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ABDL Hypocrite thread Baby 07/28/2022 (Thu) 22:44:08 No. 14871
Let’s post pictures calling out ABDL hypocrisy. I’ll start first.
>>14871 ja nice people shaming others trying to be like "this is not sexual for me" fuck you retard, no one does this not seeking sexual arousal.
>>14904 Didn’t think this faggot would hop on the board. Go back to Twitter you fat bitch.
This isn't hypocrisy
a thread died for this
>>14912 Is it hypocrisy faggot
Um... I haven't been around for awhile... did a bunch of the people in this community turn retarded or something? I mean... hypocrisy isn't exactly a real hard concept to grasp. I think this is like... social retardation maybe. It's like a socially retarded person sees someone doing something a bit oddball, sorta "taking an inch" if you will. The sperg then tries to IMITATE the creative oddball, not for the purpose of fun and entertainment... but for the purpose of inflicting themselves SEXUALLY onto others... for humiliation and hate. It's like... different people have different perspectives and some of those perspectives are so broken that they can't even functionally comprehend the parameters of "socially acceptable behavior". Usually because they're driven by lust and pride, a psychosocially lethal mix of highly addictive and absolutely self-destructive sins. You don't break normies unless you want to break everything! I'm not sure where this oligarchical attitude of "the minority rules" came from... but it will learn... in a REAL hurry! Most of what you enjoy, right now... will not exist in ten years. It will not exist because these stupid spergs have no sense of rationality and no sense to stop themselves... and that's lethal... to all of us! We cannot live in a world of irrational insanity where we just "make shit up" to try and manipulate others for our advantage. That perception is not a sustainable one.
We seeing more fatties in the ABDL kink. Is this a movement? Is there men/fags who enjoy fat flabby bums in diapers? These "Models" like Panda are making a lot of money shaking their fat bums in front of the camera. Either there's more men into fat piggies like Panda, or the community has sunk to an all-time low. I can't remember worrying times like this.
>>14871 This isn't hypocrisy, those pictures are clearly when other people aren't around. >>14938 >Um... I haven't been around for awhile... did a bunch of the people in this community turn retarded or something? This community has ALWAYS been retarded. >>14976 >We seeing more fatties in the ABDL kink. Is this a movement? It's social media, Hambeasts and Buttergolems are par for the course. They haven't been properly bullied and shamed for having tourette's of the elbow. Nobody wants to see that shit.
>>14976 We've skipped past the point where most people were thinking before of "nobody is magazine pretty so some flab/cellutite is ok" to "everybody is obese and fat as fuck so that is what is beautiful and if you disagree you are a bigot".
(57.09 KB 720x703 ff790a62d34b18a0.jpg)

>>14989 I think it was just greed and jealousy. Ugly fat people saw that good looking people were capitalizing on their looks and making mad money and so then they got mad jelly. It's typical sleazeball behavior. There's some ancient articles about like "burned furs" that covers it real well. It's like, we want to have really nice things... but then there's all these degenerate psychopathic asshats looking to try and edge us out by co-opting our brands for... whatever other bullshit flavor you like. Whether it's fat fetishists, wet/messy, pedos, exhibitionists, BDSM types or any other (political) crap... it's all off-brand bullshit to me. People don't usually want to pay to see ugly. Most people can see that for free just by looking in a mirror.
>>14983 Everyone is around at the beach and at Disneyland retard
>>15016 Disneyland is a write-off, go ahead and go fuck that shit up as much as you can! I fully support going to Disneyland in full... whatever... make it as cringe and insane as you can. That's one location that needs to be recognize as NOT child friendly... because it isn't. As far as the beach... which one, what time, what day... many beaches are effectively deserted under certain conditions and if you're going to the beach during such conditions... you generally expect to see some weird shit. Better to go private, like take a boat out to Lake Havasu, Arizona and find your own random private beach to plant down, camp out and do... whatever. I don't recommend nudity... it attracts the Japanese... for some reason... not entirely sure why.
OP isn't hypocrisy... there was an abdl on twitter accusing another abdl of being a pedo who's ideal "vibe" is being a girl in elementary school that still needs diapers. its funny cause they would regularly quote tweet accounts saying 'pedo shit if you follow I block' but here they got a modicum of pushback and nuked their 2k follower account. I looked for screenshots but I don't think I capped the original. I do have the hypocrisy rtwt from them though. I hate this tendency to police each other abdls have
(322.79 KB 1060x735 D - Diaper_Fetish_Disguise.png)

>>15021 I wrote a primer on ED once that serves as a useful guide, not just in this community, but in any community.
(274.96 KB 2048x2026 pamppp.jpeg)

>>15022 ED would be such a good internet/culture resource if its articles weren't written like a 7th grade edgelord wrote them it's an informative write-up but a slog to read through all the commentary, like every ED page. pic unrelated
>>15022 >>15023 It's also completely incorrect, at least in the vast majority of cases. I hate to break it to you guys, but lolicons mostly look down on you. If I was interested in trying to climb the hierarchy of fetish respectability, I'd avoid you all like the plague. This is just about the only board I spend any time on where scat content isn't ban-on-sight, and that's just the 2D stuff. 3DPD in messy diapers are considered far more repulsive than any kind of loli art on virtually any imageboard you can name. The basic problem with almost everything on ED is that it's written by the kind of people who think ED is funny or insightful.
>>15021 >OP isn't hypocrisy... It's like a slightly more discreet flasher getting angry at slightly less discreet flashers for flashing. And if other posters are right that one of those photos is taken at Disneyland then it is absolutely, unquestionably hypocrisy.
>>15024 >implying the problem with ED isn't that people can't read but that they're "bored". What's it feel like knowing that you're exponentially dumber than previous generations? You know, the ones who could actually read. It's easy to tell this dude is a pedo because pedos always have the attitude that everyone else is like a "secret pedo" and they're like some kind of "pedo revolutionary" or some stupid shit. It's why you don't ever allow pedo shit, because it enables psychopathy to the point where they talk like this moron. Like he really thinks there's gonna be some pedo takeover and NAMBLA is gonna be doing fuckin cartwheels down Time Square. Like he REALLY thinks that! And, yes, of course psychopaths see themselves as better than everyone else... you know, because you can't register anyone's emotions but your own. You're socially retarded to the point where you can't even understand how the rest of reality perceives you. Don't worry, if history has proven anything... it's that human tolerance for pedophilia always ends in mass pedo executions... time and time again... it ALWAYS turns into a shit show! Like when Hitler wanted to kick out all the Jews... and then in the process he found out that a significant number of them were pedos doing pedo shit! I like the part where he forced them to slaughter themselves, even gave them play pretend little police badges... you know, that thing you call "the holocaust"... wasn't exactly that! It was just your usual brand of inhumanity, taking liberties, thinking they're "normal"... until the normies find out... and they can't handle your crazy. They just fuckin kill you. It's technically legal in most states you know. Like if a tranny tricks a dude and he winds up having a psychotic break and kills the tranny... that's fuckin legal in most places! Rightly so. This is a HUMAN society, you have no right to inflict psychosis onto them. Being the product of abuse is not an excuse to abuse others.
(172.21 KB 1024x974 pamp.jpeg)

