has hundreds of other asteroid in its orbit, its billions of years away from becoming a planet
(194.38 KB 804x622 1424392632128.webp)

>>10089 going for a purpler theme. the user-select(::selection) is also purple.
>>10090 If you can't determine if a body is a planet or not without having to know its orbit then you have no definition of a planet. > a planet has to have its orbit around the sun What if it's a rouge planet? Does a planet stop being a planet if it gets ejected from the solar system? That's stupid. >clearly a giant asteroid Kuiper belt objects fundamentally different from asteroids. And as far as that goes I consider Ceres to be a borderline planet too. It's right on the planet/planetoid edge. >hasn't even stabilized yet According to the definition it isn't even allowed to "try" to be a planet because it's too close to Neptune regardless. And Pluto despite it's small size and elongated orbit it DOES have orbital dominance. It's the largest Plutino and it keeps kicking out other Plutinos and turning them into centaurs. >and has hundreds of other asteroid in its orbit So does Earth.
lmfao fucking pseud try reading what youre copying from jewgle before you post idiot, you literally just confirmed why its not a fucking planet
>>10094 >you literally just confirmed why its not a fucking planet Where did I do that?
>>10095 read your post idiot Im not wasting my time with a fucking pseud, its laughable how you clearly dont know anything about astronomy and think you can just spout nonsense without even realizing the glaringly obvious contradictions you make, lmao try reading the pseudpedia page before copying gibberish from it, holy shit
>>10096 So this is just you version of losing an argument, declaring youself the winner, and then storming out? Disappointing.
>>10097 lmfao anyone that reads your posts will laugh at you, youre a fucking retard lol
(55.25 KB 640x531 the_cooder.jfif)

>me >night checking of /404/ >everything is as it was yesterday (expect some postings*) >come back few hours later >the things are now purplest (((tbh))) I don't like it much but hey it's not my board. Everything that may trigger the newfrens is fun and welcome tho. *Nice to see codefren and retardbro still here debating like true gentlemen on what is and is not programming, now openning the discussion on astronomy and space appreciation. /404/ is without any doubts where great minds gather. I love this place (((tbh))).
>>10098 Personally, you both made me laugh, especially in your discussion about programming.
(159.47 KB 582x606 hot nips.jpg)

>>10099 >purp theme going to keep as long as it doesnt drive posters nuts. feel "meh" about it myself. so it may find its way in the trash bin. like to mess around with the theme, every so often purely for entertainment. <love it here thank:)
(118.72 KB 947x1189 bagel-fit.jpg)

was thinking about T H I C C text in the future. may replace grow text? G R O W would look like this: .aa{ letter-spacing: .5px; font-weight: bold; }
Edited last time by 404 on 02/11/2022 (Fri) 03:57:48.
(19.41 KB 426x240 thicc.jpg)

>>10105 >.5px 4px
(102.39 KB 500x333 futuramazoidbergquestion.jpg)

>>10103 >as long as it doesnt drive posters nuts One vote against, here. You do a great job, BO, but the purple previews are affecting my autism something fierce.
(5.69 MB 840x640 help computer.mp4)

>>10120 ill delet today. can i keep it on moblie view? feel like most poster are computers.
>>10126 >desktop view restored <mobile view purp filter
>>10126 >can i keep it on moblie view? Not a problem for me, but I can't speak for everyone. Thank you for changing it back.
(108.11 KB 640x640 pruple.jpg)

>>10154 >Thank you for changing it back. Yeah thanks, all purple wasn't ''aesthetically'' appealing.
(3.12 MB 640x360 gogurt.webm)

>>10154 >>10159 np. i usually mobilefag out of convenience, on the go or on the couch. its easy on the eyes to look at purple filters on mobile. been putering more lately since its shitty outside, nowhere to go and nothing to do because of 10°F temps. <computer is most comfy for different reasons:)
(102.13 KB 900x471 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>10197 It's ok as I don't surf the oueb on my phone. t. potatophone owner.
How the hell does dark mode/light mode work? According to what I've read this should do it: @import "./syntax/srcery.css"; :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #3f0000; --tertiary-color: #FFBEC2; --link-color: #184e75; --background-color: #FFBEC2; --background-gradient: #EFCDCF; --border-color: black; --edit-color: black; --edit-background-color: white; --contrast-color: #FFDDDF; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; } @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #FFDDDF; --tertiary-color: #93d2ff; --link-color: #04BEC2; --background-color: #200000; --background-gradient: #100000; --border-color: white; --edit-color: white; --edit-background-color: black; --contrast-color: #200505; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; } @media (prefers-color-scheme: light){ :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #3f0000; --tertiary-color: #FFBEC2; --link-color: #184e75; --background-color: #FFBEC2; --background-gradient: #EFCDCF; --border-color: black; --edit-color: black; --edit-background-color: white; --contrast-color: #FFDDDF; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; It does not. What more do I need to do? Is there a way to allow for a user to manually toggle it? Is there a way to make color schemes change based on local time? Can I make it to where a board has more than the light/dark option?
(11.07 KB 250x201 question cat.jpg)

