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cyoa with ABDL/AR Themes Baby 05/28/2021 (Fri) 11:21:12 No. 3628
Did I miss any?
>>15942 I kinda saw this coming >Very ambitious project with huge amount of upfront work >Posting every day until he suddenly stops replying It's the classic "last 10% takes as much effort as the first 90%" situation. He definitely burned out before he could finish. It had potential but maybe too much potential honestly - too much feature creep and as a result failed. I mean look at >>15915 It's basic but it got done. It's not revolutionizing CYOAs but it got across the finish line and that's what counts.
>>16008 It's a real shame - even just clicking through the gitgud archive, there's like, 7 in-game months worth of content which has already been written up but just not implemented. A lot of the hard work has already been done.
>>16008 >>16023 The up side to that anon using a source control like gitgud, is that someone here could just fork the project and complete it for him.
>>16008 Everybody's doomsaying square one anon, I figured they were just waiting to push the complete version at once. It's still August after all. That said we haven't heard anything from them so it's a definite possibility. >>15915 >>15945 I like it! The Regression option was smart, I think there's a pretty good storyline with the right combinations there, will see what I can come up with. Also feel like there could be some more varied rewards, I ended up with ~25 points so it felt like I had more than I really wanted there with some of the rewards overlapping. Gave me some good ideas for the CYOA I'm messing with too. Overall a great result for such a quick turnaround
>>3639 Season: Winter patron: maid-entretainer Patron: svana Traits: -maid: Gossip, etiquete training -entretainer: fine arts -misc. townhouse, Memento:calm bell (calm emotions) Mother's blessings: blessing of youth blessing of knowledge blessing of fantasy
>>16072 As mentioned in >>16008, I live in hope. That said, my assumption is that they'd have been working directly on gitgud (and thus we'd see updates to the files even if they weren't implemented in the demo yet) rather than working offline and making sporadic updates. The last update to the project on gitgud was 3 weeks ago. It's entirely possible that they *are* just working offline, not checking this thread, and waiting to upload at 23:59 on August 31st. My fingers are crossed that this is the case, and I'd be very happy if Qyori were to pop up and prove the 'doomsayers' wrong. But if that doesn't happen, then as per >16047 it's nice that they put the square one project in an accessible source and with written DWTFYW permission, so that it can be carried on by others.
(2.78 MB 1896x9210 cyoa 1.png)

(3.32 MB 1896x8956 cyoa 2.png)

(2.62 MB 1896x7925 cyoa 3.png)

>>15915 >>15979 okay here's the version 2. Here's what's different >added a "bonus point" option that you can add on to at least one of the options for each question (so I could add in more fetishes and give more reason to pick the lesser point value options) >added some new "modes" you can select at the beginning (try the dice mode it's fun) >changed a few images >edited text mostly to fix grammar or attempt to make things more clear, but also to change a handful of options Nothing too major. Anyway I don't plan on adding anything else to this >>15983 thanks
>>16612 Gender (students/teachers are both sexes, changing height to 5 ft if that falls under "appearance"): Transition Living Accommodation: Dorm +Obsessed Role: Student Reason for Diapers: Punishment Diaper Type: Regression Diaper Pattern: Girly Uniform: Schoolgirl Uniform +Upskirting Diaper Frequency: Hierarchy Schedule Style: College +Open Campus Your Primary Teacher: Caring Diapered Teachers: No Transportation: Walking +Waddle Lunch: Normal Food Changing Conditions: Set Times +Luck, Orgasm (assuming OR rather than AND, otherwise just Set Times +Luck) Daily Punishment: Spanking +Helpers Academic Punishment: Personal Use Permanent Punishment: Feminization Core Course: Preschool +Only You, English Elective: Physical Ed Extracurricular: Swim Team, Cheer Leaders +Team Player 25 points Mommy Diaper of Youth Pocket Dimension Playground Royalty Notes: >somewhat tempting to use a nonsense height for laughs for radical transformation, like 100 ft or something >royalty reward totally destroys any incentive to use the $1000 for each unused point thing >playground reward refers to a "beach" reward that doesn't exist, should be "island" instead
>>16089 Okay, I'm calling it, we're a week past Qyori's self-imposed deadline and there are no updates on GitGud, so the "Square One" thing is dead. I've got very little competence with coding, so I'm not even going to pretend to try and take it over, but I've extracted all the already-written content - they'd written 7 in-game months of choices already (just not properly coded in) so you can see where it was heading. Should make for interesting reading at least.
>>16666 Very cool anon, thanks for extracting what was posted. Also the publisher project isn't dead it just got stalled. I got occupied with adding rolling as a mechanic and... well things just kind of blew out of control in terms of scope. I honestly don't even want to put a date on when I'll finish because I started over from scratch and don't even feel close to what I want to do, but at least some OC is coming.
>>16689 So how much can be expected to have changed from the established demo in terms of design and playability?
>>16697 You misunderstand, I'm not continuing that guy's work. I have a little coding skill but not in the language he's using. I was a different guy saying I was working on a CYOA last month in Publisher. I doubt anyone will finish Qyori's CYOA unless he decides to come back.
>>16703 My mistake.
>>16704 No worries. But I am excited to say that talking about it again really hit me with a burst of inspiration and I made a lot of progress. Like the other guy who made a CYOA recently, I'm going to post in 2 parts. The first one will just be the choices and you can customize as you like, then later I'm going to add a game mode. The game mode will be a little more ambitious but I think separating that out into a later release will keep me on track to actually fucking post content instead of getting out of control like last time and shelving it. This new one is oriented around AR though, so it may not be a good fit for people who are just into DL stuff.
(153.69 KB 422x451 Untitled.png)