>>15024 >This is just about the only board I spend any time on where scat content isn't ban-on-sight, and that's just the 2D stuff. 3DPD in messy diapers are considered far more repulsive than any kind of loli art on virtually any imageboard you can name. ah yes imageboard users as a foil for societal norms and acceptability. remind me, which is illegal and which is legal: sexualizing kids or sexualizing diapers? what's more indicative of norms, laws or niche websites people go to to jack off in private? >>15026 >It's technically legal in most states you know. Like if a tranny tricks a dude and he winds up having a psychotic break and kills the tranny... that's fuckin legal in most places! Rightly so. what are you smoking? none of this is true jfc. this board is a repository for morons holy hell
>>15028 It is absolutely true. In fact it's one of the crazy left's favorite "talking points". Your lack of education is not anyone's problem but your own.
(1.26 MB 1005x1200 93878700_p0.jpg)

>>15028 >what are you smoking? none of this is true jfc. this board is a repository for morons holy hell A big problem with anonymous imageboards in general is that one or two sufficiently psychotic retards can drown out the good with their sperging. It still beats leddit-style upvote/downvote monocultures but you need to learn to ignore the crazies
(2.22 MB 2400x3200 diapered renchon.png)

Also, if you care about "fetish respectability" you need to stop jerking off six hours a day. Touch grass as the zoomers say
(116.40 KB 724x1024 pampp.jpeg)

>>15029 its a defense argument, not a legal precedent. its not even a particularly successful defense. you can read all you want but thats not how law works
>>15032 >its a defense argument, not a legal precedent. No, it is literally legal in some states. Try and remember that different states have different laws and just because you live in like California... doesn't mean the rest of us do. Also it's legal in most foreign countries... to the point where they'll just throw you off a fuckin building like it's a random Tuesday.
>>15023 Its been shit since the original sold
>>15023 >pic unrelated I like imagining the universe where that pic is somehow related
>>15052 >ED would be such a good internet/culture resource if its articles weren't written by this 7yo diaper loli > >it's an informative write-up but a slog to read through all the commentary, with her going "nyaa nyaa nyaa" and "kitty cat, kitty cat!"
>>15053 *gets really high* Wait I don't need to wear diapers if I'm seven years old! Big girls don't have to wear them! Uh oh, oh wait... you idiot! This an exotheric reality line being actively influenced by the perceptual will of others! Um... *looks at self* Well I'm not ~currently~ wearing them. Oh wait is this a flashback? A reality where flashbacks are real and I’m somehow stuck. Wait, I see... I have to figure out how it works first if I want to get out of the trap. Pleh, fine! Well, I'm not wearing them yet! *hears a motherly voice calling* Diaper adventure on! We're doing a real life drug induced video game fantasy thanks to you diaper asshats! Starring me, apparently... as a "7yo diaper loli"... and I will KILL any of you filthy pedos that tries to touch me funny! *hears motherly voice specifically calling me by name* My name is not Alice! Why do I even know that's my name here? Who gave me that na- "ALICE YOU GET OVER HERE THIS INSTANT OR YOU WILL GET A SPANKING RIGHT THIS MINUTE!" *runs toward angry mom voice* I'M COMING! I'M SORRY! "I- I wasn't, um... I wasn't paying attention, sorry!" *gets a really stern look* *slowly walks in* "What time is it, Sweetie?" *thinks* Time to get a new watch? "Uh... I- I forgot." *thinks* Oh wait, I really don't know this, so I really did forget it. *turns red* "It's 3 PM, honey, that's nap time!" "O-oh... I-um..." "Did you forget why you're here?" *thinks* Because I got trapped in here by crazy hoomuns. "Um..." *thinks* So I know my name, but... apparently that's all I know, I have to just "Tunic" this shit together... that game really sucked by the by... but it was also good... like both... weirdly good and bad *she walks towards me and gently pulls my face up to hers* *turns even redder* "A-am I gonna get a spanking?" "Do you need one?" *shakes head no* “Are you being a bad girl?” “I don’t want to be a bad girl.” “Well, let’s head to the nursery for your nap then. You too, Charles, it’s nappy nap time!” *thinks* Yuck, little brothers are so gross and even his name is gross. Can this abject reality get any worse? *gives the ugly little squirt a disapproving look* *thinks* Well, maybe he can tell me what’s going on at least… I’ll have to translate from “toddler-speak” tho. “Whoo, I think a little man has a big stinky poo!” *thinks* Oh gawd, he really did, he shit his fuckin pants and it smells really bad! And why does she have to hold my hand?! *thinks* Oh good she let go so she could go change the squirt… um… should… I… be… doing… something… um… maybe I’ll just have a look around… oh there’s a giant horsey thing… oh I can fit on it! Oh shi- oh… um… can I ride the horse… or would that make me a “bad girl”… um… I’ll just kinda ~look~ at it… see if I get a reaction- “Alice, can you get your dress off while I change your brother?” *thinks* M-my what? N-no… I um… I think I want to just leave it on… is she going to put me in diapers? Oh, I guess it is a “flashback” to how I got ~into~ the diape- “Alice, is it too hard for you to do by yourself? Do you mommy to help you?” “N-NO! No, I do it! I can… um…” *thinks* Wait… h-how does this even come off? I’ve never worn a dress before… um… can I just pull it over my head? *paws at it, trying to figure out how to get it off* *starts feeling frustrated* *thinks* Why won’t it come… oh, it’s a “flashback”… I have to just… let it play out… even if I could figure out how to take it off, if that’s not what I did, then I can’t do it now… I guess I do need help. “I-I’m having trouble mommy.” *the mommy lady’s curiosity is peaked, I can read her emotions… oh shi- can she read me?!* “I thought you didn’t want me to be your mommy, sweetie pie?” *thinks* I didn’t? Wait, who is this lady if she isn’t my mommy? I THINK I NEED AN ADULT! D: “Um…” *turns bright red* *thinks* Oh gawd I called this random stranger my mommy without even thinking. *turns even brighter red* “So does this mean you’re going to be a good girl after all?” *thinks* What is all this about “good girls” and “bad girls” I really don’t understand. Is this a girl thing? *thinks* Oh- oh shi- she’s undressing me! Is this allowed?! I’m a SEVEN YEAR OLD! “Oh wait, wait I want to, I want to take it off! I can do the rest! I can do it myself!” “Woah there, calm down, Sweetie!” ”B-but I- I want… I…” *Shhhh* “We need to get your clothes off so we can put your diaper on.” *thinks* No, not that, please just let me out, I don’t need a diaper, I’ll be good! *starts whining as she pulls down the tights* *thinks* Oh, I have a pull-up on, I didn’t even know. They make these like super discreet! It’s just like underwear… OH MY GAWD I HAVE WEIRD GIRL PARTS! *starts whining more as she checks my pull-up* *thinks* It’s dry, it’s dry, please stop, it feels really, really weird and I don’t want it! *thinks* Fark, is this the kind of psychosis that trannies feel? No wonder they do crazy shit. Maybe I’m being overly weird about it tho, this is “my” 7 year old.. um… diaper loli… self… nobody better touch me super weird tho. *mommy goes back to changing “Charles”* *thinks* I’m NOT calling him that! I will think of a good stinky little brother nickname! *feels all awkward being nearly nekkid except for pull-ups* *thinks* Fuck it, I’mma risk the diapers, I want to ride the freakin horsie! *walks towards it* “Alice, it’s nap time sweetie, not play time. Go and pick out a stuffie to hold, cause I know you’re gonna get fidgety.” *nuclear beat red* *thinks* NO DIAPER! I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A DIAPER IF I DON’T GET TO RIDE THE HORSIE! “I-I can put it on myself!” *thinks* Oh, I’m clever! “Alice, we talked about this, did you forget?” *thinks* Oh crap I did… why is my seven year old self so freakin forgetful?! “Um…” “About being a good girl. Or do you need a spanking?” *thinks* Wait I don’t want a spanking… “I’ll be good! I don’t want spankings! Please!” “Well, sweetie pie, that’s up to you, remember?” “I um… I kinda really forgot like… I’m not really even sure what’s going on and I feel… um… like I don’t have control.” “Like mommy told you before honey, that’s why you’re here for therapy.” *thinks* Oh fuck this is some form of “therapy”!? Who are these nutballs?! “You had problems before, didn’t you? With trying to control everything.” *thinks* I’m being punished for imagined sins I think. “Um… I guess I did… I mean… if I’m therapy I guess it’s true.” “And do you remember how we talked about how you need to learn how not to control everything? *thinks* Oh gawd she’s almost done with his diaper and then it has to be my turn. “Uh… I… kinda forget that too…” “About how you need to learn to trust someone to have some control over you.” *thinks* I don’t need anyone to have control over me except Jesus thank-you-very-much! “O-oh… but… does it need to be a diaper?” “I think so sweetie, I think that most of your control issues stem from poor potty training. Now, I don’t mean that you didn’t potty train or that you don’t know how to potty. Rather the way that you were potty trained caused you to feel uncontrolled stress, as your parents turned it into an artificial achievement that, to you, as a baby, felt like you were being forced to control something greater than yourself in order to be in control of your life again. It’s not that they did something bad, it’s just that they didn’t understand how much pressure they were putting on you.” *she lifts the stink squirt off the table and puts him into a crib* *thinks* Oh please don’t stick me in the same crib with that little booger monster. Maybe I’m just getting diapered in here and I get to sleep in a real bed… I should probably stop expecting things I want out of t
(548.14 KB 1500x2000 monthly1.png)

