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Toei One Piece rant thread Anonymous 08/12/2021 (Thu) 07:47:26 No. 505
The pacing is criminal that I make a thread to complain about it.
I haven’t watch OP anime since, idk Roger find One Piece, but usually the previews are suffice. About 5 weeks ago when 983 aired, it previews 984 where Luffy disguise among Kaido’s crew. So I skip. Beginning of August, 984 aired show Luffy get angry while disguising among Kaido’s crew. So I skip. I skip 985, 986 preview show the alliance vs Apoo. Last week 986 judging from 987 Appo get hit or something. Jesus Christ, really? 5 weeks standing in same place
>>505 I don't like One Piece. In general. I don't like the art style & there's way too much content to digest.
(32.24 KB 267x453 maz.jpg)

>>506 Try giving low rating to galleries you dont like. Also and every version of that from the artist. At least your rage become a number you can increase. Just like game! 40 times a day (more wont count)
Usopp v Vig Mom took like 1/3 episode but Robin this episode 👌
2 weeks ago 991. 992 preview was Ace and Yamato Last week 992, Yamato mention Ace + 1 stillshot of him. Episode end. And we are back to padded pacing again
and i can't lit wait the end of wano arc.
cant wait for end of wano arc.
Same people rant about jiren's background also the same people complaining Orochi talk more this episode
>>505 The comedy is fun and the drama is the only genuinely good drama that Japan ever produced. That makes it the perfect manga. The anime though, I don't care about it. The beginning was altered, so it already ruined pacing since the very first episode.
(259.34 KB 674x321 one-piece-ending.PNG)

I still can't believe One Piece currently has 996 episodes. Just 4 more until it reaches the milestone 1000 episode. And only about 4 years left until the One Piece manga ends in 2024 or 2025.
>>505 I never watched past Skypea because that shit was paced horrendously and i couldn't take it any more. >>612 Detective conan is in its 1020+ episode
skip ep 1001 despite promised rooftop battle. And after watching 1002 I know barely any rooftop scene last epis6
I dream the next movie Shanks fight tribe of these guy. 1 of them is autistic cute and airhead like Mannah
>>505 >watching an over 900000 episodes long anime >acts surprised when it's shit Should have dumped it sooner OP, that's the same reason why I stopped trying to watch Inuasha. If you want a long anime serious worth watching you should look into Galactic Hero's.

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