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(59.57 KB 252x258 ClipboardImage.png)
QTDDTOT / General Discussion Baby Board owner 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:35:56 No. 5
Self-explanatory. Sauce request, random stuff and stuff that does not deserve its own thread should go here.
another idea might be some kind of totally decentralized communication system, I know p2p systems are a thing but I dont know enough to speak intelligently about them.
I was doing some calculus homework the other night and I kept fidgeting with my hair with my left hand. I can be a bit anxious/fidgety at times, especially when Im concentrating on something like I was, and it can end up making my hair get all frizzy and wild in that one spot. I was trying to think of what I could do to stop myself from doing that (simply making myself stop works for about 10-30 seconds before I start doing it again without realizing it). I have never been one for fidget toys and the like. Its like they either dont provide the same sort of stimulation/level of distraction or I end up focusing on them more than what I am actually trying to do. After thinking about it for a moment, I had an idea, and just stuck my left thumb in my mouth! Im normally not much for thumb-sucking (although I did it a lot when I was little) but this felt really nice and had the added benefit of keeping my free hand occupied and out of trouble! I kept smiling and giggling to myself whenever I thought about it, it just seemed so silly to be sitting there doing some very big-kid math while sucking my thumb like a little kid. I ended up keeping it there for the entire rest of the time I was working on the assignment! I was really surprised at how I could simultaneously feel fairly little while also still being able to work on very non-little activities. I would have thought it would have created really bad cognitive dissonance and eventually one or the other mindset would have to win out, but they just peacefully coexisted. Was actually a really nice experience. Its a pity I cant do that while taking tests or quizzes in class...
>>2890 That's pretty cute. I'll have to try that next time I'm fidgety
>>2363 I love having a wet diaper and grabbing a new one out of the package, it's mildly embarrassing and I love it
>>2900 oh gosh I never even though of it from that perspective, I was just thinking of wearing 2 consecutive diapers. Getting the clean one out of the package while your still in the wet one just adds a whole new layer! Im definitely going to have to try this now.
>>2890 So over the course of about a week I have gone from >> "I've tried it before but thumb-sucking doesn't really do anything for me" to >> "Thumb-sucking is a nice little tool in some scenarios as a sort of fidget activity" to >> "I enjoy sucking my thumb while doing some things, but I am mostly doing it to keep from fidgeting" and last night I reached the point of >> "I felt an active desire to suck my thumb while laying in bed just because it feels good, not as a fidgeting mechanism" Based on this trajectory, I theorize that the next phase will be >> "I am currently sucking my thumb because it feels nice and stopping would actively feel bad/uncomfortable. followed by >> "I would like to do something, (play a computer game, build something, etc, anything that requires both hands) but I can't right now because I'm sucking my thumb" Am I experiencing some kind of snowball effect? Do I need to be worried about this? Am I going to have to consciously make an effort to not suck my thumb in public soon if this keeps up? You see lots of stuff about paci's in ABDL stuff, but I dont see thumb sucking mentioned/referenced very often. Any ideas why? Or am I just not noticing it?
>>2920 I am enjoying hearing about your new habit, anon, so be sure to keep sharing. You're making me want to become a thumb-sucker myself >You see lots of stuff about paci's in ABDL stuff, but I dont see thumb sucking mentioned/referenced very often. Any ideas why? Or am I just not noticing it? It's not just you, I don't notice it much either for some reason. No idea why
2:50 might be one of the most interesting abdl video moments I have ever seen... https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e889aef52176
>>2955 also, to clarify, I mean interesting in a very good way.
not really diaper related, but does anyone else sometimes start wanting to stop doing something they know they actually want to do right before they actually do it?
>>2964 The closest thing I do to that is having something I want to do a lot, but being lazy and for some reason not doing it even though it would be more worth my while.
So I am sort of considering bringing a diaper back to school with me after a weekend home. The only issue is that I live in a dorm. In the past I would never even consider it, but this semester I dont have a roommate. I have mostly online classes, so there is at least 1 or 2 days a week when I literally dont need to leave unless I want to eat something I dont have in my room. (I have a mini fridge and microwave) I might not even necessarily use it, just wear it, and just in my room. And if I did pee in it, I could just use a copious number of black trash bags and take it out with the rest of the stuff. (messing would be totally off the table though) I already have a small bottle of baby powder up there (although you could easily explain that away) and also a pair of ninjamas that I totally cant fit into, but an actual diaper feels like a whole new step. The whole reason I am even considering this at all is because with covid, the school is doing everything they can to discourage students from leaving campus, and so I am really only at home for short periods of time and infrequently at that. And if there was ever a time when I would want to be able to wear, even just a little, it would probably be now. Is this a stupid idea that I will later regret or should I go for it?
>>2975 Oh, and if I do it, should I bring a megamax or a cammie?
