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(6.68 MB 512x342 Norm McDonald Polish.mp4)

Gaysorus Rex 09/15/2021 (Wed) 14:59:56 No. 4968
Comedian Norm Macdonald dies at 61 RIP NORM
>>4968 He really wasn't that funny. And I hear he was kind of a huge asshole in his later years, but that might have been because of the pain and suffering from the cancer so I'll give him a break on that one. I think the only thing I really ever liked that he did was the movie dirty work, and it was more the concept of the movie. The execution was pretty lacking.
>>4970 his humor is deadpan. if you have no tolerance for deadpan humor, then norm was not for you. i liked his joke tbh
Fuck. Never even knew he was sick. Rest in Peace, Norm.
RIP the absolute legend. I try not to let celebrity deaths get to me but the man really was such a daring envelope-pushing comedian that his death means a blow to the boundaries of comedy itself right now. He was one of the few comedians to bring me to tears laughing, I enjoyed his completely retarded role as a pigeon in that Mike Tyson cartoon, and I'll probably steal his delivery and jokes a few years down the line. I'll see you in Hell, Norm.

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