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(300.76 KB 637x670 kot demands post.png)

Lil Autist 09/02/2021 (Thu) 22:45:55 No. 4499
(121.02 KB 1024x768 FurryStill-K-.jpg)

>tests for life this kills the poster
(322.26 KB 640x640 pepper on a cliff.mp4)

(4.42 MB 640x317 _1415_11.gif)

(69.08 KB 720x960 2hql9a7wzq8z.jpg)

(153.68 KB 700x615 7eu7prhv388z.png)

(103.15 KB 1200x800 86.jpg)

(47.81 KB 565x424 Pablo-Escobar.jpg)

(89.55 KB 600x488 xfig fabliaux1.jpg)

(54.62 KB 500x329 o4oj5sePaK1ujgq8ro1.jpg)

(63.65 KB 500x280 1-lego-minifig-babies.jpg)

(180.25 KB 960x940 1577557429475.jpg)

(239.26 KB 759x1024 C52XbgLXMAEAmIY.jpg)

(49.96 KB 640x539 ke21c3pprp201.jpg)

Bored pony, ponying in.
New name dysnomia
>>4555 you bet!
>>4556 How does one play swf files now since flash is ded? I tried an app on chrome and only the audio will work.
(159.91 KB 640x640 hrosss.jpg)

>>4558 SEE >>3490 its what i use now that my plug-in no longer exists.
(499.15 KB 442x442 1630105034863.png)

(514.98 KB 650x486 1435274860683.png)

>>4560 Wine doesn't seem to like this program. Thanks though, I'll keep it for a future win installation.
(34.35 KB 720x717 pidbull.jpg)

(121.23 KB 2000x2000 dysnomia's pizza.png)

(2.63 MB 1768x2164 dysnomias pizza.png)

(341.94 KB 640x827 dysnomias pizza 2.jpg)

(2.52 MB 4000x3000 dysnomias pizza 3.jpg)

>>4555 >New Name whatever happened to him after he gave up his tripcode and 8ch.net seppuku'd itself?
Edited last time by 404 on 09/04/2021 (Sat) 02:57:40.
I put a framed pic of this in my room and a normal person friend saw it and told me he wants to fuck a girl that looks like that.
>>4564 gnash? lightspark? https www pcworld com/article/250784/for_flash_on_linux_there_are_open_player_alternatives.html
(53.91 KB 255x255 1433926027236.png)

>>4575 >gnash? lightspark? Trying them now.
Motherfuck... gnash is no
(156.71 KB 850x1264 r9k-5.jpg)

(9.66 KB 770x440 proxy-image.jfif)

>>4564 Linuxtard here. Ruffle is ok tho but not all .swf files work. Still under construction but keep an eye on it. https://ruffle.rs/ >>4499 >EVERY TIME YOU SEE THIS THREAD DROP A POST This is my post.
(7.77 KB 307x164 nuwaupians.jpg)

(55.49 KB 720x720 1574217930449.jpg)

(37.30 KB 604x402 original.jpg)

(55.95 KB 540x690 53f.jpg)

>>4584 >This is my post. thanks! i just came back from a labor day outing. i always wind up eating less food at back yard BBQs. something about uncovered food resting in the sun with many hands scooping at it has always been a turn off. i have thoughts about taking a nap or just retiring early. pretty worn out from standing and having forced "light-hearted" conversations with relatives. >Linuxtard is it all its cracked to be? is it better/safer than windows from a technological point of view? or is it, more or less, about being non-proprietary? t. Wintard
>>4584 Lightspark has worked on everything I tried it with fam. t. fellow linuxtard
(959.11 KB 850x1145 ClipboardImage.png)

tongue my anus
>>4596 How goes it cartoon boy?
(173.86 KB 1100x1100 1613700365329.jpg)

this is my 2nd post on this thread now :D
(9.67 MB 720x1280 crossbow.mp4)

is this printed?
(531.67 KB 720x669 Melzargard.png)

>>4600 >2nd post that is good
Hi ?????
>>4563 so was this where Osama was hiding the whole time?
(1.97 MB 640x480 Life in the 90's.mp4)

(931.00 KB 742x527 barack osama.png)

>>4614 you guessed it, he was baracks adopted 3rd daughter.
(793.56 KB 828x936 saints row 2.png)

(1.35 MB 1920x1080 404.png)

>>4590 is it better/safer than windows from a technological point of view? I used Windows systems a lot by the past, from 95 to 7 but when they announced Windows 10 I didn't liked it so I looked for alternatives. I used Lubuntu (Ubuntu + Lxde at that time) and now I use Mint. Mint is pretty comfy and easy to use when you grew up using Windows. Someone would prefer Linux systems mostly for ethical reason, open, free and you have TOTAL controlover your system. I can't tell about vidyas cause I play a very few games and they run OK on Linux. It tends to evolve in the right way for Linux gamers. >>4591 Gonna try it, Ruffle was just a suggestion. Still worth it tbh.
(1.41 MB 1735x997 weird doggo.png)

>>4602 It seems, look on the desk in the background.
(92.73 KB 663x822 Safety1st.jpg)

(135.75 KB 720x720 thiscursedholiday.jpg)

Cleanliness is next to ... wait. I need to fix something, don't I?
(1.99 MB 1450x1080 ClipboardImage-1627278032.png)

>>4635 nice screen greeting! i think maybe ill go linux for next gombuter. too scary, thinking about switching OS with all the stuff i have on it now. im taking all the suggestions in, thanks!
(182.93 KB 500x506 uuuu.png)

>>4636 yeah, thats what made me ask. ive never seen anything printed irl. just looked like he bought a nerf gun for psychopaths tbh >upon further lookening the identical plastic color should have removed all doubt. looks like fun for a day.
(340.13 KB 500x348 agravcats.gif)

(226.91 KB 1170x601 TooMuchKbd.jpg)