“Okay sweetie, it’s time for you to decide.” “Um… w-what am I deciding?” “If you want to be a good girl or a bad girl.” *thinks* I am still so confused. “I- I’m not sure I really understand that, but I don’t want to be a bad girl for asking about it.” “It’s very simple, Alice… you can have a spanking and then you can be diapered. Or you can be diapered. Either choice results in a diaper, because that’s not something you can control, but… you can control whether or not you get a spanking. So… do you need a spanking, or do you want to be a good girl?” *thinks* I don’t think I want a spanking, I don’t think she’s messing around and I don’t think my seven year old patootie is very spank resilient! D: “I- I want… um… I want to be a good girl.” “And what do good girls do?” *thinks* Oh shi- there’s a test, uh… think… oh… “Um… good girls know when it’s time for a diaper.” “And what time is that?” “W-when mommy says so, because I need to stop trying to control everything and just control what I can.” “And what is that?” *turns red* “Um… if I get a spanking.” *she pats her hand on the table* *thinks* Oh please let me out now, please let me out, I totally get it, don’t try to control everything or you’ll wind up as a spoiled little femchild… oh gawd just make the trannies do it, why do I have to get caught in their stupid meta-menticidal bullshit? *slowly climbs up onto the table* *thinks* Oh gawd it smells like babies up here. *turns bright red* *I look at her with pleading eyes, sitting on top of the changing table.* *thinks* Maybe she’ll take pity if I act like a victim! Yeesh, I really am thinking like a fuckin tranny! *thinks* Oh, oh shi- oh she’s “putting me down”… can she do it? I really am that small apparently… even as a seven year old she just grabbed me under the arms and laid me right down like… is… I don’t… why does it have a seat belt? I’m not going to fall out! *she starts tearing at the sides of the pull-up* *starts feeling super uncomfortable* “Oh, did we forget your changing stuffie, Sweetie?” *thinks* YES YOU FORGOT MY CHANGING STUFFIE WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO BURY MY HEAD IN EMBARRASSMENT WITH?! *nods, nearly crying* *she hands me a really big stuffed tiger* *clutches onto it and holds it up near my head* *she pulls it down* “Uh oh, what’s my baby girl doing? Is she playing peek-a-boo with mommy?” *thinks* This is the most embarrassing thing ever, I think I’m going to die from embarrassment! Please just hurry up and finish… or is that wrong? Is that what’s trapping me? Oh shi- I think I really do need to like “give up control” to get out of here. *TICKLES* *thinks* Wait there’s a… I don’t want it… *tries to spit out the pacifier but she’s holding it up to my lips* *thinks* Nooo, don’t make me… *starts sucking on it* *thinks* Why is she still holding it… does she know I’m going to try and spit it out? *thinks* Oh, something smells really nice… oh it’s the powder. *thinks* Please let me spit this out... “Can you keep your paci in for mommy, sweet pea?” *nods* *thinks* Wait, no… wait… I need to be a good girl… but… is this a good girl choice… or a “me” choice? Well… mommy asked me, so I should do what mommy says to do, because I don’t need to be in control of everything. I can let this strange therapy mommy take care of me for awhile, it’s not like there’s anything overtly maligned with malice. If anyone tries to touch me funny tho I’mma scream! LIKE A GIRL! Really loud! Girls can scream loud, can’t they? I wonder how loud I can scream now! “There we go sweetie pie, all powdered and pampered for beddy bye.” *thinks* Ahhh, wait… no… *she picks me up so I’m sitting upright on the table* *thinks* Can I spit this out yet? Or… do I wait until she says I can? It’s making me tired! *rubs eyes* *thinks* AAAHHH, SHIRT ATTACK! *thinks* Pleh, why does it have to be purple? Well, at least it’s not pink. I guess if I have to pick a “girl color” I’d pick purple… oh… right I didn’t pick it tho… unless that’s my favorite color as a girl? *flashback starts to dissipate* *thinks* Oh, oh… awesome! I’m not trapped anymore! It finally let me out of the false flashback! *thinks* Uh… uh oh… um… I’m still in this reality tho… and I think I wet myself in it… wait, I gave up control, so I can get out! *whips out magic vape* *elevates further* Yay! LATERS! *tandem reality split* *accessing autonomous creation controls* *accessing counter reactive weapon systems* *tracing evolutional sequence pattern programming* 3… 2… 1… *thinky blinky* Oh, I got it! I know how to “fix” all the SJW idiots! Live-in Adult Potty Retraining Program or LAPRP… like LARP but with a baby sound at the end, so there’s no confusion about how much control you need to be giving up. It’s the perfect “therapy program” for CONTROL FREAKS! :D Mmmm… abstract weapons development is always fun! Hey, don’t look at me, you made this crazy fuckball reality, I just weaponized it. #ForbiddenWeaponsVault Well, that was fun! Like Dungeons and Pampers! *gasp* Oh... wait... no I didn't get to ride the horsie tho! D: Oh... cause I used too much control too fast, that's why. I should have used less control and then I would have gotten to ride the horsie. Wait, am I still a girl? Oh, mentally... meh... its cool. Trannies should be more chill, so what if you got the opposite sexes body... like, just operate accordingly. Stop being such spaz attacks. Part 2 of 2
Oops, part of part one got cut off... "I should probably stop expecting things I want out of this horrible reality field."
What the hell. You sound like someone who overestimate his brain capacity by a couple of standard deviation.
>>15064 Yeah, like I used ~my~ brain capacity to invent shit like lithospheric weapons of total annihilation... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108307639087983184 What part of this is hard for you to grasp? I write God's bullshit like a good boy... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108694259244316291 And then I get "paid" with the only thing that has any real value in your reality field... with pure, undiluted creation... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/107817818854315325
>>15065 Oh, oops, not that link at the end, um... er... how old are you kids? Um... okay... the other one was "R", here's a "PG-13" one... https://www.wattpad.com/story/314292288-omnicidal-regrets-of-a-selfish-savant And um... oh, here's a "G" rated one... https://www.wattpad.com/1253032811-to-lay-our-wrath-to-rest
I had very low expectations when I opened this thread, but damn, that Onideus guy sure is retarded.
>>15072 Who?

