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Tokusatsu General Thread Anonymous 09/14/2022 (Wed) 23:48:01 No. 1015
Since we have no /m/, this is the next best thing. Discuss all things tokusatsu past & present. The latest Kamen Rider entry, Kamen Rider Geats, has just started. Feel free to as how to get into the franchise as well as the best sub options available.
>>1015 Nice initiative. About Geat, repeating what I said on /v/: I like the fact that the main "hero" is an asshole. That makes him more human. I hate idealized tropes and prefer the more flawed, not much morals, asshole types of characters. I find the idealized one embarrassing. So, for me, it was a breath of fresh air. I just hope Ace doesn't fall into a idealized trope later on. As for the supporting cast, once again, they are just boring. For me, ever since Decade until Revice I find all the supporting cast straight up dull to the point that the shows would be better without them. The fact that such dull characters are all Kamen Riders in this show only made it worse. But overall, I am enjoying Geats for the action scenes, visual design and Ace.
(1.80 MB 640x360 1630506410991.mp4)

(5.87 MB 852x480 buffa poison charge.webm)

(5.87 MB 852x480 buffa poison charge.webm)

>>1016 The virtuous hero putting himself on the line for the sake of others has always been the thing with Kamen Rider. Even the ones in the past that have been more jerks or have done morally dubious things do step up. I'm just waiting for Geats to really do that beyond giving money to a kid for his treatment. But yeah like I said too, the supporting cast right now are flat. Keiwa is boring & dumb without initiative of his own while the e-girl Na-go is at least getting flesh out next episode. I do like Buffa though & wanna learn more about him. Probably because he's got the best suit & he isn't the protagonist so if he's an asshole then it's less conflicting to me.
(5.86 MB 852x480 buffa henshin.webm)

>>1017 Fucked up posting the same vid twice.
>>1017 Buffa and the other guy (the one who denies help all the time) are just the moody emo types. Those are the ones I hate the most. Even more than the idealized tropes. I hope that Toei eventually breaks off from the chains of casualization and familiarity. The ratings for tokusatsu have been falling, and aside from all other factors, a big one is that many shows all develop in the same way at some point, making them all feel the same. Even the Japanese are getting bored by it. So my hopes are that Ace truly becomes the first in a series of protagonists that completely abandon the formula and tropes. We need more Aces (as seem in this beginning) and less Yuusuke Godais/Kuugas.
(5.78 MB 852x480 baron banana henshin.webm)

>>1019 I like the abrasive rival character. Especially if they've got more to them under the surface. Dapan is probably a lot more sinister between the two. He'll either die or lose his magnum buckle though so Geats has half his main form again. The japanese fans are pretty hard to please sometimes. Apparently the reception to Revice is pretty mixed over there. I loved it though.
>>1020 I like the abrasive too. Not the moody emos. The ones that stay mostly silent, and are always moody and/or grumpy. Those are either boring or annoying. I would prefer someone more like Masato/Kaixa, from Faiz, than those two, who are always just posing and being moody just because writers are still figuring out what to do with them. >The Japanese fans are pretty hard to please sometimes. Not really. They are vocal about what they want. The companies are the ones being stubborn and not changing their ways to appease the audience. There is a "tug-of-war" between corporate suits and the audience, in Japan. The suits there are VERY ego driven, and they see carving to the audience's demands for change as "losing" the battle of wits. They want the audience to obey them. Not the other way around. Mostly because they fear giving power to the audience, and having the audience control their job in the future. Since there are now many different mediums, the audience can simply ignore the shows when their complaints aren't being heard, so now those suits are cornered between ceding power to the audience or risking losing everything due to boycotts and disinterest. >Apparently the reception to Revice is pretty mixed over there A thing that many people in the west try to dismiss, but it is actually a huge defying factor, is the first reaction to visual design. The reaction to Revice's initial form and color scheme was hugely negative. As were Decade's and Ex-Aid's. Pink (or magenta) are not mainly colors. Nobody sees a "hero" in pin armor and think that it is cool. And that goes double for the Japanese, that have a set opinion on what is cool and what isn't. And since the"looking cool" factor is one of the main attraction points of tokusatsu, the first impression being bad actually causes the audience to abandon the show even before it starts. As for me, I liked Revice when they started bashing the pro-vaccine insane freaks in their plot, making parallels between pro-vaxers being demons. But before that, the show was very tedious for me. With some parts being embarrassing (such as the tyranosaur form debut), to the point that I felt genuinely ashamed to watch it, and abandoned it, until I heard about the vaccine plot, and came back to watch it. In short: I liked Revice more due it's middle-to-end arcs than it's beginning and ending.