>>10304 where are you importing from? it has to be 8chan.moe. no third party sites for "imports" >you are missing a braces at the end you should have double braces to match double braces to contain what you are trying to do. >making a toggle javascript fren. >@media what? im a novice myself. you explained what you are trying to do, but is it for 8chan or your own site?
>>10304 >where are you importing from? it has to be 8chan.moe. no third party sites for "imports" That's verbatim how that part of the CSS as provided to me. I don't fully understand what it means or if it even does anything in the context of 8moe. >@media what? I've looked it up and that's supposedly how you do the light mode/dark mode thing. I don't understand it at all. >javascript fren. I would prefer not to. What about the local time thing then? >but is it for 8chan or your own site? It's for here. One anon requested a dark mode version of the board theme and another anon provided part of a CSS that works that has a dark mode and I Frankensteined part of it into my own growing monster of a CSS. I'd really like to to get theme switching to work if I could. It would be a nice bonus to my current board but it isn't critical. However, it would be rather important for another board that I'm considering making and I'd like to figure it out now.
>>10306 meant for >>10305
>>10306 lemme try to figure it out with you, win of fail. ill be back later
(42.21 KB 715x500 1614900280219.png)

>>10314 *win or fail
Need help. body { font-family: Cordata; font-weight: bolder } @font-face { font-family: 'Cordata'; src: url('/.media/e7d732cdce142a85c2b4d9ccadddd936491da4a82959a32aead61715bf709807'); } What should I add to have a bigger font size ? I tried adding font-size with different values without any result. ''font-size:
(115.27 KB 1000x432 smart.png)

>>10378 body { font-family: Cordata; font-weight: bolder; font-size: 150%; } @font-face { font-family: 'Cordata'; src: url('/.media/e7d732cdce142a85c2b4d9ccadddd936491da4a82959a32aead61715bf709807'); } mess around with percentages%
(54.16 KB 320x240 expert.gif)

>>10304 dog, i dont know what youre trying to do dog. i cleaned it up some dog. @import "./syntax/srcery.css"; :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #3f0000; --tertiary-color: #FFBEC2; --link-color: #184e75; --background-color: #FFBEC2; --background-gradient: #EFCDCF; --border-color: black; --edit-color: black; --edit-background-color: white; --contrast-color: #FFDDDF; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; } @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #FFDDDF; --tertiary-color: #93d2ff; --link-color: #04BEC2; --background-color: #200000; --background-gradient: #100000; --border-color: white; --edit-color: white; --edit-background-color: black; --contrast-color: #200505; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; } } @media (prefers-color-scheme: light){ :root { --primary-color: #e32424; --secondary-color: #3f0000; --tertiary-color: #FFBEC2; --link-color: #184e75; --background-color: #FFBEC2; --background-gradient: #EFCDCF; --border-color: black; --edit-color: black; --edit-background-color: white; --contrast-color: #FFDDDF; --sfw-indicator-color: navy; } } <it's pink theme switching themes based on what though? prefers?
>>10384 That's what I tried but didn't see any result. Will try again later.
>>10386 >switching themes based on what though? prefers? I think it's (supposed to be) based on whether you have a light theme or a dark theme selected for you browser. The problem might potentially be that it may have been phased out recently. I'm not sure, the documentation is vague on the subject. It's also possible that the problem is that the OS's theme preference overrides the browser's theme preference. I don't know. That's why I was wondering if there was another way for a user to make a selection.
(78.47 KB 1351x574 W A I T I N G.png)

>>10426 I'm officially a CSS retard. It applies only to the catalog view. When I choose index view the font is still too little. /* Custom Tomorrow theme */ @import "./syntax/srcery.css"; @font-face { font-family: 'Cordata'; src: url('/.media/e7d732cdce142a85c2b4d9ccadddd936491da4a82959a32aead61715bf709807'); } :root { --background-color: #1d1f21; --background-gradient: var(--background-color); --text-color: #c5c8c6; --contrast-color: #282a2e; --menu-color: #333; --background-highlight-color: #282a2e; --horizon-sep-color: #474b53; --border-color: #111; --marked-color: #1d1d21; --marked-border-color: #111; --board-title-color: inherit; /*--board-shadow-color: inherit;*/ --index-text-color: var(--text-color); --link-color: #5f89ac; --link-hover-color: #81a2be; --navbar-text-color: var(--horizon-sep-color); --table-every-other-color: var(--contrast-color); /*--button-color: #fed;*/ --sfw-indicator-color: navy; --subject-color: #cc1105; --thread-navbar-background: #0f4c6a; --thread-navbar-color: var(--text-color); --logo-image: url("/.static/logo/logo_blue_light.png"); } body { background-image:url(/.media/8572f648062a16ff13d7eb72b46dd8edebf230794272117cecc73ce7b9087da8.png) ; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: right bottom; font-family: Cordata; font-size: 117%; } .quoteLink { color: var(--link-color); } .quoteLink:hover { color: var(--link-hover-color); } code { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.15); } .modalTableBody input[type="text"], .modalTableBody select, #themeSelector, #modalAnswer, #cssInput, #jsInput,/.media/e7d732cdce142a85c2b4d9ccadddd936491da4a82959a32aead61715bf709807 #postingForm input[type="text"], #postingForm textarea, #quick-reply input[type="text"], #quick-reply textarea { color: var(--text-color); background-color: var(--background-color); } #themeSelector { border-color: var(--navbar-text-color); } /* you = toi */ .quoteLink.you:after { content: " (Toi)"; } .youName::after { content: ' (Toi)'; font-style: italic; } /* Cursive */ .boardText { font-family: CursiveSerif; } @font-face { font-family: CursiveSerif; src: url('/.media/8b9ec6326b21ab92f3c9841a7957e7288fbf5220bc180de851c4f02607480c26'); } .aa{ letter-spacing: 4px; font-weight: bold; } /* Code Touch Up */ code { display: inline-block; border-radius: 6px; padding: 0 1em; word-break: break-all; } } I know I am missing something because I'm a newbie. I spend time comparing others custom CSS around but I'm too dumb to figure out...
(135.20 KB 596x800 expert.jpg)

