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ABDL Videos Video Thread 03/01/2022 (Tue) 13:57:45 No. 9640
Let's practice sharing here and make our mamas and papas proud. Here one to get things started. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOWhUblJ1U0ZvMlVpTTNieTFwZUVKV2NtMXFiSGxPY1VWbGVHWjFhR3Az
>>17226 She even does a fake crying too, she’s topless as well, and she’s wearing Double diapers, one was cushies, no plastic pants over it while she was messing her diaper. Best video I never saved.
>>17226 Anyone have the Daisy_Dress_Change_Over_Wet_Diaper.mp4 video?
Hi! Could anyone upload this videos to mega? Her content is usually great.
Posted a while back on the old board but held back some of my personal favs, figure if people have other stuff its only fair to share mine too. This is my INAM stuff, would love to see any of Lizzy, Indica or Mia's stuff. More to come if this works out. WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scDJZa2RTYkdOcE9IaFVNWEJ1WlZWU05GZFRUbGRQU0doM1lUQktUMkl3TVhWVE1qVkNWRzVHZUZkc1dqWmhWRVpD
>>17191 >WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scHdZa2RWZG1Fd2NFcE5ibXhvWlZWRmFsb3pVbkpaYmtwYVkxVlNWbE16V2tKYVJXeHVaRWN4ZGsxRlJteFpWbVJLVGxWS05XVlZTalZqU0hCM1ZYcFdNMDVzWTNsWmFsSlpVVkU5UFE9PQ== Do you have all of their stuff?
This is what I have uploaded, mostly DVD rips from BabyDoll which defunct now: WVVoU01HTklUVFpNZVRsMFdsZGthRXh0TlRaTU1scDJZa2RTYkdOcE9EUlZWMlJVVWpCUk1GbHBUa2hOUldSeFdETk9NRTV1Y0Vka2VrWnJWVzEwVjA1dFVsUmxiVkl6
>>17306 I miss babydoll. What happened to them? They made good shit
>>10177 I was wondering if there's a full version of this video -
Looking for the full vid of this. Been looking everywhere
>>17315 Not sure, I have a lot of their physical DVDs and some of their magazines.
>>16859 Could you upload some older content? Like charmingdiapers, diapersexvideos (the first 100 mostly since newer rips do not have the first 100), and clubdiapers?
Anyone have anything from ABDL-spanking? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/187185/abdl-spanking#cid8a0cb28b9e63d3f680bbd4d7dd Looks like theyre filling the space left by spanked&diapered
>>17327 I actually have a decent chunk of CharmingDiapers. Like basically everything that was on their JFF before they said they were taking a break from their relationship. Looking at my collection I think I do have clubdiapers pics as well. However, I'm not uploading anything else until either more people are contributing to this thread or someone can give me a better way to rip a whole JFF.
>>17370 have you tried the patreon downloader chrome extension? i haven't tried it on jff, but on patreon, if you sort by month and scroll down it works good.
>>17315 To my knowledge, members were angry that there only were few updates in the last years. About one year after these complaints, the site basically disappeared. The guy running BabyDoll mostly got hookers from Germany and Poland as models as far as I can understand.
>>9640 Did somebody have this video? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/134697/23784813/charlotte-was-discovered-in-diaper-public I saw this on ThisVid, but right now i can't find it.
Some Charming videos, looking for fills YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOTBUSFJzZW1JMFlnbz0K WmpGU1dHZERkamxFTlRoV1FYcHlZVjlTVG04eWR3bz0K
>>17421 whats the decryption key?
>>17425 lmao
>>17426 well the decryption key didn't work, so what is the decryption key?
>>17425 >>17428 f1RXgCv9D58VAzra_RNo2w
>>17376 I did notice the low amount of updates. Shame, but they had great content otherwise.
>>17485 the omegle video reactions they do are so frigging cool, god damn it, I really dont want to pay for that but.........
>>17428 It's the second line, you dumbass. Worked on my machine.
>>17517 Not the person you're replying to but you didn't need to be so rude tbh.
>>17611 >not the guy you're replying to but you seem too sensitive for the chans, try reddit.
(593.27 KB 480x270 cacDh5_vIfaxRxmW.mp4)

>>17626 Is there a biological reason women don't take dumps like men do?
>>17629 There is an argument that because of the male prostate a full rectum and the act of emptying it can be stimulating and arousing.
>>17626 that's a butt plug, not poop.
Listen VR headset owners! I randomly found the first ABDL centered VR porn I've come to encounter, this is what I was waiting for, for ages! Only downside it's JAV so censored :( But maybe I'm not up to date , so does anyone know of other ABDL VR porn? https://vxxx.com/video-525715/?campaign=10121
>>17629 they're smaller but not everything scales accordingly tend to eat less for obv reasons my personal theory is that the differences in anatomy make it much easier for guys to have more build up before urge and then need is felt

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