(66.25 KB 306x732 Funny - 5DC-829_306x732.jpg)

(196.50 KB 1280x1280 tumblr_o3n3mrYngw1v57fwvo1_1280.jpg)

(354.84 KB 1280x1707 tumblr_o5p9ehCcNW1v7af00o1_1280.jpg)

(6.74 MB 3840x2160 Asylum - 15.png)

In sober hindsight I guess Dungeons & Diapers sounds better. *pokes around* By the by, I don't mean to pry, but um... why are there suddenly so many transsexuals in this community? I ask, because... there wasn't... and now suddenly... there is. Like, don't get me wrong, true adult babies like myself love a good LARP, I mean PRETENDING SHIT is, well, that's largely the point and purpose... but uh... as like a "lifestyle choice"... like suddenly 99% of this community wants to chop their fuckin dicks off and take crazy hormones... w-wh-how- WHAT THE SHIT IS GOING ON?! I mean transsexualism used to clock in the sub percent range waaaay tha'fuck outside of standard deviation... and so did this fetish... so how did this ENTIRE fucking fetish, a statistical improbability in and of itself... how ~exactly~ did it become completely overrun with ANOTHER statistical improbability? To the point of LITERAL ASSIMILATION! I, uh... hate to alarm you all, but um... that doesn't happen naturally. There is something in your environment, something artificial, which is severely fucking up your sense of perception. Probably has something to do with sexually dimorphic pheromones and/or media and social programming abuse.
>>15092 Likely the same mental patterns that makes us wanna wear diapers and nut is also manifesting in other kink and lifestyle changes such as transexualism and other identity altering lifestyles
(82.50 KB 540x959 __NUTS.jpg)

