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(185.63 KB 309x381 whsaper.png)

Baby 08/10/2022 (Wed) 19:48:49 No. 15474
Whats with it and tbdls participating in incest?
>>15755 The majority of pedophilic attraction is born from a hatred of women, or at least the dangerous kind is. Hatred is the cause of violence. If none is present, then there is no reason to read further into something.
What does OP have against non-reproductive incest anyway? The only rational reason incest is considered bad is that it increases the risk of genetic diseases. If it weren't for that there would be no harm in siblings falling in love and getting married. It seems strange to attack what is clearly non-reproductive (and possibly non-sexual) activity on the grounds that it's incest. >>15757 >The majority of pedophilic attraction is born from a hatred of women This is a pretty bold claim to make without evidence, especially since the same thing has been said about plenty of other harmless fetishes/sexualities like BDSM or male homosexuality.
>>15758 Modern family units are imbalanced power structures because it's hard to leave them. Power imbalance is incompatible with consent. They also tend to enhance the impact of sexism and ageism.
Encouraging this is why Yior existed
>>15751 Yeah this doesnt sit right with me either. I'm purely and wholey submissive. Theres not even a speck of a dominent urge sexually in me. It's absurd to claim. because I enjoy fantasies of being a teen again and being humiliated for bedwetting in abusive ways; that I'd somehow turn into a top on a dime to subject a kid to it. I'm into people who make me feel young. Actual kids are the quickest way to make me feel like an adult and ruin the fantasy.
>>15752 It probably would have been best if the original post specified that more then. Even in that scenario though, I can't really see how it'd be particularly likely for a large amount of the population to be pedophiles. >>15755 I haven't seen those pics, I think the use of that term as descriptor might select for that population more. Most visual or literary media I've seen of kids, even in ABDL or babyfur circles, have been generic cuteshit.
I was incontinent growing up and I kinda wish my parents helped me stay in diapers. As fucked up as the scenario tends to be, I just didn't want to keep pissing myself at school and be told to deal with it. I get the feeling that's the appeal for at least some of them. Just wanting to be normal.
>>15774 That is different. You feeling young and enjoying the babying is different from fantasies about a minor having sex in diapers, the normalizing it by imagining you are the minor.
>>15811 Not that anon, but I think that specification is the kind of thing people were confused about. It wasn't immediately clear from the first poster that they were talking about minors and sexual activity. At least it's clarified, now. Also, nice dubs.
>>15811 Violent games and movies should also be banned because they normalize harmful behavior. Seriously, let's build a society where fantasies and fictional works are held to the same standards as real life actions. That's the only way to keep our kids safe (unless they happen to produce criminal art, in which case they deserve to rot in prison).
>>15762 The set of possible incestuous relationships isn't equivalent to or even a subset of those involving power imbalances. It's hard to claim that there's a power imbalance between two identical twins for instance, not to mention all the variations where a less powerful individual is playing the dominant role in the fantasy. And if you don't like power imbalances in porn then I assume you're planning to make your next thread complaining about all the ABDL porn based around medical and prison settings where a victim is forced to wear diapers by people who have total institutional power over them.
>>15869 Okay, it doesn't create the power imbalances, it just makes them impossible to offset when there's forced association between people as a result of family. Power imbalance/non-con in porn is largely the result of shame or artistic laziness, and clearly doesn't reflect the creator or audience's actual desires. It does mean they're avoiding what they really want, though.
>>15880 >It does mean they're avoiding what they really want, though. There's three ways to interpret this: 1. The creator isn't smart enough to know how to portray it consensually. I've seen some things where what would normally be casual outings between people in various relationships is made weird and implausible by noncon elements shoehorned into the work. It's frankly fucking weird and makes me wonder just how much other media the creator consumed. 2. It's just a straight-up noncon porn story, usually of the "Oh no! Please, whatever you do, Ms. Voluptuous Blackmailer, don't put me into this excessively frilly getup that would cost thousands of dollars on Etsy! Please don't spend hours every day diapering me and treating me like a baby! Not the buzzy wand over my diaper! Anything but that!" variety. 3. The creator actually wants to nonconsensually do this to people, very often children, and is attempting, within the story and occasionally outside of it, to justify wanting to actually do it. Yes, this kind of thing actually exists. (It's the justifications that are the 'tell' for this kind of thing, as opposed to just someone making fetish work.) These people have motive. When they get means and opportunity, that's when you stop talking about fiction and start talking about news articles...
