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(59.57 KB 252x258 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT / General Discussion Baby Board owner 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:35:56 No. 5
Self-explanatory. Sauce request, random stuff and stuff that does not deserve its own thread should go here.
>>4376 If you're aiming for realism here's how I'd do it: First there's the pee_volume variable which works as you describe. Every second or so it gets incremented by a small amount. That amount is multiplied by the hydration variable. If hydration is 0 then no pee is added. If it's 1 then pee accumulates at the default rate, etc. To keep things interesting I'd program it to set hydration to a random number between 0.5 and 1.5 at intervals of 30-60 minutes. Now your code can use the pee_volume variable when deciding what to do. You could add a bladder_capacity setting and have it automatically cause an accident whenever that threshold is crossed. Also, remember that in real life a kid might not fully empty their bladder, especially if they're trying their best to keep their pants dry. For realism the size of an accident should never exceed pee_volume but could be much less than it. What sort of scenarios or age ranges are you thinking of roleplaying with this?
>>4377 >What sort of scenarios or age ranges are you thinking of roleplaying with this? I originally envisioned it for simulating incontinence, so basically regular bladder size but you just don't get any sensation or urge, you just feel your diaper getting warm. However, I'm for sure going to end up trying all sorts of things. Having frequent small voids like a baby seems like a fun experience, but its not really my thing for roleplaying. One scenario I will definitely try out is potty training (or at least, being at the point where you *could* be potty training in terms of bladder size and all that, but you just havnt started yet and are still just doing everything in your diapers). I hadn't thought about it before talking here, but I also definitely want to try an "older kid in diapers" vibe as well. Another thing that I hadn't really thought of before but which I am now really excited to try is going without diapers, and just suddenly having wet undies. An older kid who bedwets is also something that I will definitely have to try, I just have to make sure I dont knock the thing over or pull it out of my diaper in my sleep. Once winter starts, I definitely want to try something like "mostly potty trained kid wears diapers when out in the snow due to increased difficulty of getting layers off and just being a longer distance from the bathroom". So I guess as far as age range I would be looking at something like 3-7ish during the day maybe, and up to maybe 11 or 12 at night? I hadn't really thought about it that much in terms of an absolute age, I feel like I would be pretty flexible with it. Also those are good ideas about having a hydration variable that cycles around randomly every so often, and having the possibility of an incomplete bladder emptying.
>>4378 >>4377 oh, and later iterations will absolutely involve more inputs and outputs to make potty training more interesting, like you get some little signal or the accelerometer idea to simulate a potty dance which may or may not actually help all the time.
(5.67 KB 512x512 images (1).png)

>>5 Would any of you open a group chat on Session messenger?
>>4380 Whats this?
>>4389 Anonymous messenger app https://getsession.org/android
>>4378 If you want to make sure the tube stays in place you could attach a loop of elastic to the end and slip that round your scrotum. Just don't have it too tight. If you get the size right it shouldn't put any pressure on your skin unless you pull on it. If you want to simulate incontinence, another thing to try would be those low-absorbency pads which go inside your underwear. They feel like a nice middle ground between diapers and pants-wetting. You could tune the volume of water released to achieve the desired number of uses out of each pad (or the desired risk of leaking). The same goes for other things like cloth training pants which wouldn't normally be suitable for full adult wettings. >>4380 I've looked into this a bit and Session does seem like one of the better options for private messaging. And it has a desktop client which is always nice. It's certainly a huge step up from the likes of Discord. I wouldn't be opposed to joining a group chat.
>>4391 Message my ID, I'll add you to a chat group. 051a7775d4cf90176d84acb45bd6b96f57b5099b1c939118ecba4088a74db2de52
>>4379 Well Im finally testing it for real. just diapered up and got it all set up. I was worried that the tube sticking into my diaper would feel really obvious but I really dont even notice it at all right now. I will definitely want to set it up in the future to use both a solenoid valve and a motor because if you have the water tank above the end of the tube, it will siphon continuously, and if its too far below it wont be able to pump it all the way up. Even if its able to pump it up to the end of the tube, you have to adjust the length of time it runs for to allow for how long it takes to get the water to the correct height. Hopefully adding a valve will fix that though.
