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Dragon Ball Thread Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 06:32:53 No. 280
DBZ, GT, and Super also apply. >favorite show/manga >favorite character(s) >best girl >favorite track >favorite dub (including the Jap versions) >favorite villain(s) >favorite arc I'm a bit of a newfag to DBZ, I watched some of the Cell saga on Toonami, then watched (((TeamFourStar's))) abridged series. In between that long-ass hiatus, I watched the Kai version of DBZ on Nicktoons, up to about Frieza saga I think. Then I started to watch less TFS and watch the actual series with two DVDs. Funnily enough, both were about the Cell Games; the first being Orange Brick, and the other being part of the Dragon Box. I want to get more DVDs of them, but I don't want to give Funi any shekels; I've managed to avoid that so far by buying my current DVDs from a pawn shop on whims. Anyone know of any online stores that aren't ran by fags that sell DVDs of Dragon Ball?
>buying anime I'm not even saying this just because it's easy to pirate, I'm saying it because the officially licensed products, at least the ones in English, are worse than fansubs you can find online. Unless maybe you're a dubfag, in which case, get the fuck out. Also, watching it out of order? Why? Just start at the first episode of Dragon Ball and watch everything in release order. Many would agree that the best parts of the series are before Z, anyway. Or just read the manga. Personally, I actually enjoy the filler and movies, despite frequent but relatively minor contradictions with the manga material. Also, I'm not sure what the general feeling on this is, but I actually think Kai is worse than Z, due to the filler actually being good sometimes. Especially in the first arc. If I want a version without any filler, I'll just read the manga. A few years ago I marathoned the entire anime series in order, and went out of my way to find and include any animated material I could find that was outside the series. Not just movies and specials, but PSAs, OVAs, video game tie-ins, animated sections from weird Japanese exclusive consoles. A lot of it was pretty fun, and mostly fits okay into the timeline, if you adjust a bit and don't necessarily put everything in release date order with the series. For example, a lot of movies and stuff happen between when Trunks arrives and when the Androids arrive. It doesn't fit perfectly, but it sort of works. The filler and other stuff does reference other elements of filler and other stuff sometimes, which is kind of neat. GT is underrated. It drops off hard in the second half when they beat the first really major bad guy, but I'd say it's worth watching, and immediately after Z, as that's when it was intended to be watched. One problem I have with Super is that it begins with very long adaptations of Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, but the adaptations aren't as good. So just watch the movies, right? Well no, because stuff that is only in the anime adaptation is referenced later. Also there is the manga, which also covers the same stories, and continues covering the same stories as the anime all the way through, but they're different. It's not like the original manga and anime, where they're the same story but one has filler. They're the same basic idea but told differently. The plot is generally better in the manga, more well thought out, but it's rushed because it's trying to keep up with the anime. And sometimes it feels like you're intended to be consuming all three versions of the story, because it almost feels like one version will gloss over things that are only fully explained in another version. Like for example, the manga skips Resurrection F, because there was already a manga of it before Super started, but the manga stops partway through the story and tells you to watch the movie. I think I recall better examples from later, but frankly the rest of Super isn't very memorable either. Right now the only one going is the manga, and it's good, because it doesn't feel rushed to keep up with the anime, and it seems like the guy writing it is given more control, so he can actually put thought into the story and do cooler stuff. Also, at least the manga didn't bother trying to adapt the Broly movie, so there's only one version of that to worry about. Unless the anime comes back and stretches that out to 15 episodes as well. I suppose if it gives the manga a few more months to build up good material, I wouldn't mind.
>>280 You shouldn't buy physical releases because Dragonball is licensed by Funimation.
>favorite show/manga The only one I've seen a lot of was Z. I saw most of the very beginning of Dragonball when it was airing on Toonami (after DBZ established itself as their most popular show) and a handful of GT episodes. I'll never bother with Super because it looks retarded. >favorite character(s) Piccolo. The show needed to use its non-tailnigger cast more. >best girl Videl >favorite track Super Saiyan 3 ascension (Faulconer) >favorite dub (including the Jap versions) The one that aired on Toonami >favorite villain(s) Frieza >favorite arc The Android Saga Since I'm a DBZ pleb: Z saga rankings: Android >> Frieza > Saiyaman >> Saiyan = Cell > Buu. Thank fuck they killed it after Buu. The end of the series was misstep after misstep.
