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What is the comfiest game to play while diapered up?
>>4985 I would say Minecraft is the best game while diapered. It's kinda endless, so you can play as long as you'd like and making good use of a diaper.
>>4985 Ask /v/
>>4989 Can confirm. Nothing comfier than building a house or mining while padded
>>4989 Playing through the entirety of Gregtech New Horizons while padded (no changes)
(226.56 KB 720x666 dinosaur diaper.png)

(66.78 KB 618x469 bouncing baby powder bottle.png)

(21.34 KB 452x560 image2.jpg)

(373.99 KB 2048x2048 confused little baby.jpg)

(3.35 MB 3300x2550 KitsuneMagic.jpg)

>>4931 Sunny Paws Daycare is a great one. >Text Adventure game with a focus on physical and mental age regression but it has some art to go with it, though not much of the fan created stuff has art. >Furry game but you can play as a human >Came complete but has had fan expansions throughout the years. Latest version I can find is the topic where it was 1st posted at post #929 on Fox Tales Times here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/sunny-paws-daycare-a-baby-fur-text-adventure-t746-s920.html >As far as highlights of the game that can happen: -hypnosis to make you do things like just stop poop yourself when you walk up and talk to someone right in front of them. -force fed baby food and a bottle -forced nap time -forced into a bath tub and given a bath like you are a baby -getting breast fed by a nanny -spanked by a ruler -sissy clothes options -forced to be the baby in a game of house by a kid if they have their way. -captured by toys and thrown into a play pen -same toys can dress you up for nap in lion footie pjs -put in a bouncer and unable to get out on your own -scared by a potty monster named Louie A couple of other games that look promising that are in the works at various stages are Second Chance Academy and Littleington Academy both have a couple of hours of content focusing on various things. The main focus in 2nd chance is the dream worlds and for Little its a campus mystery. On Fox Tales Times Barkson City Blues is another good one that has about a couple of hours of content. Another mystery at school happening in that game. Its at a point where you solved part of it.
>>5010 Sunny paws is great - I only wish that it focused more on on metal regression than physical regression, and that there was less furry shit it.
>>5033 Seems only furrys have a drive to complete such projects unfortunately.
>>5048 >>5033 I'd say I'm glad we can get anything at all even if it is furry. I'm not a furry but when they are at least willing to give the option to be human like Sunny Paws does I can at least say I like how some of them are willing to go the extra mile they will go to try and make everyone happy. And in general dealing with the furry fan base I can say they are usually pretty easy to work with if they are willing to do human ar or so as well. Yeah some don't want to touch human stuff but that could be for a number of reasons like they are bad at drawing humans. I mean, Human wasn't even a default option in Sunny Paws, someone asked to add it and then the maker for Sunny Paws drew art for the human ar and added it all in. Really all the furry stuff in Sunny Paws could be explained by it being a magical daycare in a void as well if you play as human if it bugs you that much. As in not like it is like that in the real world. even in the ending it just says the 1st caretaker you meet looks like the one that was running around the magical daycare kitchen in it and "your mom to be" matches your species anyway as well.
Silkfang Respite got a patreon update with essentially an abdl daycare.
It's so sad that nearly every game we have is RPG maker reharsed ad nauseum, even if there are a few good ones. I mean, there's so much tools today to spit out 3d assets and games, there's even a sandbox VR game that could include diapers (Virt-a-Mate) but only Gauchecheeks is trying to do a 3D game by himself. I'm sure a lot of us have some skills to be put to use, be it create assets or programs some stuffs. Even if we're a niche community, I can't believe we're still stuck on 2D games in 2021.
>>5112 Basically effort. Any larger projects would take community collaboration and the /abdl/ community would more than likely stab each other in the back after shitting themselves before anything of note was accomplished.
>>5087 True.
Anyone remember the list of games with abdl content in vidya? Like I don't mean stuff produced specifically for the community but mainstream games like Yakuza?
is there any working ABDL-mod for Fallout 4?
It focuses more so on bedwetting and omorashi, but One Week with Elder Sister is my personal favorite. You can make the playable character, her older sister, and even their mom at times, wet themselves. It also has multiple endings. https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/1450-e-hl-one-week-with-elder-sister/
>>5155 Pretty sure there is. Know there is at least for Skyrim.
>>5155 Yes on loverslab but you have to join the diaper club which takes like 1-3 days waiting period
You know considering Bethesdas writing style I am kind of surprised there isn't unironically an abdl Vault in Fallout thats canon. Makes me think about games that are a stones throw away from featuring it in game like Final Fantasy XIV. Mean Y'shtola already threatens to spank you and send you to bed.
>>5087 This is true - it's also how I played through it every time I've taken the effort to go through it. Really the whole furry thing doesn't bug me enough to not want to play it any more, it just pulls me out of the experience if I read too closely. What I really wish I could get out of a sunny paws esque game is something that focuses more on mental regression than physical regression. >>5048 I wish I had the time and discipline to finish something. I've had so many false starts on games (some that have gotten farther than others), but as >>5113 says, I'm not autistic enough to code it all on my own, and it's hard to come across a creative on /abdl/ that knows how to code and is willing to do so regularly as a passion project for no pay. >>5112 It also really sucks that there's no games where you play the position of the dom - only ever the sub.
>>5192 Like you said, hard to combine both creative and technical skills. I know how to code and design 3D games but I'm a piece of shit when it come to artistic and 3D sculpting. And it's really hard to come across 3D ABDL assets. On that side, if someone know where to find some fbx diapers,it'll be wonderful!
>>5196 Come to think of it I am pretty sure there are some patreon artists out there that have created 3D abdl models but not sure how easy it is to extract or share.
Been having a look on omorashi.org and found some abdl games: https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/9384-pants-labyrinth-alpha/ Few more but seems you need to learn Nippon to play.
>>5196 Yeah, asset creation isn't really my strong suit. All my projects have been slave maker esque "Waifu trainers", or text adventure stuff. I have seen some 3D modelers that do diapers, but you generally have to be willing to dig through a large deposit of furry content in order to find them. Like this person for instance: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/omochalaroo/?
>>5226 I need 20 good anons ready to brave yiff central to seek out and extract 3D models for our projects. Most of them won't survive but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
>>5208 Do you have some names? Willing to take a little time
>>5238 Next time I see something when checking to see if kemono has ever been updated I'll let you know. Otherwise you might have to try and find say VRChat or Second Life models and figure out a way to extract them.
Just thought of DAZ 3D has a lot of diaper models if you check pixiv. There's also another 3D studio nips use again with abdl stuff.
Anyone know if Littleington University Update 10 actually adds content? Does not seem updates add much in terms of content and changelogs are a bit lackluster.
>>5364 DAZ is pretty good. I've made some diapered stuff in it myself.
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/overflo207/ https://twitter.com/FwoBebe/status/1436943202322243584 They are making a game but what puts me off is the amount of profiles they have like seriously they have two patreons, a ko-fi and a subscribestar.
>>5427 Update 10 add a lot. Caves as a new playable level,a new boss,a bit of storyline added. Each update usually add a tons of small stuff so indeed it can feel underwhelming when you thibk about progression,but this one progress quite a bit.
>>5466 Know if there is a good way to mod it? Imagine turning it into a Padded Reich game?
>>5470 It should be possible if you have a solid understanding of unity and C# but since the creator have not made the game explicitely moddable it will not be a pleasant journey. Still doable though ,as long as you know what you're doing
For those who play SecondLife, can someone link me to available downloadable versions of these Diaper models?: * Cushy+: https://twitter.com/MooiestMooKau/media * Camellia Lovely: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Camellia-Lovely-Diaper-Maitreya/18015358
>>5495 People still play SecondLife? Thought everything moved to VR Chat these days.
Not sure if they exactly apply here - but: AI Dungeon: https://play.aidungeon.io/main/home An AI generated text adventure game, you give it a prompt, then take turns with the AI writing actions and responses Novel AI: https://novelai.net/#/ Basically AI dungeon, but presented as a novel instead of a text adventure game. Has way more options to configure and play with, so is really the better option, but you'll have to pay monthly to play it. On that note, if any one else is interested in novelAI, and happens to have ~10mb of quality diaper erotica, let me know. I'm planning on using it's training module to train the AI to understand ABDL play.
>>5539 You got a recommended guide or examples anon to share?
>>5547 Guide as in how to play the games and get the results you want? https://guide.aidg.club - though note that this one only has info on AI dungeon. For specific info on Novel AI, you'd have to google around. Generally the Novel AI subreddit has decent guides on things like ephemeral context. I can compile something in a few days for the thread if needed. As for the smut, I just need a text file of stories with themes that we're interested in (i.e. diaper smut). The AI will take up to 10MB. I've read that for giving it a general idea of what a kink is, providing the AI with a large amount of material then having it process about 30% of the way through is the best way to go. I can make the text file myself, but 10MB is a lot of text and I dont read erotica that often, so I'd like suggestions. At the moment I dont have any output examples. Im away from my desktop for a few days, so I'm relegated to phone and laptop posting.
Noticed people have been quiet about Diaperquest for a while now. Guess not much to talk about it anymore.
I got pretty amazing results from AI dungeon back in the day, but stopped using it after the privacy issues. Ive been testing Novel AI and have gotten some okay results, Ive created one AI trained Module using some diaper stories about 2mb worth. In an attempt to get more of a text adventure feel, I wanna train the AI by feeding it Sunny Paws Daycare, diaper quest, baleful bassinet and any other diaper text adventure. Here is a small guide to get more of a text adventure feel from novel Ai https://www.reddit.com/r/NovelAi/comments/p0d4hg/how_to_make_a_novelai_text_adventure/
>>5580 How did that training work out for you? I found a guide in the comments that I was planning in following here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NovelAi/comments/po4bqt/ideal_size_for_the_custom_module_training/
>>5532 Yes, it's still alive.
(43.08 KB 515x787 snipaimodule.PNG)

>>5583 The first AI module, i used to much wholesome stories that focused purely on regression and were pretty much rated e for everyone. That being said it was pretty good mostly just got babied with no diaper usages unless i forced it. The second one using text adventures is going to be a pain in the but because i have to manually copy and paste from the games. I tried to train a module with just about 2 hours of sunny daycare and diaper quest text. I just got down with a test run using that module and it somewhat works but need more data to train the module. I am busy with school work so i don't have much time to play around with it. I posted a small screen shot of what ive gotten so far and its meh.
>>5587 Sounds like setting up is initially very tedious?
>>5647 Not really, it's just that Novel AI isn't free that's the down side. If you want to make a good module, that will take time and effort. But just getting diaper content out isn't super difficult. You just have to get an idea on how to make it work for you. That being said, if one of us makes a good diaper module, we can distribute it to every one here. In the mean time, here are some pages on "how to NovelAI": https://rentry.co/settings https://rentry.org/modules https://rentry.co/lorebooks My advice if you want a good story is to A) spend a while detailing out a good lorebook, B) correct the output when it fucks up instead of rolling with it, C) Learn how to use ephemeral context, because it really lets you guide the story much better than anything else.
Could you upload your lore book, I am smoothed brained and dont have a clue where to start.
>>5664 >I am smooth brained >Post number in name I can tell lol Sure, but my lorebook is set up for Persona 4 smut, you sure you want it?
>>5670 >>5664 >>5547 Actually you know what - apparently Novel AI is difficult to figure out for people. I'll start writing a guide and additions to make it look good can happen later. Hold for guide.
>>5672 >What is a NovelAI NovelAI is an AI powered collaborative writer that's intended to be used by authors as an "Idea generator" or by regulars as a form of entertainment. >How does NovelAI work? Effectively, NovelAI is a very, very complex n-gram generator. >What is an n-gram generator? An n-gram generator is a program that analyzes language to produce a likely output from a given input. Generally speaking, bi-grams are the most common form of n-gram, though there are feasible reasons to use a tri, or quad-gram. A bi-gram uses what's called "training data", which is effectively any amount of human intelligible words (e.g. a sentence, paragraph, whole book, or even several books). Given this training data, the program generates a model (called a module by NovelAI) that consists of A)the number of times any given word appears in the training data, B) the number of times each of those words are followed up by another specific given word, and C) the probability of that specific given word has of following the original word compared to other words. For example, the word "a" is more likely to follow the word "is", than the word than the word "more" is likely to follow "is". Thus the AI can make a probability guess of what the next word will be given the previous word, or can generate a random word using the chance calculated. If you want to know more about this, see the wikipedia page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N-gram >That's great, but why do I need to know this. This is how modules work in NovelAI, which we will touch on later. Effectively, if you trained a bi-gram model on the complete compilation of every thing ever written or preformed by monty python, you'd get it to spit out something monty python-esque (for example, if the AI see's the word "and" it would be pretty likely to generate the words "now for something completely different").
>>5673 >How do I use NovelAI? When you go to https://novelai.net/, after logging in, you'll see 4 "suggested stories" that you can ignore, and a box at the bottom that says "write your prompt here". The "prompt" is the first paragraph or sentence of the story that you're writing. The AI needs something to work with, and thus, you'll need to give it something. What ever you want the story to be about write it here. Try to be a good writer with this. Think back to your highschool English classes, and consider what should go in the prompt. For a basic template write "You are (The thing you'll be 'playing as') who is a (description of what you are) from (setting of the story). You are trying to (your character's goal). You can always be more creative with it, but you'll want to include a lot of that information in there so that the AI knows what it's doing. Once you've got that written, press ctrl+enter to start generating the story, and move from the home screen to a proper story view. >Ok, I can see the story view. Now what? This depends on how complex you want your story, and what you want to do with it. For a simple story, just start writing. Down at the bottom of story view is the "input" panel. type stuff here, then click the send button or press enter to submit that post and watch the AI do it's thing. If you don't like what it just spit out at you, you can either click the retry button to make the AI generate again, or you can click in the story panel in the center of the screen to directly edit what the AI said yourself. The former is useful if the AI is barking up the wrong tree, the later is useful if it just got some minor details wrong. You can also click the undo button to roll your story back all the way to the begging. >What if I want a more complicated story? This requires understanding more of how novelAI works, specifically, tokens. >What is a token? It's the smallest unit that the AI can see. Basically, most words are a single token, but some times the a word can be broken up into multiple different tokens. The AI uses tokens to generate the grams in the N-gram algorithm that was written about in the last post. It associates tokens with each other, and uses that to figure out what would "make sense" to write. Note that the AI doesn't really understand the meaning of the words that it's typing, it just understands that some words are more likely to follow other words. For example, typing "John cannot see" means the AI will think "John" and "see" are likely to appear next to each other. As such, it might assume that John can see things. The proper way to phrase this idea would be to frame it positively, or write "John is blind" thus the AI will associate blind and John, and it already associates blind and see if the word cannot or unable or some other negative term is between the two. >Why else should I know about tokens? The AI additionally has a "memory" that it calls "context". Context is how the AI keeps track of what's going on in your story. Each tier of account has a different number of tokens that can be entered into context, but they're all pretty limited. By default, context is just populated with as many tokens as it can fit from the story panel. However, NovelAI gives you various tools to force things into context to help shape your story.
>>5674 >Shaping context: >Memory On the left hand panel, you should see a "Memory box". Anything typed in here is entered at the top of all AI context, and thus effects every thing that is generated. Generally, it has a weaker effect than other methods, and should be used for short facts that are important details at the time but will change in the future (i.e. "you are currently in a fight") edit this regularly for maximum effect. >Author's note The Author's note box is inserted three lines from the bottom of the context, and thus will have a great effect on everything that is generated by the AI. It's intended to be used for structural facts about the story as a whole (i.e. "this story is written in third person, with a gothic style") >Lore book The lore book is used to define characters, places, concepts, and other proper nouns to the AI. When making a lore book entry, you can give the entry a title (the AI ignores this, it's only used for organizational purposes by the player), "Inserted text", keys, and a category (the AI ignores this, it's only used for organizational purposes by the player). Basically, the way the lore book works is inserting the information contained within "inserted text" at the top of the context any time one of the keys is mentioned in the story, by the AI or the player. For example, you have a character Mr.Anon. Your keys could be something like "Mr.Anon, Anon, Mr., Mister", and your information could be something like "everyone thinks he's retarded because he pretends to be retarded on the internet." Now anytime one of the words "Mr.Anon", "Anon", "Mr.", or "Mister" are written in your story, the AI remembers that "Mr.Anon pretends to be retarded on the internet."
>Ephemeral Context Ephemeral Context is used to insert something into the bottom of context of the AI in a given number of posts. Since it's at the bottom of the context, it has a massive impact on the story, and effectively causes the AI to do exactly what you want it to start doing. However it has to be formatted very specifically. See the following: {+x~y,-z:text}. To break this down: >x The number of posts from now that the ephemeral context will be inserted into the context >y The number of posts that the ephemeral context will remain in the context for once it's been inserted. >z The number of lines up from the bottom that the ephemeral context is inserted into the context. The lower the more impact it will have on the story. >text The thing that is actually inserted into the context. So for example, adding the following to ephemeral context: {+5~80,-1: event: Aliens invade}, will add into the context on the bottom line, five posts from now, for the following 80 posts past that, the text "event: Aliens invade". Thus the AI will focus on the Alien invasion for the next 80 posts.
>>5676 More info to come in about 8 hours. I need to sleep.
>>5677 >>5676 I'm back, get ready for more. >Data Leakage Sometimes, something that's been added into context will be reprinted verbatim into your story, which is not the intended effect of using the lore book, memory, ephemeral context, etc. This is called Data Leakage. This can be solved through the use of square brackets ([ ]). > Why square brackets? Wrapping information in square brackets tells the AI that the contained information is information to be considered while writing the story, but not considered to be "part of the story". For example [If Anon says something stupid, he will get banned] will tell the AI that something will happen should Anon post something stupid, but will not force the AI to start steering the story towards Anon posting something stupid. >How to most effectively use this Everything in the entries in the lorebook should be wrapped in square brackets, same thing with everything in memory, and the authors note >Being verbose In order to minimize confusion on the AI's part, you can be pretty verbose to really steer the output like so: [ event: Shit is about to go down] [ genre: murder mystery] [ tone: dark and moody] [ species: degenerate furry] When placing things into context through any method, you can break the information up like this to, in very few tokens, get your idea across. I do this for all things that aren't the lore book, (i.e. the memory, author's note, or ephemeral context) >Anything else I should know? You should probably limit how long your context entries are, that way you don't flood your story out of context. This post works as a pretty good guide line: https://www.reddit.com/r/NovelAi/comments/o3seew/how_to_use_memory_authors_note_and_lorebook/ There's also a pretty decent wiki contained here: https://naidb.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page Though note that it's unofficial, and pretty much just written by people who play with the AI all day.
>>5694 Thank you anon, can't wait to disappoint God.
>>5706 Godspeed anon, enjoy your AI posting, feel free to send the results back this way.
https://abdlmiah.itch.io/a-whole-week-in-diapers >Pay $7.50 for game >Pay $15 for game with cheats For something that is labelled a demo this sure seems like an awful pricing model especially when there's other people making abdl RPG maker games out there with far more sensible payment/contribution options. Then again this was a project that started without anything asking for payment up front but at least has had regular updates.
>>5714 Is the game at least good?
>>5715 You know what? Lets find out since I don't fancy paying for a Demo. https://mega.nz/file/CUwjiAjR#
>>5716 You rock man. Key doesn't seem to work though, do you have a clue?
>>5717 It seemed to eat it. Try again.
>>5716 Working, thanks. Gonna test that!
>>5714 Okay, it's quite cringy and dull. No pieces of art,reused assets everywhere. It would be okay if it was free but asking money for it is robbery tier.
>>5726 Thought the same anon. Granted it is an older version but still they were asking money for that as well.
With all this talk of NovelAI, do you think it would be fun to get this board a bit more active by doing an /abdl/ colaborative NovelAI story? Like making a a thread where suggestions are taken on what to put in as user input, and a handful of AI responses are posted in return. Kinda like one of those cyoa draw threads from back in the day.
>>5728 >inb4 anons make Escape from Graces Palace
>>5729 > Escape from Grace's Palace: The quest for Tarrant-Tan
>>5729 >>5732 Now it has to be done.
>>5734 Alright, sounds like I need to make a thread. Try not to make it a carbon copy of the Tarrant-Tan thread lol~
>>5734 >>5738 It is done, plz don't bully too much
>>5740 Anons have been turned into anime girls. Hypothetically that makes them bitchy schoolgirls. Expect bullying.
>>5155 Came across this while searching for other things. https://mega.nz/#!I2IjxCQb!p_XBe72aC2NgGST1snpo98eoH8Kjy6KsqKfeY1-Ke-A Not sure if any good. Was made by Sketchman afterall.
(310.76 KB 816x624 ClipboardImage.png)