>>4399 oh my gosh, I was sitting at my computer playing minecraft and all the sudden felt the front of my diaper getting warm! There were a few times before where it was cool and felt a bit odd, but now that I have the temperature more or less figured out its great!
>>4400 That sounds really fun. I'd love to see some pictures and diagrams once you get the system a bit more refined.
>>4401 yeah absolutely! Im really excited about this honestly. Right now I think the biggest issue is the water in the line cools a bit in between accidents, so it doesn't feel warm when it first comes out unless it happens really frequently. I think a combination of insulation on the tube thats in the air, limiting how long it is in the first place, and wrapping it in little heating pads should fix that though. Currently I have the frequency set really high and the volume is way more than what would make sense for that frequency (between every 1.5 and 5 minutes) mostly because I want to experience it quickly. I think I like having bigger accidents in general though, at least for shorter term scenarios and roleplay. To really take advantage of frequent short accidents I think you need to have a longer time available so you can take advantage of that sense of realizing your diaper is getting fuller but not really noticing when.
>>4402 I've thought of a couple of other possible solutions to water cooling in the pipe. One is to put the pump into reverse for a second or two after each wetting to empty the pipe back into the heated storage tank. Assuming it's the kind of pump that can run in reverse. Another possibility is to replace the one-input-one-output solenoid valve with a two-input-one-output version. Position it close to the tank with one input connected to water and the other to air. By switching it to air the pipe will drain, then just switch it back to water when it's time for another accident. You could achieve a similar effect by putting a T-junction at the highest point of the pipe and using your current solenoid valve to control air flow into the pipe. A third, more radical possibility is to have the heater element situated near the end of the pipe instead of in the tank. This reduces average power consumption at the cost of higher peak consumption and significantly higher risk of injury if anything goes wrong. Definitely don't do this unless you're absolutely sure it can't get hot enough to burn you.
>>4403 >A third, more radical possibility is to have the heater element situated near the end of the pipe instead of in the tank. I have a sort of hybrid idea for this. I was thinking I could have a heater for the tank itself, and then have another one that sort of wraps around the pipe. It wouldnt be enough to heat anything on its way through, but hopefully it would at least keep it warm. I like the idea of having it recirculate back into the tank first though. It might be a bit more complicated, but I think overall it would be far more effective. Another thing I didn't think about for preventing siphon action would be to use a back check valve. They dont require any power and prevent water (or air) from flowing back in the direction it came. It might significantly reduce the flow rate and available pressure though. I had another idea for a potty training scenario as well. I could put a little speaker or piezo buzzer on it and it would make a tone just before an accident happens, maybe giving you anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds of warning. It would also make it at different frequencies and volumes and lengths, so sometimes it might be really easy to notice, and other times it might be quieter and lower and shorter so you wont notice it unless you are really paying close attention. And you could also add in false alarms or even sometimes have accidents without any warning, or maybe have it start for a second, stop, then beep to give you a chance to make it before the rest of it comes out. I'm going to be starting college again in about a week, so unfortunately I cant continue testing it with diapers on, but I should be able to keep working on it in a more "sterile" environment, like just having it empty into a cup or if I have the place to myself for a while I could do it in the bathroom with just undies on or something. I've had an idea for something like this for a while now, I wish I had started messing around with it earlier in the summer.
>>4404 Instead of a piezo buzzer you could also use a small vibrator attached somewhere on your body. It might be a bit more discreet. I've been thinking about other possible input devices too. You can get pressure sensitive pads which could be attached to clothing in various places. Maybe you have to squeeze your legs together or press on your crotch to prevent an accident. You could use GPS to give the system different behavior depending on location. A heart rate sensor could be used to make you wet yourself in response to fear/excitement which could be fun when watching a horror movie or riding a rollercoaster. You could also do the same sort of thing with an accelerometer and microphone, causing wetting in response to sudden movements or loud noises.
Feeling all sorts of giddy after waking up and laying in my nighttime diaper, not in a hurry get up anytime soon. I could get used to this.