(1.22 MB 2054x3000 detail of heroes revi 2.jpg)

(996.93 KB 2032x3000 detail of heroes revi.jpg)

(159.53 KB 480x480 Vice dance.gif)

>>1021 Makes sense. Though they can't always do what they want so willy nilly when Kamen Rider's a franchise that hinges on sales of merchandise to keep going. If you piss off the audience then sales numbers drop. That's why there's still so much merch available at low prices for Saber. Only people that liked Saber unironically were China. It is a garish color scheme & an unfortunate association in the west with the tranny flag. I liked it though. Ex-Aid & Zi-O were pink too but I liked them. Maybe it's just something I'm not so used to that I was able to grow on them as they were airing. I'd say Saber & Geats are the only ones in recent memory that didn't hook me right away. Though with Saber, part of that is due to having no good subs. Vice is pretty divisive but I like him & all the silly moments of Revice. I used to hate Ghost because I couldn't stand the comedy being so in your face & childish. Part of why I'm not into Super Sentai too. But I watched Ghost to the end & ended up liking it. It's not great but wasn't as bad as I used to think.
>>1022 I actually skipped Saber completely. What was all about it that it got so much hate from everyone? As for pissing off the audience, sure. But the suits actually hate that reality. They want to control the audience. There was a debacle during Decade's production, due to the series' main producer being a flamboyant faggot that tried to turn everything into a gay "romance" show. It was his idea to use Magenta as a color scheme. And he explicitly stated that Diend and Decade were gay lovers. He was so concerned about all the faggotry, that he overlooked the whole celebration thing, and the show ended up the mess it was. There is even the cast "joking" about him on one of the short net movies. So, basically, the higher ups want to shut the audience up and do whatever they want. Thankfully, money and businesses don't work like that. About Revice's reaction, I should have specified, but I meant the Japanese audience's reaction. From what I gathered, Decade, Ex-Aid and Revice were the 3 shows that the Japanese reacted most negatively to the initial designs. To the point that those designs affected the ratings right from the start and never recovered after they fell more.towards the middle, on the 3 shows. Zi-O was more like quartz. Not actually pink, but a metallic light purple, combined with shades of black and white on his armor. From what I know, it was a well received design. I think the same as you about Ghost's comedy. It is just lame and embarrassing. That comedy is also present in lesser quantities in former shows, and are the reason why I got increasingly bored by Kamen Rider shows. Ever since Kabuto up until Ex-Aid, the many different producers and directors got in the way of the shows, to the point thatall shows looked like 2 completely separated things. The serious tone, and the childish comedic tone. Making all characters become only half likable, due to the childish part really getting in the way of fully enjoying them. And I share the same opinion about Ghost as a whole: it has good moments and a good plot. It is just badly executed in many instances. The worst aspects for me are the lack of actual danger and loss, due to Ghost being able to resurrect anytime by plot convenience. The lack of differentiation between the main Riders, as they are pretty much the same thing, with the same powers and access to the same gadgets. And finally, the development of the main cast, which was close to none. They change behavior on a whim, according to what is needed for the plot, with Specter being the worst in that aspect, as he debuts as a rival almost like a enemy, and just stops being that way out of nowhere and gets along with everyone due to plot convenience. I felt that the movie that takes place after the tv series is way better than the series as a whole. If that tone ans writing was used in the tv, it would be a way better show.