>>10426 the percentages work dawg
(41.89 KB 393x339 (Huh ).png)

>>10429 here's some elements to play around with: .noEmailName, .noEmailName:hover,.divMessage, span.labelCreated, a,linkSelf, a.linkQoute, span.panelBacklinks, details{ font-size: 150%; } RICK CLICK OVER ELEMENTS CLICK ON INSPECT(Q)
>>10427 Yes it definitely looks like @media is something that could make it do what I want but I'm not finding the specific value needed to actually do it.
(22.91 KB 192x220 ClipboardImage.png)

hopefully i get an answer, would be fun to switvh out (((tbh))) https://8chan.moe/site/res/4757.html#q5015
>>10705 there is none, its a normal image it just failed to render, just set a background img{background:url("https://8chan.moe/.media/8t_f6249c32cf2ff4ba0671764c6345f9f5141aa363a57db32bc7347dc114dc95b1")}
(69.43 KB 433x322 test.png)

(1.02 MB 1017x963 me brains.png)

(2.59 KB 140x50 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.08 KB 170x212 dlelt.png)

>>10714 >set a background damn, id like to, if transparent background images weren't affected. i appreciate your help, its making me think more about ways to target the broken file. ''my only lead that went nowhere yesterday was imglink target "_blank" , but _blank is something completely unrelated. <was looking for something vichan-like similar to file deleted png >their element on the gort(related pic) img.image-post.deleted
(15.52 KB 1346x185 hmmm.png)

>>10716 well that went poorly. ulinked files and fugged all my previous posts. going to go for a drive and think about life. i will figure this out
img:before { content: " "; display: block; position: absolute; top: -10px; left: 0; height: calc(100% + 10px); width: 100%; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); } img:after { content: url(https://8chan.moe/.media/88143cb36a6696f1179cbf7a15d67345a15d21d6c6dcd0398732cebeabb985935.png) attr(alt); display: block; font-size: 40px; font-style: normal; font-family: FontAwesome; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0; width: 100%; text-align: left; float: left; }
got it to work for a moment: https://bitsofco.de/styling-broken-images/
(62.70 KB 657x527 tiredings.png)

its not what i wanted, but it works! img:-moz-broken{ opacity: 0; display: none; } SEE >>>/404/10675 the custom makes the broken image disappear completely:^)
(474.11 KB 600x600 unnamed.png)

requesting the thread captcha be removed
(482.74 KB 395x445 Legs toad mushroom tall.png)

>>10741 the botnet guys seemed to have relaxed there shilling. didnt mean to have it up that long (((tbh))) Thanks for the request! REQUEST APPROVED!
(64.16 KB 540x528 1583766240222.jpg)

for later: .greenText:nth-child(4) { color: red; } .greenText:nth-child(3) { color: purple; } .greenText:nth-child(5){ color:aqua; } GOTTA PICK COLORS
(150.88 KB 554x244 1645000493984.png)

.aa:first-letter { color:red!important; } cool effect
>test >test >test >test >test >test >test >test
Edited last time by 404 on 03/17/2022 (Thu) 19:31:41.
>>11021 >is >it >how >it >work >? >lets >figure >out
I don't know if it's related to CSS but I'm looking how to automatically embed videos like youtube on my board instead of having to click the [embed] button. Like >>4433
(47.70 KB 640x434 62xmsa.jpg)

>>11819 Interesting. The use of custom .js is disabled site wide and only allowed on certain boards isn't it ? I remember you talked about that on one of the first threads when /404/@8chan was still young if I record correctly.
(113.61 KB 1081x662 1584316804711-1.jpg)

>>11849 just ask the admin for js to be enabled. easy as that.
>>11850 Yup will do. Thanks for the tip !
>>11850 >>11851 OK codexx let me use custom.js. Just uploaded it and it's looking good. Thanks buddy.
(534.05 KB 299x276 fsjal.gif)

>>11898 you bet!
Requesting once again for the thread captcha to be disabled.
>>11930 request approved. for the record, i never place it on thread captcha. might be a global switch that gets hit when baddies are spamming the site?
(54.75 KB 676x506 ClipboardImage.png)