(495.93 KB 800x600 Cowproof1.jpg)

>>4635 oddly I *used* to use linux (gentoo) but then upstream devs broke my vm at work and they kinda warned people but there was never a reasonable reason for demanding rootfs tarballs just because I had partitions and I also felt they didn't really communicate the part where THIS WILL BREAK YOUR COMPUTER so I got mad and left. Have been running cracked versions of Windows server for the last several years. Might continue, might go back. The BSDs are too stuck up and are all built around the "This is a complete system" arrogance. So if you want something they didn't provide, and you don't have the time+energy+skill to build your own OS pretty much from scratch, you can just toss out the idea that any of the BSDs will let you shoehorn in the software or config choices you were hoping to rely on. Also, Hi! And goodnight, all!
(312.90 KB 1508x1932 win10 vs linux woj.jpg)

>>4671 so if i want linux i SHOULD buy a hobby gombuter. SEE >>4651 that was my concern and (You) confirmed it. i dont want to fug up my current pc. ill wait and dive into linux later. i think some laptops come with linux pre-installed, but i no like laptops. https://youtu.be/FGXpwh8WyFM
(298.08 KB 1478x1109 ServerSlice.jpg)

>>4691 there's always virtual machines. if that breaks you just delete the file and make a new one. Extremely minimal hardware budget
(23.46 KB 352x550 198100779-352-k402950.jpg)

(79.14 KB 1536x2048 no-face-chihiro.webp)

(3.79 MB 480x360 videoplayback.mp4)

rewatching spirited away on dvd. >the intro by pixar executive blowjob what a soulless money grab by disney. you can see the contempt that miyazaki has for this faggot. although, he is just as guilty for being a sellout. still a great movie tbh <vid related
>>4499 >EVERY TIME YOU SEE THIS THREAD DROP A POST Not this time bad kot, I will not fail for this as easily. >>4671 I try to use BSD but man you have to understand what you'reb doing. Always stuck after a fresh install + Xfce DM the things goes shit. >>4691 Friendly Linux distros like *buntu and derivatives will not break your computer. And if you try something more esoteric like Gentoo and you're not happy with it just reinstall it or try another distro. You can always save your precious datas on an external disk tbh.
(161.15 KB 1280x720 me if i was a girl.jpg)

>>4691 Man, I know there are PLENTY of Linux vids on youtube made by some pakis but this one with his shitty voice I want to beat the shit out of him rn. Xfce master race. All those fancy blingbling bright colorfull desktops consume the power of your machine and your power as a user. Keep it simple and functional damn.
>>4691 I'd suggest mint or an ubuntu variation (kubuntu or budgie if straight from windows/mac).
im alive and not sure what comes next
(40.65 KB 486x599 heaven.jpeg)

Heaven (Sorry I didn't find a painting of a normal dude going to heaven ,only of our savior ).
(114.70 KB 800x600 pepsi doggo.jpg)

>>4871 this is fucking amazing, absolutely saved!
>>4871 Yes, very nice. Saved. Pepsi®™ > Coca-Cola®™
>When Pepsi was the key to FTL all along
(119.97 KB 800x768 bruh.jpg)

(200.54 KB 853x854 i (1).jpg)

>>4499 I just saw it today!
>>4933 what?!
nice board
(8.55 KB 255x156 that post.png)

>>4948 thanks, stop by whenever!
(273.74 KB 339x369 high.png)

Man I have no idea what the hell I am doing here.
(122.92 KB 342x427 comment.jpg)

(69.93 KB 640x662 Patton2.jpg)

(83.73 KB 750x654 !.jpg)

(90.58 KB 584x1510 1553528542135.jpg)

(7.43 MB 1280x720 a.webm.720-1.mp4)

(4.67 MB 640x360 Kill Them with Kindness.mp4)

(3.11 MB 480x360 payformykids.webm)

>>5025 lol!
(5.99 MB 640x360 Niggerberg.mp4)

(129.50 KB 800x600 1518273767935.jpg)

Somebody got your goat? ...can I borrow her when they're done...?
>>5050 > > How do you feel about that post? <Only so-so
(879.25 KB 720x720 VID_20210913_081050_627.mp4)

>>4871 you may appreciate this
>>5052 Excellent, thanks
(146.01 KB 900x600 Gaear Grimsrud.jpg)

I'm fucking hungry now, you know.
(164.03 KB 1024x768 1467919949494-3.jpg)

I spilled my drink earlier today.
(1.95 MB 960x1422 K-Beiss.mp4)

(1.90 MB 720x720 1573345460341.webm)

(1.19 MB 640x640 kot waifu.mp4)

(548.39 KB 1536x2048 kot waifu.jpg)

(88.76 KB 259x400 672138.jpg)

(2.84 MB 656x480 not this time.mp4)

>Signs of Life not this time.
Anypony want to participate in a DnD game as a pony? ...No...? ... .... .... Just me, huh?
(1.87 MB 390x190 1406318881870.gif)

>>4499 seeing for the first time
>>5201 theres a first for everything
(96.38 KB 326x481 grungles-plain.png)

(241.03 KB 750x986 p-burlesque_Yvette_Dare.jpg)

>>5286 Your bird looks kind of . . . fat.
(10.17 MB 3000x4500 91794840_p0.png)

>>5240 to tlovend, I'm continually as surprised as the first time I found out that pokémon pr0n exists I mean, MLP porn, most furry porn, sure. It looks like the sort of mammal I could picture someone wanting to get close to. Scalies are a bit weird but dragons are awesome so I have learned to be okay with that. But pocket monsters ? I guess you keep the other half in your pocket too so maybe that follows, I don't know.
>>5299 >tlovend ? "towards tlovend" ...
(603.23 KB 776x1034 Baker-of-SweetSt.png)