So came across this on pixiv. Thing is in Nip so not sure how anons can play: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90003204 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lM0GtDYGDei_2Y9z4nrwkjFHX9-Tqtgx/view
I'm motivated to try and do a sample 3D game on Unity,but I lack some fun gameplay ideas. What do you guys which to see in a 3D game? I want to do something different than LU of course.
>>5874 Could always attempt to do that Raid on Graces Palace anons are pitching.
>>5875 I saw that, some great ideas for pitching ! I might take some inspirations. But what I need is gameplay elements. Like I wonder how can we center the gameplay around diapers and incontinence so it's both fun and arousing.
>>5880 Are diapers meant to be a punishment or reward? Or even a life bar? For example mess too much before getting to a changing station and it's game over? I think anons settled on there definitely being traps but should aras patrol and spank the player for misbehaving? Maybe even give them a suppository after every encounter to make them mess more?
>>5880 >Simple stealth game >You play as an anon who's being transformed >Finally, you've got a chance to escape >Attempt to escape with what little potty training you have remaining. >Wetting makes you move slower >Messing makes you move slower, and the Ara's can smell you, alerting them from the distance and around corners. >Dodge the patrolling Ara's and avoid treacherous traps in the last ditch attempt to escape <Uncover the secret diaper conspiracy
>>5922 >>5895 Very nice ideas here. I'll see what I can do with free assets. Should the player get a gun of some sort to fight back Ara's?
(600.09 KB 838x1368 90686803_p0.jpg)

>>5925 A loli must always be armed
>>5925 >>5927 Nah, you're escaping remember? Maybe late game you can find a squirt gun to fight against the ara menace with.
>>5929 Yeah you're right, the squirt gun will come later.
>>5925 Needs the rattle of justice to hold them back!
(600.78 KB 969x746 Tarranttan_escape_demo_00.png)

(748.98 KB 1154x869 Tarranttan_escape_demo_02.png)

(700.08 KB 1057x819 Tarranttan_escape_demo_03.png)

So, I have worked quite a bit today on Tarrant-Tan Escape. I prototyped a test level. Big Red capsule is obviously placeholder Ara's ready for patrol. Also tested an on-click Wet & Mess Animation. What could be the in-game trigger for wetting & messing? Finally I added a cool toy gun for end-game. Will work on Ara's patrol path and AI now.
>>6000 You are truly outdoing yourself. For triggers could be a set timer after an encounter with a trap/ara? Like one that feeds you a bottle could put you on a timer to wet and one that feeds you a laxative puts you on a timer to mess? You then have to try and reach the potty before messing, or if do mess have to get a fresh diaper otherwise it's game over if the ara catches you?
>>6000 (checked) You work quickly anon, congrats on having the diacipline to do that. Messing and wetting should be on a timer of some sort. For a prototype, I'd put two meters on the side of the screen, one for wetting, the other for messing. Have them slowly build with time, and upon crossing a certain threshold (say 80%) allow the player to use a potty should they manage to find one. If either one hits 100% then they have an accident where they are. Have wetting raise a little faster then messing. Finally traps would have a direct effect on the meters (I.e. an enema trap making the messing meter progress at double speed or so)
>>6002 >>6004 Cheers guys. Appreciate your ideas. First I'll work on consolidating game structure, test out patrols, then after that I'll get to build trap and trigger incontinence system. If you have some ideas for traps,I'll see what will be feasible.
>>6011 Was thinking 3 basic traps Enema one obviously that anon mentioned above - increases need to mess Drinking one where maybe anon is force fed a bottle or tube and has to drink a liquid - increases need to wet Spank trap which I feel is bit generic but maybe increases need to mess and wet? Just three simple to start off with that can test the game mechanics.
>>6011 >>6012 Play with mobility some more: When you need to pee, you move a bit quicker. When you need to mess, you move slower. Need being defined as "can use the potty" Additionally, while having an accident, your character goes immobile for a bit to squat down or try to hold their legs together during the accident. Spanking traps hold you still for longer (maybe also alerts the Aras?) With small levels like this, moving through them will happen pretty quickly, so A) Aras should be relatively quick, both while patrolling and chasing you (note they shouldnt run faster than you while you're at full speed, unless you have a way of cutting them off from reaching you, or forcing them to reroute. The chase should be about quick thinking and manuvoring not a loss scenario). B) playing with the player's speed would be your main way of interfacing with them as a designer. Players should be rewarded for interfacing with the potty mechanics instead of just shitting themselves to get off. Maybe the Aras have a hearing radius and moving slowly reduces the volume of your foot steps. This way you get a risk to reward of pushing your ability to hold a mess in. Like moving slowly lets you sneak by, but if you mess not only does the Areas notice radius increase but also you lose the ability to run away. Think along those lines. Also consider taking a page from diaper quest, have different "potions" or consumeable items for the player to deliberatly play with their potty condition, or their speed at the cost of potty conditions.
>>6012 >>6016 I'm writing down all your ideas. Thanks a lot. Keep in mind the level is very small because it's a prototype. Still a good point to play on mobility, and that's something quite easy to do. On the other hand, traps will need a good deal of work. Logic will be easy but assets and animation,not so much... I'm a programmer, not a 3D artist nor an animator so I'll try to work with what I find.
>>6029 No problem. I studied game design in school, so I can belt off ideas all day. P.s. small levels will be better for rapid prototyping. Programmer art will work for testing. Consider a pay what you want model to raise money for commissioning new assets
>>6031 >Consider a pay what you want model to raise money for commissioning new assets Kidnapping
>>6000 This is going to be kino
>>6031 We're anons, shouldn't we take what we please? Got to be some stuff we can grab for devfag that's not too much trouble?
>>6051 If you can find it, go for it. I'm sure dev-kun would be down for pretty much any stand in asset. The issue is that a lot of the assets needed for such a project won't be quite so generic, especially if you want to have any modicum of a coherent art style.
Project is on Unity right? Wonder how much abdl autism is on VR Chat and if there is a way to extract it?
>>6064 With everything else I know about vrchat, it's probably chock full of babies larping in vr
>>6080 Take it you have experience anon?
>>6090 Fortunately not. I spent an hour in VRChat with my friend, neither of us using VR, then immediately uninstalled it in fear of downloading some virus or material that would get me in jail.
Dev-kun here. Don't have anything new today, but I'll try to progress through the week-end. >>6031 I understand your point but It's a side project and I don't want (for now) to involve any cost in it. So if any of you find some nice assets, go for it. As >>6056 said, the real challenge will be to have a coherent art style. >>6064 I found some diaper model extracted from VR Chat but nothing much. Tbh diapers are not really the issue, more like complex stuff like an enema machine. For now I found some syringes modles that can be used as a placeholder until we found better ideas.
>>6000 This looks promising, I'm not very experienced with Unity or 3D game development, but I recently learned some blendr and have lots of 2D art experience. If you had anything you wanted made I could take a crack at it.
for all the devs here, good luck trying to keep up with all the lore being made in the tarrant thread
>>6145 That would be amazing. For now it's prototyping so it does not really matter but in term of 2D it would be neat to have some custom sprites and GUI fonts. >>6173 tbh a lot of it will be quite ambitious to recreate in a game anyway. For now the goal is someting simple but playable.
Why do these event themed css seem like abdl themed? We getting Spooky Scary Diaper Girls next?
>>6177 carving out a large pumpkin, and sticking some bab with extra padding sounds like a good way to spend the holday
(606.13 KB 500x572 ClipboardImage.png)

is it canon that Samus is padded at all times during missions?
>>6182 Well considering padding under spacesuits is normal in real life don't see why not.
Just a heads up DiaperQuest got a Halloween update.
(51.61 KB 730x1095 1576977646489.jpg)

(1.76 MB 1600x2664 1580806444388.png)

(588.67 KB 950x1350 1580806553995.png)

>>6182 Hope so cause DAT ASS
(521.32 KB 965x1448 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6180 Too true >>6186 >>6184 It is definetely canon that Samus's morph ball is her rubbing her stinky padding up to her face
>>6190 I think it was established long ago that all Nintendo girls are in diapers.
>>5155 RADCON on nexus.
>>6201 Kind of surprised nobody has posted good videos of this in action.
>>6175 Yeah it'd be cool to help out. If you had a discord or more permanent place to communicate it could help with sharing stuff, I'm rarely on this site so idk how much I'll follow the project myself. I will say as a tip to not get too ambitious with your project, I know how easy burning out is.
You know adisc is a clusterfuck to navigate but found some interesting vidya stuff Dungeon game that seems to have died 4 months ago: https://gamejolt.com/games/ABDL-Simuator-DEVLOG/626211 Apparently there is a few ABDL mods there for various games but the links seem dead.
>>6229 I don't use discord but I'll try to think on something. Maybe I'll create a simple webpage. I might release a playable alpha of the prototype level today. It's obviously a piece of shit visually, controls feel clunky as fuck but at least it's somewhat working.
>>6337 Kind of impressive how quickly you made this up. Also thought of a project that might be helpful full of traps and devices: Heroine Rescue Team https://enlit3d.blogspot.com/ Few mods for it as well.
>>6340 And here is the first playable version https://mega.nz/file/uuw3zACY >wasd or arrows to move >q or crtl to use >shift to switch between run/walk >mousewheel to scroll camera I tried to bundle a lot of your ideas here. Few things to note: >Ara's moving randomly. I prepared a patrol script but it felt not that good in such a small level. They can't go near starting point nor near changing machine so that's a safe point. > controls feel a bit clunky but it take time to refine so I got to the first working iteration >Wet and mess gauge are filling fast but I tried to tune it based on this very very small level Of course, balance is completely broken and visuals are terrible. >>6340 thanks for the link, may be usefull for traps implementation.
>>6342 Invalid key anon?
>>6343 Yeah, a bit got cut. This one should work.
>>6344 Tried it out anon. Not bad as prototypes go. Kek at the implied buttsex that tarrant-tan will be getting. No reason they need diapers.
>>6354 I'm gonna design a bigger and better level now, more fitted for some traps testing. If you have any improvement suggestion, I'm all ears of course.
>>6344 >>6342 I'll be sure to check this out later today!
>>6360 Patrol routes of the Aras seem a bit weird like they will go patrol corridors randomly and leave their rooms.. Is that intentional? Also a list of controls would help. Q was action key for me?
>>6364 It's more or less intentionnal. Since the test level is very small, I programmed a random path so Ara's are constantly updating and checking for a new path. This way, at least they can free the room for the player to pass. On the future build with a more designed level, I'll try a more classic way of fixed-point patrolling so it'll feel better. Input management for prototyping is a pain in the ass since Unity scraped the configuration windows at start. The controls are QWERTY based (WASD to move, Q for action ...). I might include an input manager in the menu later on for custom input.
>>6366 Maybe build a test room to try all the functions and animations later? Can later be repurposed as a gallery?
>>6369 Really good point. I'll make a small room right at the start before levels to move and mess up with controls.
>>6370 I'd also recommend to keep the game designed around being playable with just one hand for obvious reason.
>>6342 Nice prototype, really excited to see where it goes. Here are some thoughts: >Tank controls were weird, I'd prefer something more 4 or 8 directional in terms of movement > I found myself really wanting to change the camera angle, but like >>6372 said, it's probably good to keep the game designed to be played with one hand. Maybe make it so that you can set an angle that persists between levels? > I couldn't seem to interact with the diaper changing machine, or at least, interacting with it didn't do much of anything. >>6366 On input management: it's been a few years since I last played with unity on any serious level, but from what I recall, a function there's a function that returns whatever keycode that was last pressed, with the same object type as you use to query a keycode. This makes it really easy to abstract the buttons in your actual code for instance, instead of passing KeyCode.W, you could pass var forwardKey which is equal to KeyCode.W by default. By going with this setup, you can though together a quick and cheap "controls" menu on the title screen with a text object containing the text "Forward Button", next to a default unity button that shows forwardKey.ToString() as the text ontop of the button, and when clicked, enters into a clicked state where the next key pressed overwrites the keycode value stored within forwardKey.
(392.87 KB 980x1333 ClipboardImage.png)

