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What ever happened to Aaliyah Taylor?
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Do captions count? That's my favorite shit.
>>14372 Do captions count Go ahead
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>>14362 #5 is clearly wife material Have some long lost mifmaf and some M2
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(539.18 KB 1080x1920 reerreer.jpeg)

>>16515 it makes me mad how good toon babifier art can be but instead they just draw ugly fairy odd parents characters over and over again
>>16519 I am more annoyed by the fact that I don't see that much total drama art especially seeing I would have not been surprised to see a girl in a diaper in the show, though that would never happen cause a simple one cartoon woman in diapers scene weirdly isn't as comedic as the 40th bugs bunny in a diaper scene.
This coon in particular.
(2.52 MB 196x324 dfdffdfdfdd4445.gif)

(349.81 KB 1123x1920 4rrfcdssss.jpeg)

(83.76 KB 500x655 65tyyhghg.jpeg)

(49.68 KB 500x630 43dffddff.jpeg)

(272.18 KB 960x1280 434343.jpeg)

https://hdsex.org/video/258999543 https://hdsex.org/video/216895536 https://hdsex.org/video/167226642 https://hdsex.org/video/221363010 https://hdsex.org/video/215842572 man it annoys me that diapermess left during covid, I know that these videos are fake as hell, but they made for good spank material any time that wretched witch woman wasn't there
>>16519 Yeah I don't understand why you would have that level of artistic technical skill and could potentially be doing much better art, but consciously choose to keep drawing the same unattractive cartoon characters over and over again. >>16520 >though that would never happen cause a simple one cartoon woman in diapers scene weirdly isn't as comedic as the 40th bugs bunny in a diaper scene. I think about this way too much. I guess in general the reason is that men being embarassed in media is seen as funny and women being embarassed tends to engender sympath so that's why you don't see as many women in situations like that. On the other hand, maybe you don't see it as much because they know it would be sexualized? It seems like there would be so many good setups to get women in diapers in comedy but it's pretty much never done at all.
(7.75 KB 259x194 rrere.jpeg)

(11.21 KB 300x168 fdffdf.jpeg)

(947.01 KB 640x478 fggffgfg.gif)

(4.82 MB 450x293 rtrttr.gif)

(4.02 MB 640x480 fggfgffg.gif)

>>16572 I don't really like the explanation of them not wanting it to be sexualized because cartoons even modernly have a good helping of innuendo from the beginning, also I definitely would like to hear some good examples of setups, especially for existing cartoons
>>16576 >I definitely would like to hear some good examples of setups, especially for existing cartoons IDK about specific cartoons but there's a lot of obvious gags and setups. Like you've seen that gag before of someone changing a diaper really quickly in a flurry of motion and then accidentally diapering themselves? Too bad that's never happened with a fappable female character before. Also, a setup I read in an ABDL story one time that I think would've made sense for a cartoon or comedy gag, is this diaper company shoots a commercial, and the setup for it is basically that the diapers are so comfortable and wonderful that even Moms and Dads end up wearing them too. Not only that but that could play into another trope of the overworked Mom who's haggard and too busy running around, so what does she do? She cuts out bathroom breaks for herself and occasionally wears a diaper too. Any of those seem like they would fit into a cartoon or sitcom but you essentially never see anything ever involving attractive women in diapers. Across all of media.
(72.69 KB 220x102 11qqqwwqw.png)

(46.93 KB 1280x720 dssdsds.jpeg)

>>16572 >>16520 I think one of the main reasons toonbabifier draws so many fairly odd parents, is that much of Hartman's shows contain diaper scenes and that we only got two female scenes in all of his 4 shows being these two:

(43.49 KB 400x533 7890987.jpeg)

(90.21 KB 500x733 dffddfd65665.jpeg)

(1.25 MB 357x357 dssddsdssd.webp)

(40.71 KB 700x494 434344.jpeg)

(142.00 KB 1024x1347 0981hsshshhs.jpeg)

(75.33 KB 500x401 fdvccreere.jpeg)

(134.64 KB 1024x764 vcvcvc.jpeg)

(89.45 KB 1024x402 5tfvbnmj876543.jpeg)

(692.28 KB 1200x1067 43errrecx.jpeg)

>>16583 Personnaly I like the idea of an age regression episode where at the end of it, seeing they put the woman in a pair of diaper when she turns back she's still in diapers
This is definitely total diamonds. She is in total control of the little baby boy and whatever she says goes. I'd love to treat a little boy just like this.
>>16991 I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but I would pay you money just to even talk about this. Everyone I ever meet on the Internet has no idea how to talk like you, in your lovely way. Please let me know if you this is possible. Thank you.
>>17247 I did see. Do you have a discord or kik to chat at? I'd love to talk.
>>17248 What is your ID?
>>17248 For discord that is. You can add me asdiay#3200
>>16991 who is this?
(395.12 KB 1152x2048 20210531_210957.jpg)

(418.15 KB 2048x2048 20210531_210951.jpg)

(337.47 KB 1152x2048 20210531_211015.jpg)

(190.33 KB 1118x2048 20220910_121659.jpg)

(223.38 KB 1118x2048 20220914_163151.jpg)

(196.33 KB 1118x2048 20220913_113558.jpg)

(206.60 KB 1118x2048 20220913_113555.jpg)

(54.83 KB 1024x576 20220926_141708.jpg)

(227.81 KB 2064x1161 20220626_085825.jpg)

(56.53 KB 1024x575 20220626_085445.jpg)

>>17337 Sometimes femboys in diapers also get me diamonds
(297.76 KB 1536x2048 20220913_085301.jpg)

(401.86 KB 1669x2048 20220808_200857.jpg)

(97.31 KB 768x1024 20220626_090030.jpg)

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(60.21 KB 1024x576 1654168159653.jpg)

(132.34 KB 550x1017 1654385160174.jpg)

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