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(3.72 MB 640x360 hopeless.webm)

Timmy 07/27/2021 (Tue) 21:20:00 No. 3358
MENTAL HEALTH THREAD ITT discuss mental illness and wellness
Edited last time by 404 on 08/23/2021 (Mon) 03:05:00.
(217.63 KB 470x470 あああああ.png)

ill go first. >diagnosed anxiety, depression. high energy days and low energy days. its from a mixture of a shitty childhood, shitty relationships, bad life decisions with a splash trauma. used to take meds, but most meds kill off everything, to include feeling anger and having a sex drive. currently med free and prefer it that way. >undiagnosed ADHD. some days i can read, other days i cant due to a crippling inability to focus or even care to focus. ill blank out and think of nothing. self medicate with sleep and exercise. <on the brightside its not all the time. i have highs and lows. suicide is not an thought that occurs, thankfully. knowing that a majority of people who exist in the world struggle with some form of mental defect brings me comfort. recently coming down from a mild anxiety attack. racing thoughts, empty feeling in gut, existential dread, etc.
(3.13 MB 352x288 i hate myself.webm)

related board to go to that is almost completely inactive: 8kun/mental/ aka 8ch/mental/ <still worth visiting imo
(223.72 KB 1200x644 demotivational unicorn.gif)

I had depressive episodes when I was younger. Nothing too major but I did have a few hospital stays for it. It was fun to see it from the inside while high on meds. Now I'm fine, I'm a big boy and I've learned how to deal with my sadness. SADNESS IS THE PUREST FORM OF BEAUTY
>>3398 >Now I'm fine thats good to hear. i basically manage anxiety most days im alive. its pretty much a non-stop feeling of dread. whenever it gets bad, i go for a run until my mind shifts over to the fact that i feel like im dying from running. running turns into walking, then the days worries melt away.
>>3407 Sport is a good way to calm down our inner demons for sure.
(989.58 KB 480x480 birbs.mp4)

everyday is an out of body experience.
(72.09 KB 600x436 log_pillow_2.jpg)

>>3358 >got the big sad >got the assburgers >got the high intelligence but no idea how to harness it to make money I have a pillow that looks like a log that I hug at night. I pretend it's one of my kids back when they were babies and thought I was the best dad ever.
(105.80 KB 1200x800 andy log pillow.jpeg)

>>3521 >I have a pillow that looks like a log Sorry I couldn't resist. Hope you'll be good.
>>3526 You too, friend.
(81.69 KB 600x477 1423755873326.jpg)

on my 2nd day of taking magnesium glycinate. it can relieve anxiety and aid sleeping. since i havent taken it long enough to build up in my body, i suspect me feeling better this quickly is the placebo talking. will give a better review on this dietary supplement in about a week or so. >my anxiety has been cripppling lately. resorted to youtube breathing exercises to mitigate a potential panic attack. anxiety is a bitch to cope with when you arent drowning your crazy thoughts in alcohol.
(116.30 KB 1280x720 2 weeks later.jpg)

>>3635 magnesium glycinate its okay. dont feel worse, dont feel unnaturally happy. just okay. will continue to take since my anxiety has waned.
>>3635 >>4202 it doesnt work. with real life drama, the urge the give up on being normal is overwhelming. looks like im going back to effexir. still going to finish off what i have. was hoping to stop making BIG PHARMA rich. it cant be helped.
(89.72 KB 1000x671 h7v7g1hx3lh71.jpg)

(77.58 KB 1000x671 8i72zz9t3lh71.jpg)

(110.84 KB 1000x671 wjwt9urz3lh71.jpg)

(239.27 KB NitrogenScuba.pdf)