>>1023 A few factors. >bloated cast of a total of technically 10 riders >heavy overuse of CGI as this was during the covid pandemic scare plus much of the fights involved going to a fictional world >much more lighter comedic tone akin to Super Sentai >rushed writing that even those who stuck around to watch said ruined it >a cool gimmick wasted on a bad belt design >heavy suit cannibalization >main actor was actually caught smoking after gambling & visiting his e-thot gf Huh never heard of all that. Worst I know of showrunners fucking up a show beyond repair was Hibiki. Yeah I figured. Looks pink to me but I'm not a woman so I don't know specific shades. Well with Makoto/Specter, he was only being that way because he wanted to resurrect Kanon & Takeru was getting in the way of collecting the eyecons for that goal. Once Takeru used his wish for Kanon, Makoto naturally mellowed out. I do agree that Takeru just conveniently being able to come back is kinda cheap. Then characters like Yurusen were really just not needed. He was there purely as a cute mascot but does nothing & has no development. The Kamen Rider 1 movie & Sin Specter movie were pretty good. Though speaking of Ghost & movie's the biggest failure to me is not answering how the hell Ghost showed up several times in Drive MONTHS before canonically getting his powers. They even have a time gap in show for an explanation but never do.
>>1024 About Saber: >bloated cast of a total of technically 10 riders This is a two-edged sword situation for sure. I always like to have the transforming/super powered cast to be large and impactful to the story, but if not done right, it can ruin the whole show for sure. >heavy overuse of CGI as this was during the covid pandemic scare plus much of the fights involved going to a fictional world On one hand, I like the idea of changing to another dimension to fight. I am a fan of the Metal Hero genre, and the Space Cop trilogy utilized this concept a lot, which made me become fond of it. Ultraman Nexus also heavily used this concept. Although bad special effects can ruin the execution for sure. But overall, I have a sweet spot for this concept so I end up overlooking the flaws. I really like when the main gimmick is traveling to another pocket dimension to fight the enemies. >much more lighter comedic tone akin to Super Sentai That is a immediate turn off indeed. >rushed writing that even those who stuck around to watch said ruined it Inoue's style writing? I hate that the most. Everything rushed by the end, and the cast getting shove off just so the story can be concluded, no matter how many plot points gets unsolved. If that is the case, then it is indeed something to make one hate the whole show in the end. >a cool gimmick wasted on a bad belt design That has been the case for years now. And I always hate it. People in the west seem to dismiss it a lot just because "it is always like that", but that does not change the fact that it is a flaw and that it should not happen. >heavy suit cannibalization By that, I suppose you mean repurposing suits to make other suits, right? If that is the case, yes, it is another turn off for me. I hate when the show brags about presenting a new Rider, on ly for it to have the suit be just a repurposed one from a previous Rider. It is 100% done as a scam to sell toys, and not caring about the plot or the writing. >main actor was actually caught smoking after gambling & visiting his e-thot gf Once again, actors (and women) ruin a show. I reacall the Kamen Rider Super 1's main actor being now a fugitive from the police due to scamming people out of their money. And Kamen Rider Black's actor who infanmously did a live stream were he had a mental meltdown and bashed fans, the Kamen Rider franchise as a whole, his own Kamen Rider Black show, and showed how much of a envious and spiteful idiot he is for not being contacted for the new Kamen Rider Black Sun remake. On that aspect, I think that Japan is going through a decadence phase similar to (((Hollywood))), in the sense that, due to the internet, people over there now know what goes behind the scenes of entertainment productions, and all the gambling, Yakuza involvement, rapes, suicides, and supposed assassination contracts due to many circumstances. So the Japanese people are not interested in being a part of the entertainment industry anymore. that leaves only indebted scum to be hired, out of desperation from the producers, and whose indebted scum themselves work out of desperation too, so they don't care about the work or about maintaining a good image for the audience. That leads to situations like the one you mentioned, with the actor being a gambler, smoker and having e-whores as girlfriends. The e-whores themselves are a big problem in all countries. Nobody that is smart want anything to do with e-celebs, so anyone associated with them get boycotted by the an audience with money that would otherwise support a show, but won't due to the e-whores being benefited in some way.