There's this one weird red pixel in your CSS here that sits on top of everything except the quick reply window. Nearly gave me a heart attack thinking my monitor was fucking up. Might just be me.
(737.72 KB 1410x1080 ayy lmao.jpg)

>>12000 It's normal thing. Aliens try to communicate with us. If you watch carefully you can see it blinking like morse code expect it's some kind of hexadecimal signal. We still don't have the key to decrypt it. And you can choose a new name because trips
>>12002 Neat. Pseudonymous.
(886.54 KB 640x640 dj pupper - become intense.mp4)

>>12004 >Pseudonymous will do!
>>11899 As I blocked auto-play of medias in my browser, I never figured out but someone told me when you don't use this feature all the invidious hosted vides are auto-playing (not the youtube ones tho). I tried on a vanilla browser and damn what a shitty shit it is. What should I add to my custom.js (or maybe cutom.css) to avoid this behavior ? >inb4 noob
(103.63 KB 828x815 qui code.jpg)

>>12492 yeah, noticed it on my phone. chose to ignore since i could block. will see what can be done about it!
>open vanilla firefox >open this page >video start automatically It doesn't happen with youtube videos so I believe it's specific with yewtu.be (invidious) ones. I'm sure you could add some lines in the custom.js telling not to run automatically these videos but too dumb to write it by myself. I did some research, tried some different lines of code but it's like chinese for me. pic rel, my non vanilla firefox configuration regarding media autoplay.
>>12513 var embedButtons = document.getElementsByClassName('embedButton'); for (var i = 0; i < embedButtons.length; ++i) { embedButtons[i].click(); } var vid = document.getElementById("myVideo"); vid.autoplay = false; vid.load(); I tried messing with autoplay attribute but without any result. As I read here and there to disable autoplay you just have to remove the attribute from the code instead of giving it a false value. We have to figure out if, to begin with, why does the invidious ones are running automatically and not the youtube ones and what can we do (if we can) to stop this behavior. I don't even know if it's related but I tried to figure out something reading some stackoverflow threads. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19664622/disable-html5-video-autoplay >head scratching.gif
(20.14 KB 550x550 hmmmm.jpg)

>>12513 >>12514 >tested mobile brave & opera custom.js works >tested mozilla and edge browsers me use firefox ver100 custom.js works try clearing your cache frenchanon? might work for you.
>>12515 After several testings it's still don't work as expected as long as Firefox is configured to "autoplay medias" (pic rel). If users are retarded enough to use the "play by default" setting I don't care. That is the problem, the "play by default" setting circumvent the var vid = document.getElementById("myVideo"); vid.autoplay = false; vid.load(); Tested on Chromium to and even without this code snippet medias don't autoplay. Fuck this shit I wiped the 3 lines regarding autoplay and users will GTFO. I'm a NIGGER at coding but I'm wondering, maybe by replacing vid.autoplay = false; by vid.autoload = false;...
>>12516 Tried some random shits like this in vain. Fuck this shit I'm out.
Anyway, I can contribute something #bannerImage { height: unset !important; } So you can use bigger banners instead of default 300*100.
>>12516 firefox version 100 works fine. firefox mobile has the autoplay bug. maybe update your firefox if it isnt updated. firefox prolly has an add-on for the problem we are trying tackle. >me personally no issues with firefox desktop
>>12522 Using Firefox desktop v.100.0.2 for Linux. Everything is fine until you don't specifically set it to "allow" media autoplay. I'm aware of this issue because a friendf of mine tried to visit the board on Firefox v.100.x for Windows. But he used to have the autoplay of medias set to "allowed".
>>12523 So I got some news from anon : At home on Firefox ESR 91.10 (the latest), videos from Invidious/yewtu.be (and maybe others) launch automatically despite the trigger. The embedButtons and vid variables return undefined when evaluated. Searching the page code, it seems that the JS selectors are targeting identifiers that do not exist. So it's not working as it should. Tested by myself on a lightweight browser (Falkon, chromium based) that don't implement the no autoplay setting and have the same issue. On /planche/ as well on other boards (music thread here on /404/). It happen specifically for invidious vids, youtube ones don't autoplay by default. So I think something should be tweaked in the las part of the .js (but what ?). var vid = document.getElementById("myVideo"); Maybe myVideo is not the right Id so I tried all the id found in the inspector console regarding invidious videos. >Not working Damn it's quite infuriating... And sorry to bother you with this, really. I try to learn by myself but I'm a complete noob. Thanks again for your help.
>>12906 For the moment I just remived the custom.js. Also I would like to know what mime types thumbs can be added ? I see there is audioGenericThumb and genericThumb but is there a way to add more specific thumbnails ? I added a custom thumbnail for audio files and would like to add one for archives, one for text documents, one for .swf files and maybe for videos (some webm show the default 8chan thumbnail). Are they all considered like genericThumb ? I looked in the HTML and didn't see others Thumb variables.
>>12907 both of those. there are 2 types of generic audio thumbs that i found. lemme see what else we have.
(57.96 KB 415x604 911driving.jpg)