Also, just to prove I really mean business this time about finishing, here's proof that I have over 40 options already completed!
>>16797 Sweet, theirs not nearly enough abdl cyoas!
>>16793 Wait so are you Qyori/the original guy or are you a completely new guy?
>>16827 Not completely new, I was posting about using publisher before. I wanted to make something that was too much before, I got so wrapped up in the dice rolls and meters and systems and story that it spiraled out of control up at >>15458 and then I never finished or posted more about it. I'm not doing that this time. Today I didn't add many more options but instead I worked on formatting. I mentioned in my last post that this CYOA has to do with AR. The thing I find very interesting about AR stories is that they provoke a question: how will the regressed individual be treated? Like an adult? Like an infant? Somewhere in between? The first version of the CYOA will simply present you with the choices - I'm expecting to land somewhere around 70 to 80 when done - and you can customize as you please. After that, I will spend some additional time making a "game" version which allows you to simulate loss of privileges over time. This version is inspired by the Qyori game.
>>16830 Sounds good, can't wait to see the final product.
>>16849 I'm getting close, I counted just now 59 completed options that you can mix and match as you please. If there is interest, tomorrow I will post the intro as a teaser.
>>16851 yes, very interested!
>>16877 Since I had some time now, here's the header: Story >It's not an age regression virus. Because it's not a virus at all. It's an adaptation. An autoimmune response that hijacks apoptosis, causing the body to degenerate. Doctors describe the prognosis as potentially including "musculoskeletal atrophy, incontinence, weight loss, dementia, and an exaggeration of neotenous features". Culture is more blunt: some people who get cancer turn into babies. Affecting almost 1% of the population, it's a big enough deal that doctors are aware of it, politicians have tried to legislate it, and lawyers are definitely sinking their teeth into a new market for contract law. And that's what your story is about. >Every victim of this disorder has a unique end point. Some just lose an inch of height. Others experience full physical mental effects, becoming indistinguishable from an infant. That's where contracts come in with a solution. You are here to broker a contract with your future care giver - someone you trust. Maybe a mother, sister, or spouse. It's a statement of how you expect to be treated - down to the very smallest of details. Once it's inked, that's the life you'll be living until, hopefully some day, your body starts to grow again. Rules >This is the "Sandbox Mode". Pick any number of options from all available rows. You can combine options where logical (e.g.: carried in arms and stroller might just mean both are available for getting around), but where two policies are obviously in conflict, the more restrictive (usually further right) option trumps. (e.g.: fully liquid diet by definition cannot be combined with pureed baby food). >Options are either called "policies", "training", or "treatments". Policies are ground rules that the caregiver will respect (it is understood that the care-receiver may attempt to break contract due to dementia... which is what the permitted punishment options are for). Policies are by far the most common and cover everything from what food the regressed will eat to whether it's permissible for the carer to carry a diaper bag. Training and treatments are one-time programs to alter something about the care-receiver's mind or body respectively - usually to make caring for them more manageable. Today I reached 81 options. Overwhelmingly the tenor of these options is "realistic". I included just a few extreme options that can be ignored but might appeal to subfetishists. Art is all over the place stylistically but I didn't use any furry art, clearly explicit art, or visible scat.
>>16882 This is basically everything I could want in a cyoa, all the other abdl cyoa's are lacking in 1 or more aspect. Really looking forward to seeing the final product!
>>16894 It's very encouraging to hear that! I am glad someone is looking forward to it. If I didn't lose count, I believe I have reached 118 options. Maybe this is getting too detailed at a certain point! Haha...
(228.44 KB 974x756 Untitled.png)

