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Hypno Thread Baby 07/16/2020 (Thu) 00:39:36 No. 559
Share Files, or discuss your experiences. Found any files that really brought you into little space? Any that went too far? Share you experience! :)
There was a hot video of a guy crossdressing and messing his diaper as he watched some sort of diaper hypno but now I can’t find it. It’s a shame because I wanted to know if anons knew the file
>>568 You can't just say something like that and not post the video, I'd have preferred you never even mentioned it
(60.03 KB 790x1011 sissy mirror.jpg)

>>591 I'm thinking it might have been deleted. Just after reading your post I went and spent five or six minutes looking around Pornhub for it again. It was an amateur video and the guy had like one vid on his channel. It was a guy crossdressing. Not a top-tier one but not a gross one either, he was diapered and sitting on the floor, sucking on a pacifier while watching sissy hypno in front of his laptop. He lifted his butt up and then messed the diaper and then sat back down on it. I came to it several times so I'm very sad that I can't find it now, especially since this thread made me look for it. To actually contribute to the thread though, here are a few good vids that I enjoy: >Diaper Training Hypnosis https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c404f26a59ad >Diaper Brainwashing Tape https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c8eb050c85d9 The first one is fun to mess too. I really wish though that there were more explicitly sissy related ABDL hypnos. Little girl regression is my favorite
https://iwantclips.com/store/730497/Dominavictoria/2078031/Uncontrollable-Wetting-Messing-Trance 80$ ... I cannot believe the asking price. But if anyone did spend a case worth of diapers in $$ and wants to share let me know
>>667 Fuck you’d expect something to work perfectly for a price like that but I highly doubt it
>>668 Lol, I'm sure it does nothing. If you want hypnosis you have to find an actual trained practitioner of it, which is kinda expensive but the results certainly can be worth it for some. Just be careful with it. You're messing with your mind (haha)
heck thats my art <3 glad you like it <3
>>7068 Nice to see you around Now bend over and prepare for a spanking
Recently experimented with eating three geltabs and watching every abdl hypno video I could find both xxx and non-xxx, through the hypno I was encouraged to thickly diaper myself, cage myself, and of course plug and fuck myself. I turned into a drooling stupid mess by the end of the last video I had queued. I was then convinced I could not change my very thick diaper until I had: 1. Taken myself out for a walk in a skirt that didn't do much to cover the diaper while continuing to listen to hypno. 2.Until I have consumed the 5 beers I had in the fridge and soaked my diaper. 3. Made myself cum by only fucking myself with the 8in dildo I had plugged myself with. Oh also I did not let myself go home until I had achieved all of these things :) Had to be one of the most intense orgasms of my life, I came my brains out after bouncing up and down on the dick in my diaper. Then I punished myself like a good slut by hiking up my skirt for the waddle of shame home. When I got home I removed my diaper and cage and had the second most intense orgasm of my life lol Tldr Ac1d and Brainwashing yourself into submission coupled with a cock cage and diaper is amazing
>>568 >>593 Fuck that sounds hot, I don't suppose anyone has said video?
>>7457 I've never been able to find it again. Especially since Pornhub deleted almost all of their content. It's very sad, because that sort of video is really rare. I should have downloaded it when I first saw it. >>7444 Sounds like a very hot time! I love how stupid and horny I get after a lot of hypno
I have this random idea thats stuck in my head; basically it's your typical baby brainwashing scenario but something goes wrong or its only half complete or whatever so the target is still a functioning adult but they have strong baby tendencies and urges
any recommended file? something like wet echo or similar? I liked that type of file
>>7444 where did you find the hypnosis files?
Has anyone tried these files yet? If not, I might take the plunge and come back with results. Very curious.
>>8645 I assume like shit if no one has pirated them. Never seen or heard them in 8chan/kun.
>>8645 I wouldn't bother, she used to pose for pictures years ago, then went away suddenly, and now she's back with another grift, just like panda/papaya/ava/annie/whatever alias she's using this week. The files might be okay, but I wouldn't expect anything therapeutic from it, hypno-mommy is better for that stuff
Another good link from 8kun topic so I don't keep having to look for it. https://archive.org/details/RegressPadded/
Thank goodness I found this thread! I remember sharing the google drive files of sweet dreams back on 8kun. Does anyone have the diaper theta hypnosis video or audio that used to be on pornhub? Its currently on thisvid but you need to be friends with the uploader to view it. I'd love if anyone knew!
I'm looking for Hypno-Mommy's paid files. Her free stuff is good but the other files are way overpriced for me. Anyone got them?
I had one real good regression experience with hypno once. I can't for the life of me remember the video or clip I was watching. Some sort of audio hypno. Whatever it was, by the time it ended I felt so weird and dazed. I got out of my chair and crawled around the room and started playing with some legos and sucking my thumb. It had a magic feel to it that toys don't usually have anymore. I giggled alot as I played, and then it gradually wore off. It was a good memory. The most babyish I've felt though.
>>8645 yes i've tried two from both groups and they suck ass at the price. They're like 7 to 15 minutes a pop and it's just like bargain bin asmr. trash. Do not buy.
Anyone know of any good hypno files with actual ejaculation triggers in it? I usually have to use non-ABDL stuff and twist the fantasy in my head.
>>7460 Hehehe me tooooo
>>8358 All over the internet, I keep a tab of what I find in my browser and a playlist on my YouTube
>>9354 Hypnoskunk
>>9555 It's on aHR0cHM6Ly9rZW1vbm8ucGFydHkvcGF0cmVvbi91c2VyLzE2MDI0MDg0 Most of it is subliminal stuff, does not really work for me. But you can give it a try for sure
>>9564 wow thank you! that place has certainly lots of things hosted there I was not aware this was being used to share things.
Anyone have any good messing hypnosis?
>>9564 What does that mean?
Is there any more files by this person? I haven't found them anywhere.
>>9890 they're on iwantclips, idundee3, beware most of them are text to speech besides the Sheila clips, though the tts aren't horrible, if you're not expecting it, it's jarring
>>9895 Nice! You don't happen to know where to get them for free though, do you?