Will Aras be defeatable or will that be reserved maybe for oneesans? Perhaps maybe using a device that shows they have wet their diapers and attracts Aras to go after them instead?
>>6385 Thanks for the review. >Tank controls were weird, I'd prefer something more 4 or 8 directional in terms of movement I'm aware controls feel weird, I'll try to improving, maybe test a more free camera. As you and >>6372 said, maybe this can be resolved by allowing one-hand, full mouse playable controls. > I couldn't seem to interact with the diaper changing machine, or at least, interacting with it didn't do much of anything. It should change your diaper if wet/mess, but I may have forgot to label the layer. I'll check that. Thanks for your tips on input management. In the past, Unity included a protoype launcher that allowed users to map controls pretty easily but they scraped it for god know why reasons. I'll try something in line with your suggestions to propose some mappable input menu. >>6399 That's the plan. I already programmed a water gun to shoot at Aras or Oneesans later on. On future developpement note : I'm writing a game design document to keep track of your ideas and try to organize things up (which can quickly become a mess as you expect). I found some good free assets on Unity store so I'll be able to make things a bit prettier. What do you guys think will be more suited for a loli-transformation factory? More sci-fi themed or more like industrial/modern one?
>>6433 >What do you guys think will be more suited for a loli-transformation factory? More sci-fi themed or more like industrial/modern one? Honestly I'd go take what we can get approach. I think more a sci-fi or modern lab type place would fit but just me.
>>6433 >>6438 In my head, it is slightly futuristic, but not extremely so. A little bit ahead of the modern world in aesthetics, perhaps.
My computer is 32-bit so I can't try out the game unfortunately, so I'd love to see anons post some nice screenshots and maybe videos as stuff is worked out!
>>6453 There is not much to show right now.
A small update today. I worked on all the good ideas you submited and began reworking the prototype from the beginning. I laid out an input menu right at the start so you can choose input to your liking. I made the very first level Tarrant-tan cell rome so you can freely move. I don't know yet how this room will be used but I'm sure I can put it to use, like placing recurring items here so I can make a small tutorial. Speaking of which, I reworked the dialog system, laying out a good groundwork to what will be coming. This way I can trigger cuscenes easily on certain events. I know this is not much playable content, but I think it's important to sort out that kind of major system from the start.
>>6497 Man the amount of progress you are making is pretty good. I'll need to see what content I come across thats unity compatible and see if it can be salvaged.
>>6497 Impressive stuff!
(8.08 MB 4800x2700 ClipboardImage.png)

Diapers and video games seem to mix so well not sure why there's not more of it.
>>6515 As others anons noted earlier, when you want to do a fetish game and you know nothing about game dev, your natural take is RPG Maker. Thing is, RPG Maker is a really shitty engine. Hell, it can barely be called a game engine. It's good at his niche : helping beginners create a standard 2D pixel art RPG. However, when you want to create a game of any sort, and try to fit it into an RPG framework, it give an obvious shit result. Any anon wanting to make a diaper game will be better spending hours learning how to do it with UE4,Unity or Godot instead of trashing days of effort into a pointless software. But (barely) nobdy want to make the effort. And that's why we don't have much diaper games.
Dev-Kun here. Worked quite a bit today to rework the first prototype inot something more fun and playable. I begun placing some stuff like changing station into the first room so you can learn which item do what. Also, I design a much more spacious first level, more polished also. Finaly gave theses Aras a bit more brain. They are patroling much smoother now.They can also detect Tarrant-tan in a customisable cone in front of them. I can adjust individualy the radius and the lenght of the detection so it can lead to some fun situation. Of course, you can crouch and hide behind obstacle. I also added a locked door level mecanism. So you have to find the switch from the door and a key item before being able to escape. As a side note, I found it fun to oversize everything except Tarrant-tan to give a feel of helplesness. Now I'll reimplement incontinence system and see how it feel.
>>6557 Damn that is impressive anon. Looking pretty good. Is it weird I am getting early Metal Gear vibes from this? >Inb4 you can use a box to sneak past the Aras.
>>6560 Haha, tbh I looked a bit from early Metal Gear/Thief for inspo.
(7.05 MB 1280x720 Bioware Developer.mp4)

>>6561 >Literally making abdl themed Metal Gear game Need to think of a horde of puns now to use and babified gadgets. It also makes me wonder how many devfags are actually abdl consider how often diaper references tend to slip into games these days. Maybe they repressing themselves and want to do diapers justice?
>Water pistol instead of stungun >Baby bottle instead of water bottle >Pacifier instead of gas mask
>>6576 Who is this? Really cute.
>>6599 Shitposts say it is some games journalist because someone that looked like them appeared in a games panel at an E3 long ago. Not sure how much truth there is to that statement. Other than that no idea.
(298.20 KB 533x588 Ubimerchant.png)

>>6599 Some amateur vid lost to time anon. Joke was that cause they resembled someone that worked in the woked gaming industry it was a Bioware dev that later when someone resembling them appeared at E3 later that year became a mild meme.
Dev-Kun reporting with a new release of Tarrant-Tan escape. https://mega.nz/file/7jhQgT6T This version is much more polished. The level is bigger but still a bit small. As all main systems are in place, I'll be able to design much intricates levels from now. Few unresolved issues : - Camera is sometime suttering. The tradeoff for a more free camera is that it's far harder to program and debug. You can now rotate it around Tarrant-tan holding right-click. - Crouch is somehow not what I want it to be. Expect some issues in crouching/standing transition Other that that, a lot of things have evolved from the first prototype: - Continence bar fill more randomly. Pee is still faster. - Ara's now detect you in a cone. You can hide behind walls/obstacle, and can outrun them and hide so they can stop chasing. Of course,AI tuning is hard so there's still a lot of bug. - You have to find one key item and a switch to open the level's door. I didn't make them obvious so you'll have to search for a bit. Don't forget to change input from the start menu. I still didnt implement one-hand control because the freaking camera took me a lot of time but this is on my list. Hope you'll enjoy it!
>>6629 Nice. I'll play later.
Okay had a chance to play anon. Pretty good. Camera does feel a bit weird to keep on track if you go into another room. Aras also seem to walk through walls. Kek'd at the Sammy art used for Tarrant getting an enema. Guess need to help track down BestSammy and use it for placeholder pieces.
>>6643 Thanks for your input. Yeah indeed, camera is a pain in the ass especially when you're in a level surrounded by wall. For Ara's I checked quickly. I forgot to tag doorframe as obstacle so indeed they may pass through theses like they don't give a fuck. I'll correct that asap. Yeah indeed I'm looking for the tarrant thread for some spritable art. Would be neat to have more of tarrant-tan, especially facial expressions.
>>6674 Well guess I'll post what I have for you anon. and some Grace

(66.50 KB 1024x576 1556826693233.jpg)

(132.64 KB 1024x830 1554768179200.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2180x2624 1556829338986.png)

(2.44 MB 1768x2472 1556777967004.png)

May as well as throw in some Auerlia for some good measure. Maybe you can make her some Rebel Loli that does black market deals for fresh diapers or something.
(923.73 KB 1920x1080 1556830623387.jpg)

(133.87 KB 890x898 daif8pz.png)

(274.84 KB 654x654 1556910612136.png)

(438.63 KB 942x767 dabzl7p.png)

>>6629 Not bad Anon! Controls still took a little to get used to, but we're pretty wieldy once I got used to them. A few things to note: - Does the backwards button not work? I did reassign it, so maybe that contributed, but I couldn't seem to walk backwards. - Running state doesn't persist between levels, not sure if that's intended though. - The computer seems to react to the default action button instead of the one I assigned it to, though I'd have to test that again before confirming. - as >>6643 mentioned, aras walk through walls, sounds like you're already fixing that though. - Also, I really like the animations for wetting/walking while messy. I think the messing animation is a little too subtle (is it just the messing animation?). I personally think that having a squatting animation might really drive the messing home.
And I honestly thought I had more. I'll see if I can track down Best Sammy stuff as it can unintentionally be used as placeholder art.
(685.27 KB 732x1092 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.71 MB 2750x4000 ClipboardImage.png)

(666.24 KB 1600x2058 ClipboardImage.png)

(231.08 KB 717x1052 ClipboardImage.png)

(524.54 KB 800x1156 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6680 I think Sammy deleted all their stuff. No idea why. So not much in terms of pickings.
(748.36 KB 1280x1808 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.78 MB 1280x1359 ClipboardImage.png)

(836.68 KB 1024x1263 ClipboardImage.png)

(1001.06 KB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(620.94 KB 900x1001 ClipboardImage.png)

Very slim pickings. Hopefully devfag gets something of use.
>>6682 Wow, you outdid yourself. Some good picks in there, I'll try to work with theses to give more variety in theses sprites. >>6679 Thanks for the review. I'll do more testwork on theses input and controls to track theses issues down. Controls and camera are the heart of a 3d game, but, as you may guess, it's also the most difficult to get "right". For running state, it's simply because for now I don't "save" the player state between level, as there was only one now. Do you think transitions between levels must save diaper content/continence bar? I like your idea of a messy squat. I may have a fitting animation,I'll see how it work.
>>6629 Bumpy to bring back to devfags game Posts involving feedback: >>6643 >>6674 >>6679 Cause we've artistically managed to do an image dump. I also noticed the controls would randomly revert to default. They tend to work but can bug out. Not even sure what sort of hand layout they were designed for to begin with but they seem a bit unintuitive. I also noticed occasionally dialogue bugs like "text red" then it becomes red text.
(1.18 MB 1024x1273 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6684 Glad it was useful anon. About only other thing able to find.
>>6684 >Do you think transitions between levels must save diaper content/continence bar? I think it depends on how you decide to handle "levels". From the starting room to the actual gameplay, there was a sense of coherence that made it feel like the levels were connected. In a case like that, I think yes. Any and all information about the player should transfer between them. If you end up with the end game looking something like a flash game, where each level is distinct from the previous level through like a hard cut to a menu, a points or rating screen, etc. then you can get away with resetting the player for each level. Also, I forgot to mention this in my review, but get rid of the "open menu" button and replace it with pressing escape. That removes clutter from the screen, and is a standard control that most people will expect to see.
>>6688 You also have to factor in difficulty. Might make next level unplayable if the player is forced to waddle for a change.
>>6690 True, unless there's a changing station at the beginning of every level. Really I think the question is of the scope of the game. Will this be like a small metal gear game, where the world is contiguous, or will this be like a flash game where each level is it's own obvious instance? Really up to how much effort dev-kun want's to put in.
>>6688 >>6694 >>6690 I think I'll go for the interconnected level, because it feel more right. Could also lead to interesting level design, when you're basicaly forced to mess at the end of one level, then build the following level around being doable waddling. I'll give it some thinking. >>6688 Got it for the menu.
>>6699 Was tempted to suggest maybe a crawl space area that could have traps but Aras cannot get you. Like you could go through some vent shafts. Problem is that might make the game too easy unless restricted use or maybe used only for easter eggs?
So came across this when trying to look for 3D assets: https://span-king.itch.io/super-spanking-machine Basically a super simplistic spanking game where the machine is essentially a slab of wood. Not sure if anything can be reverse engineered for use by dev anon or if it is any use at all.
>>6724 I have a software in mind that can extract assets from unity game, I'll give it a shot.
>>6743 Good to know can be extracted. Guess I better find some better assets then.
(19.63 KB 1064x741 564654651231.jpg)

>>6749 Well in fact it's nothing fancy. Just a plank animated with a cube. I don't know if it can be of any use.
(267.70 KB 526x777 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6754 Guess was a waste. Well time to raid some unity porn games and not rest till actually something decent.
Dev-kun here. I though I'd give you a small update. I spent a lot of time of technical stuff recently, like saving player state between level and smoothing up level transition. I also began working on a level list while trying to sort a more or less relevant plot. While designing, I was wondering about some way to make gameplay more interesting. Here's a few ideas I'll try to implement : >Count number of diaper changes and increase Ara detection radius the more you change to encourage taking risks >Make a diaper leakage mechanism if you don't change xx times Two antagonism mechanism that could lead to some interesting way of play. What do you guys think about it? Also, working on some items like the infamous crate hiding, some bonus items to increase speed/stealth...along with the second level.
>>6803 >Count number of diaper changes and increase Ara detection radius the more you change to encourage taking risks Is this per level? As in, does it transfer between levels or is it just within the single level you're in? I worry about a player fucking themselves over if they're not fast enough playing through the entire game. On the other hand, if it's just per "room" or per level, it would only take effect in larger rooms. How about using the Aras can hear the changing machine working, and the nearest one will temporarily break patrol to check it out? >Make a diaper leakage mechanism if you don't change xx times This is really good, make it so that the Ara's can follow the trail you leave behind. This might get into feature bloat territory, but consider a very basic equipment system to supplement this for example >Thinner diapers let you move faster <They leak sooner >Thicker diapers make you move slower <They take more messes before leaking.
>>6803 I am in agreement with >>6804 The crate could be a joke or easter egg where the Aras can pretend they don't see you but totally know you are there. Or could be completely functional but rendered useless with messing.
>>6805 >>6804 >the Aras can hear the changing machine working, and the nearest one will temporarily break patrol to check it out Interesting. I'll see how that work with the level layout. Maybe keep the change counter as an High Score kind of thing >feature bloat territory It's not really bloating since this kind of feature is very easy to implement and not really demanding. Main challenge are designing diaper variants that could be used as "thick" or "thin" diaper. I have some diaper meshes that I have harvested online, I'll see if I can work something. >completely functional but rendered useless with messing That was my main idea !
>>6817 Will the Aras remain an instant game over if caught or will there be a struggle mechanic? E.g. Get caught by Ara, she starts spanking, you have x amount of time to struggle out which temporary stuns her giving you time to waddle away or its buttsex time for you!
(1.78 MB 1012x1976 ClipboardImage.png)

(667.78 KB 1000x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(557.06 KB 1000x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(525.11 KB 1000x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(344.48 KB 910x650 ClipboardImage.png)

Found a bit more Tarrant Some of it is arguably just duplicate. Maybe you'll get a reaction image out of it though.
(876.72 KB 622x616 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6836 What am i viewing here?
(78.80 KB 562x614 Tarranttan_escape_demo_11.png)

(95.18 KB 845x582 Tarranttan_escape_demo_09.png)

(133.62 KB 1165x576 Tarranttan_escape_demo_10.png)