>>15094 Yeah it could be some form of psychosexual convergence that's happening as a result of the inter-connectivity capability of the Internet. Like forming effective echo chambers that then begin to resonate with others. It would also track with my meta tech research, which started out with the conceptual chemistry of sexuality... https://www.wattpad.com/story/314292288-omnicidal-regrets-of-a-selfish-savant It's like... if everyone knows the effective psychopathic parlor trick... then all fetishes effectively become the same fetish. In reality it's all just an addiction to slavery and subjugation to some degree or another. The addiction is like energy and physical space is like neutrons that can form into anything through the energy interactions. It's like we're starting to understand the effective chemical makeup of our own mental framework, like on the emotional level, to the point where we can free form into effectively anything. The only inherent limiter is imagination and manipulation. The later can be used to mitigate imagination entirely! Basically... if we fuck up... slavery, real slavery... it could become an effective "normality" in the "human condition". Same with other forms of human slavery, like pedophilia... that is a form of slavery. Some perceptions can "work" in a simulated or imaginative environment, but the problem is that derangement exists, humans with warped perceptions who misinterpret what we readily understand as a control restriction. To them it's a form of active encouragement, something to effectively "hack" for their own easy gain. They are the "this is why we can't have nice things" brigade. Psychopaths... those who can only feel emotion internally, who can't resonate with other humans. Normal humans are actually emotionally kinetic, some to a VERY high degree, so it's easy to empathize. The psychopaths cannot empathize at all, they can only think of themselves, for themselves, selfish self-importance. So as a result their perception of reality is radically different. All of your "good intentions"... they can be actively infected and use to commercialize and industrialize every aspect of human autonomy right under your nose! D: We need to find ways to keep the reality manipulators caged, so they can't adversely affect humanity with "artificial sugar" versions of our stuff. We USED to have GOOD trannies, like... it was fun, ya know? Like, you could go to a convention and you could LARP as... fucking whatever... and it was just something nice and normal and way to relax... and then the Fire Nation attacked! D:
>>15062 Oh, by the by, I technically "lost" the game, but the second to last "lost" is actually a "win", cause, even if I had stuck around in that reality long enough to check out the horsie... well... that would have been a win, but then I would have had to experience shitting my diaper and also having to sit/rock in it... so I'm gonna go ahead and count my "loss" as a "win". It'd be easy to set it up as a game. Just do it so there's like a bunch of "bad endings" that are all the SAME "bad ending", like the character winds up getting a spanking and then it just flash forwards to like pooping and then falling back into it. Or do it like a "score" format, that could work as well... hrmmm... I might make this into an actual game, that might be fun. It'd be pretty linear, but still fun, basically a story game. Has anyone else used "Dungeons & Diapers" for anything? Don't wanna steal someone else's name idea. In other news... OH MY GAWD THEY HAVE REAL GIANT SIZE ROCKING HORSES! D: SOMEONE TAKE ME TO THE GIANT ROCKING HORSE! I WILL PAY GOOD MONEY! D: Look at that last picture real close and you can see they also have a GIANT TEDDY BEAR! I bet they have Legos too! D: *adult baby jealousy*
>>15104 It's like... you know when they're showing off like a really fucking cool motorcycle and they got like a hot babe whoring herself all over it... it's like the adult baby version of that. LOL Oh shi- I love my fetish, it's the gift that never stops giving! :D I can't imagine having a really bormal fetish... that would really suck... fetishes are kinda like... human "cutie marks"... some people... maybe they just don't get one? D:
Coping mechanism. >Looking for personal gains by using a business account instead of a personal Abdl account to buy gifts for his sex partner >Partners with inner baby for capcon diaper deliveries > also owns an online sex shop Dotty after mid Love the hypocrisy.
>>15385 Not sure if anyone in this thread is interested... https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/674.html#q15455 Don't know what drama is going on, don't really care, babies gonna baby, try and get along.
>>15385 It's even dumber than that. >Business is classed as medical supply >City finds out what ABDL actually is, and figures that it's more of a fetish store (duh) >City says it should be classed as a sex store >City says it doesn't want another sex store >MyInnerBaby cries, insists ABDL is mostly non-sexual >City basically says 'no, because we know people get off to this shit'
>>15385 I don't see any hypocrisy there. It's actually a life style choise for many people, including me. Ok not for everyone but to be honest, city zoning like that sucks so why not exaggerate a bit. There's no sex toys at their selection: https://myinnerbaby.com/ I'm not 100% sure about how it works in USA but at least here where I live, business premises, if there are any, pay most of the maintenance charge and having a stable & peaceful (not a karaoke bar or night club) company renting one adds a lot of value to the real estate. So why force them to move??? Also, it's Myinnerbaby who got the letter from zoning office, not Dotty so why post their tweets
>>15459 >>15385 isn't this the exact same thing as the Tykables thing that happened when they found out what the store was actually selling? Also selling stuffed animals and diapers doesn't make a store a "fetish" store. That's like a grocery store selling cucumbers or something then they find out people buy those items to stick up their twat so they have to be rebranded as a fetish store or stop selling cucumbers. What people do with a product doesn't change what the product is.
>>15461 This is definitely Dotty talking. Why are you putting spaces in your fucking sentence like a corporate fuck. I love when I ask a simple question they block me.
>>15461 The Dotty cunts are on our fucking board oh lord
>>15461 They’re trying to control the narrative
>>15462 False equivalency. I can tell with zero effort that you are NOT what you claim to be. You're a psychopath, a schizophrenic, you seek to capitalize on the human condition through exploitation and cultural camouflage. You see people with something "new", something you're incapable of having on your own, because evil can't create, it can only imitate. So you see broken little hoomuns, doing broken little hoomun things and you want to exploit them! And, if your intent is just to sell them shit... hey, that's alright! If you're fair about it. If you're SAFE about it. Trying to turn fetishes into "lifestyle choices"... that is not safe... in fact, that is the direct OPPOSITE of safe... that's literally how you kill yourself via menticide. This shit is ADDICTIVE! You'll burn out the chemical receptor sites in your brain so hard and so fast you'll be lucky if you don't wind up abusing drugs for the rest of your likely short little life. Likelihood for suicide increases exponentially the more you become schizophrenic. That's sometimes a "choice" you know, to become consciously addicted to to your own psychosomatic self-destruction. Like people with anorexia... it's LEARNED schizophrenia. Don't fuck around with your brain like an idiot. Call it what it is... sexual retardation. You provide medical aids for people with sexual retardation. It's that simple. Otherwise you openly invite psychopathic opportunists to screw with your stuff... cause their brand isn't big on humility. Try to be more HUMBLE about what you do... cause that PRIDE shit... well, you start mixing LUST and PRIDE and all you get is synergistic sin... and that's kills EVERYTHING ON EARTH! Menticidally induced omnicide. Where you all just start indiscriminately killing yourselves. Don't worry tho! I'm workin on FIXING it! https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108795451658629801 ...hopefully.
>>15462 Effectively it's the same as the Tykables brick and mortar store. Ultimately, the classification of a store is at the discretion of the local governing body.
>>15482 No, it's not. On some levels of course, but local governing bodies can't just do whatever they want, they can't act in bad faith nor can they discriminate. What they should do is go full therapy mode. That is, hire actual medical professionals, like nurses, and provide real therapy services for those with sexual abuse, then that way they can get government funding, government protection and they can have their little brick and mortar store to sell therapy aids on the side. That way it shifts the focus from recreation to therapy. One is a choice, a WANT, that you can stop... the other is something a person actually needs. As in, you could argue that the local governing body is discriminating against those with sexual abuse. Discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation is illegal. But, I think they kinda fucked that up, cause they've been actively trying to "pass" as pure sexual recreation while only vaguely acting as a medical supply store.
>>15480 The fuck are you on about? psychopath? schizophrenic? You type a lot and say literally nothing of value. Go somewhere else with your god complex and take your spacing back to leddit.
>>15485 What the fuck is a Leddit? Sounds like a discussion board for fucking vegans
>>15485 This
>>15485 So, to be clear, someone exercised their autonomy to express themselves. And you're like... SUPER ass mad about! Irrationally so. *sits down on the bed* *pats his knee* I think you know what you need, Sweet Pea. Go and get your paddle and daddy will get all those angry little feelings right out of your little bottom! Or do you need daddy to go and pick out a paddle for you?