If I can share my experience with hypno. Last August I found a rather large file on 8kun. Listened to a few that encouraged night time wetting. It really worked on me. The bad thing, I was wetting even on nights I wasn't wearing. Weed was always involved on nights I wet, but I suggest buying bed protection. Something highly rated to keep your mattress dry. IDK if being high was why it happened, but I haven't listened to a file since maybe Sept-Oct and It has taken until maybe Late Jan for it to stop. I get high every night for sleep, so im pretty sure it was the hpyno that pushed me past the breaking point. I think I listened to the same file maybe 4-6 times before it worked.
>>9968 Was it that 1hr8min long "Bedtime Hypnosis" session on Soundcloud? https://soundcloud.com/user-933365543/bedtime-hypnosis Not sure original source.
This does sound familiar. I just remember the voice sounding very dull, female, and the further it went, the more I heard in the background. Lets say she said 5 long paragraphs in total, well when she finished with one then it would repeat in the background while working on the 2nd, then 3rd and so on. It was prob intensified by me being high.
It was called wetting the bed, by Ember Larimar
Can someone help me identify who made ARP_EPISODE_X files? She sounds like Val (BGFM)
>>10352 Those are Dream A Little files. There are a couple of episodes with Val as well though.
>>10193 wtf is this production quality? i can't jerk off to this, i'm too busy appreciating it
>>10193 Would love to know whose voice is the main one in these, they're incredible
Does anyone still have the $wee+dre@m5 - Hypno+ic Mi5+ series? They have been up in the collection folders, but I've lost them after a purge, would be great if anyone could re-up.
>>10361 Thank you Anon. >>10369 YUhSMGNITTZMeTkzZDNjdWJXVmthV0ZtYVhKbExtTnZiUzltYVd4bEwyODNNR2g1TVc5ck4zRnlZalIyTmk5VGQyVmxkRjlFY21WaGJYTXVlbWx3TDJacGJHVT0=
Thanks a bunch, much appreciated
>>10374 I've been looking all over for this but I don't know how to use your link! Help please?
>>10613 get a new gimmick, dude
(151.04 KB 1000x1000 download (1).jpg)

There was a pointed pic at the 6@5e of its handle.
Try thinking of analog horror stuff and deciphering hidden lore from them.
>>10193 https://thisvid.com/videos/regressive-fever-dream/ this one's private but just add the guy if you have an account >>10365 sounds like larkin but i'm not 100% sure
>>559 anybody have any nicole doseis files? btw here is audio RPs, I know its not hypno but I didnt want not share anything
>>11100 Key: hZ_IrJPoxyAojwWNruNedA https://mega.nz/folder/wJ0wxJwT forgot to post link lol
Anyone has the files from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/ABDLHypnosis?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1079223370 I don't think I've seen them in any of the folders here.
IWhat are your favorite files/Is there any abdl hypnosis file which worked surprisingly well for you?
>>11104 my man
>>10365 >>10990 It is mommy maggie who also does captions. She used to frequent these threads as well. the only for mommy clips real name is Mommy's Silly Dumb Baby Hypnosis and is just mp3. She has a patreon with plenty of caps and mp3 files. She posted this "Hey there everyone! This is Maggie from Maggie's Cappies So honestly I've been super into diaper hypnosis porn ever since I started getting into this fetish. I've been VERY hesitant to try any kind of file though for literally the past decade or so, because I was so worried about what would happen to me if I hypnotized myself. Like, would I actually slip into a baby mode forever? Would I really lose my potty training? We all have actual lives away from this fetish, so I never wanted to take the risk. A couple months ago I decided, fuck it, let's just do this. And I've fallen in love. I'd say 7/10 times I masturbate now while I'm under some kind of trance. It's been an immaculate experience, and I love trying any file I can get my hands on. So, I thought to myself, why don't I make hypnosis? It might be kind of shitty at first, but with constructive criticism from the community, hopefully I can actually make it into something hard hitting, and actually worth a download. I was that kid who had no money and couldn't get any quality shit for free, so I went on sites like this and prayed people would throw out their own purchased shit for free. So, I guess in a way, this is me paying back the community. I'm not gonna post all of my hypnosis for free here, but a decent amount of it. My ultimate goal here is for you guys help me make my files better, so that I can make the highest quality hypnosis for this community. Whether that be through script critiques, audio pointers, or even straight up ideas. So below is my first file. It's mostly a Fem dom regression file, with some potty training amnesia, and wetting suggestions. PLEASE let me know what you think, and how I can make this better for everyone. Thank you so much for even listening. Again, this is my first try, so go easy on me! (PS If you want to support me, head on over to my patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Maggiescappies) https://mega.nz/#F!qIUn1KpK!n23YKxwAS7OMbeDrbbUuOg" Back in 2019. here's the thread, https://8kun.top/abdl/res/73171.html
>>10365 >>10990 Here's the clip with full audio file where she sais it's mommy maggie. https://www.keekass.com/videos/53893/mother-mistress-brainwash/
I'm sad there is no diaper hypno as powerful as sissy hypno. Sissy hypno can change you powerfully over time. I've never found anything like that with diapers yet
>>11824 Very cool! Unfortunately the mega link in your post seems to be dead, but I'll definitely be giving your work a look :)
Does anyone have Bambi Daycare and Bambi Babytalk.
>>12004 how can you be this stupid
(1.89 MB 720x720 IMG_onfusq.gif)

(7.16 MB 720x720 IMG_ignxmh.gif)

Can just be posted hypnosis stuff instead so the thread does not get closed because of this pic.
(466.92 KB 1200x1600 19_6_26_4.jpg)

Why si so hard find good files?