>>6820 I'm still thinking about how make the Ara catch less punishing. Felt a bit slow today, I build the 2nd level. It's waaay bigger than the first but it also mean it's a pain to make every meshes work out properly. Pic related for size of the two level side by side. I added some cells with others diapered lolis. Add a nice touch. Also, I tested some way of emitting a pee leakage. A bit shabby for now but it's mostly working. As the project is growing, so is the bugs so I lost a bit of time debugging some self created bugs as the backend expand. If everything goes well, I might be able to release the next build with the second level early next week.
>>6858 Is that a swimming pool and/or gymnasium?
>>6859 Haha, neither. For now Tarrant-tan is still trying to escape the prison wing so the blue thing is just some light effect from a special room.
>>6858 >keeps getting bigger and better How does it feel that you are actively making an abdl vidya project more impressive than most of the abdl community put together? And imagine the pamper shitting when they find out its a tarrant game nonetheless
>>6862 tbh it started as a joke but I'm pretty hyped to deliver now. I see myself as a pretty bad game dev but this kind of project is pretty interesting to hone skills. And as long as you guys enjoy it, I'll try to do my best. Maybe that can give confidence to some ppl to try and make games too. Make me really appreciate the insane work the game dev behind littleington is putting. This man is a beast.
>>6858 Maybe each zone can have a "time out" area, where you are taken to and given progressive punishments each time you are caught. 3 life system. First strike, a spanking cutscene, second strike, an enema that expels before you you can play again, forcing you to find a change station immediately, and third being a gameover?
>>6863 Even if it ends up being an experiment certainly has provided a lot of entertainment. >>6864 That seems like a good idea but up to devfag.
(25.57 KB 320x200 download.jfif)

>>6817 My main concern with feature bloat wasn't the code implementation of the other kinds of diapers that's little more than a single enum. I was more concerned with the surrounding features required (i.e. the menus, status read out in UI, and art assets), and precedent set by including equipment. Just including 3 different types of diapers is fine, but if implemented in a way that might imply more equipment, then before you know it you might end up with something that looks like pic related planned. Not to get too cautious though. If you've got no problem with it, then I'll stand behind the idea.
>>6873 Fair enough. You're right about the surrounding,and,as I said,there's also the mesh issue. Since the diaper is rigged to the player,I'll have to go back to modeling. But it's an interesting idea that's worth pursuing. >>6864 Interesting. I'll let that sink it a bit to see how I can implement it
(1.23 MB 1000x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6883 Looking forward to the progress anon. Thought about endgame scenario? Maybe it could be Tarrant-Tan taking over or just escape in general?
(308.23 KB 700x713 averagemmo.jpg)

I remember playing Dragons Dogma and surprised you couldn't baby your pawns or at least that there is no mod for that. On another note reminds me of how often abdl family dynamic relationships used to form in MMOs. I remember how the whole Daddy Tank vs Healslut dynamic used to be false with it mostly Healers providing the paternal figure in the party, sending naughty damage dealers into timeout and a few uppity Tanks over their knee. Makes sense when the Healer is there to take care of the little boo boos and wipe noses plus threatening medicine to be provided in suppository form!
>>6962 >Dragon's Dogma May as well share this since I accidentally came across it. https://hitomi.la/reader/641013.html#1
Dev-kun here with some news on tarrant-tan. I'll release another build tomorrow or wednesday.it will contain following things : >full playable level 02 >leakage mechanism (it do nothing for now except visual) >hiding mechanism. For now,you can hide in a crate to escape Ara's but I'll try to think more creative ways to escape. >input manager available from in-game menu I added a lot of small things but it's mostly technical. I was also thinking of putting the game on itch.io (free ofc). Might make it easier to manage versions and release. As usual, I write all of passing ideas ITT in my design document and try to implement theses as progress goes. >>6953 I drafted about 10 levels with a progression from the prison wing, to the loli factory, then grace headquarter. Endgame is open from now!
(811.57 KB 2000x2829 abdl tarrant.png)

>>6993 >Literally Dragon Dogma diaperfaggotry Was expecting surprisingly more. >>7015 Nice that you are making so much progress anon. Not so such about an itch.io just yet as it might attract wrong kind of autism since its a Tarrant-Tan game although may get a few keks out of it
(255.33 KB 469x253 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7015 Pretty sweet anon. Looking forward to trying it out. In meantime I found Grace mod for Crusader Kings II https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4877-ck2-diaperlaw/ I also had a thought about Stellaris that there is a canon abdl race in the Earth Custodianship ran by Custodian robots who take care of the humans. If you even read the faction description: >Eventually, all facets of civilization on Earth were run and controlled by the Custodians, with their makers relegated to an existence as pampered, but passive dependents. There's no way that isn't implicate that the human position is with their legs up, bottoms being wiped and a snug fluffy diaper being put in place!
(149.93 KB 1352x704 Tarrant-tan Escape_12.png)

And here is the new build. https://mega.nz/file/quoiGQZB I'm not very happy about the second level look. There's a lot of overlapping meshes and it doesn't look that good imo. Again,I'm more a programmer than a designer so spare me a bit on that. I'll try to do better next time. Still, it should feel more like a real level this time ! The map is quite huge and maze-like. There's no item to find this time, just find a way to escape. I'd love to have your input on balance. For now, I find it quite hard. I had to tweak the continence value to make it a bit easier (and that's knowing the level layout pretty well). Ara's patrol timing feel mostly good, but very unforgiving for the occasionnal mistake. It's time to reflect on what >>6864 said about a timeout area instead of a full game over. Other than that, you can pause the game with esc and modify input mapping on the fly. There's a save and load button but not linked to anything atm. >>7017 Of course, the Tarrant bit is a great mean of starting something kek. Maybe I should prepare a sanitized version for a more public release.
>>7051 Nice will play later though is the button menu meant to be glitched? You can change controls but it'll just say button so no way to verify if changed or not?
>>7052 Did some modification on the backend to allow input mapping in game but I forget to activate an object on the start scene. Don't worry, I tested it, it should work fine in game in you use the in-game menu (and not the start game one which is indeed broken). I'll correct it asap on the start menu.
>>7053 So I managed to play. Seems to be some performance issues with the second level if you look a certain way. Seeing the other babs is a nice touch but really is completely maze like. I managed to open a vent which just put me back to the switch that opened it which felt like a fuck you to the player. I've noticed that if Aras catch up to you its not an immediate game over, meant to be a struggle system?
>>7055 Yes indeed there's some meshes overlapping that cause some visual bugs. When you talk about performance issues, do you mean framerate drop or something like that? The vent was the exit. I made it so you exit the level by using the action button but your comment made me realise that was probably a dumb thing to do given that the previous level wasn't like that. Was the level too much maze-like? As for the game-over, yeah, I began implementing a loop so it doesn't game over immediately and transition more nicely, then can be used to implement a future struggle system.
>>7056 Yeah there is a framerate drop in certain sections probably where there is mesh overlap come to think of it. Yeah go through the vent it puts you back. Maybe not have the action button but when you go through its considered victory?
>>7057 I see. I did not encounter such frame drop but I'll try to polish the level and reduce overlap before moving to level 3. And I'll get rid on the action to complete level, that was a shitty move. iI'll trigger when you go down the vent.
(649.76 KB 697x697 ClipboardImage.png)

Thought about a different game over scenario or image for each level? Then again that might mean players start losing on purpose and a lot of work but still neat feature. Anyway Gacha shit? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/abdl-idol-manager-mod-t1062.html
LU update 11 is available. Mainly room customization, some scripted character event to get spanked, and the beach zone with a new store. Here's the link : https://mega.nz/file/uiAhxaBa
>>7091 At least I assume you're getting a bit of a break from more content, since the tarrant thread died
>>7092 Indeed,I'm taking a little break. I have a lot of work to do this week so I won't have free time to dev the next fews days. Don't worry though ,I'm still on it.
>>7094 You deserve a break, I haven't played it yet but you've seemed to put a lot of effort and work into a game revolving around a diaper-pissing RP thread about a terrorist. I'm proud of you
>>7091 Thanks anon Also you going to be taking animations from LU?
>>7095 Thanks Muslimah anon. to be fair it's a great pretext to hone my game dev skills. I learnt a lot and still learning from it, that will allow me to transfer this to others,less silly projects. I already have a few ideas. >>7096 well, I think Gauche Cheeks and I have the same source of animation. There's only a few ressources online that allow you to animate a rigged character out of the box when you have no animation skills, so of course we may have overlapping animation. There's only that much prefab animation that you can use to simulate use of diaper after all.
>>7097 Certainly the spanking animations will likely be useful no?
>>7098 That's a particular case. I think it was commissioned because it's quite hard to find this kind of very specific animation out of the box. And frankly,I'm not sure about retro engineering on animations. Theses things are kinda specific to rig,animator controller...
>>7059 Wanted a reason to play this game, tried it out and the mod is pretty alright. Took me a while to realize girls had alt outfits you could swap to in the mod. Never been the hugest fan of that artist but it made the game a little more interesting >>7091 Thanks anon, for this and for getting shit done. Keeping this thing afloat on your shoulders Anyone else here play the repurposing center? It's got a good amount of abdl content. Always wanted to see how the Hannah storyline could go but I found it hard to get her events to fire
>>7101 So take it unless ready made animations are going to be a bitch?
>>7146 It's near impossible to my knowledge to extract custom animation from a game like that and then apply it to your own custom models. If you know any way, I'm all in.
>>7059 >>7123 Do the sprites have diapers or just the profile
>>7191 Just the profile which is what you mainly see, I think sprite choice is random each time a girl is in a room. Would be cool but I don't think the mod system was that deep
I wonder if Tarrant Escape anon got captured by Aras?
>>7332 Still here. I have a very busy work schedule right now that don't give me a lot of time for hobby. And the board is currently very slow anyway.
>>7334 Good to know your butt is still safe. There isn't much to talk about in all honesty. Not much artwork Aside from Baboons release nothing really new to talk about in terms of vidya. Diaper videos are still a shitshow that are still clips of virtually nothing. Unless you want to discuss some hairy assed reddit trannys theres nothing really exciting going on. Abdl is suffering at the moment.
(293.61 KB 1365x610 custom_abdl.png)

>>7336 You're right. To give some new content, I'm using the slow pace to brainstorm news ideas. Tried to prototype a customizable character for whatever project I'll do next. Honestly, it's a pain in the ass.
>>7336 Missed that Baboon release. Briefly got my hopes up for a new lafwirm update. I dont even remember how old that game is now, definitely over 10 years Is the file sharing site of choice still mega? Got something I might post, under 100mb
>>7345 >Is the file sharing site of choice still mega? Usually is. Also Silkfang Respite 0.44 added part 2 of the daycare. https://www.mediafire.com/file/
Man, I wish there was some diaper content for A Hat in Time.
(228.05 KB 2335x3679 ClipboardImage.png)

(133.26 KB 1974x3618 ClipboardImage.png)

(100.13 KB 2063x3775 ClipboardImage.png)

(142.86 KB 1934x3602 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7380 Suspect there is if you look hard enough Unless talking about mods then I dunno.
(744.55 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(746.49 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(737.49 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(739.54 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(735.54 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Well here is something I didn't expect to see and can no doubt be used to annoy /v/ Guess this is canon now.
(737.35 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(711.44 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(710.93 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(702.61 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(704.52 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(704.11 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(695.77 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(702.53 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(702.09 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(693.37 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(674.02 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(673.56 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(665.15 KB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7383 Yeah, I meant mods. Some cute diaper outfits or something like that. I've seen plenty of pics like the ones you posted and they're super cute, makes me want to get the game. But unless I get really motivated, I'm probably gonna stick with the dozens of games in my backlog. A diaper mod would definitely get that motivation going.
>>7358 Can someone gimme a quick guide to how to get to the diaper content in this game but form the getting diapered side.. I tried a little bit of it and I really couldn't care for the monster capturing.
>>7393 There's a few scenes that are relatively late stage if you have the content enabled but pretty limited at moment If you go to the main city North from Silkfang then East there's a boulder that needs cracked which gives you access to the daycare
>>7390 God I'd love that. MC is so cute and would be perfect with a diaper on.
>>7420 Game is on Unreal 3 right with mod support? Wonder how hard it would be to covert a Unity asset over?
>>7423 look like there's an official support tool for modding : https://support.hatintime.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001874054-How-do-I-make-new-maps-or-mods-for-A-Hat-in-Time- Don't really have time to give it a go but seems simple enough. Just have to take a little time to tailor a diaper model to the MC.
>>7424 >inb4 this results in A Bedwetter In Time
Real question here, why aren't more people on board with Senran Kagura and diapers? I mean, there's that one rare card pic of Yumi or something. Note: there are no actual diaper outfit options, because the creator has a big titty and bikini fetish. More power to him, but think of the diaps! All these were done with the accessories options. (And it's a pain to get them to work without clipping through other clothes.
>>7448 Uno mas.
>>7448 >Diaper squatting kek As for Senran Kagura well never heard of it. Care to elaborate anon?
https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/baby-maker-dec-3-patch-t1067.html Baboon is making a game graphics are meh. I really liked the game though
>>8092 Look it up. The one I have is Senran Kagura Estival Versus, which is a decent beat-em-up game. You play as mostly buxom girls in skimpy outfits and they fight, as they take damage, their clothes get torn and can even come off. There are also special location based finisher scenes where the girls tend to get stuck in compromising positions. It's as classy as a game can be, and it's actually not bad to play. There are also nude mods. I prefer the smaller-chested girls, of which pretty much all of them are pictured above. All the pics are taken in the photo mode, so not really representative of gameplay or anything. (As far as the actual fandom for SK, I barely know the character names and know none of the story or lore. I also would be hard pressed to care less than I do.)
Wonder if Tarrant anon made an itch? Or is still alive?
>>8116 I'm still here and lurking, friend. Working since early december on another ABDL game. Hope to release a vertical slice soon, in the next couple month or so. I made an itch but not public yet, waiting to have less controversial content than tarrant to show.
>>8095 >There are also special location based finisher scenes where the girls tend to get stuck in compromising positions. That sounds like an idea for a few mods. >>8119 Thats nice to know anon. Wish there is more that could be salvaged out there for your work.
>>8122 Well,I have a good amount of free assets (and some paid) to work with, so that's not really an issue. It's just, you know, kinda hard to stay on track long term, especially since there's so few ABDL game dev so you can't really talk about it anywhere haha.
>>8127 Be interested to see what you come up with anon. anyone know what happened to Yuhi-tans game or did they get completely burnt out of it?
(2.38 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Have some game that is being shilled right now everywhere abdl but unlike patreon shilling going on here is a link to an actual demo https://mega.nz/file/vlgkQAYK#QoyqM1ddFyD8XKBsHKuiqT5EMXmREd8A5UGxIdMEnQs
>>8292 Thanks for your support. I finaly finished building a good dialog tree system so I'll be able to make a more narrative-driven game. That's my victory this week.
>>8361 Don't suppose you are able to convert things from The Sims 4 or any of the said mods for it would be useful to you?
>>8361 Are you going to make an Ara Patrol game? damnit let me post!
Small game on animeotk that does have abdl content. https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/game-jam-2022-39888.html Pretty short though as it was done for their game jam.
(959.70 KB 1709x868 Test_Game01.png)