>>15811 Imagining you're in the submissive role, even imagining you are a minor again; isn't normalizing. It also is still a stretch to think a person who enjoys the submissive role is going to suddenly turn dominant to abuse an actual child. No one bats an eye as sexy cheerleader or catholic school girl roleplay. It's fantasy and play. >>15868 This. We've been through this debate as a society countless times. Play in a fantasy settings doesnt equate to real life.
>>15907 Or; the actual case where people want to fantasize about being subjected to extreme and unrealistic fantasies through force; as thats their kink. Especially when it comes to the sissy stuff you mentioned. Often force is a requirement for them for the fantasy as thats the area in which they feel safe indulging if theyre not in control. You don't seem to have a grasp on the basic fundamentals of BDSM and power exchanges. Like the example being thrown around with BabyBobby; they're not writing what they want done to someone else. Theyre writing what they'd like to happen to themselves in fantasy.
>>15931 You can't simultaneously want something and not want something.
>>15935 Are you just autistic? You absolutely can enjoy something as a fantasy but not actually want it to occur outside of the confines of the fantasy. This is like claiming all GTA players actually want to be murderous criminals. I'm more concerned that YOU can't seperate fantasy desires from reality desires.
>>15935 >>15940 I find a really good way to explain the fantasy-real life dichotomy for people is to use vore as an example. In vore there are "preds" and "prey" like we have CGs and littles. If you have a prey fetish - wanting to be eaten - then that means you have a sexual fantasy that would involve fucking dying. Obviously you don't want that IRL but you can't control what your sex drive wants. I find the stark contrast of DEATH makes it easier for some people to understand.
>>15944 That's a really good example. There's the occasional crazy; but 99% are just normal folks with a fetish that freaks people out.
>>15944 The difference is the comorbidity between people who both fantasize about being physically that little, simulated minors in images or text, and fantasizing about being the minor depicted, and having a CP.
>>16000 Really shouldn't use medical terms you dont understand to continue being loudly wrong. Submissives with fantasies dont suddenly turn dominant with children.
This is the sort of thing that looks awesome in fantasy, but once you imagine YOUR parents actually doing that and taking care of you and changing your diapers... sounds pretty weird, at least to me and taking into account my relation with my parents. I wouldn't be able to get turn on by the scenario. I would, although, get turned on by random teen TBDLs being taken care by THEIR parents, because, well, it's not my parents LOL, so it's easy to abstract myself from this and just get turned on by it. About being sexual or not, it's not 100% sexual, hell, maybe it's not even 50% sexual, but there is a sexual aspects so it is weird to imagine your parents interacting with this whole thing.
I read about fantasies like the one in OP's pic all the time and wonder if it ever could have happened. There had to be at least one scenario in history where a mother decided to baby her of-age, consenting adult son.
>>16092 Maybe in some insane Chris Chanesque home it could happen.
>>16077 >I would, although, get turned on by random teen TBDLs being taken care by THEIR parents, because, well, it's not my parents LOL, so it's easy to abstract myself from this and just get turned on by it. So like this? https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/07/05/327706802/faith-strengthens-aging-parents-as-they-care-for-their-son/
>>16157 Thank you so much for ruining my fantasy and painting the worse (and probably more realistic as well) scenario in which this would actually happen XD But jokes aside, swap the son for a some 15 years old japanese cute girl, who is not retarded, but like to act like a baby sometimes, and their parents end up taking part and actually engaging on her "kink". Now we are talking it.
>>16166 Intimate relationships provide no pleasure without a balance of power. That's why (consensual) incest is so rare between parent and child. In modern liberal societies, there are external power differences that are intractable on an individual level.
>>16180 >Intimate relationships provide no pleasure without a balance of power. This is soo not true. Intimate relationships without a balance of power are generally unhealthy and often lead to long-term pyschological problems, true, especially in our society today, however, this is completely unrelated to pleasure. Tons of people find pleasure in dominating others or submitting to others. It's a whole kink. Some people like to live it, some people wrongly force it on others, but it's silly to say it's never pleasurable.
>>16182 I'm talking actual power, not pretend power. And the people who supposedly enjoy abusing or being abused, are always delusional and think things are balanced when they are not. It's the entire reason why sex feeds into abuse: having "consensual" sex affirms that everything between you is balanced, even if it's not.