A 29-year-old man was found dead lying on the bed in a hotel room in a famous Slovak mountain resort. He had a full-face diving mask on his face, connected through a diving breath regulator to a valve of an industrial (nondiving) high-pressure tank containing pure 100% nitrogen. The breath regulator (open-circuit type) used allowed inhalation of nitrogen without addition of open air, and the full-face diving mask assured aspiration of the gas even during the time of unconsciousness. At autopsy, we found the typical signs of suffocation. Toxicological analysis revealed 94.7% content of nitrogen in alveolar air. Following the completion of the police investigation, the manner of death was classified as a suicide.
i cant stop listening to the corbett report. something ominous is predicted to happen after the bio-security state pushes us towards the great reset. trans-humanist(bio-mechanoid humans, not the 41%ers) will wipe out mankind, as we know it, by 2030.
(5.16 MB 500x500 conspiracy.mp4)

been off of meds almost 2 years now. the panic attacks settled in bretty hard this summer. suicidal ideas crept in, which has never happened. that was the wake up call. been on zoloft, prozac, effexir and some other med that was meant for seizures but also doubled as an anti-depressant. just received Lexapro and Ativan. >lexapro acts like prozac and effexir with less severe sexually side-effects. hoping thats the case anyhow. >ativan similar to xanax. take as needed for panic attacks. will review if the occasion arises, but its a narcotic that shouldnt be abused. not a junkie and dont plan on being junkie scum. might use once a month tbh
>>6506 been on lexapro for a few days. it's doing its thing. slightly killing my libido, but not destroying it like effexir and prozac. little bit of a cotton mouth situation some of the time. overall seems managable. Nice Rate! >Ativan just took one, about to go to sleep. we will see what this pill is all about. took about 30 minutes ago. kind of feel less stressed, but not sure if thats a placebo feeling or not. will review later.
(2.50 MB 320x240 1588542246695.webm)

(84.01 KB 579x511 1510770866514.jpg)

(49.34 KB 403x457 tat.jpg)

(1.03 MB 3430x2478 drugs.jpg)

Ativan might be trouble. it works, but its also bothersome that it can be addictive. the restraint is strong with this "as needed" pill.
i don't think I have any mental health left, it's deteriorated pretty steadily since I was a teenager and I'm in my mid twenties now (like most anons here) I've spent far too much time talking to about three or four therapists and none of my medications helped with anything but a little anxiety and the longer I live the more I wish I'd tied the knot around my neck a little tighter than I did that one day eleven years ago.
(26.44 KB 640x480 y9njvc2r5fo51.jpg)

>>6846 >TFW 30 yo. boomer
>>6847 >boomer 30? Pshh. I just had my 46th birthday, and the baby-boomer generation is the one before me.
(96.42 KB 680x734 30 year old doomer.jpg)

>>6847 you're right. >>6848 you're right too. >meme world if you are not a zoomer you default to boomer >real world im Gen Y(millenial) and you are Gen X(doomer) >pic related CONFUSES EVERYTHING
(43.58 KB 387x550 hang in there.jpg)

>>6846 >cope with rope glad you didn't. we probably are two peas in a pod. not suicidal as much as you don't have the will to live. the latter is much worse imo.
(15.32 MB 866x480 1994.mp4)

i dont think this video is helping what ails me
(477.79 KB 700x700 depression Filbert.jpg)

>>6846 >i don't think I have any mental health left, it's deteriorated pretty steadily since I was a teenager and I'm in my mid twenties now (like most anons here) That's me, except I'm 48-years-old. I was tired of dealing with life by the time I was 14, and it's only gotten worse from there. The things I used to use as an escape have all been tainted with race-mixing, faggotry, enforced "diversity," feminism, and other sickening jew-induced liberal fetishes. They have tracked me from bolthole to bolthole, and now I can only escape into the past, watching old movies and cartoons, playing non-woke indy and classic vidya, and trying like a mad cunt to find some other ways to numb the pain of existence. This is the worst timeline, and I hope when Soros and his fellow (((collaborators))) reach Hell, they'll find out the hard way that the devil hates traitorous humans as much as he hates virtuous ones.
(296.31 KB 999x1626 beastvaxx (2).jpeg)

>>7112 >This is the worst timeline i agree with that much because im a decade younger than you. the problem is timelines. when i was a kid, i didnt care about politics. i cared about toys, games, tv, windows98 internet, playing outside and eventually getting pussy. every generation of kids doesnt know how things "were" in order to compare to how things "are". ergo, everyone(for the most part) will always remember "how it used to be" as better times. it only sucks watching the world through the lens of a 30-40+ person. >kids growing up during covid >kids growing up during 9/11 >kids growing up during OKC bombing >kids growing up during desert storm >kids growing during AIDS crisis >kids growing up during the oil crisis of '73 >kids growing up during vietnam >etc they didn't care. as a kid, i didnt care. i was insulated by what entertained me at the time(pop culture and so on) right through to puberty. its a big cope, but its true. being old sucks. you have no safety net. might i suggest you get a hobby, embrace the suck, watch the world burn and realize the (((soros))) of the world have existed since the dawn of man.
(23.20 MB 640x480 ClarenceWS.webm)

