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(59.57 KB 252x258 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT / General Discussion Baby Board owner 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:35:56 No. 5
Self-explanatory. Sauce request, random stuff and stuff that does not deserve its own thread should go here.
(591.49 KB 904x1083 Shrug.png)

Any ideas how to drive more traffic here?
>>74 I was thinking that it'd be best to shill it subtly in diaper threads on /aco/ and /d/ on Cuckchan, plus inevitably on 8kun as well since people from Julay who don't know that this even exists probably melted back in there. I've been holding off for now since I don't want new users to come here and then have all of the threads that they make wiped if / when we get our threads restored.
>>75 Makes sense to hold off then, but truth be told it wouldn't be the end of the world if transferring the threads over proves impractical.
(97.72 KB 1100x782 aurelia caption.png)

>>76 Yeah it's definitely not as essential for me as the political boards feel it is for obvious reasons. It wouldn't be a huge blow. If it starts taking too long it probably will be a good idea to start looking for people. The most autistic of us will obviously linger around but more casual users would be driven away by a lack of activity.
>>77 Yeah personally I think I've grabbed everything I want to keep from the julay board. I wouldn't mind starting fresh as I'm not sure having a bunch of legacy threads that no one actually uses anymore is really helping anyone
>>78 I can tell the guy to call it off, honestly. Probably not too big of a change, at least I'd think. We're pretty much an afterthought, admittedly. How many Julay guys do you think are here? It seems like it's mainly you and me, maybe one more guy. If no one will miss the threads I have no issue starting over.
>>79 It's ultimately your call, I'd say in addition to you and me there's probably two or three other people. After all only the people who read that anon.cafe thread know that we're here.
(136.24 KB 708x1200 wet and messy.jpg)

>>81 I posted some links on Julay, but who knows how many guys are actually even aware that spqrchan.xyz is even a thing. I think I'll call it off, I honestly doubt that many people will be crying over losing what is mostly image dumps and them talking about shitting their diapers during quarantine. The only things I want to save are the images that we've made, mainly. I'll make a dump thread again for what I have here soon.
Edited last time by Diap on 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:38:29.
>>82 Well if we get people here before the old board gets purged from spqr we can direct people to there if they're looking for something from the old board. In terms of art, I'll put mine up in the board-tan thread later today probably. Looking forward to making more once our hoppe-sama babies get established.
>>83 >Looking forward to making more once our hoppe-sama babies get established. Same. I’ve been playing with some new ideas recently that I’m excited to try.
(272.51 KB 742x883 RitaFollowsTheRules.png)

>>84 Always good
>>85 Great edit kek. Do we know where /ita/ is by the way?
>>93 That artist's works are all adorable, they make for good editing material. Rita.null went down it seems just like hoppe-sama, but it seems that there's a /ita/ board here so we'll see if that takes off.
(108.70 KB 1280x960 lucky star tamaefft.jpg)

>>94 It will be even better if the /ita/lians here are unaware of Julay /abdl/'s antics. And yes, one of you guys introduced TamaeFFT to me back on Julay not too long ago, I've fallen in love tbh. Very cute stuff.
>>98 the /ita/lians back on julay were pretty based to be honest, they even gave constructive criticism on some of the art.
>>99 They were pretty bro-tier just like /monarchy/, honestly. If only all of our babies were this good
>>100 Well, not all babies can be all well behaved, thats just how it is
>>101 Luckily we are here to make sure these naughty ones behave. I can’t imagine what would happen in our absence
>>103 Suffice to say spankings are inevitable
Just left a link on 4chan's /d/. Not sure how to approach 8kun.
>>123 Excellent, probably worth posting the same thing in the corresponding /aco/ thread there as well. 8kun is difficult because they already have an /abdl/ board.
>>124 I'll definitely post over on /aco/ too. And yeah, I don't want to make the 8kun BO angry, he already hated Julay /abdl/ for taking users or something.
>>125 It'll filter over to 8kun via 4chan, as much as they may not like to admit it most anons do browse both.
>>123 We're probably better off without 8kun /abdl/'s userbase, to be honest. Let's hope /aco/'s bullshit doesn't spill over here too, for that matter.
>>128 Ha yeah lets hope that this can stay a chill place
>>128 Yeah you’re probably right. The comfier we remain here the better.
So are we no longer going through the thread migration? I know we would have to nuke the board in order to do it so I'm holding off filling up threads. >>128 We didn't get too much problems when I advertised julay there, I think most check it out and leave because the PPH is not as active as 4chan, they also seem to love discord for some fucking reason. I don't think we'll be able to be as active as 8kun, but differentiating ourselves might get us some anons. I mean anyone can fucking download shit from twitter, tumblr, and pixiv and post it, but it takes skill to photoshop images and use it to bully boards.
(378.28 KB 680x923 BuzzBorderless.png)

>>128 It is strange how rabid the /aco/ and /d/ board get over some things. Especially if something you post on the latter is deem arbitrarily too "western" >>131 I am looking forward to the board bants, creating OC is definitely more rewarding and entertaining than just re-posting images.
(429.46 KB 213x201 angry_dome.gif)

>>132 Oh hey, nice beegir- >diaper fucking diaper niggers
>>131 >So are we no longer going through the thread migration? No migration, I had it called off. Feel free to post whatever now. >>132 Honestly screwing with the other boards and making fun OC was one of the only reasons I decided to even seek out a new place for Julay's /abdl/, alongside there being no great alternatives for general diaper content nowadays. >>133 A diapered baby bee makes it automatically much cuter than the original.
(921.90 KB 1280x960 BoardTanDrawingPractice.png)

>>134 We'll have to find some sort of replacement for the attention hunger games for the board tan stuff.
>>135 >We'll have to find some sort of replacement for the attention hunger games for the board tan stuff. Good point, I really hadn't even thought of that yet. We will have to do some thinking and looking. I've also been trying to think of some ways to continue being innovative and interesting with what we push out OC-wise. Still thinking, but I have a few ideas. That's part of the reason why I've been making shitty Integralists, editing alone is inherently constrained in some ways and practice makes perfect. Also nice recoloring! I had to think for a minute who the one on the left was for a moment, now I feel bad for not recognizing Rita.
>>136 Being able to draw original content is the dream but doing that edit was a nice break from practicing with my tablet. I like the integralist in the highchair pic, it was pretty cute.
>>137 What type of tablet do you have? I have a Wacom Intuos (the cheap one). I don't know if I really use it to its full potential with all of the line-pressure features it has but I don't know if I could ever go back to a mouse at this point tbh. I used to use a mouse and it was a hell of time trying to do anything even to the beginner's quality of the stuff I've posted here. >I like the integralist in the highchair pic, it was pretty cute. Thanks anon. I still think the arms and body look a bit strange, so that is something that I definitely will have to practice more. I will have to give my stuff to the /fascist/s once they settle in.
>>138 I have an old monoprice tablet, the pressure doesn't seem to want to work so that makes things interesting. I honestly should look into replacing it at some point.Its still easier to draw with than the mouse but I find the mouse to be far superior for doing the editing work that I do. Practice makes perfect, is /fascist/ coming here? It seemed as though they were just staying on anon.cafe.
>>139 >is /fascist/ coming here? It seemed as though they were just staying on anon.cafe Last I heard they were coming here with /monarchy/ and /liberty/. I think the Cafe's supposed to be their bunker. The guy I had reached out to about our threads is the guy helping them. Not sure how long it will be though Mouse is definitely better for editing stuff. The one thing that does look good on the type of tablet you have is that it seems much better size-wise, at least from the majority of the images I'm looking at here. Mine's like 7.5 x 6 inches and sometimes feels a bit small. I don't hold it or anything though I just lay it flat in front of my keyboard.
>>140 Monoprice is definitely appealing from a cost perspective. In the past it has served its purpose, the current problem is just the sometimes dodgy pressure drivers not playing nice with gimp I suspect. Having a small tablet can be nice though, doesn't hog a lot of room on the desk.
>>140 I haven't posted a public update in a day but the status is good. We found and fixed a number of bugs in the migration script. We have one more thing we are concerned about and want to fix if it's doing what we think it's doing. After that, we're going to scrape from Julay because the posts on Hoppe are a bit broken. They used the same script without our fixes and some stuff is just wrong. Haven't heard from either BO via e-mail in a couple days, but my understanding is /fascist/ plans to stay put until the migration occurs. I assume the other BOs are doing likewise. We'd just have to nuke their board to migrate them if they wanted to move now, so it works out. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the week.
>>142 >forgot to log-in
(75.43 KB 627x378 ClipboardImage.png)

(126.43 KB 308x552 ClipboardImage.png)

>>141 I usually use Photoshop and the pressure stuff works in there with the brush tool, but it doesn't seem to work at all in Gimp. Must be the program, unless you do get it to work sometimes. >>142 Good to hear that it seems to be going mostly smoothly. We love to bully those three and diaper their board-tans, so we're eagerly awaiting their arrival.
>>144 Well this is the "fun" part of open source software, I'll post the solution if I'm able to find one.
Someone over on /aco/ mentioned this place, and I decided to check things out. I haven't seen any mention of this place over at 8chan yet either. So far it seems interesting. I'm intrigued on the diapered board-tans. What's their story for a newfag like me? Or is they just something that sort of happened?
>>146 >Someone over on /aco/ mentioned this place, and I decided to check things out. Welcome, anon. >I'm intrigued on the diapered board-tans. What's their story for a newfag like me? I don’t know if you knew about JulayWorld, but that’s where we came from. The three biggest political boards there were /fascist/, /liberty/ and /monarchy/. Someone made a thread at some point called “Padded Reich” where we started posting diapered edits of various Nazi anime girls and diapered edits of Brenton Tarrant and at some point it naturally moved over to fucking with the political boards and entering them into stuff like the Attention Hungary Games with diapered characters and stuff. We became somewhat notorious over there. The three boards I mentioned are moving here too, so we set up shop early. If you can stomach extreme autism here is the threads we had: https://spqrchan.xyz/abdl/res/252.html https://spqrchan.xyz/abdl/res/2963.html
(309.96 KB 910x559 NewBannerMoe.png)

>>146 >>147 Good explanation but if I may add some more context. The "Attention Hungary Games" was a periodic event on the Julay/meta/ board where the various boards could enter themselves and engage in some fun interboard banter. The winner of the games (which were entirely RNG) would have a slogan they chose in their entry post displayed at the header of every page on the site until the next hunger games. The entries were open to everyone and done on a first come first serve basis. Naturally this meant we could "assist" the other boards and put in their entries for them with the art and slogan of our choosing. And so the possibility of having a board win from one of our entries and have a silly slogan, such as "padded princesses" for monarchy, at the top of the site linking to their board was endlessly entertaining. Some boards saw the humor in it while others threw tantrums. Also, the board-tan's are just pretty cute so its fun to make diaper edits of them, pic related.
>>147 >>148 Well shit, that is a crazy set of events. Entertaining as fuck, though. Thanks for the explanation, hopefully any new anons will appreciate the summary as well.
What is /abdl/‘s favorite crossover fetish with diapers? For me it’s crossdressing. I’ve never yet combined them in real life, but I keep getting the urge to and it won’t go away. I might have to give in and buy some clothes soon
>>155 Cross dressing and sissification are good, but spanking is probably my favorite, often in conjunction with the former two. Definitely give in and order the clothes
>>144 I think I've identified the issue. The tablet is using Microsofts drivers instead of the proprietary ones. Possibly because the latter is having compatibility issues. As for why your tablet wont work with gimp, did you go into preferences and explicitly enable it as an alternative input device? Otherwise it'll just treat it as a mouse. Wacom tablets are amusingly the example all the guides I've found to enabling pen pressure uses.
(456.23 KB 1280x1808 mikuni atsuko trap.jpg)

(1.19 MB 3122x3456 schoolgirl diaper.jpg)

>>156 >but spanking is probably my favorite, often in conjunction with the former two. Good taste, I've always been a spanking fan as well. That's probably why I was such a fan of pic related due to diapers, spanking and crossdressing. >Definitely give in and order the clothes I think I definitely will in a few weeks. I said it back on the sissy thread on Julay's /abdl/ but the desires seem to have become a lot stronger while I've been sitting around inside the last few months. I'm going to have to think what type of clothes go good with diapers. I've been thinking either some sort of cute dress or just basic seifuku. I get excited just thinking about it
(54.89 KB 882x479 ClipboardImage.png)

>>157 >The tablet is using Microsofts drivers instead of the proprietary ones Think you can fix that? >As for why your tablet wont work with gimp, did you go into preferences and explicitly enable it as an alternative input device? Otherwise it'll just treat it as a mouse. Oh, well that solves that problem. I don't use Gimp that often except for when making gifs, but who knows when this could come in handy. Thanks, anon
(1.53 MB 1024x1058 ClipboardImage.png)

>>159 I have one of the littleforbig seifuku onesies, its cute but the material quality is just okay and doesn't stretch much. Definitely not on the same level of quality of ODU or Little Laboratory. Might make a onesie/clothing thread in a little bit. >>160 No problem, making things work in open source problems is part of their bizarre appeal for me.
(161.76 KB 266x368 ClipboardImage.png)

(223.53 KB 287x367 ClipboardImage.png)

(60.03 KB 790x1011 sissy mirror.jpg)

>>162 I assume what you have is like this then? That is pretty cute, especially if you have a nice diaper and other accessories, I bet. For me especially I feel it sucks because I particularly like the baby girl angle, but the more niche and weird you get the higher the prices and more rare the clothing actually existing. I'll have to explore my options though, I'm sure your thread, if you make it, will be helpful
(241.13 KB 1731x2370 1589858197198.jpg)

>>155 The amount of fetishes that crossover with this one are numerous for me. Generally speaking, I'm probably most into the humiliation aspect of things, but diapered MILFs and Mommydoms are close by as well. Diapered shortstacks I'm finding to be pretty awesome as well.
(112.23 KB 2149x1733 peak female.jpg)

>>166 >Mommydom I got into this partially from /r9k/ mommy gf posting. Just imagine having a gf with a body like pic related who would change your diapers, let you suckle at her breasts and make you call her mommy Do girls like this even exist IRL
>>167 Yeah, that shit makes me diamonds. It's also why I started trying to actually write abdl smut stories (well, currently just one story and it just a fapfiction.) Hilariously enough, I finally got the "courage" to do it after an anon over at "cuckchan" said "Write your own story, you know your fantasies best." Took that shit to heart. But yeah, Mommydom is sweet as fuck.
(357.82 KB 686x1000 Ara.png)

>>166 >>167 I'm pretty confident that there are women out there into that, or at least willing to give it a try.
>>170 >yfw no big tiddy, padded mommy in your life. Seriously, why even live?
>>170 I definitely have hope in regards to that, unlike some of my more extravagant fetishes lolidom + diapers All it takes is finding a girl who's kind of in to gentle femdom type stuff who could be steered into diapers. Reminds me of a girl I know that has always been sort of subtly dominate with me even though I'm older. She would have been perfect. >>168 I'll read your story if you're willing to post
(651.28 KB 1185x1550 ClipboardImage.png)

>>173 Because some day you might! Personally I prefer the CG to not be diapered but to each their own.
>>175 Oh I'm fine with them not being padded either. I just like contradiction of someone that is considered mature and motherly wearing the same thing as her baby.
>>176 One compromise that I think can work is the CG wearing white diapers while the little is only allowed patterned ones.
>>177 Hell yeah, sort of like a "My diapers are an accessory, and yours are there because you are just a baby." >>174 Sure: https://archiveofourown.org/works/19314274/chapters/45941704 >A WoW ABDL story, really? I blame my autism, but I had to get these thoughts down to paper somehow. Anyway, as long as people have a good fap to the story then I'm more than happy to share. If people like the story, then that is an add bonus.
(565.25 KB 1500x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>201 That smug grin gets me. Somehow even though she's wearing a diaper too, I'm still way more embarrassed.
>>155 This kind of lite-ish, forced diapering and crossdressing is my favourite. I'm extremely jealous of these two captioned images especially.
(1.50 MB 1500x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

(506.10 KB 675x900 ClipboardImage.png)

(440.68 KB 675x900 ClipboardImage.png)

>>202 That artist does have some pretty good pics
>>203 I wish stuff like the first caption was an actual thing, I know what you mean when you say you’re extremely jealous haha. I’ve had fantasies about being a full time baby girl for a while, I’d adjust to that life quickly
(731.72 KB 1074x1517 pc7047_1330259626_petichan.jpg)

Anyone watching streams of niggers rioting? Things are getting very comfy.
>>237 There’s nothing more comfy than watching a good nigger riot rage from the comfort of my desk while padded
(232.73 KB 748x886 GraceTimeout.png)

>>237 >>238 Migration of boards delayed due in part to rioting apparently, uncomfy
(66.47 KB 981x1021 integralist face.png)

>>242 >niggers are literally disrupting /abdl/'s fun now Very uncomfy
Didn’t see a diaper thread on /d/ but I think I’ll shill one more time next time there’s one up.
(1.94 MB 3000x3352 GracePyramid.png)

>>268 There's been a bunch lately on /b/ which is hilarious, although I wouldn't shill there. There was also a merunyaa thread populated by people with no idea what kind of art she got popular doing.
>>269 Diaper threads on /b/? Interesting. Usually it’s just 3DPD and loli. I like this change of events.
(34.47 KB 400x400 pepe cp.jpg)

>>271 >another /abdl/ Just what we needed..
>>271 I don't know too much about Josh, Kiwifarm or why infinity failed but I know he pissed off Jim so I guess he's ok.
>>273 You know, to my way of thinking, having your embarrassing porn board hosted by a guy whose main website is about punishing people for liking embarrassing porn is not really the wisest of moves. Although, I will say that have all these people competing for /abdl/ users is funny.
(89.45 KB 304x243 a09.png)

(74.80 KB 249x161 a10.png)

(80.63 KB 280x318 a11.png)

(160.44 KB 578x288 a12.png)

(96.28 KB 313x285 a13.png)

>>275 How do people find this arousing?
>>276 Don't know, but there's no question that furries are where all the commission money is.
(1.00 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Whats everyone wearing today?
With all these /abdl/ alternatives popping up, which should be the main one? >>238 Amen >>282 Slipped on a Littlepawz after work
>>284 I'm not sure to what extent there can even be a "main" one. Although if this one joins the webring it will probably be the one I use the most. >>282 Tykables today
>>284 >With all these /abdl/ alternatives popping up, which should be the main one? SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST
>>74 >Any ideas how to drive more traffic here? Spam this site on every diaper related video on youtube. There are pooping videos on youtube, there are AB/DL reviews on youtube. Horny teens watch this videos. Post link in comments and they will come here and get redpilled
>>282 Abena M4s. Boring, but comfy for long Internet-browsing sessions. >>285 I’ve heard that joining the webring is the plan, but I don’t know when they plan on doing so. I hope they do though.
If I wanted to start to wear 24/7, what's the best diaper? I'll be using it for both things... also, any tips for 24/7 wear? Share your experiences pls
>>303 Northshore supremes are a pretty good daily from what I've heard, as long as you don't mind all white all the time.
>>307 Medical-looking ones are probably better in case I get found out--I can always get a cloth cover anyway with babyish prints if I want. But Northshore aren't easy to get here. Is Tena Slip Maxi/Abena M4/L4 any good?
>>312 M4's are pretty good plus they start out pretty thin so they're easier to hide if you're wearing out and about, no clue about the Tena Slip Max though
(631.35 KB 1470x960 chaz.jpg)

What would abdl chaz resemble? Obviously no portopotties, replace medic station with changing station. Discussions for expanding will take place in the jungle gym after we have established control of all medical stores near our proximity.
>tfw I’ve had two dreams where I’m thickly padded and possibly a girl or at least crossdressing in the last week What the fuck is happening to me
>>331 Only good things, obviously means you should do those things when awake too
>>340 It’s tempting, I liked the dreams. They weren’t even particularly sexual, more comfy. It was a casual wearing of both the diapers and the girls clothes. I’ve had the fantasy of being a diaper sissy for a while but have never acted on it yet. I tend to get ashamed but always seek it out again. Believe or not I had yet another diaper dream last night. I don’t think I was a girl but I can’t remember. I know I was padded and was attempting, to no avail, to wet myself. I really had to go, but nothing would come out. When I woke up I had to piss IRL, so I’m glad I was able to satisfy my urge in dream, who knows what consequences that would have had lol
(608.29 KB 700x1026 SillKimino.png)

>>350 > I’ve had the fantasy of being a diaper sissy for a while but have never acted on it yet. You should give it a try, its not like its harming anyone and you might find that you really enjoy it. Just be warned, sissy clothes can be very expensive
(157.94 KB 1024x1354 sissy.jpg)