>>8389 Maybe that could be usefull, I'm gonna look for it. But mods are tailored around certain models or systems so I'm not sure about it. >>8417 My goal is to make a more "serious" game after the little private joke that was Tarrant-tan escape. But I'll be sure to include some easter eggs. Here's a little screen from my test build for now. All systems are mostly in place, so now I just have to build a little narrative for the demo, and fill it a bit and polishing it so I can showcase how things work.
>>8552 I look forward to see what you come up with anon. There's a few stuff on kemono party if you search like https://kemono.party/patreon/user/37318903/post/54496259
(352.07 KB 565x640 robonursepic.png)

anyone happen to have https://babybunch.itch.io/robo-nursery It hasn't had an update in 3 years so it's prob not gunna get finished but was just wanting to see what got made.
(2.16 MB 2001x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8566 >babybunch Don't think anyone leaked them but also cause their games were worth the money.
>>8568 damn if it's worth I might have to drop 5 bucks for it
Not strictly abdl but there's a lot of abdl and humiliation content in the day care https://f95zone.to/threads/happy-heart-panic-build-15-doggie-bones.28022/
>>8568 Okay so I'm reading the updates and it seems that a lot of the games are preorder since like 2016. this one has a demo but paying 5 dollars for a demo in which they are stating. Is missing a lot of content sounds fishy. especially since I don't think a single one of their games are complete or out of preorder phase... I bought it yeah it lasted about 49 seconds just pass traps. not worth until they do something amazing here. I have seen diaper wetting demos with more content
>>8568 >>8581 I've got a few, most aren't even worth sharing. I can recommend Robo-Nanny as a legitimate purchase (but not nursery yet), but a large portion of the games are so incomplete that there's no point. I think I got a game from them once that was just a flat 2d plane with a character you could walk around top down, but there was no content on screen - abdl or otherwise- and the camera doesnt pan. It's just an empty grass field with a walk cycle lol. Needless to say that's the last time I bought anything they put out
(806.72 KB 3000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8569 >>8581 Sorry anon. Bad english on my part Mean to say they were bad. The content creator is seen as a money gruber. >>8579 There is another update due soon that adds more content.
i'd quite like a game that was something like an abdl tamagotchi, adopt an ab and check into to change them and feed them etc.
>>8599 I remember there being a game somewhere, it was mainly a spanking game I think by someone called "supremekitten" on inkbunny I think. Struggling to find it but I remember you having to look after a kid that you could diaper. What put me off though is that you had to torture the kid.
>>8595 The Happy Heart Panic new abdl content is 2 builds away, so it could be a while still. It's pretty worth it though, good game overall. >>8638 Sounds familiar, but I couldnt find anything like that in my folders. Any idea what kind of game it was (VN, RPG maker, etc)?
I think there needs to be a complete list of games with abdl content with links as there is quite a few slipped the net. Aside from that one link at foxtalestimes any anons got anymore to add?
Littleington University had an update today. Also updated the Silkfang Resipte kemono, but this update wasn't anything good.
>>8832 Any download link for LU?
>>8832 Seconding this
(2.71 MB 2000x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

So tried my hand at an updated list with links. Done my best to cut out some games with extremely minor abdl aspects and checked to see what games are missing, presumed dead. Games that do have paid versions but not entirely hidden behind paywalls are in free. A few of these are dangerously furry and would need a few brave anons willing to play through all these to help find what games have what content. There's also a few I've likely missed so wouldn't mind help completing this list. Free 2 Girls 1 Mommy https://cloud-dream.itch.io/2girls1mommy 4th Space https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26410074/ A Drow's Life https://www.deviantart.com/conqueror3/art/A-Drow-s-life-Open-Beta-8-2-904769563 ABDL Dating Sim https://kalesnowtail.itch.io/abdl-dating-sim ABDL Interactive Story https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20069822/ Academy of Fetishes https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1293 Addler Dreams https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1hGKDmV3nmRI3W7_uEkH4HxzKjG-DxMwo&export=download Adult Baby Babysitter https://sappyolhusky.itch.io/testing-folder Adventure At School http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/ll92_udmsucjbsd7qg4okw/adventure-at-school Alison's Interactive Adventures in the Diaper Dimension https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o06xoym9g3dhx42/AABQpEzO827FMeXfSRoYvUWta?dl=1 Anger Management https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=343 Another Beautiful Day https://thegreatestwriterontheplanet.itch.io/another-beautiful-day Arcanum Antics https://www.dropbox.com/s/ah5rb1h88n8q6fv/arcanum.exe?dl=0 Average Life https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/2325-average-life/ Baby Battle https://babybunch.itch.io/babybattle Baby Dreams https://tentativemask.itch.io/baby-dreams Babysitter https://www.dropbox.com/s/7x5lywjbztnzdka/Babysitter%20v0.3.0.exe?dl=0 Baleful Bassinet https://tfgames.site/?module=viewgame&id=1060 Barkston City Blues https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/barkston-city-blues-v-0-3-0-update-1-20-2018-t585.html Barkston City Blues - Extended V2 Mod https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/foxtalestimes/viewtopic.php?p=40002084#p40002084 Bathroom Helper https://hiradontell.itch.io/bathroom-helper Beyond the Horizon https://agumonofalchemy.itch.io/beyond-the-horizon Bondage Club http://www.bondageprojects.com/club_game/ Chronicles of the Ascended http://www.mediafire.com/file/ncsb16o3l3cuda3/Chronicles_v0.2.5.zip/file Chug It Down Solo https://hiradontell.itch.io/chug-it-down-solo Crinkle Pony https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19557044/ D-System https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11357634/ Dark Horizons https://agumonofalchemy.itch.io/dark-horizons Depravity Quest Tactics https://hodgepodgedl.itch.io/depravity-quest-tactics Devious World https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=354 Diaper Quest https://diaperquest.com/ Diary of a Slave https://www.patreon.com/godspeak Diary of a Slave 2 - unfinished https://www.patreon.com/godspeak Dreamland Daycare https://www.dropbox.com/sh/64s2rbhiw23zldh/AADT3plqwMVx0HoIFbxQg3m9a?dl=0 Endless Horizons https://agumonofalchemy.itch.io/endless-horizons Gotta F 'Em All https://tfgames.site/?module=viewgame&id=800 Home Alone Tessa https://www.patreon.com/posts/spellbound-novel-18458761 House of Dreams https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=171 I Woke Up In Diapers! https://maxrenn.itch.io/i-woke-up-in-diapers Idol Panic https://princessaika.itch.io/idolpanic Innocent https://babybunch.itch.io/innocent-demo Isabelle's Daydream https://hiradontell.itch.io/isabelles-daydream Kiera's Dilemma https://www.dropbox.com/s/o10reeh5cv4pd8x/Kiera%27s%20Dilemma.quest?dl=0 Mae https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/5596-mae/ Marty's Drugstore https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32975554/#cid:144103499 Mechanical Mishaps! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21009785/ Messages from Mars https://princessaika.itch.io/messages-from-mars Messy Academy https://www.patreon.com/MessyAcademy Michelle's Magic Diapers https://cinnabun-uwu.itch.io/michelles-magic-diapers Nimin https://www.furaffinity.net/view/12638483/ One Week with Elder Sister https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/1450-e-hl-one-week-with-elder-sister/ Operation: Babysitter https://www.oocities.org/momewraith/ Operation: Sleepover https://www.oocities.org/momewraith/ Padded Rampage https://diaperartist.itch.io/padded-rampage Padding Profiteer http://orteil.dashnet.org/experiments/idlegamemaker/?game=BSph8zqw Perpetual Change https://www.deviantart.com/pieceofsoap/art/PERPETUAL-CHANGE-CHAPTER-3-756286287 Project Widowmaker https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/4048-project-widowmaker/ Rainbow Dash Flies Like A Moron https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19644650/ Riley's Magic Swap 1.0 https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1737 Riley's Magic Swap 2 https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1961 Rosie Blush 2018 https://www.deviantart.com/muy-x/art/Rosie-Blush-2018-ABDL-768641920 Sissystem https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11993471/ Spank Or Treat https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/spank-treat-new-33795.html; SpanQuestDX https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/spanquestdx-spanquest-enhancement-31727.html SpanQuest 2 https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/spanquest-2-shining-28434.html SPrisoner https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83132533 Sunny Paws Daycare http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/wdju1oonbkmucyiudkjnka/little-sunny-paws-daycare Sunny Paws Daycare (Modded) http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/vxumo6piy0wzadf692d5dw/little-sunny-paws-daycare-modded Super Crinkle Bros 3D https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16159600/ Super Crinkle Pony Arcade https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17106964/ Super Fighting Diaper Bots https://www.dropbox.com/s/yb47vdnvo88g2pi/Super%20Fighting%20Diaper%20Bots.rar?dl=0 Tales of a Diapered Adventurer https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/5597-tale-of-a-diapered-adventurer/ The Endless Road https://thegreatestwriterontheplanet.itch.io/the-endless-road-chapter-1-empty-forever The God's Lewd Labyrinth https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15629017/ The Passage https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/passage-spanking-rpg-30773.html The Readjustment Academy https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/game-jam-2022-39888.html The Repurposing Center https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1309 The Sexy and Gratuitous Adventures of Blackheart the Pirate https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/228-blackheart/ The Special Place https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2064 To Love a GooGirl https://xey.itch.io/to-love-a-googirl Tower of the Wraiths https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=324 "Trial Run" https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21320498/ "Untitled ABDL/Babyfur Flash Game" https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33152974/ Wetting Quest https://w.atwiki.jp/omogame/pages/15.html Wetting Quest II https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/4597-wetting-quest-ii/ Your New Life https://www.deviantart.com/guest-1001/art/Your-New-Life-Fetish-Dating-Simulator-Demo-v7-597215628
>>8884 Part 2 Paid 7 Days In My Brother's House https://www.patreon.com/babybunch A Whole Week In Diapers! https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah ABDL Fight Quest https://www.patreon.com/tylersheely Change my diapers https://www.patreon.com/changemydiaper/posts Depravity Quest https://hodgepodgedl.itch.io/depravity-quest Diaper Quest 2055 https://store.steampowered.com/app/976830/Diaper_Quest_2055/ Femdom University: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5702134 Happy Heart Hell https://www.patreon.com/Doggie_Bones Happy Heart Panic https://www.patreon.com/Doggie_Bones Honey Scales and the Giant Nursery https://www.patreon.com/user?u=290876 Little One in G.I.A.N.T. World https://www.patreon.com/pandi360 Littleington University https://www.patreon.com/ABDLCheeks miniBoss https://www.patreon.com/pullstrings Robo-Nanny https://www.patreon.com/babybunch Robo-Nursery https://www.patreon.com/babybunch Sofia's Secret https://www.patreon.com/lilithfetishabdl Spoopy Crinkle Pony https://hodgepodgedl.itch.io/spoopy-crinkle-pony Tales of Zeleth: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8343186 The Automated Asylum https://www.patreon.com/thepaddedroom The Other April Game 420 https://hodgepodgedl.itch.io/the-other-april-game-420 Lost/Unknown "A Text-based Thing" A Week At Daycare AB Mud Abordal - Beginning of a Dream Alice's Adventure in Diaperland Awake - Chapter 1 Baby Academy Cushy Ino's Dress Up Kawaii Playpen Lafwirm Leah's Little Moment Lust and Rebirth Momsterous Movies and Mishaps Mystery at the House on the Corner Persona V2 Potty Run Proxi Rapture Proxi Rapture XV VX Edition Second Chance Academy SpanQuest 2 Diaper Mod Spoopy 2018 The Adventures of Lila & Floe The Destiny of Ellie The First Sphere "The Pending Title!!" Troublesome Siblings - Chapter 1 Troublesome Siblings - Chapter 2 Welcome To Nanohana Garden Weston Academy Wet Travelers World of Dreams
Most abdl games are unfinished RPGmaker games, badly made html text stories and VN word vomit. Not sure if could have a stomach to go through everything though would say the animeotk games tend to do abdl games better than most abdl communities
>>8944 Unless there is a team that can make something akin to games lke Iragon or similar (https://caribdis.itch.io/once-in-a-lifetime), the pickings are going to be more of the same.
So anyone tried the Littleton University update? I've found quite a few bugs
>>9117 They're being worked on.
Anyone here tried VRchat? I'd love to try it but I don't know where to start to have my own diapered avatar.
>>9151 Heard there is an abdl scene but I am not autistic enough to search for it. I presume it would be very furry like second life was.
>>9151 >>9164 There's a reasonably sized ABDL community, not as furry as you'd think. Most furries went over to NeosVR. You'll have to meet some of the people, and probably get into the abdl vrchat discord. Lamby is kinda the only ABDL vrchatter I know that is 100% open about it, tries to be a beacon for people getting into it. Being small and taking a nap in a crib is nice.
>>9165 Is there an Ara Patrol?
>>9165 it's a bit that that every bit of information is behind privates discord channels. It doesn't help peoples getting in, and our community is already small. Any ideas of where should I start looking?
>>9167 There's definitely some mommy types who enjoy it, but I don't know how many are around the ABDL scene. >>9168 You know how it is nowadays. If someone reports the discord, it'll get deleted, and it'll be a big fucking hassle for everyone, so basically everyone has to be vetted. You can try at nick's server, he runs a lot of meetups and there's some diaperfags in there; https://discord.gg/Zt5VSx6e
>>9169 yeah I know how it is. It's just sad to see that the glorious age of imageboard seem to be behind us now. Thank for the tip, I'll try that but tbh I don't know if I'm willing to go through a ton of discord hunting just for the sake of trying vrchat. It's a shame, because it sound pretty neat.
>>9170 Organizing things by imageboard is just too rough nowadays. You put your personal identity anywhere near places like this and you'll get hounded and stalked by lunatics for fucking ever. Plus, there's not even a PM system in vrchat, so you can't really organize things in-game. Best way to do it is discord. If you hop in there I'll get you in on the juice.
(5.46 MB 1754x2481 ClipboardImage.png)

Guess that if you want to game padded together it will be like herding cats. Thought there used to be a lot more abdl gaming groups out there or did they all implode due to autism? In other things, anyone play a few games, look at a few characters and basically go "I bet you wear diapers" at all?
(6.99 MB 9000x5000 ClipboardImage.png)

Well just found this https://store.steampowered.com/app/708820/Baby_Hands/ Wonder how much could be done to add on or mod it?
>>5869 i managed to get it going. how do i get to this specific scene?
>>9483 oh yeah, i also beat the game and got every item.
>>8552 How is the progress?
>>9288 I could not find the artist on pixiv, do you have more of it? I take it I am not lucky that this is a series of pictures telling a story? fuck... it made it diamonds... big time
>>9569 I had a feeling this would happen. You can't expose the secrets about the Aras without them eventually tracking you down.
>>9571 Speaking of Aras, kind of surprised there is basically nothing where you can't do the diapering only be diapered. Seems like a missed opportunity.
>>9581 Being a caregiver would, to me, be best executed through a visual novel. The grade of Corrupted Kingdoms though.
>>9557 >>9569 Aras didn't got me, friends. And I'm here today to present you with the first release of The pacifier project (for the lack of a better name). I launched an itch page so it's easier to focus on the project. Feel free to leave any comments and tell me how that feel. https://abdlsparrow.itch.io/the-pacifier-project Of course, it's a very early release so don't expect the ABDL game of the decade.
>>9600 Good to know your butt is safe! Downloading now so will let you know. Noticed some typos in your page though: >further developpement. Silly bab can't spell >currently unamed city Misread that as unarmed Also >some events that involve a mysterious organization kidnapping young women Oh no, the Ara Patrol
>>9603 Yeah sorry about that. English is not my first langage so you might stumble on a lot of typo. I’ll do my best to correct theses.
>>9606 So far I've encountered a few areas that you can fall through the map. Thought about a reset button where you can teleport back to spawn or something? I've also noticed that jumping from city to campus and back can put characters out of place. So far all I've found is a pacifier and diaper? Take it running shoes are not in game as you don't get it in inventory? Might be worth making a content list or document so we know what we are looking to test?
Okay found out how to activate messing and the end part.
>>9608 >Thought about a reset button where you can teleport back to spawn or something? Good point. I'll add the teleport button next build. > jumping from city to campus and back can put characters out of place. Strange, I'll see how I can replicate this bug. >all I've found is a pacifier and diaper In term of ABDL content, that's it for now, I focused on systems building more than cosmetics. Of course I'll add more and more. >running shoes are not in game That was the last thing I added today and it worked on my side...well, guess I'll get back to it to track down the issue. >Might be worth making a content list or document so we know what we are looking to test I'll prepare a devlog for tomorrow to pinpoint exactly what this release offer (and might release a bug fix build if I can track down the bugs you highlighted.) Thank for your feedback!
>>9610 Any planned features/fetishes? i.e. enemas and spankings?
(612.04 KB 1000x1414 モデル撮影12.jpg)

(68.98 KB 640x480 gameplay.png)