>>12104 hypno-mommy just uploaded a handful of new ones, I'd recommend them and i listen to almost everything https://hypnomommy.gumroad.com/
New ABDL hypnosis creator on Youtube, "Bambi's Daycare" (no connection to the synth voice "Bambi Daycare" file in the Bambi sissification series). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2Uy6TRuQOcZFpkthUT2VA/videos I'm 99% sure that it's original content, not the best sound quality but it's a promising start. ASMR Little Space Induction - Deeper Trance Hypnosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWxz7-pfLYs ASMR Age Regression | Hypnosis | ABDL | Little Space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=981ktQqk0UM ASMR Forced Pee Degradation | Hypnosishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBCaNNntC9Y
>>12179 there's a new maker too, https://diaperedbombshell.com/hypnosis/ols/products it's text-to-speech, I bought the shitting ones but it didn't really blow my mind with good diaper hypnosis, you've got to consider: the fantasy element, the therapy element, and the sexual element, idundee3 put out a good one recently, where you get institutionalized in the abdl ward, the first half was really good, then you get raped with text to speech in the back half
Does anyone have any good sissy hypnosis to share?
>>12183 > idundee3 put out a good one recently, where you get institutionalized in the abdl ward, the first half was really good, then you get raped with text to speech in the back half I'm sure those visualization-heavy kinds of files work well for some people but I prefer ABDL files that are more focused on feelings and physiology instead of fictional narratives that require too much visualization. For regression In particular, I prefer the open-ended style of visualization where you draw upon your own memories to fill in the blanks (i.e. "imagine yourself when you were five") instead of specific scenarios (i.e. "you are five, you are at an amusement park with your friends and you are riding a roller coaster for children with only a few small bumps. All of a sudden you need to pee but the roller coaster is slow and it might be minutes before you can make it to the bathroom. You try to hold it in but it starts leaking out.").
someone has Bambi daycare.
>>12206 Is that last scenario from an actual file? Because that sounds like something I would be into
>>12615 No, I made it up as I was writing it but now that I think about it, that "you need to pee but you're stuck on a slow amusement park ride" scenario would kind of work as an ABDL file.
>>11858 If it's that powerful, it's because you are a closet faggot. In fact, I don't think it's even because of the hypnosis: you were just looking for an excuse to let your faggot self out. >>12206 I prefer where I'm guided a bit, because if you tell me "imagine yourself when you were five"; I honestly cannot imagine anything out of the spot. I get too distracted while I try to make something up. > Not related but Was wondering if we could share videos of girls getting hypnotized into diapers. This one is a classic I always come back to. (use base64) aHR0cHM6Ly9wb3Juem9nLmNvbS92aWRlby8xMjE2ODA4Ni9kaWFwZXItaHlwbm9zaXMv
There was a really amazing diaper hypno / popper video on xvids awhile back (like 6 months to a year) but it got removed because it had shota. Does anyone have that?
Really need the Hypnotic Mist Series. All of it. IF someone has it D:
>>12834 There is a zip with a direct link that still seems to work already in this thread. search for text 'sweet'
>>12853 bless you, i need to brainwash myself into pooping and cumming in my diaper nonstop. It's the best feeling in the fucking world.
Lets see if we can get some more hypnosis files on here. I bought the Advanced Diaper Wetting Hypnosis file from etsy (Jay Loveson) Honestly kinda fucked me up. I can't wear diapers anymore without pissing in them unknowingly. Really did it for me: https://mega.nz/file/6FlXRRbA#ch4o4sOjZAAkGptRa1qlhJ_4csqft749OwJYEyeIzCI Anyone got new files?
>>12952 I had a good effect out of this one, after a few loops, I felt more like I was leaking than peeing https://hypnomommy.gumroad.com/l/erasing-potty-training-loop
Can post that one for hpyno mom if you have it. Erasing Potty Training - Hypnotic Loop
>>12952 Here is the Regression file from the same artist. Seems like the etsy might be down now. Key + mega UkMxVE0wRXlVRkpzY0VOeFNGaHZhV3RKUzJkT1ptUXlNWG8yTFhwRlZuRjZZbEJKT0Y5ME5GSkdVUXBvZEhSd2N6b3ZMMjFsWjJFdWJub3ZabWxzWlM5M01VcDZlV0pwVXc9PQ==
Can repost that it is hard to tell what copy and past.
>>13306 >>13311 serves me right for trying to make it secure. YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdmR6RktlbmxpYVZNalJDMVRNMEV5VUZKc2NFTnhTRmh2YVd0SlMyZE9abVF5TVhvMkxYcEZWbkY2WWxCSk9GOTBORkpHVVE9PQ==
That is not even workable anything.
im looking for librarian, adult anxiety.
>>13491 check on kem0n0.p@r+y
>>13581 I'll trade, I got a bunch, I never subbed to the Patreon before so I didn't realize I missed a bunch of exclusive stuff she really sucks at replying to messages I sent her one to all her accounts about a dysfunctional listing 2 months ago and nothing
>>13629 Can't you just upload your files to Mega so everyone can benefit?
Mega is a lot easier to use rc baby because can not figure out how to use the link you posted.
Juste use Base64 to decode or the easy way -JDownloader2.
Ahh, sorry. I just followed the example set by others on this board and encrypted them. Goto base64decode.org, enter the code in the decode box and it'll reveal the anonfile link below. Also, that is two codes. One on each line.
Thank you for telling me how to do it
No probs. And just to remind all - I'm posting two of HypMoms ludicrously expensive files for each previously unshared Nicole Dosei abdl file posted.