(8.40 MB 640x360 Mosley_speech.webm)

>>7145 it's all a repeat.
(258.19 KB 426x480 soros nosferajew.png)

>>7145 >it only sucks watching the world through the lens of a 30-40+ person. Absolutely. At least Kyle managed to win one before the inevitable chimpout. That made me feel a little better. >might i suggest you get a hobby Painting miniatures and some other things, but it's hard to do that stuff when the depression hits >embrace the suck, watch the world burn I tried that for awhile, but I brought kids into this world who have recently become adults and it's hard to fiddle while Rome burns when you realize the loves of your life might burn with it. >and realize the (((soros))) of the world have existed since the dawn of man. Probably literally.
(55.11 KB 1000x1000 frog wojack.png)

>be me, chronic depressive from >>7112 >phone appointment with shrink this morning >normally, my appointments go like this: <talk for half an hour with him making worried noises <"Well, that's our time. Make sure to return to your hobbies." >every single time >well, I was ready for his ass, this time >finally summoned enough energy to paint my copper dragon miniature >came out great so I started on a Mi-go, a mimic, and a werewolf >Mi-go finished, mimic halfway through, werewolf not coming out the way I'd like, but no biggie, I'll just redo it >So, the doc... <"Well, that's all our time, I'm afraid. Were you able to work on any hobbies?" <"Yes! And I still wish I was dead. So now what?" <"...well, we'll have to find something that works. You take care..." >mfw Guess I might as well start working on my Cthulhu miniature. If anything fits with my current nihilism, it's ol' Hentai-Face.
(24.51 KB 548x491 live with it.jpg)

>>7356 used to feel that feel most of the time. >pic was related on (((meds))) now things are just okay:^)
(149.61 KB 799x540 sad.jpg)

havent shit in 2 days #ATIVANPROBLEMS
(482.21 KB 975x811 no-one loves me.png)

(15.95 MB 640x360 no-one loves me.mp4)

sad story. reminds me of Helicopter by Deerhunter, if the kid was a teenage prostitute being thrown out of a helicopter, into the mountains, by the russian mafia.
(799.11 KB 596x586 rage 3D.png)

>>7386 That shit makes my blood boil. Once a jury has handed down a guilty verdict, every single motherfugger like those two should be kicked to death.
(44.27 KB 1000x310 bird poop-regret.gif)

Had a dream last night, guys. >be dream-me >dad wakes me up, even though I haven't lived with them for 26 years >tells me everyone is waiting in the van because we're all going out to breakfast >van is full of family, friend, my kids, and my wife >can't wake up >dad wakes me up again, tells me everyone is waiting on me and they're getting hungry >shocked and guilty, start to get up to brush teeth >dad wakes me up again from the floor >tells me I'm letting everyone down >exhausted, try my best to get to bathroom >dad wakes me up again >tell him they should just go without me, that I'm just too tired >dad wakes me up again >"Dad, I'm too tired to go! Please just let me sleep!" >"You're letting everyone down! Get up and quit being selfish!" >"Fine!" >dad wakes me up again Don't need to be Freud to figure this one out. I'm tired all the time from my depression, not physically as much as mentally. I don't manage to achieve much on most days. My parents want me to visit them every single day, and to do chores for them because they're too old to do most of it. My wife wants me to clean everything and complains when I do things for my parents, instead. I try to save energy for my now adult kids, but there's never much left. There's nothing left for my remaining friends and my brother. That dream wrecked my day, today, and it was triggered by an spooky event last night that indicates my father is going downhill mentally as well as physically.
>>7386 These subhumans need to be ripped apart atom by atom slowly.
(53.45 KB 1080x937 dread.jpg)

>>7515 damn, painted an eerie picture of what my future has in store for me in some respects. seems to me like you work yourself to death and are also miserable with home contributions/equal partnership stuff. tough combo fren
(423.63 KB 1920x1080 angel of war.jpg)

