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(292.31 KB 640x902 kirie.png)

(812.93 KB 826x807 P054.png)

Known Anime Girls Porn Actress Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 06:03:40 No. 424
Well i was watching some stuff after learning that race queens in japan are porn actress so as i watched girls bravo i saw Kirie being a race queen and she saying >You won't lose nothing for showing cleavage or panties So you realize she was slut. I think was obvious she was a slut specially when you take into account she took economic (or home stuff) and yukinari took another course by kirie request,her reason well she can only cook while naked and after getting good grades she ended up sticky,sucked lot of stuff (isn't specified) and was sucked a lot but felt good. Do you know of some other anime girls that are "race" queens,the only one that came to mind was naoto from persona 4 (well she was a queen but the spades ace queen) and Rise Kujikawa but she was obvious she was introduced as the "completely pervert idol"
Is this what inside sexist mind?
>>445 nope just normal analizing and knowledge of japan culture,life and style. that you are a prude doesn't mean everyone has to be the same,or maybe you expected some circle jerking or gatekeeping site (like the thing you did to half chan that ended up banning half the world XD) >>424 That whore made a porn and was mentioned/referenced on the first episode (never brought up again on later episodes)
>>445 mmmhhh... a prude so he doesn't know. The chapter of the manga from that Anime episode is quite different,everything was just a perverted dream of Kirie after she got bukkaked several time by fukuyama while she was sleeping (yes she has a habit of sleeping with the windows of her room open)
such a whore!!
so instead of doing the classic reaction of punching him or moving the vacuum to the guy face she allowed that ( =w=)/O
Kirie picking up something in the sluttiest way just to get some sexual harrassment.
>>452 wait!? how she didn't realize she had the umbrella stick on her butt
>>455 she has been rammed so many times by BBC that she won't feel something smaller.
HI guys. I need your help 8chan chads Can you please make my thread active please? Say something nice about it?? https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/225716204

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