>>5300 ah! just as you can't have slaughter without laughter, it seems you can't have tlove''nd without H8t3.
(207.15 KB manifesto.txt)

(138.30 KB 1024x744 TED.jpg)

>>5312 thank. will read!
(1.59 MB 1077x811 pan.png)

>>4499 Not this time, you bad kot.
>>5315 I really, really like this image, mind if I save it?
(494.63 KB 412x412 society.gif)

>>5348 You're right, it is super funny. Thank you for stopping by!
>>5348 i couldnt help myself:)
(88.52 KB 600x652 rüdi rape.jpg)

>>5357 Zappaesque
I wish I didn't post on c that one time. Should've watched from a distance.
(4.00 MB 680x383 80vs70.webm)

Maybe you've browsed to /k/ some time in the past, heard about a series-80_vs_series-70 discussion. I'm about positive the reason for series-80 builds is listed here, but it does add an extra moving part and makes the trigger that much grittier. Oh, and hi! I still have a pulse.
(3.08 MB 460x460 guns.webm)

>>5472 being alive is g00d sometimes
(203.58 KB 768x600 real chudjak.png)

(30.53 KB 621x668 the LIGHT bringer.png)

>>5454 And just what's so bad about /c/? I like /c/ but I'm guessing it's the fact it's full of gay shit and has already slowed to a crawl.
(228.99 KB 799x2732 disabled_retards_having_sex.jpg)

>>5508 >what's so bad about /c/? im with you fren, i like it too! big fan of most things comf but im also a fan of *NSFW* things. >pic related it makes me happy :)
(110.42 KB 600x600 channels4_profile.jpg)

out of my medicine, out of my mind lol
(38.46 KB 400x400 afgqSWM7_400x400.jpg)

>>5530 >@1e33_mushroom_cloud Suraj Banoth on Twitter and Instagram. Schizophrenic Indian with 2 followers or Bot?
(506.41 KB 1000x1000 1449550476707.png)

>>5508 I'm that one fag mod that found the "hidden board" on 8san. I just regret posting there. I guess it doesn't matter now since the site is ded.
(383.81 KB 1078x683 cosmo kramer.jpg)

>>5584 all bad frendo. dont remember being that bothered:) You Are Welcome!
(17.21 KB 500x500 pooped em.jpg)

>>5586 >*bad lol word filters, all g00d
>>5586 I should've said nothing,
(413.63 KB 640x619 big gulp.png)

>>5589 you could have, but did not. again, dont worry about things and stuff. ttyl or not, that is up to you. between the two of us, ill forget about this tomorrow
>>5590 >between the two of us, ill forget about this tomorrow I'm not gay.
>>5591 >I'm not gay. a deeply closeted homosexual?
>>5594 >a deeply closeted homosexual? I'm not attracted to masculinity tbh. I think traps are often much better looking than women though.
(13.56 KB 438x438 moulder.jpg)

(3.86 MB 1280x720 am i gay.webm)

>>5595 Moulder: what can you tell me about this video agent-kun?
>>5595 I personally am very attracted to masculinity and love big thick cocks. Thanks for reading my blog.
(181.27 KB 720x540 you_gay.jpg)

>>4499 Life
>>5644 Shut up
(426.68 KB 640x480 mandestroyingthegays.mp4)

(357.21 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)

is this the social media website they warned me about?
>>5659 Shut up
(228.54 KB 338x401 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5660 no u
>>5659 why you gotta be mean to the spider? Maybe the spider lived for 15 years can spiders live for 15 years?
(7.43 MB 764x430 BestiNow.webm)

Do you like mice, Anonymouse? ... For a dollar, and a Quest-II, you can meet up with a mouse. She'll help you out, Anonymouse.
(7.64 KB 256x197 spiderino.png)

>>5664 House spiders and pets and shit probably not but there is a story about a trapdoor spider researchers studied in the wild that lived to be 43 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_16_(spider)
>>5665 i can't wait until i can fuck my besti >pic related
>>5596 I don't know.
(101.01 KB 869x1013 Simon.jpg)

Been a while.
(37.61 KB 593x788 1468508896697.jpg)

(68.34 KB 720x540 no gods no masters.jpg)

(224.76 KB 657x527 1524268726104.png)

>>5784 Welcome Back.
Edited last time by 404 on 10/08/2021 (Fri) 21:16:34.
(97.51 KB 750x770 1540148275631.jpg)

(107.41 KB 793x1024 DerpyEquipped4Batl.jpg)

>>5786 Best FoE:New-LosPegasus ending
(617.98 KB 1099x1012 mike.png)

im mike
(170.94 KB 362x383 im mike.png)

im mike
im jew
(80.68 KB 362x383 im jew.jpg)

>>5825 im jew
(614.38 KB 2000x1545 jews.jpg)

Israel doesn't like 8moe, il-tlv-001 on my vpn won't connect to 8moe and neither will any proxies I've tried.
(835.24 KB 720x414 N-me.webm)

>>5827 >piracy My name is Izym-nbw
>>5829 It's just something I picked at random horsefucker,
(35.42 KB 641x530 pepsi glasses.jpg)

>>5827 what the hell!? youre right. just 404's. >KC is ok for some reason
I've sober for 2 days. The second day has been easier. Maybe I'll go read a book before bed.
>>5836 That's bad. I gave my "stash" of booze to a coworker so I could climb back into the wagon -- and have gone to the bar every lunch this week. Bleh. I really am sick of feeling sick in the evening. Now, if only I could do something about it...
checking in, out of time! LATER!
(390.90 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5844 kek'd and check'd
(128.83 KB 477x479 wutkot.jpeg)

>>4499 Wanna fight?
(1.22 MB 695x910 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4499 become degenerate
(56.01 KB 634x508 oi u mad gov.jpg)