>>284 >I'll never bother with Super because it looks retarded. Definitely don't bother with Super until you watch/read the rest of the series first. However, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F frequently get lumped in with Super even though they aren't, because they were adapted as arcs in Super. Technically they're still called Z. Anyway, Battle of Gods is the best Dragon Ball movie. Watch that one for sure. Also, part of the fun of Super is that it's retarded. However, it's not retarded enough. If you want full retard, you gotta get into the video game lore, with Dragon Ball Heroes. If you can find translated versions of the various Dragon Ball Heroes' manga, that's one place to start. There's the anime of it now, but it only adapts parts of the manga, and not in order, and a lot of stuff isn't explained. Of course, a lot of stuff isn't covered in the manga, either, and you're expected to play other video games, like Xenoverse. But if you can put it all together, it's pretty wild to see Goku Red fight Red Goku.
>>283 >"You shouldn't buy physical releases because Dragonball is licensed by Funimation." >ignores the fact that I clearly stated I bought these copies at pawn shops, so no shekels went to Funi at all Pic related. >>282 >I'm saying it because the officially licensed products, at least the ones in English, are worse than fansubs you can find online. I wasn't aware of that, though it makes sense that it's the case. Hopefully I can find subtitle files and replace the ones that came with my disc (or just stop with this no-piracy stint and watch my Dragon Box archive) >Unless maybe you're a dubfag, in which case, get the fuck out. I don't really watch dubs anymore 'cause I've finally seen the light and realized they're generally all just "okay", not to mention that the Funi cast are a bunch of scum for what they did to Vic. >Also, watching it out of order? Why? No particular reason, it's just that none of the copies I've picked up have been at the beginning. If I ever found some earlier stuff or just go back to watching pirated videos, then I'll definitely start from the beginning. >The filler and other stuff does reference other elements of filler and other stuff sometimes, which is kind of neat. I really like the filler in DBZ so far, at least I'm pretty sure that one episode on Gohan's "birthday" was filler, it was a great bit of backstory for Gohan and how Goku realizes his son has lots of potential. >GT is underrated. I enjoyed GT when it aired on Nicktoons, but I've always liked the bits and pieces I've heard about for GT. I've never actually watched the series start-to-finish, so maybe that's why I'm so unaware of how bad it apparently is.
>>288 >ignores the fact that I clearly stated I bought these copies at pawn shops, so no shekels went to Funi at all >ignores the fact that Funi still got money from whoever originally bought the disc so indirectly supporting them Okay, I've actually done some research into this myself when I was getting into it, so let me tell you some things. While the old subs by Funimation are fucking trash, the one by Steve Simmons (or whatever his name was), the ones that are now sold with the official DVDs by Funi, are good and accurate to the material, because Simmons was a DBZ fan first before contracting it all away to Funi. So, if you want, you can probably just look on Amazon Japan or something and get the raw DVDs straight from Japan, then find the Steve Simmons subtitles somewhere online and just throw them on there.
>>289 >ignores the fact that Funi still got money from whoever originally bought the disc so indirectly supporting them No, I'm not. All the money I used to buy these went to the pawn shop, I'm not indirectly supporting them by buying a copy in a way that they don't get anymore revenue from. >suggesting Amazon in general when they're almost certainly pozzed The tip about Steve Summons is appreciated, but I'll just try and dig for the subtitle files themselves as I imagine they're on the Internet in some form.
>>290 >Amazon Japan or something Should've made the "or something" part more pronounced but 8chan doesn't have a bold feature, at least as far as I know. Just saying Amazon Japan because it's the most well-known but I would recommend other sites that aren't Amazon.
>>291 Three apostrophes/single quotes on each side gives you bold text, that plus-sign button gives you more info about formation if you want. But yeah, I'll make sure to look for some other sites.
I like it when Goku beats up the bad guys.
>>298 Pfft. Everyone knows the best parts of the series are when Goku is dead or otherwise incapacitated, so other people have to try to beat up the bad guys.
Where do I find a japanese audio fansubbed batch of the original series?
Skip 769 and 770. You dont miss much and Oden havent confront Orochi despite the preview. Hell, I doubt 771 will have Kaido fighting
>>284 >best girl videl she is a good needy whore but too slut. she didn't knew who got her pregnant saying >the baby in my stomach is going to be a saiyajin... probably. >gohan : so you are having my baby >videl:i think is yours...no i'm sure is yours
(1.23 MB 500x282 thanks bobo.gif)

>>300 Same. Vegeta is a far more interesting character. Him or Turles. .
HI guys. I need your help 8chan chads Can you please make my thread active please? Say something nice about it! https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/225716204

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