>>353 Do you do any of this stuff yourself? What do you own if so? I don't know if I'll get sissy clothes necessarily, but like women's clothes that looks sort of childish or particularly girly. That might save me some money, not to mention that outside of diapers I'm interested in and have enjoyed wearing panties and stuff in the past so there's the dual use potential. I'm figuring if I buy stuff like that and pick up a few girly pacifiers and bottles to go with it I'll be for all intents in purposes a diaper girl able to regress well
>>359 As in sissy stuff? Well I have some socks and skirts and the like but I've not yet committed to a proper dress or anything. I've been meaning to pick up a frilly diaper cover one of these days but the trick is finding a good one.
Is this /int/?
(2.03 MB 1200x1600 open door embarassed.png)

>>495 Yes
(178.40 KB 728x1039 Mare.jpg)

You know how the maids forced Mare into a fancy dress in this Omake? The idea is that the maids force Mare into diapers and into using said diapers
(697.41 KB 800x984 mare diaper.png)

>>498 I'd read that tbh
>Astronauts wear diapers. >Therefore, all space is littlespace
>>497 How to get a diaper bulge/contour this thick?
>>74 The best way would be to use this board instead of others. The more traffic there is on this board, the more people will come.
why are there no diaper / abdl-stickers on Telegram, Threema or Whatscrapp?
>>595 hit up the babyfurcommunity.org telegram
>>595 Does Threema even do stickers?
Just started playing around with VRChat. Any recommendations on where/how to find diapered avatars to wear? Specifically diaper lolis? I've seen screenshots of them so I know they exist.
(14.09 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>271 >bright pink overlay >brighter purple thread boxes >dark blue font choice Dear god...
Where's the best place to meet people to talk in depth with about ABDL and similar stuff one on one? Sometimes I get the urge and try out Omegle's ABDL tag but it's a mixed bag. All of the guys are sex-obsessed freaks and the "girls" are all trannies. I don't mind trannies and am into sissy stuff myself but I'd at least wish they'd be upfront about it.
>>772 I've faked being female most of the time I've been on omegle. I wish everyone didn't care so fucking much about talking to a female. I don't think they even go on there, and if they do they already have an abdl partner. I've tried being honest and saying I'm male, but almost every time people deny, and the times people accept they are super creepy/weird and want photos. I'm just like you, I want an abdl friend to talk about abdl with. The only genuine conversations I get are when I lie.
>>783 Yeah, you've basically summed up the Omegle experience, especially in the abdl tag. The only place where males aren't treated like dirt there are in the sissy and feminization tags and even there they instantly wants pics and stuff, it's very frustrating. I've pretended to be a female a lot in the abdl tag too despite my complaints about being tricked, but I think every guy there has at some point due to how annoying it is to be a male on there. I don't know about you but I mainly want someone to just casually share diaper art with and talk about about random related stuff more than whoring myself out.
>>772 >>784 bdsmlr.com has a messaging feature, its also somewhat active and has some ABDL content That's my best suggestion
You know what I really hate? Slow leaks in a diaper. Its like when theres some tiny pinhole leak that doesnt really leak a lot, but just enough to be noticeable.
Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this. Any suggestions on a good magic wand make and model? I look all over the web but it seems to be full of knock offs that aren’t powerful or break easy. Hitachi doesn’t make theirs any more and the company that took over production for them has apparently dropped the quality according to reviews. Any suggestions? Quality is more a concern than money to me.
>>985 Iv been using a thing that wasnt even intended as a magic want, its supposed to be a back massager. Its old but I've also repaired the power cord twice now.
Iv got this really strong "I want to play in the basement on the fresh, clean carpet with a model train set and just casually piddle in my cloth diapers any time I need to go, even if its only a little bit" kind of vibe right now and I dont know what to do with it.
Looking to get an idea about where people are and all that https://www.strawpoll.me/20836838
(94.57 KB 1500x1000 51239057_p12.jpg)

(450.87 KB 2150x2671 EhebQLdXkAA0Moq.jpeg)

(451.13 KB 2150x2671 EhebQLfX0AEKDeB.jpeg)

Happy Cirno day!
Can I ask why the general is pinned? Maybe this is just a me thing, but if I didn't check it regularly, I wouldn't know if it had new posts, since you cant tell if it has been bumped. bumping is how I tell when a thread has new stuff in it usually.
Anyone in contact with the BO? He needs to login so that this place doesn't stay abandoned.
>>1111 Nice quads. I'm here. I hadn't been coming here since the activity is so low. I'm up for thinking of ways how to grow it and get more users. >>1081 I'll unpin it and see how that goes.
>>1112 I don't think there are any plans in joining the webring so figuring out a way to get more activity sounds like a good idea.
>>1120 It's a shame, but some of the webring drama that pops up occasionally at least makes it slightly understandable. I wonder what the best thing to do is. What I've done in the past is mention this place on Cuckchan's /d/ but I don't know how effective that is.
>>1120 >>1121 >>1112 I think that if other boards start to censor their stuff more we will see an increase in traffic for sure. Other than that, I think we just need to periodically mention this place exists, or find out if people do or do not already know it exists. That, plus if we have more activity here, then it will tend to draw more activity. I think the main reason we dont see more people here is because other boards already exist elsewhere. If they were all the same, that would be fine, but I really disagree with the idea of censoring stuff on an ideological level. Also I think a couple people have mentioned being afraid to post some content on other boards because they dont know if it would violate whatever new rule was getting people banned, so they just wouldnt post it at all. So long story short, I think it would be a good thing to get more activity here, and I think that if we just try to get more stuff happening here it will make it easier. I try to have as much of my activity here as I can to that end.
Oh, and another thing. On 4chan and 8chan, when you hover over the time stamp of a post, it will tell you how long ago it was. Is that something that can be enabled here, or no?
>>1129 >That, plus if we have more activity here, then it will tend to draw more activity. That's definitely true. I made a few new threads today to try to kickstart some interest, so we'll see where that goes. And it goes without saying that other anons should do the same if they have some good thread ideas. I'll have to try to namedrop this place sometime soon where I can. One potential draw for here would probably be loli. 8kun has cracked down as far as I know, and of course on 4chan you can't really post it either. >>1130 I don't think that's something I have control over, but I'll be sure to check. That'd be nice tbh
>>1137 forgot tag
>>1129 The people who browse 4chan and Reddit /abdl/ who also know about 8kun already are aware of this place because of the sticky on 8kun that links to here because of the loli ban. We could try advertising it on other forums like dailydiapers, abdlstoryforum, adisc, and fetlife. Usually there are threads where people ask where they can find art or have sections just for posting links. Dailydiapers unironically has boomers though. I don't know shit about Discord or the abdl communities there but that can also be another place assuming we don't advertise on the ones that may or may not creating drama on /aco/ threads.
We should aim for as much posters who are into 2D as possible.
I like the idea of name dropping, but I think it is possible to overdo it. We dont want to look desperate, like we are trying to force it. I dont think we are currently at risk of doing that however.
>board gets a bit more activity >whole site implodes Figures. I hope we don’t lose too much
>>1204 > I hope we don’t lose too much I dont think we will honestly, as long as we make a post every now and then letting people know the current status. Were a bit better off than when 8chan originally went down, because there wasnt a popular fall back board then, where now we have 8kun and all that, plus our tor servers never went offline, and the clearnet ones are back up in a limited manner now I believe.
I’ve been chatting with some 20-yo girl from Omegle who lives in my area into diapers. I hope this goes somewhere even though I doubt it will.
>>1317 nice. good luck!
What is it about this particular moment in diaper changes that just makes me melt?
>>1367 It's a vulnerable moment. If it were any other situation, it would still be adorable; someone presenting themselves, their privates, their most hidden of spots to you. No covering, no hiding. They're just waiting for you, trusting you. It's like an animal showing you its belly, its weakest point; it does so only because it trusts you, knows you'll do no harm to it. Now, during a diaper change, it's amplified. Normal underwear is thin, minimal; provides no protection; it only obscures from view, and even still, it's often tight enough to reveal every shape underneath. But a diaper is nothing like that. It's thick and bulky, not only blocking sight of what is underneath, but also hiding the shape; a diaper has its own shape. Even its thickness provides physical protection, a layer of padding to soften any force. And yes, it does protect from leaks. With that gone, pulled away, the person is left entirely defenseless. Nothing there to prevent touching or seeing, nothing is hidden, and the risk of leaks is at its highest. But they're waiting. They're waiting for you, the person they trust. They presenting themselves and waiting, entrusting you to care for them. They need to be wiped clean, and wrapped once more in their thick protection, lest they create a mess on accident. They know you're looking. And you have every opportunity to touch, to take advantage of the situation for your own pleasures, but you don't. Instead, you fold them tightly into their diaper. You protect them, like a continuous hug. At least I imagine it's something like that.
(713.41 KB 960x1280 1.png)

>>1367 That's my favorite position for a girl to be in as well. It's gotta be something about how vulnerable they are like that. Plus it's something a bit embarrassing (therefore a bit cute in my mind) about having wetted or messed one's diaper and getting someone intimate with you to gently clean it up and diaper you up again. >>1385 did a pretty good job.
>>1385 >>1386 That explains it. I think I might have a trust fetish. That might not be the right word for it. I crave the trust of others, if that makes sense. Few things make me happier than knowing that someone trusts me completely, and I enjoy moments when they demonstrate that trust, either directly or indirectly. It just makes me... happy.
What's the best plastic back diaper in terms of feel. I tried Bambinos Teddy and I wasn't pleased with how it felt. I want something that feels like the diapers I would sneak when I was a kid. It was a very buttery smooth plastic. I haven't tried tykables or rearz. I'm thinking rearz since they're on Amazon. Opinions?
>>1442 the diapers tykables has marked as having the "toddler tuff" plastic might not be what you are looking for if you are going for buttery smooth. Its very strong and feels good in my opinion, but its not super smooth. its not rough, but it has a sort of rugged texture. I would still recommend trying it though. Megamaxes also are pretty smooth I think.
Just dropped a link on Cuckchan /d/, hopefully that will be good for us. We’ve been slow lately
How long has this been a thing on 8kun? Jesus
>>1460 >sees someone post on 1/2 chan with we know in that topic as a reply I do wonder why you would stay on there then when there are full boards for the subject at hand?
>>1476 I don’t know about other anons, but all of my fetish interests aren’t covered by ABDL, so I hang around /d/ and occasionally check out the omutsu stuff
(6.43 KB 300x168 8coomer.jpeg)

>>1474 Since the renaming of the site. Almost all of that sites traffic is from a hidden board for qanon shit. Obviously Jim is going to try to monetize off that. Image related are the people who still go there, everyone else moved on. >>1476 I can see staying on /d/ if you had multiple interest like >>1480 mentioned. Still doesn't help that most pictures can't be posted there because most of it is loli/shota. Posting ckaoto's art will get you banned depending on whether the person banning you wants to enforce the rules, which often times feels random.
(6.29 MB 3024x4032 hold.png)

>>1481 Being on a lolicon on /d/ is suffering. It really sucks that so many places have cracked down recently too, thinking of 8kun in particular. At least we are still safe here. On that note, I'm gonna go advertise on /aco/ as well.
What would everyone think of including omorashi, wetting, peeing, desperation, etc in this board? There was a board for it on the original 8chan, but it was pretty dead. It might help bring traffic to us as well. Just an idea.
>>1484 I’d be cool with that. It’s an interest of mine and I’m sure of many others here too, not to mention that it’s really not *that* far off from some aspects of ABDL. I’ll wait to see if other anons have any comments or opposition to this first, but I’d be totally fine with that.
>>1484 I would say just make a topic for it but I'm not the board owner. Though I guess board owner don't mind lol >>1486 >>1482 I mean they just doing what they did with shota now with loli I guess. Still a stupid thing in general. You can't even look for a game where you play as a young kid anymore on both /v/s in some areas w/o some ass thinking you want the stuff and getting you banned. It is crazy how drawings are illegal in some areas and I can tell you right now I don't like seeing anything sexual with loli or shota but it pisses me off that people are banning it. Such a waste of resources and time if it isn't real. >>1480 ah fair enough. I guess with /d/ being on a bigger site some new stuff might be posted there before it hits here.
>>1487 It's just more puritan hysteria that results in things like loli and shota getting banned. It's already bad enough in real life if you're a twenty-something guy who wants to date an eighteen year old, or if you admit any girl younger than 18 is attractive (I'm not even talking about pedo stuff here, I'm talking about like 14-17 year olds). It's ridiculous and that same attitude is taken over onto drawings, for which there is even less ground to bitch about
Who else cannot get enough of person A saying something like "Pee-yuu!" or "phew!" or just "oof" upon either entering the room occupied by person B or checking/changing their diaper. But they are actually really grossed out by it, they're just teasing in a good natured sort of way. Or, if two littles are involved, one of them messes and the other makes an exaggerated "Eeeeeewwwww!" and their both just sort of giggling about it.
(270.68 KB 1280x858 smelly 2.jpg)

(76.87 KB 500x820 smelly.jpg)

>>1535 I really love that type of stuff as well, especially where it involves two littles. Just imagining those scenarios makes me smile.
Somewhere there was a discussion on the impact of disposable diapers in landfills. We really dont need to worry about it.
>>1535 >But they are actually really grossed out by it meant to say "But they are actually NOT really grossed out by it"
>>1536 What about when there are two littles and the CG smells something and asks which one of them pooped? And then they both say it was the other one, but they actually both did!
Consider: Little goes out trick or treating while diapered up. But! Its not because they normally have accidents or anything, its because they get spooked by the big kids in the scary costumes and end up wetting themselves a little bit!
>had another dream about diapering and babying a female friend Always feels weird, but I wake up erect
>>1587 I had a dream the other night where a whole bunch of random people in my dorm were wearing diapers, like, openly.
>>1589 Do you have diaper dreams a lot? I’ve been having them more often recently, every few weeks or so
>>1593 they come in phases for me. Right now Im not really in a on phase. Other than the dream mentioned above, I havnt had any for weeks that I can think of. There have been times where diapers are involved in dreams on a daily basis though.
Looking for a story: >MLP (yay ponyfaggotry!) >diaper TF >diaper use/messing IIRC >it involved Rarity >it was on Pastebin and 8chan Anyone?
>>1595 Had a diaper dream last night. Some family members suddenly had a tot in diapers (dont actually have any family members with kids that young, so not sure where that came from, dream logic I guess) and in the dream I wanted to snag one of their extra pullups they had brought to a family gathering, but couldnt because for some reason covid prevented me from getting at them, but somehow didnt stop the gathering.
There's this doujinshi on Pixiv I found that I really want to share. The main character is a female Braixen. The full doujinshi is apparently on the author's Fanbox, but there is a preview on Pixiv. Here's a link to the preview: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/69812337
Does anyone else have a serious thing for being regressed and placed under the care of a sweet and doting /ara/? This is my ultimate fantasy: >Be a successful, dependable manly husband to a loving, feminine wife >Can't have kids of our own, despite her wanting them >I develop incontinence over time, and no other option than diapers has any significant effect >At first deeply insecure about my diapers, but my wife goes to great lengths to comfort me and reassure me, even offering to wear and use diapers in solidarity at one point, and standing up for me when other people raise a stink lol about them >Over time I become more confident, and we become closer >I notice at my next check-up that I'm losing a few inches off my height each month, and my incontinence is getting worse >Uncontrollably start using words like "baba", "doodoohead", etc. at a moment's notice, causing my wife to chuckle (not in a mocking way, but as though she finds it endearing) >This begins to exponentially increase in prevalence, and within the next two weeks, I wake up as a fully-regressed two-year old >There is no medical explanation, so it can't be reversed >As the regression takes hold, I start acting and thinking more and more like a little kid, and my wife takes all of this in stride >She feeds me, changes my diapers, dresses me, plays with me, holds and cuddles me when I wake up crying after a bad nightmare, etc. >Not once complaining or getting angry, only giving me timeouts and scoldings when I go full temper-tantrum >I'm now too young to stay legally married to her, so she annuls the marriage and adopts full custody over me >She now has her baby, and I now have the ability to regress away from all adult responsibility >I never lose memory of my pre-regression state, but find I don't miss it at all
>>1645 I'm sure there are some ara aras who are looking for baby boys to take care of instead of lewding them. Having a single office lady witnessing my regression and adopting me sounds nice. I'll admit I never liked the endings to Sebtomato's AR stories since they all seem to focus on the negative aspects of being regressed like strongly resisting the regression or memory wiping. Having the chance to relive your childhood in a nurturing environment while being aware of who you were before the regression sounds like a wonderful experience if one is willing to regress. Sure things can get awkward at first but being dependent on someone to take care of you should bring back those childlike tendencies of not caring.
>>1645 Certainly, my biggest fantasy is pretty similar to what you describe. Physical regression into an incapable infant with a loving but stern mother figure who takes care of my every need, is my legal guardian and owner of all my former property, and who handles my discipline. Part of the fantasy seems to be related firmly to new physical limitations: I really like the idea of being left in a playpen, crib, or baby bouncer and left to ineffectually cry or fume until mommy decides to let me out. A pacifier and a threat of spanking will keep me obedient and quiet if I'm too fussy. Can't even work the buckle on my carseat. That kind of thing.
So, the Doujin that I'm looking for features a loli and her brother, who are at the lake to swim. The loli's swimsuit is really small and tight on her, due to being one of her older swimsuits. Eventually, she needs to go to the bathroom, they make their way over to the bathroom, and then the loli has trouble taking off her swimsuit because it is so tight, so she asks brother to help, and then she ends up having an accident with her swimsuit halfway off. Can someone help me find it?
>>1702 Never Mind, I managed to find it. Here's a link: https://hentai2read.com/my_swimsuit_is_too_tight/
>>1647 >Having the chance to relive your childhood in a nurturing environment while being aware of who you were before the regression sounds like a wonderful experience if one is willing to regress. This. I was never into the intense, super-strict mommy type, personally; I was always into the smiling, nurturing, enthusiastic, reasurring type, which unfortunately can be pretty hard to come by in ABDL materials. Keeping my memories intact would be paramount to being able to revel in what was happening, too, as otherwise I would be no different from a normal two-year old. Not to mention I'm just really uneasy about the idea of amnesia, anyway lol. >Sure things can get awkward at first but being dependent on someone to take care of you should bring back those childlike tendencies of not caring. That's true. I suppose for me, though, the real draw is the idea of a totally non-judgmental environment, coupled with the somewhat selfish idea of having someone willingly focus all their attention on me and only me. I could completely relax in every sense of the term, without worrying about any type of inhibition or rejection. >>1694 >Part of the fantasy seems to be related firmly to new physical limitations I can definitely see the appeal here. For me, again, though, it's more the idea that such limitations are put there because my "mommy" loves me and wants me to be safe; it's the idea that I'm the sole focal point of her existence, and, due to my dependence on her for every daily task, she of mine.
(32.30 KB 654x527 sad apu.jpg)

>meet someone on Omegle who likes lolis and diapers as much as I do >we talk and trade hentai for hours >he says we'll talk again soon and that it was fun >he hasn't replied in days It hurts bros
>>1709 > it's more the idea that such limitations are put there because my "mommy" loves me and wants me to be safe I think I share the same fundamental idea here, just that I have a mildly more strict vision of what love is. It's not so far as sadistic, but firm. I want a mommy figure who makes it clear that even though I'm the most important thing to her, she's in charge and that I'll be happier if I submit to that all-encompassing authority. She's not a slave or a nanny, she's the queen of my now very small, diminished world. Since I am now too little to do much of anything on my own, it's the least I can do to devote myself to being her baby wholeheartedly. Any corrections are part of the same psychology - It's not surprising that a grown man reverting to an infant would have some ungrowing pains. Expectations of being able to choose one's dinner, clothes, or bedtime. Frustration over child locks. These disagreements do not escalate to compromises between equals as husband and wife, but rather to a unilateral decision handed down by a guardian to her baby, with corrective force if necessary to ensure compliance. In short, mommy knows best.
Well, I tried magnesium citrate. It wasn't quite as excruciating as some of the normie stories you hear about it but it was intense. No effect for the first five hours really, at which point I completely lost control of my bowls and messed myself in a very floodgate-esque manner. There were two major releases over the course of the first forty minutes with continual smaller messes between. I was thankful to have an absorbent diaper on! I actually had concerns that it would render me bowel-incontinent for the night, which was really bad because I made the extremely poor planning decision of trying this with only one diaper on hand. So it became a question of... do I sit in the messiest diaper I've ever experienced all night for safety (blowout or leaks plausible) or chance a cleanup? I chanced cleanup. At about the one hour mark I began to feel like I could hold it and had another major movement directly into the toilet, still all fluid. Out of concern I've made a makeshift diaper from an old towel just in case, though. My impressions are mixed. It was certainly a remarkable experience to feel totally helpless to keep from messing my diaper, but I don't think I really enjoyed it that much. I've never been huge on messing in general but I've decided I much prefer passing solid logs and feeling some weight and bulk back there as opposed to an absolute swamp on my backside. This stuff will liquefy everything in your intestines, be warned.
>>1745 Hopefully it won’t come to having to use a makeshift diaper! Reading your story, it definitely sounds like an interesting experience to be functionally incontinent for a limited period of time, but I’ve come to the same conclusion regarding messing. The experience of solid messes are much more enjoyable and fun for me than liquidy ones. Those are often a turn-off for me. The smell too is not agreeable to me when it’s liquidy either. It sounds like it might be fun to try just to see what it’s like, but definitely wouldn’t be a regular thing for me
(2.27 MB 2792x2700 jewfu diapered 2.png)