>>1024 Hibiki was the worst case, for sure. But Decade had a lot of behind the scenes problems, to the point that the show was finished without a actual conclusion. Ex-Aid went through similar problems, and although it was concluded, it was rushed to end earlier due to all the low ratings and low toy sales. About Ghost: Specter acting all antagonizing was not needed. He could just ally with Ghost from the beginning and go collecting the Eyecons together, like they ended up doing anyways. It was one of the worst cases of "antagonizing just for the sake of it", like the writers are forced to make the secondary Rider start as some antagonist, no matter what. Yuusen is one of the main reason to hate the show. Shove off toy that has no reason to exist. The shows that have mascots like him are the ones that I tend to dislike the most. I often compare that to Drive, where the mascot (Steinbelt/Belt-san) was actually essential to the whole plot, and a central piece of the story, as well as being voiced by a good voice actor that made listening to him quite enjoyable, instead of annoying like Yuusen. I liked the Ghost movies way more than the tv show. Again, if the producers made the tv show in the tone of the movies, it would be a way better show in my opinion. About showing up in Drive, it was badly written indeed. I dislike a lot of that urge to make crossovers, to the point that shows' conclusions get negatively affected due to the need to have the main cast return for a crossover in a later show. W's ending should have been with Philip dead. But due to the need for future crossovers, Philip can never die, even though it made sense and made for a very good dramatic moment. Same for many other shows. Drive's conclusion, with Steinbelt sealing itself, the whole base and all the equipment, so they wouldn't risk turning into Roidmudes, leaving Shinosuke without his powers after concluding his mission as a Kamen Rider was one of the best conclusions for a show. Then it was all for nothing in subsequent crossovers. Gaim just shows up from heaven and forces Steinbelt back into action, just so Drive can appear in a crossover. This precise aspect of modern shows ever since W are the main reason why I got bored by Kamen Rider shows. If the ratings are low and even western audiences are getting tired of the genre, I would point at that aspect first and foremost, as the main reason. Nothing in the shows has a definitive conclusion anymore, because everyone must come back for a future crossover. That makes all the losses be irrelevant, as everyone will just be brought back in some way or another. And all supposed conclusions will be opened up again for indefinite continuations, as long as there are crossovers to be had. That makes the endings of the shows be very boring and repetitive.
>>1025 There was just too many & it's impossible to juggle character development with all of them. Yeah pretty much pocket dimension fights. It just looks really bad compared to actually fighting on a set. Oh it's worse than Inoue's typical pitfalls. Funny enough, the current Super Sentai, Donbrothers, is made by Inoue. People seem to love that. Saber's writing failures have to do with character just showing up, ruining others characters, or having no development. Sabela & Durandal have this problem the most, apparently. Yeah they reused & repainted suits MID SHOW so upgrades just conveniently disappear forever after that. I think the fact there's too many riders also hindered them from actually making new suits. Yep it's all true. >>1026 Yeah I know they filmed a fake preview to the finale then blue balled the audience. Ultimately actually ending the show for real through a crossover movie with W. At least Ex-Aid managed to wrap everything up. The movie & V-cinemas were fun too. Yeah that's just part of the secondary rider trope. I get people find it a little tiresome. That's a great comparison. I hear that Ghost was the way it is tonally because parents (mothers most likely) complained he was too creepy in his Surprise Future cameo. There, Ghost fought a lot more like a spirit. Just floating & weaving attacks effortlessly. Oh I hard agree there. Phillip should've stayed dead. The ending was perfectly bittersweet but they just had to keep the titular character going. for more. At least with that crossover, it was a threat that they needed help on. Though they really could've picked anyone but Drive to do it. I get that. Gotta remember these are kids shows hinging on toy sales so they can't always just conclusively keep the characters stories shut for good. At least now in a new era they're not so keen on getting main heisei riders coming back.
