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Anonymous 10/08/2020 (Thu) 14:30:31 No. 265
What are some anime/manga that are impossible to find subbed in English? There are a lot of obscure children's anime that subbing groups from 08 and below attempted to sub, but ultimately gave up because of shitty bandwidth and shitty Japanese. It's no surprise that kid's shows like Kaiketsu Zorori are only noticed by pants shitting furries in the west, but there are still so many Japan-exclusive kiddie shows that will never get subbed. Even big names like Shin-chan never get any English translations outside of the 90s-early 2000s episodes.
>>265 I'm very surprised that Doctor Slump only has subs for like 50 episodes or something like that. I'd have thought that with Dragon Ball autism, someone would get autistic enough to sub the entire series about that one character that shows up in two episodes of Dragon Ball. I've started watching it recently, but am going slow, hoping by the time I catch up, someone will sub a couple more episodes.
>>265 Hard to find certain anime torrent batches but often nowadays more anime are getting official english releases. However a lot of them are from Funimation & people shouldn't give them money.
I can't find subs or even RAWs of Croket anywhere online

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