(250.91 KB 500x839 jewfu diapered messy.png)

(506.74 KB 1125x1071 1597617147729.png)

Poor Negev must be having a tantrum right about now.
If anyone was using yiff.party, it seems there's a replacement up at kemono.party. I don't see any diaper artists on the list yet, but it's still early days.
I just realized something, or perhaps I just found words to describe what I always knew. I want to mess my diaper and change later because I feel like changing, or change because it starts to feel icky, or I start to stink and I dont feel like being stinky. The point is, I dont want to change because I am worried that someone else will smell it. I want to change because *I* want to change.
>>1912 This is why I can't wait to live alone. It sucks being an ABDL when living with family or roommates.
I can recognize Pixiv filenames when I see them, but is it possible to look those up in any way and find the source?
>>1984 I dont know personally, but Im sure there is a way to do it, or at least narrow down the possible source form "every image on pixiv" to some subset of those images. Assuming each number is unique among the whole website, the number alone should be able to identify the source, but I also know that the address includes the uploaders profile name as well, so that might complicate things.
>>1812 Europeans have been changing Jewish diapers for centuries
>>1984 Just go to: www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/[number] where [number] is the first number in the filename.
(153.66 KB 539x657 47507232_p0.png)

>>1990 Thanks, I appreciate it,
(328.39 KB 1920x1493 ElXOkW_UUAAbj-c.jpg)

(103.33 KB 918x1024 EkX3O-oU4AAp_GO.jpg)

(84.43 KB 1024x638 EkX3O-mU4AAQmdL.jpg)

That artist people like in the loli thread has some pretty cute personal photos too tbh
So I just had this idea, and it might be super cringe, but I wanted to see what others think. A device which simulates being totally unable to detect your need to use the bathroom. Basically the idea is to have some sort of small, inconspicuous device strapped somewhere on your body which contains liquid and/or some simulated mess. It has a small tube running into the front of your diaper, and at some random time it empties its liquid supply into your diaper. The same idea goes for messing, but not sure how you would make it feel believable. Obviously it wouldn't be like the real thing, but might be an interesting experience. Thoughts?
>>2006 I've had some similar ideas. One is a hollow buttplug with a motorized valve inside which would be connected to a control unit which would open it at random. If you gave yourself a large enema and then inserted the plug you'd have no idea when you were going to start filling your diaper. The pipe probably wouldn't let solids through easily, but it would work for simulated wetting accidents or very soft messes. Add a little vibrating motor and you could even make it into a sort of potty training game. You get a little vibration to warn you that you need to run to the potty, then a short time later the valve opens whether you're sat on the potty or not. Technically you could do the same thing with a catheter, but you'd have to mount the valve mechanism externally. In both cases though you lose the sensation of your pee/poop actually coming out. I'd also like to experiment with a TENS machine to disrupt either fine motor control or bladder control. Assuming it works and is safe, that would lead to a much more realistic sensation of helpless wetting.
>>2021 >I'd also like to experiment with a TENS machine to disrupt either fine motor control or bladder control. Assuming it works and is safe, that would lead to a much more realistic sensation of helpless wetting. I tried this very briefly once, and didnt have any success. That being said, I was using old worn out pads which didnt conduct very well and only tried placing them very briefly, all in all it was very far from ideal circumstances. The one thing I know you are really not supposed to do is have it directly on your spine, but obviously follow whatever directions it comes with. It might be worth looking at a diagram of nerves to see which ones branch off to deal with the bladder.
God, I love the sensation of farting in wet diapers so much! I've been in a megamax for the past 8 hours and keep tooting and its fantastic.
(2.64 MB 1748x2480 85050635_p0.png)

Can anyone help me find a story I started reading a few years ago? It might have been on https://www.asstr.org/ but I can't be sure. Searching for various keywords hasn't turned up anything. The story was about a young girl (maybe about 11) who wet her bed a few days before her birthday. As punishment her parents arranged a baby-themed birthday party for her and invited all the guests to help humiliate her in various ways. It was a very cruel story, but it was well written and I don't like the idea of it being lost forever.
Has anybody heard of this website before? they look like they have really good prices on adult cloth diapers, but Im wondering if it is too good to be true? https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22
>>1079 >Diapers are for babies! >Wearing pull-up diapers like a kid I remember having that mentality hard when I was 3. I was in such a rush to be grown-up, I almost wonder if that's related to me having this fetish.
It's that time of year where I again debate to buy diapers but almost inevitably don't
(128.81 KB 1269x748 DJs1HHaU8AAU_gD.jpeg)

>>2146 I had a huge complex about being seen enjoying anything immature or babyish when I was younger. >>2148 What's stopping you?
>>2153 I live with people so I feel like I’ll never be able to enjoy them to the fullest extent
>>2155 Enjoying them to any extent is good though, right? I'd only avoid buying yourself a pack if you think there's a significant risk that they might get discovered by your housemates.
So I haven't started on figuring out where this is. General overview of the pic says this wasn't cheap, the floors, seating, decor and overall construction of the room indicates to me that cost wasn't an object for the owner of the space. If the painting in the back of the room is real that'll make this easy./ Gut instinct is telling me playboy mansion.../
>>2168 An ant farm. At least that's who the picture's for.
Can we get a troll flood on the ABDL chatovod site? Mods are ruining my fun.
>>2146 >I remember having that mentality hard when I was 3. I was in such a rush to be grown-up, I almost wonder if that's related to me having this fetish. My feeling is that it's what you describe--that complex of being caught being "babyish"--plus objective, real reason one's being held back, leading to a complex. For me, it was bedwetting/daytime accidents (brought spare underpants with me to school until 15, seriously). I had a mom who babied me a bit tho
so school is starting back up in about a week, and I feel like i havnt really gotten a chance to really enjoy being diapered. Hardly worn at all in the past week already. It seems like every time i do its a quick, rushed thing and I dont get the chance to enjoy it. Anyone else experience that, and if so how do you get around it?
>>2269 Well I put on a barnyard with a booster this morning. I didnt go when I first woke up like I normally do and I just completely flooded it. One of my main problems with wearing for longer periods of time is that I never seem to get anything else done while wearing. In an ideal scenario I would just find a day where I had absolutely nothing to do and could afford to write off a whole day, but Im not really likely to have one of those anytime soon. Even when I do have days where I decide to just relax, I seem to end up feeling bad and regretting it at the end of the day. Right now though Im just not in a position where I can afford a full day off anyway. Does anyone have any tips for wearing diapers while still being productive with other things? The stuff Im doing is pretty much just writing reports on a computer.
Anyone else here ever play around with Daz Studio? I really like to pose and diaper characters on there but it’s really annoying how I can barely render any of it because my computer is shit
>>2297 I've never used it but I'm curious what's stopping you from rendering scenes. Usually having a more powerful computer just makes the process faster. Does it require some very recent version of OpenGL or something?
(1.79 MB 1250x1000 school3.png)

>>2299 The main way to render from I have seen so far is a way that uses the CPU to render it, and that gives super high-quality near photorealistic results when it works, but that crashes when that happens nine times out of ten for me, even when I go as far as to shut down everything else on my computer and to turn the priority in Task Manager up to "high". Maybe there are other options that I can use that work for rendering, I was intending to look this up soon. I've only been playing around with the program for a week or so I don't know too much about it. The girl in the pic attached was rendered with the OpenGL option, and this is actually a pretty low-quality render, You can see how it still looks kinda plastic and glossy even though it's a good model. I'll have to look into. If I can't solve it, it would be unfortunate, but the quality of the model in the program itself is good enough where it's mostly good enough for jerking off to even without rendering
Did regular 8chan just go dark for everyone else? Looks like they're finally cracking down on it? How do I explain to the US government that I don't give a shit about QAnon or /pol/ I just want a diaper porn board that doesn't crack down on video sharing?
>>2302 I just tried it and it is working for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were to get taken down very soon. I'm already fairly certain that what is going on with Tor right now too is due to the government. >How do I explain to the US government that I don't give a shit about QAnon or /pol/ I just want a diaper porn board that doesn't crack down on video sharing? Kek
>>2303 >I'm already fairly certain that what is going on with Tor right now too is due to the government. What is going on with tor right now? And how would the government be involved? Also is this site at risk for being shut down for the same reason 8kun is?
>>2307 >What is going on with tor right now? All v3 onion addresses were unreachable due to an attack on the Tor network. For me yesterday Tor itself was still basicallly unusuable for some sites with how slow it was, and other people have said the same thing. >And how would the government be involved? Have you seen what is going on in Burgerland? The problems line up almost perfectly with the social media purges and Capitol protests. Fishy to say the least
>>2302 My antivirus is going off when I go there. I pretty much just want to visit diaper boards in general so yeah just great.
Message on 8kun: # Please prepare your visitors for a tor only experience — by administrator at 01/11/21 (Mon) We may be deplatformed and TOR will be the only way to access 8kun at that time. http://www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/
>>2308 > Have you seen what is going on in Burgerland? The problems line up almost perfectly with the social media purges and Capitol protests. Fishy to say the least Yes, but how could the government even accomplish something like that? I thought one of the big things about the tor network was it was super decentralized and so really difficult to take out like that?
>>2324 >I thought one of the big things about the tor network was it was super decentralized and so really difficult to take out like that? lol
>>2325 Can you elaborate please? How would the government even target those specifically?
>>2316 Strange that the message was only briefly shown, short enough for anons to get lost if the clearnet site does go down although the tor address is on the front page. Hotwheelz has been trying to get the site removed ever since the El Paso shooting and if the feds actually consider this Qanon boomer shit a threat, then I wouldn't be surprised if the site goes down before Inauguration day. >>2307 There's no Qanon or heavily active /pol/ board here so we should be safe. >>2328 It's known that some of the tor nodes are controlled by 3 letter agencies.
>>2335 >It's known that some of the tor nodes are controlled by 3 letter agencies But even if they deliberately took those offline, wouldnt the other non government controlled nodes be able to take up the load?
Something that I have never done before as an abdl is to wear a diaper, then, when it is full/ready to be changed, change out of it directly into a clean diaper without putting underwear on in between. I feel like I should try that soon.
Also, I really want to put a diaper on right now and mess myself. I havn't pooped in like 2 days and I usually go once a day. But I think what I really want is to put a diaper on, mess myself, then have my house to myself with no other people around so I dont have to be paranoid about others noticing. But I feel like this is gonna be such a good poop...
>>2364 Well, it WOULD have been the absolute perfect mess. Large, semi firm, so soft enough to sort of deform and mold itself into the available space and create a little mound on your bottom, but not so soft that it gets everywhere and makes an exceptionally gross mess. Did I mention it was very large? Unfortunately, it would have been rather difficult to get it out in a diaper, and would have been fairly uncomfortable. This is one of my big issues with messing. I want it to be firm, but if its too firm then you have to push really hard to get it out, and it ends up hurting. Not only that, but it kind of takes away from the innocence of it. Its hard to imagine it being accidental or being unaware of it when you have to push really hard for a long time, and also end up having to shift your hips around trying to make room and all that. But at the same time I dont want it to be really wet and runny and all that. Am I just making my diapers too tight? Part of the problem could be that I usually mess only after Im already pretty wet, so there is less space in the back. Or is that not really a thing? Anyone else have this issue?
>>2365 It's fun if it's on purpose too though. Like imagining being a naughty toddler and hiding behind a piece of furniture or something to do your business instead of telling mommy you have to go poopy like you've been told. Even better getting caught mid-poo and having to make up silly excuses- like that the dog did it.
>>2369 >Like imagining being a naughty toddler and hiding behind a piece of furniture or something to do your business Somehow I never thought of it like this while actually wearing, even though I have certainly thought of it at other times. Will need to try this now. Another fun idea like that would be temporarily going in your pants on purpose because of being somewhere without easy bathroom access, so parents just tell their potty training toddler to use their pants for a while.
Wearing a tykables cammie right now. I put it on as soon as I woke up. Once I had the tapes all just right, I sat up and almost immediately peed myself. If I didn't live with others, right now I would be laying on my tummy in bed typing this on my laptop just like I am right now, except I would also be in the middle of pooping. After which I would continue wearing the same diaper while going about the rest of my day like normal and not change until I was more or less full. (unless it started to itch or become uncomfortable or something) Instead, I'm just gonna go do my business in the bathroom instead, then put my diaper back on. Such is the life of an abdl still in college I suppose... I tried ordering chlorophyll capsules online (as well as psyllium husk capsules) but in both cases the ones I ended up with were really big and I hate swallowing big pills...
>>2381 Still wearing the same diaper... About to go to sleep in it too. Haven't used the toilet since this morning.
>>2385 Woke up at 8:30 this morning and had to pee. Completely flooded it while laying on my back with my legs up in the air so it would mostly run down into the back of my diaper where it wasn't totally soaked already. Amazingly, I didnt really leak. I had a towel under me just in case, and it did get a bit damp, but that was mostly from "oozing" rather than "leaking" if that makes any sense. I have now wet this diaper 10 times in total, and havn't used the toilet in 24 hours at least. (not counting pooping) Unfortunately, I cant really sit in it or it will slowly leak. Also I need to go again, and there is just no way on earth it will take more than just a dribble.
>>2392 >I have now wet this diaper 10 times in total, and havn't used the toilet in 24 hours at least. (not counting pooping) nice, fertile ground for fungal growth. as an advice, have fun but also have control on how you fun. you wouldn't want to be the person who goes to a urologist or a dermatologist because of dumbsht like this.
>>2395 >have fun but also have control on how you fun I do, I took a long shower right after this, and also was careful to monitor how my skin was feeling, ie wasnt starting to itch and didnt feel like it was soaking wet against my skin all the time. Also I probably wont wear again for at least a few days after something like that.
>>2392 >not counting pooping You're not messing? It makes long-term wearing a completely new experience anon. DO IT
The scenario where people don't get potty trained until turning 18 or something is imo likely. I mean, kids are turning up to school these days not potty trained, at least in the Uk, see articles... disposable diaper companies have to recognizee there's a lot of money to be made by keeping them in diapers twice as long. 4 yrs rather than 2 yrs = 2x profit; soon it'll be 8 yrs (and 16 years, "but bedwetting can continue till 18 and it's not a medical issue before then, so don't worry parents"); etc Good or bad thing??
>>2408 I cant because others nearby.
>>2409 I don't think it's likely you'll ever see kids routinely wearing diapers beyond age 4 or 5. Teachers don't want to deal with that shit, parents don't want to keep changing their 6 year old's diapers, and psychologists all agree that it's child abuse to delay potty training for too long. The few cases you hear of are widely condemned. It's fun as an alternate universe fantasy where you can imagine humans having a slightly different set of average personality traits (higher disgust threshold, less regard for children's dignity, etc), but I can't see it happening any time soon in our world. >Good or bad thing? I'd say it'd be a good thing, but I'm obviously biased.
>>2415 The one scenario I could see something like that going beyond 4 or 5 would be in a future society where a population lives in a zero gravity environment. Potty training becomes much more complicated in zero g, and accidents are far more catastrophic and have the potential to do actual serious damage (computers get wet, accidentally inhaling liquid, etc) So I could easily see potty training being more delayed, and also taken much slower once it starts. You would want to be absolutely sure your kid would consistently make it to the toilet before switching out of training pants, so I could see older kids wearing some sort of training pants for longer, even if they dont regularly use them.
>>2417 I don't see humans living in zero g for long periods either. Any society with enough resources and technology to build a space station large enough to house a permanent human population can easily spin it up to produce 0.1 or 0.2 g without any great engineering difficulties. Producing full Earth gravity might require more advanced materials, depending on the size of the station, but you only need a fraction of that to make liquids easy to handle.
>>2415 My experience has been that if it makes money, society will soon adapt, because that's how society goes. I mean, if you suggested to a parent 20 years ago kids might wear until 4-5 you'd be laughed at. I think the age of potty training has been and will be extended (to infinity?)
>>2421 I suspect that most of the change that has happened so far has been due to improvements in diaper technology. Modern disposables are far less of a hassle than cloth diapers and leak far less than early cellulose-based disposables. Then again, I could be completely wrong. I hope I'm wrong.
I don’t understand women at all. I met some girl on Omegle and we’ve been having all sorts of weird roleplay scenarios about diapers, but if you ask her if she gets horny in her diapers she gets awkward and says it makes her feel guilty to masturbate. Fair enough, but she then spends several hours talking about filling her diapers with warm pee, making them swell up between her legs and even doing a roleplay where I’m her diaper and she throws me into the trash with poopy toddler diapers. Like how is sexual talk uncomfortable when it’s clear that this is indirectly sexual and perverted in some way? She’s the one who introduced half of the bizarre aspects (which I like). This is my surest proof that she’s really female though. A guy or tranny wouldn’t do this at all. /blog
I cant tell if these new threads are spam or a genuine attempt to produce more activity. The board has been slow recently. I think we may be in the stage of "Im not posting stuff right now because nobody else is posting stuff" or, alternatively, "I'll post something when there is some new activity to interact with" but in both cases, everyone else is waiting for everyone else to make the first move. I suspect if we get more stuff going temporarily, higher post rates will return naturally.
>>2730 I think it’s an attempt to get people posting and getting content posted. We have been pretty slow recently. I’ve been meaning to try to make some banners I even made a thread but I never got around to it. I’ll have to make a few and maybe some others will contribute too
Anybody else wearing right now? This is super comfy, just laying here on my tummy doing some calculus assignments and piddling myself every now and then. (is anyone else having issues posting? I complete the captcha and it just sits there...)
Another unrelated thing, do any other boys find that their "bits" can get really tender after using a vibrator of some kind on their diaper? Any ideas on how to prevent this?
>>2781 I wish I was wearing. I'm just looking at hentai instead. And yeah I got the stupid thing where it wanted to do a verification on the post before letting it go through and earlier it was getting stuck for me.
>>2783 Unfortunately I cant wear for more than another couple hours. I was only a little bit damp, so I just drank a TON of water. Hopefully that kicks things into gear and I end up a little soggier. Although it ends up meaning going through a diaper super fast, I love the sensation of having to pee every 15 or 20 minutes from drinking a ton of water. I might also try using a bit of plastic tube and siphoning warm water into my diaper if I really start to run out of time.
>>2784 I hope you ended up nice and wet yesterday, anon
>>5 I found this video and want to look for the source. The video has watermark of the creator, but this channel owner faggot covered it with their own watermark. https://invidiou.site/watch?v=KiIHZiREGDI I think the original watermark reads @piyo_himenon but I can't seem to confirm it, @piyo_himenon is not a twitter username (or no longer is) so I may be wrong.
>>2797 Those cute noises she makes make me insta-diamonds when combined with that diaper
(3.20 MB 4032x1728 dips.jpg)

I'm just posting this for some fag on halfchan so don't mind me. The pics on the right are of other people that I've seen around the internet
(76.12 KB 1280x720 watch?v=KiIHZiREGDI_0001.jpg)

(81.36 KB 1280x720 watch?v=KiIHZiREGDI_0002.jpg)