>>8885 >Welcome To Nanohana Garden This isn't lost. It's genmai's game, you can still download it from their dropbox. (64 MB) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/old9rmv5s8nhl2q/AABXmRZeHRZV99iUAkr503Yya This will not be shocking news to VN fags, but you have to set your locale to Japanese to play. Language > Administrative Language Settings > Language for non-Unicode programs Guide: - Walk around and talk to everyone, interact with everything, then go to sleep in the starting room. - You have to select はい on the yes/no prompts to get changed by the teachers or use the toilet, which you may or may not be successful at. - Find all events for the true end.
>>9618 For now I was focused on basics incontinence features but of course that's expandable. I like the enema idea.
>>9626 Nice find. Most download links have been questionable for a lot of titles. >>9637 Are hotdogs laced with laxatives or something? Noticed need to mess immediately after eating one. Could just be game mechanics being tested I guess but would be funny if there was a vender who did that. If you are going to add any health mechanic will they be in pill form or suppository?
>>9638 Did you talk to the doctor or finish the story? Both decrease a lot your continence. A simple hotdog shouldn't fill you that much if you are at a normal level.
>>9600 Well finally managed to finish it myself. That end bit felt like random guessing to get it to spawn since I went down that alley what felt like a dozen times before the encounter triggered. Noticed that comments don't really change if you are wearing a diaper or not. Also don't change if wet or mess. Are you going for some sort of Resident Evil Aras? With spooky scary Aras chasing bedwetters through the night? Going to be reusing any sort of ideas from Tarrant-Tan escape even as a sort of mini dungeon level?
>>9641 thank for your review. You're right, the main quest is probably not clear enough. I'll see if I can add sort of an objective GUI to track that. As for the dialogue, I began to test state-dependant dialogue for some NPC bug as you may guess it's a long work. The mini dungeon is a good idea. I could reuse some mechanism from tarrant-tan. On a side note, my computer is a big baby and shat himself yesterday so I won't be able to work on the project until it had been changed. Hope it won't take too long.
Your game by the way runs really well. Like it runs way better than most 3D porn projects I've seen especially on Unity. Its pretty smooth on a toaster.
>>9600 Will be nice to see more. I like this new era of 3D games being made after years and years of RPG maker and text-based games.
Littleington University is so clunky. The way characters that give you new goals react to you makes it really difficult to know where to go next. Like you go to the receptionist at West Hall and she tells you to go to the Medical Center, but then never does anything different after you've gone there and done what you needed to do. No new dialogue or anything. When you're stuck in a game like this, going to characters that have given you directives before is a natural thing to do. After reading some, I guess the phones are supposed to be a hint system, but they don't appear to work in the build I played. There's also no explanation about any of the UI. There's a meter that runs out slowly and it has an electrical bolt next to it, I wasn't sure if that was hunger or a bladder meter or what. After reading a bit, I guess happiness is involved in the game? Maybe that's the meter? The food stuff next to it was confusing and even more bizarrely, there's a bicycle which is a very different object from the others. I have no idea what these things do and clicking them doesn't appear to have done anything, so it seems like they're contextual. The controls are clunky too. In windowed mode, it doesn't trap the mouse so it's obnoxious to control the camera with it. You have to click, swipe, release click, swipe back, repeat until the camera rotates to where you want. Or use way out of the way keys in order to do the same thing. It's also frustrating when you're trying to walk up to a thing and your character stands on it. The controls feel a bit delayed too, not that this is a game that requires much precision, but it seems like some functions are generally bound to key release rather than key press. So you can hold shift with default settings for example and you still run everywhere. But then when you release it, you start walking. It feels clunky. There's a lot of bugginess associated with the inventory and management. Not being able to equip diapers under nebulous circumstances but being able to swap them just fine, no indication that it can't be done. A lot of times it's not even clear what items are from the graphic. I got what .. might've been a fruit bowl with a diaper behind it? It had no name or description to indicate its purpose. It didn't seem like I had the ability to use it either. An item name that came up in a tooltip type form when you hover the item with the mouse would go so far to making it easier to learn and use. Hover tooltips in general would give the player some indication of what they're looking at even if nothing else changes. I think the game has promise and to be fair, it's obviously got beta status on it. It's not like anybody's pretending this is the final version and that's a solid game. Running around in just a diaper and having people react to it is neat - although this is another thing. You can run around in underwear and they behave as though you're fully clothed. Regardless, it's so rough to get into right now. It feels like it doesn't know what sort of game it's going to be yet because there's this mystery element and this combat element and this schooling element and a social element and the diaper elements and nothing really gels together well. It could be that I simply don't understand how the elements are related after an hour or two of playing, but the game really doesn't help me understand by then either. I feel like that's kind of a big deal. Most games let you know within 5 minutes what you're in for even if they have more mechanics or different gameplay styles or things like that later. The core gameplay is obvious. The only thing I knew after 5 minutes of this game is that I was running around and trying to figure out what anything was.
>>10175 The electric bolt meter is energy, restore it by eating or drinking. Bladder and bowel meters are filled by the same and display under the food and drink icons. The bike is available once you buy a faster means of travel. I imagine they think this is the sort of system you can understand with either context clues or as you experience each in turn, I guess there's not much chance if you don't get the first one though. Explanations about emotional state and combat systems come later once you need them, though I usually forget them since they aren't terribly intuitive. A good portion of the game does just require you to attempt stuff and see what the result is, not inherently a bad thing but it doesn't seem intentional. You're probably at the part where you need to head to the dorm or to a class, sometimes instructions or hints for what to do next are in event dialogue that doesn't repeat when you talk to the characters again. There is a lot of jank and it feels like its built on a house of cards sometimes, I'll give you that
>>10203 The pay phones tell you what to do next if you forget.
Is anybody able to relay feedback to Donkle12? They guy thats making Please, Change My Diaper. I cant sign up on the forums because email addresses are cancer these days. Some of the characters like the director guy have text thats way too hard to read on the background. It would be nice to have a highlight or stroke or border of some kind on the letters that gives enough contrast. You could use that to give each character a color scheme too instead of only a color. The flow of the events in the game is not consistent or fails to account for the player choices. In the case of Lily, you can do nothing involving her and suddenly in the next day shes talking to you about her diapers like you know about them and she calls you daddy. Its very jarring. The way the story flows, so far, also follows a specific path regardless of player choices. That can be the way you do the game, but part of the fun of the visual novel is that you can make different choices and have different effects on different relationships and interactions. Another example is that you can not go to the nursery with Lisbeth and suddenly the next day, you wake up in the crib with two faces over you. This can appeal to the tastes of some people to have it forced on them by surprise, but there is no choice you can make differently to avoid this happening or playing out in a different way. I personally dont like the forced aspect of it so this leaves me wanting for something else. I realize its a ultimately a porn game, so maybe the creator is only interested in their own interests which is fine. I dont know either way so maybe this is useful feedback. Sound effects should be given a different way of looking. Its confusing to go through the text that represents sounds without having any indication that it's a sound other than not having a name next to it. Closed captioning does something like [school bell rings] or similar. It makes it clear that its distinct from spoken words. The text could be italic to help distinguish it. The English is kinda bad. With Neeva it works well because it feels like she speaks like her accent would sound. It works a lot less well with some of the others. There is a lot of switching between diapers and nappies as the term for the object. This could work if some characters felt like they were from UK or Australia, as in they just used the words that they naturally would. I didnt get that impression from any of them though. I think there are some times where the same character refers to them in both ways which is very strange. That said, I like the basic frame of the game. The characters are appealing and varied. If the decision tree and choice effects become more complex, I could see wanting to play through with a focus on any given girl. The most interesting potential part to me is that while its obviously a porn game, you could have a story where you make a difference in these girls lives too and that kinda sets it apart from any other game in this porn genre, that I know of anyway.
>>10175 The game I've found randomly drops frames heavily but it might be cause it tries to load a fuckton of areas at once. The game used to be weirdly better at explaining things but the new updates feel like they throw in at the deep end mainly due to some of the tutorials bugging out. >>10261 Sure when they come to shill their patreon next they will take it onboard.
(23.19 KB 528x155 1654694686184116681.png)

>>10271 >>10205 see picrel, he seem aware of the issue and plan to extend it.
>>9600 I only just noticed this. Saw the update about the haunted house. Spooky Scary Ara Squads, chasing bedwetters through the night?
(292.12 KB 640x360 j29f3tjqlzf21.webp)

(129.80 KB 1920x1080 tzh4vr3sysm11.webp)

can anybody make a mod for any of the Arkham games
>>10300 Mods as in akin to what is happening to Resident Evil or what?
>>10300 game doesnt support model mods at least do your homework before begging
Well another RPG Maker Game Has two abdl scenes found so far https://animeotk.com/forum/showthread.php/passage-sidegames-small-40067.html
Anyone have the latest Please, Change My Diaper! Should be ver. 0.40
>>10333 Assume it hasn't been uploaded to kemono yet?
>>10368 Not often anons are willing to spoonfeed. Thanks!
someone update abdlmiah on kemono. The last update for his game ended on a cliff hanger
>>10368 Thank you!!
>>9600 Any updates outside the itch?
>>10481 Itch is up to date,I don't have any private release for now because I'm trying to get to the next story point. Should be good next week.
I don't know if you're still around, but I'd like to properly thank the few anons that helped me building tarrant-tan escape with images, ideas and various reviews. You can drop me a mail (at the adress on my itch page) if you're interested.
>>10553 I lurk a lot round here these days but if I see anything worth sharing I'll let you know. Glad things helped.
(214.99 KB 1024x615 file.jpg)

Does anyone have anything this game? I know it's more RPG maker stuff, but I wanted to check it out. If anyone has is it much different from any other game of this type?
>>10571 Think similar to Perpetual Change.
Replying to this idiot >>10567 that felt the need to create a new thread for one specific game. The version linked there isn't a demo. It's the finished game. It's just very short and all the options can be played through in less than an hour. It's also on TFGames: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2441 dpr800900's Patreon was suspended a few months ago, but he has a sequel he's working on listed on itch.io that isn't released yet: https://dpr800900.itch.io/the-haunted-mansion-2 I honestly don't expect much of the sequel due to how short and low effort the first one was.
>>10571 we talked about this piece of shit up above >>5714 granted she decreased the price but last time I checked,it's still a low effort RPG maker copy pasta. >>10574 At least PC did their own assets and had nice artworks.
>>10588 >low effort RPG maker copy pasta. Oh well. Plenty of other games.
i'm sad that automated asylum is dead and momsterous too
>>10591 It's the fate of most of these games, sadly. When someone is doing it for free it's a matter of passion and free time. Probably the reason we end up with more stories vs games is writing 600-2000 words or more of smut ( I say that as a complement ) is not as annoying as making even an RPG maker game.
>>10629 Well that seems very Ara Ara.
>>10629 Got any link?
>>4931 Anything of note or interest from the latest Patreon posts for Littlington? Kemonoparty hasn't been updated in a bit
(102.63 KB 797x547 update.png)

>>10652 >Anything of note or interest from the latest Patreon posts for Littlington? Enjoy.
(150.62 KB 814x768 update2.png)

>>10653 forgot to add another pic
Anyone playing LU know what to do after delivering the package? I've got permission to go to the mountain road and the cutscene in the dorm with the other student triggered, but Idk what to do now. I cant find this mountain road they mentioned
>>10726 There is gte south of the soccer field.
>>10728 Right, that's the one that goes to the town. Near the houses on the way I found a gate, but its closed
>>10729 The moutain road is the road to the town. You have to find the other student with blue hair on that road and talk to him.
Anyone got the password for to love a googirl?
LU update 13 is out it seem. If anyone got a link.
>>10907 Does it have any patchnotes first?
>PieceOfSoap has updated The Hive twice this month >Kemono's importer is still broken God is making me suffer
>>11095 Thank you so much Wish I could give you something back
>>11095 Sir, more please
>>11148 anybody got the links to this so i dont need to make an account?
Anyone got sofie's daycare game from https://www.patreon.com/lilithfetishabdl?
>>9600 Been following this itch now for a while. Just to let you know anons are impatient bedwetters but still interested so yeah.
Does anyone have the most recent version of a whole week in diapers?
>>11374 Hey anon, thanks for following me. I know that's a lot of wait. I want you all to have a release worth the waiting time, considering my first demo was really short,so I'm trying to meet a certain content threshold before releasing a new free demo. Expect it in around a month or so.
>>11377 I think there is one queued for kemono but the importer is broke.
>>11408 I'm not the same anon, but I also would like to see more and what you're working on.
>>11377 Check Kemono.
>>5010 played Sunny Paws Daycare a few times. Not sure If I'm a moron or if I'm just playing wrong but I seem to be stuck because I can't find a clue how to progress. is there like a map or something to help with that?
I really hope someone updates Lileli kemono soon now that the importer is back. He has really cute art
please if someone can update lilithabdl's new game liliths nursery that would be really cool. I will update diaperquest and trapquest when it comes out again. >>11739 there is an option on the quest system to show a map http://docs.textadventures.co.uk/quest/showing_a_map.html but you need to download the editor file there is one with the modded sunny paws daycare editor file somewhere then just turn on the map and enjoy!
having a problem with the kemono version of TLGG I cant seem to get past the title picture, help!
its not done yet but crackajackin is working on his own video game with the intention to add alot more to it in the future. its still in a very early alpha but you can play it if you donate $10 to his patreon https://www.patreon.com/CrackaJackin
>>11989 Nvm it just didn't like the browser i was using
>>12045 that was like a toothpick in the retina fuck off furry
>>10648 I've found their Twitter and Patreon: https://twitter.com/kumi_tsuno https://www.patreon.com/kumitsuno English version will apparently release in late June.
Pick the five-year-old path for ABDL: https://tfgames.site/?module=viewgame&id=2777
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14694681/post/64840890 Can someone post the link for the download of update 13 of littleington university?
>>12396 This author REALLY likes Genshin Impact, huh? It also seems like they really want to focus on their scifi worldbuilding more than fetish content. That said it's not a bad start. A pretty short WIP though.
(6.27 MB 2160x4096 preview_3.png)

I found this diaper mod for HoneySelect 2. https://mega.nz/file/XqYlyQSK#HccMXXvJLYjtI6RsrLCYjk5wReWz0a-BLnxEtAcQbt4 I don't know exactly what it does but it seem to work well.
>>12499 Just wish there would be some footage of stuff like this uploaded.
>>12499 Is it worth installing for the mod? I never really cared to use it before.
>>12585 If you have a VR headset it’s a must have and the diaper mod add icing on the cake because who wouldn’t want to have Vr sex with a diaper girl ? If you don’t have a VR headset I would say not worth the trouble but your milleage may vary.
>>12602 I'll remember that if I ever get VR.
>>12499 Whats the source for the mod?
Any updates on: A Whole Week In Diapers! https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah Littleington University https://www.patreon.com/ABDLCheeks
(91.13 KB 425x643 OutfitBack - Copy.JPG)