>>2881 Try Session by lokinet
Ive been in a cammie since late morning/late afternoon and Im pretty wet now. I sat down for a few minutes (had been laying on my bed or doing other things before) and when I got up I had leaked a little bit around my butt on both sides. Just the pressure of sitting on the big slab of wet diaper sort of slooowly caused some pee to get squeezed out and leak. This seems to happen with me a lot. Is it unavoidable? I have noticed that the way cammies fit me, the front of my legs forms a really good seal, but the back where it wraps around by where your legs start to transition to your butt often has a bit of a looser seal that I cant figure out how to get/keep tight. Im not sure if its just cammies or if its basically all diapers though. There is still a pretty decent amount of capacity left (I think) as long as I dont sit on it or apply pressure. Is there a way to take advantage of this, or do I just have to either limit myself to not sitting or just accept I will have damp spots around my bottom?
Has anyone else been having issues with pixiv starting roughly last night?
>>2998 I don't see any problems on my end. Hopefully that means it's fixed now
(35.94 KB 720x720 skooldoodleslipon_720x.jpg)
Anyone tried the new and supposedly "re-engineered" pullups from Bambino? I know the magnifico ones they used to sell were terrible but curious about these.
>>3004 I havn't heard anything about them, but at first glance it looks similar in design...
>>2975 No reason not to, what's the worst thing that can happen. Someone might think you're wierd? If you're concerned about that just bring some medical looking ABDL diaper
Would anyone be interested in any sort of RPing thread? I don't know exactly what I'd do, but it'd be some sort of age-regression thread with casual RPing. It might be fun to roleplay as diapered lolis and shotas together, but with no real set or formal order of doing things. Up for suggestions as well!
>>276 They don't
>>3563 Why is there so much of this garbage being made then?
>>3562 I would be interested in that. Dont know if I would be any good at it, but might be worth a shot.
>>3564 It's like old men playing golf; they'll purchase things that do not produce erections.
Why does it seem that the diaper fetish and scat go hand in hand? I like diapers and find them sexy in a way but peeing in them or worse is not really what I'm into. Peeing is still acceptable for me, pee is not rly disgusting imo but poop? pls no. I'm mostly lurking but the poop stuff makes me want to quit most of the time, what is the appeal?
infantilism or/and shame, humilation
>>3604 A big part of it is definitely humiliation, but it also helps with the feeling of safety and lack of responsibilities. One of my favorite fantasies involves being a little kid wearing diapers and restrictive clothes which I can't remove on my own. The part I like most is that it removes any expectation of making it to the toilet. No matter what I do or where I go, the result will be the same in the end. It's an extremely liberating feeling. Adding an asterisk and a footnote saying "except pooping" really detracts from that fantasy.
>>3604 It's probably because diapers are made for holding poop. Personally, I think poop is icky but if I want to feel really little, it goes into my diaper. It's impossible to feel like a big kid after I mess my pants, especially if I do an enema because it will result in an entirely helpless experience. But it doesn't turn me on, it makes me want to cry and clean up as quickly as possible. So I do it to feel little, but I'm not interested in mushing it around and using a messy diaper for sexual pleasure.
>>3604 I'm into pooping and messing, especially when it's in diapers. Wetting is pretty nice, I like how it makes the diapers warm and swell, but for some reason I've always enjoyed the idea of people messing, and messing myself as well more than wetting. I also wouldn't mind changing someone's diaper, either. I just like how humiliating and infantile it is, and how it makes the one who does it smelly. It is gross, and that's part of it. I'm not really into poop by itself.
(277.50 KB 620x603 87205928_p0.png)
What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? I think my favorite is when they look very rounded, almost spherical, and with a relatively tight, firm feel to the exterior. I don't really know why, but the idea of a diaper being tight fitting and made of quite firm material is really appealing. Also, now that I think about it, I much prefer seeing diapered butts than diapered crotches.
>>3621 >What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? We are very similar. I love thick, bulky diapers, ones that are extra crinkly. A big bonus here is if the diaper makes it difficult to fully close their legs, giving them a little waddle. > I much prefer seeing diapered butts than diapered crotches. That is how it is for me as well. Seeing big diapered butts is really what propelled me down this path in the first place, I really liked how they looked.
>>3621 >What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? I like diapers to fit me really snugly. Not to the point that it feels tight, but I want it to sort of just fit my body and apply pressure evenly across it if that makes any sense. For example, I dont really like having a waistband that is super loose, even if the diaper as a whole is very secure. I think its just that feeling of security that I like; I want to feel totally confident that no matter how I move or what I do (both inside the diaper and otherwise) that Im not going to end up leaking out the sides or the top or splitting the plastic or anything like that. I also really like the feel of how the back of the diaper sort of wraps you from behind. Like the spot thats below the hip that transitions from your butt, but is sort of on your side. Having that just covered feels really good to me for some reason. I generally like discretion with diapers though. Ideally, it would make no sound, but could still be big enough to stick out above my waist band as long as I have a shirt or pants that can keep it concealed. I think a big part of that is from not having my own place yet though. On my own, I wouldnt mind the noise or bulk.