>>2797 It looks like @piyo_hinanon to me.
>>2797 It's the cursive writing on her original watermark doing that. As >>2816 pointed out, that's supposed to be @piyo_hinanon.
>>2816 >>2817 Thank you, gentlemen.
Is anyone else able to post on 8kun? I havn't been able to post there either normally, using a proxy, vpn, or tor for probably 2.5 days now. It just keeps saying "unknown error" or "your post was probably still submitted yada yada yada" (but isnt). I cant even get it to give me a captcha. Also my tor browser tonight just couldnt connect to the network for some reason. I know 8kun's days are numbered, but Im trying to snag some stuff off of a torrent on their video thread, and Ive been running qbittorrent in the background for 3 days now and havn't gotten anything. A guy there said he was seeding, but I dont see what I could be doing wrong...
Also, speaking of 8kun, do we have a backup/bunker in case 8ch goes down? I feel like 8kun is not gonna last much longer, and once they go down im afraid all the qanon people are gonna come here, and we'll have the same issue. I think we need to have a plan or protocol of sorts in case this place goes down, and make sure everyone knows what it is (like with a sticky or something). When the original 8chan went down I basically had no clue where anyone went, and it really sucked. It's nice just having a casual place like this to talk, share, and generally interact with others without having to be concerned what others think.
>>2865 We don't have a backup at the moment. It would probably be good, but the real question is where would we go. The main reason we exist here is that we were just able to create a board ourselves, but on many other of the current alternatives one has to ask the site admins for permission, something which is never in our favor due to the nature of our board. If there's nowhere else to go the best alternative is some sort of (dare I say this) Discord or something Do you (or anyone else) have any ideas?
>>2864 >Is anyone else able to post on 8kun? I havn't been able to post there either normally, using a proxy, vpn, or tor for probably 2.5 days now. It just keeps saying "unknown error" or "your post was probably still submitted yada yada yada" (but isnt). They probably disabled posting again because a spammer flooded /qresearch/ (again). The attacks have gotten worse since two of their global mods resigned, and the database rollback done some weeks ago when one global deleted all of /qresearch/ made everything unstable as hell. >Also my tor browser tonight just couldnt connect to the network for some reason. Some glowniggers who own rival black markets have been DDoSing the entire Tor network for weeks as part of a war between them. All v3 onion domains are noticeable slower because of this. >once they go down im afraid all the qanon people are gonna come here They won't. The extreme hatred towards them and the loli boards act as repellents. If 8kun goes down they'll probably go to Endchan or 9chan. >I think we need to have a plan or protocol of sorts in case this place goes down, and make sure everyone knows what it is (like with a sticky or something) Agreed, and this is something every board should have.
>>2869 I think what we might do is ask the admin on some other site like you said, with the condition that we not actually post any of the content that they are uncomfortable with there. We can use their site to distribute information, but not actually put anything objectionable there. Its basically a temporary notice board until we get something else figured out.
>>>2871 Might be willing to host something like that, assuming it is only information distribution.
another idea might be some kind of totally decentralized communication system, I know p2p systems are a thing but I dont know enough to speak intelligently about them.
I was doing some calculus homework the other night and I kept fidgeting with my hair with my left hand. I can be a bit anxious/fidgety at times, especially when Im concentrating on something like I was, and it can end up making my hair get all frizzy and wild in that one spot. I was trying to think of what I could do to stop myself from doing that (simply making myself stop works for about 10-30 seconds before I start doing it again without realizing it). I have never been one for fidget toys and the like. Its like they either dont provide the same sort of stimulation/level of distraction or I end up focusing on them more than what I am actually trying to do. After thinking about it for a moment, I had an idea, and just stuck my left thumb in my mouth! Im normally not much for thumb-sucking (although I did it a lot when I was little) but this felt really nice and had the added benefit of keeping my free hand occupied and out of trouble! I kept smiling and giggling to myself whenever I thought about it, it just seemed so silly to be sitting there doing some very big-kid math while sucking my thumb like a little kid. I ended up keeping it there for the entire rest of the time I was working on the assignment! I was really surprised at how I could simultaneously feel fairly little while also still being able to work on very non-little activities. I would have thought it would have created really bad cognitive dissonance and eventually one or the other mindset would have to win out, but they just peacefully coexisted. Was actually a really nice experience. Its a pity I cant do that while taking tests or quizzes in class...
>>2890 That's pretty cute. I'll have to try that next time I'm fidgety
>>2363 I love having a wet diaper and grabbing a new one out of the package, it's mildly embarrassing and I love it
>>2900 oh gosh I never even though of it from that perspective, I was just thinking of wearing 2 consecutive diapers. Getting the clean one out of the package while your still in the wet one just adds a whole new layer! Im definitely going to have to try this now.
>>2890 So over the course of about a week I have gone from >> "I've tried it before but thumb-sucking doesn't really do anything for me" to >> "Thumb-sucking is a nice little tool in some scenarios as a sort of fidget activity" to >> "I enjoy sucking my thumb while doing some things, but I am mostly doing it to keep from fidgeting" and last night I reached the point of >> "I felt an active desire to suck my thumb while laying in bed just because it feels good, not as a fidgeting mechanism" Based on this trajectory, I theorize that the next phase will be >> "I am currently sucking my thumb because it feels nice and stopping would actively feel bad/uncomfortable. followed by >> "I would like to do something, (play a computer game, build something, etc, anything that requires both hands) but I can't right now because I'm sucking my thumb" Am I experiencing some kind of snowball effect? Do I need to be worried about this? Am I going to have to consciously make an effort to not suck my thumb in public soon if this keeps up? You see lots of stuff about paci's in ABDL stuff, but I dont see thumb sucking mentioned/referenced very often. Any ideas why? Or am I just not noticing it?
>>2920 I am enjoying hearing about your new habit, anon, so be sure to keep sharing. You're making me want to become a thumb-sucker myself >You see lots of stuff about paci's in ABDL stuff, but I dont see thumb sucking mentioned/referenced very often. Any ideas why? Or am I just not noticing it? It's not just you, I don't notice it much either for some reason. No idea why
2:50 might be one of the most interesting abdl video moments I have ever seen... https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e889aef52176
>>2955 also, to clarify, I mean interesting in a very good way.
not really diaper related, but does anyone else sometimes start wanting to stop doing something they know they actually want to do right before they actually do it?
>>2964 The closest thing I do to that is having something I want to do a lot, but being lazy and for some reason not doing it even though it would be more worth my while.
So I am sort of considering bringing a diaper back to school with me after a weekend home. The only issue is that I live in a dorm. In the past I would never even consider it, but this semester I dont have a roommate. I have mostly online classes, so there is at least 1 or 2 days a week when I literally dont need to leave unless I want to eat something I dont have in my room. (I have a mini fridge and microwave) I might not even necessarily use it, just wear it, and just in my room. And if I did pee in it, I could just use a copious number of black trash bags and take it out with the rest of the stuff. (messing would be totally off the table though) I already have a small bottle of baby powder up there (although you could easily explain that away) and also a pair of ninjamas that I totally cant fit into, but an actual diaper feels like a whole new step. The whole reason I am even considering this at all is because with covid, the school is doing everything they can to discourage students from leaving campus, and so I am really only at home for short periods of time and infrequently at that. And if there was ever a time when I would want to be able to wear, even just a little, it would probably be now. Is this a stupid idea that I will later regret or should I go for it?
>>2975 Oh, and if I do it, should I bring a megamax or a cammie?
>>2881 Try Session by lokinet
Ive been in a cammie since late morning/late afternoon and Im pretty wet now. I sat down for a few minutes (had been laying on my bed or doing other things before) and when I got up I had leaked a little bit around my butt on both sides. Just the pressure of sitting on the big slab of wet diaper sort of slooowly caused some pee to get squeezed out and leak. This seems to happen with me a lot. Is it unavoidable? I have noticed that the way cammies fit me, the front of my legs forms a really good seal, but the back where it wraps around by where your legs start to transition to your butt often has a bit of a looser seal that I cant figure out how to get/keep tight. Im not sure if its just cammies or if its basically all diapers though. There is still a pretty decent amount of capacity left (I think) as long as I dont sit on it or apply pressure. Is there a way to take advantage of this, or do I just have to either limit myself to not sitting or just accept I will have damp spots around my bottom?
Has anyone else been having issues with pixiv starting roughly last night?
>>2998 I don't see any problems on my end. Hopefully that means it's fixed now
(35.94 KB 720x720 skooldoodleslipon_720x.jpg)

Anyone tried the new and supposedly "re-engineered" pullups from Bambino? I know the magnifico ones they used to sell were terrible but curious about these.
>>3004 I havn't heard anything about them, but at first glance it looks similar in design...
>>2975 No reason not to, what's the worst thing that can happen. Someone might think you're wierd? If you're concerned about that just bring some medical looking ABDL diaper
Would anyone be interested in any sort of RPing thread? I don't know exactly what I'd do, but it'd be some sort of age-regression thread with casual RPing. It might be fun to roleplay as diapered lolis and shotas together, but with no real set or formal order of doing things. Up for suggestions as well!
>>276 They don't
>>3563 Why is there so much of this garbage being made then?
>>3562 I would be interested in that. Dont know if I would be any good at it, but might be worth a shot.
>>3564 It's like old men playing golf; they'll purchase things that do not produce erections.
Why does it seem that the diaper fetish and scat go hand in hand? I like diapers and find them sexy in a way but peeing in them or worse is not really what I'm into. Peeing is still acceptable for me, pee is not rly disgusting imo but poop? pls no. I'm mostly lurking but the poop stuff makes me want to quit most of the time, what is the appeal?
infantilism or/and shame, humilation
>>3604 A big part of it is definitely humiliation, but it also helps with the feeling of safety and lack of responsibilities. One of my favorite fantasies involves being a little kid wearing diapers and restrictive clothes which I can't remove on my own. The part I like most is that it removes any expectation of making it to the toilet. No matter what I do or where I go, the result will be the same in the end. It's an extremely liberating feeling. Adding an asterisk and a footnote saying "except pooping" really detracts from that fantasy.
>>3604 It's probably because diapers are made for holding poop. Personally, I think poop is icky but if I want to feel really little, it goes into my diaper. It's impossible to feel like a big kid after I mess my pants, especially if I do an enema because it will result in an entirely helpless experience. But it doesn't turn me on, it makes me want to cry and clean up as quickly as possible. So I do it to feel little, but I'm not interested in mushing it around and using a messy diaper for sexual pleasure.
>>3604 I'm into pooping and messing, especially when it's in diapers. Wetting is pretty nice, I like how it makes the diapers warm and swell, but for some reason I've always enjoyed the idea of people messing, and messing myself as well more than wetting. I also wouldn't mind changing someone's diaper, either. I just like how humiliating and infantile it is, and how it makes the one who does it smelly. It is gross, and that's part of it. I'm not really into poop by itself.
(277.50 KB 620x603 87205928_p0.png)

