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Anzu Masaki Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 05:58:29 No. 423
You know sluttier anime girls then her? I didn't knew much of anzu since i lost contact with the series but after checking the series again well was a surprise how much of her canon was brushed aside for something else when dubbed. Most of this is after watching the episodes in japanese >Anzu loves black people >Anzu loves black music like hip hop and rap >Anzu loves to dance to black music >Anzu always mentioned the title of a doujin when refering to going to USA (in which she is gangbanged by BBC) >She got angry at Step Jhonny after he said to hang out with him at night and that she probably wanted that (some that was watching said "don't be eaten by Jhonny") but was only because Yugi was there,she didn't even listened to yugi when he said "don't pay atention to him let's go" but anzu just went to challenge Jhonny. >Anzu dream is to become a dancer (doesn't specify the type of "dancer") >Her body becomes more obscene with time specially by the final chapter DSOD.
(231.38 KB 1522x1078 ExJI4NnVoAEVFmU.jpg)

canonically she was a porn actress (they mentioned or referenced a porn video of her with a link on the first episode)
(2.97 MB 426x317 1624592902863.gif)

>>423 The mother of anime slut and base of any anime girl
Sluttier well Moro from koni-chan she whored all night for pocket money and loved it.
Maybe this one from Nube,she was cute sexy and well loved grown ups to the point of cock teasing them,and didn't have a problem getting naked on class or while competing against miki.
(529.32 KB 1433x2026 alpha01.png)

This cheap whore.... well she has no match too slutty,too cheap and had sex with too many mens to count (i can't understand how makoto felt something from such a loose pussy that was rammed with an adult dick when she was a baby,was so loose she couldn't retain cum inside)
HI guys. I need your help 8chan chads Can you please make my thread active ? https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/225716204

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