>>12911 >.swf >.pdf meh! i dont know what else to toss up. think its just 3 types tbh what i have: /*Audio Thumb*/ .imgLink[src$="/audioGenericThumb.png"] /*Audio Thumb X-WAV*/ img[src$="/audioGenericThumb.png"] /*Generic Thumb*/ .imgLink img[src$="/genericThumb.png"]
>>12912 >what i have So we basically found the same. Another time lurking in /404/ CSS helped me to understand how shit werks. Why a dedicated line for WAV format tho ?
>.ttf test
>>12964 no go!
(266.00 B 16x11 unknown-3.png)

mario question block replaces jew cube Edit Test
Edited last time by 404 on 06/11/2022 (Sat) 22:25:22.
(20.37 KB 512x384 fuck it.jpg)

>>13046 >edit test failure. i knew trying css stuff on my phone would suck dick. need to do trial and error with multiple tabs open on desktop tbh. Fug.
(87.66 KB 907x1200 Fuckit.jpg)

now i gotta go on my god damn desktop! hmmmm, maybe later. too busy being a lazy fuck phoneposter:^)
(957.46 KB 426x234 walmartchristmasgiveaway.webm)

>>13194 >the indivio.us problem shrugs shoulders >>12994 >jewcube unknown overlay mario question mark box >>13046 >BO edit watermark cutomized on custom
(842.15 KB 1394x788 click_in_vain.mp4)

>>13197 Hey BO, seems you messed up CSS (or custom.js) ! Links are not clickable and appears are images.
(10.38 KB 194x200 chicken shit feels.jpeg)

>>13229 the uncluckable links was me experimenting. trying to uncluck the invidious problem via css. it seemed to have worked but i still get the links to autoplay. not giving up on trying to fix it. the autoplay will be a reminder to try and getter dun. Removing: [target=_blank]{ pointer-events: none; } werks like kc links do, they dont/cant hyperlink
(180.00 KB 3000x1162 arch_btw.png)

>>13233 I suspected that it was related to you working on the damn invidious autoplay. I was wondering where were your posts about this I seen before going to bed earlier this morning. Keep up the good work and let see if you can find a solution. I tried some things but was more some random try and fail based on logic (as far as I was able to found logic without any knowledge regarding java). For the moment I just disabled custom.js.
(3.60 MB 480x354 wtf blink.gif)

>8chan Update woof, lots of bugs. on my phone,, will check out desktop. >phone probs tiny thumbs, no catalog, drop menu settings doesnt work. fugg!
(46.69 KB 571x618 JS cancer.png)

removed the javascript. tooCancerous
(121.24 KB 1242x1028 judges you.jpg)

fugg! update not matching my sensibilities!
Just noticing the update. Still no french language in bort management.
>>13581 OK they add it but it's buggy af. Let it in english for the moment and need to work again on the translation.
Lots of bugs in this update tho...
(11.65 KB 640x360 newfag.webp)

looks like the bugs are getting worked out. will definitely be on puter tonight to readjust things. keeping me on my toes!
(19.93 KB 697x522 bort sampson.jpg)

The new thumbs bugged me on muh phone >multiple image posts dont expand to 100vw <single image post expands to 100vw settle for 90vw /*Mobile Touch Up*/ @media only screen and (max-device-width: 799px){ img.imgExpanded { min-width: 90vw; max-width: 90vw; } .uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) { max-width: 256px; max-height: 256px; min-width: 200px; min-height: 200px; } }
(268.29 KB 504x686 mario.gif)

>label#favoriteButtonLabel got the star back!
(45.23 KB 569x510 1414354323001.jpg)

>changed multiple image uploads >enlarged spoiler asset should have done a while ago tbh fam /*Multiple Image Uploads*/ .multipleUploads .uploadCell:not(.expandedCell) { display: inline-block; max-width: 600px; } /*Spoiler Asset Enlarge*/ img[src$="/404/custom.spoiler"]{ width: 225px; height: 225px; } >>13595 changing the multiple uploads for desktop fucked the mobile touch up, so its scrubbed
(162.41 KB 600x750 8channers.jpg)

>>13661 >filename thats too long >(1414354323001... (1414354323001...) <gotta find elipses or sum shid in the global will try later:^)
>>13661 >/*Multiple Image Uploads*/ Thanks, helps a lot until they fix the shit.
Requesting this CSS be added to the board's custom CSS under the /*Mobile Stuff Goes Here*/ part to undo the retarded global change of hiding the post form by default on mobile and making it confusing to open it. #newPostFieldset form { display: block; }
(34.86 KB 398x500 likes.jpg)

>>13913 ok, whatever makes posting easier for mobile! I LIKE IT!
(46.56 KB 398x500 really likes.jpg)

>>13915 >>13916 Super, thanks.
(3.32 MB 1280x1860 1657272646.png)

(67.26 KB 580x773 1657285726527.jpg)

(908.76 KB 460x1380 4140672.3749999655_image.png)

>>13922 rest well abe
(174.02 KB 1920x761 me dumbering.png)

