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(2.66 MB 1076x1105 donut-man.png)
What Animu Are You Watching? Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:16:19 No. 10
As the title states, what animu are you guys watching? I started Tower of God and Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta, both are alright so far, I suppose.
>>10 Tower of God and Gleipnir, this season is fucking shit. Also spoil that shit you mad man
>>11 No. >Gleipnir What's that about? I haven't really been keeping up with this season's anime other than the two I'm watching.
>>12 A bit of horror, ecchi and action. Very well produced.
>>13 Might have to take a look at it, then. I'm down for horror anime.
>>15 It's more action than horror read the manga
(98.72 KB 960x720 vf1.jpg)
I'm rewatching the original Macross. It's good up to episode 27, but everything after is pure garbage. Also, fuck Kaifun
Hamefuri, Kaguya sama, Jashin chan and a couple of old shows. Dropped Kakushigoto, I feel I'm not Japanese enough to understand it.
>>17 It's that bad?
>>19 Yes, it's mostly very bad drama.
Marathoned Godannar and Gravion this past month. They were alright, but of the two, I liked Godannar more. I also read the Prison School manga all the way to the end. Never have I seen a main protag screw up so bad that it ended up breaking me for a few days.
Just started Armored Trooper VOTOMs, pretty cool but I wonder if the mech content is low.
To be honest, I don't watch any new stuff except Kaguya-sama because this season trash as fuck. I am watching Aoi Bungaku Series it is fucking great. Watching Death Parade as well, its good too.
>>65 I heard about the ending to Prison School and it made me never want to read it. I thought it was bad when that one gal manga suddenly had the class president get raped.
(156.23 KB 468x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Someone recommended Patlabor to me. Downloaded shit, but haven't started watching beyond the intro yet. Looks pretty good from the quick looks I made before downloading though.
(3.73 MB 720x405 wowowowowowowow.gif)
! AOTY is back after a month long hiatus! I thought it would be indefinite like Precure and I cried but they suddenly announced it would resume like 3 days ago and the latest episode is coming out in raw form now
>>12 A guy who turns into a living fursuit and this girl gets inside of him and fights for him.
>>112 The issue with the ending is that the set up was making it to be that it would be a good end, but the protag's vices got him at the end causing a bad end for the two girls and him. A redemption arc would have been great as it could have created a better story as the other side characters have changed throughout the manga, but the main protag never changed. There was also some loose ends that never got resolved such as the deal with the school principal. In the end, it was a rushed ending for the manga. Author looked like he was sick of working on Prison School and wanted to bail out of the contract with the publisher. A shame because the story was finally picking up after the dreaded cavalry arc.
>>10 Gleipnir, Kaguya sama, Ishuzoku Reviewers and Fruits Basket s2
>>10 Right now I'm thinking of giving Gundam ZZ another shot, but recently finished Granbelm. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, even if it's basically meguca with mechs. It helps that the mechs weren't CG at all.
(162.78 KB 900x587 rjrj (2).png)
Kaguya's and Mikoto's shows. Some nice anon recommended hibike euphoneum, so I'm going through that, too. Great, comfy shows.
(146.97 KB 392x471 touhou3.jpg)
>>122 ZZ is alright, but it wasn't as good as Zeta nor as memorable
(123.85 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Just finished all season of Minami-ke, incredible series. Now i have no idea what to watch, currently downloading Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, i will watch this, Fate Apocrypha or Kantai collection. I dont know why but i don't get enjoyment from anime like i did when i began watching, every show just feels the same, so ive been recently reading more manga. Give me some recoms if you know good romance, mystery or slice of life series.
(212.93 KB 1280x720 NO.webm)
>>1 >>10 UZAKI >>140 >Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni It's op1 is lit.
>>139 I like ZZ more than Zeta but feel Kamille is about on par with Judau for me.
Just watched Deca Dence. I both hate and love the MC, Kaburagi's a bro, and the robots pickaxing monster feces and drinking monster shit booze was amusing and hot
(316.39 KB 1005x1280 81kQ7tY6gNL._SL1280_.jpg)
Can anyone tell me if the Dunbine blu-ray release is good?
(446.17 KB 707x526 Untitled.png)
Went through the Project A-ko series for the first time in ages; it's hard to watch the fourth one now without yelling about the jews every half minute.
Was watching all of Digimon, but kind of stalled near the beginning of Xros Wars Season 3 on account of all of Xros Wars sucking pretty hard. Don't know why I went through the first two seasons, but I suppose since I watched almost everything else except Appmon, I might as well finish this. It doesn't suck as bad as Tri, anyway. The current Digimon Adventure series is alright. Way too slow to get any significant plot going, but the last few episodes, since they got to the first boss, have been pretty decent and actually getting me interested for the rest. Especially since it seems like the guy controlling Devimon was Millenniummon, and if he was speaking through Devimon, it's getting my hopes up for some top-tier autism where all the old stuff is canon and this might be the same Millenniummon from the WonderSwan games/Adventure 02.

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