Another teaser, this time a pic of my progress. As you can see, it is currently extremely ugly. Everything is misaligned and haphazardly arranged, no background, the intro text isn't up at the top, and options are literally spilling off into the off-page editing zone. But if you look past that ugliness, it is extremely information dense. More than a hundred images and multi-sentence descriptions of each option.
(108.54 KB 392x460 Untitled.png)

Looking a little cleaner now. This is a preview of page 1. There are 3 pages currently at 164 options. I feel quite close to release. You'll probably notice I had to split some of the old categories into new ones. Some lists just spilled out too much.
>>17010 nice, I seriously can't wait.
>>17010 >I feel quite close to release getting hyped
>>16612 >transition >oyo + babysitter >student >you like them >diaper >girly >baby clothes >all of them >highschool style >caring >yes + matching >waddle >chocolate milk >set times >face sitting >layering + waste not >pacified + 1 >History >PE >swim team 19 points <mommy <diaper of youth
>>17010 glaring at you rn
(152.76 KB 728x306 Untitled.png)

>>17317 Still coming, still getting bigger by the day. Getting too big is the problem though. As you may have noticed, my current design only allows for 9 options per row. That is getting to be a little cramped under my current listing. I have a solution (it's the same solution I said above) - split the row into new rows that get more specific. Except even those want to split. Maybe I'm getting too detailed. Let me give you an example. I started out with "Food". But now that has broken down into >Food preparation - make your own food? banned from using heating elements? help mommy cook? strictly barred from any cooking? >Food - relating to what you will actually eat - normal menu, kid's meals, toddler faire, puree from cans, fully liquid diet of milk/formula, breastmilk? >Seating conditions - a proper seat at the table, highchair, lapseat, sippycups, bottle (hold for self), bib >Feeding - feed self, spoonfed, bottlefed, breastfed, + 4 specific breastfeeding modifier policies And that's JUST feeding. I stopped counting at 200 options, I have no idea how many there are now. It's coming. This hasn't been ghosted, not yet anyway.
>>17344 godspeed anon
>>17344 You know, you can just make some rows 2 lines. They don't all have to be a single whole category. Also more is better honestly, especially if there's either points to spend on pricey rewards or tons of negative points you have to overcome (or both, though I'm a particular fan of the latter). I'd say just focus on getting it done though, in the context that I like the sound of that level of detail so far, so perhaps do just about that much for other things. With the experience you've gotten now, you can always make a 2nd cyoa, or a v2.0 or expansions for the original, so the big thing is to try to get something out that is coherent. Also, you're now inspiring me to wanna start making a cyoa too rather than just giving armchair advice, so good job on that, lmao.
>>17347 Yes, the plan was that the v1.0 is just going to be the options but no costs or anything. Categories, pictures, descriptions. Full sandbox, choose whatever you want. It's more of a storytelling device than anything. There are in fact so many options that in Sandbox I don't even suggest making a full list of all your policies. Instead, I ask the player. V2 will formally gamify it. I already have hints in the descriptions of some of the options about how this will work, but the plan is basically that you will pick a caretaker to start with and then roll a chart to determine what their demands are. Then negotiation to see what you end up with! Once that's done I may also add a narrative feature for changing rights over time, which can be very fun.
Chugging along in content. I split up some more rows and did reorganizing, plus moved a lot of options on from the work zone. I'm missing a few pictures for options that are kind of... complicated to express with imagery, so that may take some time to find, but I am hoping to get v1 done soonish, by which I mean maybe next Thursday or Friday.
>>17457 woohoo

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