>>16186 >I'm talking actual power, not pretend power. And the people who supposedly enjoy abusing or being abused, are always delusional and think things are balanced when they are not. It's the entire reason why sex feeds into abuse: having "consensual" sex affirms that everything between you is balanced, even if it's not. This is entirely not true. Rapists gets off on power and know for certain the relationship is not balanced. And I would argue dominate/submissive types, in the moment, wish the domination/submission was total and real but their rational minds know that, once sex is over, they would not want to be in such a relationship when not horny. However, this is not everyone. Many people enjoy unequal relationships, now and throughout history. To say that women were not happily married, ever, for 2000 years because the relationships were not equal is naieve. Certainly, many were unhappy, but many were fine with it. You have a very myopic view of the human pysche based on what is currently accepted and the status quo. I'm not saying I disagree with equal relationships, as a very rational person I prefer them because they are the most stable for those thinking with their head. However, emotionally-driven people would probably find more stability in relationships based on power that superceded their present emotions - though that stability comes at a cost. Your thinking is far too simplistic, consider the thousands of years of human history and unequal relationships and realize that fetishizing domination and submission is related to a real desire for these things on an emotional/instinctual level, even if the modern mind in a civilized country can acknowledge it is probably a bad idea.
>>16187 Rapists are deluded and think that they are "taking power back" from "cruel temptresses" when they commit rape. That's the entire reason why less developed societies label "seduction" as a crime. >To say that women were not happily married, ever, for 2000 years because the relationships were not equal is naieve. Sure, some of them could have been happy if they got lucky and the illusion was never broken.
>>16187 This is actually wrong. It is possible for two entirely rational people to voluntarily enter into a permanent unequal-power relationship. The prerequisite for this sort of relationship is trust: the person giving power has to trust the person receiving it not to hurt her with it. Really ugly problems often come from a situation in which a person without the capability of consent must involuntarily trust someone else. Most of the time, this situation is called "parenting". The initial driver of a lot of these fetishes is when a child realizes he cannot trust his parents, and it fucks him up. You see the results of these fuck-ups by the way his fictional characters treat each other, and, in the worst cases, by the way he treats other people (occasionally children) in real life. Yior was a real site. Has anyone ever gotten to know an AB or DL who had a healthy childhood? I haven't. Especially not in the mirror. Of course, a child who no longer trusts his parents can easily become the prey of even worse people. If you want to know just how bad (or good, depending on your perspective) things can get, visualize "small child" or "baby" being added as one of the various identities/sexualities of modern transgenderism.
>>16205 The stories I like and the ones I write never contain forced diapering or humiliation. Does that mean I had a relatively good childhood for a diaper lover?
>>16217 Im the same way with my tastes and I had a good childhood. We were poor but my parents were and are still good people still going strong in marriage almost 40 years. In my case I think its just a factor of a few embarrassing accidents at 3-5 and the fact that I had several younger siblings who got a lot of attention.
>>16205 >Has anyone ever gotten to know an AB or DL who had a healthy childhood? I had a healthy childhood. I was picked on in school and cried a lot, but I still had friends and a healthy homelife, never spanked or slapped, I'd get "time out". When I look back at the ages of 5-12 it's happy memories. I had a good childhood, frankly I'm grateful for my parents. My adolescence was a little rocky, but I never got into too much trouble or anything. Just normal teen angst. I can only speak for myself, of course. I enjoy being the sub more than being the dom. From 18-20 I dated a girl a bit older than me and I was the dom. She really liked being choked in bed, and it made me very uncomfortable, it felt wrong to do, but she said it helped her "get off." I never requested any fetish or sub stuff I liked with her, since I knew she'd be turned off. My last ex was a switch so I was much more open about liking light bondage, AB/DL and other stuff. It helped some of my fetish's were also hers ( sadly not ab/dl) I didn't mind spanking, but I I also know what my own tolerance for pain is. The girl who I dated first was a bad communicator, so I never knew her limits. My last ex told me her limits if I spanked her. I was trusted I wasn't going to spank too hard, and while I did trust her I was never concerned she could spank me hard enough to really hurt me, but I guess that's the difference in genders. I also said no sticks or whips since it felt too "mean" to do. I trusted she wouldn't abuse the power I gave her when doming. Likewise she trusted me when it was my turn to be the dom. I know I rambled a bit.
>>16223 You and me both on the good childhood thing, I lived with my grandparents who took care of me. I was just picked on aswell in elementary and middle school like you

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