>>7527 Things aren't always that bad, but they can be. Unfortunately, when I'm in a depressive state, I'm an unreliable narrator. When I wrote that, I was unable to realize how much my family has helped me, and been there for me. Not that they're always helpful due to a lack of understanding, but they do try as much as they can. Depression is demonic, although I've never been sure if it's actually caused by a demon or whether they just take advantage of the situation to attack. Either way, demons are assholes.
(381.39 KB 640x565 1639079860714.png)

(126.24 KB 800x769 wondering pepe.png)

>>7605 >Things aren't always that bad relatable fren
(44.71 KB 1000x750 FINALLY.webp)

>>7918 At last, a pod I can get behind. Is it finally happening?
(69.23 KB 480x455 suicide booth.gif)

>>7964 >not posting gif
>>7966 checked for laziness.
(410.14 KB 450x359 c1a.gif)

>>7971 >checked check!
(39.56 KB 400x212 manchuckhestonaghast.jpg)

>>7918 Someone watched too much Soylent Green. This is set up to be like Sol's death room.
(6.23 KB 251x251 feelsrealman.jpg)

>>7605 Bummed out, again, today. >trying to get ready for Christmas >wife and son went HAM on turning the unofficial storage room into the "excercise room" in the hopes that we'd all use it >two months later and that's a hard "no" >trying to get ready for Christmas >all the crap that was in the former storage room is all over the family room, where we normally set up the tree >woke up determined to finally get the pagan holdover up and decorated >got downstairs and deflated like a beachball in the winter >did hardly anything today except move three boxes and watch two crappy movies on Netflix If I could cut out the chunk of my brain responsible for this, I'd do it in a New York minute.
(76.47 KB 400x500 soylent green.jpg)

>>7986 >Sol's death room <suicide pod! >Take a hard look at the crowd in pic related anything prophetic to you?
(61.37 KB 1200x900 netflix-dvds-e1483541600139.jpg)

(66.49 KB 680x1122 netflix adaptation.jpg)

>>7987 cheer up bud, holidays will be done and over with. save exercise for your new years resolution. go "HAM" for 2-3 weeks in your exercise room then call it a day. i havent watched Netflix in some time. i think all they have is crappy movies tbh
>>3358 My friends hate me and I'm in debt. I don't know where my life is going and I'm depressed beyond belief. Sometimes I feel like life just isn't worth living anymore. Merry Christmas.
(96.00 KB 853x1157 Vera-Ellen halloween.jpg)

>>8039 Your friends don't hate you. they're just tired of you being all "Memememememe_dramamama" every time you're out. Like, shut up and let someone else talk for a change. Sheesh.
>>8026 Chuck Heston wore a dirty man-scarf throughout the movie?
(203.89 KB 650x891 feels depression hand.jpg)

>>8039 >My friends hate me and I'm in debt. They probably just don't realize what you're going through. I was a cunt-hair away from getting a divorce because my wife thought I had checked out of our marriage due to falling out of love. Instead it was nigh-suicidal depression and not being able to feel anything, anymore. Show them pic related. >I don't know where my life is going and I'm depressed beyond belief. >Sometimes I feel like life just isn't worth living anymore. I understand. Things WILL get better, and I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, anon. Just ride it out until you can find something to feel good about, again.
(96.73 KB 500x666 feelsbobrossdarkness.jpg)

>>8039 During this episode in pic related, Bob Ross had just lost his wife to cancer. The show still went on, and he painted through the pain. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, fren, and things WILL get better
(4.95 MB 480x360 bob ross deer.gif)

(35.51 KB 450x450 Rob Boss.jpg)

(607.51 KB 800x585 1464625686211.png)

>>8052 wholesome
(171.61 KB 1660x1896 rage HD.jpg)

(66.90 KB 500x500 rageexplosiongasm.jpg)

(967.65 KB 500x295 ragehades.gif)