Messing with custom CSS. Revert back to Tomorrow as a working base. I'm desperately trying to apply a custom font to divMessage. </div> <div id="panelMessage"> <hr> <div id="divMessage"><a href="https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html">Guide de rédaction</a><a href="https://bvffalo.land">Annuaire</a><a href="http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/planche">La Planche sur TOR</a><a href="https://8chan.moe/site">/site/</a></div> </div> I tried a.divMessage { font-family: FiraCode; font-weight: bold; } or a#divMessage { font-family: FiraCode; font-weight: bold; } And other pretty random shits that seemed to make sense as a newbie trying to decrypt others CSS here and there to figure out. Without any result. I'm quite lost here. Also is there a way to get rid of the lines, I see the one upside have the <hr> attribute but don't see nothing about the one beside.
(97.07 KB 700x1008 captur.jpg)

>>14489 did you import FiraCode?
(51.70 KB 256x236 sads lain clown.png)

>>14492 Yes, it is on /res/. Also on the CSS /* Police FiraCode */ @font-face { font-family: FiraCode; src: url('/.media/849e1a396e3aae04f214e21a3d1c8a090c8caf98af0ab9308c9686eb70b40a0dd'); }
(148.46 KB 514x496 546747473.png)

>>14497 div#divMessage { font-family: FiraCode; font-weight: bold; }
>>14497 It works on other parts of the pages /* En-tête des raccourcis */ .innerUtility.top { background-color: transparent; font-weight: bold; padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0; } a.navButton, div.innerUtility { text-align: center; font-family: FiraCode; } p#labelName, span.boardLinks, span.title, a#labelBoard { font-family: FiraCode; font-weight: bold; } >>14498 Shit I tried with div.divMessage instead of using #. What's the difference between using # in place of . ?
(25.98 KB 699x564 apu sausage.png)

>>14499 the difference is what 8chan.moe makes as div message. that's it.
>>14501 Ok, still shits to learn regarding 'puter shenanigans. Anyway, thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
(85.39 KB 501x585 frog merchant.jpg)

no problem!
uh oh, sitewide css change. anniversary? no party hats? idk, lime green is weird
>>15070 Muh gamergate celebration. CSS is shitty and forcing it down our throat is even more shitty.
I hate the new look.
(153.86 KB 470x407 joker haram.jpg)

>>15093 >F5 >seen gud ol' CSS back >almost cumed in my pants
Requesting the thread captcha be disabled. CAPTCHA is for gay losers!
(34.63 KB 600x362 ok dude1.jpg)

>>15117 👍
(225.17 KB 1484x1836 1657743280425.jpg)

Thanks in general for all the cool stuff with the CSS. I implemented many of it in the boards thanks to this thread (and css board too) so i am very gratefull. I lurk here but never posted till today. T. /av/ and /hispol/ DT
(10.13 KB 218x218 proxy-image (1).jpg)

plaese r8: https://anon.cafe/ent/ t. /planche/ /ent/ owner.
>>15180 Hey welcome here, hope you like this place as I do. I must admit I learned a lot about CSS tweaking studying this board to.
>>15184 did you know in france its legal to hide razor blades in bread and you cant get sued for it, in fact its specifically says its a protected act if you get sued for it the person with the bleeding mouth has to pay you for wasting your time
(22.88 KB 800x461 baguette.jpeg)

>>15208 Bakers use razor bades to cut the bread before baking (the scars you see on the baguettes), it's an important process to make a good bread. I heard a story of someone finding a razor blade in his bread, yes. Probably left there by mistake by the baker. I would not say it's legal to deliberately hide razor blades in your bread but maybe, if it's proven you forget it by accident the judge won't blame you. In this case, the complainant maybe have to pay for the court fees yes. t. not a jurist.
>> 15217 it specifically says no liability in décret du pain it also says its illegal to sell thick bageuttes or bageuttes outside of 50-60cm or to sell bread if its not close to the oven it came from
>>15220 >no liability Again, this will depend on a number of factors that only the courts can decide. The baguette meets specific standards, yes. If you want something bigger, you get a miche or a pain or whatever. There are different sorts of bread and they all have their own standards (weight, flour type, process...)
Hey, Dave, you think I could get a link to that old Ghost/x/ CSS? This is for scientific purposes of course. And I'd also like to finally make good on that promise I made forever ago.
(2.96 MB 720x1280 hung up.mp4)

(4.32 MB 720x1280 echoes in rain.mp4)

(4.19 MB 720x1280 i hate everything about you.mp4)

(75.35 KB 720x732 apu peek.jpg)

im still trying to find a way to capitalize and lowercase ever other letter kind of style. LoTs Of FoRuMs On It WiTh No ReSuLtS.
(48.12 KB 400x1150 20220909_231409.jpg)

>>15268 Thanks, bruzza. I'll do something purposeful with this within 5-90 business days. Happy belated 9th btw.
(35.72 KB 347x346 Thumb.jpg)

>>15279 👍
(65.47 KB 972x776 1594944659267.jpg)

>>15269 i tried alternating text with no results. pseudo elements are nice, but arent welcomed. did some nth-letter stuff with text-transform, no luck. fUcK!
(70.52 KB 217x232 frogkot.png)

>>15418 nth-letter doesnt exist. however it does exist with lettering.js which is not js, its jquery, but someone converted jquery to javascript https://gomakethings.com/converting-a-jquery-plugin-to-vanilla-js-lettering.js/ it's an hour long video, but would be fun to use pseudo elements that don't exist through js. me js illiterate
(18.17 MB 854x480 Ms. Miku's After Dark.mp4)

