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(3.90 MB 3872x2592 dNzRjkJBphDAkYSdddpgTo.jpg)

Thankanon 11/29/2021 (Mon) 11:21:48 No. 7411
Do you like instant noodles?
(2.33 MB 640x360 pucci_noodles.mp4)

i do
(350.06 KB 1500x1338 yakisoba.jpg)

<Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Instant Noodles are Best Noodles
>>7411 Yes. Sometimes when I'm too bored I eat them without cooking.
>>7416 that's hardcore. but understandable. i've nibbled at uncooked instant noodles before and it doesn't taste bad.
>>7419 > it doesn't taste bad. No it doesn't. I break them in the packeage, then open it and eat it like salted biscuits. When I was a kid, living in the ghetto; lots of kids used to do that.
(50.19 KB 520x356 justin noodlehair.jpg)

when your hair and noodles are nsync
(254.88 KB 720x400 japan can you kill me.png)

>>7412 Please fugging tell me that's a spoof and not an actual commercial for an actual product.
(45.41 KB 453x604 fatty final boss.jpg)

>>7411 >Do you like instant noodles? Yes, unfortunately. I like them far more than I should. Whenever possible, I try to add meat in with them so I can fool myself into believing I'm not just eating boiled deep-fried gluten.
(487.80 KB 1080x1130 lady dynamite.jpg)

>>7432 >Please fugging tell me that's a spoof Yes. an old one i hung onto
(85.05 KB 885x659 japan bringing the bantz.jpg)

>>7460 Thank the Lord for that. I know the Japs are a little crazy, but it's a craziness I've come to love.
(72.57 KB 700x525 JustWhyJapan.jpg)

(103.58 KB 843x1500 UmaMech.jpg)

>>7508 > I know the Japs are a little crazy, I apparently don't have the "keep it classy, nips" screen cap about the suicide bombing in Afghanistan, vs. London (anybody have it handy? Comparison was made with hotel room -- poop not cleaned from toilet, well. But poop not cleaned from dining room table? -problem.) >>7411 >instant I like ramen, but I usually eat the noodles like crackers, then later make a cup of broth to sip, from the flavoring packet
>>7517 >I like ramen, but I usually eat the noodles like crackers, then later make a cup of broth to sip, from the flavoring packet I cook the noodles, drain them, then put them back in the pot with the packet and swirl it around. On Thursday I added chicken and chopped carrots to it and it was delicious.
(37.14 KB 474x384 OIP.jpg)

>>7603 Me, again. If anyone wants to know the secret of carrots in the noodles, I wait until the very last minute on the timer and then carefully put them in. This cooks them but leave them crunchy, and they taste amazing with the chicken powder coating them and the noodles.
(496.74 KB 300x161 manstephenmerchant.gif)

>>9061 Still me. >Be still me >son has a cold >favorite comfort food is above pic >not a trace of them to be found due to rampant shortages due to flooding and other apocalyptic crap affecting the Vancouver docks >wife has looked everywhere >but she really hasn't, because I know a local drugstore that sells them in their tiny grocery section for $1.19 CAN each >that's grossly expensive for noodles, but in times of demand, I can forgive them the extra 30 cents per pack >arrive back home with 7 packages of the sinfully delicious chicken flavor >my son's face when he's about to indulge in a little of the ol' MSG poisoning
(124.25 KB 1200x1174 muppets kermit ramifications.jpg)

>>9085 STILL still me. This thread has driven me over the edge and I'm off to cook some noodles.
(260.44 KB 500x395 top kek.png)

>>9061 i buy these noodles specifically. they are in the asian aisle at my grocery store. definitely better than TOP RAMEN
(31.83 KB 600x600 kermit.jpg)

>>9092 that frog aint right
(213.09 KB 322x371 topkek.png)

>>9106 Nice try.
(133.09 KB 1200x902 top kek.jpg)

>>9129 Thank!
(147.17 KB 530x767 038.jpg)

>>9106 >top rer
(40.61 KB 474x503 topkek.jpg)

>>9139 perhaps
(58.23 KB 620x563 hell here's your ticket.jpg)

>>9136 >be me >open pic >Why the hell did he post gore of some poor girl hangi-- >see bag
(174.03 KB 480x480 911 kek.png)

>>9154 glad to be of service:)

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