>20 minutes ago >wife insists on going out in -30-something C weather to get "free covid kits" >son's car is blocking her in driveway because the city cunts have declared it as "plowing weather" and we need to keep our cars off the street or risk a fine >tell wife politely that it's too cold and I don't want to move the car >she demands it >fine >already pissed off, but the rage keeps building and building because: <car gets stuck <wife can't push so gets to drive while I push <she can't drive worth shit and makes it worse <get her to call son to come help since I left my phone in the house <it won't move forward <we try pushing it back, instead <we finally get it going <she throws it into drive and then she pulls to a stop almost right on the spot where we got stuck in the first place >I sperg out, screaming for all the world to hear that she KEEP fuggING GOING >she pulls into pre-arranged neighbors' driveway...leaving the car hanging out into the alley because she didn't go with the obvious part with more space >mfw >she walks back to garage to drive off and get the fugging covid tests, leaving me to drive it around to the proper place while freezing to death I'm absolutely f u c c k k ing furious, but I know how this is going to play out when she gets back. She won't acknowledge how bloody stupid it was to rush out for covid tests that may or may not work, all she'll remember is that I raised my voice to her. Eventually, I'll feel bad for going thermonuclear in front of her and my son, and she'll stick a knife in that wedge in my defenses and treat me like shit. Guys, if you're on the spectrum, don't get married even if you think you can actually land a bride. Everything that is a normal (for you) reaction to intense stress and others' stupidity will be used against you again and again.
>>8107 >KEEP fuggING GOING BO, you are one cunt hair away from me organizing a campaign of shit against you. Can you please tell me how you managed to filter the effword with spaces between every letter, two Cs, and two Ks? Because that shouldn't even be possible to predict. fugg
>>8108 >Can you please tell me how you managed to filter the effword with spaces between every letter its the global filter on the lynx engine, thats all. ive ran into the same situation. its one smart filter. next 404 GET replaces last filtered word. i will surely manage posting 300 some times to achieve word filter reset within a few days off-loading caturday posts. maybe (You) will choose next filter?:^)
>>8107 >married with autism women drive men crazy no matter the situation. your rage is justified.
>>8122 >maybe (You) will choose next filter?:^) If I get it, I'm declaring no filters whatsoever until the next 404.
(333.65 KB 666x754 fuck.jpg)

>>8129 ill honor it
(491.71 KB 670x1050 thumbsupturbo.png)

(31.36 KB 399x600 no way.jpg)

im losing the will to live. t. very worn down
(36.02 KB 200x146 feelsclusterfeel.gif)

>>8206 What's grinding you down, fren?
(63.65 KB 418x420 1587237032545.jpg)

>>8210 its all grinding. everything is on repeat. tired of pretending its not
(125.49 KB 885x516 IMG_20191003_214439.jpg)

>>8210 it's me again. feeling better today. sometimes shit sucks and sleep is your only escape. getting tired just thinking about staying awake.
(323.08 KB 576x467 feels Mr Freeze.png)

>>8259 >>8238 I know both those feels. I hope things are better for you in the new year.
I know only of OCD but God only fugging knows what other shit holds in my head. I geniuently wish I was born in a different world than this, something less stressful. I got into politics when I was younger, and I keep being at it though I no longer believe that politics actually helps anything. Any ideology you pick it's just a fugging little theatre to make stupid niggers like me escape for a bit from the constant anxiety of everything. I still believe in my shitty principles but I don't believe they will ever be implemented, or even that if they are implemented that it will help anyone, not even myself. I have been shitposting on this fugging board arguing with people whose minds I know I will never change simply for the sake of getting angry and getting my emotions off so that I can focus on something else than the constant fugging obsessive thoughts that plague me. I just want a break.
(28.56 KB 360x360 frog pepe devilish.jpg)

>>8282 I find that the best way to let off steam is to grab a random pic from a search for "anime," go to /b/, and make a new thread. Post the pic with the title "Tell me why this isn't perfection." Then in the body, you type "Protip: you can't." Then stand back and watch the Chrono-Spergclastic Infundibulum explode around you in pretty colors.
(139.46 KB 860x674 hellper.png)