What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? I think my favorite is when they look very rounded, almost spherical, and with a relatively tight, firm feel to the exterior. I don't really know why, but the idea of a diaper being tight fitting and made of quite firm material is really appealing. Also, now that I think about it, I much prefer seeing diapered butts than diapered crotches.
>>3621 >What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? We are very similar. I love thick, bulky diapers, ones that are extra crinkly. A big bonus here is if the diaper makes it difficult to fully close their legs, giving them a little waddle. > I much prefer seeing diapered butts than diapered crotches. That is how it is for me as well. Seeing big diapered butts is really what propelled me down this path in the first place, I really liked how they looked.
>>3621 >What kind of shape and feel of diapers do you all consider ideal? I like diapers to fit me really snugly. Not to the point that it feels tight, but I want it to sort of just fit my body and apply pressure evenly across it if that makes any sense. For example, I dont really like having a waistband that is super loose, even if the diaper as a whole is very secure. I think its just that feeling of security that I like; I want to feel totally confident that no matter how I move or what I do (both inside the diaper and otherwise) that Im not going to end up leaking out the sides or the top or splitting the plastic or anything like that. I also really like the feel of how the back of the diaper sort of wraps you from behind. Like the spot thats below the hip that transitions from your butt, but is sort of on your side. Having that just covered feels really good to me for some reason. I generally like discretion with diapers though. Ideally, it would make no sound, but could still be big enough to stick out above my waist band as long as I have a shirt or pants that can keep it concealed. I think a big part of that is from not having my own place yet though. On my own, I wouldnt mind the noise or bulk.
Male Term Tiers (Lowest to Highest) >"Guy" Worthy of cringing. Tries to avoid the mature and biological air of man, but does not commit fully. Gives the impression of an indolent college student. Avoid. >"Man" Fine but uninspired. Best if used as a neutral descriptor, becomes worse if used to add a dramatic flair when one is not needed (ex. "nature of man"). Also known for it's deprecatory cousin, "Grown man." Use to fill up normal speech. >"Boy" Transcendent. Matches the common female descriptor "Girl." By its very nature it is almost guaranteed to not take itself too seriously. Also fully commits to the youthful ambiance that "Guy" is too hesitant to claim (and ironically is less infantalizing than that term). Use sparingly as your power level dictates.
>>3604 kind of going off of what >>3607 was talking about, I like the kind of head-space it creates. One of the things I like about being diapered/little/regressed the most is the sense of being totally carefree/unconcerned in general, and that extends to bathroom activities as well. Like, imagine being a little kid, around toddler age, and you are probably at least partially aware of your need to pee/poop, but you havn't started potty training yet. When you have to go, you just stop playing or running around for a moment and use your diaper, then go back to what you were doing without a care in the world. Not only is there no expectation for you to use the toilet, but the idea of peeing or pooping anywhere but your diaper has just never crossed your mind. Whenever you have to go, you just go in your diaper without a second thought. Where else would you even go? Thats just the way the world works for you. Again, like >>3607 said, the humiliation is also a part of it for me. I dont think I would call it that though, more like "shyness" or "embarrassment". When you pee in a diaper, there usually isn't any super obvious sign to tell others (or yourself, to some extent) that you peed yourself. Sure, some diapers have some sort of wetness indicator, and eventually the swelling and/or discoloration would make it fairly obvious, but if you are wearing pants, that is mostly hidden. And while there might be some smell from pee, it usually isnt all that strong, and if it is noticeable at all, it probably wouldnt be noticeable right away. You could be playing with legos or something in the same room as a big/cg (or even right next to them, like playing a board game or something) and wet yourself and its very possible that they would have no idea. They know that over the course of the day you are wetting yourself, yes, but they don't know the exact moment it happens. With poop on the other hand, it is pretty much *instantly* obvious to everyone nearby that something is happening in your diaper. First of all, they would probably notice you pushing, but even if they dont (either because they weren't looking at that moment or because you were able to be really subtle/sneaky about it) then within a very short period of time they will probably smell you too. I think that might be one of my favorite things about it, because you cant hide the smell really. All you can do is blush and wait for them to say something. As I said, I wouldnt say I like feeling humiliation, but I like feeling shy, blush-y, and bashful about it. Like imagine being simultaneous shy/bashful/embarrassed cause you pooped yourself and "Ewww, poop! pee-yewww!" but it also being treated as a silly, giggly thing at the same time. Another side is the lack of control. If you use a laxative/suppository/enema/etc, you can basically remove your ability to control it, and that sense of helplessness does things for some people who like messing as well. I sometimes like to do this and try to hold it as long as I can, like genuinely try my best to not have an accident. This also compounds with some of the other things mentioned above, especially if it ends up being noisy as well. The noise/smell takes something that we normally see as a private activity and makes it much less private, because others are now being made aware of what is happening down there more or less in real time, and theres not much if anything you can do about it. A big/cg can watch you squirm and become increasingly more visually desperate, starting out with just acting a little weird to having moments where you hold really still while you have to try really hard to hold it in, then eventually progressing to the point where you are just constantly dancing and squirming to keep from having an accident, then you get to the point where you are practically shaking with the effort and finally just physically not being able to help yourself anymore and totally losing control in your diaper. Personally, I dont really like the mess part of it. It IS gross, but personally I am mostly able to put that part of it on the back burner of my mind and just not worry about it in the moment. For the most part, as long as everything stays in the diaper, and I don't feel like there is any risk that anything will get out, I am fine. There are also different kinds of mess, some of which are less "messy" than others. I personally prefer a mostly firm mess, because it doesn't get everywhere, doesnt stick to your skin, and is pretty easy to clean up, but at the same time is soft enough that its not too difficult physically to get it out into your diaper. I also usually clean up by taking a shower. I just wipe off the worst of it with the diaper itself, then spray anything that didnt come off with the shower head. Unless you end up with a "messy" mess, there usually isn't actually all that much to get off. The big thing though is that I'm not actually touching anything with my hands.
This is probably a really strange thing to think about, but as a guy I am very interested in what its like for girls to pee a diaper. If you've got a shlong, where it points and how large it is has a huge impact on the sensory experience of wetting, and for some reason I really like the idea of girls not having that extra variable to think about. I think it's a combination of the hole being in one spot so it removes that bit of uncertainty about what direction things are pointing/should be pointing, plus its more tightly pressed up against the face of the diaper, so you end up peeing *into* the padding instead of just releasing a stream that just goes in whatever direction until it hits something. I've tried to get a feel for where the stream would originate for girls based on anatomy books and websites, with what feels like limited success. As best as I can tell, its like right below where the sack on a boy would be, angled slightly forward, but its harder to get a feel for where it points and all that when laying down, sitting, standing, on hands and knees, etc. If anyone is able to provide some incite into this, I would appreciate it.
Does anybody else often feel like they want to get diapered, but it just never feels like the right time? I feel this especially with messing. I would love to just diaper up right now and just relax and let whatever happens happen, but I dont feel like I have the time or privacy to really enjoy it right now. And other times when I actually do have to go, and I do have enough time and privacy, I just am not in the mood. Anyone else get this?
>>4038 Pretty much this.
>>4038 I can relate. It sucks
>>3610 This is why I use microwaved bananas. Gives that mooshy feeling with the warmth and it doesn't feel disgusting
>>4044 okay... as someone who enjoys sitting on his own mess... no.
Has anybody tried the new XL goodnites? If so, how did they fit you, and what size waist do you have? I actually have a sample but Im sort of scared to try it. It sounds dumb I know but I dont want to try it on and find that it is nowhere close to fitting me. I wear a 36 inch waist at the moment and have large thighs. I'm a bit overweight right now as well, so I'm hoping that I am at least close to fitting in them semi-comfortably because that means I have a decent chance of fitting them after I lose weight.
>>4044 my dyslexia meant on the overboard this post looked like "microwave a baby"
>>4107 I can see how that would cause someone to do a double take
Did this board ever have a "childhood experience" thread? If so did it get removed?
>>4128 We did on Julay but no one bothered to make one when we moved here.
I'm starting to think that my "little" age is around 10 to 12, or I actually just want to care for someone around that age. Or I want to care for myself at that age, like I am in both roles simultaneously. And also just throw in diapers cause, ya know, abdl. I think I really enjoy comforting others and/or being comforted, but it's almost like Im too insecure to be comforted about something Im insecure about, and so I do so vicariously by comforting others? I think thats why bedwetting has such an appeal to me, since its usually something that you feel insecure about or just need help with. Does any of that make any sense at all? Can anyone relate? How can I scratch this itch?
>>4138 I think my little age must be somewhere in the 4-8 range, but I completely get what you mean about wanting to be in both roles simultaneously. If it was even remotely possible I'd love to make a copy of my own mind with the body of a little girl and quite literally play both roles. I also feel I want to comfort and reassure others, particularly in relation to this fetish. I've always felt very embarrassed to be seen enjoying anything childish or immature, so the idea of helping someone embrace their little side is really appealing to me.
I don't even exist in my own fantasies. I just imagine small situations with random characters doing stuff and acting in ways that imply a world with a greater abdl acceptance. Like wearing diapers to movie theaters being casually talked about(seriously, not as just a joke).
>>4152 98% of my fantasies are the same. I'll pick some fictional setting, usually from anime or manga, and come up with scenarios in which some of the characters end up wearing diapers, having accidents, or doing other embarrassing things. More often than not it's some kind of dom/sub play between two or more characters. I tend to enjoy myself vicariously by imagining how the submissive girl feels. It is really fun to imagine worlds where ABDL stuff is more widely accepted. For example, one where kids don't normally start potty training until 1st grade, or one in which high school girls wearing diapers under their uniforms for fun is about as shocking as if they were going nopan. I'm not into settings where everyone wears diapers all the time though. The submissive character needs to feel at least a little bit of embarrassment from her predicament even if everyone around her is totally supportive.
>>4156 > needs to feel at least a little bit of embarrassment from her predicament even if everyone around her is totally supportive. I get that. I'm not really into dom/sub stuff that much (I dont really *dislike* it, but it just doesn't really do much for me normally), but I really enjoy the idea of supporting someone. There's a sweet spot for embarrassment though. Too much, and they are just inconsolable or genuinely unhappy which I don't like, but if they are not at all shy or embarrassed, then there isn't anything to comfort them about or help them through. An incontinent or bed wetting 10 year old that is 100% confident and doesn't feel any embarrassment or anything really, they wouldn't have anything to be comforted over, no need for someone to reassure them that it's no big deal if they need to wear goodnites to bed, no need for someone to just pet their head, put their arm over their shoulder, or just give them a hug every now and then, etc.
I finally tried on one of the new xl goodnites, and it actually fit! It was admittedly a bit snug, but once I lose some weight It should be even better. Now I have something to motivate me to do that finally!
Can anybody give me a good reason why I shouldn't 3D print a hollow but plug for myself and try it out?
>>4271 too late. Its done.
>>4287 i eagerly await the tale of how you either poisoned yourself with resin or have to pick shattered fdm from your anus
>>4288 eh, nothing like that happened. I did forsee a problem I didn't think about and took preliminary measures to combat it. The issue is that the model will have lots of ridges, making it next to impossible to clean. I basically put a bag through it to protect it, but its not a long term solution. Im open to suggestions.
>>4302 >>4288 Also, I only made the hole inside 0.8 inches cause the largest thing I've stuck up my butt until now was a toothbrush. This means that only soft messes will work with it probably, but I can live with that for now. It just makes it even more critical to find a way to completely seal the thing on all surfaces so that its easy to clean and de-smellify.
So I have made a rudimentary "accident simulator". Its basically a solenoid water valve that is controlled by an arduino, and it randomly opens for some length of time and allows water to pass through. I need help with a few things though. First, how do I store the water until its ready to be dispensed? I think having a little bit of pressure will help, so my current idea is to 3d print a little reservoir with two openings, one to attach the small water tube onto, and the other that I can put a balloon on to add a little bit of pressure. Second, how do I keep the water warm? The most brute force method would be to have a little heating element in the storage container, but that would make this thing that much more complicated. I think my current route is to just try to insulate it well or something. The third issue is the easiest to deal with. How long do I program it to wait before an accident occurs? How big of an accident should it be? Basically I just have it generate a random number between x and y, and it waits for that many ticks with the solenoid closed before opening it up for z ticks. (ticks are currently 1 second, however they can be made longer if needed. Basically its just so I dont have to deal with an overflow breaking the timer). Im thinking I want to make the size of the accident related to the time its been since the last void. Also, the size isn't actually measured in how much water comes out, but in how long the valve stays open. the Last problem is relatively minor, and there is some indication that it will go away with a slightly pressurized water tank like the balloon would offer, but it seems to pull a decent amount of air into the line. Ive hot melt glued all around the openings so I cant figure where its getting in other than inside the solenoid itself at this point. But yeah, the things Im most interested in feedback on are the frequency and size of the wettings and how to keep it warm so it feels like pee. Should an accident happen every 5 minutes? every 15? every hour? and about how much should come out? other feedback would be appreciated as well, I might even take feature requests and release a guide on how to make it eventually.
>>4349 One option to store it and keep it warm is to just use a vacuum-insulated (thermos) flask. That should be good for at least a few hours. If you want to go for longer than that then some kind of active heating will be necessary. I suggest mounting it so the flask is upside down with two pipe fittings through the lid. One is your normal outlet and the other is an air inlet to equalize the pressure when draining it. As for the programming there are lots of options. It more or less depends on what sort of accidents you want to simulate and whether you want to receive any warning before it happens. I'll lay out a few ideas to hopefully inspire you. Complete baby: Young babies wet often and in small quantities. Set the timer to 5-10 minutes and have it open for 1-3 seconds each time. Big kid: If you want to roleplay as an older toddler or even school-age kid then you'll want to lower the frequency and increase the duration of the wettings. Maybe 30 seconds every 1-4 hours would be a good starting point, but it depends on factors like the flow rate and how much free time you have to play. Bedwetting: Why not use it at night? Set it to give you 1 or 2 large wettings at random times during the night. It might be fun to wake up to the feeling of your diaper/PJs getting warm and wet without any ability to stop it. Feel-and-learn: You're a toddler in potty training but you can't feel any sensations from your bladder. The only warning you get that you need to potty is the feeling of wetness in your pull-ups. Set the timer to go off randomly every 30-90 minutes. It first opens the valve for 1 second, then 10 seconds later it opens for 2 seconds, then after another 10 seconds it opens for 3 seconds. This pattern continues for 5 small wettings, then it stays open for 20 seconds to simulate a full accident. Better hope you're near the potty when you feel that first trickle. Potty watch: Get something like https://banglejs.com/ and link it to your arduino via bluetooth. Alternatively you could just use your smartphone or even a small speaker attached to the arduino itself. Also, an alternative to an actual radio link is to just synchronize the clocks and use the same PRNG algorithm on both devices to generate a sequence of times. Set the timer to go off randomly every 15-30 minutes. The potty watch should always alert you to go potty, but the arduino only has a 1/3 chance of opening the valve so you get a lot of false alarms. There should also be a random delay in the 30 second to 5 minute range between the alarm going off and the solenoid opening. Hope you enjoy sitting on the potty and waiting like a toddler. Small trickles and big floods: You could add a second solenoid valve connected to a smaller diameter pipe to produce a slower flow rate "trickle" option. That would let you simulate both small unconscious leaks which happen frequently and occasional big accidents where your clothes end up totally soaked. The potty dance: Add an accelerometer and give yourself a way to delay or pause accidents by surpassing a certain motion threshold. Grabbing your crotch and squirming like a toddler isn't the only way to make it detect motion but it's certainly the most fun. This would probably be best if you combined it with one of the potty training ideas above. Set aside a few hours to watch a load of kids/toddler shows with a rule that you only get potty breaks in between episodes. Web API: Let random untrustworthy people (and bots) on the internet decide when you wet yourself. It's probably not easy to interface an arduino to the internet though.
>>4351 There are a lot of ideas in here that I really like! I would never have thought about the bedwetting idea. Using an accelerometer to detect a potty dance is another really cool idea, although it will have to come later. I feel like this could become a thing. Do you think people would buy something like this if it were in a nice convenient package? It could easily fit in a little backpack or pouch of some sort, and as it exists right now it can be powered by 2 USB ports from a phone battery. And as evidence by all the ideas you just came up with, there are practically endless variations you could make to the software side of things.
>>4352 I'm not sure there's enough of a market for that kind of thing to turn it into a commercial venture, but I don't really know. I'd be more likely to try and build it myself than to buy a pre-built solution, unless the pre-built one was very open and easily modified. Most people would probably be looking for something that "just works" with minimal setup.
>>4359 I was more thinking of it as being like a commission style thing, and sell them on a person by person basis. Either way, I'll probably put out a circuit diagram or something showing how to make it and release the source code or something for free, and only charge for making a pre-built version or something. Maybe have some crypto address if someone feels like tipping or something too. In other news, I have a few test profiles set up. I havn't tried them out yet because I kept having more issues with air getting into the line and it was messing things up. I think I found a solution for it though, so ill try that tomorrow. I also think I might switch from having a slightly pressurized container to just having a tiny little water pump in there and either removing the valve or using it to stop (or enable) slow leakage and dribbling. I've used little usb powered ones for other things in the past and as long as they are bled properly so theres no cavitation you can hardly hear them at all even if you listen for it.
>>4360 Ive done some early tests. I think the way to go might be to try using a little motor like I mentioned before, although I do seem to have solved the issue of slow seepage. I also think I may have found a solution for keeping it warm, or at least keeping it warm for longer. There are little USB heating pads that I could use. I was especially worried about the liquid in the lines, since that would cool very easily, but with these I am not as worried about it. As far as the early tests go, the only issue I have so far is my random number generator seems to not be very random. The first one it generates is always 306 when it has a range between 300 and 900. Im pretty sure this is just me doing something wrong though.
>>4372 You'll need to seed your random number generator with some entropy before it will give you good randomness. A simple way to do this is just to read an analog voltage from a pin which isn't connected to anything. If that isn't random enough than you could do multiple analog reads and combine the LSBs to produce a somewhat more random value. See https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/language/functions/random-numbers/random/ for some example code which uses the randomSeed() function.
>>4373 Yeah, I just figured that out, thanks! I also replaced the solenoid valve with a little pump, and and it works a lot better. Now I can use just about any container as a water supply, and I don't need to keep the tank above the end of the tube in order to create a siphon. I think the eventual solution might be a pump with a solenoid in front of it, so that it helps keep the water from running back down the tube if the tank is lower, or prevents any unintended siphon action. Im hoping to actually try it out in more of a "real life test as compared to having it just empty into a cup today. I think I might just start out having it empty into a pair of undies and hang around in the bathroom for a bit rather than start out with a diaper though. Another thing I've been meaning to get advice about is how to determine the amount of liquid that is released. The way I see it there are two main routes. The first would be to have it be randomly selected within a range the same way the time between accidents is chosen, but independently. The second would be to have it directly related to how long it has been since the last accident, which is the way I'm doing it now. The second option might be more interesting, but probably less realistic, especially for longer time frames. You could end up "going" the same amount after 30 minutes as you would after 4 hours, and vise versa. The way I'm doing it now is every second it ticks down on the timer before the next accident, it adds a fixed amount to a "volume" variable which controls how long the motor will run for. What I'm thinking I could do is to use that constant as a base rate and add or subtract a small random fraction of that every second before adding it to the volume variable. Although now that I think of it, that would eventually just give you approximately what you had before. So maybe add a little bit of a random "fixed bias" at the start of each countdown interval that either slightly increases or decreases the volume...
>>4376 If you're aiming for realism here's how I'd do it: First there's the pee_volume variable which works as you describe. Every second or so it gets incremented by a small amount. That amount is multiplied by the hydration variable. If hydration is 0 then no pee is added. If it's 1 then pee accumulates at the default rate, etc. To keep things interesting I'd program it to set hydration to a random number between 0.5 and 1.5 at intervals of 30-60 minutes. Now your code can use the pee_volume variable when deciding what to do. You could add a bladder_capacity setting and have it automatically cause an accident whenever that threshold is crossed. Also, remember that in real life a kid might not fully empty their bladder, especially if they're trying their best to keep their pants dry. For realism the size of an accident should never exceed pee_volume but could be much less than it. What sort of scenarios or age ranges are you thinking of roleplaying with this?
>>4377 >What sort of scenarios or age ranges are you thinking of roleplaying with this? I originally envisioned it for simulating incontinence, so basically regular bladder size but you just don't get any sensation or urge, you just feel your diaper getting warm. However, I'm for sure going to end up trying all sorts of things. Having frequent small voids like a baby seems like a fun experience, but its not really my thing for roleplaying. One scenario I will definitely try out is potty training (or at least, being at the point where you *could* be potty training in terms of bladder size and all that, but you just havnt started yet and are still just doing everything in your diapers). I hadn't thought about it before talking here, but I also definitely want to try an "older kid in diapers" vibe as well. Another thing that I hadn't really thought of before but which I am now really excited to try is going without diapers, and just suddenly having wet undies. An older kid who bedwets is also something that I will definitely have to try, I just have to make sure I dont knock the thing over or pull it out of my diaper in my sleep. Once winter starts, I definitely want to try something like "mostly potty trained kid wears diapers when out in the snow due to increased difficulty of getting layers off and just being a longer distance from the bathroom". So I guess as far as age range I would be looking at something like 3-7ish during the day maybe, and up to maybe 11 or 12 at night? I hadn't really thought about it that much in terms of an absolute age, I feel like I would be pretty flexible with it. Also those are good ideas about having a hydration variable that cycles around randomly every so often, and having the possibility of an incomplete bladder emptying.
>>4378 >>4377 oh, and later iterations will absolutely involve more inputs and outputs to make potty training more interesting, like you get some little signal or the accelerometer idea to simulate a potty dance which may or may not actually help all the time.
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>>5 Would any of you open a group chat on Session messenger?
>>4380 Whats this?
>>4389 Anonymous messenger app https://getsession.org/android
>>4378 If you want to make sure the tube stays in place you could attach a loop of elastic to the end and slip that round your scrotum. Just don't have it too tight. If you get the size right it shouldn't put any pressure on your skin unless you pull on it. If you want to simulate incontinence, another thing to try would be those low-absorbency pads which go inside your underwear. They feel like a nice middle ground between diapers and pants-wetting. You could tune the volume of water released to achieve the desired number of uses out of each pad (or the desired risk of leaking). The same goes for other things like cloth training pants which wouldn't normally be suitable for full adult wettings. >>4380 I've looked into this a bit and Session does seem like one of the better options for private messaging. And it has a desktop client which is always nice. It's certainly a huge step up from the likes of Discord. I wouldn't be opposed to joining a group chat.
>>4391 Message my ID, I'll add you to a chat group. 051a7775d4cf90176d84acb45bd6b96f57b5099b1c939118ecba4088a74db2de52
>>4379 Well Im finally testing it for real. just diapered up and got it all set up. I was worried that the tube sticking into my diaper would feel really obvious but I really dont even notice it at all right now. I will definitely want to set it up in the future to use both a solenoid valve and a motor because if you have the water tank above the end of the tube, it will siphon continuously, and if its too far below it wont be able to pump it all the way up. Even if its able to pump it up to the end of the tube, you have to adjust the length of time it runs for to allow for how long it takes to get the water to the correct height. Hopefully adding a valve will fix that though.
>>4399 oh my gosh, I was sitting at my computer playing minecraft and all the sudden felt the front of my diaper getting warm! There were a few times before where it was cool and felt a bit odd, but now that I have the temperature more or less figured out its great!
>>4400 That sounds really fun. I'd love to see some pictures and diagrams once you get the system a bit more refined.
>>4401 yeah absolutely! Im really excited about this honestly. Right now I think the biggest issue is the water in the line cools a bit in between accidents, so it doesn't feel warm when it first comes out unless it happens really frequently. I think a combination of insulation on the tube thats in the air, limiting how long it is in the first place, and wrapping it in little heating pads should fix that though. Currently I have the frequency set really high and the volume is way more than what would make sense for that frequency (between every 1.5 and 5 minutes) mostly because I want to experience it quickly. I think I like having bigger accidents in general though, at least for shorter term scenarios and roleplay. To really take advantage of frequent short accidents I think you need to have a longer time available so you can take advantage of that sense of realizing your diaper is getting fuller but not really noticing when.
>>4402 I've thought of a couple of other possible solutions to water cooling in the pipe. One is to put the pump into reverse for a second or two after each wetting to empty the pipe back into the heated storage tank. Assuming it's the kind of pump that can run in reverse. Another possibility is to replace the one-input-one-output solenoid valve with a two-input-one-output version. Position it close to the tank with one input connected to water and the other to air. By switching it to air the pipe will drain, then just switch it back to water when it's time for another accident. You could achieve a similar effect by putting a T-junction at the highest point of the pipe and using your current solenoid valve to control air flow into the pipe. A third, more radical possibility is to have the heater element situated near the end of the pipe instead of in the tank. This reduces average power consumption at the cost of higher peak consumption and significantly higher risk of injury if anything goes wrong. Definitely don't do this unless you're absolutely sure it can't get hot enough to burn you.
>>4403 >A third, more radical possibility is to have the heater element situated near the end of the pipe instead of in the tank. I have a sort of hybrid idea for this. I was thinking I could have a heater for the tank itself, and then have another one that sort of wraps around the pipe. It wouldnt be enough to heat anything on its way through, but hopefully it would at least keep it warm. I like the idea of having it recirculate back into the tank first though. It might be a bit more complicated, but I think overall it would be far more effective. Another thing I didn't think about for preventing siphon action would be to use a back check valve. They dont require any power and prevent water (or air) from flowing back in the direction it came. It might significantly reduce the flow rate and available pressure though. I had another idea for a potty training scenario as well. I could put a little speaker or piezo buzzer on it and it would make a tone just before an accident happens, maybe giving you anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds of warning. It would also make it at different frequencies and volumes and lengths, so sometimes it might be really easy to notice, and other times it might be quieter and lower and shorter so you wont notice it unless you are really paying close attention. And you could also add in false alarms or even sometimes have accidents without any warning, or maybe have it start for a second, stop, then beep to give you a chance to make it before the rest of it comes out. I'm going to be starting college again in about a week, so unfortunately I cant continue testing it with diapers on, but I should be able to keep working on it in a more "sterile" environment, like just having it empty into a cup or if I have the place to myself for a while I could do it in the bathroom with just undies on or something. I've had an idea for something like this for a while now, I wish I had started messing around with it earlier in the summer.
>>4404 Instead of a piezo buzzer you could also use a small vibrator attached somewhere on your body. It might be a bit more discreet. I've been thinking about other possible input devices too. You can get pressure sensitive pads which could be attached to clothing in various places. Maybe you have to squeeze your legs together or press on your crotch to prevent an accident. You could use GPS to give the system different behavior depending on location. A heart rate sensor could be used to make you wet yourself in response to fear/excitement which could be fun when watching a horror movie or riding a rollercoaster. You could also do the same sort of thing with an accelerometer and microphone, causing wetting in response to sudden movements or loud noises.
Feeling all sorts of giddy after waking up and laying in my nighttime diaper, not in a hurry get up anytime soon. I could get used to this.
>>4410 >Feeling all sorts of giddy after waking up and laying in my nighttime diaper I love that feeling >>4409 a vibrator would be a neat idea too!. Pressure sensitive pads would be a pretty easy thing to implement probably. Those could be used with an accelerometer for the potty dance idea. If you keep the pads pressed hard enough while also creating frequent changes in acceleration (created by dancing around/rapidly changing direction) then it gives you some extra time to make it to the potty, but if the pressure pads dont stay triggered/have enough pressure on them, it takes away time instead. So if you just try to book it and run to the potty, it simulates a higher chance of an accident due to exerting yourself, while squeezing your legs together and moving carefully will buy you time, but also means you take longer to get to the potty. Jumping around and potty dancing has the potential to buy you even more time, but if you aren't careful and you get too vigorous and your legs dont squeeze together enough, it ends up making you leak even faster! The other ideas would be neat too, but might require sensors that are a bit more complicated. I've never tried messing with a HR sensor or a GPS receiver, so I don't know how hard it is to work with them or how expensive or accurate they are. The microphone would be a neat idea that shouldn't be too hard though. I should start a document with a feature list and/or maybe set up a github account for this...
>>4425 One more suggestion, based on the "nogasm" and similar projects, is to use an air pressure sensor connected to an inflatable buttplug. Nogasm uses it to detect pelvic muscle contractions when the user is approaching orgasm, but in this case it could be used to act as a proxy for your urethral sphincter. If you want to delay an accident you need to squeeze the plug, increasing the pressure measured by the sensor. I suspect it would offer a much more natural-feeling control input. You could set the required pressure to a level where it's not comfortable to sustain for more than a minute or two, especially while walking, or even have the threshold increase as your virtual bladder fills up. You can even get vibrating inflatable plugs which could be used as a complete all-in-one human interface device. The vibrations could give you feedback on how close you are to the pressure threshold.
>>4426 I had never heard of this! I'll have to look it up, seems like a really good idea!
(95.58 KB 1200x842 nogasm_connected.jpg)

(192.06 KB 1200x1200 nogasm_pcb.jpg)

