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(12.26 KB 243x208 images (31).jpeg)

Baby 04/06/2021 (Tue) 00:48:17 No. 3069
Are there any real options for ABDL underwear? There's a handful of options on Etsy and a few on other sites like tykables and rear but they don't have toddler like prints. What I wouldn't give for some tykables pupper print briefs
(563.21 KB 2048x1463 D_stTBmU4AExRKb.jpeg)

(153.58 KB 960x1280 DlbNNYmUUAA-Ah9.jpeg)

(412.41 KB 1536x2048 DwhJ__LUYAAk5QA.jpeg)

(309.57 KB 1536x2048 Dx5KSfeU0AAlj58.jpeg)

(380.62 KB 1568x2048 ECoGdUPU0AIF8Cs.jpeg)

Japan seems to have some nice options, although they might not fit the average westerner. But yeah, there aren't a lot of places where you can buy cute toddler-style underwear. BigTot on Etsy seems to be about the best.
>>3113 Those look neat but I'm looking for boys style briefs
>>3113 >Precure underwear Fuck I need this
(106.23 KB 720x1197 IMG_20210505_002848.JPG)

Op here, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!! Tykables is selling a new lineup of briefs which include the puppers print I've been looking for!
Here u go, someone reviews boy style briefs from Amazon: https://www.adisc.org/forum/threads/boys-briefs-reviews.150756/
(485.30 KB 1523x2048 1397433065996124161_1.jpg)

(469.61 KB 2048x1152 1397433065996124161_2.jpg)

(357.73 KB 2048x1151 1397433065996124161_3.jpg)

(500.70 KB 2048x1433 1397655832876126208_1.jpg)

Anyone try using Amazon Japan for underwear shopping? Some vendors allow international shipping. The largest available size for Precure underwear seems to be 130cm which is about 26.0 - 29.1inch (66-74cm) waistline.
>>3987 No. Jap benis tiny. I need custom ordered American underwear for my trouser anaconda anon.
>>3976 Damn, he's a 30 waist. I'm a 34. Some of those were really cute. I like the boys panties. Might try them if I find a good size
>>4000 Seems like 27/28 waist, I'm about the same size, wear size 14 boys.
>>3988 Same
Bump, this is now an ABDL clothing thread
I want to get some onesies. Anyone have any they really like? I'm looking at rearz since they're on Amazon
Just got a rearz dinosaur onesie. I love it. It's adorable and stretches pretty well

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