Anyone know the name of the lovely Mommy in this vid wearing the polkadot dress? Or even have more of her content? https://anonfiles.com/15l6d8u7y8/mdlb_breastfeeding_Search_sorted_by_popularity_-_VideoSecti_mp4
Here one of here Wetting the Bed is as Easy as 123 https://mega.nz/file/8oZzBIhC#QdTfVC2LLlaLa-7EXbH_zF3-lcb0Oaj0QpQUJsWPV-8
Here is another one I have Inconsistent Incontinence https://mega.nz/file/N8A1FSQI#Vk2XAgk2-uiMYXNc_C9pjPlrO6zNpqiXnCRjDgEGha4
thank you two for being kind and giving back to the community :')
No worries (although I'm not quite sure the legalities of publicly sharing purchased content so I will likely delete my posts after a week or so - grab 'em while you can). My thanks go to the little one who shared kem0n0.p@r+y. Such a valuable resource! Please do support the content creators where you can, but for now, keep the flood coming :)
Here's two more from Nicole: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlRVeFdhbmhVU2tzak5GUmtMWGh4U214UGNWQmtVMGxDUjJGblZqVlZaSFEzUmpjMldIaHhkblJUVkhNelNubDZabUozTUE9PQo= YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdk1HSXdWVk5SVkVFalduRXpTWHBzUkdRMGVWSlVhbEJvVVVoNGNWcFRRelJ0VnpSYWJXMURiMHhEVkZCVFRERlhhVkpRY3c9PQo=
>>13786 Whoops, sorry. Thanks for all sharing! Here's two more: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlRVdE5SMWRMVVZRaldtSmZZV0pQT0RGTWEwNHROMlF0T1ZSdlVHNWtUVXBoZFMxT2JtbHViR054UW5ScU1rcHdWRmhSWXc9PQo= YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdk5WZHJlVkZSVTFralZqbFBVV3N4UTA1UE1YSkZhSFU0UTFOTmNsaENaMUZzVDNwTFFrRnJjakJMUXpORlRqWlNVVWxaVlE9PQo=
another one. yeah, k3m0n0 does come handy sometimes although it's mostly fu22y stuff... aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL3QydTF0ZHVleWIvQnJhaW53YXNoZWQtQmFieS1Cb3ktTmljb2xlLURvc2VpX21wMw==
>>13791 Maybe force of habit from earlier days/sites?
>>13793 Also think "Baby" is the default username, and there might be some sort of recognisable remnant when links are just encrypted once?
How do decode this base64 not working Here's two more from Nicole: YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlRVeFdhbmhVU2tzak5GUmtMWGh4U214UGNWQmtVMGxDUjJGblZqVlZaSFEzUmpjMldIaHhkblJUVkhNelNubDZabUozTUE9PQo= YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdk1HSXdWVk5SVkVFalduRXpTWHBzUkdRMGVWSlVhbEJvVVVoNGNWcFRRelJ0VnpSYWJXMURiMHhEVkZCVFRERlhhVkpRY3c9PQo=
You have to decode once, copy the decoded Data and decode a second time.
Time to be little aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvQmYxM2dJckEjUzdzM0JpY1d4cGlKRGhwc1VqTmxTTTFXUHVoMFJDR0NBMHJjdVFrX0VsUQ==
R35157 R39235510n aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL1AwUzN1M3UweTAvUmVzaXN0X1JlZ3Jlc3Npb25fLV9OaWNvbGVfRG9zZWlfbXAz S111y dum8 l17713 B48y aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL2IxVGF1OHVleTMvU2lsbHktRHVtYi1MaXR0bGUtQmFieS1OaWNvbGUtRG9zZWlfbXAz Also do we have any |-|ypn0m0mmy messing content?
what kind of format are those links to the files?
>>13830 Base64
B4byt4lk 4nd b3dw3tting aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvNGFzanpSUVMjb1ZyUnZjRzY1Wi13ZUxCSW9URl9tZ3R2a3RGaXUzcWgtb2hxRmZ3dXNQZw== B3cm1ng b4by1sh aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvUkNNQm5CN0sjbENRVzIzZVF3Vk1PN2lLZlI0OXA2T2E1Z2tYNTBzNmxTeEN2Y00wNGg2cw==
RC, any way to contact you besides the details for f95zone that you posted before? The site won't let me send messages. Thanks for all the files so far!
>>13705 I believe that those did not get shared anon. Specially "Stop Resisting" sounds amazing.
>>13843 Can you contact me via Matrix (chat protocol) at my username: @baby:catgirl.cloud You can sign up for a free account without email verification through https://element.catgirl.cloud . The same website also works as a web interface for a chat client. Then just start a new chat with @baby:catgirl.cloud
Thanks all for the posts. Can't add cause you already have more than me. RC some of your anon files didn't get shared. They were disk image files. Unless I'm stupid
Apologies for any files that didn't work. Not sure why that might be. Thanks all for the shares and info.
>>13924 >>>13932 So Anonfiles is a little annoying in that it likes to download fake shit and pop up windows. I got all the files that were posted (That I didn't already have.) Best Advice I can give you is to click the download button on the link that is posted after decoding, then close whatever window pops up, or cancel the download, and click on the same download button a second time. That should download the MP3.
>>13924 Two Solutions for You. First is an Adblocker, Second is to use JDownloader2. I prefer the Second one, its easy to Copy the link and start the download without visiting the Site of any Hoster. So You got no Problem with Fakeads like on Anonfiles.
Many files bas64: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9jQ2tDMVpZQyNkY3E0NXlZS3dQUGxta0F4Z0xuSEJ3
>>14023 Hasn't this been online for quite some time already?
Not much there I haven't already got, but still a big share. Many thanks.
Does anyone have the baby girl transformation, Nicole. Here baby booster below https://mega.nz/file/xwBU1bRL#dlCS7SkDP-VabTyeBPaEouHBi-3QArhtJJPcaXvMCCs
>>14037 Indeed. But the unsorted folder contains what was shared here
Still a better share than all the lurkers contributions. Better to praise than piss on imo. Encourges more.
>>14120 Do you have a list of what you have/want as far as trades go? Might be able to make something happen.
