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(300.76 KB 637x670 kot demands post.png)

Lil Autist 09/02/2021 (Thu) 22:45:55 No. 4499
(121.02 KB 1024x768 FurryStill-K-.jpg)

>tests for life this kills the poster
(322.26 KB 640x640 pepper on a cliff.mp4)

(4.42 MB 640x317 _1415_11.gif)

(69.08 KB 720x960 2hql9a7wzq8z.jpg)

(153.68 KB 700x615 7eu7prhv388z.png)

(103.15 KB 1200x800 86.jpg)

(47.81 KB 565x424 Pablo-Escobar.jpg)

(89.55 KB 600x488 xfig fabliaux1.jpg)

(54.62 KB 500x329 o4oj5sePaK1ujgq8ro1.jpg)

(63.65 KB 500x280 1-lego-minifig-babies.jpg)

(180.25 KB 960x940 1577557429475.jpg)

(239.26 KB 759x1024 C52XbgLXMAEAmIY.jpg)

(49.96 KB 640x539 ke21c3pprp201.jpg)

Bored pony, ponying in.
New name dysnomia
>>4555 you bet!
>>4556 How does one play swf files now since flash is ded? I tried an app on chrome and only the audio will work.
(159.91 KB 640x640 hrosss.jpg)

>>4558 SEE >>3490 its what i use now that my plug-in no longer exists.
(499.15 KB 442x442 1630105034863.png)

(514.98 KB 650x486 1435274860683.png)

>>4560 Wine doesn't seem to like this program. Thanks though, I'll keep it for a future win installation.
(34.35 KB 720x717 pidbull.jpg)

(121.23 KB 2000x2000 dysnomia's pizza.png)

(2.63 MB 1768x2164 dysnomias pizza.png)

(341.94 KB 640x827 dysnomias pizza 2.jpg)

(2.52 MB 4000x3000 dysnomias pizza 3.jpg)

>>4555 >New Name whatever happened to him after he gave up his tripcode and 8ch.net seppuku'd itself?
Edited last time by 404 on 09/04/2021 (Sat) 02:57:40.
I put a framed pic of this in my room and a normal person friend saw it and told me he wants to fuck a girl that looks like that.
>>4564 gnash? lightspark? https www pcworld com/article/250784/for_flash_on_linux_there_are_open_player_alternatives.html
(53.91 KB 255x255 1433926027236.png)

>>4575 >gnash? lightspark? Trying them now.
Motherfuck... gnash is no
(156.71 KB 850x1264 r9k-5.jpg)

(9.66 KB 770x440 proxy-image.jfif)

>>4564 Linuxtard here. Ruffle is ok tho but not all .swf files work. Still under construction but keep an eye on it. https://ruffle.rs/ >>4499 >EVERY TIME YOU SEE THIS THREAD DROP A POST This is my post.
(7.77 KB 307x164 nuwaupians.jpg)

(55.49 KB 720x720 1574217930449.jpg)

(37.30 KB 604x402 original.jpg)

(55.95 KB 540x690 53f.jpg)

>>4584 >This is my post. thanks! i just came back from a labor day outing. i always wind up eating less food at back yard BBQs. something about uncovered food resting in the sun with many hands scooping at it has always been a turn off. i have thoughts about taking a nap or just retiring early. pretty worn out from standing and having forced "light-hearted" conversations with relatives. >Linuxtard is it all its cracked to be? is it better/safer than windows from a technological point of view? or is it, more or less, about being non-proprietary? t. Wintard
>>4584 Lightspark has worked on everything I tried it with fam. t. fellow linuxtard
(959.11 KB 850x1145 ClipboardImage.png)

tongue my anus
>>4596 How goes it cartoon boy?
(173.86 KB 1100x1100 1613700365329.jpg)

this is my 2nd post on this thread now :D
(9.67 MB 720x1280 crossbow.mp4)

is this printed?
(531.67 KB 720x669 Melzargard.png)

>>4600 >2nd post that is good
Hi ?????
>>4563 so was this where Osama was hiding the whole time?
(1.97 MB 640x480 Life in the 90's.mp4)

(931.00 KB 742x527 barack osama.png)

>>4614 you guessed it, he was baracks adopted 3rd daughter.
(793.56 KB 828x936 saints row 2.png)

(1.35 MB 1920x1080 404.png)

>>4590 is it better/safer than windows from a technological point of view? I used Windows systems a lot by the past, from 95 to 7 but when they announced Windows 10 I didn't liked it so I looked for alternatives. I used Lubuntu (Ubuntu + Lxde at that time) and now I use Mint. Mint is pretty comfy and easy to use when you grew up using Windows. Someone would prefer Linux systems mostly for ethical reason, open, free and you have TOTAL controlover your system. I can't tell about vidyas cause I play a very few games and they run OK on Linux. It tends to evolve in the right way for Linux gamers. >>4591 Gonna try it, Ruffle was just a suggestion. Still worth it tbh.
(1.41 MB 1735x997 weird doggo.png)