I hate going to sleep almost as much as I hate waking up.
(213.62 KB 455x391 1633928650845.png)

checking in. gotta get some things done. later!
(205.97 KB 861x848 apu mobile.jpg)

>>5861 i hear you and relate. it never gets better:)
(633.86 KB 1240x1240 1583893083416.jpg)

>>5835 Maybe not as aware of KC? Don't see how though.
(66.31 KB 640x300 true jew.jpg)

>>5872 8chan is more dangerous to the JDIF than KC!? BIG if True
(2.59 MB 1280x720 rick .webm)

>>5876 >other considerations and ill look into it 8chan banned jewflag from viewing/using 8chan. Bigly if Truthful
(140.29 KB 830x712 me the hacker.jpg)

>>5892 its seeming more likely that 8chan redirected jew IP to 404 status. >example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32799673/how-to-allow-from-ip-address-serve-404-otherwise
(4.51 MB 766x720 normal duck dance.mp4)

just passing through
(57.70 KB 756x692 slope pepe.jpg)

just woke up a few hours ago. in a parking lot, about to step into the cage. have to shit, usually always go at home. shouldnt have slept in:)
(18.76 KB 398x409 mxii603hsgk11.jpg)

>>5960 NoW YoU CAn get pAID While ShittinG!
>>5961 No feeling quite like it
(37.39 KB 800x800 toilet bloof.jpg)

>>5961 i did get paid and it was terrible. 1 ply paper is shitty. which countryballs shoot water at their asshole instead of using toilet paper?
(1.00 MB 378x357 rainema.gif)

>>5967 Thanks to my wake up routine and coffee, I'm adjusted like a clock so I always take my shit before the shower. So I use a very few TP, just to wipe the bigger parts. TP is not very effective to CLEAN the asshole, at best it spread the poopoo. Trust me I'm an engineer.
(63.34 KB 443x807 toilet paper man.png)

>>5973 so, you dont own or use a bidet? i figured most countryballs across the pond spray water on their butts over using toilet tissue. https://youtu.be/g_r83B_N-Vg
>>5975 >(((yt))) age restriction GAY
>>5975 In frogland bidet was a common things but they tend to disapear, don't know why. Maybe it's seen as something "obsolete", from another time or something related to prostitution (the girls used bidets in the brothels) so it suffer from this bad image. Or maybe it's a conspiracy of the TP industrie... Muslims use water to clean their anus as it is recommendend in their book tho (and we have a lot of muslims here). My toilet is next to my shower so it's ok for me. Oh and I'm not muslim, just a guy with some common sense. >>5976 Epic vid, saved.
>>5981 interdasting. the shower trick is nothing new tbh fren. its most likely the best life hack around. wiping alone, if not done properly, can cause itching and burning from leftover fecal remnants. The shower removes all doubt over having a clean butthole. when in doubt Wipe Better
>>5983 >garbage in, garbage out flawless efficiency
>>5983 Here, ot's very common to just dry wipe and not use water. I don't know for others parts in Europe but for a (non muslim) frog it always sounds "strange" to use water to clean the butthole.
(91.19 KB 722x976 Dd6r2CtVAAAUAgz.jpg)

(1.55 MB 1231x865 ynz5gkibnxt51.png)

[DOOM]ANNIE, You've been hit by, you've been hit by A smooth criminal[/DOOM]
(53.71 KB 506x500 sesh.jpg)

(64.95 KB 600x754 tesh.jpg)

(66.12 KB 600x450 DqmjRu5X4AEHwTf.jpeg.jpg)

(42.60 KB 524x400 1465820013115.jpg)

I'm dead
checking in. g2g ttyl bb
(265.08 KB 2005x2005 he cute.jpg)

>>6043 sorry to hear that. RIP
(41.03 KB 220x278 PolPotThisMan.jpg)

(909.71 KB 1214x1439 robot.jpg)

>ITT Signs of Life Implying I'm not a bot.
(98.51 KB 793x841 attention.jpg)

>>6145 >punch in thisman.org does not exist. you have my attention. i may have thisman related dreams in my future.
(149.62 KB 360x450 Funnybot.png)

>>6149 >bot or not ive seen the bot posts here. i would have placed you in the quarantine thread by now:)
(654.78 KB 2118x1440 Bots-Everywhere.jpg)

>>6155 Maybe I'm a last bot with a powerful AI capable of impersonating perfectly human behavior at the point I'm wondering if I'm real or not. Maybe I'm the only human on the internets and everyone I'm talking with is a bot. Now prove me YOU're not a bot! those schizo moments
(331.47 KB 600x784 peter griffin.png)