WANT: any Nicole Dosei/american au pair abdl content previously unshared recently. HAVE: Full collection of BeGoodForMommy, DreamALitte, and several more HypMom audios.
https://www.reddit.com/user/SHEONE/comments/i669rj/shes_the_perfect_mommy/ https://www.reddit.com/user/SHEONE/comments/iivit8/how_can_i_forget_my_good_boy/ More immersive than hypnotic, so apologies if this post is out of place, but Sheone creates some incredible high quality audios in her nurturing style. Her library is free and well worth checking out if you haven't already.🍼 https://www.reddit.com/user/SHEONE/comments/i6880j/sheones_audio_library/
>>14132 >dude fell in love with whore #2883493823849383839
>>14138 Whores want your money, but Sheone's wholesomely free of charge! And amazing. If you like her, another worth check out is Karina Nectarina. https://www.reddit.com/user/KarinaNectarinaAudio/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GonewildAudible/comments/npvri0/f4m_mommy_thinks_youve_been_neglecting_your_penis/
Hypnotic Mist 101 Diaper Delights aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL041bjZtOXdheWIvSHlwbm90aWNfTWlzdF8xMDFfLV9EaWFwZXJfRGVsaWdodHNfTVAzX21wMw== Librarian Adult Anxiety aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL2pkbDdtZnc5eWYvdGhlbGlicmFyaWFuaHlwbm9fYWR1bHRfYW54aWV0eV9tcDM= Librarian Baby Babble aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL240bTZtM3c3eTgvQmFieV9CYWJibGVfU3VibGltaW5hbF9tcDM= Pretty sure this stuff is new~ I have all of the librarians abdl files if there's any in particular anyone wants. Thanks for all the sharing! Hope to see more stuff here soon <3
>>14140 That first file makes me drool
>>14140 Thank you! <3 chad.
>>14023 Cool setup. Thanks for posting all this.
>>13306 does anyone have anymore from this hypnotist??? both of these worked better on me than most files do so if theres more lmk!!
Anyone have any Jenny DeMilo files?
I've been using the track called Bedwetting Conditioning and it's been pretty successful. Just in the last week, I've wet the bed twice with zero prior efforts to do so. There's plenty of alcohol involved and drinking a ton of water right before falling asleep, but I think the hypno track is giving me that extra push that I need. This last night, I don't even remember changing, but I woke up in underwear, remembered I went to bed diapered, and when I went to the bathroom I saw my soaked diaper sitting in the bath tub. I wish I would have put on another diaper instead of underwear, for real protection of course, but also because it would have been like getting my diaper changed at night without remembering it. But on the flip side, all my clothes this morning were inside out, so I guess I'm a little bedwetter who can't dress himself right. I'm pretty excited about continuing with this.
Does anyone have other abdl files from Jenny Demilo?
I have some I can share that some of you may not have, but I'd like to have access to tinybeehive (Jenny DeMilo) as no one has shared those before.
>>14448 aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9Zd2hTSExUYiNVOG1DTE5aZzF3Uk1EOVdGOGtuQnVR One of these might be new to you.
keep sharing, please.
I would like to share however I'm not sure how to incrypt things like you guys do since I'm relatively new to it. I can share a mega Ling to your emails if you have one.
Just post the mega decrypted code add-on.
>>10624 What does this mean?
>>14486 If You're still looking for files from Nicole Dosei, here is what I got. Not sure what on here hasn't been posted, so I figured I would just list what I had. I have a ton of stuff from Hypno Mommy, but any chance you have files not on here by Nicole and we could swap a few? Thanks Here's what I have: ABDL Toddler Regression Hypnosis Age Regressed baby Girl - One Hour Baby Booster Baby Brain Baby Training Babygirl Transformation Babysitter's Diaper Discipline Babytalk and Bedwetting Becoming Babyish Becoming Mommys Baby Bound and Deeply Regressed Bound and Diapered Brainwashed Baby Boy Coerced Wetting Couples Therapy Daytime Wetting Diaper Dependence Dinnertime in the Nursery Doctor Mommy Enchanted Bedtime Story 01 Enchanted Bedtime Story 02 Enchanted Bedtime Story 03 Enchanted Bedtime Story 04 Holiday Baby Regression Hypnosis Hush Little Baby Inconsistent Incontinence Lucid Dreaming Dream Nursery Mommy Nurses You - Then Drains You Mommy's Baby Mommy's Control Mommy's Nursery Mommy's Rules Multi-Layer Diaper Brainwash No More Big Boy Pants Potty UnTraining Resist Regression Silly Dumb Little Baby Special Treatment Strong Mommy Such a Good Boy Sweet Sissy Baby Time to be Little Tongue Tied Uncontrolled Wetting VR Nanny Wet Yourself Hypnosis Wetting the Bed is as Easy as 123 Xs and Os
Can you post Babygirl Transformation, please?
>>14571 Great post, thank you. A few gems in there. Even found one by Nicole. Thanks for taking the time to share!