>>4427 It looks surprisingly simple to implement. That little black unit at the bottom of the PCB is the pressure sensor. You could almost certainly use it discreetly in public too.
>>4380 Bumping this Join us pls
>>4497 If there was a way to do it from a PC I would.
(100.88 KB 535x732 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4499 I'm using it on a linux desktop system and there's a desktop client for Windows too. https://getsession.org/download/ You can also change where it stores user data by setting an environment variable. The variable is HOME in linux and probably either %APPDATA% or %LOCALAPPDATA% in Windows. This is useful if you want to use it like a portable app on encrypted thumb drive or similar.
>>4398 I'm the user of this ID My laptop suddenly decided to stop working and I had to send it to repairs, my Session key is in the laptop so I can't access my account temporarily Will be off the grid for a while until I get my laptop back
wearing diapers and microdosing lsd?
>>4514 Excellent >>4509 This is what you get for not backing up your drives Signed, /g/
Is it easier for the average person to understand caregiver desires than little desires?
>>4558 Good question.
Are there any ABDL discords, especially for anime-style art and especially loli and shota-friendly ? If not there needs to be.
>>4428 what is the large tubular thing? a fleshlight?
I was just reading a "normal" light novel and suddenly a little sister type of character was put in diapers. Although there were previous omorashi scenes, I was really surprised. Do you know of any other works that are not really abdl but have diapers in them?
>>4599 What light novel is that? It definitely sounds like something I would want to pick up. In episode 21 of the short anime Chitose Get You one of the girls gets dragged off screen to be diapered and dressed in baby clothes by her mother. One of the characters in the manga Elfen Lied also wears diapers due to having a weak bladder. Sadly she doesn't appear in the anime adaptation though. I'm not sure of any other examples, but they must exist.
>>4609 Can’t remember the episode, but in Tsugumomo we see pic related for a brief cut-away. The two lolis in the pic had to go to a local kami for assistance, and the kami really loves lolis and cosplay, so torments them in various ways and makes them dress up embarrassingly. After a long bout of that, the scene cuts away to pic related for a moment. It’s just silent except for like a pacifier suckling sound if I am recalling right, and then it just keeps going on like nothing had happened. It came out of nowhere. It was hot.
The light novel is called "we became demon lord apprentice in another world". But it's the second volume of a series. I got it from amazon. I've heard that the manga of elfen lied has diapers in it but only watched the anime. I'll definitely check out the chitose one. Thanks! I've seen the tsugumomo one! Actually I think in a tsugumomo ova the mc got diapered.
Anyone got meetup experiences?
what's the best way of turning a gf/wife to abdl, if they would agree to it? The best thing I can think of is spike small amounts of her food with laxatives to break her continence, and to somehow flash pictures of diapers and babies while she's horny to make the conditioning.
>>4760 That’s actually the worst way imaginable to go about it. Just buy some diapers and tell your wife / gf to try them on for you because you think it would look cute
>>4760 First of all, seconding what >>4767 said. Second of all, fuck that whole idea and fuck you for even considering it. If all you want from a wife/gf is for them to be a toy for your desires, then go get a toy. If you don't value her enough to consider she might like a choice in the matter, then you don't deserve her (or anyone for that matter) Likewise, if she doesn't respect you enough to hear your desires and at least give consider them instead of, say, flying off the handle and calling you a pervert, then you don't need her around. But to attempt to condition someone is to disregard their personal agency, is to treat them like an animal, and thus; is animalistic or sub-human behavior.
>>4760 You're joking, right? All that's going to do is earn you a divorce/break-up and potentially a sexual offense charge when two and two get put together at the doctor's office. You obviously know jack shit about engineering social situations, let alone getting close enough to a girl with your creepy way of thinking. Ready to learn to be better? The penultimate rule and goal here is to get her to think that these are her own thoughts. For this you first need her to trust you, you need her to want to help or please you, and you need to be willing to accept that there's a chance that she'll never accept it like you do. Let's start with trust. If you want someone to trust you, treat them as someone trustworthy. Let her know your secrets, even if you don't really consider them secret. Your use of language is important here. "Can I tell you a secret? This is something no one else knows about me. I've really come to trust you and I want to talk to you about..." etc.. Now onto exploiting her willingness to help you. I need not remind you that the others are correct: You're being rather despicable and manipulative and selfish by treating her this way. Its human nature to be helpful and that's the primary reason why people are the weakest part of a security chain. For the purpose of educating you I'll tell you two things: you need to reward good behavior while discouraging bad behavior & you need to implant yourself in her mind as an authority figure. The best, easiest, and coincidentally the most preferable way is to subliminally suggest that you are a father figure. "But how do I do that, random anonymous stranger?!" you might ask. Easy: You use the language a father would use without making it obvious. When rewarding her, you say: "I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it!" Inversely: "I'm so disappointed in you right now. I'm upset with you." In other words, use simple words when talking to her and over-explain things. While we're on the subject of rewards and punishments: be prepared to offer her things you'll do in return for her. Truthfully if you ignore what I've instructed in regards to manipulation and treat her like a human being that's willing to compromise and work with you/really love you, you can use this information from an ethically correct stance and use it to enhance your relationship. That's about all I'm willing to share right now. Its rather sad if some fleeting fantasy is all you see in a woman, as its much more hot and fulfilling when she's actually into it and not being used by some asshole who's okay with manipulating her and putting himself first. Guess what? That's not love.
>>4769 >>4772 Guys, he's obviously just larping. No one is actually going to try to drug or hypnotize their wife. If someone has the mentality that that's viable, then they're way too autistic to have gotten a wife in the first place.
>>4775 I would like to think you’re right but after years of imageboard use I’ve learned that such people really exist
>>4760 You need to psy-op her into thinking those thoughts come from her.
Is there any platform or way to monetize ABDL content featuring lolis/shotas (illustrations)? It seems all sites like patreon are just banning everything that's sexual.
>>4790 Has Patreon cracked down more lately or something? Because several of the artists I follow make some very realistic CGI loli and their accounts are still up.
>>4790 Fanbox and Fantia seem to be the only ones that will let you do this. There are probably other patreon like services that don't prohibit that kind of art but their payment processors can definitely force them to start banning it at any moment. Donation services like ko-fi could also work, I don't see any rules on their site about not being able to draw minors and multiple abdl artist have used it. >>4791 Honestly who knows at this point since it feels like it's deviantart tier enforcement. Some artist might get noticed and have to make changes to their content or they get scared enough to either stop drawing it or age up the characters to adults because of hearing about other artist getting contacted by patreon over art of characters that are underage while others seem to have been posting art of underage characters and age regression without any issues yet. I don't know if patreon still gives a shit for what artist draw outside of patreon which might explain why some artist have chosen not to draw underage art on other platforms. This seems to be only an issue with the art that patreon has interpreted as being sexual which is probably why a lot of the AR art hasn't been an issue yet.
>>4790 This is exactly the sort of problem that cryptocurrencies, particularly anonymous ones like Monero, are perfectly suited to solve. If you want a tip system like ko-fi you can just post an address where people can send money. If you want to build an actual paywall with automatic account management then that's more involved but it's certainly possible.
Well... I can't launch a Patreon page because the almighty reviewers don't like the words "loli" and "shota". They're basically saying loli/shota is child exploitation and even though the word loli/shota doesn't appear in their TOS or content guidelines, the reviewer just conveniently added a line stating that he doesn't like loli on Patreon. It's so disgusting.
I asked this in the other thread too but I thought I would try my best to widen my reach - does anyone have those PNGs saved that one could use to edit diapers on pictures? It was a huge collection of diaper cut-outs. I used to have them but deleted them during a porn purge, and now I can't find them anywhere. They used to be on 8kun but 8kun's images are completely fucked now. Any link or dump in the edit thread would be very appreciated.
Why is kemono.party never really updated with abdl content?
>>4929 Think it's just people not wanting to discourage or upset the artist by uploading their content to there. Especially when it's $1-3 to access it. Also goody two shoes that think it's wrong to do it in the first place. Updated lilyblax on kemono since Patreon made it a pain in the ass to get gallery-dl to work with it while using it on kemono.party works just fine. Felt like I wasted money since I only did to get pics of their lolibaba OC which there was none of. Another case of payment processors ruining everything.
How do I lose control of my sphincters if I have to hold it for 8-10 hours?
>>5412 Get someone to shove a red hot poker up your ass.
>>5412 That doesn't sound healthy for your body at all.
>Day 11 of nofap
>>6811 Did you go for the diapered chastity option anon?
>>6811 >>6827 >diapered chastity I'm using diapers as a excuse to no fap. It's working but sometimes I feel like ripping my diaper off and masturbating furiously. I don't know if I'll make to the end of the month.
(56.52 KB 700x520 348f671b09932a17.jpg)

>>6827 I just choose not to touch myself but that option would have helped since I ended up pyuing after putting on a fresh diaper and a...moving around. The padding felt so nice, I gave myself a few pats and was imagining myself being taken care of by an older woman. That and moving around causing friction between my diaper and down there was too much for me. It honestly feels pretty great being able to masturbate without having to touch yourself due to how horny you get since I've yet to experience a wet dream after sleeping. Guess I'll continue nofap even though I'm out for this month. I do like how I get into baby mode after holding it in after 10 days. Just casually wearing diapers that I don't feel like immediately taking off after fapping. Even started sleeping with my pacifier and noticing that I need it now to help me go to sleep... >>6841 Ganbare!
>>6841 >>6867 Just remember if you touch your pee pee its instant spankees.
I failed no-fap immediately so been wearing/using 24/7 as a tradeoff. Not going to risk social/professional life, so not going to wear if i go meet friends or have to go to the office. A little scared that by thanksgiving, not wearing isnt going to be an option though. I imagine I couldn't lose control that quickly.
>>6869 I'm not an AB but I made an exception for nofap. After all, little boys shouldn't be playing with their little PP. >>6870 >I imagine I couldn't lose control that quickly. I've been using diapers for almost ten years now and I did loose a little of control in holding the pee. I don't go flooding my pants or anything like that but I have a little dripping if I try to hold for too long. This not a problem for me because I proactively go to a bathroom if I have a chance even when I'm not feeling the need. That's for me, there are many other cases of people wearing diapers for longer periods without any change in the continence whatsoever. Also, I kinda wanted that.
(1.81 MB 3164x2800 ClipboardImage.png)

I am impressed with the anons self control for nofap
>>6811 I am on no-fap too but my desire for diapers is becoming overwhelming
(1.98 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Do any anons have a fetish for diaper usage brought on by excessive anal sex or bumhole destruction?
>>6990 Being loosened up a bit and needing diapers can be pretty hot, I don't know if I like it where there's like prolapsing and actually destroyed assholes though.
Im looking to get a onesie of some kind with all the black Friday/cyber Monday sales going on right now, and Im in need of advice. I mainly want one for the physical sensation rather than the look, ie I will almost certainly prefer something solid color, preferably a navy blue or dark. The thing Im primarily going for is diaper support, keeping everything snug and secure feeling, with a secondary being the pressure it puts on your body. Im looking at https://littlekeepersleeper.com/product/shorty-short-sleeve-short-pants-nauticalnavy/?attribute_pa_size=18 right now, but dont know if these provide any support/snuggness. ODU seems like a solid choice but it seems a bit pricier and I dont think I like the look as much, plus the measurements seem more complicated and I would be more likely to mess something up and get the wrong size. I also thought about tykeables rompers, but they are all out of stock. Is there any other major option I am missing that isnt terribly expensive?
>>6990 Maybe not *destruction* but needing to wear diapers because of a high chance of accidents is a very cute and fun idea, whether its a result of anal sex or some kind of plug or whatever. I'm not into actual significant pain or real damage though.
So are anons ready for the aras to punish all the failures of nofap at the end of this month?
Does anybody know of a just for fans download tool? Like I'm already subscribed and paying for the stuff, all I want is a tool that automatically downloads all the videos and/or pictures at once, preferably also keeping the description, maybe in a text file or something. Just looking for a better way to do it than manually doing them one at a time...
>>7285 I got a severe spanking for being such a naughty baby in November.
(1.46 MB 1451x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7375 Sorry anon, no experience of auto ripping things like that. >>7398 Sure you did anon. Just like fags didn't fuck off to discord.
(240.55 KB 1403x1011 23623.jpg)

Anyone know what happened to Tato?
>>7512 He got mega cancelled by a majority of babyfurs for being more right wing in a post and then people dug up his past pictures of his OCs in Nazi regalia. His stuff is still up on his FA account but he otherwise said 'fuck this shit I'm out' like three months ago.
>>7517 That's sad. I didn't pay much attention to his stuff for a while, since his output became entirely dumps of his commission sketch streams of the same damn characters over and over, but from the sound of things he was living off of those and is fucked without that money. Hope he gets back on his feet someday, diaper art or not.
>>7564 He still seems to be active on his vanilla Deviantart account using his other alias.
>>7512 Do you have more of his work
>>5413 >Get someone to shove a red hot poker up your ass.
>>7564 Honestly, I really really liked his non-diaper personal art. It's probably long gone by now but the shading and detail were very top notch. I don't care what twitter says, the Nazis had great fashion sense. Even the Hitler Youth uniform is kinda adorable. I wouldn't mind seeing more art with some poof in the shorts.
(470.01 KB 686x872 Hn1a1Ps.jpg)

DLsite is having some changes which affects loli/shota content among other things. These changes are effective Jan 14th https://info.eisys.co.jp/dlsite/1b5268a44b3015ba?locale=default https://greta.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/poverty/1640190169/ Reason for this happening. https://otona-life.com/2021/12/18/96922/ Image has the new rules being enforced with some of it translated as the following. >Excessive violence >Excessive nudity >Democrat activism, child abuse <Discrimination against certain races, nationality, creed/religion, gender, societal status & lineage >Suicide >Illegal drugs which I think may refer to aphrodisiacs too >Antisocial (anti-society?) >Anything that is meant to spread 3rd party information to others <Anything that causes discomfort to others
>>7787 >Reason for this happening. >https://otona-life.com/2021/12/18/96922/ So whats the reason for this ban? Just a rule change, problems with payment providers or what ? I don't understand japanese and google translate does very poor job but that article doesn't seem to relate to this loli ban. It seems to be an article about copyright of fan art.
I just learned welding. I want to make some extra money and help out the community by making abdl furniture like high chairs and cribs. Question is where can I sell these things and is there a market for it?
>>7846 etsy handmade ABDL stuff is common there
I went shopping in Disney springs and I kept finding all these cute shirts with some of my favorite characters and I was thinking: this would be so cute if it was a onesie. Got me thinking. What's stopping me from taking an oversized shirt to a tailor and getting it trimmed down to be turned into a snap crotch onesie. There are alot of shirts I'd love to wear with diapers and my shortalls
I'm thinking of taking a laxative because I haven't had a shit in nearly a week. I'll wear a diaper for some extra fun, what should I expect
>>8222 Something hard and uncomfortable.
has anyone ever tried taking senna for fetish purposes or just general constipation?
(1.04 MB 800x1120 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone knowing what is going on with artist like GodHandMars stuff? Pixiv is being flooded with deviantards, furry shit and well some truly awful art that looks more like a toddlers finger painting lately which is drowning out a lot of the better works..
>>8496 Letting gaijin use Pixiv was a mistake. I wish it was Japanese-only, it would filter out 99% of the pozz.
>>8496 >>8529 The average western hobbiest sucks at art. It's kind of amazing. Some deep cultural force drives Japanese people who "kinda like to draw" to be dramatically better than the equivalent tier of artist in the Anglosphere. If you're not japanese don't use the fucking #おむつ tag, you cretins.
(4.74 MB 2504x3300 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8529 They are even putting links to deviantard Curse them!
(334.84 KB 906x790 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8593 But anon, don't you want to see a collection of beauties like this? Fresh from the オムツ tag~
>>8577 Personally I find it easy enough to ignore stuff I don't like. I'd rather sift through a hundred bad pictures than miss one really good one. What annoys me more about pixiv's tagging is the number of different synonyms each tag has (both in English and Japanese), and how often pictures aren't properly tagged. I wish there was a single tag for each concept which everyone could agree to use. Having bad art under the #おむつ tag is infinitely preferable to having good art tagged as #diapergirl or tagged with character names from the English dub.
(378.60 KB 884x1240 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8600 Surprised you never linked this. Images like these though make me want to make a bad art thread >>8602 Pretty much. Though you can get around it finding abdl stuff by using something along the lines of the following in search: diaper OR abdl OR おむつ OR オムツ OR 幼児退行 OR 赤ちゃんプレイ
>>8605 >Images like these though make me want to make a bad art thread That would be fun
(5.35 MB 5152x2788 ClipboardImage.png)

So a while back I was forced to get the corona jabs made me feel ill as hell but didn't seem to notice side effects. However recently I have started feeling the urge to go the bathroom a lot more often and I have had issues with my bowels to the point I have had a few messy accidents. Has any anon that has been forced to take these jabs experienced the same? Could this have been a plot by the Ara Patrol to turn us all into babs?
You know I have noticed weirdly needing the bathroom more ever since I was forced to get the autism jab for work. Can't be that we have meme'd the abdl virus into existence?
>>8678 >>8946 I'm guessing it's psychosomatic. But I've strongly considered pretending I'm incontinent and using "Long COVID" as an excuse. Given that people think it can make your teeth fall out and your bowels go on strike, why can't it stop me from controlling my bladder? I'm only 60% sure that pretending the above is a bad idea. The temptation is very strong indeed
>>8990 Isn't that what Star did?
>>8999 TBH I don't know anything about that person. What exactly did they do?
>>9022 You serious? You don't know about Star and that neverending shitty comic? Where they scammed free diapers from the UK NHS by pretending to be incontinent. Its prime /cow/ material.
>>9033 i don't really want to defend star but playing devil's advocate here i doubt the free diapers story is true because generally you don't get free prescriptions on the nhs unless you're under 18 or retired. at best they'd be heavily subsidised diapers. i mean it's equally fucked that they'd lie about that and think its ok to do that still
>>9033 Is there a link where I can find out or something? No I never heard of him/her.
>>9035 I think only England supposedly gets cucked like that meanwhile the leech countries of the UK get it for free. >>9039 tl;dr Autist writes a comic for over 5 years that goes absolutely fucking nowhere and is completely detached from reality with no sense of self awareness. https://8kun.top/abdl/res/103987.html Although since 8kunt shit the bed hard to find the images to go with it.
>>9040 I know that comic. It builds up to a climax then after 50 pages or something it just seems to keep going like a never ending epilogue
>>9044 There is a lot of drama that goes with it, including DMCA abuse as well as falling outs. Here is a /cow/ thread about it https://kiwifarms.net/threads/samantha-sweetland-toddlergirl-toddlergurl-jammie-sammy-babystar.30770/
I just ran across this miniseries that Arkham-Insanity (https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/89349378) did last year featuring masks. Has anybody else seen any other abdl artwork featuring pandemic style face masks in everyday life (not bondage masks or medical type mask usage).
>>9127 I want to forget mask shit existed apparently it's a fetish to some people now
>>9127 Thanks to you, I've experienced exactly what it's like for a normal person to hear there's a "diaper fetish". Holy shit lmao
>>9136 You must admit that the idea of a girl wearing a pacifier under a mask in public is pretty erotic, especially if she has to talk with it in. It has the same sort of energy as diaper bulges in clothes or other mostly-hidden ABDL play.
>>9136 I hate masks, but fetish uses of it is the one good thing I've seen. I saw a few hot ones where girls would either have a ball-gag or a dildo in their mouth under the mask. I think a paci under there would be pretty hot too. >>9173 is gay.
(786.49 KB 2067x2924 ClipboardImage.png)

>started needing to go to the bathroom a lot more frequently than usual >been going on for weeks now, find urge needing to urinate several times a day >feel like I am starting to lose bladder control >decide to start wearing diapers just in case >suddenly have far better bladder control and needing to go the bathroom a lot less Okay anons not sure what is going on, is this my body subtle way of trolling me that I am better potty trained with diapers or have the Aras been putting stuff in the water supply again?
>>9200 You probably had a urinary tract Infection. It can lead to that and even mild incontinence. Which i somehow find pretty hot. I had that for quite some time when i Was about 14-15. For quite a few weeks i would often leak a bit. A super strong urge would come very suddenly, so suddenly that some pee would squirt out until i could manage to hold it back. It was always just a squirt, enough that i would sit in school with a wet/damp crotch all until afternoon, but not so much that the wetness would have gotten visible. Even tho i Was turned on by diaper shit back then, i didnt think very much of it. Didnt tell anyone about it and it went past eventually. I suppose it Was a bacterial Infection of some sort.
(1.32 MB 1191x1684 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9210 But anon that doesn't explain as soon as the moment I take them off I am a pee fountain? With diapers on I can have steady bladder control. With them of I need to pee constantly. I am paranoid now that Aras have been putting some sort of subliminal messages out there.
Have you tried to have an accident in a controlled environment? Did this last weekend in my house. Wet at the first sign, regardless of wearing diaper or not. I can easily pee when padded but had to focus on feeling loose to let it go when I wasn't wearing anything and it felt amazing when I managed to do it. After the first small struggle, subsequent wetting were natural like I was in my diapers. I live alone and I prepared the cleaning stuff beforehand, so had no problem afterwards. Have you tried something like that? I highly recommend it, the downside is that you need to live alone.
I’m going to have basically a week to myself in May while my parents are on vacation. I’m going to buy some diapers to enjoy and use in the meantime, I think. I haven’t worn much in the past—any cool ideas as for what I can do? Best idea I have right now is watching some hypno, and then laying out a blanket, some toys, and wearing just my diapers as I try to regress and watch baby shows. I’d plan to mess my diapers while watching, playing and eating a babyish snack. It sounds lovely.
(564.60 KB 800x617 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9319 Probably want to eat a lot of fruit and veg, lots of fibre. inb4 you find your parents diaper stash
(640.01 KB 1080x1920 diaper.jpg)

>>9328 Good idea! Honestly, even the idea of changing my diet a little to prepare and to make my experience better sounds exciting. It's the little things, I guess kek. >inb4 you find your parents diaper stash I wish they were that based~
>>9319 Definitely recommend bluey, it's such a cute show. Alvin and the Chipmunks is pretty good too although it's aimed at a slightly older audience >>9328 I'm one of those kids that the parents would take away video games so when they were gone it was a scavenger hunt to find the thing. 12 yo me did not have a fun time finding out my mom had a massive 12 inch dildo balls and all larger than my forearm in a hidden drawer. I would have preferred to find diapers in there
>>9362 Let me guess, single mother? Mine had one too and I found it when I was in my early teens. Don't remember how old I was, maybe 14. It was regular size, though. At least she wasn't a size queen, I understood what it was and never mentioned it to her.
>>9371 Yea, I never once brought it up. She must have known because when she found my diaper stash she didn't say a word either
(7.40 MB 3600x2400 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9377 Its amazing how often parents just don't want to bring it up probably out of embarrassment themselves. As horrifying as it sounds, imagine if anons managed to reproduce and have kids, then their kids turned out to be abdl? How would you react finding your kids diaper stash?
>>9383 >if anons managed to reproduce and have kids, then their kids turned out to be abdl? That's the wrong question. Just ask if your kids turned out to have <HATED FETISH HERE>. I wouldn't want to my kids to be ABDL and neither I would nudge them in that direction. But if they turned out to be ABDL and I found their diaper stash, I would be way more supportive than normalfags parents would be. When I was 21, my mom found my stash (told this story before, so won't go in details). She didn't say anything, probably because I was about to move to a new (rented) house. I visit her sometimes and she had plenty of chances to bring it up and she never did. That's good because I never talked about her dildo too.
>>9385 >Just ask if your kids turned out to have <HATED FETISH HERE>. I can honestly say I don't hold any strongly negative feelings towards any fetish - even really taboo ones like necrophilia. The important thing is to keep everything consensual and, where that isn't possible, stick to 2D. I don't plan to have kids though. The world's a harsh enough place even for completely normal people. I'd need to be able to at least say there's a 99% chance my kid(s) would have a happy life, but that simply isn't the case. There are too many things that could go wrong.
I just wanted to say that I just had an earth shattering orgasms with an hypno tape, and that for the first time instead of feeling the dread of the purge I actually wanted more. I think I'm begging to crack the code to escape the wheel of bing/purge and ascend to abdl nirvana.
Should this thread be cyclical as it can break the archiving?
Exhentai is hosted in Moldova. Might want to think about archiving if things escalate further in Ukraine.
>>9383 Depends alot. If they were young, I'd use it as an incentive system to buy them diapers. If they're older, I'd make it clear that diapers and such can only be enjoyed in the privacy of their room. I wouldn't want them trying to leave the house wearing one. I'd also make sure they're not posting pictures of themselves online that they will come to regret
>>9383 My mother found me out several times but didn't really say anything about it. She makes jokes from time to time now that my brother has a son about 2yr old. "do you want a bottle too anon?" stuff like that. My father had a bit of a chat with me when tykables had that stink about them making a brick and mortar store in their city because it was all over the news. Just the basic "why can't they just keep that stuff in the bedroom like everyone else?" I guess it's because it's not something we really talk about in 'merica. We're very closeted when it comes to anything about sex besides plastering women all over signs and magazines. Sex and showing love are things we pretty much just all know happens but nobody wants to really openly discuss such things in public.
>>9398 What tape?? I could really go for a good orgasm
>>9521 The Nicole Dosei ones. You can still find them in the hypno thread.
anyone have booster recommendations? trying to get into using them, not sure where to start since there's less discourse on them than actual diapers.
(37.86 KB 520x1040 IMG-20200910-WA0038.jpg)

