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(1.51 MB 1614x1872 76710635_p2.png)

(759.02 KB 1000x1400 01a2b0b3b6351f37cbd50b345849c7d9.png)

(58.42 KB 429x576 1263708604.zamycat_169.jpg)

(35.01 KB 427x445 1263887414.zamycat_170.jpg)

Loli diaperfur Baby 03/28/2021 (Sun) 22:17:15 No. 3023
Padded furry lolis, anthro or otherwise.
(161.34 KB 1300x1300 ESBhaT3UUAEPvnA.jpeg)

(39.07 KB 413x378 1272950379.zamycat_194.jpg)

(374.42 KB 1022x1200 1579321644.wob_babpachi_1.jpg)

(378.93 KB 1561x1732 dot_diaper_2_by_8horns.jpg)

(111.47 KB 1317x1000 1002871871774179328_1.jpg)

(90.12 KB 1000x1186 883427969602961409_1.jpg)

(303.97 KB 1535x2048 1331115350180544513_1.jpg)

(1.24 MB 2500x2500 Ex08a1eXEAUPqXi.jpg)

(1.82 MB 1302x1862 66762479_p2.png)

This guy's art is incredibly cute. I notice a few of his pictures in this thread aren't on his pixiv account. Does he post art elsewhere, or has he just deleted them?

(282.84 KB 609x981 1348376587.zamycat_439.jpg)

(121.01 KB 768x1024 1376180631101526018_1.jpg)

(540.75 KB 1200x864 Et_kBcfWQAc45nk.jpeg)

(606.34 KB 2048x2048 ElKLWJJVMAEZmsK.jpeg)

(308.71 KB 3679x2750 8.jpg)

Thoughts on this one?
(77.12 KB 742x961 1324495933745319938_3.jpg)

(241.43 KB 782x855 1324495933745319938_1.png)

(243.95 KB 1600x1900 1091184304997187585_1.jpg)

(379.33 KB 1200x705 1377825978509058048_1.jpg)

>>3039 >last pic Why is the thought of lolis failing to potty train so hot? What’s wrong with me?
(159.77 KB 1280x1280 8f65e3a5c1c9160d41249e39e6be96a6.jpg)

(258.23 KB 832x1280 1517708842.ozzybear_cyan2.png)

(2.62 MB 2300x2000 85207441_p54.jpg)

(899.32 KB 2000x2500 75865078_p2.jpg)

(560.70 KB 815x946 46671606_p0.png)

(1020.87 KB 1240x1754 72719363_p0.png)

(1.07 MB 1240x1754 82943528_p1.png)

(111.10 KB 2048x1444 EaTn3TcU0AEh-Ef.jpg)

(1.32 MB 1578x1818 LongerDressClr.jpg)

(498.55 KB 2784x2193 Inktober201808.jpg)

(4.70 MB 1734x1301 Ec_92QMUEAMmOzb.png)

(357.56 KB 1708x1842 3033147_sleepytoy_954_4.png)

(369.81 KB 1708x1842 3033149_sleepytoy_954_4alt.png)

>>4437 I absolutely love that first image. The combination of a super thick diaper, white bloomers/leggings, and a cute dress which doesn't hide anything is incredibly appealing.
>>4084 It’s because they try so hard to be big girls, but inevitably fail and start to fill up their diapers. It’s the ultimate sign that they aren’t big at all!
Can somebody post all of Hendric's diaperfur commissions on here?: https://inkbunny.net/hendric
(585.17 KB 2000x2000 256100_Tecraudio_panini_fralda.jpg)

(501.15 KB 2026x2629 3532801_sleepytoy_1179.png)

(296.66 KB 875x1000 2732877_Clara_comm837.jpg)

>>4597 Had some non-loli content so here's a zip. https://z.zz.fo/7ISjA.zip
>>4600 Does it have all of Hendric's diaperfur commissions in it?
>>4600 Also, does it have all of Hendric's diaperfur commissions that aren't on her Inkbunny account in it?
>>4614 Everything diaper related from their Inkbunny.
(386.79 KB 2833x3103 90103998_p0.png)

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