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(76.89 KB 310x266 Kirbywat.gif)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 14:57:01 No. 56
Post all small questions here that do not warrant their own thread. I am reading Dagashi Kashi, but a complete torrent for all the chapters does not seem to exist; furthermore, Emblem scans has only stranslated up to c162 so far. Does anyone have an archive of the manga?
Why is anime so shit this year?
Will the BO eventually have banner submissions?
>>60 After the initial novelty of anime wears off, and you start branching out and paying closer attention to the quality of shows (like the depth and originality of the storyline, or how well the show's animated), most new shows seem like shitty, generic, cliche-filled cashgrabs. People were saying the same thing 10 years ago on 4/a/, 20 years ago on anime forums, and 30 years ago on usenet. The solution is to just stop watching 20 shows per season, and only watch the few that you find genuinely intriguing or entertaining. If there's only a couple that you like, fill in the gaps by watching older shows that you might have missed or overlooked.
>>79 Do what I do: intersperse it with Japanese, Korean and Chinese cult cinema and television series (ideally a range of genres and styles) in order to avoid burnout.
>>79 >After the initial novelty of anime wears off (...) most new shows seem like shitty, generic, cliche-filled cashgrabs ? Have you perhaps considered that you just MIGHT not actually like anime? If you really feel this way you should go home to whatever poz pasture you came from!
>>68 This, anything to replace the Lynxchan banner placeholder.
(118.44 KB 499x499 1435117426327.jpg)
>>83 >idolnigger getting incensed about anime Look at him go
(15.87 MB 853x480 ロケットハート.webm)
>>85 ! It's literally the best thing int he world! Don't even @ me if you're a low level horsy and don't even watch at LEAST 30 anikino a season OK I've got better things to do than speak to such stupid
(50.33 KB 312x97 Large logo.png)
(41.35 KB 312x97 nologo.png)
(42.42 KB 312x97 smallLogo.png)
>>84 I threw together something quick just as an option if they wanted to put it up. I made these due to the apparent Loli crisis we live in now.
What's the best media player to watch anime on Windows?
>>230 VLC
>>230 MPV. Don't listen to this >>231 retard. VLC has never been good.
>>232 this

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