>>8285 maybe screencap random spergening the next time you are feeling devilish?
Sadness hits hard these days but I'm ok. I would just like to have a valid reason to be sad (maybe all the covid-circus finally affect me in some way). I dunno. sadness is the purest form of beauty
>>8344 everytime i get overwhelmed, i think about the booth. it actually cheers me up knowing i can book a flight to switzerland and end it peacefully without traumatizing anyone. covid is only a symptom of whats truly wrong with this world. t.hinking about it
>>8346 >The virgin globohomo sarco 3d printed suicide pod VS. the Chad sexy rope. I'm not even thinking about ending myself (I thinked a lot by the past) but now I just let the life slip on me. Sometimes I would like to fell asleep and never woke up tho. If I had to do it, I wouldn't mind to go to Switzerland, I would just took the apopropriate medicine, programming an e-mail and doing it the comfy way at home.
(111.20 KB 487x424 chad43534.png)

>>8347 >"The virgin globohomo sarco 3d printed suicide pod VS. the Chad sexy rope" you really should turn these golden ideas into virgin vs chad maymays. i may disagree with you on who the virgin and who the chad is, but its still hilarious! rope is for losers (((imo))). the capsule looks like a luxury ride into the ether (((tbh))) >me the capsule chad >bucket list completed >not waiting to become wrinkled and incontinent >determined to die >no suicide note LOL!™ <doing it the comfy way at home. the 3d print blue prints should be available 2022, for maximum comfort:)
(140.51 KB 500x553 ascend.png)

(25.26 KB 210x305 pendaison.jpg)

(24.13 KB 317x353 pendu.jpg)

(318.04 KB 551x800 eccelex.jpg)

>>8349 >the 3d print blue prints should be available 2022, for maximum comfort:) Or you could just go outside and buy some opiates to your local niggers. Implying you're not a regular opiates consoomer ODing is really easy to achieve. >prepare yourself for the last sleep >be comfy >take fair amount of drug >fell asleep >die in your sleep >??? >A S C E N D Roping is a harsh way to go tbh but I like the aesthetic of hanging. Concerning the memes, I have lots of ideas but not the time nor the motivation to do it but sometimes I may produce some content if nothing better to do.
(734.70 KB 561x664 step 1.png)

(395.64 KB 483x622 step 2.png)

(102.07 KB 676x709 step 3.png)

>>8305 Step 4: >>>/b/218191 It's not the most fight I've ever seen happen, but it's got its moments. I should have probably done something more divisive, like some stupid shipping thing for them to fight over. Beware: the loli degenerates started to add their own pics
(714.67 KB 650x608 Depression.png)

>>8384 make the meme t. capsule chad
>>8384 >Roping is a harsh way to go tbh but I like the aesthetic of hanging. At least you get to ejaculate one last time. In addition to crapping, pissing, and whatever else can happen.
(172.43 KB 400x400 cheers lad.png)

(39.29 KB 400x400 cheers lass.jpg)

>>8388 i visited and left a woj miku post. pretty tame crowd. miku is not divisive. good thread! better luck next time:) maybe make robert a waifu and see what happens? https://waifu.lofiu.com/
(47.83 KB 888x1185 apu hang.png)

>>8425 >cumming and going meh! hope the capsule trends. not dying to die, just like better options to contemplate over if things become overwhelming. personally have a handgun, would never blow my brains out. its grisly and not comfy. my thoughts remain the same. NOPE TO THE ROPE
Dying is gay.
(49.38 KB 632x775 dying.jpg)

>>8436 <Dying is gay well, we are all as straight as an arrow arent we? except for cancer, aids clinic and hospice patients. what a bunch of fags.
>>8439 If you're dead and I say you were gay you can't defend yourself. The only way to not become gay retroactively is to live forever.
(57.18 KB 480x712 bitch wtf card.jpg)

>>8442 thats the gayest shit ive ever heard.
I feel sick nothing serous though just the occasional sneezing cough spitting Yellow and maybe a low fever because I feel a little hot but I can't tell. drinking lots of tea.Being sick makes me a little down
>>8458 Same here but it's slowly ending. I thought I have caught the coovid but it lasted a little week and know I feel better so it was just the average seasonal cough. Maybe.. If I was a good citizen I would have done the coovid test, at least I would have seen a doctor.
>>8426 Unfortunately, one of them followed us back.
(28.42 KB 495x496 1601076140417.jpg)

