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Ponies 09/30/2021 (Thu) 22:27:58 No. 5460
Sigma Male Thread its gained traction and most likely is dead already.
(3.19 MB 710x710 sigma grindset bucket.webm)

(540.95 KB 340x426 L8GTtqcBnlL0TgPE.mp4)

(3.43 MB 640x360 Sigma cat grindset.mp4)

(1.34 MB 640x640 VID_20210821_125209_847.mp4)

(2.20 MB 1024x576 VID_20210914_091946_437.mp4)

(3.11 MB 480x480 Sigma Male Grindset.mp4)

(11.58 MB 1280x720 BecomeSigma.mp4)

(29.56 KB 720x438 man emoji.jpg)

>>5460 Sigma balls
(3.71 MB 1920x1080 sigma v sauce.webm)

(1.59 MB 540x360 sigma male bullies jews.mp4)

(26.66 MB 1920x1080 sigma old man.mp4)

(49.28 KB 640x650 739922.jpg)

>>5460 Got a cousin in his mid-50s who first proudly announced he was an "incel," then switched to "MGTOW," finally coming out as a proud, non-ironic "Sigma male." I sometimes feel like killing myself because it's no longer the 80s.
trying again to TOR-post (no attachment)
(72.57 KB 700x525 JustWhyJapan.jpg)

>>7229 Trying again this time WITH attachment.
(220.71 KB 666x374 top kot.jpg)

>>7229 >>7230 you did it
(3.71 MB 800x450 sigma.webm)

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