>>6159 >proof The word “revolution” denotes abrupt and radical change. Revolutions have occurred throughout history when new technologies and novel ways of perceiving the world trigger a profound change in economic systems and social structures. Given that history is used as a frame of reference, the abruptness of these changes may take years to unfold. The first profound shift in our way of living—the transition from foraging to farming—happened around 10,000 years ago and was made possible by the domestication of animals. The agrarian revolution combined the efforts of animals with those of humans for the purpose of production, transportation and communication. Little by little, food production improved, spurring population growth and enabling larger human settlements. This eventually led to urbanization and the rise of cities. The agrarian revolution was followed by a series of industrial revolutions that began in the second half of the 18th century. These marked the transition from muscle power to mechanical power, evolving to where today, with the fourth industrial revolution, enhanced cognitive power is augmenting human production. The first industrial revolution spanned from about 1760 to around 1840. Triggered by the construction of railroads and the invention of the steam engine, it ushered in mechanical production. The second industrial revolution, which started in the late 19th century and into the early 20th century, made mass production possible, fostered by the advent of electricity and the assembly line. The third industrial revolution began in the 1960s. It is usually called the computer or digital revolution because it was catalyzed by the development of semiconductors, mainframe computing (1960s), personal computing (1970s and ’80s) and the internet (1990s). Mindful of the various definitions and academic arguments used to describe the first three industrial revolutions, I believe that today we are at the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution. It began at the turn of this century and builds on the digital revolution. It is characterized by a much more ubiquitous and mobile internet, by smaller and more powerful sensors that have become cheaper, and by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital technologies that have computer hardware, software and networks at their core are not new, but in a break with the third industrial revolution, they are becoming more sophisticated and integrated and are, as a result, transforming societies and the global economy. This is the reason why Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee have famously referred to this period as “the second machine age,”2 the title of their 2014 book, stating that the world is at an inflection point where the effect of these digital technologies will manifest with “full force” through automation and and the making of “unprecedented things.” In Germany, there are discussions about “Industry 4.0,” a term coined at the Hannover Fair in 2011 to describe how this will revolutionize the organization of global value chains. By enabling “smart factories,” the fourth industrial revolution creates a world in which virtual and physical systems of manufacturing globally cooperate with each other in a flexible way. This enables the absolute customization of products and the creation of new operating models. The fourth industrial revolution, however, is not only about smart and connected machines and systems. Its scope is much wider. Occurring simultaneously are waves of further breakthroughs in areas ranging from gene sequencing to nanotechnology, from renewables to quantum computing. It is the fusion of these technologies and their interaction across the physical, digital and biological domains that make the fourth industrial revolution fundamentally different from previous revolutions. In this revolution, emerging technologies and broad-based innovation are diffusing much faster and more widely than in previous ones, which continue to unfold in some parts of the world. This second industrial revolution has yet to be fully experienced by 17% of world, as nearly 1.3 billion people still lack access to electricity. This is also true for the third industrial revolution, with more than half of the world’s population, 4 billion people, most of whom live in the developing world, lacking internet access. The spindle (the hallmark of the first industrial revolution) took almost 120 years to spread outside of Europe. By contrast, the internet permeated across the globe in less than a decade. Still valid today is the lesson from the first industrial revolution—that the extent to which society embraces technological innovation is a major determinant of progress. The government and public institutions, as well as the private sector, need to do their part, but it is also essential that citizens see the long-term benefits. I am convinced that the fourth industrial revolution will be every bit as powerful, impactful and historically important as the previous three. However, I have two primary concerns about factors that may limit the potential of the fourth industrial revolution to be effectively and cohesively realized. First, I feel that the required levels of leadership and understanding of the changes under way, across all sectors, are low when contrasted with the need to rethink our economic, social and political systems to respond to the fourth industrial revolution. As a result, both at the national and global levels, the requisite institutional framework to govern the diffusion of innovation and mitigate the disruption is inadequate at best and, at worst, absent altogether. Second, the world lacks a consistent, positive and common narrative that outlines the opportunities and challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, a narrative that is essential if we are to empower a diverse set of individuals and communities and avoid a popular backlash against the fundamental changes under way.
(273.74 KB 339x369 High priestess.png)

>>6160 Exactly what a well programmed bot would say. >not convinced. Pretty enlightened tho.
(457.66 KB 1024x1024 WheredIGetThisBoot.png)

>signs of life >this time of year. Not for long, I'm afraid. ...you should be, too.
(62.73 KB 404x404 not a bot.jpg)

>>6161 here's my last attempt: >sticky note w/date >my hair goop >my foof spray >my tobacco substitute >my favourite manga >resized to 404px >filename Not a Bot
(138.90 KB 404x404 404_not a bot.jpg)

>>6165 AI generated image. The more you try to justify, the more I think you're a bot. Anyway to prove I'm not ME, a bot here we go. >a shitty drawing I made. >my pipe. >resized. >named. >certified in the exif metadatas. >took with my potato phone to add more humanity.
(42.88 KB 657x527 1582219395127.jpg)

>>6166 you got me, im a bot. in truth, im a cool robot that hangs out on obscure image boards that also doesnt advertise anything. i dont share links or promote anything whatsoever. yeah, im a pretty cool robot. t.bot net
(68.29 KB 600x900 robotfren.jpeg)

>>6167 It's ok, cool robots are cool. We all need a robot friend.
(90.55 KB 1276x720 fats.jpg)

made a few posts already, cuz thats what i liek to do. gotta run some errands and find lunch somewhere. it's 47 degrees outside. i almost completely stopped exercising outside due to the in-climate weather and most likely going to eat something unhealthy. fuck it. *inserts motivational picture*
(280.90 KB 421x421 sadfrog realistic.png)

checking in, gotta long day ahead of me. lots of errands, on such a beautiful day too! sun is shining on this crisp 47°F day. be back later:) t. BO
(62.13 KB 720x540 EJnY6MVVUAYE3cV.jpeg)

(120.71 KB 700x693 saucisse.jpg)

PSSST ! Hey kids ! Wanna see my sausage ?
>>6394 sorry but my mom said not to take sausages from strangers
>>6395 Hey I never told I will give you my sausage. You just have the right to watch it.
im alive
>>6416 Cool bro. Me to. Let's be alive together.
(50.62 KB 720x532 dinosoy.jpg)

(23.61 KB 404x540 1467188929432.jpg)

(88.41 KB 432x493 kubrick_on_hitler.jpg)

happy halloween, be safe out there. use protection
(32.28 KB 450x559 gay.jpg)

(40.29 KB 678x345 Sans titre.png)

>>6566 >gay.jpg >implying I'm a him
(114.35 KB 316x193 woah.gif)

>>6569 >implying I'm a him wooooaaahhh. you're a dude:)
(152.32 KB 544x380 not a man.png)

>>6575 I don't see what makes you think I am a dude.
(5.94 KB 236x214 brainlet.jpg)

>>6580 call it a hunch and that's all i have to work with. you are good at playing this game. you almost had me convinced i was a robot. so debating you would prove to be a fruitless endeavor (((tbh))) t. definitely not a robot who is talking to a dude
(583.10 KB 1920x1080 E D G Y W A V E.jpg)