Here is Bambi Daycare for everyone I know it has been requested before. https://mega.nz/file/lt5CkIIT#bomUEFaeEOmwIlE8dKYy4FD5NKd086bh4lPwJYV1Un0
>>14584 So on your list of HM files, there were a few I didn't have. And a few more that I think I have, but under different file names. I figured I would just post the list of HM content I had in case there was anything in there there you might want as well. Also, did you have anything by Nicole that wasn't on my list. I thought I had seen a post from you that mentioned a few of her files, including Stop Resisting, but I might be mistaken. I can start uploading stuff in a few hours once I get home. Any preferred method of delivery? At any rate, here is what I have/need/might need from HM: Don't Have: Freeze and Wet Yourself Story Time - Frog and Toad Go to the Movies Giggle Monster Dominavictoria_Regression_and_Wetting_in_a_Stroller Trick or Treat Wetting Dominavictoria_ABDL_Wetting_Accident__Punishment Possibly have under a different File name: Deep ABDL Regression - Regress until the end of the end (Regress Until the end of the Day?) Dominavictoria_ABDL_Sleepy_in_Nappies Humiliation Wetting.mp4 (Pants Wetting Boy?) Nap Time with Mommy Wet Your Bed Tonight Wetting Your Pants at School - Fantasy Hypnosis 1 (Undwewear Inspection?) You Wet Your Pants - Hypnosis Illusion (You Didn't Make it in time?) Everything I have by HM: A Car Ride in Diapers ABDL Hypnosis for a Nap-time Wetting (No Music) ABDL Regression + Identity Building ABDL Regression until the end of the day ABDL Trance - Diaper Change Babbling, Wetting, and Messing Hypnosis Baby Talk and Wet Yourself for Mommy Bath Time + Diaper Change Bedwetting Hypnosis Blushy Accident Brain Experiment - Wetting Fantasy Breast Worship Hypnosis Caught Wearing a Diaper Comforting Bed Wetting Fantasy Covert Hypnosis - Feel Shy and Wet Yourself Covert Hypnosis - Your Bladder is Getting Weaker Dark ABDL - Covert Regression + Wetting Hypnosis Dark ABDL - Deep Forced Regression Dark ABDL - Helpless Diaper Curse Dark ABDL - Hold Your Pee Until You Wet Yourself Dark ABDL - Job Interview Dark ABDL - Regressed at a Party Dark ABDL - Spasming Bladder Curse Dark ABDL Fantasy - A therapist forces you to regress Diaper Reassurance Diapered Sleep with Hypno-Mommy Diapers are Your Reward - Positive Reinforcement Hypnosis Encouraging Covert Trance - Regress and wet yourself with Mommy Enforced Diaper Discipline Fantasy Erasing Potty Training - Hypnotic Loop Femdom + Diapered Fantasy Gentle Coercive Hypnosis - Do you want to go back into diapers? Halloween Party - Lockable Diapers Fantasy Hypno-Mommy Non-Patreon Hypno-Mommy Patreon Hypnotic Bedwetting Training - Wetting the Bed Awake Hypnotic Incontinence Mantras I Tickle You Until You Pee Memory Play Hypnosis - False Memories of Accidents Memory Play Hypnosis - Wetting Yourself in the Car Memory Play Hypnosis - You Were Always a Bedwetter Nap time Wetting (No Music) Nap time Wetting (With Music) Next Time You're Alone You'll Wet Yourself One Week Chastity Hypnosis One Year of Hypnosis - One Year of Being a Baby Overflowing Bladder Hypnosis Pants Wetting Boy - Humiliation Hypnosis Permanent Loss of Bladder Control - Part 1 Permanent Loss of Bladder Control - Part 2 (Deepener) Permanent Loss of Bladder Control - Part 3 (Final Stage) Playground in Diapers Quarantined in Diapers Regress and Mess Reverse Potty-Training for 3 hours Sleepy Baby Hypnosis Stress Relief - Bladder Relief Hypnosis Strict Age Regression - Punishment Strict Mental Reinforcement - You Are a Diaper Wetter Subconscious Bladder Sabotage Subliminal Track - Stay Diapered All Day Surprise Wetting Trigger Temporary Loss of Bowel Control Hypnosis The more you try to hold it in, you more your bladder loosens There is No Escape From Diapers Toddler Regression Uncontrollable Wetting and Messing Underwear Inspection Fantasty Wet Yourself - Background Subliminal Hypnosis Wet Yourself In Public - Hypnotic Training Guide - Part 1 Wet Yourself In Public - Hypnotic Training Guide - Part 2 Wetting Encouragement - Hypnotic Loop Wetting Messing Little Girl Wetting Trigger - Wet Yourself at the Bathroom Door Wetting Triggered Obedience to Mommy Wetting Yourself in Front of Your Babysitter Wetting Yourself in Mommy's Arms Wetting your Diaper in Public - Fantasy You Didn't Make It In Time! - Wetting Accident You Lose Potty Privileges for a Week You are Mommy's Baby (1 Hour Effect) Your Mommy Girfriend Diapers You
Is this going become a trade thread or are we all going to share like before?
>>14614 you are just flexing at this point
>>14571 thanks a load for that, sadly I bought most already, but that one personalized to Brandon was really hot, HM usually sounds super bored when she reads the scripts in her general public files. I have some wmm and other pay files that don't pop up too much, I'll put them in Mega folder soon >>14614 my interest is piqued at One Year of Hypnosis - One Year of Being a Baby Strict Age Regression - Punishment Reverse Potty-Training for 3 hours Wetting Triggered Obedience to Mommy Wetting Yourself in Front of Your Babysitter Wetting Yourself in Mommy's Arms Your Mommy Girfriend Diapers You
If anyone has can post everything they have from hypno mommy be much appreciated as well as everything from Jenny demilo. (Tiny behive) I don't think I have all of that
>>14639 Here's a link with what you mentioned above to get you started. I'm traveling without the best connection for a while, but I can try to get more stuff uploaded soon. aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9KYlZYeExoYiNyb2RfeVZERjNkdl9Ja1VnaUtNWjNB >>14615 >>14619 Someone offered a trade and I was interested enough to reply. We're doing it in a way that everyone else can get access to. Neither of us has any obligation to do this in a way where anyone else can get access to it....
I'm not into hypno but guys, just create a torrent of whole folder and share here. No need to upload everything by hand. Also it's more private, just seed it 100% to someone willing to seed more and then quit, your ip is only available to 3rd parties that time you seed vs. uploading to filehosters who will store it for months
Does anyone have Escape from Your Crazy Ex - ND I have the 2nd file in the series I would love to trade I have Attempting to Escape from Your Crazy Ex
every time I get a new file I like to share it because it way gives back for what others shared.
Well I have videos up for trade if anyone is interested, I know this is the hypnosis board but...
I don't see why the video could not be posted if deals with the topic.
Also that's basically everything I have
Could I please have Subconscious bladder sabotage Strict mental reinforcement -you are a diaper wetter Uncontrollable wetting and messing Wet yourself in public 1 and 2 Enforced diaper  Discipline fantasy You were always a bedwetter Femdom+diaper fantasy Gentle coercive hypnosis-do you want to go back into diapers? Spasming bladder curse Diapered sleep with hypno mommy
>>14670 Check the mega link I posted, added those to the folders.
Can anyone post videos from (Domination for your own good) New (pampered penny) (Matrix fendom and fetish world) (Taboofactory) (Findomm princess zaara) (Indian princess pramila ganguly) Or anything that is somewhat forced diaper related? If I buy stuff I will always share here! 🤙🏻
Would anyone happen to have the bowel weakening subliminal file from hypnomommy?
Put the files on MEGA - dumb niggas!