>>1027 Donbrothers has Inoue's only good point: good comedy. But the drama part and the serious moments are, once again, flat and dull. Since he focused more on comedy now, the show is enjoyable for it. But it is already showing signs that it will have a rushed ending without proper development of the main plot. People that I see "liking" it are mostly people that are new to tokusatsu. I fear for the normalfag invasion of the medium ruining it, as they do with everything. I don't want Donbrothers being the standard for Super Sentai or tokusatsu in general. The whole situation with Saber is just sad. I already hate when power ups disappear without explanation due to external problems. But having them disappear out of repurposing the suits is a new low. No wonder the genre is being abandoned by it's former audience in Japan, without catching a new audience. As for characters showing up and not doing anything or even ruining the plot, that is Inoue style right there. And the main reason why I dislike him and productions with his involvement. If the complaints about Ghost were real, then once again, women ruined a show. And even worse are the producers who listen to old women complaining. Just ignore them and the show will be fine and the audience will like it. If they insist on pandering to the old women, with all the gay-looking pretty boys and fujoshit bait, the whole genre might die in a few years. The male audience does not like that garbage, and the women will keep complaining anyways. The thing with the excuse of being as kids' show is: older shows were also kids' shows, and they didn't have those flaws. Characters were permanently killed. Series were permanently concluded in a definitive way. Even violence was frequently present. I think that this excuse is a diversion. The real reason those shows are like that nowadays are, once again, old women complaining. With the actual audience that buys stuff (kids and adult men) being ignored. Ever since Kuuga, with the "Odagiri effect", producers tried to force a change of demographics for tokusatsu shows. And for a long time by now (I would say ever since Kiva and Go Busters) it bites them in the ass, with lower ratings and lower sales. If they keep pandering to old women and taking out things that kids and adult men actually like (permanent deaths, permanent losses, decisive conclusions with definitive endings), they would recover those ratings and sales. The most vocal complains comes from a audience that does not actually gives profit to the company. The producers shows learn that fast, or risk losing their products completely.
>>1028 Fair enough. It really sucks too because the suits they cannibalized were really good suits on their own. The male audience can at least relate to young guys being dudes. But it is an increasing problem listening to women over the young men & boys who actually watch these shows. Maybe they're just scared of mothers saying their sons can't watch it so they lose viewership & toy sales. I mean even the showa riders crossed over. But at the very least characters like Tackle stayed dead. Which is weird because I don't think Odagiri is/was that attractive. It's gotta be some weird japanese beauty standard like thinking snaggly teeth are cute. Hopefully something like Black Sun does well & shows they still have a strong male audience that want mature stories with stakes. I'd really hate for the franchise to fall into Super Sentai pitfalls.
>>1028 >If they keep pandering to old women and taking out things that kids and adult men actually like (permanent deaths, permanent losses, decisive conclusions with definitive endings), they would recover those ratings and sales. Correction: they WON'T recover those ratings and sales >The most vocal complains comes from a audience that does not actually gives profit to the company. The producers shows learn that fast, or risk losing their products completely. Correction: the producers SHOULD learn that fast..
>>1029 >Maybe they're just scared of mothers saying their sons can't watch it so they lose viewership & toy sales. I heard that before, but again, they are already losing viewship and sales. So they might as well try, since the male audience is telling them exactly what they want in a show. I also think that the Odagiri effect was weird. The guy looks like a walking caricature in Kuuga. But nonetheless, the producers ran with it and it still negatively affects tokusatsu to this day. Black Sun is showing to be very enjoyable. The political commentary bashing leftists is what hooked me in. I just hope that it becomes the standard, and not just a one of-a-kind movie. I especially like the idea of the villain being a young, idealistc political activist that needs to be defeated by a old, realistic man.
Thoughts on Kamen Rider black?
>>1033 The original? No good fansubs online but what episodes I did try to watch anyway, I didn't like. The show doesn't have a strong through line plot so it's very monster of the week with just Kotaro. Side characters only learn & change off screen rather than interacting with Kotaro. There's also heavy reuse of stock footage of the monsters emerging from their various spaces they do in the first episode. Like constant reuse. The thing I hate the most though is that Black's henshin sequence is seizure inducing. This was apparently because, back in the day, the belt toy was able to detect the flashing from the screen. So kids could wear the belt & transform with Kotaro. Blinding to actually watch though.