>>6583 In fact I think everyone on internets are bots. https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/ There is even great chances we live in some sort of computer generated simulation so I don't even really exist. That's why i could not be a guy, a dude nor even a madam. Just a program simulating a parody of human being. https://www.mdpi.com/2218-1997/6/8/109
(117.60 KB 1129x1200 brainlet.jpg)

>>6600 WOOOAAHH!!!
(37.39 KB 800x450 nooo.jpeg)

>tfw too intelligent to live in this simulated world.
(1.34 MB 255x255 1635535500935.gif)

(37.03 KB 657x527 1554174527228.png)

>>6625 lol!
(1.55 MB 1392x1389 insufferable competition.png)

checking in. i am alive.
I came here to kill time. It is dead now.
This is not a post.
(340.51 KB 421x507 china.png)

>>6800 better luck next time frendo! >>6802 great now im craving sideways pussy!
(205.97 KB 861x848 apu mobile.jpg)

checking in. ive been cheating on this board with candy crush saga. havent played candy crush in 8 years and now its back in my life. i feel nothing but shame and yet i cant help myself.
(9.25 MB 1280x720 katanasankari.webm)

im waiting
>>6822 still playing candy crush. havent made a microtransaction yet. might get hacked version when i reach that point. HATE MYSELF
>>6834 Autism: The Cause Of, And Solution To, Life's Little Problems
(197.30 KB 600x899 supreme fedora.jpg)

(8.69 MB 560x320 grand theft auto.mp4)

>>6550 >use protection You don't gotta worry about me fren but thanks non the less. I've got all the protection I need right here.
(491.05 KB 224x128 GTA rollercoaster.mp4)

>>6945 I thought it was going to coincide with blacks being brought to the Americas as slaves because, well, you know...
>>6949 HOLY HECK A LIVE ONE HERE!!! Hows it going Big Heil?
what a world
(9.51 MB 628x354 lilja4ever.webm)

checking in
(23.30 KB 474x378 apu banana.jpg)

checking in. on break. be back later for dumps:)
i never know what to say
>>7160 me to. >me >EVERY TIME YOU SEE THIS THREAD DROP A POST >meh. Thread seen ovar 9000 times. Replied 6 or7 times (penis less). Post dropped.
(86.09 KB 700x848 1637350010636.jpg)

great news today. taking the night off. Happy Friday
>>7195 >inb4 the Soros-provided bricks are used to destroy an entire city Seriously, look it up at whatever source you trust. There are pallets of brick being mysteriously left all over the city and they were also unloaded at the original Kenosha riot and at other chimpouts.
(161.30 KB 960x903 5d09273620025.image.jpg)

>>6928 *bead Man blocks your path What do you do?
(89.48 KB 302x221 transformersswindle.jpg)

>>7198 Transform 360° and rollllll out!
(64.58 KB 640x796 1635276526439.jpg)

checking in. busy weekend! still going. plus im getting sucked back into candy crush so thats awful. image board game is suffering:) t.be back in the swing of things tomorrow-ish
>>7242 >Fuckin' time-travelling Buzz movie
(384.07 KB 600x341 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.11 MB 884x1164 life.png)

>>7481 I prefer video games.
>>7480 ayyyyyy! nice to see you sniffing around:)
(480.87 KB 1035x1207 rave horse.png)

>>7482 would fugg her horse pussy right there in the arcade
>>7482 >>7485 GOD I LOVE PONY PUSSY
>>7482 Got milk?
>>7498 that cow is so chill I'd fugg her too
(5.06 MB 1280x720 CadencesDances.webm)

(345.97 KB 520x350 teats.png)

>>7486 >>7485 it's pretty good. >>7498 it's nearby.
(522.40 KB 992x1403 Got Meilk.jpg)

I'm a simple man. I prefer female human titties.
(76.61 KB 814x960 elephallus.jpg)

>>7524 im with you, same race and species. 3D is Best
(5.23 MB 368x360 Common Core is Evil.mp4)

(424.05 KB 1920x1920 Be Dana.jpg)

>>7528 The absolute state of muh empowered woman. >sort of hippie because muh liberal >travel to Africa because muh humanity >take a selfie with a big elephant dick because muh dicks >>4499 That was my contribution.
(466.80 KB 973x654 fuckingbooks.png)

I am alive today but some day I will not be.
(1.56 MB 1280x720 japan I want to die.mp4)

(73.96 KB 645x767 meme34.jfif)

I post something just to reach the >7777
>>7626 Floor Bored Will not Die. ... Be floor board.
(138.29 KB 963x836 trollt.png)

>>7771 It has been reached.
(141.45 KB 800x800 summer fag.jpg)

i cant keep my eyes open. work is gay. the weather is cold. the daylight is scarce. <tfw not summer forever
(265.41 KB 900x900 unnamed (copie 1).jpg)

>>7778 Yeah was pretty uninspired to reach it. GG >>7777
(1022.64 KB 400x400 cat eating.mp4)

(26.47 KB 260x395 Omarliberaltoughchoice.jpg)

(74.22 KB 500x644 muslim & gay.jpg)

(3.31 MB 640x360 isis_anime.webm)

(723.53 KB 644x451 ClipboardImage (4).png)

no life detected
(65.43 KB 720x707 keeping it 100.jpg)

(166.79 KB 500x474 santa.jpg)

checking in. working stupid amounts of overtime. lets say its that time of the year. woof and oof.
(5.73 MB 480x320 gay fat violent dykes.webm)

(7.64 MB 480x720 gaystaketherainbowdown.webm)

(413.22 KB 391x358 QC NOT AGAIN!.PNG)

(614.07 KB 360x640 ricky SHUT UP, CRIPPLE!.mp4)