>>14745 Fair enough. Thanks for the 2 new ND files. I got an account on Element. Didn't see your username listed anywhere though. How would you like me to message you
Can anyone post a batch of videos like I did, granted some of night have some of them but only on got posted
Does anyone have some new stuff?
I asked for videos...
Does anyone have any recommendations for files aimed at feeling little but not to the point of feeling like a baby? I just want something to help me get into little space of a little boy, but most hypno tracks focus on diapers, pacifiers, cribs, and that stuff. My favorite lately has been the My Little Lullaby Little Feelings, but I would love if anyone had any other suggestions for me.
Wow. Gave you guys stuff and asked for some stuff and you guys post BS how am I suppose to be generous if yall can't be.
Hello I'm looking for hypnosis that makes you afraid of the potty. Can anyone give me suggestions?
Unpotty Training supralime but it pay on thier. https://www.warpmymind.com
>>15154 This isn't a swap meet, mate. Post or don't, no one owes you shit.
>>15154 I am very grateful truly I am, but sharing in the hopes of getting something out of it its not cool bro. Share because you want to and it might inspire others but dont share EXPECTING stuff.
Sharing some stuff that's more on the Daddy/Boy side if anyone is interested YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOXdTRTFVTUVSYVRDTTJURVZHWkhGbVNXaExMUzFmY0ZsQldFbFFORXRu
Why are there so few ABDL hypno files with ejaculation triggers? Cumming into a diaper seems like such an easy sell for this kind of thing.
>>15679 I think WMM has a couple of free files linking cumming/diapers but I dont know if its triggers or simply linking/locking arousal to diapers specifically.
>>15679 Several of the diaper hypno videos on ThisVid have ejaculation commands
Does anyone have Mixtrix stuff ABDL-wise?
(254.86 KB 1280x989 1619287374142.jpg)

>>15780 Any recommendations?
>>15805 yes and it's all absolute shit.
>>15805 aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci90WEUxblk1YiN0TmctYXZsalExbWRwYThMS3pic0Fn
I don't like loser one but she does do some decent normal abdl ones.
>>15881 is she the one that created the clip for like ABDL TV? that is a dope idea, I would not mind checking that one out with a hotter, nicer woman.
>>15901 ABDL TV? I'm curious.
>>15901 >>15928 Theres a video on thisvid i cant see cause i dont have an account, cant create one for now apparently, then friend the creator. I cant find the link i saw on twitter. Someone apparently mixed hypno into the background of a sophia the first episode. Sounds fun.
>>15929 That'd be brilliant. I wish there was more content like that with subliminal hypno mixed into the background. You're just playing a video game or watching a show and getting blasted with tons of suggestions and images in the background.
>>15928 Oh wow. I'm not really into content like this, but at the same time a JOI disguised as an ABDL kids show seems super intriguing to me.
does anyone have Mixtrix videoes instead of the loser's ones to share?
is this dead?
I hear a baby crying
>>16185 >be deep into abdl hypno >dont realize you are actually babbling and weeping like an actual baby if can still understand words anon, congrats, you are living the dream
>>16200 There there, try not to upset yourself. Let's pop your paci back in till you feel you can cope better.
>>16290 ABSOLUTE legend!!! thanks a lot anon!!!
Would anyone mind reposting bambi daycare?
>>16290 Wow that is some bad audio, and very clearly a man
>>16322 I don't really expect someone who's never touched a woman to know what a real one looks and sounds like. But come on anon.
>>16323 It looks like she has one of those fake chests for body suits
I'd really like to hear about peoples experiences with hypno. Has any 24/7 dl hypno actually done anything for most? I've tried, and do wear actively but I don't feel it's left me without control
Sitting in a nice, warm, mushy mess in my diapers right now. Have been listening to diaper hypno every time i wear and i feel my embarrassment leaving me and enjoyment of diapers increasing. It's a wonderful feeling. I might go out in public in them this weekend.
>>16346 Thanks so much!
>>16365 Insert 10 frozen marshmallows in your bottom, wait 35 minutres, then come back and talk about loss of control. Or maybe just try 5 for a more baby sized experience. I did 10 thinking I was empty inside, and that the marshmallows themselves would just be fluffy cute poop in the diaper. Awww, cute poop! Couldn't have been more wrong. Totally wasn't expecting what happened next, or how long it would go on for. I was no way empty!! It was very belittling. The urgency, the near inability to stop it, the mushy consitency, the surprise, the amount, it coming in 2 huge warm waves of delivery. I loved it, and did it again the next day, with no side effects other than very babyish feelings. Dunk the marshmallows in cold water for easy insertion. 🍼
Anyone had any success with the mind master or sarnoga files? If so, how long did it take?
>>16397 Takes as long as u need. It's all voluntary.
Dude I like how you're having convo with yourself. You post alot of things that arnt even remotely good. I saw you had posted somthing good in the video thread though. If your able to keep that going I can continue to shovel some stuff you might like into the threads but I'm not gonna shovel in good material if others don't have somthing. Because than all that is given to the thread is old BS that can be found online.
I like the fun time show. You posted that so I shall post one others may like. Let's keep it rolling
Diaper cock shrinking and orgasm control
No More Big Boy Pants 2 (Custom Request) nicoledosei https://mega.nz/file/NsxDgAaJ#rDsGZpyWp-E4ih8rFYw6vBlo15t4jin1GfBHSjTfqVA
Here's one. If you have any videos that'd be cool. Different hypnosis files are cool! Didn't have the last one you put. Thanks. https://mega.nz/file/FGw1TQJT#TNai_VubluU_4dHDxeUaJ0iHHxy4IRgrrnrIzG_ZXfU
Do you have any pampered penny vids? You have email we could email eachother stuff if you want.
Let's keep em rolling!
>>16518 are you asking because you want to trade? or get the videos? anyways, this is an hypno thread, not a video thread, please be so kind as to KYS
Has anyone accomplished anything close to penis shrinkage as a result of hypno? At face value it sounds ridiculous but the fantasy is incredibly red hot to me, especially when combined with diapers.