>>4410 >Feeling all sorts of giddy after waking up and laying in my nighttime diaper I love that feeling >>4409 a vibrator would be a neat idea too!. Pressure sensitive pads would be a pretty easy thing to implement probably. Those could be used with an accelerometer for the potty dance idea. If you keep the pads pressed hard enough while also creating frequent changes in acceleration (created by dancing around/rapidly changing direction) then it gives you some extra time to make it to the potty, but if the pressure pads dont stay triggered/have enough pressure on them, it takes away time instead. So if you just try to book it and run to the potty, it simulates a higher chance of an accident due to exerting yourself, while squeezing your legs together and moving carefully will buy you time, but also means you take longer to get to the potty. Jumping around and potty dancing has the potential to buy you even more time, but if you aren't careful and you get too vigorous and your legs dont squeeze together enough, it ends up making you leak even faster! The other ideas would be neat too, but might require sensors that are a bit more complicated. I've never tried messing with a HR sensor or a GPS receiver, so I don't know how hard it is to work with them or how expensive or accurate they are. The microphone would be a neat idea that shouldn't be too hard though. I should start a document with a feature list and/or maybe set up a github account for this...
>>4425 One more suggestion, based on the "nogasm" and similar projects, is to use an air pressure sensor connected to an inflatable buttplug. Nogasm uses it to detect pelvic muscle contractions when the user is approaching orgasm, but in this case it could be used to act as a proxy for your urethral sphincter. If you want to delay an accident you need to squeeze the plug, increasing the pressure measured by the sensor. I suspect it would offer a much more natural-feeling control input. You could set the required pressure to a level where it's not comfortable to sustain for more than a minute or two, especially while walking, or even have the threshold increase as your virtual bladder fills up. You can even get vibrating inflatable plugs which could be used as a complete all-in-one human interface device. The vibrations could give you feedback on how close you are to the pressure threshold.
>>4426 I had never heard of this! I'll have to look it up, seems like a really good idea!
(95.58 KB 1200x842 nogasm_connected.jpg)

(192.06 KB 1200x1200 nogasm_pcb.jpg)

>>4427 It looks surprisingly simple to implement. That little black unit at the bottom of the PCB is the pressure sensor. You could almost certainly use it discreetly in public too.
>>4380 Bumping this Join us pls
>>4497 If there was a way to do it from a PC I would.
(100.88 KB 535x732 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4499 I'm using it on a linux desktop system and there's a desktop client for Windows too. https://getsession.org/download/ You can also change where it stores user data by setting an environment variable. The variable is HOME in linux and probably either %APPDATA% or %LOCALAPPDATA% in Windows. This is useful if you want to use it like a portable app on encrypted thumb drive or similar.
>>4398 I'm the user of this ID My laptop suddenly decided to stop working and I had to send it to repairs, my Session key is in the laptop so I can't access my account temporarily Will be off the grid for a while until I get my laptop back
wearing diapers and microdosing lsd?
>>4514 Excellent >>4509 This is what you get for not backing up your drives Signed, /g/
Is it easier for the average person to understand caregiver desires than little desires?
>>4558 Good question.
Are there any ABDL discords, especially for anime-style art and especially loli and shota-friendly ? If not there needs to be.
>>4428 what is the large tubular thing? a fleshlight?
I was just reading a "normal" light novel and suddenly a little sister type of character was put in diapers. Although there were previous omorashi scenes, I was really surprised. Do you know of any other works that are not really abdl but have diapers in them?
>>4599 What light novel is that? It definitely sounds like something I would want to pick up. In episode 21 of the short anime Chitose Get You one of the girls gets dragged off screen to be diapered and dressed in baby clothes by her mother. One of the characters in the manga Elfen Lied also wears diapers due to having a weak bladder. Sadly she doesn't appear in the anime adaptation though. I'm not sure of any other examples, but they must exist.
>>4609 Can’t remember the episode, but in Tsugumomo we see pic related for a brief cut-away. The two lolis in the pic had to go to a local kami for assistance, and the kami really loves lolis and cosplay, so torments them in various ways and makes them dress up embarrassingly. After a long bout of that, the scene cuts away to pic related for a moment. It’s just silent except for like a pacifier suckling sound if I am recalling right, and then it just keeps going on like nothing had happened. It came out of nowhere. It was hot.
The light novel is called "we became demon lord apprentice in another world". But it's the second volume of a series. I got it from amazon. I've heard that the manga of elfen lied has diapers in it but only watched the anime. I'll definitely check out the chitose one. Thanks! I've seen the tsugumomo one! Actually I think in a tsugumomo ova the mc got diapered.

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