>>15485 >>15492 >>15488 Just filter the dipshit retard until it eventually kills itself.
>>15497 So, to be clear, you're going to play peek-a-boo. Like, that's your master stroke. You're going to rid the world of me... by playing peek-a-boo. LOL
>>15495 Nobody mad, nobody think you're cute, you're just annoying af. I think maybe you forgot to take your meds, you project onto others, you seem to talk in the 3rd person a bit and refer to yourself as "we" and "us" You're not part of any special club, not part of any crew, just a sad delusional man.
>>15499 I like the part where you felt a compulsion to "explain" yourself to me. You're still getting a spanking.
>>15461 It’s a sex shop Dotty diaper fags. Plain and simple. Don’t like it? Go make a Abdl store in Amsterdam you fucks.
>>15509 So CVS is a sex shop for people with a medical fetish? Hospitals are sex shops for people who like to see nurses? What about shops that sell baby diapers or incontinence supplies? Does that shop automatically become a sex shop if they have brands ABDL's like?
>>15512 Does CVS sell adult diapers with candy colors, childish themes and promises of super fun play pretend dress-up? No? Then you're attempting to create False Equivalency. Likely because you're a pedophile. We know, because we've studied your bullshit and we know that the more you normalize any form of sex in society, the greater the level of child/teen promiscuity and the more human trafficking... because sexual addictions ALWAYS lead to forms of slavery. You are, very specifically, attempting to normalize sexual things, to the point of even going out of your way to create the most absurdly disconnected correlations and inferences. Now, maybe you're just sexually deranged, in that you have an insatiable SEXUAL ADDICTION that's driving you to push for it... but then we have TWO problems... sex addicts... and pedophiles who opportunistically use sex addicts. Lust and pride... you'll kill us all if we don't stop you. Not to say you gotta make shit illegal, but you do gotta contain it. There are no shortage of liberal run shit holes where you could open an ABDL store. It doesn't need to be in downtown rural America. If you can't keep your weird shit away from the normies... you can't have weird shit. It's just that simple. Either play with your toys nicely, or they will be taken away from you.
>>15512 If not a sex shop, then how would you classify that store?
>>15518 What is in that store that couldn't be used for people with special needs or actual babies? Incontinence supplies, clothing (some adults have minds of children and need to be cared for so even the clothing has a place there in order to keep that adult from removing it and making messes), I actually have met several veterans that due to IEDs have caused brain damage and have the mental capacity of 5-6 year olds. The pacifiers can be used to help with grinding teeth in your sleep if you don't want to use an ugly mouth guard that hurts your mouth, even the bears and animals have a place because for people with heart problems doctors can recommend you hug a pillow or something soft. Hell they even have mask in the store if you worry about covid / spreading germs. I see that it's your own perverse perception that is causing you to see all of these items and the building as some weird sex shop / dungeon. Hell I wish they had more of these stores to normalize Incontinence / medical problems and show people you don't have to accept shit quality medical products that are ugly and sterile or bland looking that cost a fortune. There are better quality and cuter items available that allow you to personalize your care however you see fit. So what if some people "get off on it" People get off on feet and we don't ban shoe stores, People will get off on just about any and everything.
>>15519 I mean jesus you guys act like this is some crack den that is going to bring crime and shit to the area
>>15518 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfHlF8bTv-E Also here, a normal person buying pajamas because they were cute items of clothing. YOU give the articles the meaning. Not the other way around.
>>15522 Incorrect. And I can instantly tell that you're a psychopath because you don't understand human interpersonal influence and connection. You can't consider shit beyond just yourself. What you do in society has a direct and measurable effect on everything else in society, much like the "butterfly effect". Society does not exist, nor does it function when everyone is simply doing whatever they want based entirely on their own personal perceptions. Autonomy is not sustainable without moderation and responsibility... which includes the responsibility of recognizing yourself as A BAD INFLUENCE ON OTHERS! Even if what YOU are doing is somehow safe or sane, we live in a society of copy kittens, and, just like you said... they will see what you are normalizing... but they will NOT see it the way that YOU do. They will see it as you openly inviting shit like slavery and pedophilia and they'll take all over no seconds to start capitalizing on every inch of your selfish, psychopathic bullshit for the sake of their selfish, psychopathic bullshit. Having a society means we have to gauge and respect a plethora of perceptions and we need to recognize which perceptions or SOCIALLY sustainable... and which ones are not. In case you're confused... you might want to watch some "current year" news, cause uh... your brand is killing the whole fuckin country... and uh... if shit gets too bad... if your stupid selfish bullshit winds up destroying shit for the normies en masse... you will no longer be a part of society... any society... ever. We know, from historical documentation. There's always a "purge" and it's always the deranged sexual lunatics who wind up inciting it... just... like... now.
>>15519 The pacifiers damage your teeth and are used by drug addicts to keep abusing drugs with less noticeable damage. You should NOT be using a pacifier. I know we LIKE them... but pacifiers are not something you ever want to be reliant upon. Generally speaking humans use pacifiers as a means of shutting their kid up instead of, like actually picking the child up and holding them and doing human shit. Pacifiers are like artificial sugar... they are NOT something good to use. We like them, but we're literal adult babies... so like... maybe ask a REAL adult what they think about pacifiers. Also, if the argument being made is that it's no different than CVS... well... then why not simply have a CVS... WITHOUT the sexual shit? See, you're ~literally~ making the argument ~against~ yourself by trying to say it's normie oriented but with extra sex shit... cause then it's just like... okay, dump the extra sex shit, be a normal CVS or whatever. But you can't do that... cause the SEX SHIT is what you REALLY want. Also, why should incontinence be normalized when it can be medically correct in ways that don't literally destroy our entire planet in like... the most horrific way imaginable. Even if you're using cloth... well, it takes energy to clean diapers, way more than it takes to empty a catheter or a portable urinal. Why not just normalize those and then get rid of the diapers entirely? Oh, right... CAUSE IT'S SEX SHIT!
>>15520 Really? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Philadelphia_Packer_Marine_Terminal_cocaine_seizure I mean... I think we're kinda passed that point. Who tha'fuck even has enough money to buy TWENTY TONS of cocaine?! Also, do you have any idea how many MULTI-TON drug busts there have been just in the past decade alone?! Obviously SOMETHING is causing that level of unchecked addiction... and it's likely cause you're playing with yourselves too much. Like I mentioned earlier, weird sex shit isn't sustainable, it burns out the chemical receptor sites in your brain when you abuse it continuously (as a lifestyle choice). So then you wind up feeling nothing but abject depression and you wind up on fuckin drugs in ever increasing amounts until your dead. Is the suicide shit not self-explanatory to your version of the species? I don't know, maybe you should work on your broken sequencing.
>>15512 >>15512 Yep! But the government needs them so they’ll always stay gotta suck it up. But Atleast CVS doesn’t tell buttplugs deal with it
>>15518 As a store. Simple as that. Anyone that tells buttplugs, gags, or any sex objects excluding condoms is a sex object. If the government or city seems a shop or a store as a sex shop. Then you guys need to suck it up and deal with it.
>promotes LGBTQ diapers (US government approves LGBTQ) >promotes China and their laws (China hates same sex) >promotes sex shops US Government takes down sex shop >ITS NOT FAIR GOVERNMENT BAD! We’ll keep inner baby but let’s burn all the faggot LGBTQ diapers
>>15527 >>15529 There aren't any buttplugs or gags on the website or in store. So I know you haven't even looked at the site.
>>15531 Well I know the store used their store Twitter account to promote a particular artist, who uh... well, I know you haven't looked at their art. Are we all supposed to pretend to be stupid for you? Like... I really don't get it. You're not fooling anyone. Do you get that? That's not even a possibility for you. It's not even functionally or coherently possible and yet... here you are... really trying! Maybe rethink yourself.
>>15522 By the by, I'm just gonna say this right up front... paid shill. PAID... fuckin... SHILL You will never convince me otherwise. Normal people don't think, "Oh hey, I'm gonna go buy a bunch of adult baby shit and do a review! While explicitly going out of my way to push it as form of normalcy!" Yeah, you know what that reminds me of... https://youtu.be/Mo_6eIbVLI4 1:29 "I wouldn't wear a dress not even if a label paid me." ...that's how normies think. That's how we can tell when we're being conned with psychopathic parlor tricks.