>>4602 It seems, look on the desk in the background.
(92.73 KB 663x822 Safety1st.jpg)

(135.75 KB 720x720 thiscursedholiday.jpg)

Cleanliness is next to ... wait. I need to fix something, don't I?
(1.99 MB 1450x1080 ClipboardImage-1627278032.png)

>>4635 nice screen greeting! i think maybe ill go linux for next gombuter. too scary, thinking about switching OS with all the stuff i have on it now. im taking all the suggestions in, thanks!
(182.93 KB 500x506 uuuu.png)

>>4636 yeah, thats what made me ask. ive never seen anything printed irl. just looked like he bought a nerf gun for psychopaths tbh >upon further lookening the identical plastic color should have removed all doubt. looks like fun for a day.
(340.13 KB 500x348 agravcats.gif)

(226.91 KB 1170x601 TooMuchKbd.jpg)

(495.93 KB 800x600 Cowproof1.jpg)

>>4635 oddly I *used* to use linux (gentoo) but then upstream devs broke my vm at work and they kinda warned people but there was never a reasonable reason for demanding rootfs tarballs just because I had partitions and I also felt they didn't really communicate the part where THIS WILL BREAK YOUR COMPUTER so I got mad and left. Have been running cracked versions of Windows server for the last several years. Might continue, might go back. The BSDs are too stuck up and are all built around the "This is a complete system" arrogance. So if you want something they didn't provide, and you don't have the time+energy+skill to build your own OS pretty much from scratch, you can just toss out the idea that any of the BSDs will let you shoehorn in the software or config choices you were hoping to rely on. Also, Hi! And goodnight, all!
(312.90 KB 1508x1932 win10 vs linux woj.jpg)

>>4671 so if i want linux i SHOULD buy a hobby gombuter. SEE >>4651 that was my concern and (You) confirmed it. i dont want to fug up my current pc. ill wait and dive into linux later. i think some laptops come with linux pre-installed, but i no like laptops. https://youtu.be/FGXpwh8WyFM
(298.08 KB 1478x1109 ServerSlice.jpg)

>>4691 there's always virtual machines. if that breaks you just delete the file and make a new one. Extremely minimal hardware budget
(23.46 KB 352x550 198100779-352-k402950.jpg)

(79.14 KB 1536x2048 no-face-chihiro.webp)

(3.79 MB 480x360 videoplayback.mp4)

rewatching spirited away on dvd. >the intro by pixar executive blowjob what a soulless money grab by disney. you can see the contempt that miyazaki has for this faggot. although, he is just as guilty for being a sellout. still a great movie tbh <vid related
>>4499 >EVERY TIME YOU SEE THIS THREAD DROP A POST Not this time bad kot, I will not fail for this as easily. >>4671 I try to use BSD but man you have to understand what you'reb doing. Always stuck after a fresh install + Xfce DM the things goes shit. >>4691 Friendly Linux distros like *buntu and derivatives will not break your computer. And if you try something more esoteric like Gentoo and you're not happy with it just reinstall it or try another distro. You can always save your precious datas on an external disk tbh.
(161.15 KB 1280x720 me if i was a girl.jpg)

>>4691 Man, I know there are PLENTY of Linux vids on youtube made by some pakis but this one with his shitty voice I want to beat the shit out of him rn. Xfce master race. All those fancy blingbling bright colorfull desktops consume the power of your machine and your power as a user. Keep it simple and functional damn.
>>4691 I'd suggest mint or an ubuntu variation (kubuntu or budgie if straight from windows/mac).
im alive and not sure what comes next
(40.65 KB 486x599 heaven.jpeg)

Heaven (Sorry I didn't find a painting of a normal dude going to heaven ,only of our savior ).
(114.70 KB 800x600 pepsi doggo.jpg)

>>4871 this is fucking amazing, absolutely saved!
>>4871 Yes, very nice. Saved. Pepsi®™ > Coca-Cola®™
>When Pepsi was the key to FTL all along
(119.97 KB 800x768 bruh.jpg)

(200.54 KB 853x854 i (1).jpg)

>>4499 I just saw it today!
>>4933 what?!
nice board
(8.55 KB 255x156 that post.png)

>>4948 thanks, stop by whenever!
(273.74 KB 339x369 high.png)

Man I have no idea what the hell I am doing here.
(122.92 KB 342x427 comment.jpg)

(69.93 KB 640x662 Patton2.jpg)

(83.73 KB 750x654 !.jpg)

(90.58 KB 584x1510 1553528542135.jpg)

(7.43 MB 1280x720 a.webm.720-1.mp4)

(4.67 MB 640x360 Kill Them with Kindness.mp4)

(3.11 MB 480x360 payformykids.webm)

>>5025 lol!

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