I see, and you call the fetish 'adult baby' despite the fact most people act like toddlers I uh uh... excuse me one second Of course
>>9937 It's called adult baby/diaper lover. Some of us are only interested in diapers, that's the "DL" side of the name, no baby role-play involved. So, in fact there are two distinct groups. They go together because of the large common ground and, sometimes, people bitch at each other because of differences in the fetish and having nothing better to do. So, in short. My group > your group, my diapers > your diapers and so on. I'm only DL and I don't mind ABs as long they don't do their stuff in public. Problem is that some small minority in them actually do and that brings a curse over all of us. >toddlers and babies This distinction don't even exists in some languages. It's basically 0-2 baby, 3-6 little kid/child, 6-10 kid/child.
https://youtu.be/OaEHL3LPaf8?t=559 Sieg-Pampers am I rite?
(179.37 KB 859x1067 ksnip_20220313-151848.png)

(137.26 KB 752x719 ksnip_20220313-151927.png)

Get ready for more crap on Pixiv. Enforcement has always seemed to be non-existent, so unless the chink owners start telling the mods to get their shit together. They wont move there immediately.
>>10097 Fuck, this is ridiculous. Good loli is getting harder and harder to find on the internet. The last thing I want is Pixiv being shit up by MS-paint level furry porn
>>10144 Its time to kick the porn habit, anon. Use your imagination. Its a mental muscle that will help you later on and outside of fapping.
>>9940 There is nothing more stigmatizing that some guy strutting around a pride parade with a full diaper. I get that this fetish will never be normal but I would like it If normies didn't immediately assume I was a scat fetishist pedophile if they found out I was AB
>>10097 Just hope the mentally ill autists don't try to gatekeep shit like they tried on deviantart.
>>10212 Silence has never improved the optics of any group.
ever combine the infamous peel a pound soup with diapers?
(110.76 KB 848x1024 image0-7.jpg)

>>10295 Just look at the trannies. Being loud and vocal sure can hurt your optics. There's a fine line between visibility and insertion where your optics are helped. The gays nailed optics up until 2010 when they won all their battles
>>10212 Good luck convincing normalfags that you only wear an oversized baby diaper to piss in and your room is only full of baby stuff because you want to be a baby. They'll say "eww, gross, creepy fuck", laugh at you, then not give it another moment's thought. No attempts at being a good, obedient housenigger will ever make them not feel intense disgust towards your fucked up fetish.
>>10295 People don't need to know what we jerk off too.
>>10212 >>10295 >>10647 >>10649 >>10662 Think about how amazing it would be if we could throw this around the way LGBT people do. Or trannies. Like if we could shame women into changing a shitty diaper and giving us a handjob or otherwise they'd be bigoted.
>>10714 I don't want to do that though. I don't even like people knowing I'm a faggot. It's not their business and it's why I have a strong disgust with pride crap.
(171.27 KB 1024x1024 1649108783933m.jpg)

>>10717 If people didn't know we exist we wouldn't be the poster child of degerates
>>10753 Furries are for sure more known then we are and always will be.
>>10753 >>10768 People definitely know about us, and we're definitely degenerates, but I highly doubt we're the first thing that comes to people's minds when they think of fetishism.
>>10774 Agreed. I just don't think we need to paint a larger target on our backs.
The Ara Patrol has been too quiet lately and it scares me.
(676.60 KB 900x1047 maid gun.png)

(1.96 MB 1817x1245 maid gun 2.jpg)

>>11510 Recent photos have been secretly published of the Aras in their training camps and bases. It looks like they are well armed and boosting their numbers. I'm afraid of what they are planning. Our numbers have gotten so low...
Anyone know of any good DL discord servers? Preferably one without a bunch of groomers and kids. Yeah I know, tall order.
>>11527 Isn't the FBI supplying them?
I heard a rumor diaper depot near Atlanta GA has new owners, anybody been by there lately that can confirm and discuss their experience? I used to go there semi-frequently and the previous owners were really nice / helpful but haven't seen them being active on social media for a long time and I haven't been to that part of the state lately. Almost time for me to replenish my stash, was curious if it's still worth going through them anymore.
>>12491 no but i can investigate this sometime next week
I've been wanting an abdl sailor suit for a while now but they're pretty expensive. I've been wondering if I can get away with somehow get away with getting a surplus US Navy uniform and cut it up and sew it up to be shorts and a shirt
(133.45 KB 794x968 il_794xN.829699803_iga4.jpg)

>>12726 This would be so good if it wasn't made for actual toddlers
(95.51 KB 762x881 201.jpeg)

(41.78 KB 464x323 7b1.png)

(82.08 KB 658x596 e16.png)

(144.72 KB 1080x1473 e53.jpeg)

There's a website for AI generated greentext and it seems to do a decent job in generating them. Although it requires a phone number to register. https://beta.openai.com/playground
>>12508 Any luck? Would love to know if they have any of the new diapers in stock or if they've increased the amount of items they sell.
(263.44 KB 1435x770 image_2022-06-24_000515778.png)

(266.90 KB 1472x611 image_2022-06-24_001042203.png)

>>12726 Etsy seems to have options. Not sure your budget. Not my thing, but it's cute. >>13181 The ones I've seen are funny, but I hate how everything wants a number these days.
>>13401 I was hoping for a 2 piece. The only one I saw was one that was $250 and I wasn't willing to pay anything near that price for how basic it looked
gf (doesn't know about abdl) says if i pee on the toilet seat again she'll make me wear diapers if only she knew she was threatening me with a good time
(153.61 KB 562x700 1630056124512.jpg)

>>13778 CALL HER BLUFF! >get sample of you favorite diaper (2 pack) >have to piss (place one diaper on back of toilet) >call your gf into the bathroom (pick an excuse) <PISS ALL OVER THE FUCKING SEAT (no fucks given) >??? PROFIT! (Post results here)
https://www.montana-cans.com/en/spray-cans/montana-spray-paint/ultra-wide-750ml-graffiti-paint/montana-ultra-wide-750ml Ok kinda off topic but these spray cans have a pampers teal color and they just call the color 'nappies' lol
(98.16 KB 910x1079 2354.jpg)

>>13862 Have you ever added any childish themes to your sprays?
DAE have a certain picture that was posted here. It was of a immortal diaper loli. Infobox in the corner said she was 200yo~ as I recall. Had ram-style horns, apparently dressed up for Halloween in a purple shirt, no bottom. She was saying "Nada de mimir!" Can't find it, it's driving me crazy.
>>14751 >DAE DA*
>>14751 nm I found it
>>13778 well, do it. make her threats real if she dares. maybe it´ll work out in the end?
Lol what if capcon got swatted
https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/35394/25958787/very-attractive-transexual-diapered-and-regressed >AB Source >pioneer in making videos in the old ages >fallen behind because of not thriving with virtue signaling, inclusion and non-sexual tones enough like other shitty studios >most of their classics have been leaked and provide an unending fap source for everyone >uses non-woke terms like "tranny" could they be more based?
>>15696 always have loved ABS videos. Even back in the day they had interesting / unique videos with decent models. They also don't care if you download their videos. lots of the stories are really intriguing so you actually want to get the video to see where it goes and what direction they take with the scenario. Quick fap I still go for something with apple or lotette in it my dick can't handle them for too long. but if I want to take my time and really get immersed in the video I go with ABS majority of the time, Amy and Felicity were really good, I just wish they had them in updated diapers instead of medical ones.
i think the reason ABS has declined in quality is a combination of, less attractive models, no longer tripling up disposables (BY DEFAULT, i know they still do this occasionally), and not having any incentive to innovate/do anything that different than they have for two decades. there are still some classic (like mid-00s) sets and videos that i have NEVER seen that i would kill for, but i'm not sure if they exist anymore.
Diapers I have tried: -Bambino Bianco -Dry 24/7 -Abena Abri-Form M4 -Northshore Megamax -BetterDry What other non-print diapers are worth trying? The only specific one I have in mind is Trest. Doesn't have to be all white, can be single colored, and I have a preference for adhesive, refastenable tapes with a landing zone but will do the hook and loop thing if it's worth it. Also, is it the case that the various Rearz diaper designs are actually distinct diapers? Or are they all the same base diaper with different prints? Same with Bambino, etc.
(332.33 KB 1200x1200 ABUSIMPLE.webp)

(23.60 KB 540x540 str8uptykeables.webp)

>>15746 Not sure what you're looking for in terms of diaper capacity and stealth. But I'm a fan of the ABU simples, they're what I wear to doctor appointments since they're plain. The simples hold 5000ml, the simple ultras hold 6000ml. I haven't tried these but they hold 8000ml that's the new Tykeables str8up.
>>15748 stealth doesn't matter; i would prefer higher capacity but it's not one of the more important qualities for me personally. thickness, overall comfort (dry or wet), and the general look matter the most. i'll look into the abu simple ultras and the str8ups, thanks.
>>15748 >they're what I wear to doctor appointments I know he very likely thinks nothing of it, but do you need to get out of your own head and tell yourself he thinks nothing of it? Much like telling yourself nobody can see or care you're in a diaper, and if they did see they'll forget after an hour and go on with their life?
(280.58 KB 896x554 20220818-200812.png)

I could see talc baby powder reaching the same type of prices as vintage baby diapers at some point in the future. Especially the original scented ones that have since changed with the international ones being sold at the moment. Hasn't it always been a goal for abdls and abdl vendors to try to copy the scent as close as possible? Remembering that there was an abdl vendor that was selling it in a liquid form during the late 2000s.
>>15746 Some definitely are distinct from eachother. The barnyard are the only ones woth hook n loop. I think Princess and llama are the same with different prints and thicker, then lil monsters, bellas, and lil squirts are the same with different prints.
>>15746 You might try tykables cammies. (the camo pattern one) Or overnights. (I think they are the same platform, just different print, but not 100% sure) the camo ones are hook and loop and of course are a printed diaper, but the capacity is great and the general construction is VERY sturdy. Like, the plastic feels thicker and generally much more rugged than a lot of diapers out there. So if your looking for something you can wear for extended periods of time without clumping or falling apart, or something you can play in without worrying about punching a hole in it, they might be worth a try. Im pretty sure you can get a sample of them somewhere, either from tykables themselves or some company like My Inner Baby.
Has anybody else noticed the 8chan.moe domain seems to no longer work? Is that on purpose or is there a problem the site admins havent fixed? Or is this somehow just a problem with me? 8chan.se works fine though.
>>15947 It may increase in price for collectors, but if someone wants to copy a smell, that is much easier (I think) than copying a diaper. Smells can be reverse engineered and then synthesized, in fact this is something that is done on a commercial scale and has an existing industry dedicated to it. You wouldnt be able to do it for like an individual person scale affordably (I would guess, maybe Im wrong) but if someone really wanted to duplicate a particular smell and then sell that smell as an extract, all they would have to do is send one of these companies a sample of the original and arrange to purchase the scent.
>>15804 When I started wearing I of course worried about what people would think and how they would react. Now I don't even think about it since I've been wearing for so long. Nobody really pays attention or cares unless it's immediately relevant to the situation at hand or you act way out of the norm.
Build a bed specifically for adult with physical disabilities, get lusted after by adults with mental disease https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ9yRiB-R4M
>>15974 Sure, but wouldn't a doctor wonder if something is wrong medically they need to keep an eye on?
>>16112 I guess that depends on if you go to the same doctor all the time and what you're going to the doctor for. If you go to various doctors who don't know your full history they won't usually think anything of you coming in with a diaper on and should have no reason to check or ask about them unless you're going there specifically for some type of bladder / bowel problems or a full physical type deal. I wore to lots of various doctor appointments with no questions about what type of underwear I was wearing for a long time. Then I went wearing for a basic checkup / wellness visit for someone who would become my PC doctor in the VA healthcare system. Without me mentioning that I was wearing diapers they happened to notice I was wearing them while having me stretch and stuff (guess the waistband peeked out the back of my pants.) They actually didn't say anything during the check up but called me later that day to discuss my bathroom habits. They ran some test and gave me a diagnosis of Functional Fecal Incon. when all the test came back without showing much. I've since had 4 different PC doctors in the system and they think nothing of it anymore. I haven't had a discussion about my diapers or my bowels from a medical professional since the diagnosis. They just see it as normal for me to be in them. It actually kind of helped me jump off the deep end and finally commit to being 24/7, that was like 7 years ago.
How long do you stay on the same diaper? I'm talking about in normal situations and just wetting. I only have access to medical diapers and I've been using Tena slips since they have the best cost/benefit. But... I think I'm changing too often. With 2 diaper changes in the morning and 2 in the evening plus one more to sleep. And if i drink coffee, that's one extra change because you know... coffee. So, that's 4 to 5 diapers a day. If I was 24/7 that would be a incredible amount of money. What do you think?
>>16113 The cliché is always, doctors are autistic, so I guess they really would think little of it. >>16208 I'll stay in a wet one for a few hours. Just clean your skin daily with showers, and use wipes when you change. Mind you I don't 24/7.
So when I first wake up (I don't actually wear diapers btw) I always find myself mumbling about liking diapers, messing diapers, asking mommy to change me etc. Anyone else do this? Makes me wonder if I sleep talk to, kinda concerning with having roommates and stuff
>>16337 yes but i only started once i didn't have roommates anymore. it's a fun way to wake up
Does anyone know the sauce
What's the best pacifier on the market that doesn't shift your teeth?
>>16761 adultpacifier.com have several, been using for years. easily the most comfortable, silicone is just better than all the others in gauge and softness. doesn't have that stupid reinforced side. the shield is just right too, fits the face perfectly
>>16762 any recommendations for teat size?
>>16763 some people like the long one, I prefer the short one. smoother texture and it is the right length for effortless sucking.
Is the construction of kids' pull ups different from baby diapers in regards to being designed to handle a flooding accident rather than a constant trickle of pee? I know that sometimes we talk about how flooding a diaper with a full bladder can cause leaks in adult diapers, and that got me curious about pull ups, since they're generally going to be flooded by a kid who didn't feel the need to pee until the last minute, or who has a full release bed wetting accident. If there are any diaper engineers out there, I was just curious if pull ups are specifically designed to handle those sudden floods.
>>16390 The art style looks very similar to a pixiv artist but I would have to look through my bookmarks to know more, will let you know if I do though.
>>16842 It really just depends on the size of the leak guards and how well they fit. I can completely open the floodgates in my tykables without worrying about leaks despite having a large bladder
Im looking to buy my first pair of plastic pants. What Im looking for is something that: 1) Is REALLY good at stopping leaks. Like, even if my diaper leaks, I dont want pee coming out of this thing. I don't want it to slowly seep out or wick through cuffs or anything like that. Like just really solid leak prevention. Including out of the top front while laying down. 2) Comfy. Wont itch or scratch, and doesnt need to cut off blood to my legs to work. (tight is OK, just not insanely/painfully tight) 3) Quiet. I dont want to sound like Im wearing a plastic bag with every step if at all possible. Like at the very least I would prefer its not louder than the diaper, but would be cool if it could even muffle diaper sounds a little. This one I am flexible on though. 4) Reasonably priced. Again, this is flexible. If its a really good product and will last a long time Im willing to spend some money on it. 5) Available in colors like a royal blue or clear or something. Nothing that is like flowers and balloons, just plain or fairly simple. Not a huge issue, more of a preference. Any thoughts on this? What experiences do others have with plastic pants/diaper covers? I recently got a threaded armor absorbent brief and I really like it, but I tend to slowly leak out the top when laying on my stomach. I dont think its the PUL waterproofing thats leaking, I think its pee thats getting wicked into the hem on the inside of the top front gusset, which then wicks to the fabric, not PUL coated outside of said gusset, which in turn wicks to the waistband, and from there onto my shirt, bed, and pants. I also have issues with diapers leaking from the front as well, and also from the back legs around my butt, so I figure a 100% waterproof cover would help with all of this. Also, should I make a new thread for this? >>tldr: What is a good quality super-good-at-stopping-leaks diaper cover/plastic pant I should get for my first pair? >>(and should I make a plastic pants thread for general discussion of them?)
A disease we all wish we could have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUQX4qknJho
anybody knows where to find that god damn cloth diaper? I have been looking for it for at least ten years and no search has lead me to an actual place where I can find it. I have seen PP, AB source, AB dreams Blair, now Sunny, where the heck are they getting it from!>??!?! https://kemono.party/patreon/user/23722150/post/62840252
>>17085 Nah, I think you underestimate how crippling of a condition it is to be Australian.
(293.80 KB 1158x1544 FZ6erYZXoAIZOMG.jpg)

Weird question, but what are the chances that princess-cereal(attached pic) has a penis? I follow her on twitter and a couple months ago someone said they were thinking about bottom surgery and she replied saying she was too. i always thought she was a bio girl.
(223.64 KB 1158x1544 FdQ9fACWAAAMDYk.jpg)

>>17272 I always thought she was a girl too. This recent photo makes it look like her body has a pretty feminine shape. However, the fact that she freaks out so hard whenever the question comes up leads me to believe she might have a dick.
(1.52 MB 1373x931 lolno.PNG)

>>17273 Protip: the hands and feet are always a dead giveaway.
>>17273 I bumped into her multiple times at summercap. if she has a dick, she passes very well. she walked around in just a shirt and a little king most of the con. lol
(377.45 KB 1335x1582 FdB3ENxWIAEtuh9.jpg)

>>17274 >>17273 >>17278 I'll be honest. She passes well enough and she's into diapers so much that I'd probably go for it anyway.
>>17280 Very much agree with this.
>>17280 >Samus Amiibo >Pokémon memorabilia >Hatsune Miku (a plushie and a figurine) >Bottle of pills (I think) She's trans. The only things missing are a choker, game consoles and LGBTWHATEVER decoration. It would be better if these people simply admitted their situation instead of trying to hide it. I don't mind trans girls if they pass (this one does). I'm more interested in the diapers, but lying and avoiding the topic pisses me off.
>>17288 Yepp Annoys me on Fetlife too. Trans is an option, but they just choose Female
(110.70 KB 1080x801 FdYkrMOWIBwvAuc.jpg)