>>15183 Bretty gud, but I would set a default background color similar to your BG image's main color. As it stands your BG is the Yotsuba B blue/white color so if for whatever reason the image can't be loaded then you just get that and whenever the page loads, unless the image is cached, you get the background scrolling in to fill up the yotsuba void. Otherwise my only complaint is that it is a little bit too dark IMHO so it's hard for a blind bat like me to see. Currently working on a way to fix my text zoom issues. >Being hard of sight SUCKS
>>15434 Testing every text markup shown in help page plus some more test starz hard spoiler %%‱%% (((juden))) bold italic ##pounds## !!exclamations!! strike thru >green <orang moe doom bored le code has arrived
(203.11 KB 1000x1458 austin in nyc.jpg)

>>15435 try combining stuff: Test / .redText strong Test /strong .redText Test / em .redText Test /strong span.boardText Test / em span.boardText
(452.33 KB 600x392 ezgif-4-66c5d43dc0.gif)

aa >>15437 thank u for the tip! What is em? Bold? >Sorry it's been quite a long time since I last did ANY css <a year maybe?? last intensive thing was easily 2 years ago I plan to make a css that is faithful to the /x/ one with minor adjustments to get reacclimated to it all and then I plan to do tsomething more intense. >both'll get put here. <i'd post progress so far but disallowed file and not gonna make a post bin rn I'm sleepy now so good night,
>>15447 also b4 i go, why is there that darn red pixel floating in you css? >it's like the bane of any old digital display <instant screen burn
>>15448 crt's arent digital
>>15465 >LCD Burn-In, known as image sticking, image retention, image persistence, or ghost images, is the phenomenon where fixed images displayed on the monitor screen for extended periods cause the polarisation of the liquid crystal material contained within the LCD panel, making the image to be “burnt” on screen. https://www.agneovo.com/global/anti-burn-in-technology
>more problems <fewer solutions Currently trying to solve an issue where certain elements, primarily images, lose most of their width (down to maybe 50px). Haven't been able to single out what's causing it even after wiping several elements.
(458.95 KB 950x636 Demolition-Sandra-Bullock.jpg)

>>15467 what seems to be your boggle? maybe i can help.
(2.04 KB 93x94 red dot hero.jpg)

>>15466 if you dont like the dot, make it disappear:)
>>15434 >set a default background color similar to your BG image's main color Not a bad idea as a fallback measure, I will consider it. Also I'm looking other solutions instead of depending on a third party website to host boards assets. 1. I asked to the staff if a dedicated unindexed board could be created (as I noticed lot of BOs host there background-image on imgur). Like the one here on 8chan. 2. I learned you can embed your image encoded in base64 directly in your CSS but my image is too big and the base64 encoding results in a nightmarish amount of lines (almost 50,000 ! My text editor almost crashed). Definitively not a good alternative for me. But definitively a good idea for small images and a fun learning experience. >background too dark Yes, it's on purpose as I don't want it to be too invasive in the browsing experience. I tried browsing on multiple computers and in general I'm satisfied with it. However there is just one computer at work that is way too dark and the background appear almost black. Anyway, this computer sucks. Thanks for your suggestions.
>>15268 >Acrimonie. Fuck, I cried a little. *saved.* Will dive in this pastebin, some nice things to lurk on. Thanks
(22.60 MB 640x360 Miku Enjoy the Silence.mp4)

>>15471 Won't be doing any programming tonite. That being said I believe that my issue is in the lines appended below. For some reason right now is that while elements will still be visually say 500px they will interact with other elements as if they are only 50px. this mostly affects unexpanded images when hovered and also the links in the footer. Also expanded images are wonky. >I may just rewrite this entirely since it is from old /x/ .uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) { max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px; object-fit: contain; } .multipleUploads .uploadCell:not(.expandedCell) { max-width: 150px; float: left; } .uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) { max-width: 150px; height: 150px; object-fit: contain; } .linkThumb img{ max-height: 50px; max-width: 50px; } .uploadCell{ margin: .25em 1em .25em .5em; float: none; } .uploadCell img, .multipleUploads>.innerOP .opUploadPanel,.multipleUploads>.panelUploads, .multipleUploads>.uploadCell { float: left; } .multipleUploads>.innerOP .divMessage,.multipleUploads>.innerPost .divMessage,.multipleUploads>.markedPost .divMessage{ clear: both; }
(1.81 MB 1920x1080 got baited.png)

>>15488 it's p standard practice and you can do it simply by specifying after ur image a la background-image: src(https://doge.coin/doge.png), #222222; >I asked the staff for an unindexed board for assets Could be a good idea. Always better to refer to local assets as opposed to hotlinking and it is unfortunate that is semi-difficult that it's not easier to do that as a board operator. If you get denied in spite of how giving the root of anon.cafe is you could simply host the images in a pinned thread on your board. definitely if you get ur own board pin the post anyways so the images can't somehow 404 from a raid or smth bumping them off. >it's on purpose diabolical. possibly a result of my shit monitor tho. <mira bien en mi telefono honhonhon
(6.64 KB 549x47 vichanmarkup.png)

