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(1.22 MB 960x540 gun usa.webm)

(724.10 KB 500x399 gun clean.gif)

(2.74 MB 1280x720 gun control.webm)

(1.44 MB 296x370 gun_safety.webm)

(67.88 KB 756x960 gunpoint.jpg)

(3.08 MB 460x460 guns.webm)

(15.03 MB 640x360 Kermit_Gun.mp4)

(2.41 MB 460x416 Russian gunshop.mp4)

(1.19 MB 640x360 hes_gotta_gun.webm)

(3.93 MB 853x480 alex jones guns.webm)

(8.05 MB 640x350 isis_shotgun.mp4)

(11.10 MB 480x360 just have a gun.webm)

(1.23 MB 400x400 lol gun.webm)

(608.57 KB 234x426 pengun.mp4)

(3.96 MB 360x202 redneck_shotgun.webm)

(1.90 MB 400x224 this is a gun.mp4)

(3.83 MB 540x306 1636686285128.webm)

(3.32 MB 1280x720 1636767377325.webm)

(2.18 MB 640x360 1636771955472.webm)

(2.65 MB 432x240 putTheGunDown.webm)

(452.23 KB 432x240 putTheKnifeDown.webm)

(1.46 MB 432x240 putTheScrewdriverDown.webm)

(25.91 KB 720x438 apu gun.jpg)

new name
(69.27 KB 1024x655 apu shotgun.jpg)

Society Man
(1.75 MB 480x480 Gun - Leg lock time.webm)

(1.80 MB 1280x720 disloyal gun.webm)

(8.77 MB 1152x648 shovel buddies.mp4)

(139.48 KB 3438x725 AR15-BalefirePhoenix.jpg)

(24.55 KB 598x322 AR15-MoP_Emblem.jpg)

(90.33 KB 1200x533 SoManyMemes.jpg)

(405.14 KB 5613x1074 PoisedForLoading.jpg)

>>7049 Ah, yes. /k/ had a field day with that one. Speaking of guns /k/ hates,
(75.02 KB 562x680 homeboy.jpg)

>>7051 those seem like some shitty guns!
(287.32 KB 720x613 apu guns.jpg)

(15.40 MB 854x480 shots fired.mp4)

(244.25 KB 790x626 gun_kot.png)

(1.06 MB 360x640 headshot.webm)

>>7051 i never got into /k/ and i feel like i missed out on its hayday
(4.05 MB 1920x1080 16373090947160.mp4)

(8.93 MB 720x406 Hunt gestromt.webm)

(3.93 MB 853x480 15790583374071.webm)

(136.34 KB 600x458 cat gun.jpg)

(68.37 KB 600x350 how gun control works.jpg)

>>7178 Reminds me of this scene from the movie Der Todesking. >>7089 Lore ? Who's the asshole filming ? Who's the fat fag being filmed ? Why Americans do this ?
(36.98 KB 750x459 boogie vs frank hassle.jpg)

>>7184 >Who's the asshole filming ? Frank Hassle
(207.79 KB 1280x853 1636382665453.png)

Not Guilty
(284.94 KB 470x458 ClipboardImage.png)

(234.43 KB 400x224 cypher chimp.mp4)

>>7190 soon
(29.43 KB 250x280 jew shown.png)

(30.98 MB 1280x720 Big Shaq - Mans not hot.mp4)

>>7188 >Frank Hassle Looks like a complet dipshit tbh. >>7193 French talent here. No need to add monkey noises, just let a nigger trying to express himself with the language of the oppressor.
(3.32 MB 480x360 Gay Army Shooting.mp4)

>>7207 forgot about this retard.
>>7190 >CHIMP OUT It begins. Darrell Brooks aka Mathboi Fly seems to be angry and decided to take his SUV to do a strike in the crowd at the Christmas Parade of Waukesha, Wisconsin. I'm not sure if it's related to Rittenhouse trial but fuck niggers anyway
>>7258 Probably did it for "street cred" so he could sell his shitty "music"
>>7263 Latest I heard was, he was arguing with white supremacists about his being a black supremacist, the resulting argument resulted in a stabbing our driver$boi thought he might be construed as guilty since he own, had, and had operated the knife in question. So, fleeing the scene of the mutual aggressions he found himself in hostile territory, and feeling threatened by the crowd with bodily harm, simply fled with all due speed.
(120.19 KB 245x280 chimpout.gif)

>>7258 pfffft
(61.97 KB 1024x768 kinky.jpg)

(484.51 KB 721x821 ClipboardImage-1637818268.jpeg)

>>7258 >>7281 Are cars sentient beings?
>>7299 >Are cars sentient beings yes.
(2.96 MB 498x280 knight rider kitt.gif)

>>7309 there you go blaming sentient cars again, wowee thats racist!
(5.07 MB 500x750 KillerCars.gif)

>>7319 >>7319 well despite being 13% of the population ...
(62.91 KB 625x454 herbie the love bug.jpg)

>>7373 he a good boi
(348.15 KB 384x224 DESPITE.mp4)

>>7373 pffft
(38.35 KB 544x394 dropped my contact.jpg)

(51.79 KB 1280x720 8chan-GQ-2019-080619.jpg)

(67.52 KB 1200x680 monke gun.jpg)

>>7552 https://youtube.com/shorts/GPRDbSsNyF4?feature=share Hello! Did you know that you can cheaply and easily manufacture a permablinding laser weapon that will instantly blind targets at ridiculous ranges?
(144.52 KB 681x1024 shotgun_suicide.jpg)

>>7556 thats pretty cool. i mistakenly deleted your html comment this morning. i thought it was spam. feel free to repost it!
(3.96 MB 360x202 redneck_shotgun.webm)

(11.05 MB 406x720 talkshitgetshot.mp4)

(906.58 KB 480x480 brakka.mp4)

(16.14 MB 1920x1080 lol (1).mp4)

(6.56 MB 640x350 1639091894825-0.mp4)

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