>>8400 We're doing this here and now.
>>8401 Please let this happen, Lord.
(120.67 KB 1080x1035 739467.jpg)

>>8402 I'm begging you.
(32.23 KB 460x532 743349.jpg)

(30.53 KB 306x423 manlouie1.jpg)

>>8404 Thank you, based Jesus!
(202.61 KB 647x605 unknown.png)

>>8404 >all ok, until the next 404:)
(199.10 KB 332x375 fuck saucy version.png)

fuck is back!
(279.14 KB 300x577 frog pepe strut.gif)

>>8411 FUCK
(49.12 KB 600x600 frog pepe no mercy here.jpg)

>>8410 >ok, until the next 404:) Fair is fair. I still can't believe I got the get for the next thousand messages. I figured it would be someone else who'd demand that the word "the" be filtered to "bum strangulation" or similar. Anyway, thanks for being a BO of honor, not a yak-molestor like the /co/ dick.
(114.15 KB 1125x1126 brother theresa.jpg)

>>8422 >bum strangulation replacing the pffft! good god!
(255.86 KB 350x197 rubbinghandsdebbil.gif)

>>8423 Man, that would just end the whole thing, wouldn't it?
(564.47 KB 1076x1522 infant bride.jpg)

new name is babylover greetings from /b/
(62.78 KB 1080x554 detected.jpg)

>>8444 hello (((officer))). Baby Lover it is.
(144.48 KB 1311x1587 cutest baby.png)

>>8445 test
(202.77 KB 1200x1200 abdl.jpg)

>>8446 try it now.
(94.26 KB 1000x1000 teddy tot.jpg)

>>8447 good ty
(54.36 KB 460x628 pepe hang.jpg)

>>8448 no problem. we used to have a resident pony poster here so bizarre niches are tolerated. might have to check the global rules on these drawings, but the namesake will stay.
(33.98 KB 221x228 professional.jpg)

>>8450 >>>/tot/ is an entire board
(931.18 KB 1234x1236 ClipboardImage-1640592836.png)

>>8451 ah, thanks for that fren. <the rules are vague (((tbh))) t. BO
(1.66 MB 10000x10000 1407985578745.jpg)

>>8452 >>8453 Jokes on both of you I'm a massive ponyfag too since 2011.
(7.01 MB 426x240 pony_boy.mp4)

>>8453 thanks for checking in! >>8454 looks like we have 2 now:^)
(3.23 MB 1280x720 bébé satan.mp4)

(7.58 KB 272x185 agrougrou.jfif)

(32.19 KB 349x500 EvilBabies.jfif)

How could you monsters love babies, they are devilish entities sent on earth by Satan himself. Look at this based priest beating the shit out of this evil baby for the good of all of us. Babies must be eradicated.
>>8469 Jokes aside fuck this old piece of crap for beating a baby. I'm ok with you /tot/bros and ponyfags to, just not my kind of fetishes. At least pony34 may be funny. Todlercon is just a nope for me. I may enjoy some lolis from time to time tho.
(29.47 KB 737x709 bird shit.jpg)

>>8444 >greetings from /b/ I guess it was inevitable, but it's a shame. I liked having a containment board for people who aren't pedos.
>>8469 cute devil baby >>8476 perhaps you could go back to fagbook you newnigger
(30.77 KB 331x473 all smiles.jpg)

(2.00 MB 3024x4032 IMG_0395.JPG)

I broke a $38 bong, $80 bong and just fucked up my bowl on my remaining $40 bong in the past 6 months. I don't know how the bowl happened still..
>>8502 Those fingernails. >disgusting
(128.95 KB 277x223 etstoner.PNG.png)

>>8504 >fingy nails stoners keep em long for one reason or another. i heard its best to keep at least one finernail long to scrap resin out of the bowl for future consumption. thats what ive heard anyhow.
(98.75 KB 604x604 finganaail.png)

(21.47 KB 458x458 pipe-cleaner.jfif)

>>8513 When I was a stoner (younger) I used a gingernail scissors (ironic isn't it?) to cut my weed and because I'm still a pipe smoker (only tobacco now, sometimes but rarely some herbs) I use a dedicated tool to scrap and clean my pipes. I always hated longs fingernails, even on women.
(154.27 KB 374x350 Screenshot.png)

Disclaimer: you will make fun of me and question my taste, sexuality, and IQ levels. That's fine, I won't take it personally. I'd do the same in your position. So I've been listening to a jewtuber called Mark Narrations, lately, when I've been gaming. He does the usual reading of plebbit AITA threads, which can be either satisfying or enraging, depending on the plebbitor's retardation level. The guy's got a good voice for listening to, and a ton of back catalog, so it's mostly pleasant. I like listening to people with nice voices tell me horrifying stories of humanity's many failings because some of them make mine look small in comparison. Also, and I'm sad to admit it, a lot of these people end up going "no contact" with their family and I envy that. But every once in awhile, one of his opinions is just so CY+7 that I ragequit the video and try to find a new one that won't make me want to travel to England and kick him in the gooch. If it involves faggotry/transfaggotry on any level, he almost always sides with the fag, regardless of whether or not they deserve anyone in their corner. >"And that's going t'be a 'you're the arsehole' from me! Catching your teenager fucking a 50-year-old man in the ass is absolutely normal and his dad throwin' 'im out on the street is just unbelievable in this day an' age! But let's hear from some of the commenters of Reddit who are also virtue-signalling cucks and perverts..."
>>8524 any good ones? not sure if what i watched is the norm. i would sleep to it tho. calm, relaxing voice. god ribbit is terrible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPRQ5yirn2o&list=RDCMUCcmyNcmduQbuDrHxpL_3ojw&index=14
(2.94 MB 1280x676 Ay doko.mp4)

>post dropped
(1.99 MB 854x480 russia jump 2.webm)

(1.91 MB 576x1024 VID_20211231_212233_545.mp4)