Something I was just thinking about. Apparently the idea that trans women tend to have a diaper fetish is becoming a pretty well known stereotype in LGBT circles. There's pushback against it but overall it's just kind of becoming part of 'trans culture.' I do feel like modern society is being unreasonable with the forced acceptance of gender dysphoria, which is something that should legitimately be viewed with the same empathy and compassion you would treat any other mental illness, but if diaper fetishism gets more mainstream acceptance because of it, I'm a little more on board.
>>17305 >which is something that should legitimately be viewed with the same empathy and compassion you would treat any other mental illness Bruh, have you seen how other mental illnesses are treated?
>>17305 >Apparently the idea that trans women tend to have a diaper fetish is becoming a pretty well known stereotype in LGBT circles. Various probable explanations for that are given in the tranny thread including physical problems of transition (incontinence and leakage of some sort is a fairly common complication from SRS and certain transition drugs have diuretic effects), mental illness related sexual obsessions (like a lot of us into this fetish it seems), and the rise of AGP and autist trannies already into various other fetishes (comparable to how furries are often into a various other fetishes). >if diaper fetishism gets more mainstream acceptance because of it, I'm a little more on board. I really don't get why people want their weird fetishes to have mainstream acceptance other than to use it as an excuse to be an open pervert, asshole, or exercise control over the behavior of others and try to shame guilt people when they don't like it. That there's plenty of trannies, political whackjobs, and alphabet people in fact doing that is worth noting here. >>17309 Agreed, most people don't like to discuss or understand mental health. It's nothing new and it persists now. Most people just get upset themselves or have little to no ability or desire to actually be helpful when it comes to this sort of things. For most of history having crippling mental or physical illness would get you ostracized, gawked at, or removed. Mental health treatment and professional psychology itself is mostly a joke at best or a threat at worst. Consider that historically professional psychology and mental institutions were used as a way to deal with political dissidents and society's undesirables not just people who genuinely had problems. In some countries that's still a thing, not to mention how political trannies, gender, and sexuality have become. Now we're at a point where people with genuine problems end up homeless or in prison if they act up too much (one of ironies of deinstitutionalization even if that's not entirely to blame) and people are encouraged and praised for permanently altering their bodies while ignoring or downplaying the negative health effects and that the treatment is not as effective as claimed.
>>17305 This was talked about in the trans thread. I recommend you to check it out. What I think is the most probable explanation is childhood trauma. Parents were negligent, abusive or violent. Maybe even molestation by a third party like an aunt/uncle, cousin or a family's close friend. One feeling often reported by those just getting into diapers is security. They feel secure, safe and free of responsibilities. That may indicate they lived in an unstable environment, maybe being a victim of the things previously mentioned. I don't have data about it but in my experience, the vast majority of individuals identifying as homosexuals and transsexuals reported some case of childhood abuse. So I think it's safe to say diapers and transsexualism are close related, both due to bad childhood. I'm including myself in this. Not that I'm trans but something in my own childhood happened for me to enjoy diapers so much. I tried remembering as much as I could, talking to relatives about the past, staring at photos. But I can't pinpoint a main event that lead to my fetish. I think there's some block to it. >>17310 Incontinence side effects of transitioning don't make someone a diaper fetishist. Troons/shemales/trans are nothing new. Now trans + diapers is a recent phenomenon and, like you mentioned, may be related to the rise of AGP (autogynephilic transsexuals). Before that, most mtf trans were HSTS (homosexual transsexuals)
>>17325 It's probably a contributing factor with the other stuff for why trannies have been increasingly associated with ABDL. I don't think the various users that have mentioned it here really mean that it's a sole cause for any tranny that is also into ABDL. Just having incontinence issues isn't going to give someone a diaper fetish, but when combined with the other stuff trannies are known for it makes sense as contributing. If someone is already into fetish stuff or an AGP focusing on seeing themselves as attractive and sexy it's doesn't seem like a stretch for them to start considering diapers in a sexual manner if they actually develop a need for them as well. It probably also helps that a lot of internet AGPs at least seem to focus on cute and little/young girl aesthetic.
>>17325 >Incontinence side effects of transitioning don't make someone a diaper fetishist. No, but having to wear diapers. as an adult, isn't something a lot of people end up doing, and when forced to do so can make you realise maybe you like this, and it goes from there. For example years a go I was on some meds that had some funky side effects. The relevant ones being dry mouth, so I drank more, it acting like a diuretic, so needed to pee a bunch, and finally it knocked me right out when I went to sleep, and I'd be super groggy when waking up. End result was that had a couple accidents, and the doctor gave me some medical diapers to use until things evened out. Thing is, the medical diapers were trash, they either leaked or clumped up, so I looked online and ordered some samples, and found even the cheap ABDL diapers fitted better then the medical ones, so started using them. This introduced me to the scene, which I was willing to get into more as I started to realise that I actually liked wearing diapers. Would I have done so if I wasn't put in the position were I actually needed to wear diapers? Maybe, maybe not, but it was still a factor
>>17041 See if you can find a pair that are lined with terry towl. I have some and they're great. A little bit thicker then the standard plastic ones but much more comfortable. The towl lining helps absorb leaks to a degree, which helps stop them getting out, and because the outer layer is vinyl they are actually quieter then regular plastic pants. Downsides are they're more expensive, but worth it in my mind, and I've only ever seen them in white, though you could die them if you wanted. Oh, and they do tend to get warm in the summer, but most plastric pants do. They great when it's colder though.
>>17310 >I really don't get why people want their weird fetishes to have mainstream acceptance ABDL specifically relies on physical products, for which lack of acceptance hinders the marketability, availability, and production of. Declining levels of private space due to housing prices also don't help.
>>17041 You're not gonna get something quiet out of a plastic pant, however a rubber pant might be exactly what you're looking for https://youtu.be/3-dPLtnwjlg
>>17403 ooh, thats interesting, I'll definitely take a closer look at those!
>>17390 >ABDL specifically relies on physical products, for which lack of acceptance hinders the marketability, availability, and production of. This is already true of any other fetish that involves inanimate objects and not parts of the body or things produced by it. The major difference between ABDL and other object fetishes is that ABDL diapers are expensive and not reusable (unless you're going with cloth which has its own issues). A sex toy or fetish gear can last years and even quality stuff can be considered cheap for something that may never actually need to be replaced in the person's lifetime. But, it's not like we actually have an ABDL diaper shortage due to it being so niche and most people aren't going to be wearing 24/7 unless they're rich. Even cheaper disposable diapers for babies and medical incontinence can cost hundreds or thousands a year. I don't see what the problem is unless you lack an internet connection and absolutely need to be able to go down to a physical store for diapers for some reason or want to be wearing all the time (which is just impractical even if you have the money and people that have actually tried 24/7 have noted the inconvenience of it and that wearing all the time can lower interest because it becomes mundane). Even then medical diapers are cheaper and readily available as they're not specialty, but they are lower quality. It's not something that is going to change any time soon. >Declining levels of private space due to housing prices also don't help. And? This is true for nearly anything directly sexual or even just frowned upon because it's niche or weird. Just vanilla sex and masturbation requires some privacy (unless you're living in some sort of isolated free love community) because people generally don't want to randomly see or hear other people fucking or fapping/schlicking in public and there's reasons beyond that, such as hygiene and avoiding distracting or being disruptive to others with the activity. The same two things apply to ABDL too. Try to think of it as normal people see it. Normal people generally don't want to be next to someone who just shit or pissed themselves. It's bodily waste and most people are naturally disgusted by anything to do with bodily waste and decay like it or not. People only tolerate it with medical incontinence and children due to there legitimately being a lack of control rather than it being deliberate. Even for people actually into ABDL most of us probably aren't going to want be in same room with some random stranger who may be actively loading their pants. Similarly most healthy adults like sex to some degree, but they don't want strangers doing it in front of them. Complaining that ABDL isn't mainstream accepted is like insisting that people shouldn't have a problem with a guy walking into a bar or restaurant naked or wearing a gimp suit or openly carrying around a sex toy and sitting next to you. If you're interacting with people you're not fucking or aren't comfortable with sexual stuff (which is most of the people you'll interact with on a regular basis) you need to have discretion with sex, fetishes, and kinks to avoid causing offense. This reminds me of idiots on social media talking about coming out to their family about ABDL interests or fetishes. Your friends and family don't need to or want to know about that. It's not like being gay where your same sex lover may be involved in family gatherings or everyday social interactions and may need to be concerned about how you'll have children.
(28.08 KB 490x471 terry_pants_2.jpeg)

(122.37 KB 1200x900 sdb1.jpg)

(123.28 KB 1200x900 sdb2.jpg)

(124.15 KB 1200x900 sdb3.jpg)

>>17041 I've used Garywear PUL pants before, they are quiet, but not great for the rest of your concerns. You could stuff a towel inside to absorb leaks. Very soon I'm going to order a couple pairs of privatina training panties. You can customize them to have a waterproof layer or even a fleece lining and a waterproof layer. The store photo, while iconic, doesn't really show how it could be a diaper cover. Luckily that one abdl girl modeled some for resale and put a huge cloth diaper under it. It's going to be expensive but I've wanted these for years and I'm tired of leaks myself.
Guys serious shit!!! I was talking with my BF over discord and he was pretty wasted. We reminisced about our childhoods and apparently we both kept our stuffed animals. I thought it was cute. A couple days later, wasted again he starts talking about how he wants a daddy in his life which me being the top of the relationship kinda fill. Tonight though he started talking about how much he loves onesies and he showed me a couple onesies and even put one on. He seemed insecure about it and kept asking if it was weird that he liked them. I'm seriously wondering if he's ABDL and doesn't want to to admit it. If so I fuckin scored with a little/playmate! I just don't know how to handle the situation or wait to see if he comes out on his own
>>17415 Excessive exclamation points, obvious attempt at exaggerated panicked post style that matches no actual mentally unstable person's posts a lot of people have actually seen. Talks about some random dude met into ABDL without indicating own sex suggesting a tranny playing out fantasy at best. All I can say is "get lost dumbass" because if I used fuck in the insult you'd get off on it in some way, troll or attention whore or whatever sort of moron that gets off on making obvious RP or troll posts on an image board outside of threads involving that.
Has anyone gotten plastic sheets? I want to get some, but ideally they'd be loud, for that extra-baby feel. Recommendations/tips?
>>17419 Breathable plastic/vinyl sheets aren't unusual. A lot of people use them simply because it's far easier and cheaper to clean or replace than a mattress because the main thing is sweat and whatever body fluids that accumulate over time. I've got one of these simply to extend the life of the mattress from normal use. Just getting a cover that doesn't let significant outside moisture though be it spills or general sweat or bed stuff expected can easily be cheaper in the long run than that and a mattress. They're not an entirely an ABDL or medical thing and pretty cheap. The main issue is that most stuff is not designed for full blown bed wetting, but rather to deal with sweat, cum, and occasional leaks or drink spills. You can find them on Amazon pretty cheap.
>>17406 >ABDL diapers are expensive Which is precisely because of the lack of acceptance making it niche. >absolutely need to be able to go down to a physical store for diapers for some reason or want to be wearing all the time Yeah, incontinent people, for one. It's ridiculous how they can't buy the products they actually need in stores. >Just vanilla sex and masturbation requires some privacy (unless you're living in some sort of isolated free love community) because people generally don't want to randomly see or hear other people fucking or fapping/schlicking in public There's a world of difference between fapping and simply wearing underwear under your clothes. If people can accept trans, they sure as fuck should be able to accept people wearing different underwear. >Normal people generally don't want to be next to someone who just shit or pissed themselves. It's bodily waste and most people are naturally disgusted by anything to do with bodily waste Putting aside how ABDLs don't necessarily use them at all, diapers and odor-killing pills like activated charcoal are how incontinent people are able to function in society. Piss and shit would still exist without diapers, so diapers aren't the actual issue. Diapers make bodily waste LESS disgusting. >People only tolerate it with medical incontinence No. No, they really, really don't. Have you ever read about the shit they go through, be it at school, work, their love lives and even at the hospital? The truth of the matter is that people only don't tolerate people wearing diapers past babyhood because they're bombarded with hateful lies about how diapers are only for babies during potty training. If you have any form of empathy, you should be supporting those who need to wear them by calling out negative attitudes towards them wherever you can. >Complaining that ABDL isn't mainstream accepted is like insisting that people shouldn't have a problem with a guy walking into a bar or restaurant naked or wearing a gimp suit or openly carrying around a sex toy and sitting next to you. No, it's like saying a guy shouldn't be treated like a potential rapist and risk losing everything if someone rummages through his drawers without his permission and finds a pair of panties in there. Unless you're a literal baby boomer or a trust fund baby, having a house to yourself hasn't been a guarantee for decades, and even then, you'd need to be forever alone unless you miraculously find someone who isn't a hateful vindictive little bitch. >you need to have discretion with sex, fetishes, and kinks to avoid causing offense. Cool, do you say the same thing about them speaking ill of fetishes and offending fetishists too, or are you just a hypocrite licking the boots of abusive people? Is it okay for us to react in the same way as black people being called the N-word whenever people speak of adult diapers with disgust? It's easy to speak ill of forcing fetishes on others, but it logically follows that forcing one's turn-offs on others would be just as bad, you know. >It's not like being gay Yeah, we're actually oppressed rather than privileged with the entire mainstream media and major companies openly supporting us. Your strawman of people wanting to be able to buy diapers at the store without getting harassed somehow being the same as flaunting their underwear is really forced and does nothing to obscure the actual issue of how our situation is much like that of gays in Saudi Arabia. If you don't think our situation needs to improve, you are either sheltered as fuck, or not an ABDL at all but rather a bad faith actor trying to undermine us.
(64.06 KB 564x751 Fc5FNfgagAIL5Fu.jpg)

>>17310 >>17406 I don't know about other people but for me at least I think there's some very realistic and beneficial goals that could come from 'mainstream' acceptance. This probably means different things for different people but when I say mainstream acceptance I'm not talk about being able to openly flaunt wearing diapers in public or anything crazy. I just want people to view the fetish as 'kinky' as opposed to 'oh my god how disgusting and extreme is this shit?' Sort of like how BDSM has garnered way more public acceptance than what it used to. Or the fact that furries are literally fucking everywhere nowadays. Also, if you date vanilla women, vanilla women can very easily be influenced by society to view different things as acceptable sexy fun as opposed to weird depraved shit. So yes more public acceptance of ABDL is a good thing in that regard. Also, like >>17429 said >If people can accept trans, they sure as fuck should be able to accept people wearing different underwear. I absolutely agree with this. Not just that but the weirdness of the LGBT community in general. If society can wrap it's head around that sort of thing and slowly learn to be 'ok' with it (even if it's somewhat forced) fetishism really isn't that far behind.
>>17420 Are you serious? Try not to buy into modern victim mentality. Yeah some people mistake us for pedos and people discriminate against and bully people with medical conditions like incontinence, but I wouldn't really call ABDLs "oppressed". We're not "gays in Saudi Arabia" as you put it. I highly doubt anyone is protesting in the street or making laws because people like to wear adult diapers for psychological or sexual gratification other than people being against general perversion or because they think we're predators. Someone being disgusted with diapers is not in any way like being called a slur because disgust with waste is a natural instinctual reaction intended to prevent us from potentially getting sick so we're the weirdos in that regard. If anything it's at best laughable and at worst insulting you compare us to gays and blacks. ABDLs weren't systematically enslaved and discriminated against in the Americas for centuries. No one's saying ABDLs can't get married. There's no laws specifically against being into ABDL. No one's being lynched for wearing diapers. We're too niche for most people to care like a lot of weird fetishes. Normies in general just lump us in with all the other perverts. There's not really anything we can do about that and to they're not entirely wrong to do so. We're perverts and weirdos and a few ABDLs are indeed sick bastards. There's nothing wrong with being a pervert or weirdo, but we do need to keep our interests in check. People are always going to have problems with stuff like this, the least we can do is not give them extra ammo or paint targets on ourselves. >>17434 >BDSM That's not as acceptable as you think it is. In some countries aspects of BDSM are specifically illegal and in others it can fall under laws regarding assault because it's assumed that people can not knowingly consent to physical harm. There's some understandable logic to that. There have been legal cases of BDSM going to far and causing serious physical injury. >I absolutely agree with this. Not just that but the weirdness of the LGBT community in general. If society can wrap it's head around that sort of thing and slowly learn to be 'ok' with it (even if it's somewhat forced) fetishism really isn't that far behind. Honestly I'd prefer if it if ABDLs are never be lumped in with the mainstream LGBT movement. Even some gays and lesbians don't like it and have you not seen the shenanigans of certain online alphabet people and how much LGBT stuff is used to try to bully, shame, and guilt people? Gender bender stuff is one of my top fetishes and I like chicks and dicks, but I hate all the modern political nonsense regarding sexuality and gender and how some people try to drag real world politics into fantasy fetish porn.
>>17435 >Yeah some people mistake us for pedos and people discriminate against and bully people with medical conditions like incontinence >but I wouldn't really call ABDLs "oppressed" This is the very definition of cognitive dissonance. >I highly doubt anyone is protesting in the street People literally are running ABDL stores out of towns. >making laws People have been denied custody of their children over being ABDL. >other than people being against general perversion or because they think we're predators It's commonly agreed that reactions like that are wrong when it comes to LGBT nowadays, so people still behaving that way towards fetishes is nothing but hypocrisy. >If anything it's at best laughable and at worst insulting you compare us to gays and blacks. So you ARE just a bad faith infiltrator after all. Get the fuck out of ABDL communities, because we don't want the likes of you around here. We don't owe women, gays, trans people, black people or any other group shit unless they return the favor and stand up for us with the same passion they expect everyone else to have for them. Newsflash: Nobody gives a single fuck about what happened countless years ago as compared to what is going on right now, and, yes, oppression and censorship can be enacted by private companies and the ignorant public just as much as it can be by the government. Absolutely nobody but a pedantic oppression apologist subscribes to the line of thought that a group's suffering is only valid if it's officially at the hands of the government. >No one's saying ABDLs can't get married. Countless tales of breakups and divorces say otherwise. >No one's being lynched for wearing diapers. The comment sections of any news or documentaries about ABDL sure suggest otherwise. If we're not being lynched, it's because we haven't been found. >a few ABDLs are indeed sick bastards A few of anything are sick bastards. The difference is that other groups call out prejudice for what it is and don't let their bad eggs define them out of cowardice. >how much LGBT stuff is used to try to bully, shame, and guilt people As fucked up as it is, clearly it is effective. They have way more skeletons in their closets than we do, but get accepted simply because people have learned the hard way that fucking with them has consequences. The main issue with the ABDL community is that so many "ABDLs" are limp-wristed self-aggrandizing fucks who'll scream themselves blue in the face about how some ABDL company is evil for not donating to the latest in-vogue mainstream cause or whatever, then look the other way as people scream death threats at us and deny us interactions and income as a direct result of the latest hatemonger with a large platform spewing falsehoods about us unopposed.
>>17437 This is a fucking kink dude, not a lifestyle. Stop whining about "muh rights to get off on shitting myself near coworkers or kids". Most people can live an enormously happy life and limit their kink to the bedroom. If you can't, that's what you need to be seeing a therapist about. This "LGBT = ABDL" shit is pathological.
>>17440 Keep trying to force that exhibitionist strawman with zero connection to what anyone's saying. I'm sure the crowd that frothes with mindless malice at anyone wearing a diaper past an arbitrary age will have mercy on you when they discover your diapers if you do.
>>17437 >Get the fuck out of ABDL communities, because we don't want the likes of you around here. You've made me seen the error of my ways. I will never so much as jerk off to ABDL porn eever again. But in all seriousness... "No, I don't think I will." Do you not see the absurdity in angrily ranting about oppression and politics on a board catering to diaper fetishism? I'm just here to get off and discuss a fetish I like with others. I don't care how "oppressed" someone thinks they are or political spergery in a fetish community and from what I've seen most people don't like politics and oppression olympics mixed with their porn. ABDL isn't political, the same as pretty much any other fetish, despite the jokes here about political ABDL. You're an idiot if you think otherwise. Libido and orgasm are just there to make sure you're reproducing and some people manage to get off in the weeds with it which is why human sexual pursuits are so varied and aren't always conducive to actual reproduction. I see little point in taking weird sexual interests in myself or anyone else seriously beyond it being kept under control and out of site enough to not cause problems for me or others. This is why I avoid discussion in gender bender fetish communities. There's always some polititard bringing up real world tranny shit. TLDR; I don't give a fuck about your political views. I don't give a fuck if you think ABDLs are a discriminated minority because most us can't engage in this fetish as desired all the time. Most people can't enjoy their sexual interests or fetishes as fully desired, get over it. We're all perverts and freaks here. I see no point in pretending we're dignified and serious when we're getting off to inanimate underwear intended for pissing and shitting in. >>17440 At least this guy gets it. Anyway, I'm going back to masturbating to adults in diapers now.
>>17442 That's a whole lot of words for "I said dumb shit and got destroyed by the facts".
>>17437 Jesus dude. >running ABDL stores out of towns Plenty of gay bathhouses or adult stores get run out of town. So has Chic-fil-A. There's an ABDL store near me doing just fine. These are just local issues around community standards, visibility etc. >denied custody of their children If you're referring to the recent case in Australia, the decision was based on (a) the father running an online ABDL business, and getting his children to help him in the business, (b) the father wearing diapers openly around the children, (c) the father picking a child up from school or mother's house while wearing a diaper, despite previously agreeing not to. Judge ruled that children would likely feel embarrassed or humiliated, particularly at school, due to their father's behaviour. Again, "ABDL --> Bedroom" doesn't equal oppression. > breakups and divorces Yeah, cause the not-as-oppressed-as-us LGBTs never had breakups or divorces. If ABDL causes a breakup, good. Now you can find someone you're compatible with and who accepts you. It takes time but it's worth it. People can also get stuck in cycles like: shame --> repression of ABDL urges --> urges grow and overcome shame --> 'binge' period (e.g. 24/7, wearing openly, untraining) --> shame. I imagine that if ABDL contributes to a divorce, it's because there wasn't a healthy and stable expression of ABDL urges in the relationship before the wedding.

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