>>1034 >>1033 That seizure inducing flash form the henshin is one of my favorite ones haha. But what you said is spot on. Black is overrated due to it's status at the time it was made. It was a higher-than-normal budget show for it's time, and the highest budget Kamen Rider show when it debuted. That, and the whole horror aesthetic sold it well to fans. Add to that the end drama about a "evil" Kamen Rider taking over the central plot, and you can see how it caused a impact. But none of that change it's flaws, which are many. I would add that Shadow Moon was a turn off point for me due to how much he was hyped the whole time in the show, only to lose both battles and managing to "win" only when helped multiple times by the Creation King. There were also behind the scenes problems, such as Nobuhiko's actor (the human form of Shadow Moon) complaining about having almost no screen time, culminating in him quitting the show by the end, which in turn caused the ending to be altered. There are salvaged footage from the first ending that was filmed, in which Black actually manages to rescue Shadow Moon at the end, and supposedly, he would turn back into Nobuhiko. The plan was to make them both star in Black RX as new versions of Kamen Rider 1 and 2, now Black and Shadow. All cancelled due to the actor quitting the show. So we got the cliché ending of the sacrifice of the antagonist, even though it made no sense that he died without taking a fatal injury. And even worse, the fact that he briefly recovered his memories at the last minute, only to be abandoned to die. For that for it's many flaws, I consider Black just an average show. A few good moments, but A LOT of bad moments that make the show seems like wasted potential. The worst thing is how overrated and over hyped it is. It is not even close to a good show as some fans make it out to be.
>>1035 For some reason, Black is really popular in Brazil. I think it was one of the few shows that got officially licensed over there. But yeah it's a directionless & messy show. More than happy to see it remade/rebooted through Black Sun.
>>1036 Also in Indonesia. In both countries, it was apparently the first (maybe only) Kamen Rider to air on tv before the internet days, so it got a cult following on both. The movies is shaping up good, so far. I just wish they didn't divert so much from the original visual design, to the point it becomes unrecognizable. They should went with the Amazons route, where it is a modern look still reminiscent of the old look, and not a complete revamp. As for the original show, yeah. It is a mess with sparse good writing hidden between dozens of badly written episodes that are all fillers.
>>1024 On that not about behind the scenes problems: does anybody know what happened during Zyuohger's production? I watched the whole season at once years after it ended, and I noticed some red flags in it. I'm talking about things like: -Kyuranger (the subsequent season) not having a Versus movie with Zyuohger. I think that is the first time ever since 2001 that a season does not have a versus movie with the previous season. -The lack of a "Zyuohger Versus Super Sentai", given that this was a tradition for commemorative shows, like Zyuohger was. -The forced appearance of the Gokaiger team in the middle of the show, as a poor replacement for having no commemorative movie. It looke like a hastily attempt at raising the ratings, done at the last minute. -Only Misao/Zyuoh The World came back for a very quick comedic cameo in Lupat versus Kyuranger, out of nowhere, as if the producers were excusing themselves for not having a Kyuranger versus Zyuohger crossover. Since Zyuohger had a mix of references to many previous Sentai shows, I thought that producers would prepare some big event with it, but instead, we got nothing, with the aggravation of having one of the most popular season's cast members show up out of nowhere in the middle of the season, and having the Zyuohger cast not returning for a versus movie the next year. Does anyone know any information on what happened behind the scenes during that period?
(53.98 KB 1873x243 kamen riders go bad.png)

>>1039 Only controversy with Zyuohger I'm aware of is Tusk's actor committed a hit & run on his motorcycle. However, he did return later out of guilt. Thankfully no one died. Then Leo's actor just disappeared since 2018. No idea if he's ever resurfaced. I do have this screenshot encompassing the many controversies with Kamen Rider actors though.
>>1040 Thank you for the screenshot. It is good to know how things affected some productions, when they either change something or cancel something out of nowhere. As for the Zyuohger's actors, that is unfortunate. I find it strange that those things occurred to 2 of my least favorite characters' actors. Like I mentioned here >>1025 it seems that a increasingly number of scum or people with personal problems are being hired out of desperation, ending with situations like those.
>>1040 In the screenshot, which "Rai" character is the poster referring to?
>>1042 You mean Rat? He's one of the Team Gaim dancers.
>>1043 Thanks for clarifying. This one seems to be the most fucked up.
>>1045 Gremlin is just as bad. Horrible stuff.
>>1040 >Pic Those who scammed people are scum. But those who drove their girlfriends to suicide did nothing wrong. All women are parasites, and careers are more important than the lives of women.
(154.09 KB 1000x1000 EvbpxIJUYAEXqej.jpg)

>>1051 Ow the edge!
>>1052 Being edgy is a good thing. And nothing that was said is wrong.