Hello, I am currently running my own vichan imageboard and was wondering if anyone has any experience implementing custom css markups (ex. rainbow text). I understand how to add custom markups to the instance-config.php file, and have done so successfully with basic html markups (underline and strikethrough), I'm just not sure how I would go about applying css styling such as rainbow text once I've written the regex. Here is the vichan wiki page, although it is pretty bare bones. https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/wiki/markup Thank you for reading this.
>>15792 fuck off herdnigger you're not welcome here
(16.11 KB 150x200 5 rainbold.gif)

>>15792 you could just combine strong and redtext for rainbow.
(13.58 KB 800x400 JamMenNaps-dot-COM.jpg)

So. so, so... So. A coworker uses Chrome, and was getting "helpful" toast notifications that a custom version of McCaffee could be installed. The website that had allowed itself the notification privilege had, as their entire website, >Pic rel ...This you guys?
(5.72 MB 320x240 kaltes klares wasser.webm)

>>15794 Boo hoo cracker >>15812 You wish
>>15437 I suck at css/ .redText strong yes, I think it didn't work
>>15792 >>15794 one of these days I'll learn trying to be courteous with it only serves as bait maybe tomorrow for sure
>Ukraine LOL it's a US proxy anyway fucking off before I draw more bullshit sorry
(47.16 KB 626x626 chicken.jpeg)

>>15513 >>15516 idk what you are trying to do, post the whole theme in .txt and ill mess around on a non-custom board
Edited last time by 404 on 09/24/2022 (Sat) 14:04:33.
(6.88 KB 404x.txt)

(4.32 KB 256x195 Untitled278_20220320225713.png)

>>15829 taking/a/break/cause/my/keyboard/broke/i/bet/you/can't/guess/how
>>15837 much better! reminded me my catalog was fugged .linkThumb img{ max-height: 100px; max-width: 100px; } might even see if i can scroll the text in the catalog. maybe for a day ill apply your css to 404 and just fix things. looks great so far!
(35.73 KB 400x400 noice (1).jpg)

>>15838 NoIcE! .catalogCell:hover{ overflow: scroll; }
(3.05 MB 640x480 janusz call on me.webm)

>>15837 i kind of walked away from /x/, 8chan.moe has different names for elements. your css from another lynx site caused BUGS. take what you have for a color foundation and throw it into a :root then pin point stuff with inspect(Q). thats all i do here. nothing brainy, just time consuming. span.rainbow doesnt exist, neither do a couple of things you have. >my suggestion get a board here. keep it unindexed until you are satisfied with the color scheme. ill be around to help with little stuff! when in doubt, inspect(Q), inspect(Q), inspect(Q)
>>15840 .catalogCell:hover{ overflow: auto; } This one is better because you don't have the horizontal scrolling bar. At least on /site/ as here it seems not work the same (the horizontal scroling bar is still vsible). The horizontal scrolling bar is not esthetically pleasant imo.
(137.99 KB 295x171 wolf nigger.png)

>>15846 ok, trying "auto". till has the scroll bar, but whatevs. /site/ doesnt have anything scrolling. idk, im using firefox THANK!
(2.78 MB 1280x720 fem fash.mp4)

>>15850 >firefox Ummm, spyware watchdog says that's going to harvest all your info and sell it to big pharma for tailoring your forced anti psychotic meds so you're basically dooming yourself already.
(120.91 KB 1184x1200 1602635098061.jpg)

looking to bring back SAGE! https://8chan.moe/site/res/1651.html#6988 /*SAGE!*/ .linkName::after { content: " SAGE!"; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; color: red; animation: rainbow 1s infinite; text-shadow: none; float: middle; color: white; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 4px; } .noEmailName::after { content: ""; }
(667.29 KB 646x680 comfort zone.png)

>>15852 it's what im used to unfortunately. the comfort is real.
(616.55 KB 2592x1936 PfHy0.jpg)

New name: Pedophile
(9.61 MB 854x480 Leftism = pedophilia.mp4)

>>15888 *shrugs*
>>15890 Hahahaha look everyone! He's a pedophile! His name says so!
(180.71 KB 612x792 Pedobear Cancer.jpg)

>>15891 lol!
(239.67 KB 822x822 interrogation punctuation.jpg)

will be bringing back /404/Halloween Theme soonish. definitely first week of october. got a few new ideas that will be built on the old css. HALLOWEEN THREAD SOON!
>>15904 make it a game a board game
Have you thought about what you wanted me to draw this year for the Halloween piece?
(198.57 KB 782x758 critters.jpg)

>>15920 idk, something to think about! 3rd /404/ Halloween:) ill post request October 1st
Did you get my email? Check spam folder.
(27.30 KB 476x347 went to bread.jpg)

>>15925 for winterbread? it was in my regular folder. thanks! it's removed:)
>>15926 Good boy.
Does anyone have the old Harmony CSS? Specifically the part that randomized post colors.
(72.77 KB 834x1256 hoooded.png)

>>15946 harmony? from where? very interested in helping

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