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(243.13 KB 1662x485 8kun.png)

(1.28 MB 1800x3010 abdl-tans.png)

8kun /abdl/ is dead Baby Board owner 09/19/2022 (Mon) 20:06:21 No. 17116
We all knew how shit 8kun has been since a long time. But now it's over.
To be fair here ain't much better.
>>17121 So why don't you start your own 8chan? With blackjack and diapered hookers? Surely you could do so much better!
>>17121 I've noticed a bit of a decline in quality here which has coincided with the exodus of people from 8kun.
Unlucky niggas! Hahaha! Your doxxing of girls and media thieving has come to an end! Pay for our porn, you losers!
>>17126 There's a lot of content getting posted but not a lot of discussion or well, fun. >>17133 Produce something fappable People will pay
>>17133 seethe harder random #4598309483509835098 diaperwhore you would never be attractive to anyone if it wasnt for this fetish, you're not special
>>17133 Yeah sure I'll pay for your stuff... ...for a month while I rip all your content and post it for free for the common man. Fuck off.
>>17133 Post your JFF, OF, and ko-fi. Let's see if you were born a woman. I'm betting that you are some balding fat faggot. With WAAAAY to much body hair; cause you are too fucking lazy to shave if you are going to take a crotch shot pic in you pink diapers.
>>17152 >>17154 >>17155 Us girls need to make our dollars. At least we're honest workers for the ABDL community. You incels will never have a diaper girlfriend. Keep fapping of to our porn, at least we're getting paid for being diapered and shitting.
>>17196 cannot believe this low effort bait can reel in so many people fuck off and die nigger
>>17196 Bait. Are you even trying still waiting for the time stamp crotch shot pic. DON'T FORGET TO FUCKING SHAVE FAGGOT!
>>17196 Nice bait fella, I almost fell for it
(26.51 KB 625x626 936.jpg)

Anyway... this is not a baiting post, this is an F post... Goodbye 8kun, the force be with you PSDT: complaining about piracy in the place where everything can be copyed and sent... Internet is not the best place to have that conversation, unless its bait, in witch case:
(125.88 KB 638x696 2D_clean_and_pretty.jpg)

>>17196 If you're not an 8 year old anime girl I probably won't waste the bandwidth on your porn.
2014? Wow it feels longer than that. Gamergate and the original exodus of halfchan feels like it was longer ago than 7-8 years.

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