>>13262 It's mostly been removing bugs and code talk, but a new area and story parts are coming. Some new diapers being added and other things. He'll tell us more this or next week.
>>13262 Do you really need an update to AWWID? It’s a shitty game made by a shill slut that put no effort in it and just want to milk cash.
>>13276 Not the same person but eh.. I don't think it's that bad. Though it has a huge amount of room for improvement, I think given that she made almost every single open world NPC have a reaction to your diapers state shows that she's willing to put the work in. Though my big gripes are the english.. it's kind of annoying to see people talk like they're 5 years old, due to how meh the translations are, and I have no clue why the dev made quests that are neither interesting nor have any ABDL connections. Like some of the side quests are just straight up fetch quests from an MMO and those ain't compelling.
>>13287 > I have no clue why the dev made quests that are neither interesting nor have any ABDL connections I find parts of Perpetual Change to be a slog for that too. I did enjoy the later chapters I played since they're much more focused on ABDL. I do think the dev for A Whole Week... should have put out a demo of any kind for free. At least the guy making LU and the anon making that other game are making damn 3D games and not using pokemon assets. I know dick about making games, but that seems much harder. Both of them had a free demo at one point AFAIK.
Anyone else played the demo? This game is pretty good so far
>>13288 That's where we are now with fetish games that focus on this niche. Unless there are those that start making games with the quality of Under the Witch, it's a start.
>>13332 Unless it gets leaked, then no.
>>13335 I'd find it less annoying if free updates came out every few months. That's worked fine for Diaper Quest hasn't it? It worked for other games. You get the new update if you pay (or it's posted here), or you play the last update that becomes free. I find it ballsy to make a RPG maker game with reused assets and ask for money for a game we can't demo or see past work they did to know if they make work worth paying for. The few VNs we get I understand them wanting to be paid since they need to draw or hire someone to draw, and the 3D games are just another level of work. tl;dr I don't care if people want to make money off their smut, just make smut worth buying.
>>13332 It's not out yet... quit lying
>>13349 Kemono doesn't upload a patreons page automatically. You need to do it manually. Soaps patron page has been updating for weeks now but it hasn't been updated on kemono for quite some time now.
>>13288 Big same, back when updates were coming to PC I could not stomach to replay it, i'm excited to play it again though when we get a full version. That being said as someone who's tried, it is still a large amount of work to undertake on your own.(though compared to what LU is doing it is much, much less.) I like what godspeak does where he lets out free big updates but keeps the mid updates for patrons, though he makes spanking focused games.
>>13345 Again, its what we're stuck with for now. Unless there's somebody that can create something in the likes of Unreal engine that doesn't cause a seizure of hardware or more content creators put their hat in the ring (Ausdpr or Buckarooblaster have their interest in game making on Patreon), mostly what you're going to get is games (often made with RPG Maker or whatever is used to make Pokemon Diamond/Pearl quality) that add to the list of abandoned projects. I too think I could try, but I know nothing about building code or creating assets/animations.
>>13363 It's also about staying motivated. When something is a passion project without the passion it becomes work, and if you're not getting paid for work or making your life better with work why work with no end goal? Letting people down you'll never meet might mean nothing, but letting people down who are paying you means a lot. At least it would to me. If I was getting paid for a project, even a fetish game, I'm giving it my all and I'm seeing it to the end.
>>13354 Didn't check here for a long time so I though I'd said Hello. I'm that anon here >>9600 and I released another free build up to date on itch. I think our community is too small and too niche to gatekeep content. >>13363 If you want to try it, just try it. You don't need to know how to code or how to make wonderfull 3D asset to get started, just curiosity and as >>13364 said, motivation. If you want tips on how to start, I'm all up to talk about it. I started from scratch about one year ago.
>>13365 Assuming I commit, how would I start in something like Renpy?
>>13368 Renpy is really easy to get started with, probably even easier than RPG Maker. Download it, watch some tutorials on youtube, and set yourself a very simple goal of completing the smallest possible game. Even only text based at the start. This way you'll get your feets wet without it being overwhelming. This can also apply to 3D engine like unity or unreal. Honestly, the biggest hurdle is to start and just DO something, albeit shit. You'll improve.
>>13369 Whether or not I do something, thank you for the vote of confidence.
>>13365 It's true. I've been working on a story the last month and a half. I told myself I'd finish it. I never finished one before and I wanted proof I could really do it. I finished the first draft and now I'm working it over again. Then I'll look it over a last time and post it on the story thread. I'm sure it will be bad, but at least I tried.
>>13370 Godspeed anon. If you ever make a game, I'll be sure to play it. >>13371 Worst case it's shit and you'll write another one later that will be better. I'll be sure to lurk the story thread to check it out.
>>13372 >Worst case it's shit Pretty much. I have nothing to lose or gain. Nobody is hitting homeruns right away. And thanks.
can someone import baboon's patreon to kemono? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2881226
new Diaperquest dropped here you guys go YUhSMGNITTZMeTlyWlcxdmJtOHVjR0Z5ZEhrdlpHRjBZUzh3TWk5aFppOHdNbUZtTXprMlpUZGpOMkUwTjJVelltRXlNbU0wTVRBeU9Ea3lNalF6T1RVMFpEZGxNVE15WWpGbE9UWmxORFl3WW1Ga01XVTFORGt3WWpSbU5EUmpMbUpwYmo5bVBUSXlNRFl4TmlVeU1FUmxZblZuSlRJd1ZXNXNiMk5yTG1kaWJHOXlZZz09
Doesn't look like my cup of tea but I always enjoy an ABDL game has anyone got the updated version of https://www.patreon.com/CrackaJackin
>>13462 I'm a little new to this but how do I actually grab this?
>>13527 It Is a base64 string encoded 2 time you need to convert it back using a base64 decode. Convert once then copy the output and then do it again
(62.19 KB 343x192 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13531 Thank you for teaching me your secrets fellow, now I am a real hacker.
>>13534 Ops sorry forgot to check back on this welp you got the answer enjoy the padded adventures!
Did Ausdpr actually make a game demo or is it another caption/comic work?
>>7424 So I have made a diapered mesh for hat kid (rigged and all) but I have absolutely zero knowledge about modding UE3. If there's someone who can make a mod from that mesh, I can drop it somewhere.
>>13865 care to post pictures?
Anyone able to update TLGG from https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7023614 to https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7023614 or just let us know the code prob much more ez
(255.64 KB 456x592 468546516518465.png)

>>13866 Here. Nothing too special.I used the naked mesh that you can find around, then attached a diaper to it.
>>13892 Oh wow that's really good. Did you made the diaper or where did you got the model? Any plans to give her some clothes?
>>13894 I used a model that get around a lot, you can found it pretty easily on sketchfab. I'm not really good enough to make clothes sadly.
>>13897 How about just using the clothes of another model? I just don't think it's okay to have her topless. Any plans for hat adult?
I wish in spankquest 2 you could walk around without pants with your diaper completely on display and people reacted to it. I know you could go pantsless in the first one I wish you could do it in the second one too
Did Ausdpr release a real game demo?
This guy got a game demo out. Does anyone have played it? https://www.deviantart.com/bb-blublu/art/Demo-1-is-out-now-922068085
>>14399 Tried it, no gameplay right now but there's a series of VN events you can view in the gallery. They're each short but the ones I tried were reasonably good for a danganronpa fan game
>>14426 Care to share it for us that don’t have a Discord account ?
Anybody got the RE2 mods by Drslumpx?
"Daddy Love" Jill for RE3 by Drslumpx V1ZWb1UwMUhUa2xVVkZwTlpWUnJlVmRXYUU5T1YwWklVbTF3YUdWVVZqVmFSazAxWVVkT1NWRnVUbWhXTURWdldrVmtjMlJ0U25WVVdGcGFUV3BzTlZkc1RUVmpSMHAxVlcxNGFtSldjRzlYVkVwV1pHeHdkR0pJVG1GVmVteHZXa1ZvVTJGR2EzbGhTRkpoVm5wVmQxUkhOVU5pTWs1RlQxaENZVkpFUWpaVWJuQldZbGRGZVZacVZsRldSMk13VkcweFdrMXJNVmhYV0dSUFpXeEtjMWRyVWtOaFJteFZWRlJLV21KV1dtOVhiWEJTVFVVMVZXRXpaRTVXUlZVd1YydFNUazVSUFQwPQ== There's something like this out there for ALL the main girls in RE2
>>14426 How much Danganronpa knowledge should one have before going into this game? I watched the trailer and it looked great, but my entire knowledge of the franchise is from osmosis and watching half of a lets play 8ish years ago.
>>14441 https://mega.nz/file/WAJEGSYI#Inu3qhxjYaIJ5J17a8C8MZUsLoYLK-OrSatUz0QznKk >>14459 Only played the first myself and picked up pieces from the rest over the years. It's definitely better when you understand the characters but they're all one-note enough that you're probably not missing anything huge, and I haven't seen them reference much as far as specific events go. They're playing a little loose with some character's personalities too. Don't expect much. Gotta give credit to the artists though, they stuck reasonably well to the portrait style
>>14480 Might've gone a little overboard with the encoding. It's a direct link to the torrent for a 7zip file, like one of those annoying ones where you HAVE to use 7zip instead of winrar.
(383.71 KB 526x635 1656854042410.png)

>>14490 >like one of those annoying ones where you HAVE to use 7zip instead of winrar Wtf, why does someone even use winrar in 2022? 7zip is faster, free and supports all the same formats or even more (including rar).
>>14469 Thanks for the link. Played it, it's quite barren from now and except some nice artstyle it's not really touching my fetish fuel. I don't know why, but it kinda miss the point for me.
Been playing this TFgames thing. More of an interactive story but there's enough reactivity to make it worth it. The AR is pretty good and I think people here will appreciate it more than I do, but if you're in it for the diapers you'll need to find the option to tease Emily between activities (it appears on the bottom after a few events). Follow through and do the obvious, and that activates a bladder stat to manage. I think there's an ending that ties in with it as well. https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2317 Also would anyone happen to have the most recent (like June-July 2014) copy of Momsterous? I think I have one somewhere but it wasn't the last release, and the links are dead now. Been going back through some of the older games from that era and before.
>>14493 I refuse to abandon an old friend
>>14588 That guy hounded me for thirty bucks I owed him for like ten years. Fuck em.
(2.99 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 1 1.jpg)

(3.00 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 1 2.jpg)

(2.97 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 2 1.jpg)

(2.92 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 2 2.jpg)

(3.28 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 3 1.jpg)

(3.30 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 3 2.jpg)

(2.80 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 4 1.jpg)

(2.86 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 4 2.jpg)

(3.07 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 5 1.jpg)

(3.08 MB 3840x2160 Danganronpa 5 2.jpg)

Does anyone have the most recent test build of the pacifier project from the developers patreon? His username is abdlswallow
Does anyone have 3D Lemondrop/lmndrp 64? It's videogame-esque. There's a gallery on e-hentai but it's pretty difficult to read since it's meant to be a CYA type deal.
>>14580 This was neat for a few hours, wish it had more ABDL stuff, but it was alright.
>>14760 Someone else posted this link to it before, here you go: https://mega.nz/folder/ytVkkZLZ#grQfoyb62nMHGzqNq8GwsQ
>>14795 Its essentially dead. All the img files folders are empty.
>>14795 I've seen this link before, as the other person said, it's dead. There are various other links floating around, all dead unfortunately. I wanted to message the uploader of the gallery on e-hentai about it, but I couldn't create an account for whatever bizarre reason.
>>14760 >>14801 >>14831 Oh I've got it, bought it forever ago. It's a shame what happened since it was actually pretty good. I'm away from comp so I'll upload on the weekend. Someone remind me if I don't put it up by Sunday
>>14801 >>14831 Oh that's really weird. I didn't even think to check, sorry about that. >>14836 Thanks man
>>14760 >>14838 3dLemonDrop64, as promised. Did they ever make any more of these? I remember their art and vaguely recall something else, but I might be making that up. Also was there ever a collection of the art? Don't think I've seen it since https://mega.nz/file/GU4FXR4K#cNRcJ0L89Imy5hhyZU88IfFgY2RhBKEm-z1ktj530Ko Once again echoing my begging for the last public build of Momsterous (july 2014)
>>13531 I suddenly regret inventing this form of obfuscation... because it's annoying. Combination lock encryption is only good if someone bothers to make software that can UN-lock it easily. https://groups.google.com/g/alt.disney/c/2gAxPqirP-8/m/-C7cr2FZYYEJ ...also, no I don't even remember the combination to that.
>>14957 what the fuck is that link? Does it hold the spell to summon Satan?
>>14958 Nah, it's something I called a "trolling control post" which was like a way of detailing plans publicly... but with a temporal lock, as I would bury the messages in obscure/defunct groups with various text encryption combinations. Only I knew that the posts were there and only I knew the specific combination of encryption schemes, so I could reveal them later and then... this is kinda long and boring. Um... oh... "It was just a prank, bro!" Remember that meme? It was a way of proving that it actually was a prank/social experiment. ...or at least intended as such, with written proof of trolling intent. Don't ask me why, we did a lot of really stupid shit, often for really bizarre, made up reasons. Inventing drama to keep ourselves entertained, basically. It's like some of us got bored with watching Seinfeld and decided we wanted more "interactive entertainment" so then we just constantly made up stupid games and shit to fuck around with each other... http://xahlee.info/Netiquette_dir/_/meow_wars.html Good times!
Take your meds. If you want to prevent links being machine scraped, just shorten the url and share screenshot of link. All else is unneccesary as those content creators who dmca content posted/linked very likely lurk here too and learn your tricks quickly
>>14966 If you want meds I can irreversibly alter your perception of reality with a few paragraphs... https://www.wattpad.com/1253050949-non-standard-forms-of-existence-your-reality-bores
>>14967 > "Perception Altering" > Is written about as well as a middle school paper. > Is entertaining a thought that pretty much everyone who knew of parallel universe theory has had at least once.. even as kids, specially as kids given how often cartoons utilize it. > "What if alternate universe.. BUT BAD D:"
>>14978 "What you're doing isn't new!" Cries the child who didn't do it first. Seriously, are you ass mad that you didn't write shit down first? Maybe you're just a doofy schizo who likes to "monkey read, monkey claim". Yeah, your brand of imitation human isn't hard to clock.
PS - No "alternate universe" claim was ever made. I don't think you read very well.
>>14982 Oh-.. he wrote it-.. Oh nonono
>>14957 >>14961 >>14967 >>14981 >>14982 The fuck is this guy on about? It reads like some sort of paranoid schizo /b/tard wrote this.
(32.50 KB 227x300 High_Chairs.png)

(6.97 KB 128x192 Onsie_-_1.png)

(7.80 KB 128x192 Onsie_-_2.png)

(7.03 KB 128x192 Onsie_-_3.png)

(310.00 B 32x32 Onsie_1.png)

>>14985 You look like you need a laxative, Bumper Britches. Is this your first time making boom-boom for daddy? You don't need to force it, just relax and let your body take care of itself. Part of the reason you're in diapers is that you need to learn how to relax yourself. Not everything needs to be under your control all the time. You need to learn to let yourself be taken care of, at least a little bit. Daddy knows you can "do it all yourself", but the point here is learning to NOT do that. Can you do that for daddy? I promise that you can have potty privileges back eventually, but proper potty training can't even start until you unlearn all your current bad habits. The faster you learn not to worry about control, the easier it will be for your diapers to do their job. Sometimes you just need to "get back to baby basics" in order to move forward. Baby steps! *elevates further* Of course I wrote it, does anyone else write these days? LOL Like that latest slop from Martin... pleh... what a freakin let down! It's as bad as Rowling constantly cucking herself to the crowd. Second strings shoulda just licensed some new concepts from Weedstorming. Last I checked I'm the only asshole that's being paid by God with literal infinite imagination... https://gab.com/Onideus/posts/108737364843122704 So if you're not getting it from me... well, I guess you're regurgitating reruns and remakes of last centuries tired bullshit. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stick with my Meta Tech brand of Conceptual Christianity. >>14987 I guess when all you're used to eating is tasteless gruel then anything else tastes like crazy by comparison. I'm the 2nd one in this list... >>8884 It's alphabetical, so it's not hard to find.
>>14987 Yeah and he spams every thread he enters with that bullshit. Board owner should consider banning him
>>14998 Like when they banned the word "groomer" but not the word "boomer"... because it's fine if the pedos want to shit up every thread with their sexual retardation, but... oh, shi- this weird, fun, shit poster over here, yeah, like ~he's~ the problem, amirite comrades?! :D
>>15000 Really not exaggerating by the by.
>>15000 Yes, it's a problem you spam every thread here with shitposts which are low quality even on /b/ standards. I haven't seen pedos spamming anything inappropriate here, only two times some individual images which were removed quickly.
>>15005 When are you going to stop spamming pedo shit?
Let's compromise and ban both the pedos and the weird schizo shitting up the board
(1.66 MB 1920x1080 Asylum - 01.png)

(711.33 KB 1920x1080 Asylum - 02.png)