>>1057 It's good lost media is uncovered but damn is it cursed.
First episode to essentially be a two parter as it's a three wave zombie elimination round. Probably gonna go from GenmCorps subs to Excite now though. They shoved in the meme speak shit in the second episode of Saber & now they've done the same with Geats episode 3. Like have some sense. No one likes localization like this. At least edge anon will like Da-Paan.
>>1057 I'm completely against dubs of any kind.
>>1060 I just finished it. My impressions: Keiwa is turning worse and worse. But I see the intention for his existence: he is a punchline for the characters to express the writers' for this blind optimism that some betas have in life. Keiwa's line of "thing will be better" being promptly mocked by al lthe cast, including the main hero and the girl he likes was basically the writers telling the audience "don't be like this idiot in real life". Even more reinforced by Neon saying that "things don't get better just by wishing. You need to take risks to make them better". Despite that, Neon is turning out to be my second most hated character. Her trope is so blatant and in-your-face that it is embarrassing. She is, again, a vessel for writers (maybe producers) to address the anti-mariage and anti-relationship that men in Japan are adopting, due to the behavior of women. So they made a rich girl that is not a insufferable bitch (like if that was even possible) and make her be all cute and friendly. Like if saying "See? This is what you are losing, guys! Go date! Go marry! Your own Neon is waiting for you!" Keep doing that, writers, and you will only make the Japanese men avoid dating and marrying even more. The propaganda is blatantly obvious, and it won't change how women behave in real life (insufferable bitches). With that said, Dapan ended up becoming my favorite, simply because he is the one that does what people in real life should do: things are not doing well? Burn everything to the ground. The most realistic character so far. And one that has that tricky "reverse psychology" from writers. "Don't do what Dapan does, kids *wink wink*, even though he is doing the right thing". Lots of Japanese productions have this aspect. The producers aren't allowed to say harsh truths, so they make the "villains" say it, so the censorship allows a pass. The intention being that the message spreads, no matter who is saying it. As for Ace, still behaving in a satisfying way. But he is already falling into the cliché hero. The line about everyone being a rival should means that Ace would never help Neon. Let her die. It is one less rival to get in your way. I hope that Ace don't go the cliché route of becoming a savior. His more interesting aspect is that he (at least seemed to) acts for his own benefit only. If he ends up becoming just another savior, the show will be ruined by another boring cliché second half. As for production, the action scenes are great. The use of many camera angles during movement is top notch and very beautiful to watch. I just miss the bike already They should really stand up against that retarded law about modified bikes and shoot some nice fight scenes using the bike, so the show's action can have it's appeal increased. For now, the show is still enjoyable. I'm eager to see the conclusion of this zombie arc. Hopefully, Ace returns to being selfish, and not this dull savior cliché that he turned into, in this episode.
>>1062 >he is a punchline for the characters to express the writers' DISDAIN for this blind optimism that some betas have in life. Corrected.
>>1062 Yeah Keiwa is still too blindly optimistic & hopeful without any real reason to it. He doesn't seem to live that cushy of a life so I really can't see why he'd have this "everything will work out" mentality right now. I dunno about all that but Neon is pretty weak. Her desire of finding a soulmate is at least useful to allude to what Ace Ukiyo's true desire is. Trying to lure out someone that he can't just wish to find him for some reason. >With that said, Dapan ended up becoming my favorite, simply because he is the one that does what people in real life should do: things are not doing well? Burn everything to the ground. You need to calm down. He's not malicious but he does obviously want to win but also save lives in the process. He's not just gonna stand by when someone's being essentially murdered. I actually like him showing that heroic side even if he is ultimately selfish. They literally could not afford to go against the law.
>>1064 Nah, dude. When life goes bad, it is perfectly justifiable to burn everything to the ground. Fiction is the only place where this is treated as somehow being bad. As for Neon, she is basically a trope for writers to express their opinions without being censored, much like Keiwa. so, yes, both will be weak. At least for a long time. Ace is not malicious, but abandoning someone to die does not automatically means malice. They are rivals, as he himself said, and no matter what causes someone else's death, it would be advantageous for him. He acted out of character after delivering that line. It reeks of producer meddling, trying to censor things and making him act as a cliché hero just because they are afraid of portraying a more realistic and interesting character. As for the law, companies can unite and force their way through. especially if people are also angry about it, giving how that law is basically a scam to force more taxes upon everyone.
