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Baby 02/26/2022 (Sat) 01:46:45 No. 9502
Transgirls in diapers
>>9540 In addition to what others have said, one of the more popular HRT drugs also acts as a diuretic. This combined with certain other drugs often taken along with HRT can actually result in a weak bladder or even incontinence. It may not be common, but is a factor.
(261.15 KB 629x2048 hgg7yygyyuy.jpeg)

>>12766 >>13073 yeah I fucked up.
(561.28 KB 701x936 164589112.jpg)

(1.57 MB 1944x2592 PXL_20210321_192530889-01.jpeg)

(457.48 KB 1536x2048 diapergirl.jpg)

>>9611 It’s Khatalyst. She used to occasionally do chastity but around a year ago she got an orchiectomy.
(82.38 KB 500x756 6nflt6.jpg)

>>14537 Oh no. This one got me...
>>14537 That's one I think I would do
>>14540 I love chastity cages too much to orchi. just continue to be qt trans in chastity and diapers
>>14559 One of my friends is into chastity and had an orchi. Now she wears an old school metal chastity belt over her diaper. The belt is nice because she can’t change her own diaper or use the potty in addition to not being able to touch herself. She gave me her CB6000s after she got the orchi. We were having trouble putting it on because my boner wouldn’t go away. Friend offered to blow me but mommy said absolutely not. Instead she put my diaper back on and poured in a pitcher of ice water to make me shrivel up instead.
>>14537 Okay I’ll bite, who’s this?
>>14868 Lianna Lawson
>>14540 >>14559 I've honestly never understood trans people obviously showing themselves being into fetish and sex stuff... then voluntarily getting castrated as part of transition even though I'm into gender bender porn. The same applies to any sort of castration fetish or fetish stuff that would destroy one's gonads like ball busting. What is the point here? Just... even with HRT, removing the gonads is going to seriously negatively affect a person's sex drive. I get chastity and denial as eventually the person gets off and anticipation is part of the appeal. Part of that is anticipation and want, it's not getting rid of the want permanently though. I kind of just think it's the same sort of reasoning that drives people to do things for lust and pleasure even with destructive results... but booze hounds or some other drug addict, or someone risking STDs, or unwanted pregnancy out of lust isn't very obviously and immediately destroying ability to feel further pleasure of the same kind. I mean, your gonads are directly related to sexual desire is what I'm getting at here. Getting rid of them hampers or removes that entirely and this obviously demonstrable, be it livestock that are castrated for farming and breeding control or humans that this has happened to for medical, cultural, or historical reasons such as eunuchs or cancer.
>>14856 This is such a LARP
>>14913 Nah, it’d be a larp if it was about a cis woman wearing a chastity belt over her diaper. But trans women into abdl are a dime a dozen.
(23.31 KB 600x313 ejyc33mk8k3y.jpg)

>>10202 Sameish. I was attracted to women's clothing and diapers. I didn't like boys or girls at first. Like I only got aroused when wearing my sisters clothing or wetting a diaper and pretending to be a little girl. Not till later did I discover dick, but the fetish for diapers is still with me.
>>15252 Hello! I am new to this board and was wondering what that code was for. I see it all over /abdl/
>>17024 It's nintendo encoded
>>17024 Dont listen to this guy >>17031 Its actually Sony encoded
>>9537 Who is that in the first and 3rd picture?
>>17013 dont care if its fapfic but can you talk more about your experience with that?
>>14365 got anymore of these?
>>17158 https://mobile.twitter.com/Zowy_littlepink/media She also has a IG and OF dont be weird
>>17159 https://mobile.twitter.com/Zowy_littlepink/status/1550235426421710848/photo/1 Why is it so hard finding bio women dropping loads like this
>>17169 Sure they do anon. Just pay $10 dollars to find out how on JFF!
>>17169 >the virgin mexican abdl transgirl simp https://twitter.com/valen_abdl >the chad argie abdl transgirl enjoyer
>>17178 Why are spics so gay
(1.47 MB 3464x3464 gigafaggot.png)

>>17178 <the chad argie abdl transgirl enjoyer
(2.18 MB 1280x720 EZLz7UgvajPPI-BS.mp4)

Does anyone have any of Little Maya Fox/@Mayafox300's videos? She deletes them a few days after uploading. GOD tier messing.
(4.18 MB 2072x3185 zfem.jfif)

Are femboys allowed here? I feel like this is close enough to a tranny
>>13305 I'm a libertarian who is into ab/dl. I'm not a tranny though, I do femboy stuff sometimes.

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