>>8478 not a problem!
The Capsule Debate did a lot of digging. you have to be dying already to receive assisted suicide services. switzerland is garbage. FART! Oh Canada? https://bpded.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s40479-020-00131-9 2023, euthenasia for mental disorders is green lit. i live very close to canada. wonder if if i have to become a citizen? ill circle back to that possibility if 2022 is worse than 2021. The rope is looking more chad by the minute. https://youtu.be/-nP1JZklw_Y
(177.57 KB 367x368 brainless cringe.png)

>>8517 >"if if" typo me the cringe
>>8517 >mfw leaf with father-in-law who wants it when his cancer goes for broke He's made his choice, but my wife intends to be there for it, and I'm worried she'll be seen as an accomplice in God's eyes.
(598.37 KB 544x475 😐.png)

>>8523 i was there for my dying cat being put down. id imagine it going down the same way. guilt for not keeping a clearly dying animal alive. people are fucked up. she is not an accomplice in my eyes tbh fren. hope everything works out! >mfw dying naturally is your only option
(123.01 KB 1224x1200 frog pepe Jesus.jpeg)

>>8535 >clinical depression >in the middle of a really bad episode >16-year-old maltese dog finally can't pretend she isn't in pain, anymore >horrified to realize how well she hid it >take her in >doctor looks her over to make sure I'm not just trying to rid myself of a problem pet >kill yourself, you wog prick >finally gives her the needle >she dies with her eyes open >try to close them like they do on tv >this is not actually a thing and they remain open, staring at me >dad drives me home >wife and oldest kid ask how it went >look at them with red eyes, completely bereft of words >walk into bedroom >go to bed at 2:00 in the afternoon >think, as I'm passing into sleep, that I wish I'd twitched her aside at the last second and taken the needle, myself Here's the problem: I'm a Christian. This is good in the sense that it's kept me from killing myself and therefore traumatizing my family and friends. It's bad-ish in the sense that I sometimes REALLY want to check out early. And I can't support the merciful end we give animals for humans. The reason for this is that God's plan for that person might not be over, and it's His decision when that person goes. Star Trek V, I think. The one with Spock's never-mentioned-before-or-after half-brother. McCoy is forced to relive his worst experience, which is giving in to his father's demands for a quick end to his suffering... only to find out a month later that a cure had been discovered, meaning he killed his dad for nothing. Most people who get "put down" probably won't have had anything but months of misery ahead of them, but there might be that one patient who suddenly starts to get better or who provides some insight into the disease who should have stayed the course for God's plan. But just try explaining that to atheists like my FIL. It sounds both crazy and cruel... and it sort of is. And I KNOW how awful that appears to non-believers because I was once one myself. And I just realized I'm having a depression episode so I'll stop there.
>>8583 Christkikery is all about needless suffering and sadism anyway, embrace your jewish death cult's roots.
(798.04 KB 480x360 fedoratmnt.gif)

>>8584 Fedoras never disappoint. I was talking about my own beliefs, not telling you what to believe.
>>8590 >h-hat meme The last refuge of a buttblasted christkike.
>>8591 >last >refuge You guys do a pretty good job of dismissing yourselves right off the bat. Arguments aren't typically a requirement to btfo an atheist since they typically lack critical thinking skills and can't into abstract thought. But you all still get angry and emotional on the subject because we all know what you feel deep down but spend significant energy denying your common sense. So any challenge to that leads to outbursts, even if that challenge is passive. Such as anon's post above.
(148.45 KB 265x293 laugh bing.png)

>>8591 >The last refuge
>>8645 >>8668 Cry philosemites. Go suck off your dead kike on a stick like he demands of you.
>>8671 >like he demands of you. He really doesn't. >Cry philosemites. There's no cause for being salty just because you shat the bed. I made an error on another board and took my lumps with good grace and humor.
(59.61 KB 620x374 neither jew nor greek.jpg)

>>8676 >you shat the bed How exactly did that happen? When? >He really doesn't Okay you only have to be his nigger-jew equivalent tranny wife, that's true. But let's be honest christkikes would be all over his mutilated sandnigger dick in an instant if they thought it got them clout with the stickjew.
(123.01 KB 1224x1200 Jesus loves even us.jpeg)

