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CGI abdl thread Baby 05/31/2020 (Sun) 11:44:19 No. 266
For 3d pictures and videos of diaper themed content. Aswall as models to make said content
Is there an established community making and sharing this stuff somewhere? Especially looking for models
>>306 There is a VRChat group for ABDL but be warn Nino is in there.
>>266 Yeah, I’ve been looking for decent 3D models to play around with in DAZ for a bit. Think this is the best I found: https://sharecg.com/v/80389/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Diaper-for-Genesis
(80.63 KB 1261x959 1133852019809169408_3.jpg)
(128.79 KB 1490x1003 1133852019809169408_4.jpg)
(137.33 KB 1920x1017 1143592175357140992_1.jpg)
(137.75 KB 1920x1017 1143592175357140992_2.jpg)
(106.99 KB 1556x1079 1164595685141782528_1.jpg)
Using this thread to post 3D pics
(102.62 KB 1687x1013 1267507046934405120_2.jpg)
(184.56 KB 1555x1017 1268154459256848385_4.jpg)
(133.69 KB 819x1076 EfjGZ4xU8AEKHir.jpeg)
(43.06 KB 828x828 Efe_kU1UwAMoLec.jpeg)
(152.56 KB 1920x1080 EfZb4a4UYAASPej.jpeg)
(179.20 KB 1920x1080 machine_7_1.jpg)
(1.09 MB 3840x2160 machine_1_1.jpg)
(683.77 KB 3840x2160 machine_2_1.jpg)
(699.58 KB 3840x2160 machine_3_1.jpg)
(155.21 KB 1920x1080 machine_4_1.jpg)
I've been doing sculpt january in the spring and here are some results
(879.08 KB 1920x1920 spectral_9.jpg)
(289.63 KB 1920x1920 spectral_10.jpg)
(240.38 KB 1920x1920 spectral_11_1.jpg)
(233.06 KB 1920x1920 spectral_12_1.jpg)
(257.74 KB 1920x1920 spectral_13_1.jpg)
(167.34 KB 1920x1280 nervous_25_1.jpg)
(742.61 KB 3840x2560 nervous_27_1.jpg)
(549.27 KB 2560x3840 nervous_28_1.jpg)
(496.12 KB 3840x2160 nervous_29.jpg)
(541.28 KB 3840x2160 nervous_30_1.jpg)
(294.73 KB 1920x1920 5_procrastinate_yuhi_4.jpg)
(677.72 KB 1920x1920 5_procrastinate_yuhi_1.jpg)
(284.25 KB 1920x1920 5_procrastinate_yuhi_2.jpg)
(373.14 KB 1920x1920 5_procrastinate_yuhi_3.jpg)
>>1858 I think I've seen you on Twitter or Deviant Art or something before. You do good work! Do you take commissions?
>>1865 I have both actually you can find me as diaperPelus. Ic an take commissions but I'm super busy for the next month or so
(88.13 KB 594x902 EwYDV9LU8AQGiFR.jpg)
(78.64 KB 639x922 EwYDUAKVkAMd18q.jpg)
(182.73 KB 1080x1920 Ela_WjoUUAAMbEH.jpg)
(472.60 KB 1024x768 1449694538187.jpg)
(1.85 MB 1920x1080 161003896693.png)
(719.40 KB 1366x706 15261147307.png)
(32.51 KB 800x498 151526064121.jpg)
(249.10 KB 1088x960 141140689911.jpg)
(34.51 KB 450x600 20060809233530.jpg)
(128.38 KB 1024x768 1285517631955.jpg)
(115.73 KB 1080x1080 Ew69lYyVoAEyhyt.jpg)
(85.01 KB 1271x630 Ex4u_RSVoAMOG63.jpg)
(775.13 KB 1366x706 1449963687678.png)
(673.53 KB 1366x706 1449962799766.png)
(609.04 KB 1366x706 1449962486776.png)
(477.13 KB 1024x768 1449694600222.jpg)
(292.68 KB 1920x1080 EcX9nF4UwAAMp8L.jpg)
(98.04 KB 1024x768 Es1kbTZU0AUJVRE.jpg)
(223.56 KB 1440x2229 E0oVdfPVUAEP0zx.jpg)
(307.54 KB 1440x2560 Ez6m7xyVgAMsgD4.jpg)
(119.71 KB 943x1048 Eqqx-ydUcAEKTF8.jpg)
(158.79 KB 1106x1080 Ep8Yn76UwAA68ur.jpg)
(152.72 KB 1106x1080 Eqqx-lAUwAEQdho.jpg)
(135.10 KB 1173x1080 Eqqx--8UwAIakXv.jpg)
(113.11 KB 1200x925 E1C4jGrUcAAEwcg.jpg)

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