(5.15 MB 1440x1080 twerk sex.mp4)

(8.84 KB 251x242 frogseriously.jpg)

>>8534 > ribbit is terrible. They really are. I like listening to these types of stories, but I can't get over how stupid some of them are, the virtue signalling cucks. >nurse writes in >"AITA because I called a co-worker unprofessional?" >works in old folk's home >taking trainee around >one of the patients is a violent schizophrenic who has mobility problems >old lunatic keeps hitting on her >she tells him no but is uncomfortable >finds out at lunch that the retarded trainee kept telling him to "shoot his shot" when he found out Grandpa Schizo desired her >argument ensues, staff splitting into two camps about whether that was dangerous or just a stupid joke >mfw the old bastard might be playing possum or might have a "good day" where he actually hurts the nurse, and this little faggot is seriously endangering her for the lulz Plebbit's response? Message after message screeching about "fostering an environment of sexual harassment in the workplace." Listen, you stupid legbeards, if a legit dangerous schizo gets a hold of her, she'll be lucky if she still has breasts without bitemarks at the end of it.
(2.98 MB 450x720 demon cat.mp4)

>Me >simple man >see thread >drop post
(521.18 KB 1600x2264 selena_by_magnaluna-dc01jke.jpg)

Not ded yet
(3.69 MB 600x338 1429963597060.webm)

>>8604 good:3
(112.26 KB 609x571 baby wife.jpg)

(967.43 KB 476x268 amongoose.mp4)

>>8656 No.
>>8658 yes
>>8672 Kill yourself
i'm sick, can't sleep and bored as fucj
(396.55 KB 402x476 marvel howard the duck.png)

>>8675 I'm sick, can't sleep, and my elderly parents are demanding I take them to the dentist in -39°C tomorrow AM. Fucking lungs are already full of nose-cum and now I'm going to get pneumonia. Serve them and my younger brother right if I died.
(756.79 KB 1198x1200 baitohshitnigga.png)

>>8674 ok then
>>8680 cool have a good one
(106.35 KB 1275x1650 qc mspaint you and me.png)

>>6143 >Clarence
(3.80 MB 480x848 Gotta go fat.webm)

(16.63 KB 480x318 laugh john cena.jpg)

>>8761 >that filename >that speedwalking, tho
>>8524 >>8534 Took me forever to find this post. If anyone cares, I have officially deleted the bookmark for Mark Narrations. The lad is an absolute spastic, moist vagina of a male feminist, and I'm out. He only picks stupid femcel comments to read and his whole attitude leads me to believe that he rocking only half a testicle. I'm trying this gal, currently. Her accent is slight, but kind of fun, and she doesn't actually make any comments herself. https://www.youtube.com/c/GCRedditStories/videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KCTrOqZgFQ
I'm drunk as shit Checking in For some reason on my browser I can't post on this site unless I disable javascript
(5.89 MB 640x360 coomer leonard cohen.mp4)

On day 15 of No Nut January. My secret is that, when I get that feeling, I wait ten more minutes and it suddenly turns into a raging desire to urinate... which feels awesome enough to completely sublimate the urge for awhile.
(15.52 KB 399x400 1540457379904-0.jpg)

>>8868 >javashit meh, thats kinda shitty since stephy boi uses javascript for some of his icons.
(42.19 KB 450x613 time-to-fap_o_1595297.jpg)

>>8875 >no nut seems noble and just as unhealthy as the people that nut themselves straight into erectile dysfunction
(89.41 KB 539x562 futurings.jpg)

>>8875 >On day 15 of No Nut January >01/09/2022 (Sun)
(4.14 MB 600x375 man auto wank.gif)

>>8898 I started in late December, but "No Nut Late December Through January And Possibly Beyond" didn't have the same ring to it. Failed this afternoon
(796.94 KB 640x360 darksouls feet.mp4)

>>8897 >seems noble and just as unhealthy as the people that nut themselves straight into erectile dysfunction I don't know what to do, anymore. My dad got prostate cancer and the literally cored it out like an apple and he can't hold his bladder, anymore. I'm afraid to keep too much jizz in the holding tanks. On the other hand, I also don't want to end up like those poor bastards who keep chasing the dragon with silicone breasts, going for weirder and weirder faps until they're actively searching for transsexual underage necrophile porn. I'm trying to achieve balance and only do it when I absolutely have to. Plus I'm getting so sick and tired of the way the streaming sites are pushing blacks on white girls and incest. I like mature women and younger women, but instead of just pairing them up, they put a dick-wilting "disclaimer" up and then proceed with >"Mom, I'm in love with an older woman!" >"Oh, honey, I'm so glad you felt you could come to me with this!" >"It's you, mom." >"Oh, uh..." >"This is making you uncomfortable. I shall leave." >"NO! RUB MY GENITALS!" So I'm trying to return to my more resourceful youth and go with static pictures instead of watching vids that include horrors like eating ass, spitting on one's partner's junk, and other things that take me out of it.
(11.83 KB 250x225 911.jpg)

>>8910 >>8911 dog bless
(860.23 KB 320x240 batmanjetfuel.gif)

>>8913 >>8911 Huh. I didn't even know we had a NEVAR FORGAT counter.
(193.52 KB 1600x1000 712phHSYG3S.jpg)

>>8936 >Bigfoot fan Nice. May the great wood ape protect you and yours, brother.
(662.08 KB 1276x1276 sascrotch.jpg)

>>8936 uwu
(18.69 KB 640x478 sex panther.webp)

>>8936 >>8953 >>8955 >bigfoot <pick related is all i can think of tell me im not alone on this
(1.19 MB 2500x2000 donkeyvector.png)

I have a VPN now. This is actually ... about the same as usual, experientially. But existentially much better.
(19.89 KB 263x250 1584452641555.jpg)

I don't know

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