>>8677 >Okay you only have to be his nigger-jew equivalent tranny wife, that's true. You know it isn't. >But let's be honest christkikes would be all over his mutilated sandnigger dick in an instant if they thought it got them clout with the stickjew. If, for some reason, that improbable event actually happened, I'd know it was only the Antichrist and would say "Nice try, spanky." Then he'd probably kill me.
>>8687 >it isn't Your own book of sandnigger schizobabble disagrees. >If, for some reason, that improbable event actually happened The irony of a christkike saying this.
wait there are two Christians on this board? Seems odd, considering the popularity of the "funny/gore" thread that any would come back to this place.. ...oh, right you're suffering from severe depression. I just hate people but I suppose there's some overlap, there.
>>8694 Christfags fap to their dead kike getting snuffed on a daily basis, it's no surprise.
(139.08 KB 736x675 white pepe.png)

>>8694 >wait there are two Christians on this board? me not muslim, buddhist or jewish. me christian by baptism. however, me about as christian as me european descent. just a burger for your thoughts frenmigo:^)
(469.97 KB 400x400 fatty e equals mc squared.mp4)

>>8693 >Your own book of sandnigger schizobabble disagrees. By all means, show me in the Bible where it says I have to be His "nigger-jew equivalent tranny wife" >>8694 >Seems odd, considering the popularity of the "funny/gore" thread that any would come back to this place.. Jesus said "Love your enemies as you love yourself." Unfortunately I hate myself. While I recognize that I'm not upholding the spirit of the law, there, I also don't click on the ones that look like outright gory murder. A broken leg as a reward for being an idiot, however... >...oh, right you're suffering from severe depression. I just hate people but I suppose there's some overlap, there Truth be told, there's no human on earth I hate more than myself, most days. Being a Christian has kept me from suicide on many occasions. I didn't start life as one. >>8695 >Christfags fap to their dead kike getting snuffed on a daily basis, it's no surprise. Serious question, because that's a lot of venom you're packing there. Did something involving a church or a zealot parent happen to you? Because most of the people I've talked to (including some IRL friends) are angry like that because of a real or perceived injustice involving church or family, and I would like to know what happened if that's the case.
(423.49 KB 480x480 fatty dogfood.mp4)

>>8709 >vid fatty doo doo funny:)
(5.49 MB 436x436 fatty skateboard.mp4)

(9.88 KB 657x527 censored helper.png)

society was a mistake
(5.34 MB 1280x720 joker traps are gay.mp4)

>>8742 Too bad we have to live in one.
(3.65 MB 1150x1438 global meme.png)

>>8753 >Too bad we have to live in one thats want (((they))) want you to think people!
(221.26 KB 500x293 lotrgollumicanthearyou.png)

>>8816 I've got a buddy who's more of a misanthropic anthropoid than I am, which shouldn't be possible. He teaches Photoshop at a local tech school and he's a nervous frikkin' wreck because the students all seem to be the kind of autists who don't respect personal space. This is driving him totally nucking futs because he knows just how evil the women (and some of the men) of CY+7 actually are. >"Gimme good grade!" >"No." >"RAAAAAAAAPE!" The reason I bring him up is he drunkenly told me his plan: make as much money as possible and disappear innawoods to some nice little cabin far away from the more disturbing things in his life (ie. human beings). He wants to escape the (((society))) and just hide himself away. I can't blame him. I hope he makes it, but I fear that, between those twat students and his Q-Anon worshipping mother, he's going to end up going full Gollum and just start running through the forests of BC until he finds a cave to live in. If I was rich I'd drop $200,000 on him with the proviso that he never drunkenly calls me at 11:00 AM to complain about... I dunno, being harassed by bears or mountain lions or something. He's full blown alcoholic because of poor coping mechanisms thanks to his absolutely rancid parents. The bottle might just kill him before the bears get a crack at him.
(1.05 MB 2957x2153 manfreud.jpg)

Nearly time for my monthly phone call from my shrink. I will tell him my problems, he will make wincing noises over the phone, then he'll tell me to work on my hobbies. Every single time. I feel like changing my answering recording to: >"Hi, this is anon. My life sucks. Nothing changes. My parents are driving me literally insane, and when they die, I'll blame myself for not being a better son. Yes, I'll work on my hobbies. Have a good one. *BEEEEP*"

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