Male Term Tiers (Lowest to Highest) >"Guy" Worthy of cringing. Tries to avoid the mature and biological air of man, but does not commit fully. Gives the impression of an indolent college student. Avoid. >"Man" Fine but uninspired. Best if used as a neutral descriptor, becomes worse if used to add a dramatic flair when one is not needed (ex. "nature of man"). Also known for it's deprecatory cousin, "Grown man." Use to fill up normal speech. >"Boy" Transcendent. Matches the common female descriptor "Girl." By its very nature it is almost guaranteed to not take itself too seriously. Also fully commits to the youthful ambiance that "Guy" is too hesitant to claim (and ironically is less infantalizing than that term). Use sparingly as your power level dictates.
>>3604 kind of going off of what >>3607 was talking about, I like the kind of head-space it creates. One of the things I like about being diapered/little/regressed the most is the sense of being totally carefree/unconcerned in general, and that extends to bathroom activities as well. Like, imagine being a little kid, around toddler age, and you are probably at least partially aware of your need to pee/poop, but you havn't started potty training yet. When you have to go, you just stop playing or running around for a moment and use your diaper, then go back to what you were doing without a care in the world. Not only is there no expectation for you to use the toilet, but the idea of peeing or pooping anywhere but your diaper has just never crossed your mind. Whenever you have to go, you just go in your diaper without a second thought. Where else would you even go? Thats just the way the world works for you. Again, like >>3607 said, the humiliation is also a part of it for me. I dont think I would call it that though, more like "shyness" or "embarrassment". When you pee in a diaper, there usually isn't any super obvious sign to tell others (or yourself, to some extent) that you peed yourself. Sure, some diapers have some sort of wetness indicator, and eventually the swelling and/or discoloration would make it fairly obvious, but if you are wearing pants, that is mostly hidden. And while there might be some smell from pee, it usually isnt all that strong, and if it is noticeable at all, it probably wouldnt be noticeable right away. You could be playing with legos or something in the same room as a big/cg (or even right next to them, like playing a board game or something) and wet yourself and its very possible that they would have no idea. They know that over the course of the day you are wetting yourself, yes, but they don't know the exact moment it happens. With poop on the other hand, it is pretty much *instantly* obvious to everyone nearby that something is happening in your diaper. First of all, they would probably notice you pushing, but even if they dont (either because they weren't looking at that moment or because you were able to be really subtle/sneaky about it) then within a very short period of time they will probably smell you too. I think that might be one of my favorite things about it, because you cant hide the smell really. All you can do is blush and wait for them to say something. As I said, I wouldnt say I like feeling humiliation, but I like feeling shy, blush-y, and bashful about it. Like imagine being simultaneous shy/bashful/embarrassed cause you pooped yourself and "Ewww, poop! pee-yewww!" but it also being treated as a silly, giggly thing at the same time. Another side is the lack of control. If you use a laxative/suppository/enema/etc, you can basically remove your ability to control it, and that sense of helplessness does things for some people who like messing as well. I sometimes like to do this and try to hold it as long as I can, like genuinely try my best to not have an accident. This also compounds with some of the other things mentioned above, especially if it ends up being noisy as well. The noise/smell takes something that we normally see as a private activity and makes it much less private, because others are now being made aware of what is happening down there more or less in real time, and theres not much if anything you can do about it. A big/cg can watch you squirm and become increasingly more visually desperate, starting out with just acting a little weird to having moments where you hold really still while you have to try really hard to hold it in, then eventually progressing to the point where you are just constantly dancing and squirming to keep from having an accident, then you get to the point where you are practically shaking with the effort and finally just physically not being able to help yourself anymore and totally losing control in your diaper. Personally, I dont really like the mess part of it. It IS gross, but personally I am mostly able to put that part of it on the back burner of my mind and just not worry about it in the moment. For the most part, as long as everything stays in the diaper, and I don't feel like there is any risk that anything will get out, I am fine. There are also different kinds of mess, some of which are less "messy" than others. I personally prefer a mostly firm mess, because it doesn't get everywhere, doesnt stick to your skin, and is pretty easy to clean up, but at the same time is soft enough that its not too difficult physically to get it out into your diaper. I also usually clean up by taking a shower. I just wipe off the worst of it with the diaper itself, then spray anything that didnt come off with the shower head. Unless you end up with a "messy" mess, there usually isn't actually all that much to get off. The big thing though is that I'm not actually touching anything with my hands.

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