>>15531 What did I just say. “If the government deems it as sex shop, then it’s a sex shop” learn to read faggot.
It’s sickening to them because now they won’t get that diaper money. Oh boo hoo. Now they can’t buy more adult baby bottles for their expensive crib. what a tragedy. Just make an online store like the rest of us. Goddamn.
>>15543 I can tell they're idiots. I mean, really... they're painting it up as a fight against... MORALITY!? D: Like... um... maybe you're kind of like "the baddies" here, I'm just... throwin that out there! Maybe work on your optics... like... all of them... literally. And, yeah, why don't they just sell shit online? Wouldn't that actually be easier and exponentially LESS expensive? It's like they're going out of their way to pay more money to try and advertise the fetish to normies... that makes no sense unless the point and purpose is propaganda and programming. These people need to leave the normies alone and stop shoving weird sex shit down their throats.
>>15542 Looking at Noblesville's business zoning appeals website, the issue is that MyInnerBaby operates within a light industrial zone. Looks like the city is pulling up some long-standing data to use against MIB: their own definition of sex shop, business in light-industrial zones cannot exceed a certain percentage of their floor space as sales floors, and it only takes 5% of their stock to be tangentially related to sexual items to have the shop classified as a sex shop. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy brick and mortar ABDL stores. The people are pretty legit. But it appears that the city is technically correct on these items.
>>15543 Why should they be online store? It's much more convenient to see items live and try clothes before buying. >>15548 The problem is that their store is NOT a sex shop. Many people wear and regress for comfort, not for sexual desire. Is a shoe store sex shop because some people have shoe fetish? Or is store selling leather jackets sex shop because theres leather fetish? Is medical store sex shop because their items are all featured in bdsm and fetish porn?
>>15543 >>15542 Is Victoria's Secret considered a sex shop? I've seen them in malls, brick and mortar stores where the windows aren't covered, where they have products very visible from the door / street outside the business. OH GOD THINK OF WHAT THE CHILDREN HAVE SEEN! Here's the kicker, there's a Victoria's Secret not even 5.5 miles from the MIB brick and mortar store in question and it's across from a hospital and other businesses. So if MIB is a sex shop because they sell clothing, Victoria's Secret is most definitely a sex shop. Where is the outrage against them? This isn't outrage about them banning sex shops in an area, it's the way they get to deem what THEY see as a sex shop and what isn't. They aren't even remotely treating businesses the same and discriminating against certain stores while glorifying others in the same area and industry. Just throwing this out there too, if you are wondering what side is the right side, just look at the idiot ass namefag troll on this site that nobody can stand and see what side they are on. That should be a big clue that if you agree with anything he says you're a waste of space and part of the problem. Much like if you agree with anything trump says you're the problem in this country and need to take a long hard look at yourself and what you actually believe in.
>>15558 If the government says it’s a sex shop it’s a sex shop. What part do you not understand
>>15546 Why the fuck are you putting spaces in your paragraph? Sound like Twitter faggot
>>15566 >government in russia says that ukraine is part of them, what part do you not understand?
>>15550 You keep clawing at equivalencies, but that completely misses the point. Legally speaking, those anecdotes mean absolutely nothing as they do nothing to shift the beliefs of the city of Noblesville. There are better ways of defending MyInnerBaby, but a city has the right to support its own values within reason. The city of Noblesville has listed reasons why they feel MyInnerBaby should not be allowed to operate within their borders, and MyInnerBaby fell flat on their face when it was their turn to refute. Instead of proving that their shopping space did not exceed 20% of their total floor space, the owner of MyInnerBaby insisted on focusing on the definition of a sex shop (something that Noblesville clearly delineated already) as an example.
>>15566 >government says slavery is legal >government says same sex marriage is illegal >government says interracial marriage is illegal >government says women can't vote >government says abortion is legal >government says abortion is illegal >government says corporations are people >government says election was rigged >government says healthcare isn't a human right
>>15566 Government changes to meet the needs / wants of the PEOPLE. It works FOR the people. Not the other way around.
>>15571 in your dreams faggot, thats called nationalism and its bad, it doesnt exist, its racist uh oh i shat in my fucking diaper again mmmmmmmm it smells like fucking FAECES i love it this is what i get off on, shit and piss turns me on yeah
>>15572 wait...that's like the exact opposite of what I said. Also...it's bad and it doesn't exist? Which is it!
>>15571 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
>>15574 nation literally means people you sub saharan african learn english mmmmmmmmmmm mommy i pissed myself again uh yeah, me diaper is starting to grow fungus now i love it wear it all day full of shit and piss oh yeah
>>15567 Because the majority of your species is so fuckin stupid that if I DON'T do that... yeah, your supposed "reading comprehension" effectively drops out... like, as a species! Maybe you should be less angry at me over formatting you don't like and you should be more angry at the lack of hoomun education that has now REQUIRED its use just to be able to EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE. Keep being ass mad about it tho, I bet THAT'LL help!
>>15569 Layin out the facts! I think it's a good lesson in why you should be careful about falling for online echo chamber rhetoric. Laws exists and you must work within the law and reason within the law. It's hard too! I mean, these people fucked it up BAD! But that's good. It's good because it provides a kind of perceptual barrier, meaning only the best of us, the smartest of us, the ones with the best arguments, the ones with the best plans, the ones who put in the most effort, the ones with the most sincerity... only we get to "play" with "new" stuff. New stuff is dangerous! ALWAYS! Because any time you introduce a new variable, you introduce another potential vector for evil intent to take control over and to use, like useful idiots. It works synergistically too, like how the "alphabet people" keep rapidly expanding... we can see, just how fast and just how easily one little new thing can be EATEN UP by another bigger thing with obviously evil intent... to the point where they're literally advertising it! And it sounds good! The rhetoric, the battle cries for CHANGE, for NEW, for DIFFERENT! Gets stupid people excited! And they do stupid shit. And then everybody winds up hurt and emotionally ripped all apart. Why? Well, see the attached. Learn to separate yourself from the crowd so that you can think clearly. Because our system of government favors individuals, not commercial rhetoric. If you align yourself with evil shit, don't be surprised when the greater majority rejects you. I'm not simply talking out of my ass either, my own brand of Conceptual Christianity is radically different from anything that's ever existed on earth, so when the majority of normie Christians keep me at arms length... I don't disagree with that response. There have been no shortage of people who have tried to use religion as a means of tricking people, hurting people, stealing from them. People stick with tradition because it's safe, because they know it's harder for evil to break into as a matter of experience. Fool me once, fool me twice... you can just keep fooling them... if you just keep inventing new bullshit. Normie hoomuns need normie things and we need them to have normie things so that we have a SAFE environment to operate and explore. Otherwise all we have is anarchy and opportunity for evil intent. Tread lightly!
>>15558 So, to be clear... originally Victoria's Secret wasn't normalized. Then it was. Now you want fetish shops in addition to Victoria's Secret shops... so you have plainly illustrated that a slippery slope exists. So... here's the real problem for you... why allow shit to fall further? I mean, you think you're making an argument against fetish shops, but... I think you're just making the argument that we need to stop having Victoria's Secret shops. See, that would END the slippery slope and remove the EXCUSE that you're trying to use. It's like a child pointing at another child and whining, "WELL HE HAS ICE CREAM!" And, well, maybe that kid did all his homework and that's why he gets a reward. So, maybe instead of just whining and using surface level comparisons... you should figure out how you can deserve the reward WITHOUT the whining. Otherwise... I don't think you should have it. Whiners shouldn't be rewarded.
>>15385 This is a MF fetish sex shop. What else could it possible be?
>>15584 read the thread
>>15586 I think he did.
>>15568 Were not in Russia faggot. Look at the flag.
>>15571 The government is the people. Deal with it bitch
>>15612 Yeah, not in Russia but in the another big country whose government agencies practise torture. If you think every government decision is good food you and shouldn't be questioned, you are literally NPC