(857.18 KB 1920x1080 Asylum - 03.png)

(844.05 KB 1920x1080 Asylum - 04.png)

(813.91 KB 1920x1080 Asylum - 05.png)

>>15034 Oh I don't really want the pedos banned, it makes it harder to track them through pattern recognition if you keep banning them. Remember... some are here to HUNT! :D Also to trick, I uh... I don't mean to say the quiet shit out loud, but um... about 70% of the supposed pedos in here posting pedo shit... yeah, they're glowtards! The ideal compromise is we simply argue it out and the best reason and logic wins... oh, I guess that means I'm the "winner" though, since none of you can think as fast as me, huh? To put your mental deficiency into proper perspective... I'm currently high on 95% pure THC distillate, a drug which specifically paralyzes normal cognitive functioning and yet I can *STILL* think faster than you can.
Lmao, you faggots do realize the board owner of /abdl/ posts loli right?
>>15003 Thanks captain. I'll see if this is the new one. If not, I've been thinking about it and I'm pretty sure I have it on an old dead laptop. I'll see if I can grab and post it if this isn't updated. Dont think there's a massive difference but it'd be nice for preservation's sake.
>>15041 >implying the board owner glows You don't really need to imply it, they all sell out. Hell look at Baked Alaska, dude is suddenly makin mad bank burning every past connection he ever made! You think you're all any different? Someone will sell you out someday too... all of you... that's why you don't do illegal shit, or even quasi illegal shit... cause all you're really doing... is creating leverage that can be used against you later.
Can we resume talking about video games ? Just ignore the schizo.
(802.65 KB 1500x2000 9.9.2.png)

(820.83 KB 1500x2000 9.9.1.png)

>>15059 I just invented Dungeons & Pampers... https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/14871.html#q15061 Because GOD! :D God really is the best... ask and ye shall receive!
>>15067 In sober hindsight I guess Dungeons & Diapers sounds better.
>>15067 Lovely.
In the early stages of making something that plays like DiaperQuest, but using a much more performant engine. I'm currently calling it openDQ Expect prototype screenshots next week. I am attempting to design things so that it's mod friendly, and the project will be open-source. It's gonna all be LUA code, so it should be pretty easy to tinker with. I'm going to put as much game data as I can into CSVs, so certain changes like adding new clothing/weapons will be trivial. To sidestep the need for lots of assets I'm currently pulling them from the DiaperQuest gblorb file, so you need DiaperQuest to play openDQ. Id like to solicit people's opinions of how you would do things differently from DQ. Personally I want to improve combat, but I haven't exactly worked out all of the changes I'll make. Would be interested in opinions here. I'm leaning towards exposing more numerical information to the player and reducing the impact of RNG. Regarding map generation, I want to borrow from other roguelikes (think descending through a dungeon, rather than areas attached to a hub), but I'm keeping DQs design where the smallest unit of space is a room, so we'll see how that works out. Also interested in people's ideas for fetish-related mechanics. For example, in DQ the state of your diaper has a large effect (probably too large) on combat. I'm considering designing NPCs with more varied reactions to the players appearance. Regarding fetish content, My primary interest is DL stuff, so expect much of the other fetish content from DQ won't be included by default. Again, this is early stages. I've never completed a project of this complexity before, so we'll see how it goes.
>>15173 You’ve got my interest,fellow game-dev. Eager to see this.
>>15178 >>15173 For a laugh, this is what I've got right now. The game displays your inventory, the clothing you're wearing, and the Entities within your current map tile. You can also see in the map how many NPCs are occupying a tile. There's also a text area to the right, which is going to be output-only, I expect user interaction won't involve typing except WASD/hotkeys. I'm probably gonna end up switching the UI around a bit, but I'm gonna copy DQ first as a basis and then change it afterwards. Equipment (clothing) definitions are loaded from a tsv file. It includes information about each item including which body parts it covers, what color it is, armor value, etc. Items can also have a 'template', which basically means that you can specify 'leggings are like jeans, expect their armor value is 1, their color is white, and they use image blah.png" NPC definitions are gonna be loaded from files the same way. There's logic that ensures that clothing is drawn in the correct order, and you can't for example put socks over shoes. I did put logic in there that allows for certain clothing items to be stacked, which should allow for double-diapering so long as the larger diaper is 'above' the smaller diaper. Both clothing and NPCs will need some way to have custom logic, but that will be separate from the tsv, which is not yet implemented. Map tiles each have a background image, and a list of valid movement directions. Those pink walls are drawn based on the valid movement directions. Technical details: I'm primarily designing this in a way I find interesting to implement, not really sure if it's a good design or not. I'm going for an entity-component-system type system, which should keep things pretty DRY and consistent. I'm gonna play with message-passing for communicating information between entities. I'm imagining a message like "attemptPlayerMovement", which entities can respond to, which can be used to cancel the players movement. All of the game state is stored a single serializable data structure, meaning that saving and loading the game state will be trivial. Supporting operations like undo should be equally easy (just store state for the last N turns) Data and code is therefore pretty separate, a lot of code is just going to be functions that mutate the state object. The framework is Love2D - it's pretty awesome, def check it out if you like gamedev. It doesn't provide any structure for you though, just a collection of functions for playing sounds, drawing images, etc.
>>15193 Well I already have my hand full on unity to look for another framework/engine. I'm this guy here >>9600. You have all my support, it's nice to see fellow diaper-gamedev here. I'll share a few opinions on what you say here >>15173 a bit later, when I get home.
>>15193 Good luck anon, I've played around a little bit with Love2D years ago myself (but not really any deep enough to offer any specific advice). If I may ask, do you have a reason for serializing data in CSV files, as opposed to JSON files? Entity-component systems are really good for dev environments, especially when the code is all exposed to the user's end, allowing for quick easy modding, good choice there. This might be getting ahead abit, but have you considered implementing message boarding for AI? Or basically allowing the AI of an entity to store relevant information (say, player location), and pass that off to another entity upon encountering that other entity. I think something along those lines would really polish a game like diaper quest. For example, it would allow the guards in the first area pass around your location and the number of turns ago they saw you, allowing for a guard that's looking for you to attempt to track you down.
(924.84 KB 1369x799 Screenshot 2022-08-04 180722.png)

>>15199 To be clear, I'm using CSVs for data that is written and edited by a human being, CSVs are never written to disk by the program. The reason I chose CSV is because I expect the data to be composed primary of scalar values, and be pretty uniform in its format. I like JSON, but you can't beat a spreadsheet program for quickly editing data. It also would be fairly easy to switch to JSON in the future if I found a compelling reason. Data saved to disk is probably gonna be serialized as lua, but again it would be easy to switch to JSON if there was some compelling reason. It's all dictionaries of strings and integers, so I don't need to be picky about my serialization format. One design problem I have is that it's not 100% clear to me where objects belong in the state data structure. Because the whole thing needs to be serializable, it's important that each object only appears once, so you don't end up with copies when serializing. Related questions are: Does a map tile refer to the entities within it, or do the entities refer to what map tile they belong to? My current solution is to have a big array of entities indexed by ID. Each entity knows its own position, which can be a map tile, inventory, or equipped. It's got it's tradeoffs for sure. I expect the total number of entities to be << 1000 at any given time, so performance need not be a design consideration here. Message boarding sounds pretty neato, will definitely keep that in the back of my head. Half my motivation here is to have some fun programming, so ideas like that are very much welcome. Would be pretty neat if there was a scout-type NPC that upon seeing the player, fled, and informed stronger NPCs of the players location. The player would need to decide whether to chase the scout, or to flee in the opposite direction. Regarding 'tracking down the player' specifically: One of the mechanics I was going to try implementing was a 'smell' mechanic, where the player may leave behind smell like an ant leaves a trail. Monsters could prefer moving in directions with a higher smell value, which would lead them towards the player. My specific motivation here is to give the player some mechanical consequence for not keeping diapers/clothing clean, and perhaps offer the player a tradeoff like 'thick diapers block more smell, but reduce dexterity' or something. It might make sense that 'intelligent' NPCs use message-boarding, and unintelligent NPCs do the ant-trail thing. Throwing in a progress screenshot: Mouseing over items now displays clickable options to take/wear/examine them. Take and wear are implemented in the way you'd expect, except that the code to prevent you from removing your socks without removing your shoes isn't there yet.
(6.89 MB 1280x720 2022-08-05 04-15-22.mp4)

(24.69 KB 1105x167 Screenshot 2022-08-05 042712.png)

>>15201 Progress video I'm gonna reduce my post frequency a bit because I'm spamming at this point, but I got a fair bit done today. The clothing logic is a bit more complicated then it should be, but so far it seems pretty robust. It's more forgiving in terms of what order you can put things on in than DQ is, I think. A dress wouldn't really stop you from putting on a diaper, and it's just more convenient to not have to click as much. Added the beginnings of NPC interactions. Demonstrated here is an NPC taking notice of the player and your equipment. Friendly Guy also remembers when he last saw you, and will comment about it if he hasn't seen you in 5 turns. NPCs can listen to certain types of messages, this guy is listening for the "afterPlayerMove" message.
(11.93 KB 128x192 Tights.png)

Spritely tights! Over diapers!
>>15236 Good shit here anon, well done
>>15236 New progress video. I've implemented a simple map loader, dialog system, and made it so that items can be purchased. UI is super janky, but I'm putting off fixing for now. My current goal is to approach a vertical slice of gameplay, though I don't know exactly what that entails. I've been thinking being able to recruit an NPC to follow you around, and I need to figure out combat. Things I will do eventually: I think I'm going to move a bunch of the dialog into a separate spreadsheet, so the code can do something like print(getDialog("greeting")) and and appropriate greeting would be grabbed from the table. On modding: I think it would be pretty neat if a non-technical user could do something like "Create a character with this name, use this image, use this custom dialog, use this ai, and have X attitude to Y fetish material" just by filling in a spreadsheet. That's not exactly my primary goal, but if I pulled it off it would be trivial for people to add characters they like (and OC) to the game. Again, suggestions of all sorts appreciated, I don't have a grand vision here, I'm just gonna throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. On a technical note, I'm now using source control. I've got enough code here that I'd be pretty bummed about losing it. The game is on GitHub (In a private repository) so I can flip that repo to public in the future.
Littlington University got an update if anyone would like to share it here please
>>15334 Hoping it gets shared soon. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it has a ton of content.
Littleington University Update: This is done as a split 7z archive because catbox has a 200MiB file size limit: https://files.catbox.moe/dtswbj.7z-001 https://files.catbox.moe/glwbu1.7z-002 https://files.catbox.moe/wfv6cy.7z-003 https://files.catbox.moe/5f6x1c.7z-004 https://files.catbox.moe/ldpgh2.7z-005 You need to rename the files to all be the same thing, and also replace the - (dash) with a . (dot). Make sure you don't have file extensions hidden; it's so retarded how that's the default on Windows. E.g: - dtswbj.7z-001 -> littleington.7z.001 - glwbu1.7z-002 -> littleington.7z.002 Then just open the first one with 7zip, and you should be able to extract the lot. Main things added: - The people on the mountain path, in town, and by the beach actually have dialogue now. - Added the lab area which contains the next area on the main story I'll give a few tips about some bits because they're not entirely obvious: - To get past the security guard, use the time ability to make it night. There will be patrolling robots at night though. - To get past the first patrolling robot, it's easiest to go upstairs and jump down in the gap near the glass - To get past the robot standing still by the last door, use the time ability to make it day - To actually leave, you need the "imagination" ability, which you learn by doing a quest chain from talking to the researcher that wants to see you use your abilities. - To get back into the university after you've left the lab, go into the mines you went into earlier, and there is a fence you can use your ability to walk through near the start. There is no additional content at the university though; this is the end of the update.
>>15383 The last time i played I got stuck when I was supposed to meet the guy at night outside of the university. I was never able to find him, only a bunch of large ghosts I wasn't really able to damage. What are you supposed to do there?
>>15388 Where the university gate (leading to town) is closed at night? You need to defeat a boss that you find on the path leading to the docks. It's invisible/untargetable, so you need to buy baby powder from the medical center and throw it at it. After that, you should get another dream sequence which will teach you the ability that allows you to walk through the gate.
>>15383 I dont want to sound ungrateful, but why not just use mega? Instead of doing file tricks.
>>15409 Probably just a preference. It was simple enough. Here's a little more indepth help if you need it. https://superuser.com/questions/15935/how-do-i-reassemble-a-zip-file-that-has-been-emailed-in-multiple-parts
>>15409 I don't want to use a service that requires an account.
>>15383 Damn can't figure this out reeee leet me know if anyone can upload it please
>>15428 There's a thread on f95zone with a megaupload to it. https://f95zone.to/threads/littleington-university-update-11-gauche-cheeks.54483/page-25 You might need to make a forum account but it ain't shifty afaik.. Download is on page 25 in one of the comments.
Would love an ABDL game or just a normal game that had hypnosis in it so that as you were playing you got suggestions and such to act more babyish or wet or something.
>>15437 The latest version of LU tends to lock up during dialogues and battles now. It's much worse than it used to be.
>>15603 I think he put out a hotpatch a day ago.
>>15603 >>15605 I'll post the new version if I see it. I am subbed to diaperquest so I don't wanna sub to too much more since it costs me 20 bucks a month for porn
>>15603 Made it to the secret base with robo nannies. Never want to leave.
>>15680 Mind posting your save file?
>>15680 How do you reach it? I did the mines but it teleported me to the usual lab place on the campass. Did my version bug out?
>>15734 it's after you beat the arcade. So you need the timewarp ability as well as gravity manipulation.
>>15735 Thanks, assume that's in the shopping centre or town? Guess I've got more exploring to do.
>>15736 Yeah it's in the mall, go there after you get the time warp ability, sit outside the arcade with tons of like burgers or something to replenish energy (it's guarded during the day) use the timewarp until night time and walk in, kill the big monsters at the end of the cables controlling the forcefield, go in and kill the big boss to get gravity spell. Then go all the way to the end of the beach at night, lift the dead tree your friend will enter the keycode letting you into the lab, follow that to get a cutscene, congrats you're in the secret lab and a test rat for the robo nannies / scientist.
>>15737 Just checked my save, I don't have the Time Warp ability, where can I get that?
>>15740 I honestly can't remember where you get the timewarp ability right now sorry. I'm guessing it's after defeating one of the bosses and having those weird dreams. As a side note: I do think you need to go to the woodworking shop on the beach in order to get into the arcade. So do that before sitting outside the arcade and time skipping. They give you the keys or something.
>>15741 That's fine, I'll do some more exploring and check see what I've missed. Thanks anyway, at least I know what I'm looking for now!
>>15740 You get time skip beating the cave boss. I've been replaying it. I'm seeing how long I can stay out of diapers and keep my pants clean. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I've only had two accidents and one of them was me overestimating how long I could hold it. Only wear at night since the MC can't help, but wet the bed.
>>15842 The crystal? I've beaten that already. Was an old save though so maybe it bugged out.
>>15854 No it should be one of those crib chime things. You need to go at midnight if that helps.
>>15855 >>15854 >>15842 Has anyone been able to get passed the opening sequence? I can't seem to get the mom to take me to the boat to get to the island. If I skip the island, I encounter so many other bugs it becomes unplayable. Combat locks up if I try to run away. Random encounters stick my character in place. Phone hints tell me to check in the medical center when the NPC to check in with is no longer there. Is everyone running this version of the game? >>15437
>>15895 This build is bugged and he’s working on bug fixes. By the way,the thread reached bump limit. Maybe we should get to a new one ?
Does anyone have the Ausdpr game demo? Assuming its an actual game, nd not a caption.
Robo nursery if anyone wants to play it https://mega.nz/folder/0twwAQpA#dsveVu_DLAYuDU-U-0-_cg
Anyone have the Perpetual Change chapter 5 when I use the link it doesn’t work https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7456662/post/71782365
Do you have robo nanny 1 https://babybunch.itch.io/robonanny

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