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(598.10 KB 644x770 comfy.png)
Anime Recommendation 05/06/2020 (Wed) 00:04:31 No. 25
What animes would you niggers recommend on this dead board?
>>25 Watch Flip Flappers
(1.82 MB 2000x2000 flipflappers.png)
What kind of genres do you like? Horror? Romance? Fantasy? Shounen shit? >>26 This man is right, though, watch Flip Flappers.
(350.08 KB 1500x957 Kaguya and Chaika.jpg)
>>27 Anything good and that isn't a waste of time whether it be slice of life, romance, fantasy, or shounen I don't care as long as it has a good story and is fun to watch.
(35.48 KB 313x438 50365l.jpg)
Soukyuu no Fafner
(313.18 KB 1600x1200 1399343663924.jpg)
>>28 Watch Samurai Flamenco, then. It's stupid as fuck but you'll never be bored.
>>25 Watch all Yoshitoshi ABe woks if you haven't, Strawberry panic, initial D, K-On,... Just go to mal and find an anime that you liked and find similar ones.
>>31 >MAL >after they removed sub group data (who subbed what, reviews/comments) >possibly twice I'd go with anidb.
>>31 >MAL I rather not because there are still a shit ton of normalfags and the place is in general cancer.
>>32 Why the fuck did they do that?
>>37 Been a huge effort from people who make money off of anime to cleanse the community of fan translation efforts. It's getting actively harder to find actual fansub and scanlation groups and as a whole the average person watching anime is a Crunchyroll-watching faggot and those who do torrent it are usually just poorfags who watch HorribleSub Crunchyroll rips or read manga on sites that host and watermark it instead of just offering an IRC download bot. They're trying to segregate the normies from the old-school fans. Their narrative is "we needed fansubs because there was no effort to dub, but now that you can get dubs for most series and Funimation is on production councils the fans can just pay us money to do it and stop doing it themselves". Removing ratings for fansub groups is just moralfaggotry along the same lines as "the series got licensed so we're not gonna do releases anymore".
(957.36 KB 1754x1240 Birdy couple.png)
Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode. The first season in particular, but all of it is good.
(690.11 KB 900x1200 81206875_p0_master1200.jpg)
rozen maiden desu
(86.87 KB 500x280 sp-keijo.jpg)
Keijo, it was a masterpiece ahead of its time
>>40 a damn shame that we'll never get a third season >>42 damn shame we'll never get a season 2
(15.95 MB 853x480 COMETIC SILHOUETTE.webm)
Everyone should watch Aikatsu or Pripara. They're both ultra miracle supreme finale spirit kino and will actually COMPLETELY change your life!
(404.27 KB 639x678 heeFags.png)
>>44 >this writing style he's back.
>>32 >>36 I don't care about MAL shit decisions, crunchyroll sponsors or normalfaggotry. Is there a way to export my list to another wobsite ?
>>46 I literally just use google drive docs to track my anime.
>>46 Yes, click on export when viewing your list on MAL.
>>48 Figured out yesterday and migrated to anidb,. Thanks for recoming a based website !
(160.95 KB 350x259 ginyu_force_2739.png)
Does anyone have a objectively good /a/ anime recommendation list?
>>52 I could give you my personal recommendations but I don't think there's any one size fits all recommendation list out there.
>>53 That's fine with me
(7.59 MB 480x360 LoGH-Op2.webm)
It's very slow but if you can get into it Legends of the Galactic Heroes is one of the best space operas ever made.
>>26 >>27 >>57 Why do you faggots want everyone to watch that yuri-fag bait?
City Hunter Steins Gate Outlaw Star Agent Aika Texhnolyze >>41 Rozen Maiden is comfy as fuck
>>59 It's pretty good.
(546.32 KB 1920x1080 1462389777361-2.jpg)
I know it's ultra well-known, but it's still my favorite.
>>69 The original movie is still solid, as is SAC. Shame about Arise and the Netflix series, both seem lackluster in comparison.
>>74 Arise is good. It's not on the level of SAC, but it's good. Don't put Arise in the same bag as the netflix abortion.
Asobi ni iku Yo! is my favorite slice-of-life catgirl anime and while it's retarded it's easily one of the comfiest things I've ever watched. Golden Boy and Ghost Stories are also notable for being the only dubs I actually prefer over the subs since in GB's case it's just excellent and in GS's case it's really funny. Gunsmith Cats is not the incredible masterpiece that people say it was, but it was really entertaining and I like to go back to it pretty often. Legend of the Galactic Heroes isn't just a good space opera as >>58 said, in my opinion it's the best space opera there is - an excellent show that shows all sides of an enormous, galaxy-spanning war. Space Battleship Yamato and its remake aren't bad and while I wouldn't watch them again, I'm glad I watched them once. Patlabor was the very first anime I ever watched and I may be biased but I think it's awesome. Final Fantasy Unlimited is a dumb show but I enjoyed it anyway. Azumanga Daioh! is another weird one, but lots of people seem to enjoy it. It's hard to explain but I love it.
(5.34 MB 640x360 Alteria destruction.mp4)
>>25 >Space Battleship Yamato >Legend of The Galactic Heroes >Lodoss War >Cyber City Odeo 808 >Bubblegum Crisis >Dominion Tank Police >Mazinger >Devil Man >Garo >Violence Jack >MD Geist >Gunslinger Girl >Requiem for Phantom >Gangsta
>>80 Gangsta would've been better had it not ended without resolving any of the plots.
>>25 why did nobody mention kaiji
>>64 >Steins Gate no Watching it will ruin the game. Play the game instead
>>89 We don't want the OP to gain a gambling addiction.
Ishuzoku Reviewers
>>94 Censored porn the anime
>>104 nigga clearly you ain't a man of culture.
>>25 Senko-san, the hentai version.
(405.73 KB 1184x806 Samurai_Flamenco_in_a_nutshell.jpg)
>>30 To be fair the first few episodes were boring as fuck and a bunch of people dropped it before the rape ape ever showed up.
(1.45 MB 695x922 1467321763383.png)
>>108 I did like the premise they had with 'guy wants to be av superhero in a semi-realistic universe where superheroes don't exist' but once this bastard appeared, it became a hell of a lot more fun.
>>58 Is Die Neue These a remake or sequel? >>80 >Garo First is solid and Vanishing Line is great for most of it but I just didn't bother with Guren no Tsuki. Also if you're ever interested check out the toku Garo. Also specifying which Mazinger or Devilman would help, since every incarnation is different than the other. OG+Great are one thing, then there's Mazinkaiser, then there's Shin (season 2 never) and last would be Infinity; as for Devilman, the OVAs are the most accurate to the manga.
>>120 None of the Garo anime are very good. Kind of average animation with a lot of ugly CGI. Vanishing Line is at least so different from the franchise it's interesting in that regard. But really I'd say just buy the toku blu-rays.
I hope you know mahjong
>>41 desudesudesudesudesu
>>90 But the Steins;Gate VN has missing fonts on my Ubuntu box. I don't have this issue on Gentoo though.

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