>>15620 Still on you tho! You, "the people" allow the psychopaths to play and you actively exclude the remedy, "me". Psychos aren't hard to understand, they look for the path of least resistance to cause the most damage and destruction, both in their path to power/control as well their effective targeting systems. In other words... they selectively target whatever they perceive as weakest or most vulnerable to attack. You can instantly scare them off tho if you use material from people like me... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108801765858868753 They don't EVER target people like me... because even in death my shit would rip theirs to shreds! Just like Marx's work! Only... mine is WAY better! Learn to use the tools that God gives you! My name is Matthew for a reason. I bring you the gift of evil's mitigation... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108807584868440535 But, I mean... it's just a tool! How you decide to wield it, well that's up to you and your autonomy. Just as a PROTIP tho... the more attention you bring to me... the harder it is for evil to hide itself openly.
Why has nobody asked the more important question WRT My Inner Baby. Who the fuck even needs a brick and mortar ABDL store in modern day?
>>15653 Well if you like to try things on before you buy them, see how they actually look instead of pictures, interact with people, not have to wait on shipping, have space to store items in a display, then you kind of need a brick and mortar store.
>>15654 I know I love shopping in person for diapers and onesies at the store near Atlanta. The people actually care about getting you the right product for your needs, they are super knowledgeable about all the products they carry, very friendly and understanding of the ABDL community as well. You can SEE and FEEL the diapers you're interested in before buying them and being disappointed, feel the quality of the onesies and get sized for the correct size right there in the store.
>>15620 *practise Fuck off dotty You literally praise China. You praise a communist regime more than the us governent. You’re not even from America. When you squeeze your fucking nose does it go “honk” “honk” you fucking clown
So this thread just hosted more of its own content: Dotty being a clueless legal analyst and that oneidus fucknugget both just gave us TONS of cringy material in this thread.
>>15761 This thread is a gift
>>15515 Sexualities are fetishes. Marriage is not appropriate for the public sphere.
>>15782 Well thanks for that hot take, Bizarro Baby. Pretty sure you're the answer to your own problem! Namely... how do we solve over population?! :D You are absolutely correct in your particular case, marriage is never appropriate for the sexually insane. *gets rightly elevated* Look... your perception is all... fucked. Like, I guess you just... you just copied the television... or school. Sex... is addictive. Did no one bother to tell any of you that? Ever? Did they ever tell ANYONE in sex education that sex is addictive? Of course not... in fact, they did the OPPOSITE! When I was in school they made a very big deal out of comparing orgasms to drug effects... specifically in the context of trying to make orgasms seem like nothing by comparison opiates. They're WRONG you know! They were wrong then... still wrong now! That thing you call an "orgasm"... that's HIGHLY addictive! Sometimes they call it like, uh... hypersexuality. It's like regular orgasms just aren't helping you through the depression that drove you to abusing yourself. So... the mind is kinda fun, cause uh... orgasms aren't like normal drugs, they're not dependent upon a PHYSICAL metric to increase sensation. Rather it's a psychosocial metric. The things you call "fetishes"... those are just multipliers. You can use them to exponentially increase the feeling you get from an orgasm... to the point where it's not any different, functionally, than taking opiates. That's why you avoid porn and shit... recreationally it's not all that bad... but if you're DEPRESSED... really try NOT to compensate for that depression with addiction. Did you get that part? Let me say it again... DO NOT TREAT DEPRESSION WITH ADDICTION! Unless you want to wind up like the crazy retard I'm replying to. Just like when an addict can't get a "fix"... they act stupid and nutty. Once you burn out the lust ridden chemical receptor sites in your brain by abusing porn, well depression is the only thing you'll ever feel in the wake of it. For some it drives them to further mental escalation, meaning they know, subconsciously, that the "freakier" they get, the more bang for their nether beating. So, one sexual coping mechanism gives rise to an ever crazier one. Because it's the abject reality you're using as a mental multiplier... so the more "uncanny valley" you go... the better you feel. And then THAT in turn becomes an addiction, until you're just... doing it all the time. That's schizophrenia. That's where this guy is at. In ye olden days they were kept in asylums and as such couldn't kill themselves... but uh... well you know how they used to warn you that you'd "go blind" if you masturbated too much? That was a nice way of saying that schizophrenics would commonly gouge their own eyes out.
>>15518 Lifestyle store
The city doesn't just classify something freely and that's now some new law everyone has to deal with. From this thread I get the feeling the city doesn't want the store within its borders. But there are already laws in place with which everyone follows. If the retail space exceeds the zoned areas allowance, I don't see why it would even be an issue as mib could just reduce the retail showroom. Everyone is happy they keep their lease and they follow the law. However, if it's a classification issue then there are issues as this depends on the definition of an adult novelty store, as described in my states ordinances I don't know what they call it over there, which in my town is written as (2)Instruments, devices, or paraphernalia which are designed for use or marketed primarily for stimulation of human genital organs or for sadomasochistic use or abuse of themselves or others. Now when I look at buying diapers I'm not seeing anything that says it stimulates harder than any other diaper. It says it's liquid absorption rate just like any other diaper on the market. The clothing they sell doesn't abuse or are sadomaschistic. Therefore it would not fall into that category unless they of course sell those products and it exceeds the 25%, at least in my district. I assume they sell incontinence supplies and clothing and other non-sexual paraphernalia. This kind of limiting a store because the board or council deems it inappropriate is a first amendment rights issue btw, if it is truly all non-sexual products.
Also nobody cares what you think it is, how it will be used, or who the primary demographic is. What matters is the laws that literally says what can and can't be within an a zoned area. If they they can't really afford to battle or are in the wrong, I hope they at least finish the lease by opening a grocery store called "Stuff that fits down there" and exclusively sell cucumbers, bananas, zucchini, carrots, marshmallow, etc as a middle finger to the town. Or even better a non profit food Bank.
>>15523 Holy Schizo posting.
>>15543 Some fag on diaper-bois.com keeps going on about my inner baby. Typical left-wing shit.
>>15470 I'd never buy anything from their shop. Dotty is a crazy woke bitch.
>>17312 They’re hypocrites. They’re only anti-government when it doesn’t benefit them but when their queen dies and someone talks back about it, they block. Not to mention their diapers suck, Kat butch claims she doesn’t work for Dotty yet she benefits from dotty money with that fat giant crib, and changing table, and onesies. They’re left-wing hypocrites, and if you call them out they send their dickriders after you in a separate tweet to try to silence you. Typical liberal shit.
>>17314 The royal family doesn't have any real governmental power. They're just human symbols, like a flag. You can be anti-government and still respect your national symbols (I'm reminded of American flag-waving apocalypse preppers who complain about gun laws but still say they're patriots). I don't really know anything about Dotty so I'm not going to get roped into defending them (your reply was visible from index), just pointing out that not everyone is a walking carbon copy of their party's platform.
>>17316 The royal family doesn’t have real government power. They still have government power tho
>>17312 I brought something from their shop once. And the clothing was ripped. I sent photos, they only gave me a 50% refund because it "Wasn't their fault". Shit company - I hope they go bust! They're only into ABDL for money, they don't give too shits about the community.
"They're only into ABDL for money, they don't give too[sic] shits about the community." No way!? You're telling me a company doesn't care about it's community and only wants to turn a profit?! Diabolical!! I've never heard of a company that puts profits over people. What next? You going to tell me that bigger companies don't really care about their woke messaging and are only doing it so they don't see a drop in stock value?
Gotta love being privileged and having daddy’s money mixed with porn dollars. How cute. They’re flying a Private Bizjet.
>>17383 Granny tits is being active lately. Who's the monkey holding her?
>>17383 Haters gonna hate.
>>17383 I mean both are cute
>>17383 >taking advantage of simps >anyone getting angry about it her being a stupid whore, does not make anyone paying for that mediocre porn less retarded
>>17389 When was the last time someone paid a private jet to fulfill your diaper fantasies? Oh yeah. Never, and they never will. Because you’re too broke, too ugly, and you’re a hairy guy.
They’re desperate. But why? They’re clearly overstocked on inventory.
>>17407 a case of 80 with shipping ended up being $3 per diaper when I looked it up yesterday. I guess that's OK. I'm personally too cheap to spend that much, but meh.
>>17407 WW3 soon

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