Let's keep them rolling. I have more to share but you gotta post than will
>>16539 You dont have to believe me because I am random stranger in the internet, but I did experience some shrinkage, lost 1 inch basically. The thing that scared me the most is that my balls used to be "normal" just hanging, nowadays I cant remember the last time I remember seeing my balls actually "hanging" , they basically remain in my sack which is constantly pulling into my inside. Also, when I orgasm they contract even more into me, I think I should probably have that examined because this shit is becoming a bit scary.
Diaper Dependence & Reassurance ABDL Age Regression Mesmerize Trance Brat Girl Pramila https://mega.nz/file/Up5liKpQ#KRzzrrzySBsl6GkdhAEx5FwLnrph-I9c_YzZy6uya08 Regress to Your Weakness Katherine Dire https://mega.nz/file/E45HxTjK#mGZ24hAutHyRYn-0s250Fbkx6pY3rG0XkyYMzsOqb8I
>>16544 Thats pretty hot. Mind Master series?
Childlike Envy Learn to covet the activities and habits that children get to enjoy carefree every day. Find yourself slowly losing interest in any adult activities and habits and desires that you might have had as you find yourself giving in more and more to your childlike envy. https://mega.nz/file/N5ITFC4b#pRk3CDUqZ1CPpFTc9njMOePs0_9bJqNEMe6H3yqw4nk
>>16553 yes, this shit is not so much hocus pocus I believe, I started to fucking crave it, thats what got to me I think
Ehhh anything better?
anyone have Baby Bantling nicole dosei
Does anyone have the bowel weakening subliminal from hypno mommy?
>>16586 What's with the numbers?
let's try to take it 2 times as serious as one time sixtyfour ;)
>>16552 Any chance you have Katherine Dire's "Potty Untraining" file? looks interesting!
Been interested in that one to
Does anyone have more files by Pramila other than the two that were already linked (Diaper Cock Shrinking..., and Diaper Dependence...)? It seems like she has made quite a lot of diaper related files.
I couldn't get past Pramila's Indian accent
>>16646 To each their own I suppose. I really like the themes and style. My only complaint is that her files (at least those that have been posted here) are quite short.
Post somthing up that is hot and new to the thread and I will feed it. Remember as much good content you put is how much I will put.
Here is a bit to get things going YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlp2YkdSbGNpOXNNMEpHYTBwRFdTTXpkM1kxWVV3MlRsSlJaa3c0UkdaM1ZUbGphakJS
I'm sorry but all of these were previously already put on this thread.. :/ I can't take that as a trade. I will take videos as well.
>>16770 Thank you for sharing. There were a couple things in here I didn't have!
>>16770 There were a couple there that hadn't been posted, so many thanks. >>16772 The audacity of your comments when everything you have posted has been grotty, low quality garbage.
>>16770 Thank you! Theres some new ones here for me, and i love the theme.
>>16799 When you're dealing with a namefag you should never set your expectations of decency high. Especially when that name sounds like some Chinese knockoff bra company.
Does anyone have tinybee hive stuff that only thing not seen really posted?
>>16770 I love baby girl/sissy baby theme ones, thank you!
So fucking 🔥🥵 thank youu
ive seen this get spread around a fair amount recently and im wondering does anyone recognize the file that its describing?
It sounds dangerous drinking to much water can kill you by removing the salt from your body causing water poisoning.
>>16903 Sounds like Champtheotter’s bladder training file. You can check the script for it on WMM
>>16906 that is true, but, like, a normal adult would have to drink around 6 Liters of water in a short period of time to be anywhere near a dangerous dose.
>>16906 >>16938 It's worth mentioning that you would fill physically ill and an urge to vomit long before you damaged your body with salt loss. This is the body's natural response to overhydration. Just listen to your body - if you feel like stopping, stop.
>>16939 I think the parents of Leah Betts might disagree with you there
>>16939 From what i remmeber of nat science class, that feeling from body will work, but if you are drunk or too drunk it overrides getting taht feeling.
>>16942 Gee, I guess I had to explain, "you probably won't be able to make rational judgements to stop if you are on ecstasy". Not only that, but ecstasy will mute your body's feelings of sickness, making it harder to feel, and ecstasy reduces urination, making it harder to get rid of water. I mean, I know everyone here is a baby, I just assumed that was implied.
>>16945 This. Just smoke weed or take magic mushrooms like a normal baby butt looking to melt into a giggly widdle puddle pants
>>16945 Who are you quoting? The article you just read? Today we call it MDMA and you're trying too hard, poppet.
>>16950 I don't get what you want with this disingenuous approach anon. Let's recap what this conversation has been >Nooo you can't drink water it will literally kill you >>Actually, a normally functioning body will warn you when you take in too much water >Yes but what about this ONE TIME a person died while doing drugs in the 90s!! >>That was probably due to the drugs. >Uh actually you're using the wrong drug word! And you weren't supposed to research it!!! Just to fuck with you I'm gonna drink some water tonight... and stop when I no longer feel like drinking water. Oh shit! Imagine my mortal peril!
>>16906 Gee thanks, I'll try to reduce how much I breathe as well. Don't want to get too oxide in me!
>>16978 ...as it becomes evident minors have entered the chat, the sharing stops. Gee!
Hey, anyone's got latest MyLittleLullaby Leaky Diapers ? Please :)
>>17007 aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL3UweWJzMjg2eWQvTGVha3lEaWFwZXJzQk9ZXzMzYl9tcDM=
Thank you so much
Does anyone have Baby Bantling by nicole dosei
>>17016 hey!! do u or anyone else possibly have the girl version?
>>17060 dXJsOmh0dHBzOi8vYW5vbmZpbGVzLmNvbS9JNnIxRDk4ZXlkL0xlYWt5RGlhcGVyc0dJUkxfMjRjX21wMw==
>>17088 tysm!!!!!:D
Does anyone have Baby Training Thumb Sucking Time to be Little
Time to be little aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL1E1TDdhMkEyeTkvVGltZV90b19iZV9MaXR0bGVfbXAz
Baby Training Thumb Sucking by Nicole dosei. That one post is not it.

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