>>1065 Anon I think you need to rewatch or watch more Kamen Rider if you have such a cold apathetic edgy perspective on things.
>>1066 I watch them all the time. And I am increasingly bored by how idealistic the previous shows were. Apathy and edginess are good things.
>>1067 They are not good things at all. This franchise isn't for you. Japanese toku in general tends to be positive & idealistic.
>>1068 Apathy and edginess are good things.Always were. always will be. >This franchise isn't for you It is. They had more decent tones before. And are going back to them a little bit. Idealism is cancer.
(9.06 MB 640x480 savior in the dark.mp4)

>>1071 Tokusatsu heroes are all idealistic.
Geats' 4th episode impressions: Although Neon dismissing Keiwa again for his blind idealism was good to watch, saying that even if he wishes well, things won't get good just because of his wishes, this was the worst episode so far. So, the lesson that this (new?) director wants to pass is "disobey your parents and run away from home to have some adventures, even if it may cost your life", right? I can only imagine a generation of girls growing up watching this garbage (episode, not the show itself) only to become bimbos and whores, leaving their houses early to go on "adventures" and coming back as useless meat or drug addicts. The best scene by far was Neon's mother beating her. I would do the same, and more. Neon should be expelled from home and have all her money taken away from her for being such a rotten daughter. The plot even contradicted itself, with Neon stating that now that she was close to death, she felt like going home. Then proceeded to confront her mother once she was healed, and say that she will leave her house no matter what. It reeks of behind the scenes conflict among the production team. Not to mention "I want to go home to mommy now that I'm screwed" is THE most rage inducing reaction of spoiled girls in real life. The show trying to portray that as some drama that we should feel sorry for is embarrassing. Nobody feels sorry for disobedient women who leave their homes for "adventure" and get their lives ruined. At the very minimum, people cheer when those type of women die. With that said, Ace being pushed back in order to highlight Neon was another thing that ruined this episode. You can't make a good episode by pushing away the best character (and protagonist) only to have one of the worst characters to be at the center. I won't be surprised if the ratings start to fall the very next episode due to this one. Dapan leaving so soon was also a mistake. He was a good character that did what was right: play to win and burn everything down if he loses. He deserved to be a constant threat to the other players. not some dismissed "lesson of the week" character. The action scenes are still great though. The camera work and the stuntmen did not let down again. The fights may be few but are all varied and enjoyable. I hope that in the next episodes. Neon gets shoved aside along with Keiwa, so the show can properly portray the good characters and the ones that actually matter, instead of the rotten daughter and the idiotic idealist.
>>1072 And? Idealism won't stop being cancer because of that.
>>1073 On a note about those scenes with Neon: He whining about "not being her mother's doll" was laughable. Yes, dumb girl. Children ARE their parents' dolls. All children are blank canvases in which parents paint them to their personal liking, and not let the children be free. That is the whole point of having children: having your personal army of "living dolls" to command and do your bidding. If the sons and daughters, even as adults, aren't servants of their parents, they should not even be born to begin with.
Nothing to really talk about for the 4th episode. Neon gets her backstory revealed that she was kidnapped once as a child so that's why her mother is so overprotective. She gets her big action scene & stands up to her mom but it's not very interesting. Still a pretty shallow female character. Dapaan at least loses. Mister edgelord who would've shot up his school in any other country with easy gun access. Good riddance. Only thing to really look forward to is Keiwa/Tycoon finally getting his default form with the ninja buckle. Don't think it's gonna be enough to get me to keep watching unless episode 5 really does something interesting. >>1074 Yeah you definitely should watch something else then.
>>1076 >Yeah you definitely should watch something else then No. The writers use villains and other non heroic characters to say harsh truths that idealistic idiots won't like to listen. That is good enough. Tokusatsu is not about cheering for the hero. It is about listening from the villains and learning from the truths that they teach.
>>1077 I can't even tell if you're just committed to this bit or genuinely brain damaged.
Tycoon Ninja magazine leaks.

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